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This tree has been compiled with the help of many contributors. Sincere thanks to all, and apologies to those whose information has not yet been added.

I have tried to verify as much information as possible but errors may exist. Individuals with uncertain details have a (see notes) label attached to their name.

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(Hawley), William Holy c.1742 - of Sheffield, Yorkshire

(See notes)

(See notes), Bertha or Ann m.1904 - district of North Brierley, Yorkshire (Mar qtr)


(Thompson?), Alice b.1856 - Wimborne.

, "Sissy" -
, (Illegitimate) -
, Adrian - Living
, Alice -
, Alice -
, Alice b.1854 - Shoreditch, London
, Alice -
, Alicia - Living
, Alison - Living
, Amanda - Living
, Amelia b.1838 - Wimborne, Dorset
, Angele Amelia b.1897 - Belgium
, Ann - Living
, Ann b.1791 - Hampshire
, Ann -
, Ann -
, Ann b.1812 - Pilly, Lymington, Hampshire
, Ann -
, Ann -
, Ann -
, Ann b.1823 - Oving, Buckinghamshire
, Ann -
, Ann b.1779 - Uplyme, Devon
, Ann b.1819 - Milton Abbas, Dorset
, Ann -
, Ann -
, Ann d.1861 - Chalbury, Dorset
, Ann b.1817 - Calverley, Yorkshire
, Ann b.1827 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire
, Ann -
, Ann b.1812 - Bingley, Yorkshire
, Ann b.1830 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
, Ann b.1821 - Tonbridge Wells, Kent
, Ann d.1851 -
, Ann -
, Ann b.1780 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
, Ann -
, Ann b.1796 -
, Ann -
, Ann b.1815 - Creekmore, Poole, Dorset
, Ann b.1840 - Petersfield, Hampshire
, Ann -
, Ann b.1732 -
, Ann b.1796 - Not Cornwall
, Ann -
, Ann b.1786 -
, Ann (See Notes) b.1801 - Havant, Hampshire
, Ann Frances b.1838 - Lambeth, London
, Anne d.1980 -
, Anne -
, Anne -
, Anne -
, Anne -
, Anne -
, Anne (Dorothy?) -
, Antoinette b.1846 - Belgium
, Avril - Living
, Betsey b.1839 - Putney, Surrey
, Betty -
, Betty b.1794 - Rossendale, Lancashire
, Betty -
, Betty -
, Betty -
, Betty b.1811 - Horbury, Yorkshire
, Bill -
, Brian - Living
, Cameron - Living
, Camilla - Living
, Carla - Living
, Caroline b.1839 - Corfe Mullen, Dorset
, Catharine -
, Catherine -
, Catherine -
, Celia -
, Charlotte b.1854 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
, Charlotte -
, Charlotte b.1830 - Steep, Hampshire
, Charlotte -
, Charlotte b.1820 - Mere, Wiltshire
, Charlotte b.1790 - Wimborne, Dorset
, child - Living
, child - Living
, child - Living
, child - Living
, Christian -
, Christiana b.1786 - Hampshire
, Christina - Living
, Cynthia - Living
, Dale - Living
, Diane - Living
, Diane - Living
, Doreen - Living
, Dorothea -
, Dorothy -
, Dorothy - Living
, Edmund of Woodstock Earl of Kent b.1301 - Woodstock Palace, Oxfordshire
, Edward I "Longshanks" King of England b.1239 - Westminster, London, Middlesex
, Edward II King of England b.1284 - Caernarvon Castle, Caernarvon, Caernarvonshire, Wales
, Edward III King of England b.1312 - Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire
, Eileen - Living
, Eileen - Living
, Eleanor Countess of Provence b.1217 - of Aix-en-Provence, Provence
, Eleanor Princess of Castile b.1244 - Castile, Spain
, Eliza -
, Eliza -
, Eliza b.1811 - Somerset
, Eliza b.1834 - Ramsey, Huntingdonshire
, Eliza b.1826 - Wheathamstead, Hertfordshire
, Eliza b.1812 - Itchen, Southampton, Hampshire
, Eliza b.1844 - Yeadon, Yorkshire
, Eliza -
, Eliza b.1817 - Poole, Dorset
, Eliza -
, Eliza -
, Eliza -
, Eliza b.1861 - Longlight, Lancashire
, Eliza b.1854 - Liss, Hampshire
, Eliza -
, Eliza b.1824 - Bishop Stortford, Hertford
, Elizabeth b.1856 - Southampton, Hampshire
, Elizabeth b.1790 - Hampshire
, Elizabeth -
, Elizabeth b.1814 - Putney, Surrey
, Elizabeth -
, Elizabeth b.1834 - Lambeth, London, Surrey
, Elizabeth b.1817 - Hampshire
, Elizabeth -
, Elizabeth -
, Elizabeth -
, Elizabeth -
, Elizabeth b.1825 - East Meon, Hampshire
, Elizabeth -
, Elizabeth b.1829 - Tallington, Lincolnshire
, Elizabeth b.1872 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
, Elizabeth -
, Elizabeth -
, Elizabeth -
, Elizabeth m.1700 -
, Elizabeth -
, Elizabeth -
, Elizabeth b.1710 -
, Elizabeth -
, Elizabeth -
, Elizabeth b.1863 - Camberwell, London
, Elizabeth -
, Elizabeth m.1763 - of Rotherfield, Sussex
, Elizabeth b.1661 - Uk
, Elizabeth b.1858 - Crowland, Lincolnshire
, Elizabeth b.1784 - Tollard Royal, Wiltshire
, Elizabeth (Huxley? See Notes) -
, Ellen -
, Ellen -
, Ellen -
, Emily b.1824 - Dorset
, Emily b.1844 - St. Clements, Middlesex
, Emily b.1829 - Owslebury, Hampshire
, Emily (See Notes) -
, Emily Charlotte b.1864 - France
, Emily J. b.1838 - Boldre, New Forest, Hampshire
, Emma b.1849 - Ipswich, Suffolk
, Emma b.1831 - Surrey
, Enid - Living
, Fanny b.1854 - Hook, Dorset
, Fanny m.1901 -
, female - Living
, female - Living
, female (See Notes) - Living
, Florence Rose b.1888 -
, Frances b.1806 - Portsmouth or Emsworth, Hampshire
, Frances -
, Frances -
, Frances (See Notes) b.1796 - Lincoln, Lincolnshire
, Gareth - Living
, George - Living
, Georgina b.1814 - Boldre, Hampshire
, Grace - Living
, Hannah b.1786 - Hampshire
, Hannah -
, Hannah -
, Hannah b.1776 - Dorset
, Hannah -
, Hannah b.1840 - Shaftesbury, Dorset
, Hannah b.1791 -
, Hannah -
, Hannah -
, Hannah -
, Hannah (See Notes) b.1786 - of Dorset
, Harriet b.1806 - East Meon, Hampshire
, Harriet -
, Harriet A. b.1842 - Breamore, Hampshire
, Harriett b.1811 - Rye, Sussex
, Harriett b.1800 - Catherington, Hampshire
, Harriett b.1804 - Mapledurham, Oxford
, Harriett Catharine -
, Helen - Living
, Helen - Living
, Henri (Enrique) of Navarre b.1244 - of Troyes, France
, Henry III King of England b.1206 - Winchester, Hampshire
, Hester -
, Hulda E. (Jacobi) b.1866 - Germany
, Irene - Living
, Isabel de Spencer b.1312 - Gloucestershire
, Isabelle Princess of France b.1292 - of Paris, France
, Ivy - Living
, Jane b.1791 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
, Jane b.1791 - Barby, Northamptonshire
, Jane b.1802 - Studley, Yorkshire
, Jane b.1776 - Yorkshire
, Jane b.1781 - New Forest, Hampshire
, Jane b.1815 - Tarrant Keynston, Dorset
, Jane b.1820 - Winterbourne Zelstone, Dorset
, Jane -
, Jane b.1832 - Winterborne Stickland, Dorset
, Jane b.1811 - Mintern Magna, Dorset
, Jane b.1840 - Niton, Isle of Wight
, Jane b.1817 - Calverley, Yorkshire
, Jane -
, Jane b.1818 - Henshaw, Yeadon, Yorkshire
, Jane b.1822 - Guiseley, Yorkshire
, Jane -
, Jane b.1838 - Heaton, Yorkshire
, Jane -
, Jane - Living
, Jane (Barnes) b.1816 - Parkstone, Dorset
, Jane V. b.1850 - Stanningfield, Suffolk
, Janet b.1873 - Soho, London
, Jason - Living
, Jill or Gill - Living
, Joan - Living
, Joan -
, Joan - Living
, Joane b.1658 - Dorset
, Joanna -
, John de Beaumont b.1318 - of Bortant, Lincolnshire
, June - Living
, June - Living
, Karen - Living
, Kate b.1865 - Oxfordshire
, Kerry - Living
, Kevin - Living
, Kezia -
, Lemona Ann b.1899 -
, Leon -
, Lesley Jane - Living
, Linda - Living
, Lionel "of Antwerp" Prince of England b.1338 - Antwerp, Belgium
, Living - Living
, Loody b.1814 - St. Agnes, Cornwall
, Louisa b.1844 - East Coker, Somerset
, Louisa S. b.1828 - Marylebone, London, Middlesex
, Louise - Living
, Lucy -
, Lucy b.1777 - Woodland, Dorset
, Lucy b.1842 - Leeds, Yorkshire
, Mabel - Living
, Madge b.1873 - Tunbridge Wells, Kent
, male - Living
, male - Living
, male - Living
, male - Living
, male -
, male -
, male - Living
, male - Living
, Male -
, male - Living
, male - Living
, Margaret - Living
, Margaret - Living
, Margaret b.1815 - Chatham, Kent
, Margaret -
, Margaret b.1820 - Bolton, Yorkshire
, Margaret - Living
, Margaret b.1699 -
, Marguerite Princess of France b.1275 - of Paris, France
, Maria b.1831 - Droxford, Hampshire
, Maria b.1806 - Cranbourne, Dorset
, Maria -
, Maria -
, Marion -
, Martha b.1785 - Winterbourne Stickland, Dorset
, Martha -
, Martha b.1822 - Kildwick, Yorkshire
, Martha b.1685 -
, Martha b.1774 - Dorset
, Martha (or Hannah) b.1793 -
, Mary d.1851 -
, Mary b.1791 - Yorkshire
, Mary -
, Mary b.1784 - Bere Regis, Dorset
, Mary -
, Mary b.1771 - Dorset
, Mary -
, Mary -
, Mary m.1693 -
, Mary b.1796 - Hampshire
, Mary b.1804 - Beaulieu, Hampshire
, Mary b.1811 - Sydling St. Mary, Dorset
, Mary b.1791 - Hilton, Dorset
, Mary -
, Mary b.1811 - Bratton Clovelly, Devon
, Mary b.1814 - Wakefield, Yorkshire
, Mary b.1796 - Sussex
, Mary b.1824 - Horton, Yorkshire
, Mary b.1788 - Calverley, Yorkshire
, Mary b.1823 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
, Mary -
, Mary -
, Mary -
, Mary b.1840 - Hayle, Cornwall
, Mary b.1812 - Exeter, Devon
, Mary b.1785 - Eccleshill, Yorkshire
, Mary -
, Mary b.1804 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
, Mary -
, Mary b.1798 - Otley, Yorkshire
, Mary b.1817 - London, Middlesex
, Mary -
, Mary -
, Mary b.1776 -
, Mary -
, Mary d.1748 - Pimperne, Dorset
, Mary b.1842 - Eyam, Derbyshire
, Mary -
, Mary -
, Mary b.1837 - Winchester, Hampshire
, Mary b.1841 - Horsham, Sussex
, Mary b.1782 - Arundel, West Sussex
, Mary -
, Mary b.1700 - Mappowder, Dorset, Uk
, Mary - Living
, Mary -
, Mary b.1733 -
, Mary b.1854 - Southampton, Hampshire
, Mary (See Notes) b.1734 - Witchampton, Dorset
, Mary ? b.1742 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wilts.
, Mary A. b.1830 - Walthamstow, Essex
, Mary A. b.1836 - South Perrott, Dorset
, Mary Ann b.1808 - London, Middlesex
, Mary Ann b.1801 - Romsey, Hampshire
, Mary Ann b.1826 - Sherborne, Dorset
, Mary Ann -
, Mary Ann b.1787 - Windsor, Berkshire
, Mary Ann b.1824 - Witchampton, Dorset
, Mary Ann b.1809 - Millbrook, Hampshire
, Mary Ann -
, Mary Ann b.1839 - Ditcheat, Somerset
, Mary Anne b.1835 - Wareham, Dorset
, Matilda b.1807 - Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
, Matthew Sabastian - Living
, Maty -
, Maud de Chatworth b.1282 - of Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire, Wales
, Melly -
, Mervyn - Living
, Molly - Living
, Nanny -
, Nellie - Living
, Nicola - Living
, Olive - Living
, Phil - Living
, Phillipa Queen of England b.1311 - Valenciennes, France
, Phoebe -
, Queenie -
, Raymond - Living
, Rebecca b.1834 - Westbury, Wiltshire
, Rebecca b.1822 - Chatham, Kent
, Rebecca - Living
, Rhett - Living
, Rosina b.1868 - Roffey, Horsham, Sussex
, Roy - Living
, Royal Parkyn Colwell - Living
, Royston - Living
, Ruby - Living
, Ruth b.1727 - of Melcombe Horsey, Dorset
, Ruth b.1730 - of Harton, Bossall, Yorkshire
, Sally m.1791 - Bradford, Yorkshire
, Sally b.1804 - Southampton, Hampshire
, Sarah -
, Sarah -
, Sarah b.1774 - Alresford, Hampshire
, Sarah b.1866 - Fareham, Hampshire
, Sarah - Living
, Sarah b.1830 - Lincoln, Lincolnshire
, Sarah b.1814 - Swanage, Dorset
, Sarah -
, Sarah -
, Sarah b.1824 - Frenchay, Gloucester
, Sarah -
, Sarah -
, Sarah b.1766 - Dorset
, Sarah b.1781 - Hampshire
, Sarah b.1804 - Idle, Yorkshire
, Sarah -
, Sarah -
, Sarah b.1836 - Calverley, Yorkshire
, Sarah b.1824 - Wareham, Dorset
, Sarah -
, Sarah b.1837 - Powerstock, Dorset
, Sarah -
, Sarah -
, Sarah -
, Sarah b.1779 - Wimborne, Dorset
, Sarah b.1785 - Steep, Hampshire
, Sarah b.1831 - Bath, Somerset
, Sarah -
, Sarah -
, Sarah b.1690 -
, Sarah b.1795 - of Minchington, Sixpenny Handley, Dorset
, Sarah (Jane) b.1817 - North Bierley, Yorkshire
, Sarah Ann d.1872 - Poling, Sussex
, Sarah Jane b.1827 - Spetisbury, Dorset
, See Notes -
, See Notes m.1903 - district of Weymouth, Dorset (Mar qtr)
, See Notes - Living
, Sophia -
, Sophia -
, Stephanie - Living
, Stephanie - Living
, Sue - Living
, Sue - Living
, Susan b.1816 - Southwark, Surrey
, Susan b.1808 - Stokenham, Devon
, Susan b.1787 - Bradford, Yorkshire
, Susan (Jane?) b.1851 - Brighton, Sussex
, Susannah b.1772 - London, Middlesex
, Susannah -
, Taneesha Grace - Living
, Tina - Living
, Unknown -
, Unknown -
, unknown - Living
, Unknown - Living
, Unknown - Living
, Unknown - Living
, Unknown - Living
, Unknown - Living
, Unknown - Living
, Unknown -
, unknown - Living
, Unknown -
, Unknown -
, Unknown -
, Vanessa - Living
, Vi - Living
, Wendy - Living
, William Palmer b.1821 - Windsor, Berkshire
, x m.1804 - Botley ???
, Yvonne M. - Living


?, Kenneth - Living


1, Twin - Living


2, Twin - Living


Abbot, Ann m.1743 - Hilton, Dorset
Abbot, Lucy Ann b.1866 -


Abbott, Margaret - Living
Abbott, Olive E. m.1914 - district of Royston, Cambridgeshire (Sep qtr)


Abercromby, Anne m.1795 -


Ables, Ann b.1785 - Fawley Common, Hampshire


Acclom, Ellen b.1467 - of Moreby, Yorkshire
Acclom, Richard b.1441 - of Moreby, Yorkshire


Acheson, Mary b.1809 -


Ackroyd, Elizabeth (Betty) b.1813 - Bowling, Yorkshire


Adams, Ann c.1802 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
Adams, Ann (Rose) b.1815 - Witchampton, Dorset
Adams, Colin - Living
Adams, Elizabeth c.1820 - Saint John, Portsea, Hampshire
Adams, Elsie Evelyn b.1905 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Adams, Emma b.1847 - Sydney, Australia
Adams, Frederick c.1828 - Saint John, Portsea, Hampshire
Adams, Harriett c.1818 - Saint John, Portsea, Hampshire
Adams, Henry b.1810 -
Adams, James c.1815 - Saint John, Portsea, Hampshire
Adams, Jane c.1813 - Saint John, Portsea, Hampshire
Adams, John George c.1808 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
Adams, Maria m.1824 - Dewlish, Dorset
Adams, Mary c.1823 - Saint John, Portsea, Hampshire
Adams, Scott Charlton - Living
Adams, Stephen c.1804 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
Adams, Stephen b.1780 - Portsea, Hampshire
Adams, William Edmund c.1806 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire


Adamson, Jean - Living

Adlem (or Hadlem)

Adlem (or Hadlem), Jane m.1754 - Berwick St. James, Wilts.


Affleck, Mr - Living


Ahlandt, Vera Violet b.1911 - district of Southampton, Hampshire (Jun qtr)


Ainscough, Carley - Living
Ainscough, Simon - Living
Ainscough, William - Living


Albin, Florence Jane b.1879 - Kinson, Dorset


Alder, Aqua-Maria - Living
Alder, Neil - Living


Alderson, Charlotte Maria c.1805 - Hornby by Bedale, Yorkshire
Alderson, Florence b.1876 - Rodley, Yorkshire
Alderson, Jonathan m.1798 - Cathedral Saint Peter, Sheffield, Yorkshire


Aldington, Jessie M. -


Aldis, Gwendoline S. - Living
Aldis, Owen Basil b.1893 - district of South Stoneham, Hampshire (Jun qtr)


Aldridge, Edith Mary Alice b.1908 - Ewelme, Oxfordshire.


Alford, Mary (See Notes) m.1717 -


Allanby, Allan Charles Hynman b.1881 -
Allanby, Charles Hynman - Living
Allanby, Florence Muriel Allanby b.1883 -
Allanby, Henry Charles Hynman JP b.1853 - Louth, Lincolnshire
Allanby, Henry Hynman - Living
Allanby, Henry Hynman b.1820 - Louth, Lincolnshire
Allanby, Judith Mary - Living
Allanby, Ronald Hynman b.1887 -


Allen, -
Allen, -
Allen, Alexander - Living
Allen, Ann Sophia m.1833 - Wimborne St Giles, Dorset
Allen, Barbara - Living
Allen, Clare Christine - Living
Allen, Corinne Patricia - Living
Allen, Daphne Ruth - Living
Allen, Douglas - Living
Allen, Edward - Living
Allen, Fred b.1875 -
Allen, George - Living
Allen, George - Living
Allen, Henry -
Allen, Joseph b.1814 - Wadenhoe, Northamptonshire
Allen, Kate Lesley - Living
Allen, Laura - Living
Allen, Lucy - Living
Allen, Lucy Anne b.1850 - Luton, Bedfordshire
Allen, Martha Mary b.1848 - St. Albans, Hertfordshire
Allen, Nicholas John - Living
Allen, Reginald Bruce Forbes - Living
Allen, Richard Bruce - Living
Allen, Sarah b.1843 - Parkstone, Dorset
Allen, Sarah Elizabeth b.1851 - Luton, Bedfordshire
Allen, Sarah Jane b.1867 - Motcombe, Dorset
Allen, Sophia b.1854 - Luton, Bedfordshire
Allen, Susannah b.1849 - Luton, Bedfordshire
Allen, Timothy James - Living
Allen, Walter Jefferis m.1901 - district of Long Ashton, Somerset (Jun qtr)


Allison, Margaret - Living


Allsopp, Charles 3rd Bt. Hindlip OBE b.1877 - St George Hanover Square, London (Dec qtr)
Allsopp, Diana Joan - Living


Alston, Edward Constable -
Alston, Edward Constable b.1895 - Westington, Lincolnshire
Alston, Frank Simpson b.1863 - Dennington, Suffolk


Amos, Lilian Dorothy b.1896 - district of Northampton, Northamptonshire


An, Hilly Tac - Living


Andersen, Edna - Living


Anderson, Bryn Stephen - Living
Anderson, David - Living
Anderson, Edith b.1880 - Dover, Kent
Anderson, Genet Winifred - Living
Anderson, Kim Raymond - Living
Anderson, Lily b.1879 - Dover, Kent
Anderson, Mervyn George b.1915 -
Anderson, Natalie Kay - Living
Anderson, Noeleen - Living
Anderson, Norman George - Living
Anderson, Renee Nicolle - Living
Anderson, Robert - Living
Anderson, Sharon - Living
Anderson, Tania Marie - Living
Anderson, Todd Raymond - Living
Anderson, William m.1876 - Isle of Wight (Mar qtr)


Andrews, Amelia Elizabeth b.1871 - Lambeth, London
Andrews, Ann b.1852 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Andrews, Ernest Henry b.1912 -
Andrews, Jane b.1780 - of Froxfield, Hampshire
Andrews, Michael Ewan - Living
Andrews, Simon Michael - Living
Andrews, Steven Jeremy - Living


Anger, Peter W. - Living


Anglias, Emmanuel - Living
Anglias, Miranda - Living
Anglias, Penelope - Living


Ann, Mary -
Ann, Mary b.1806 - Beccles, Suffolk


Aplin, Elizabeth b.1872 - Whitchurch, Dorset
Aplin, John James -


Apps, Elizabeth b.1795 -


Archer, Adeline b.1848 - Shoreditch, London
Archer, Charles I. b.1845 - Shoreditch, London
Archer, Edith Clarissa b.1850 - Shoreditch, London
Archer, Eliza b.1841 - Shoreditch, London
Archer, Elizabeth b.1837 - Shoreditch, London
Archer, Frances b.1832 - Shoreditch, London
Archer, George Sidney b.1834 - Norton Folgate, London
Archer, Joseph William b.1836 - Shoreditch, London
Archer, Louisa b.1843 - Shoreditch, London
Archer, Sarah Ann b.1837 - Shoreditch, London
Archer, Sidney b.1809 - St. Pancras, London
Archer, Sidney James b.1838 - Shoreditch, London


Archibald, Karen - Living


Argent, John Lindsay - Living
Argent, Mary Elizabeth - Living
Argent, Murray - Living
Argent, Robert Murray - Living


Argue, Hannah Marjorie Louisa - Living
Argue, male - Living
Argue, Thomas Edgar b.1869 - Kingston, Ontario, Canada


Ariti, Cond - Living
Ariti, Cond Anthony - Living
Ariti, Derek John - Living
Ariti, Mark Damian - Living
Ariti, Michelle Jody - Living
Ariti, Nicole Jane - Living
Ariti, Teresa Catena - Living


Armitage, Amelia b.1881 - Milnsbridge, Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Armitage, Gertrude b.1887 - Milnsbridge, Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Armitage, James Richard b.1889 - Dewsbury, Yorkshire (Dec qtr)
Armitage, James Richard b.1859 - Slaithwaite, Yorkshire
Armitage, Percy b.1885 - Milnsbridge, Huddersfield, Yorkshire


Arnold, Catherine Florence b.1848 - Falconers Hill, Northants (Mar qtr)
Arnold, Edward Richard b.1849 - Falconers Hill, Northants (Sep qtr)
Arnold, Elizabeth b.1814 - Cheselbourne
Arnold, George Henry b.1753 - of Ashby Saint Ledgers, Northampton
Arnold, George Henry b.1791 - of Ashby Saint Ledgers, Northampton
Arnold, George Henry b.1846 - Braunston, Bragborough, Northants (Sep qtr)
Arnold, Georgiana c.1817 - Ashby Saint Ledgers, Northampton
Arnold, Henry b.1818 - Ashby St. Ledgers, Northampshire
Arnold, Henry Walter b.1851 - Ashby St. Ledgers, Northampshire (Jun qtr)
Arnold, Jane b.1853 - Nyton, Warwickshire
Arnold, Lumley b.1723 - of Ashby Saint Ledgers, Northampton
Arnold, Lumley Chivers b.1843 - Daventry, Northants. (Sep qtr)


Ash, Emma b.1877 - Bromley-by-Bow, Surrey


Ashdown, Emma b.1852 - Tonbridge, Kent
Ashdown, Frederick b.1839 - Tonbridge, Kent
Ashdown, George b.1849 - Tonbridge, Kent
Ashdown, George b.1815 - Tonbridge, Kent
Ashdown, Henry b.1856 -
Ashdown, Joseph b.1839 - Tonbridge, Kent
Ashdown, Richard b.1847 - Tonbridge, Kent


Ashton, Donald F. - Living
Ashton, Edwin Henry "Ted" b.1859 - St. Pancras, London
Ashton, Ernest Edwin b.1895 - Sevenoaks, Kent
Ashton, Francis Frederick L. b.1888 - Islington, London (Dec qtr)
Ashton, Henry b.1825 - Waltham Abbey, Essex


Ashworth, Alice Mitton b.1894 -
Ashworth, Edith b.1881 - district of Rochdale, Lancashire (Sep qtr)


Aske, Dorothy -
Aske, Elizabeth b.1535 - of Aughton, Yorkshire
Aske, Robert -


Astridge, Harriett Kate b.1858 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Astridge, John b.1820 - Portsmouth, Hampshire


Atkins, David -
Atkins, Mrs -
Atkins, Selina b.1829 - Southwick


Atkinson, Ann b.1822 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Atkinson, Annis c.1746 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Atkinson, Benjamin Lidford m.1837 - Poole, Dorset (St James)
Atkinson, Benjamin W. b.1854 - Longfleet, Poole, Dorset
Atkinson, Christopher b.1858 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Atkinson, Dawn - Living
Atkinson, Eliza Ann b.1845 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Atkinson, Elizabeth b.1806 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Atkinson, Ellen b.1847 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Atkinson, Henry b.1856 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Atkinson, James c.1817 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Atkinson, John b.1849 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Atkinson, John b.1811 - Calverley Mill, Yorkshire
Atkinson, John -
Atkinson, Joseph b.1819 - Calverley Mill, Yorkshire
Atkinson, Lydia M.M. b.1841 - Poole, Dorset
Atkinson, Mary b.1827 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Atkinson, Mary b.1811 - Armley, Leeds, Yorkshire
Atkinson, Nevill - Living
Atkinson, Richard b.1824 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Atkinson, Richard b.1782 - of Calverley, Yorkshire
Atkinson, Rose b.1809 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Atkinson, Samuel b.1814 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Atkinson, Thomas b.1831 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Atkinson, Tom R. b.1849 - Longfleet, Poole, Dorset
Atkinson, William -


Attwood, Conory William - Living
Attwood, Darren William - Living
Attwood, Eleanor Rose - Living


Aulley, Daniel (Holy) m.1686 - Cathedral, Sheffield, Yorkshire


Austen, Cassandra Elizabeth b.1773 - Steventon, Hampshire
Austen, Charles John c.1779 - Steventon, Hampshire
Austen, Edward (Knight) c.1767 - Deane-by-Basingstoke, Hampshire
Austen, Edward (Knight) b.1794 - Godmersham, Kent
Austen, Fanny Catherine (Knight) b.1793 - Goodnestone, Kent
Austen, Francis William b.1774 - Steventon, Hampshire
Austen, George c.1766 - Deane-by-Basingstoke, Hampshire
Austen, George b.1731 - Tonbridge, Kent
Austen, Henry Thomas c.1771 - Steventon, Hampshire
Austen, James c.1765 - Deane-by-Basingstoke, Hampshire
Austen, Jane b.1775 - Steventon, Hampshire


Austin, Edward Thomas Granville m.1905 - St. Barnabas, Little Ilford, Essex
Austin, Ida Lucy b.1891 - Bournemouth, Hampshire


Avey, Violet - Living


Axton, Catherine b.1860 - Enfield, Middlesex
Axton, Jesse b.1851 - Enfield, Middlesex
Axton, Josiah b.1820 - of Shepherds Bush, London
Axton, Rebecca b.1859 - Enfield, Middlesex
Axton, Thomas b.1826 - Whetstone, Middlesex


Aylmore, 7 children - Living
Aylmore, Melville - Living


Ayre, Mary b.1788 - Pudsey, Yorkshire


Ayres, Oliver b.1817 - Alton, Hampshire
Ayres, Sabina b.1864 - Romsey, Hampshire


Babiel, Elfriede - Living


Babthorpe, William b.1463 - of Osgodby, Yorkshire
Babthorpe, William b.1490 - of Osgodby, Yorkshire


Backhouse, Amelie Lara E. - Living
Backhouse, Charles Frederick d.2001 -
Backhouse, David Hugh - Living
Backhouse, Finn Christian C. - Living
Backhouse, Isabelle Joan - Living


Bacon, Clive Andrew - Living
Bacon, Donald - Living
Bacon, Edward b.1874 -
Bacon, Glayde b.1909 -
Bacon, Jordon Riley - Living
Bacon, Marcia Anne - Living
Bacon, Marjorie Ada - Living
Bacon, Neil Edward - Living
Bacon, Stephanie Merilyn - Living


Badder, Emily Martha b.1848 - Nooks, Wiltshire
Badder, Thomas -


Bailey, Arthur Cyril - Living
Bailey, George -
Bailey, George b.1880 -
Bailey, Janet Shirley Ann - Living
Bailey, Marilyn - Living
Bailey, Martha b.1765 -


Baillie, Jane b.1799 - of Manor House, Great Stanmere, Middlesex


Bainbridge, Elizabeth b.1745 -


Baker, Alice b.1885 - Bere Regis, Dorset
Baker, Alice Mary m.1907 - district of Christchurch, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Baker, Ann c.1845 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Baker, Charles b.1891 - Bere Regis, Dorset
Baker, Esau c.1851 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Baker, Esau m.1802 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Baker, Esau b.1806 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Baker, Fanny b.1847 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Baker, Frances "Fanny" c.1842 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Baker, Jacob -
Baker, Jessie b.1887 - Bere Regis, Dorset
Baker, John c.1804 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Baker, John c.1803 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Baker, John -
Baker, Levi c.1839 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Baker, Levi c.1814 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Baker, Maria c.1848 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Baker, Mary c.1853 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Baker, Rebekah c.1817 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Baker, Rebekah c.1839 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Baker, Robert c.1806 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Baker, Robert c.1808 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Baker, Samuel c.1818 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Baker, Silus c.1811 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Baker, Stephen c.1804 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Baker, Sydney J. b.1890 - Bere Regis, Dorset


Baldwin, Harriet Lucy b.1831 - London
Baldwin, William -


Balfour, James - Living
Balfour, Margaret m.1747 - Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Balfour, Mina Maria m.1849 - Saint Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland


Ball, Adam - Living
Ball, Albert "Geoffrey" Keith - Living
Ball, Albert Horace b.1880 - Stourpaine, Dorset
Ball, Alexander James - Living
Ball, Bertha Irene b.1922 - Bournemouth, Hampshire
Ball, Caroline - Living
Ball, Christopher David - Living
Ball, David John - Living
Ball, Desmond Kenneth - Living
Ball, Edwin James - Living
Ball, Ellen b.1863 - Stourpaine, Dorset
Ball, Fiona - Living
Ball, Fred James b.1885 - Isle of Wight, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Ball, Gillian Tracey - Living
Ball, Gladys - Living
Ball, Greg -
Ball, Harriet Dorcas b.1860 - Stourpaine, Dorset
Ball, Honour c.1792 - Shapwick, Dorset
Ball, Iris b.1908 - Bournemouth, Hampshire
Ball, James c.1819 - Stourpaine, Dorset
Ball, James Frederick b.1905 - Moordown, Bournemouth, Hampshire
Ball, Janet Rosemarie - Living
Ball, John Michael - Living
Ball, Jonathan Edward - Living
Ball, Julia - Living
Ball, Linda Carol - Living
Ball, Lloyd - Living
Ball, Mandy - Living
Ball, Marie - Living
Ball, Mark A. - Living
Ball, Matthew Christopher - Living
Ball, Michael - Living
Ball, Michael Allan b.1939 - Bournemouth, Hampshire
Ball, Peter James - Living
Ball, Raymond Douglas b.1924 - Bournemouth, Hampshire
Ball, Rebecca Marie - Living
Ball, Robert - Living
Ball, Robert Arthur b.1938 - Bournemouth, Hampshire
Ball, Rowena - Living
Ball, Sally - Living
Ball, Samantha - Living
Ball, Samantha Louise - Living
Ball, Sharon L. - Living
Ball, Simon - Living
Ball, Spencer - Living
Ball, Stevia - Living
Ball, Susan A. - Living
Ball, Susan Elizabeth - Living
Ball, Thomas m.1784 - Shapwick, Dorset
Ball, Tracey Margaret - Living
Ball, Vera May b.1912 - Bournemouth, Hampshire


Ballam, Alice Annie b.1890 - Springbourne, Bournemouth, Hampshire (Sep qtr)
Ballam, Charles b.1856 - Winterbourne Kingston, Dorset
Ballam, Edward Charles b.1880 - Winterbourne Kingston, Dorset
Ballam, Elizabeth Mary b.1885 - Blandford, Dorset (Dec qtr)
Ballam, Ellen Jane b.1882 - Blandford, Dorset (Sep qtr)
Ballam, Helen Alice (Ballom) - Living
Ballam, Lily Kate b.1887 - Blandford, Dorset (Sep qtr)
Ballam, Sidney Frederick b.1884 - Blandford, Dorset (Jun qtr)
Ballam, William J.C. (Ballom) - Living
Ballam, William John b.1879 - Winterbourne Kingston, Dorset


Balmforth, Elizabeth m.1903 - Huddersfield (GRO district), Yorkshire (Jun qtr)


Balthorpe, Catherine m.1601 -
Balthorpe, Ralph (or Robert) - Living


Bampton, Harriett b.1846 - Chapel Row. Twickenham


Banes, Lousa Ann b.1854 - Southampton, Hampshire


Banger, Angelina Fanny (Miller) c.1825 - St. James, Poole, Dorset
Banger, Elizabeth c.1798 - St. James, Poole, Dorset
Banger, Hannah c.1797 - St. James, Poole, Dorset
Banger, John -
Banger, Mr - Living
Banger, Sarah Chaffey b.1802 - Poole, Dorset


Barber, Freda Ethel (See Notes) b.1912 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Barber, Lillian - Living
Barber, Mr -
Barber, Rosie - Living


Barclay, David b.1682 - Urie, Fetterose, Kincardineshire, Scotland
Barclay, Elizabeth b.1714 - of Cheapside, London, Middlesex
Barclay, James b.1708 - Cheapside, London


Barker, Ellen b.1824 - Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
Barker, Emanuel b.1841 - Hampsthwaite, Yorkshire
Barker, Emily b.1862 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Barker, Hannah Maria c.1871 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Barker, Henry b.1866 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Barker, Herbert b.1868 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Barker, Mary E. b.1876 - Calverley, Yorkshire


Barling, Augustus "Guy" b.1887 - Croydon, Surrey
Barling, Doris C. - Living
Barling, Jessie Elizabeth b.1884 - Croydon, Surrey (Dec qtr)
Barling, Joseph John b.1889 - district of Croydon, Surrey (Jun qtr)
Barling, Kathleen Joan b.1917 - Croydon, Surrey
Barling, William John b.1860 -
Barling, William Thomas b.1883 - Croydon, Surrey (Mar qtr)


Barnes, Ann m.1822 - Shapwick, Dorset
Barnes, Dennis m.1924 -
Barnes, John - Living
Barnes, Joseph -
Barnes, Mary - Living
Barnes, Mary Jane Pollard b.1865 - Bowden, South Australia
Barnes, Sarah b.1841 - Poole, Dorset
Barnes, Selina b.1836 - Poole, Dorset


Barnsby, Brian Francis - Living
Barnsby, Donna Elma - Living
Barnsby, Evelyn - Living
Barnsby, Janis Nora - Living


Barratt, Caroline b.1836 - Camberwell, Surrey
Barratt, Ellen b.1841 - Camberwell, Surrey
Barratt, George - Living
Barratt, George -
Barratt, Jessie - Living
Barratt, Mary Ann b.1833 - Camberwell, Surrey
Barratt, Sarah b.1834 - Camberwell, Surrey
Barratt, Sophia b.1838 - Camberwell, Surrey
Barratt, William b.1837 - Camberwell, Surrey
Barratt, William b.1811 - Middlesex, UK


Barrett, Dakota Anne - Living
Barrett, Janet Valery Ann - Living
Barrett, John m.1811 - Witchampton
Barrett, Mary b.1805 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Barrett, Mr -
Barrett, Mr - Living
Barrett, Rosina b.1899 - Southampton, Hampshire
Barrett, Teresa Ann - Living


Barron, Thomas b.1847 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Barron, Thomas J. b.1877 - Portsmouth, Hampshire


Barrow, Eleanor b.1762 - of Christchurch, Hampshire


Barry, Elizabeth b.1858 - Takley, Essex
Barry, Horatio Nelson b.1862 - Lyons, France (British subject)
Barry, Louisa Sarah b.1853 - Marylebone, London, Middlesex
Barry, Martha c.1824 - Saint Mary The Virgin, Dover, Kent
Barry, Mary B. b.1861 - Paddington, London, Middlesex
Barry, Nelson b.1890 - Putney, London
Barry, Sarah b.1829 - Calais, France
Barry, Thomas b.1888 - Marylebone, London, Middlesex
Barry, Thomas c.1827 - Saint Mary The Virgin, Dover, Kent
Barry, Thomas William b.1854 - Lyons, France (British subject)
Barry, William c.1823 - Saint Mary The Virgin, Dover, Kent
Barry, William -


Bartels, Bernhard - Living
Bartels, Marlies Ella - Living


Barter, Emily Susan b.1849 - Northwood, Isle of Wight


Bartlett, Mary Ann b.1859 - Queen Camel, Somerset
Bartlett, Selina b.1849 - Long Bredy, Dorset
Bartlett, William b.1811 - Portisham, Dorset


Bates, Alex - Living
Bates, Charlotte - Living
Bates, Mr - Living


Bateson, Abraham - Living
Bateson, Alice b.1793 - Thorp, Yorkshire
Bateson, Elizabeth Honoria b.1817 - Belvoir Park, Belfast, Ireland
Bateson, Isaac m.1790 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Bateson, Joseph b.1795 - Thorp, Yorkshire


Bath, Charles Hugh Edward b.1890 - Swansea, Wales
Bath, Dorothea Marjorie S. b.1894 - Swansea, Wales (Dec qtr)
Bath, Edith Gwendoline b.1887 - Swansea, Wales
Bath, Edward b.1797 - Cornwall
Bath, Elsie Eugenie b.1892 - Swansea, Wales (Dec qtr)
Bath, Gertrude Annie b.1885 - Swansea, Wales (Sep qtr)
Bath, Josiah b.1839 - Maesteg, Glamorgan, Wales
Bath, Lilian Agnes b.1889 - Swansea, Wales (Mar qtr)
Bath, Marie Georgina - Living
Bath, Thomas Edward b.1861 - Swansea, Wales


Batson, Hazel Lyle - Living


Batten, Grace Amy Margaret b.1874 - Up Cerne, Dorset


Battersby, Mary Louisa Harford b.1822 - Clifton, Bristol


Batty, Sarah m.1776 - Saint Michael Spurriergate, York, Yorkshire


Battye, Elizabeth b.1818 - Morley, Yorkshire
Battye, Mary Elizabeth b.1833 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire


Baugh, Barbara May - Living
Baugh, Sidney Harry b.1874 - Bermondsey, Surrey
Baugh, Sidney John Thomas b.1898 - Bethnel Green, Middlesex


Baxter, 6 children - Living
Baxter, Alice (Birdie) b.1881 - London, Middlesex
Baxter, Annie b.1852 - Leeds, Yorkshire
Baxter, Dorothy b.1846 - Leeds, Yorkshire
Baxter, Florence (Nelly?) b.1868 - Leeds, Yorkshire
Baxter, Helen b.1867 - Leeds, Yorkshire
Baxter, Henry b.1866 - Leeds, Yorkshire
Baxter, Herbert - Living
Baxter, Jane b.1842 - London, Middlesex
Baxter, John T. b.1849 - Leeds, Yorkshire
Baxter, Louisa b.1873 - Leeds, Yorkshire
Baxter, Mary Ann b.1841 - London, Middlesex
Baxter, Sophia b.1844 - Leeds, Yorkshire
Baxter, William b.1813 - Stockton on Tees, Durham
Baxter, William b.1839 - London, Middlesex


Bay, Frances c.1800 - Brixton, Isle of Wight, Hampshire


Bayden, Harold b.1914 - Brighton, West Sussex
Bayden, Mr -


Bayford, Anne Maree - Living
Bayford, Arthur - Living
Bayford, Colin b.1928 - Napier, Hawkes Bay, n.Z.
Bayford, Dorothy Maude - Living
Bayford, Ebony - Living
Bayford, Edith Elsie - Living
Bayford, Faye - Living
Bayford, Frank Wilkins - Living
Bayford, John - Living
Bayford, Joseph William -
Bayford, Laura - Living
Bayford, Mary Catherine b.1914 - Dunedin, New Zealand.
Bayford, Michael - Living
Bayford, Percival Wilkins b.1886 - St. Albans, Hertford.
Bayford, Susan - Living


Bazalgette, Caroline b.1852 -


Beal, Joanne - Living


Beament, Arthur c.1857 - Long Critchell, Dorset
Beament, Belmont Devon b.1900 - Broadstone, Dorset
Beament, Bessie b.1879 - Sturminster Marshall, Dorset
Beament, Charles b.1855 - Long Critchell, Dorset
Beament, Edwin b.1878 - Sturminster Marshall, Dorset
Beament, Elizabeth (Beaumont) c.1815 - Long Crichell, Dorset
Beament, George c.1847 - Long Critchell, Dorset
Beament, George (Beamont) c.1820 - Long Critchell, Dorset
Beament, Hannah (Beamont) c.1817 - Long Critchell, Dorset
Beament, Henry b.1867 - Long Critchell, Dorset
Beament, James b.1849 - Long Critchell, Dorset
Beament, John c.1842 - Long Critchell, Dorset
Beament, John (Beaumont) -
Beament, Lewis b.1870 - Long Critchell, Dorset
Beament, Mary Ann c.1844 - Long Critchell, Dorset
Beament, Sarah Elizabeth c.1852 - Long Critchell, Dorset
Beament, Sarah Emily c.1863 - Long Critchell, Dorset
Beament, Thomas Davis c.1860 - Long Critchell, Dorset
Beament, William b.1865 - Long Critchell, Dorset


Beard, Elizabeth b.1762 - New Mills, Derbyshire


Bearder, Ann b.1839 - Bowling, Yorkshire


Beardshaw, Sarah m.1686 - Cathedral, Sheffield, Yorkshire


Beavington, Amelia b.1859 - Lambeth, London, Surrey
Beavington, Benjamin b.1864 - Lambeth, London, Surrey
Beavington, Benjamin b.1832 - Lambeth, London, Surrey
Beavington, Elizabeth b.1854 - Lambeth, London, Surrey
Beavington, Emma b.1860 - Lambeth, London, Surrey
Beavington, George b.1869 - Lambeth, London, Surrey
Beavington, Hannah b.1861 - Lambeth, London.
Beavington, Mary b.1856 - Lambeth, London, Surrey


Beck, Arthur William - Living
Beck, Sybil Mary Tyrrell -


Beckett, Ada b.1860 - Wymering, Hampshire
Beckett, Ann b.1848 - Fareham, Hampshire
Beckett, Charlotte b.1856 - Wymering, Hampshire
Beckett, Emily b.1862 - Cosham, Hampshire
Beckett, Frederick Charles b.1866 - Cosham, Hampshire
Beckett, George b.1850 - Fareham, Hampshire
Beckett, George b.1825 - Fareham, Hampshire
Beckett, Jane Elizabeth b.1870 - Cosham, Hampshire (Sep qtr)
Beckett, John b.1872 - Cosham, Hampshire
Beckett, Kate b.1859 - Wymering, Hampshire
Beckett, Thomas b.1858 - Cosham, Hampshire
Beckett, Walter James b.1869 - Cosham, Hampshire
Beckett, William Henry b.1862 - Paulsgrove, Hampshire

Bedford Evans

Bedford Evans, Ryan Andrew - Living


Bedford, Andrew - Living


Belcher, Christopher - Living
Belcher, Dion - Living
Belcher, Kara - Living


Bell, Charles Thompson -
Bell, Fanny Alice c.1846 - Bishopsbourne, Kent
Bell, Matthew b.1821 - St. Giles, London, Middlesex


Bellows, Harriet b.1880 - Ch. Marsh


Belopopsky, male - Living
Belopopsky, Trayco - Living


Bendle, Frederick b.1850 - Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire
Bendle, Mary S. b.1880 - Idle, Yorkshire


Benham, Miriam b.1805 - Upham, Hampshire


Benn, Fred b.1867 -
Benn, Millicent b.1897 - Halifax, Yorkshire


Bennet, Rachel m.1777 - Steeple, Dorset


Bennett, Alice b.1864 - Alverstoke, Hampshire
Bennett, Ann c.1831 - Shapwick, Dorset
Bennett, Arthur b.1859 - Gosport, Hampshire
Bennett, Charles -
Bennett, Curtis - Living
Bennett, Denise - Living
Bennett, Edward b.1848 - Gosport, Hampshire
Bennett, Eliza b.1853 - Alverstoke, Hampshire
Bennett, Emily b.1889 - Gosport, Hampshire
Bennett, Henry b.1845 - Gosport, Hampshire
Bennett, Henry c.1833 - Shapwick, Dorset
Bennett, Honor c.1827 - Shapwick, Dorset
Bennett, James b.1846 - Alverstoke, Hampshire
Bennett, Jane b.1842 - Gosport, Hampshire
Bennett, Jeremiah b.1861 - Alverstoke, Hampshire
Bennett, John b.1844 - Gosport, Hampshire
Bennett, John c.1825 - Shapwick, Dorset
Bennett, Maria b.1817 - Witchampton, Dorset
Bennett, Richard "Dick" Glenn - Living
Bennett, Sarah b.1755 -
Bennett, Thomas b.1850 - Gosport, Hampshire
Bennett, Thomas Ball c.1828 - Shapwick, Dorset
Bennett, William b.1857 - Alverstoke, Hampshire
Bennett, William b.1819 - Gosport, Hampshire
Bennett, William m.1783 - Shapwick, Dorset
Bennett, William b.1786 - Shapwick, Dorset
Bennett, William T. b.1880 - Shapwick, Dorset


Bennion, Joan D. - Living


Berndhernd, Claus b.1884 -


Berners, Margery (Margaret) b.1418 - of West Horsley, Surrey


Berry, Aaron b.1763 -
Berry, David b.1755 -
Berry, Hannah b.1723 -
Berry, John b.1729 -
Berry, John Jr b.1759 -
Berry, Joseph b.1766 -
Berry, Lydia b.1761 -
Berry, Margaret b.1731 -
Berry, Margaret b.1757 -
Berry, Patience b.1770 -
Berry, Samuel b.1754 -
Berry, Samuel b.1695 -
Berry, Sarah b.1727 -
Berry, Thomas b.1721 -
Berry, Thomas b.1765 -


Best, Albert c.1867 - Steeple, Dorset
Best, Amelia b.1847 - Holdenhurst, Hampshire
Best, Annie c.1869 - Steeple, Dorset
Best, Charles c.1874 - Steeple, Dorset
Best, Charles c.1852 - Wareham, Dorset
Best, Edwin c.1876 - Steeple, Dorset
Best, Elizabeth Frances c.1857 - St. Mary, Wareham, Dorset
Best, Elizabeth Frances c.1855 - St. Mary, Wareham, Dorset
Best, Emily c.1849 - Wareham, Dorset
Best, Fanny c.1843 - Wareham, Dorset
Best, Fanny c.1841 - Wareham, Dorset
Best, Frederick b.1864 - Wareham, Dorset
Best, George b.1840 - Wareham, Dorset
Best, George c.1858 - St. Mary, Wareham, Dorset
Best, Henry b.1811 - Wareham, Dorset
Best, Henry c.1835 - Wareham, Dorset
Best, Henry John c.1865 - Steeple, Dorset
Best, Horace b.1896 - Church Knowle, Dorset
Best, Joseph c.1845 - Wareham, Dorset
Best, Kate c.1872 - Steeple, Dorset
Best, Kathleen b.1893 - Church Knowle, Dorset
Best, Mary b.1861 - Wareham, Dorset
Best, Mary Jane c.1837 - Wareham, Dorset
Best, Matilda b.1848 - Wareham, Dorset
Best, William b.1832 - Stoke, Dorset
Best, William b.1854 - Wareham, Dorset
Best, William Henry Watts c.1857 - St. Mary, Wareham, Dorset


Bevan, Agnes Carus Wilson b.1856 - Burton Latimer, Northamptonshire
Bevan, Cecelia Carus Wilson b.1849 - Silverdale, Lancashire
Bevan, Claudius Barclay b.1852 - Burton Latimer, Northamptonshire
Bevan, David b.1774 -
Bevan, David Barclay b.1813 - Walthamstow, Essex
Bevan, Emily Agnes b.1840 - Casterton, Westmoreland
Bevan, Jessie Neville b.1854 - Burton Latimer, Northamptonshire
Bevan, John Evelyn Barclay b.1871 - district of Kensington, London
Bevan, Lucy - Living
Bevan, Mabel Annis c.1867 - Alton, Hampshire
Bevan, Mary Emily b.1858 - Clifton, Gloucestershire
Bevan, Matilda Favell Lee b.1846 - Burton Latimer, Northamptonshire
Bevan, Norman Barclay c.1869 - Little Amwell, Hertfordshire
Bevan, Rachel Alice c.1863 - Little Amwell, Hertfordshire
Bevan, Robert Cooper Lee -
Bevan, Sylvanus b.1743 - of Fosbury House, Wiltshire
Bevan, Timothy b.1704 - of Hackney, Middlesex


Beveridge, Susan Mary - Living


Bezag, Frank - Living


Biddicombe, Walter Henry b.1894 - district of Christchurch, Hampshire (Jun qtr)


Biddiscombe, Walter m.1892 - district of Christchurch, Hampshire (Jun qtr)


Biddle, Barry - Living


Biden, Edward m.1785 - Buriton


Bigg, Ellen c.1864 - Wheathamstead, Hertfordshire
Bigg, John d.1881 -


Bigge, Fanny Cecilia c.1816 - Chislehurst, Kent


Bildstien, Thomas William b.1881 - Creswick, Victoria, Australia


Biles, Benjamin m.1822 - Shapwick, Dorset
Biles, Charles c.1867 - Shapwick, Dorset
Biles, Eliza c.1849 - Shapwick, Dorset
Biles, Harry c.1863 - Shapwick, Dorset
Biles, Josiah William Bert c.1823 - Shapwick, Dorset
Biles, Juliana c.1860 - Shapwick, Dorset
Biles, Julius c.1858 - Shapwick, Dorset
Biles, Mary Ann c.1855 - Shapwick, Dorset
Biles, Susannah c.1852 - Sturminster Marshall, Dorset


Bing, Henry b.1821 - Preston, Kent
Bing, Thomas H. b.1850 - Lower Hardres, Kent


Binns, Gordon Miles b.1912 - Sunderland, Durham
Binns, Herbert - Living
Binns, Jacqueline b.1944 - Sunderland, Durham
Binns, Monica - Living
Binns, Nellie - Living
Binns, Rachel - Living
Binns, Thomas - Living
Binns, Thomas -
Binns, Veronica Olive b.1934 - Sunderland, Durham


Binstead, Frances Alice b.1846 - Wakefield, Yorkshire


Birch, Eliza b.1871 - Warnford, Hampshire


Birchall, Barbara Mary - Living


Bird, Derek Michael Godfrey - Living
Bird, Rufus B.G. - Living

Birke (Bjorkstrand)

Birke (Bjorkstrand), David b.1910 -


Birke, Erik David - Living
Birke, Linda Alexandra - Living
Birke, Paul Victor - Living
Birke, Scott Alexander - Living


Bishop, Caroline Sarah c.1822 - Saint James, Poole, Dorset
Bishop, Elizabeth b.1882 - Blandford, Dorset
Bishop, Frederick b.1881 - Blandford, Dorset
Bishop, Frederick b.1886 - Blandford, Dorset
Bishop, George E. b.1880 - Fiddleford, Dorset
Bishop, Martha c.1820 - Saint James, Poole, Dorset
Bishop, Martha Ann c.1824 - Saint James, Poole, Dorset
Bishop, Mary c.1820 - Saint James, Poole, Dorset
Bishop, Thomas m.1818 - Saint James, Poole, Dorset
Bishop, William c.1877 - Hilton, Dorset
Bishop, William b.1852 - Batcombe, Dorset


Bisset, Mary Beaton - Living


Black, Diana Sarah - Living
Black, Robert Andrew Stransham 2nd Bt. b.1902 -
Black, Robert David 3rd Bt. - Living


Blackburn, Carol - Living


Blackett, Brittany Morgan - Living
Blackett, Paige - Living
Blackett, Stuart - Living


Blackman, Elijah Paul - Living
Blackman, James b.1806 - East Meon, Hampshire
Blackman, Mary Ann c.1837 - East Meon, Hampshire
Blackman, Mikayla Elizabeth - Living
Blackman, Paul - Living


Blackwell, Thomas John b.1864 - England


Bladen, Elizabeth b.1686 - of Lincoln's Inn
Bladen, Nathaniel b.1645 - of Lincoln's Inn, London & Hemsworth, Yorkshire
Bladen, Thomas -


Blake, Elizabeth b.1839 - Wimbourne
Blake, James b.1801 - NOT in Dorset
Blake, Sarah b.1836 - Wimborne, Dorset


Blakeman, Edward -
Blakeman, Harriet b.1793 - Coventry, Warwickshire
Blakeman, Susannah c.1791 - Holy Trinity, Coventry, Warwick


Blanchard, Leah b.1850 - Six Penny Handley, Dorset


Bland, Frances Jane b.1790 - Ireland
Bland, Francis m.1774 - St. Botolph, Old Aldgate, London


Blood, Caroline Lynette - Living
Blood, Christopher John - Living
Blood, Dorothy Linda b.1923 - Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.
Blood, Edith Elizabeth (nee Hibdige) b.1912 - Peterborough, Lincolnshire
Blood, George Herbert b.1885 - Crowland, Lincolnshire
Blood, Irene Yvonne - Living
Blood, John b.1854 - Crowland, Lincolnshire
Blood, John b.1827 - Crowland, Lincolnshire
Blood, John Thomas b.1886 - Crowland, Lincolnshire
Blood, Kate b.1879 - Crowland, Lincolnshire
Blood, Katie Ellen - Living
Blood, Lilian Kathleen - Living
Blood, Linda Elizabeth - Living
Blood, Margaret Iris - Living
Blood, Marion Fanny - Living
Blood, Raymond Jack - Living
Blood, Samuel b.1859 - Crowland, Lincolnshire
Blood, Sarah Emmie b.1880 - Crowland, Lincolnshire


Blott, Gareth - Living
Blott, Jordan - Living
Blott, Stephen - Living


Bollen, Anna Maria b.1848 - Piddletrenthide, Dorset
Bollen, Eliza b.1845 - Piddletrenthide, Dorset
Bollen, Emily b.1834 - Piddletrenthide, Dorset
Bollen, George b.1838 - Piddletrenthide, Dorset
Bollen, Isaac b.1843 - Piddletrenthide, Dorset
Bollen, Phillip c.1829 - Piddletrenthide, Dorset
Bollen, Priscilla c.1836 - Piddletrenthide, Dorset
Bollen, Robert b.1798 - Piddletrenthide, Dorset
Bollen, Sarah Ann Hill c.1857 - Piddletrenthide, Dorset


Bolton, Martha m.1809 - Calverley, Yorkshire


Bond, Dorothy Margaret - Living
Bond, Eli - Living
Bond, Elizabeth m.1698 - Rawdon, Guiseley, Yorkshire
Bond, Norma - Living
Bond, Pauline Mary Frances - Living
Bond, Rachel b.1672 - of Eccleshill, Yorkshire
Bond, Raymond Elvidge - Living


Bonell, Asenath Gillian - Living
Bonell, Charles E. - Living


Bonetto, Mary b.1754 -


Bonfield, Elsie Mabel b.1915 - district of Christchurch, Hampshire (Jun qtr)


Boniface, John Stephen - Living


Boon, Ann b.1795 - Pettistree, Suffolk
Boon, Robert -


Boor, Hannah b.1852 - Polstead, Suffolk
Boor, Robert -


Boosey, Abraham b.1829 - Maidstone, Kent
Boosey, Charles b.1863 - Tonbridge, Kent
Boosey, Edith Nellie b.1889 - Tonbridge, Kent (Sep qtr)
Boosey, Elizabeth Grace b.1883 - Tonbridge, Kent (Sep qtr)
Boosey, Ellen Jane b.1857 - Sevenoaks, Kent
Boosey, Elsie Annie b.1900 - Stamford Hill, London (Sep qtr)
Boosey, Emily b.1871 - Tonbridge, Kent
Boosey, Francis Joseph b.1860 - Tunbridge, Kent (Sep qtr)
Boosey, Harriet b.1869 - Tonbridge, Kent
Boosey, Henry Abraham b.1874 - Tonbridge, Kent
Boosey, James Edward b.1859 - Tonbridge, Kent
Boosey, James Henry b.1897 - Camberwell, London (Sep qtr)
Boosey, Orpah b.1890 - East Grinstead, Sussex (Sep qtr)


Booth, child - Living
Booth, John David - Living
Booth, Jonathan - Living
Booth, Marjorie - Living
Booth, Mary Eileen b.1896 -


Boothroyd, William b.1831 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire


Booton, Joseph - Living
Booton, Peter - Living


Borer, Lily Selina b.1876 - West Wickham, Kent (Sep qtr)


Bosonnet, Alan Richard b.1951 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Bosonnet, Albert "Bert" Edward b.1902 - Gibralter
Bosonnet, Alice Agnes Maud b.1874 - Dublin, Ireland
Bosonnet, Dorothy "Dorrie" Kathleen b.1901 - Bournemouth, Hampshire
Bosonnet, Edgar "Eddy" Raymond b.1908 - Poole, Dorset
Bosonnet, Edgar Louis b.1906 - Bournemouth, Hampshire
Bosonnet, Harold Augustus b.1904 - Egypt
Bosonnet, Henrietta Maria b.1880 - Dublin, Ireland
Bosonnet, Henry Joseph Augustus b.1871 - Dublin, Ireland
Bosonnet, Henry Victor b.1900 - Dublin, Ireland
Bosonnet, Jacqueline M. - Living
Bosonnet, Julius Benjamin b.1838 -
Bosonnet, Julius Edwin b.1875 - Dublin, Ireland
Bosonnet, Kenneth Arthur - Living
Bosonnet, Malcolm S. - Living
Bosonnet, Norah Eileen b.1912 - Salisbury, Wiltshire
Bosonnet, Olivia Georgina Kathleen b.1870 - Dublin, Ireland
Bosonnet, Paul G. - Living
Bosonnet, Una C. - Living


Botha, Ralph - Living


Bott, Elizabeth m.1726 - Boston, Lincolnshire


Boughtflower, John (Boldflowers) m.1730 -


Boulton, Alison S. - Living
Boulton, Ann (Bolton) c.1835 -
Boulton, Howard C. - Living
Boulton, James (Bolton) c.1823 - Bramfield, Suffolk
Boulton, James Samuel b.1880 - Kentish Town, St. Pancras, London
Boulton, John (Bolton) b.1833 - Wenhaston, Suffolk
Boulton, Joseph c.1853 - Bramfield, Suffolk
Boulton, Joseph (Bolton) m.1819 - Pettistree, Suffolk
Boulton, Joseph (Bolton) c.1831 - Bramfield, Suffolk
Boulton, Mary (Bolton) c.1827 - Bramfield, Suffolk
Boulton, Norman Victor b.1915 - district of Edmonton, Essex
Boulton, Robert c.1853 - Bramfield, Suffolk
Boulton, Robert (Bolton) c.1825 - Bramfield, Suffolk
Boulton, Sarah (Bolton) c.1829 - Bramfield, Suffolk


Bourchier, Joan b.1442 - of Halstead, Essex
Bourchier, John b.1415 - Little Eaton, Essex
Bourchier, William b.1374 - Little Eaton, Essex


Bourne, Eliza b.1818 - Alford, Lincolnshire
Bourne, George -


Bower, Edwin b.1829 - Horton, Bradford, Yorkshire
Bower, Emma b.1867 - Bradford, Yorkshire


Bowers, James -
Bowers, Mary c.1822 - Titchfield, Hampshire


Bowie, Chris - Living
Bowie, Jane - Living
Bowie, John - Living


Bowles, Elijah m.1846 - Buriton, Hampshire
Bowles, William - Living


Bowyer, Harriet b.1865 - Usk, Monmouthshire, Wales


Boyd, Arthur -
Boyd, Arthur Edward Victor - Living
Boyd, Christopher Gordon Noel - Living
Boyd, Mary b.1804 - of Manchester, Lancashire
Boyd, Victor - Living


Boyington, Amelia b.1875 - Nottingham, Nottinghamshire (Jun qtr)


Boyle, Alan Reginald b.1886 -
Boyle, David 7th Earl of Glasgow -
Boyle, Dorothy Montagu Countess of Cranbrook b.1879 - Shewalton, Ayrshire, Scotland
Boyle, Jean Isabel - Living


Bradford, Adela Evelyn - Living
Bradford, Andrew Edward Hanning - Living
Bradford, Berenger Colborne MBE, DSO, MC b.1912 - St. George Hanover Square, London
Bradford, Beryl Adela b.1876 - Calcutta, East Indies
Bradford, Cassandra Felicity - Living
Bradford, Charles Graham Knight - Living
Bradford, Daryl Colborne b.1872 - Lucknow, West Bengal, India
Bradford, Diana Elizabeth - Living
Bradford, Edward Austen b.1879 - Ajmere, Rajputana, India
Bradford, Edward Austen Philip - Living
Bradford, Edward Ridley Colborne 1st Bart. Bradford b.1836 - Hambleden, Buckinghamshire
Bradford, Evelyn Ridley b.1869 - Gwalior, West Bengal, India
Bradford, Herbert Lewkenor b.1873 - India
Bradford, Kirstin Elizabeth Hardy - Living
Bradford, Louisa Aimeé Felicity - Living
Bradford, Margaret Jane - Living
Bradford, Montagu Edward b.1867 - Guna, Madhya Pradesh, India
Bradford, Robert Berenger Pickering - Living
Bradford, Ronald James Knight - Living
Bradford, Victoria Jane Ferguson - Living
Bradford, William Mussage Kirkwall b.1806 -


Bradley, Eileen Mary - Living
Bradley, Mary b.1799 - Norwood, Yorkshire


Bradshaw, Gerling -
Bradshaw, R. - Living
Bradshaw, Shane - Living


Bragg, Peter Hugh b.1913 - district of Tiverton, Devon & Somerset (Mar qtr)
Bragg, Ronald Wakefield - Living
Bragg, Tom m.1906 - Fulham, London (Sep qtr)


Bramley, Grace b.1713 -
Bramley, John - Living
Bramley, Mary Ann m.1839 - St. Mary's, Portsea, Hants.


Brewer, Anthony - Living
Brewer, Julian Anthony - Living


Brice, Abigail K. - Living


Brider, Rebecca b.1791 - Sussex


Bridgen, Ada Sarah b.1890 - Hampstead, London
Bridgen, Agnes Adela b.1869 - Portsea, Hampshire
Bridgen, Albert Edgar b.1870 - Portsea, 3 Lennox Row.
Bridgen, Albert Edward b.1901 - Southampton, Hampshire
Bridgen, Albert Edward b.1893 - Landport, Portsmouth, Hants.
Bridgen, Albert George b.1933 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Bridgen, Albert George - Living
Bridgen, Alexander - Living
Bridgen, Alison - Living
Bridgen, Amanda - Living
Bridgen, Amelia Martha c.1853 - St. Thomas, Portsea.
Bridgen, Amy Eliza b.1884 - Portsea, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Bridgen, Andrew - Living
Bridgen, Annabelle - Living
Bridgen, Arthur Walter b.1909 - district of Portsmouth, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Bridgen, Barry - Living
Bridgen, Benjamin - Living
Bridgen, Betty b.1937 -
Bridgen, Blanche Julia b.1883 - London, Middlesex (Jun qtr)
Bridgen, Brenda A. - Living
Bridgen, Brian Alfred - Living
Bridgen, Caroline b.1853 - Portsea, Hampshire
Bridgen, Caroline Amelia c.1823 - St. Thomas, Portsea.
Bridgen, Caroline Elizabeth c.1856 - St. Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire
Bridgen, Caroline Mary b.1838 - Portsea, Hants.
Bridgen, Carolyn Jane - Living
Bridgen, Cecil b.1916 - district of Hendon, Middlesex (Jun qtr)
Bridgen, Cecil William E. b.1892 - Portsmouth, Hants (Jun qtr)
Bridgen, Cecilia Maud b.1886 - Kilburn, Middlesex
Bridgen, Charles b.1910 - Romford, Essex
Bridgen, Charles b.1796 - Portsea
Bridgen, Charles c.1788 - St. Thomas, Portsea.
Bridgen, Charles Edward c.1830 - St. Thomas, Portsea.
Bridgen, Charles Eustace b.1859 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Bridgen, Charles Eustace Victor b.1885 - Devonport, Devon
Bridgen, Charles Henry Edward "Teddy" b.1878 - Acton, Middlesex
Bridgen, Charles James b.1873 - Portsmouth, Hants (Dec qtr)
Bridgen, Charlotte (Lottie) (See Notes) -
Bridgen, Daphne E. - Living
Bridgen, David Eric b.1923 -
Bridgen, David Michael - Living
Bridgen, Denis J. - Living
Bridgen, Denise Eileen - Living
Bridgen, Dora Kathleen b.1894 - Fulham, London
Bridgen, Dorothy E. - Living
Bridgen, Douglas G. - Living
Bridgen, Edith b.1871 - Portsea, Hampshire (Sep qtr)
Bridgen, Edward - Living
Bridgen, Edward - Living
Bridgen, Edward c.1833 - St. Thomas Church, Portsea, Hants.
Bridgen, Edward James Thomas b.1864 - Landport, Portsmouth, Hampshire
Bridgen, Edwin Arthur b.1858 - Portsea, Hampshire
Bridgen, Elizabeth b.1857 - Portsea, Hampshire
Bridgen, Elizabeth b.1865 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Bridgen, Elizabeth b.1789 - Portsea.
Bridgen, Elizabeth Ethel b.1896 - Southampton, Hampshire
Bridgen, Elizabeth Kate b.1882 - Portsea, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Bridgen, Ellen Caroline b.1863 - Portsea, Hampshire
Bridgen, Ellen Mary b.1865 - Fratton, Portsmouth, Hampshire
Bridgen, Ellen Pamela c.1855 - St. Thomas, Portsea.
Bridgen, Elsie B. M. - Living
Bridgen, Emily E. b.1914 - Portsea, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Bridgen, Emma Ann b.1859 - Alverstoke
Bridgen, Emmy - Living
Bridgen, Eric Ernest - Living
Bridgen, Ernest Alfred b.1868 - Portsmouth, Hants. (Jun qtr)
Bridgen, Ethel May "Dolly" b.1900 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Bridgen, Florence b.1907 - Great Baddow, Essex
Bridgen, Frank Alexander b.1894 - Portsmouth, Hants (Jun qtr)
Bridgen, Frederick Walter b.1860 - Portsea, Hampshire
Bridgen, Frederick William W. b.1881 - Portsea, Hampshire
Bridgen, George b.1904 - East Ham, Essex
Bridgen, George b.1878 - London, Middlesex
Bridgen, George b.1851 - Southsea, Hampshire
Bridgen, George c.1829 - Portsea, Hants
Bridgen, George Arthur b.1897 - Buckland, Portsmouth.
Bridgen, George Thomas b.1876 - Portsmouth, Hants (Jun qtr)
Bridgen, George W. E. - Living
Bridgen, Gerald b.1898 - district of Leeds, Yorkshire (Mar qtr)
Bridgen, Gerald Martyn - Living
Bridgen, Gordon Wellington b.1885 - London, Middlesex
Bridgen, Grant Anthony P. - Living
Bridgen, Harold Ernest b.1894 - Portsea, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Bridgen, Harriet Anne b.1812 - Oxford, Oxfordshire
Bridgen, Haydn - Living
Bridgen, Helena - Living
Bridgen, Helena Mary - Living
Bridgen, Henry "Harry" Edward (nee Ricketts) c.1850 - Alverstoke, Hampshire
Bridgen, Henry Albert b.1879 - Portsmouth, Hants (Sep qtr)
Bridgen, Henry Alfred b.1907 - Portsea, Hampshire
Bridgen, Herbert William b.1896 - Portsea, Hampshire
Bridgen, Hilda M. b.1925 - district of Alverstoke, Hampshire
Bridgen, Isabel - Living
Bridgen, Jack Alfred (John) b.1900 - Wandsworth, London
Bridgen, Jacqueline W.L. - Living
Bridgen, Jacqueline Winifred L. b.1931 - district of Paddington, London (Jun qtr)
Bridgen, James b.1908 - Great Baddow, Essex
Bridgen, James b.1780 - Portsea.
Bridgen, James b.1781 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Bridgen, James Albert b.1924 - Portsea, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Bridgen, James Steven - Living
Bridgen, James Thomas c.1825 - St. Thomas, Portsea.
Bridgen, Jamie John - Living
Bridgen, Janneke May - Living
Bridgen, Jenny - Living
Bridgen, Jodie - Living
Bridgen, John b.1913 - East Ham, Essex
Bridgen, John - Living
Bridgen, John L. - Living
Bridgen, Kenneth L. - Living
Bridgen, Kevin b.1947 -
Bridgen, Kim A. - Living
Bridgen, Laura Sophia Helen b.1864 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Bridgen, Lavinia b.1865 - Portsea, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Bridgen, Leonard b.1923 - district of Portsmouth, Hampshire
Bridgen, Leonard F. C. - Living
Bridgen, Leonard Frederick b.1902 - Brighton, Sussex
Bridgen, Lilian Aline C. b.1889 - Portsmouth, Hants (Mar qtr)
Bridgen, Lisa Tracy - Living
Bridgen, Lloyd Leonard Frederick b.1924 - district of Portsmouth, Hampshire (Sep qtr)
Bridgen, Louisa Ellen b.1876 - Lambert, Surrey
Bridgen, Louise Emily b.1866 - Portsea, Hampshire
Bridgen, Lucy c.1814 - St. Mary's, Portsea.
Bridgen, Madeleine Anne - Living
Bridgen, Margaret "Babs" b.1926 -
Bridgen, Margaret Ann - Living
Bridgen, Martha c.1817 - St. Mary's, Portsea.
Bridgen, Mary b.1911 - Chelmsford, Essex
Bridgen, Mary c.1783 - St. Thomas, Portsea.
Bridgen, Mary c.1819 - St. Thomas, Portsea.
Bridgen, Matthew - Living
Bridgen, Maud Josephine "Jose" b.1911 - district of Hendon, Middlesex
Bridgen, May Ethel b.1882 - St. Saviour, Surrey
Bridgen, Melinda - Living
Bridgen, Michael John - Living
Bridgen, Michael Tod - Living
Bridgen, Nicholas John - Living
Bridgen, Oliver - Living
Bridgen, Peter H. - Living
Bridgen, Philip John William - Living
Bridgen, Raymond D. - Living
Bridgen, Raymond Frederick b.1926 - district of Alverstoke, Hampshire
Bridgen, Rebecca c.1821 - St. Thomas, Portsea.
Bridgen, Richard (Dick) Gordon b.1921 - district of Lewisham, Kent
Bridgen, Robert - Living
Bridgen, Robert J. - Living
Bridgen, Ronald Edward - Living
Bridgen, Roy Victor A. b.1926 - district of Lewisham, London
Bridgen, Ruby May (Cissy) b.1895 - Wandsworth, London (Jun qtr)
Bridgen, Sallie Roxana Louise - Living
Bridgen, Sally - Living
Bridgen, Sally b.1791 - Portsea, Hampshire
Bridgen, Sandra Jill - Living
Bridgen, Sarah E. E. - Living
Bridgen, Saskia - Living
Bridgen, Sharon Jane - Living
Bridgen, Sheila E. - Living
Bridgen, Sheila Janet - Living
Bridgen, Simon - Living
Bridgen, Simon John Ecroyd - Living
Bridgen, Stephanie Joan - Living
Bridgen, Steven - Living
Bridgen, Susan Jeanne - Living
Bridgen, Suzanne - Living
Bridgen, Thai David (Billy) - Living
Bridgen, Thomas b.1770 -
Bridgen, Thomas b.1785 - Portsea, Hampshire
Bridgen, Tracy - Living
Bridgen, Victor Edward b.1908 - Hampstead, London (Jun qtr)
Bridgen, Walter b.1867 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Bridgen, Walter Sidney b.1895 - Southampton, Hampshire
Bridgen, Wendy M. - Living
Bridgen, Wilfred George b.1897 - Southampton, Hampshire
Bridgen, William c.1781 - Saint Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire
Bridgen, William c.1777 - St. Thomas, Portsea.
Bridgen, William c.1827 - St. Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire
Bridgen, William Edward b.1868 - Fratton, Portsmouth, Hampshire
Bridgen, William George b.1889 - Portsea, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Bridgen, William H. - Living
Bridgen, William Henry b.1901 - Scotland
Bridgen, Winifred Alice b.1880 - St. Saviour, Surrey
Bridgen, Winifred Susannah b.1905 - East Ham, Essex
Bridgen, Winifred Victoria b.1897 - Southampton, Hampshire


Bridgens, William b.1760 -


Bridges, Elizabeth b.1773 - of Goodnestone, Kent


Bridle, George b.1846 -
Bridle, William -


Briggs, Hannah Morsby b.1843 - district of Manchester, Lancashire (Mar qtr)


Bright, Elizabeth c.1824 - Millbrook, Hampshire
Bright, John -


Brindle, George b.1854 -


Brittain, George -
Brittain, George Henry c.1817 - Cathedral Saint Peter, Sheffield, Yorkshire
Brittain, Mary c.1815 - Cathedral Saint Peter, Sheffield, Yorkshire
Brittain, Verdon c.1779 - Cathedral Saint Peter, Sheffield, Yorkshire


Broadbent, Barbara - Living
Broadbent, Colin -
Broadbent, Edward Gerald b.1860 - Harrogate, Yorkshire
Broadbent, Elizabeth Boyd b.1829 - Ardwick, Manchester, Lancashire
Broadbent, Frederick Holdsworth b.1854 - Harrogate, Yorkshire
Broadbent, Lydia m.1714 - Sheffield, Yorkshire
Broadbent, Mary Theresa b.1857 - Harrogate, Yorkshire
Broadbent, Thomas b.1791 - Halifax, Yorkshire
Broadbent, Thomas b.1830 - Manchester, Lancashire
Broadbent, Thomas Ernest Boyd b.1853 - district of Knaresborough, Yorks. (Jun qtr)


Brock, Catharine Emily b.1830 -


Brockhouse, Derek - Living


Brodie, Colin -


Bromley, Harriet Elizabeth b.1858 - Brenchley, Kent


Brook, Elizabeth m.1817 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Brook, Martha Hannah b.1852 -


Brooke, Catharine b.1721 - Cawood, Yorkshire
Brooke, Richard Early -
Brooke, Sarah (See Notes) b.1823 - Cleckheaton, Yorkshire
Brooke, Walter -


Brookes, Doris Joan b.1934 -
Brookes, Frederick Alfred - Living
Brookes, Kathleen Edith A. - Living
Brookes, Mr - Living


Brooks, Sue - Living


Brooksbank, Maria (See Notes) b.1849 - Bowling, Bradford, Yorkshire


Brown, Alice May b.1898 - Southampton, Hampshire
Brown, Austin b.1850 - Witchampton, Dorset
Brown, Barrie Eversdon - Living
Brown, Bartholomew b.1846 - Witchampton, Dorset
Brown, Benjamin - Living
Brown, Carol Ann - Living
Brown, Catherine b.1813 - Bere Regis, Dorset
Brown, Catherine b.1875 - Witchampton, Dorset
Brown, Catherine c.1856 - Witchampton, Dorset
Brown, Charles (See Notes) b.1827 - Dorset
Brown, Daisy b.1880 - Southampton, Hampshire
Brown, David c.1829 - Cranborne, Dorset
Brown, David - Living
Brown, David Willis - Living
Brown, Dorothy c.1790 - Tarrant Rawston, Dorset
Brown, Dorothy Ada -
Brown, Elizabeth b.1852 - Poole, Dorset
Brown, Elizabeth b.1713 - Leeds, Yorkshire
Brown, Elsie Clifton b.1881 -
Brown, Ephraim b.1850 - Fordington, Dorset
Brown, Fanny b.1861 - South Tidworth, Hampshire
Brown, Frederick b.1818 - Newton, Salisbury, Wiltshire
Brown, Gary Richard - Living
Brown, George b.1855 - Farrington, Dorset
Brown, George b.1848 - Poole, Dorset
Brown, George b.1830 - South Tidworth, Hampshire
Brown, George c.1832 - Cranborne, Dorset
Brown, Harriet c.1836 - Fawley, Hampshire
Brown, Henry James b.1848 - Witchampton, Dorset
Brown, Hester b.1775 - Sturminster Marshall, Dorset
Brown, James b.1850 - Wareham, Dorset
Brown, James b.1860 - Hartfield, Sussex
Brown, James b.1832 - Sussex
Brown, James c.1823 - Cranborne, Dorset
Brown, James Clifton b.1841 -
Brown, Jane b.1858 - Fordington, Dorset
Brown, Jane b.1815 - Durweston, Dorset
Brown, Jane b.1854 - Poole, Dorset
Brown, Janet b.1878 - Southampton, Hampshire
Brown, John b.1797 - Hampshire
Brown, John c.1861 - Witchampton, Dorset
Brown, Joseph Clayton b.1856 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Brown, Leonard b.1843 - Monckton, Cranborne, Dorset
Brown, Mabel b.1887 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Brown, Mary c.1795 - Critchell Moore, Dorset
Brown, Mary b.1828 - Sussex
Brown, Mary Anne c.1860 - Witchampton, Dorset
Brown, Nathaniel c.1829 - Cranborne, Dorset
Brown, Peninah Kail c.1852 - Witchampton, Dorset
Brown, Percy Frederick b.1880 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Brown, Richard b.1823 - Ringwood, Hampshire
Brown, Richard c.1792 - Tarrant Rawston, Dorset
Brown, Richard b.1770 -
Brown, Richard b.1865 - Witchampton, Dorset
Brown, Richard c.1826 - Cranborne, Dorset
Brown, Robert c.1801 - Critchell Moore, Dorset
Brown, Rosalind Glayde Ruth - Living
Brown, Sarah b.1846 - Dorchester, Dorset
Brown, Sarah c.1822 - Chalbury, Dorset
Brown, Sarah b.1840 - Monckton, Cranborne, Dorset
Brown, Thomas b.1852 - Fordington, Dorset
Brown, Thomas b.1912 -
Brown, Thomas b.1792 - Sussex
Brown, Thomas b.1837 - Hartfield, Sussex
Brown, Thomas c.1798 - Moor Crichell, Dorset
Brown, Thomas Edward - Living
Brown, Thomas Foyle c.1867 - Witchampton, Dorset


Brownjohn, Elizabeth A. b.1823 - Moreton, Dorset


Broxham, Lucy m.1906 - district of Lincoln, Lincolnshire (Jun qtr)


Brumfield, Mary Ann (Broomfield) m.1810 - Woodlands, Dorset


Bryant, Charles b.1841 - Kent
Bryant, Ellen b.1837 - Edenbridge, Kent
Bryant, Emma b.1835 - Edenbridge, Kent
Bryant, Frances b.1847 - Cowden, Kent
Bryant, Frederick b.1839 - Kent
Bryant, John b.1806 - Edenbridge, Kent
Bryant, Mary Ann b.1850 - Cowden, Kent
Bryant, Phoeby b.1845 - Cowden, Kent
Bryant, Susanna b.1849 - Cowden, Kent
Bryant, William b.1833 - Edenbridge, Kent


Bryson, Dorothy Joan - Living


Buck, Kathleen Manners Beresford b.1900 -


Buckby, Beeton -


Buckingham, Dorcas Maria b.1853 - Barnes, Surrey


Buckle, Aydan Lesley - Living
Buckle, Christopher Lee - Living
Buckle, David John - Living
Buckle, Martyn - Living
Buckle, Trevor - Living


Buckthought, Lee - Living
Buckthought, Linda - Living
Buckthought, Russel - Living


Budd, Mary m.1808 - Milford, Hampshire
Budd, Selina m.1849 - Buriton.


Budden, Ada Louise c.1881 - Bournemouth, Dorset
Budden, Emily Violet c.1887 - Bournemouth, Dorset
Budden, Ethel Anne c.1889 - Bournemouth, Dorset
Budden, Evelina c.1875 - Bournemouth, Dorset
Budden, female b.1883 - Bournemouth, Dorset
Budden, John -
Budden, John b.1851 - Cranbourne, Dorset
Budden, Mary Beat c.1878 - Bournemouth, Dorset
Budden, Percival Albert b.1886 - Bournemouth, Dorset
Budden, Walter Garnet b.1884 - Bournemouth, Dorset


Bulgin, Mary Ann b.1820 - Templecombe, Somerset


Bull, Ada b.1869 - Islington, London (Dec qtr)
Bull, female - Living
Bull, female - Living
Bull, Harry b.1899 - Southampton, Hampshire
Bull, male - Living
Bull, male - Living
Bull, male - Living


Bullamore, James b.1841 - Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire
Bullamore, Thomas -


Bullen, Dorothea -
Bullen, Fred b.1871 - Langley, Norfolk
Bullen, Neva b.1899 - Worth, Sussex


Bunny, Irene Margaret b.1914 - Geraldton, Western Australia
Bunny, Maurice Ronald -


Bunsen, Christian Charles Josias b.1791 - Korbach, Germany


Bunter, Sylvia -


Burch, Gertrude Annie b.1880 - Abbots Ann, Hants.
Burch, William Henry b.1849 - Amesbury, Wiltshire


Burden, Cecil Maurice b.1891 - Havant, Hampshire (Sep qtr)
Burden, Charles Bertram b.1888 - Havant, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Burden, Charles William b.1858 - Poole, Dorset
Burden, Doris G.M. - Living
Burden, Ethel May b.1884 - Bedhampton, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Burden, Gertrude Louisa b.1890 - Havant, Hampshire
Burden, Graham b.1898 - Havant, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Burden, Jemima b.1823 - Sturminster Newton, Dorset
Burden, Percy Reginald b.1882 - Bedhampton, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Burden, Rose b.1897 - Havant, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Burden, William Graham b.1899 - Havant, Hampshire (Mar qtr)


Burdsall, Mary b.1782 - York, Yorkshire
Burdsall, Richard -


Burgess, Anne b.1720 - of Ashby Saint Ledgers, Northampton
Burgess, Harriet m.1840 - Buriton.


Burgh, Sydenham c.1834 - Piddletrenthide, Dorset


Burgin, Arthur William "Jack" - Living


Burgoyne, Ellen b.1819 - Derbyshire
Burgoyne, Hilary Mary b.1924 - district of Sturminster, Dorset
Burgoyne, Robert J. "Bob" -


Burkett, Dianne - Living


Burman, Evelyn Lovett - Living


Burn, Morag - Living


Burner, Anna b.1848 - Chillington, Stokenham, Devon
Burner, Annie Jane (See Notes) b.1856 - Chillington, Stokenham, Devon
Burner, Elizabeth b.1835 - Chillington, Stokenham, Devon
Burner, John b.1838 - Chillington, Stokenham, Devon
Burner, John b.1807 - Stokenham, Devon
Burner, Susan b.1844 - Chillington, Stokenham, Devon
Burner, William b.1842 - Chillington, Stokenham, Devon


Burnett, Anton - Living
Burnett, Elma Mavis - Living
Burnett, Eric - Living


Burns, Catherine Ann - Living


Burrell, John Baptiste - Living
Burrell, Miss -


Burrows, Jane b.1775 -


Burt, Mary N. - Living


Bushrod, Elizabeth M. b.1855 - Southampton, Hampshire
Bushrod, Emily S. b.1849 - Southampton, Hampshire
Bushrod, Frederick W. b.1858 - Millbrook, Hampshire
Bushrod, Jessie Emma b.1870 - Freemantle, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Bushrod, John c.1820 - South Stoneham, Hampshire
Bushrod, John Martin b.1861 - Millbrook, Hampshire
Bushrod, Kate Martin b.1863 - Millbrook, Hampshire
Bushrod, Rose Annie b.1866 - Millbrook, Hampshire
Bushrod, William -


Bussell, Charles c.1789 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Bussell, Doily c.1777 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Bussell, Fanny c.1816 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Bussell, Richard c.1786 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Bussell, Ruth c.1775 - Dewlish, Dorset
Bussell, Ruth c.1776 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Bussell, William b.1723 - of Melcombe Horsey, Dorset
Bussell, William c.1781 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Bussell, William c.1749 - Melcombe Horsey, Dorset


Bussens, Maria b.1846 - Stow Bardolph, Norfolk


Butcher, Alfred b.1844 - Northwood, Isle of Wight
Butcher, Ann c.1830 - Brixton, Isle of Wight, Hampshire
Butcher, Charles c.1829 - Brixton, Isle of Wight, Hampshire
Butcher, David b.1852 - Northwood, Isle of Wight
Butcher, David c.1823 - Brixton, Isle of Wight, Hampshire
Butcher, Elias b.1834 - Northwood, Isle of Wight
Butcher, Elizabeth b.1840 - Northwood, Isle of Wight
Butcher, Emily Susan b.1873 - Cowes, Isle of Wight
Butcher, Ernest Etheridge b.1896 - Cowes, Isle of Wight (Sep qtr)
Butcher, Frances c.1825 - Brixton, Isle of Wight, Hampshire
Butcher, Francis c.1827 - Brixton, Isle of Wight, Hampshire
Butcher, Helen L. b.1880 - Northwood, Isle of Wight
Butcher, Joseph b.1850 - Northwood, Isle of Wight
Butcher, Mark c.1822 - Brixton, Isle of Wight, Hampshire
Butcher, Martha A. b.1877 - Northwood, Isle of Wight
Butcher, Verity Elizabeth - Living
Butcher, William b.1847 - Northwood, Isle of Wight
Butcher, William b.1792 - Calbourne, Isle of Wight


Butler, Angelina Elizabeth b.1845 - West London (Sep qtr)
Butler, Angelina Fanny (Lance) b.1860 - Christchurch (Southwark), St. Saviour, Surrey
Butler, Ann b.1806 - Witchampton, Dorset
Butler, Ann Jemima c.1760 - Warmington Park, Washington, Sussex
Butler, Eliza b.1811 - Pentonville, Middlesex
Butler, Frederick c.1847 - Chalbury, Dorset
Butler, George c.1847 - Chalbury, Dorset
Butler, Giles c.1851 - Chalbury, Dorset
Butler, Henry -
Butler, Henry b.1839 - Cranborne, Dorset
Butler, James b.1736 - Warmington Park, Washington, Sussex
Butler, Joseph b.1787 - Chalbury, Dorset
Butler, Leonard c.1855 - Chalbury, Dorset
Butler, Mary b.1821 - Witchampton, Dorset
Butler, Mary Ann b.1851 - Darlaston, Staffordshire
Butler, Mary Ann (Brown) c.1840 - Chalbury, Dorset
Butler, Mr -
Butler, Olive c.1853 - Chalbury, Dorset
Butler, Patty c.1762 - Warmington Park, Washington, Sussex
Butler, Rose b.1894 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Butler, Sarah Ann c.1823 - Freshwater, Isle of Wight
Butler, Sarah Ann b.1852 - Clapton, Middlesex
Butler, Selina c.1849 - Chalbury, Dorset
Butler, Sidney Charles b.1871 - Portsmouth, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Butler, Stephen c.1842 - Chalbury, Dorset
Butler, Stephen b.1853 - Christchurch, Hampshire
Butler, Sylvia Rita - Living
Butler, Thomas m.1844 - Southampton, Hampshire (All Saints)
Butler, Thomas Loney c.1800 - Shoreham, Sussex
Butler, Vera L. - Living
Butler, Walter W. b.1866 - Portsea, Hampshire (Sep qtr)
Butler, William c.1815 - Chalbury, Dorset
Butler, William - Living
Butler, Xaverius Henry Blake m.1869 - district of Axbridge, Somerset


Butt, Abel c.1823 - Winterborne Stickland, Dorset
Butt, Annie c.1871 - Winterborne Stickland, Dorset
Butt, Eliza c.1858 - Winterborne Stickland, Dorset
Butt, Elizabeth b.1872 - Milton Abbas, Dorset
Butt, Emma c.1865 - Winterborne Stickland, Dorset
Butt, George c.1855 - Winterborne Stickland, Dorset
Butt, Jane c.1852 - Winterborne Stickland, Dorset
Butt, Louisa b.1861 - Stickland, Dorset
Butt, Lucy Elizabeth b.1868 - Winterborne Stickland, Dorset
Butt, Percival Edward c.1860 - Winterborne Stickland, Dorset
Butt, Tabitha Ainsworth c.1862 - Winterborne Stickland, Dorset


Butteler, Ann b.1650 - Dorset, Uk


Butterfield, Miss - Living


Butters, Jane b.1844 - Hobart Town, Tasmania


Bye, Anna Maria b.1853 - Hunton, Hampshire


Byng, John Edmund Julian - Living
Byng, Julian Michael Edmund (nee Lafone) - Living
Byng, Rose Florence Eve - Living
Byng, Thomas Francis Edmund Wentworth - Living


Byrom, Bertie b.1893 - Carlisle, Cumberland
Byrom, George William b.1856 - Saddleworth, Yorkshire


Cable, 8 children - Living
Cable, Forest George Brier m.1908 - Eradu, Australia


Cahill, Theresa - Living


Calder, Annie m.1948 - Gosport, Hampshire


Calderone, Katherine - Living


Caley, Edna - Living


Callaghan, Benjamin Jay - Living
Callaghan, Heather Louise - Living
Callaghan, Warren - Living


Callen, Frances Anne c.1832 - All Saints, Southampton, Hampshire
Callen, John -


Callicott, Edward b.1835 - South Brent, Devon


Calvert, Jane b.1830 - Ainderby Steeple, Yorkshire, England


Cambell, James of Auchinbreck, 5th Bt b.1679 -


Cameron, Angus DL -
Cameron, Barbara E. - Living
Cameron, Caroline Marion - Living
Cameron, Catherine Mary - Living
Cameron, Charles of Lochiel, 21st Chief of Clan Cameron m.1767 -
Cameron, Donald Andrew John - Living
Cameron, Donald Angus the Younger of Lochiel - Living
Cameron, Donald Hamish of Lochiel, 26th Chief of Clan Cameron b.1910 - Drymen, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Cameron, Donald of Lochiel, 19th Chief of Clan Cameron b.1695 - Achnacarrie, Lochiel, Inverness-shire, Scotland
Cameron, Donald of Lochiel, 22nd Chief of Clan Cameron b.1769 -
Cameron, Donald of Lochiel, 23rd Chief of Clan Cameron b.1796 -
Cameron, Donald of Lochiel, M.P., 24th Chief of Clan Cameron b.1835 - England
Cameron, Donald Walter of Lochiel, 25th Chief of Clan Cameron b.1876 - Dalkeith, Midlothian, Scotland
Cameron, Emily Frances - Living
Cameron, Ewen of Lochiel, 17th Chief of Clan Cameron b.1629 - Castle Culchorn, Isle of Lochow, Glenorchey, Scotland
Cameron, Hamish John - Living
Cameron, James Angus MD, BSc, DL - Living
Cameron, Johanna -
Cameron, John (See Notes) m.1626 -
Cameron, John Alistair Nigel - Living
Cameron, John MacEwen of Lochiel, 18th Chief of Clan Cameron d.1748 - Nieuport, Flanders (Belgium)
Cameron, John of Lochiel, 20th Chief of Cameron Clan d.1762 -
Cameron, Kirsty Anne - Living
Cameron, Lucy Margot Therese - Living
Cameron, Margaret Anne - Living
Cameron, Robert Andrew - Living


Campbell, Anne -
Campbell, Arthur Douglas b.1888 - Manningham, Bradford, Yorkshire
Campbell, Charles Moulson b.1894 - district of Bradford, Yorkshire (Dec qtr)
Campbell, Constance Mary b.1890 - Horton, Bradford, Yorkshire
Campbell, Doris Edith -
Campbell, Duncan b.1886 - Manningham, Bradford, Yorkshire
Campbell, Duncan b.1819 - Scotland
Campbell, Hubert Malcolm b.1883 - Manningham, Bradford, Yorkshire (Sep qtr)
Campbell, Isabel -
Campbell, Leigh Ross - Living
Campbell, Margaret m.1626 -
Campbell, Robert James - Living
Campbell, Thomas b.1853 - district of Bradford, Yorkshire (Mar qtr)
Campbell, William Gordon b.1887 - Manningham, Bradford, Yorkshire
Campbell, William Robert - Living
Campbell, Winifred Margaret b.1882 - Manningham, Bradford, Yorkshire (Jun qtr)


Cantelo, Jane b.1827 - Marylebone, London, Middlesex


Capon, Thomas b.1821 - Holborn, St. Andrews, Middlesex


Capron, Lily Catherine b.1887 - Upper Norwood, Surrey
Capron, Thomas b.1867 - Clerkenwell, London


Card, James b.1865 - Hartfield, Sussex.
Card, Jessie b.1875 - East Grinstead, Sussex
Card, John c.1783 - Hartfield, Sussex
Card, Kate b.1862 - Hartfield, Sussex.
Card, Mercy b.1867 -
Card, Richard b.1826 - Hartfield, Sussex.
Card, Ruth b.1867 - Hartfield, Sussex.


Carleton, Dorlinda b.1821 - Lisburn, Ireland
Carleton, William John -


Carley, Betty D.V. - Living
Carley, May b.1888 - Ryde, Isle of Wight
Carley, Nellie b.1886 - Ryde, Isle of Wight
Carley, Wallace Henry b.1860 - Ryde, Isle of Wight
Carley, Wallace Vaughan b.1884 - Hackney, London (Mar qtr)


Carpenter, Ann m.1787 - Hawkley, Hampshire
Carpenter, Derek - Living
Carpenter, Jean b.1925 - district of Droxford, Hampshire
Carpenter, Montague W. - Living


Carr, Charles H. - Living
Carr, Joan -
Carr, John Gordon - Living


Carroll, Lorraine - Living


Carte, Bridget Cicely D'Oyly DBE b.1908 - Pall Mall, London, Middlesex
Carte, Lucas D'Oyly b.1872 - Norwood, Middlesex (Mar qtr)
Carte, Michael D'Oyly b.1911 - district of Chertsey, Surrey (Sep qtr)
Carte, Richard D'Oyly b.1844 - Soho, London
Carte, Rupert D'Oyly b.1876 - St. Pancras, London


Carter, Edward Joseph b.1816 - Ireland or Barbados
Carter, Felix b.1839 - of Hazel Bryan
Carter, Georgina Ellen b.1875 - Wytham, Berkshire
Carter, Henry b.1805 -
Carter, James -
Carter, John Victor Eric Patrick - Living
Carter, Jonathan James - Living
Carter, Joseph -
Carter, Julia b.1834 - Hazelbury Brian, Dorset
Carter, Mary Anne b.1845 - Kasauli, India
Carter, Mary Minnie b.1885 -
Carter, Richard -
Carter, Richard Henry m.1904 - St. Barnabas, Little Ilford, Essex
Carter, Sara Victoria - Living
Carter, Sarah b.1833 - Teddington, Middlesex
Carter, Simon Anthony - Living
Carter, Sophia b.1820 - Wilton, Wiltshire


Carthorpe, Eustacia b.1380 - of Carthorpe, Yorkshire


Cassmore, Mr -


Castelino, Hanna - Living
Castelino, Leo - Living
Castelino, Monica - Living
Castelino, Pamela Gertrude - Living


Castle, Albert Charles c.1861 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
Castle, Charles c.1855 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
Castle, Elizabeth Ann c.1846 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
Castle, Elizabeth Mary c.1859 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
Castle, Ellen Maria c.1850 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
Castle, Ellen Rhoda b.1863 - Landport, Portsmouth, Hampshire
Castle, George c.1847 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
Castle, Henry James G. b.1880 - Portsea, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Castle, James Edward c.1854 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
Castle, John Smith c.1849 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
Castle, Lucy Julia b.1866 - Landport, Portsmouth, Hampshire
Castle, Sarah Lucy c.1844 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
Castle, Sarah Sophia c.1857 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
Castle, Thomas Henry c.1852 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
Castle, William c.1843 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
Castle, William b.1817 - Ryde, Isle of Wight
Castle, William Edward b.1881 - Portsea, Hampshire


Cate, Clara Ann (Cato?) b.1837 - Gosport, Hampshire
Cate, William (Cato?) -


Cathie, Christina b.1891 - Victoria, Australia
Cathie, John -


Cave, Albert b.1920 - Botley
Cave, Arthur (William)? - Living
Cave, Child D - Living
Cave, John b.1919 - Botley
Cave, May - Living


Cawte, John R. - Living


Cawthorn, John -


Cawthorne, Emily b.1840 - Pontefract, Yorkshire


Cayton, Mary Esther c.1856 - Cathedral, Manchester, Lancashire
Cayton, Thomas -


Chafer, Annie m.1910 - district of Lincoln, Lincolnshire (Sep qtr)


Chaffey, Daniel c.1813 - Shapwick, Dorset
Chaffey, Elizabeth c.1801 - Shapwick, Dorset
Chaffey, George c.1815 - Shapwick, Dorset
Chaffey, James c.1802 - Shapwick, Dorset
Chaffey, John b.1773 - Bloxworth, Dorset
Chaffey, Kezia c.1811 - Shapwick, Dorset
Chaffey, Kezia c.1805 - Shapwick, Dorset
Chaffey, Mary c.1803 - Shapwick, Dorset
Chaffey, Robert c.1808 - Shapwick, Dorset


Chaloner, Frances -


Chamberlain, Charles c.1857 - Rowner, Gosport, Hampshire
Chamberlain, Charles Edward c.1824 - Rowner, Gosport, Hampshire
Chamberlain, Charles Edward c.1837 - Rowner, Gosport, Hampshire
Chamberlain, Emily b.1860 - Rowner, Gosport, Hampshire
Chamberlain, Emma Louisa c.1828 - Rowner, Gosport, Hampshire
Chamberlain, Florence Rose b.1877 - Cosham, Hampshire
Chamberlain, John Edward b.1854 - Rowner, Gosport, Hampshire
Chamberlain, Joseph Ayling m.1818 - Holy Trinity, Gosport, Hampshire
Chamberlain, Joseph Ayling c.1822 - Rowner, Gosport, Hampshire
Chamberlain, Joseph Ayling c.1852 - Rowner, Gosport, Hampshire
Chamberlain, Lavinia Julia c.1833 - Rowner, Gosport, Hampshire
Chamberlain, Lillie b.1876 - Landport, Portsmouth, Hampshire
Chamberlain, Martha Isabella c.1825 - Rowner, Gosport, Hampshire
Chamberlain, Mary Ann c.1858 - Rowner, Gosport, Hampshire
Chamberlain, Mary Ann Amanda c.1820 - Rowner, Gosport, Hampshire
Chamberlain, Peter John c.1830 - Rowner, Gosport, Hampshire
Chamberlain, Philip b.1879 - Cosham, Hampshire
Chamberlain, William c.1869 - Rowner, Gosport, Hampshire


Chambers, Elizabeth m.1814 - Halifax, Yorkshire


Champ, Mary A. b.1809 - Marshwood, Dorset


Champion, Beatrice (Beattie) -


Chandler, Ethel May b.1879 - Richmond, New South Wales, Australia
Chandler, Jill - Living
Chandler, Mary c.1789 - Fareham, Hampshire
Chandler, miss - Living
Chandler, Molly Lilian - Living
Chandler, Stephen b.1853 - Richmond, New South Wales, Australia
Chandler, Susan - Living
Chandler, Tom -


Chapman, Mike - Living
Chapman, Mr -


Chappell, miss - Living


Charlesworth, Benjamin b.1797 -
Charlesworth, Damarius c.1816 - Liversedge, Yorkshire
Charlesworth, Ebenezer c.1829 - Hartshead, Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Charlesworth, Eli c.1826 - Hartshead, Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Charlesworth, Elijah c.1824 - Hartshead, Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Charlesworth, Emily (Rose) b.1849 - Sheepridge, Huddersfield.
Charlesworth, Friend b.1845 - Sheepridge, Huddersfield.
Charlesworth, Harriett c.1817 - Birstall, Yorkshire
Charlesworth, John b.1843 - Sheepridge, Huddersfield.
Charlesworth, Joseph c.1822 - Hartshead, Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Charlesworth, Levi c.1828 - Hartshead, Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Charlesworth, Simeon c.1820 - Hartshead, Huddersfield.


Charlett, Emily Anne b.1855 - Kentish Town, London


Chatters, Annie Elizabeth b.1875 - Southall, Middlesex


Chatterton, George b.1850 -
Chatterton, Ina Mabel c.1882 - Wimbledon, Surrey


Chedzey, Alexina b.1853 - Frome, Somerset
Chedzey, Arthur b.1859 - Frome, Somerset
Chedzey, Charles Anthony b.1851 - Frome, Somerset
Chedzey, Hannah b.1868 - East Harptree, Somerset
Chedzey, Isabella b.1855 - Frome, Somerset
Chedzey, John b.1825 - Wells, Somerset
Chedzey, Julia Georgina b.1849 - Frome, Somerset
Chedzey, Louisa b.1848 - Frome, Somerset


Cheen, Jane (Chen) c.1782 - Hinton St. Mary, Dorset


Chen, John -


Cheney, Elizabeth c.1750 - Boston, Lincolnshire
Cheney, Hannah c.1752 - Boston, Lincolnshire
Cheney, John c.1746 - Boston, Lincolnshire
Cheney, Thomas c.1742 - Boston, Lincolnshire
Cheney, Thomas b.1716 -
Cheney, William c.1743 - Boston, Lincolnshire


Cherrett, Ada b.1868 - Parkstone, Dorset
Cherrett, Albert b.1865 - Parkstone, Dorset
Cherrett, Ann b.1814 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Cherrett, David b.1843 - Corfe Mullen, Dorset
Cherrett, David John b.1870 - Parkstone, Dorset
Cherrett, Elizabeth b.1817 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Cherrett, Ellen Olive b.1875 - Poole, Dorset
Cherrett, Harry b.1839 - Corfe Mullen, Dorset
Cherrett, Maria c.1835 - Corfe Mullen, Dorset
Cherrett, Mary Isabel b.1860 - Corfe Mullen, Dorset
Cherrett, Sarah Ann b.1873 - Longfleet, Dorset
Cherrett, William b.1813 - Corfe Mullen, Dorset
Cherrett, William H. b.1864 - Poole, Dorset


Child, Hannah c.1821 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Child, Joseph -
Child, Sarah c.1826 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Child, William c.1824 - Calverley, Yorkshire


Children, 4 - Living


Childs, Agnes b.1867 - Fareham, Hampshire
Childs, Emma J. b.1871 - Fareham, Hampshire
Childs, Jason - Living
Childs, John - Living
Childs, Lucy - Living
Childs, Robert Henry b.1876 - Fareham, Hampshire (Sep qtr)
Childs, Rosamond b.1873 - Fareham, Hampshire
Childs, Walter b.1880 - Fareham, Hampshire
Childs, Wendy - Living
Childs, William b.1880 - Fareham, Hampshire
Childs, William b.1838 - Fareham, Hampshire


Chiles, Kelvin - Living
Chiles, Neville - Living
Chiles, Toni - Living


Chirchill, David - Living


Chivers, Charles Thomas b.1876 - Sunderland, Durham
Chivers, Thomas m.1875 - district of Sunderland (Jun qtr)
Chivers, William Henry b.1880 - Sunderland, Durham


Chown, Jane "Jennie" b.1900 - West Dean, Salisbury, Wiltshire


Christopher, (Fanny) Sarah b.1845 -
Christopher, Ada b.1875 - Dewlish, Dorset
Christopher, Albert c.1858 - Charlton Marshall, Dorset
Christopher, Albert Augustus b.1867 - Affpuddle, Dorset (Dec qtr)
Christopher, Amelia c.1821 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Christopher, Amelia Elizabeth b.1861 - Burrage, Dorset
Christopher, Ann b.1848 - Charlton Marshall, Dorset
Christopher, Ann c.1810 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Christopher, Anne Catherine b.1912 - Dewlish, Dorset
Christopher, Augusta b.1894 - Dewlish, Dorset
Christopher, Betty c.1792 - Winterborne Stickland, Dorset
Christopher, Charles c.1839 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Christopher, Charles b.1845 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, Charles c.1857 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Christopher, Charles c.1831 - Cheselborne, Dorset
Christopher, Charles b.1813 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, Charles c.1838 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Christopher, Charles George Warr b.1889 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Christopher, Charlotte Jane b.1839 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, David c.1794 - Winterborne Stickland, Dorset
Christopher, David Frederick b.1856 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, Dorcas F.L. b.1873 - Tannerpuddle, Dorset
Christopher, Edith b.1847 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, Edna b.1865 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, Elizabeth c.1851 - Charlton Marshall, Dorset
Christopher, Elizabeth b.1859 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, Elizabeth c.1830 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Christopher, Ellen c.1832 - Cheselborne, Dorset
Christopher, Ellen b.1892 - Dewlish, Dorset
Christopher, Ellen b.1843 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, Ellen b.1863 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, Ellen Louisa c.1863 - Bere Regis, Dorset
Christopher, Emily b.1866 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Christopher, Emily b.1842 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, Emily Jane b.1870 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Christopher, Emily Jane b.1863 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, Emma b.1856 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, Esau b.1880 - Dewlish, Dorset
Christopher, Esau Edward b.1842 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, Essau b.1868 - Stickland, Dorset
Christopher, Ethel b.1849 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, Fanny b.1870 - Stickland, Dorset
Christopher, Fanny b.1873 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Christopher, Fanny b.1855 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, Fanny b.1852 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, Fanny c.1847 - Ringwood, Hampshire
Christopher, Fanny Bussell b.1838 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, Frances c.1817 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Christopher, George b.1861 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, George c.1833 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Christopher, George c.1850 - Ringwood, Hampshire
Christopher, Henry b.1854 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Christopher, Henry George b.1870 - Tannerpuddle, Dorset (Sep qtr)
Christopher, James m.1809 - Morden, Dorset
Christopher, James c.1841 - Charlton Marshall, Dorset
Christopher, James b.1838 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, James Bussell c.1832 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Christopher, James Bussell c.1799 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Christopher, Jane c.1842 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Christopher, Jane c.1818 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Christopher, Jessie b.1897 - Dewlish, Dorset
Christopher, John b.1859 - Charlton Marshall, Dorset
Christopher, John b.1844 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, John b.1847 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, John c.1862 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Christopher, Joseph c.1829 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Christopher, Joseph b.1845 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, Joseph c.1801 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Christopher, Joseph b.1815 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, Joseph b.1774 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Christopher, Josiah b.1834 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Christopher, Lavinia Ann c.1854 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Christopher, Levi Charles b.1858 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, Louisa b.1860 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, Mabel b.1893 - Cheselborne, Dorset
Christopher, Margaret Emma - Living
Christopher, Maria b.1855 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, Maria b.1854 - Cheselborne, Dorset
Christopher, Maria b.1802 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, Mary c.1837 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Christopher, Mary b.1856 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, Mary A. b.1869 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Christopher, Mary Anne c.1827 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Christopher, Mary Jane b.1863 - Charlton Marshall, Dorset
Christopher, Mercy b.1870 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, Reuben b.1844 - Charlton Marshall, Dorset
Christopher, Reuben c.1843 - Ringwood, Hampshire
Christopher, Reuben N.T.A. b.1874 - Saddleworth, Yorkshire
Christopher, Rhoda c.1836 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Christopher, Richard b.1858 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, Richard Bussell c.1797 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Christopher, Robert b.1837 - Charlton Marshall, Dorset
Christopher, Robert b.1863 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, Ronald F. - Living
Christopher, Ruth b.1852 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, Ruth Bussell b.1836 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, Samuel c.1856 - Charlton Marshall, Dorset
Christopher, Samuel c.1813 - Morden, Dorset
Christopher, Sarah c.1853 - Charlton Marshall, Dorset
Christopher, Sarah b.1861 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, Sarah c.1803 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Christopher, Sarah c.1825 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Christopher, Sarah Jane c.1858 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Christopher, Sarah Palmer b.1848 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, Thomas b.1865 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Christopher, Thomas -
Christopher, Thomas c.1823 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Christopher, Thomas (or John) b.1858 - Bere Regis, Dorset
Christopher, William b.1851 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Christopher, William b.1807 -
Christopher, William c.1830 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Christopher, William b.1850 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, William c.1845 - Ringwood, Hampshire
Christopher, William Bussell b.1806 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, William George b.1859 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, William James b.1859 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, William John b.1867 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, Willoughby b.1840 - Cheselbourne
Christopher, Willoughby Charles b.1841 - Dewlish


Chubb, children -
Chubb, Elizabeth Wensley b.1793 - Bristol, Gloucester
Chubb, James m.1788 - All Saints, Bristol, Gloucester


Churchill, Anna b.1718 -


Churchyard, female - Living


Circelli, Alexandra Shirley - Living
Circelli, Benjamin Kenneth Anthony - Living
Circelli, Mario - Living


Clapham, Grimshaw b.1837 - Clayton, Thornton, Yorkshire
Clapham, Joseph b.1792 - Yeadon, Yorkshire
Clapham, Martha b.1835 - Clayton, Thornton, Yorkshire


Clark, Alfred Thomas b.1869 -
Clark, Angelina c.1874 - Saint James, Southampton, Hampshire
Clark, Ann b.1848 - Oving, Buckinghamshire
Clark, Ann Eliza b.1851 - Fisherton Anger, Wiltshire (Jun qtr)
Clark, Annie b.1880 - Southampton, Hampshire
Clark, Annie Louisa b.1883 -
Clark, Charles b.1660 - Dorset, Uk
Clark, Ebenezer b.1858 - Fisherton Anger, Wiltshire (Jun qtr)
Clark, Edwin b.1855 - Oving, Buckinghamshire
Clark, Eliza c.1838 - Fisherton Anger, Wiltshire
Clark, Elizabeth b.1853 - Oving, Buckinghamshire
Clark, Elizabeth b.1825 -
Clark, Emma b.1860 - Pembroke, Wales.
Clark, Florence Ellen c.1872 - Saint James, Southampton, Hampshire
Clark, Hannah Waters c.1837 - Fisherton Anger, Wiltshire
Clark, Isabella b.1841 - Fisherton Anger, Wiltshire
Clark, Jane b.1885 - Southampton, Hampshire
Clark, Jane b.1831 - Wiltshire
Clark, John b.1886 - Southampton, Hampshire
Clark, Lilly Maud m.1906 - district of Lambeth, London (Jun qtr)
Clark, Louisa b.1882 - Southampton, Hampshire
Clark, Maria b.1824 - Fisherton Anger, Wiltshire
Clark, Martha m.1789 - Moor Crichell, Dorset.
Clark, Mary b.1858 - Oving, Buckinghamshire
Clark, Mary b.1864 - Salisbury, Wiltshire
Clark, Mary b.1722 - of Calverley, Yorkshire
Clark, Mary Ann b.1828 - Wiltshire
Clark, Sophia b.1852 - Fisherton Anger, Wiltshire (Sep qtr)
Clark, Susanna c.1708 - The Old Meeting Presbyterian, Sth Petherton, Somerset
Clark, Theophilus b.1843 - Fisherton Anger, Wiltshire
Clark, Thomas b.1817 - Oving, Buckinghamshire
Clark, Thomas b.1682 - Somerset, Uk
Clark, Thomas b.1827 - Tidworth, Wiltshire
Clark, Thomas b.1801 - NOT in Wiltshire
Clark, William Henry b.1877 - Southampton, Hampshire


Clarke, Anne b.1851 - Mallow, Isle of Man
Clarke, Elizabeth b.1807 - Wickham, Hampshire
Clarke, Hannah b.1804 - Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
Clarke, Jane b.1850 - Mallow, Isle of Man
Clarke, Jane (See Notes) b.1817 - Gillingham, Dorset
Clarke, miss - Living
Clarke, Mr. -
Clarke, Thyrza m.1834 - Moor Crichell, Dorset


Clayton, Annie b.1873 - Bowling, Bradford, Yorkshire
Clayton, Charles c.1797 - of Bradford, Yorkshire
Clayton, Charles William b.1880 - Bowling, Bradford, Yorkshire
Clayton, Eli b.1783 - of Bradford, Yorkshire
Clayton, Emily b.1854 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Clayton, Emma b.1842 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Clayton, Fanny b.1850 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Clayton, Fanny c.1801 - of Bradford, Yorkshire
Clayton, Fanny b.1792 - of Bradford, Yorkshire
Clayton, Fanny c.1822 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Clayton, Francis c.1799 - of Bradford, Yorkshire
Clayton, Frank b.1879 - Bowling, Bradford, Yorkshire
Clayton, Fred Stanley b.1871 - Bowling, Bradford, Yorkshire (Dec qtr)
Clayton, Frederick Moulson - Living
Clayton, Grace c.1813 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Clayton, Grace b.1840 - Yorkshire
Clayton, Henry b.1850 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Clayton, Hiram c.1825 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Clayton, Isaac b.1791 - Bowling, Bradford, Yorkshire
Clayton, Isaac c.1827 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Clayton, Jeremiah b.1780 - of Bradford, Yorkshire
Clayton, Jeremiah -
Clayton, Jeremiah c.1829 - Bowling, Bradford
Clayton, Jeremiah b.1756 - of Bowling, Bradford, Yorkshire
Clayton, Joe b.1876 - Bowling, Bradford, Yorkshire
Clayton, John b.1779 - of Bradford, Yorkshire
Clayton, Joseph c.1845 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Clayton, Joseph Grimshaw c.1833 - Guiseley, Yorkshire
Clayton, Maria b.1844 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Clayton, Maria c.1815 - Parish Church, Bradford
Clayton, Marjorie S. - Living
Clayton, Mark c.1820 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Clayton, Mark b.1844 - Birkshall, Bradford, Yorkshire
Clayton, Mark c.1820 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Clayton, Mark b.1793 - Bowling, Bradford, Yorkshire
Clayton, Martha Ellen b.1847 - Horton, Bradford, Yorkshire (Sep qtr)
Clayton, Mary c.1842 - Wakefield, Yorkshire
Clayton, Mary b.1777 - of Bradford, Yorkshire
Clayton, Mary c.1831 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Clayton, Mary Ann b.1850 - Horton, Bradford, Yorkshire (Dec qtr)
Clayton, Mary Ann c.1822 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Clayton, Mary Ellen b.1848 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Clayton, Nellie b.1878 - Bowling, Bradford, Yorkshire
Clayton, Richard c.1814 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Clayton, Robert b.1788 - of Bradford, Yorkshire
Clayton, Thomas b.1839 - Yorkshire
Clayton, Thomas b.1804 - Yeadon, Yorkshire
Clayton, William c.1817 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Clayton, William m.1786 - Snaith, Yorkshire
Clayton, William b.1812 - Wakefield, Yorkshire
Clayton, William b.1786 - of Bradford, Yorkshire
Clayton, William Mark - Living
Clayton, William Oxley c.1835 - Wakefield, Yorkshire


Cleall, Annie Maud b.1884 -


Cleeve, Carol - Living


Clemson, Mr - Living


Climente, Fanny b.1788 - Cottered, Hertfordshire


Clough, Adah b.1819 - Horton, Bradford, Yorkshire
Clough, Alfred Butler b.1856 - Braunston, Northampshire (Dec qtr)
Clough, Alfred Butler b.1797 - Henllan, Denbighshire, Wales
Clough, Frances Katherine b.1843 - Braunston, Northampshire (Sep qtr)
Clough, Hugh b.1709 - Plas Clough, Llyweni Green, Denbighshire, Wales
Clough, Hugh Cesar Butler b.1844 - Braunston, Northampshire (Dec qtr)
Clough, Isaac -
Clough, Jemima Florence b.1849 - Braunston, Northampshire (Dec qtr)
Clough, Richard b.1753 - Glan Y Wern Plas Clough, Llweni Green, Denbighshire, Wales
Clough, Richard Charles Butler b.1840 - Braunston, Northampshire
Clough, Roger b.1759 - Bathafarn Park, Denbighshire, Wales
Clough, Roger Salusbury Butler b.1846 - Braunston, Northampshire (Sep qtr)
Clough, Sally Matilda b.1851 - Braunston, Northampshire (Sep qtr)
Clough, Sarah Grace Bovey b.1848 - Braunston, Northampshire (Mar qtr)


Clowes, Dora Frances b.1879 - Chew Stoke, Somerset
Clowes, Edith F. b.1873 - Chilton Cantelo, Somerset
Clowes, Edward b.1847 - Tulse Hill, Surrey
Clowes, Emily Grace b.1880 - Chew Stoke, Somerset
Clowes, Ethel Mary B(oyd?) b.1872 - Chilton Cantelo, Somerset
Clowes, Herbert William G. b.1876 - Chilton Cantelo, Somerset


Coates, Adin b.1868 - Cowden, Penshurst, Kent
Coates, Bracken - Living
Coates, Carol Lynn - Living
Coates, Christopher - Living
Coates, Cissy May b.1904 - Tunbridge, Kent (Sep, qtr)
Coates, Claude Henry S. b.1895 - Lambeth, London
Coates, Dorothy Mabel b.1892 - Kensington, London
Coates, Edith b.1864 - Cowden, Kent
Coates, Ernest b.1861 - Cowden, Kent
Coates, Ernest Frederick b.1898 - St Pancras, London
Coates, Herbert b.1856 - Cowden, Kent
Coates, Horace b.1858 - Cowden, Kent
Coates, Jabez b.1871 - Cowden, Kent
Coates, Jack Leslie L. -
Coates, James - Living
Coates, John Cheney d.1830 -
Coates, Kitty b.1784 -
Coates, Lavinia Florence b.1908 - Tonbridge, Kent
Coates, Madeline - Living
Coates, Neil Trevor - Living
Coates, Nelson Victor b.1900 - Tunbridge, Kent (Mar, qtr)
Coates, Orpah b.1866 - Cowden, Kent
Coates, Percy b.1875 - Cowden, Kent
Coates, Reginald - Living
Coates, Richard b.1907 - Yalding, Kent
Coates, Robin - Living
Coates, Roland b.1879 - Cowden, Kent (Sep qtr)
Coates, Spencer - Living
Coates, Spencer b.1859 - Cowden, Kent (Sep qtr)
Coates, Stephen b.1856 - Cowden, Kent
Coates, Symon - Living
Coates, Thomas b.1831 - Cowden, Kent
Coates, Thomas (See notes) -
Coates, Thomas Charles Hastings b.1915 - Tonbridge, Kent
Coates, Thomas Everest b.1854 - Cowden, Kent


Coats, Amelia "Milley" b.1808 - Groombridge, Sussex
Coats, Daniel b.1755 -
Coats, Elizabeth b.1806 -
Coats, Frederick b.1820 - Cowden, Kent
Coats, Harriot b.1814 -
Coats, John b.1804 -
Coats, Mary Ann b.1822 - Cowden, Kent
Coats, Matilda b.1811 - Groombridge or Redford, Sussex
Coats, Phoebe b.1817 - Cowden, Kent
Coats, Richard b.1816 - Cowden, Kent
Coats, Richard b.1771 - Frant, East Sussex
Coats, Susannah b.1825 -


Cobb, Caroline c.1831 - St John the Baptist, Bere Regis, Dorset
Cobb, Elizabeth b.1844 - Wimborne, Dorset.
Cobb, John c.1808 - St.Mary the Virgin, East Stoke, Dorset


Coches?, Elizabeth m.1733 - Pimperne, Dorset


Cockroyd, Edward - Living
Cockroyd, Ellinor m.1763 -


Cockshaw, Pheby b.1678 - of Yeadon, Guiseley, Yorkshire


Cockshot, Mary c.1757 - Bingley, Yorkshire
Cockshot, Thomas -


Coey, Norah Irene b.1910 -


Colbert, Alfred b.1859 - Kirkstead, Lincolnshire
Colbert, Ethel Carrie b.1884 - district of Peterborough, Northamptonshire (Sep qtr)
Colbert, Kathleen b.1892 - Grantham, Lincolnshire (Sep qtr)


Colborne, Christina G. - Living


Cole, Andrew - Living
Cole, Clara b.1873 - Portsmouth, Hampshire (Sep qtr)
Cole, Clifford - Living
Cole, Elizabeth b.1854 - Broughton, Hampshire
Cole, Ernest George b.1909 - Poole, Dorset
Cole, female - Living
Cole, female - Living
Cole, James - Living
Cole, John b.1850 - Fareham, Hants.
Cole, Lilian Jane b.1877 - Islington, London (Dec qtr)
Cole, Mary m.1821 - Great Canford, Dorset
Cole, Mary Maria b.1861 -
Cole, Samuel - Living
Cole, Sarah Sophia -
Cole, Susan - Living


Coley, Lisa - Living


Collard, Harriett b.1819 - Wootenbridge, Isle of Wight


Collen, Dorothy Emily b.1902 - Cheveley, Cambridgeshire


Colliau, boy - Living
Colliau, Charlotte Monroe b.1875 - Detroit, Michigan, USA
Colliau, Clara b.1865 - Ontonagon, Michigan, USA
Colliau, Ed - Living
Colliau, Emile J. b.1873 - Detroit, Michigan, USA
Colliau, Emma b.1870 - Detroit, Michigan, USA
Colliau, Francis b.1861 - Wytheville, Virginia, USA
Colliau, George b.1869 - Detroit, Michigan, USA
Colliau, girl - Living
Colliau, Henry Julius b.1878 - Detroit, Michigan, USA
Colliau, Lucie b.1863 - Wytheville, Virginia, USA
Colliau, Richard William d.1996 -
Colliau, Susan - Living
Colliau, Victor b.1866 - Detroit, Michigan, USA
Colliau, Victor b.1827 - Paris, France


Collier, Jeremy c.1595 - Guiseley, Yorkshire
Collier, John -
Collier, Josiah c.1592 - Guiseley, Yorkshire
Collier, Sarah c.1623 - Guiseley, Yorkshire


Collins, Ann c.1844 - Trotton, Sussex
Collins, Doris Sylvia - Living
Collins, Edwin c.1867 - Southwick, Hampshire
Collins, Eliza b.1870 - Southwick, Hampshire
Collins, Elizabeth m.1812 - Christchurch, Hampshire
Collins, Emily Elizabeth c.1862 - Southwick, Hampshire
Collins, Ernest b.1894 - Waterlooville, Hampshire
Collins, Fanny b.1892 - Waterlooville, Hampshire
Collins, Frederick b.1865 - Trotton, Sussex
Collins, George b.1887 - Waterlooville, Hampshire
Collins, George b.1830 - Southwick, Hampshire
Collins, Georgina b.1866 - Southampton, Hampshire
Collins, Harry b.1853 - Trotton, Sussex
Collins, Jane b.1827 -
Collins, Jane m.1807 - Stour-Provost, Dorset
Collins, Jessie b.1896 - Waterlooville, Hampshire
Collins, John b.1889 - Waterlooville, Hampshire
Collins, John b.1859 - Trotton, Sussex
Collins, John c.1864 - Southwick, Hampshire
Collins, John - Living
Collins, John Peter - Living
Collins, Kathleen b.1922 -
Collins, Mary Jane c.1866 - Southwick, Hampshire
Collins, miss - Living
Collins, Percy b.1898 - Waterlooville, Hampshire
Collins, Robert b.1816 - Terwick, Sussex
Collins, Rosemarie - Living
Collins, Susan Margaret - Living
Collins, Thomas -
Collins, Walter James b.1872 - Southwick, Hampshire
Collins, William b.1847 - Trotton, Sussex
Collins, William George c.1860 - Southwick, Hampshire


Collyer, Elizabeth m.1779 - Southwick, Hampshire


Colquhoun, John Erskine Campbell b.1832 - Scotland


Colthouse, Hannah (See Notes) b.1738 - of Idle, Yorkshire


Colton, Maria b.1821 - Newchurch, Isle of Wight, Hampshire


Colville, Georgiana Clementina b.1828 - of Dundee, Angusshire, Scotland


Colwell, 3 children - Living
Colwell, 3 more children - Living
Colwell, 4 children - Living
Colwell, 6 children - Living
Colwell, Ada b.1862 - Creswick, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, Adam Charles - Living
Colwell, Adrian - Living
Colwell, Adrian Peter - Living
Colwell, Agnes Mary b.1863 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Alan John b.1920 -
Colwell, Alan Reginald b.1911 - Costerfield, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, Albert b.1895 - Pagham, Sussex (Jun qtr)
Colwell, Albert b.1878 - Shere, Surrey
Colwell, Albert Edward b.1898 - Hendon, Middlesex (Jun qtr)
Colwell, Albert Edward - Living
Colwell, Albert Henry c.1877 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Alexander b.1888 - Kilburn, Middlesex
Colwell, Alfred b.1850 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Alfred J. - Living
Colwell, Alice b.1873 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Alice b.1871 - Rotherhithe, Surrey
Colwell, Alice b.1870 - Sheet, Hampshire
Colwell, Alice b.1883 - Brighton, Sussex
Colwell, Alice b.1884 - Southwick
Colwell, Alice (Colville see notes) c.1814 - Catherington, Hampshire
Colwell, Alice Elizabeth c.1859 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Alice Louise b.1891 -
Colwell, Alice Maud b.1881 - Brighton, Sussex (Mar qtr)
Colwell, Allan John b.1893 - Bowden, South Australia
Colwell, Amanda - Living
Colwell, Amelia b.1897 - Lambeth, London
Colwell, Amelia Elizabeth Jane b.1855 - Portsea, Hampshire
Colwell, Ann b.1836 - Hampshire
Colwell, Ann c.1858 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Ann c.1818 - East Meon, Hampshire
Colwell, Ann c.1783 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Ann b.1785 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Ann Silver b.1815 - Wymering, Hampshire
Colwell, Anne c.1858 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Anne b.1835 - Wymering, Hampshire
Colwell, Annie b.1866 - Rotherhithe, Surrey
Colwell, Annie - Living
Colwell, Annie b.1883 -
Colwell, Annie b.1866 - Southwick, Hampshire
Colwell, Annie Dorothy c.1890 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Annie Louise b.1882 -
Colwell, Anthony Charles - Living
Colwell, Arthur Cyril b.1888 - Southwick.
Colwell, Arthur George - Living
Colwell, Arthur John b.1890 - Kilburn, Middlesex
Colwell, Arthur Roberts -
Colwell, Beatrice Adele b.1884 - Creswick, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, Beatrice Rosamond - Living
Colwell, Bessie -
Colwell, Caroline b.1876 - Weston, Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Catherine Emma - Living
Colwell, Cecil - Living
Colwell, Cedric - Living
Colwell, Charles b.1859 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Charles c.1875 - Southwick, Hampshire
Colwell, Charles - Living
Colwell, Charles b.1855 - Southwark, Surrey
Colwell, Charles b.1862 - Farlington, Hampshire
Colwell, Charles b.1862 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Charles c.1825 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Charles c.1838 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Charles b.1895 - Lambeth, London
Colwell, Charles b.1865 - Brighton, Sussex
Colwell, Charles b.1851 - Brighton, Sussex
Colwell, Charles b.1813 - East Tisted, Hampshire
Colwell, Charles b.1779 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Charles b.1903 - Creswick, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, Charles b.1902 - Alans Flat, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, Charles b.1833 - Widley, Hampshire
Colwell, Charles c.1782 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Charles c.1748 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Charles b.1814 - Wymering, Hampshire
Colwell, Charles b.1861 - Southwick.
Colwell, Charles c.1846 - Southwick, Hampshire
Colwell, Charles c.1814 - Southwick, Hampshire
Colwell, Charles Edward b.1892 - Kilburn, Middlesex
Colwell, Charles Henry b.1866 - Purbrook, Hampshire
Colwell, Charles Herbert c.1887 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Charles John b.1858 - Creswick, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, Charles John b.1899 -
Colwell, Charles John b.1865 - Southwick, Hampshire
Colwell, Charles William b.1869 - Southsea, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Colwell, Charlotte b.1845 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Charlotte c.1815 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Charlotte b.1795 - Hambledon, Hampshire (or Lambeth, London)
Colwell, Charlotte b.1819 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Christopher David - Living
Colwell, Clarence Melville b.1887 - Bowden, South Australia
Colwell, Clifton Joseph b.1895 - Hindmarsh, South Australia
Colwell, Cynthia - Living
Colwell, Daisy b.1889 - Pagham, Sussex (Sep qtr)
Colwell, David b.1896 - Lambeth, London
Colwell, David Charles - Living
Colwell, Dean Gitsham b.1923 - Glenelg, South Australia
Colwell, Denise - Living
Colwell, Denise Charlotte - Living
Colwell, Diana - Living
Colwell, Diana (Colvill) c.1812 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Donald - Living
Colwell, Doris - Living
Colwell, Dorothy -
Colwell, Dorothy -
Colwell, Dorothy Joyce - Living
Colwell, Dorothy M.A. - Living
Colwell, Dorothy May - Living
Colwell, Edith b.1876 - Fernhurst, Sussex
Colwell, Edith Anna b.1865 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Edith Anne b.1883 - Vauxhall, London
Colwell, Edith J. (Elizabeth) b.1880 - Shere, Surrey
Colwell, Edith Lilian b.1890 - Southwick.
Colwell, Edith Mary b.1871 - Trotton, Sussex (Mar qtr)
Colwell, Edith Ruth -
Colwell, Edmund b.1840 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Edward b.1847 - London, Middlesex
Colwell, Edward b.1899 -
Colwell, Edward b.1863 - Southwick
Colwell, Edward Eureka b.1895 - Footscray, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, Edward George b.1881 - Weston, Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Edward J. b.1864 - Kingston, Portsea
Colwell, Edward James b.1886 - Creswick, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, Edwin b.1893 - Lambeth, London
Colwell, Edwin John b.1874 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Eileen Chapman (See Notes) - Living
Colwell, Elinor Coralie b.1919 - Costerfield, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, Eliza c.1834 - Lambeth, London (St Mary)
Colwell, Eliza c.1828 - Lambeth, London (St Mary)
Colwell, Eliza b.1874 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Eliza c.1821 - East Meon, Hampshire
Colwell, Eliza b.1821 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Eliza b.1873 - Southsea, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Colwell, Eliza Jane b.1842 - Marylebone, Middlesex
Colwell, Eliza Jane (Pannell) c.1853 - Weston, Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Elizabeth b.1831 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Elizabeth b.1883 - Alverstoke, Hampshire
Colwell, Elizabeth b.1847 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Elizabeth b.1854 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Elizabeth c.1822 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Elizabeth c.1816 - East Meon, Hampshire
Colwell, Elizabeth c.1833 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Elizabeth c.1782 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Elizabeth b.1787 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Elizabeth c.1830 - Southwick, Hampshire
Colwell, Elizabeth -
Colwell, Elizabeth b.1873 - Creswick, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, Elizabeth b.1866 - Creswick, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, Elizabeth b.1892 - Southwick, Hampshire
Colwell, Elizabeth c.1777 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Elizabeth b.1803 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Elizabeth b.1820 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Elizabeth b.1854 - Southwick.
Colwell, Elizabeth c.1829 - Southwick, Hampshire
Colwell, Elizabeth "Lizzie" b.1837 - Southwick, Hampshire
Colwell, Elizabeth Ellen -
Colwell, Elizabeth Mary Magdelana b.1853 - Bowden, South Australia
Colwell, Elizabeth Sarah b.1858 - Southwick, Hampshire
Colwell, Ellen c.1864 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Ellen b.1880 - Westbourne, Sussex
Colwell, Ellen c.1844 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Ellen b.1852 - Weston, Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Ellen b.1890 - Lambeth, London
Colwell, Ellen b.1860 - Creswick, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, Ellen Harriet b.1853 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Ellen R. b.1880 - Rotherhithe, Surrey
Colwell, Elsie May b.1894 - Creswick, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, Elvin Gitsham b.1925 - Glenelg, South Australia
Colwell, Emily c.1870 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Emily -
Colwell, Emily b.1897 - Southwick, Hampshire
Colwell, Emily b.1875 - Lewes, Sussex
Colwell, Emily Frances b.1867 - Purbrook, Hampshire
Colwell, Emily Grace b.1906 -
Colwell, Emma b.1843 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Emma c.1854 - Southwick, Hampshire
Colwell, Emma (See Notes) b.1879 - Heathfield, Sussex
Colwell, Ena -
Colwell, Eric Oswald b.1899 - Creswick, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, Ernest b.1908 - Brighton, Sussex
Colwell, Ernestine D. - Living
Colwell, Ethel Siderfin b.1886 -
Colwell, Eugene Anthony - Living
Colwell, Eureka b.1870 - Creswick, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, Eva Parkyn b.1900 - Creswick, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, Fanny c.1831 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Fanny b.1865 - Fratton, Portsmouth, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Colwell, Fanny c.1861 - St. John, Purbrook, Hampshire
Colwell, Fanny Elizabeth Puddle c.1865 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Filipe De Jesus - Living
Colwell, Florence b.1889 - Alverstoke, Hampshire
Colwell, Florence b.1899 - Gosport, Hampshire
Colwell, Florence b.1892 - Wimbledon, Surrey
Colwell, Florence Mabel b.1884 -
Colwell, Frances c.1830 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Frances b.1884 - Kilburn, Middlesex
Colwell, Francis c.1843 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Francis - Living
Colwell, Francis b.1903 -
Colwell, Francis -
Colwell, Francis b.1809 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Francis b.1781 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Francis b.1855 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Francis c.1786 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Francis c.1753 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Francis b.1820 - Southwick, Hampshire
Colwell, Francis (Frank) Duncan b.1903 -
Colwell, Francis (see notes) b.1809 - Catherington, Hampshire
Colwell, Francis Charles b.1839 - London
Colwell, Francis Joseph b.1888 -
Colwell, Francis William b.1884 -
Colwell, Francis William b.1879 -
Colwell, Frank b.1877 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Frank b.1895 - Brighton, Sussex
Colwell, Frank Charles - Living
Colwell, Frank Reginald b.1894 - Hendon, Middlesex (Jun qtr)
Colwell, Freda -
Colwell, Frederick b.1883 - Denmead, Hampshire
Colwell, Frederick b.1889 - Wimbledon, Surrey
Colwell, Frederick b.1915 -
Colwell, Frederick c.1885 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Frederick b.1899 - Battersea, London
Colwell, Frederick Arthur b.1865 - Southwick, Hampshire
Colwell, Frederick John b.1886 -
Colwell, Gary - Living
Colwell, George b.1873 - Alverstoke, Hampshire
Colwell, George b.1887 - Camberwell, London
Colwell, George b.1913 -
Colwell, George c.1863 - Bedhampton, Hampshire
Colwell, George b.1838 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, George b.1886 - Wokingham, Berkshire
Colwell, George c.1840 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, George b.1891 - Lambeth, London
Colwell, George b.1863 - Brighton, Sussex
Colwell, George b.1838 - Farlington, Hampshire
Colwell, George b.1896 - Fareham, Hampshire
Colwell, George c.1860 - Purbrook, Hampshire
Colwell, George b.1859 - Southwick.
Colwell, George c.1871 - Southwick, Hampshire
Colwell, George b.1876 - Southwick, Hampshire
Colwell, George c.1822 - Southwick, Hampshire
Colwell, George c.1849 - Southwick, Hampshire
Colwell, George (Coldwell) c.1816 - Catherington, Hampshire
Colwell, George F. (Brown) b.1856 - Fareham, Hampshire
Colwell, George Shadrack c.1853 - St. Mary's, Portsea, Hampshire
Colwell, Georgina Maria b.1862 - Portchester, Hampshire
Colwell, Gladys b.1891 - Pagham, Sussex (Jun qtr)
Colwell, Gladys Maud -
Colwell, Grace Victoria b.1887 - Selsey, Sussex (Sep qtr)
Colwell, Hannah c.1838 - Southwick, Hampshire
Colwell, Harold b.1906 - Brighton, Sussex
Colwell, Harold Parkyn b.1889 - Creswick, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, Harriet c.1865 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Harriet b.1851 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Harriet b.1826 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Harriet (See Notes) b.1876 - Brighton, Sussex
Colwell, Harriet Ann b.1868 - Portsmouth, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Colwell, Harriet Jane (Polly) b.1867 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Colwell, Harriett c.1842 - Southwick, Hampshire
Colwell, Harriett Jane c.1869 - St. John's, Purbrook, Hampshire
Colwell, Harry c.1882 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Harry "Henry" b.1861 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Haydn Hedley b.1904 - Creswick, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, Hedley b.1895 - Alans Flat, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, Hedley Parkyn b.1864 - Creswick, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, Helen Anne - Living
Colwell, Henry b.1860 - Southwark, Surrey
Colwell, Henry b.1830 - Newington, Surrey
Colwell, Henry c.1827 - Lambeth, London (St Mary)
Colwell, Henry b.1868 - Alverstoke, Hampshire
Colwell, Henry b.1839 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Henry c.1837 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Henry c.1816 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Henry c.1816 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Henry c.1820 - East Meon, Hampshire
Colwell, Henry c.1831 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Henry b.1797 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Henry b.1849 - Brighton, Sussex
Colwell, Henry b.1829 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Henry b.1847 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Henry b.1898 - Brighton, Sussex
Colwell, Henry c.1784 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Henry b.1804 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Henry b.1827 - Southwick, Hampshire
Colwell, Henry b.1823 - East Meon/Soberton, Hampshire
Colwell, Henry c.1751 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Henry c.1775 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Henry b.1811 - Southwick, Hampshire
Colwell, Henry (Colville) c.1857 - Catherington, Hampshire
Colwell, Henry Charles b.1909 - Hurst, Berkshire
Colwell, Henry Eureka b.1854 - Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, Henry J. b.1874 - Rotherhithe, Surrey
Colwell, Henry Peter b.1855 - Bowden, South Australia
Colwell, Henry Richard c.1832 - Lambeth, London (St Mary)
Colwell, Henry William b.1852 - Southwick.
Colwell, Herbert Basil b.1892 -
Colwell, Herbert George b.1888 - Creswick, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, Herbert John b.1887 - Lambeth, London
Colwell, Herbert John Denis b.1910 -
Colwell, Hilda (Daisy) b.1896 - Brighton, Sussex
Colwell, Hilda Blanche b.1885 - Creswick, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, Hilda Irene - Living
Colwell, Horace George b.1906 -
Colwell, Hori Edward b.1870 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Howard Allan b.1905 - Creswick, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, Howard John - Living
Colwell, Ida Victoria b.1887 - Creswick, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, Ivy -
Colwell, Jacqualine - Living
Colwell, Jacqueline - Living
Colwell, James b.1854 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, James b.1834 - Petersfield, Hampshire
Colwell, James c.1822 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, James b.1789 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, James c.1812 - Southwick, Hampshire
Colwell, James b.1840 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, James c.1780 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, James c.1745 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, James b.1806 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, James c.1863 - St. John, Purbrook, Hampshire
Colwell, James (See Notes) b.1807 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, James Edward b.1898 - Creswick, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, Jane b.1741 -
Colwell, Jane b.1849 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Jane c.1824 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Jane c.1831 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Jane b.1808 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Jane b.1860 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Jane b.1821 - Catherington, Hampshire
Colwell, Jane c.1778 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Jane b.1810 - North Hayling, Hampshire
Colwell, Jane Sarah b.1812 - Wymering, Hampshire
Colwell, Jean Margaret b.1933 - Victoria, Australia
Colwell, Jessica Louisa b.1886 - Lambeth, London
Colwell, Jessie - Living
Colwell, Jessie b.1867 - Southwark, Surrey
Colwell, Jessie Caroline b.1899 - district of Eastry, Kent (Jun qtr)
Colwell, Johanna b.1892 - Alans Flat, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, Johanna Margaret b.1894 - Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, John c.1794 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, John c.1781 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, John b.1893 - Lambeth, London
Colwell, John c.1821 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, John b.1821 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, John b.1897 - Alans Flat, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, John b.1859 - Bowden, South Australia
Colwell, John c.1819 - Catherington, Hampshire
Colwell, John - Living
Colwell, John b.1891 - Brighton, Sussex
Colwell, John b.1845 - Furzley Corner, Waterlooville, Hampshire
Colwell, John b.1868 - Southsea, Hampshire
Colwell, John c.1781 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, John c.1744 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, John b.1808 - Wymering, Hampshire
Colwell, John c.1777 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, John c.1809 - Southwick, Hampshire
Colwell, John (Hickox) c.1827 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, John (Jack) -
Colwell, John (See Notes) b.1855 - Weston, Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, John Francis - Living
Colwell, John Francis b.1889 - Lambeth, London
Colwell, John Francis b.1858 - Southwark, Surrey
Colwell, John Francis c.1836 - Lambeth, London (St Mary)
Colwell, John Francis b.1828 - Newington, Surrey
Colwell, John Herbert James - Living
Colwell, John Rex b.1904 - Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, Joseph c.1826 - Southwick, Hampshire
Colwell, Joseph Alfred b.1857 - Kingston, Portsea (Sep qtr)
Colwell, Joseph Henry b.1824 - Newington, Surrey
Colwell, Joseph Moulten b.1857 - Stones End, Southwark, Surrey
Colwell, Joseph Moulten b.1810 - Wymering, Hampshire
Colwell, Joseph William - Living
Colwell, Joyce Jean Mary - Living
Colwell, Julia b.1868 - Creswick, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, Julia Myra b.1892 - Creswick, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, Kathleen E. - Living
Colwell, Kathleen Sarah b.1911 -
Colwell, Keith Royal b.1901 - Creswick, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, Laura Ann c.1848 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Laurin - Living
Colwell, Leonard - Living
Colwell, Leonard Keith Charles - Living
Colwell, Leslie Barnes b.1886 - Bowden, South Australia
Colwell, Leslie Charles b.1885 - Creswick, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, Lilian b.1887 -
Colwell, Lillian -
Colwell, Lilly b.1885 - Alverstoke, Hampshire
Colwell, Lily b.1882 - Redhill, Surrey
Colwell, Living - Living
Colwell, Living -
Colwell, Living -
Colwell, Living - Living
Colwell, Living -
Colwell, Living - Living
Colwell, Living - Living
Colwell, Lois Edna b.1889 - Bowden, South Australia
Colwell, Lorraine - Living
Colwell, Louisa b.1867 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Louisa b.1841 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Louisa (Colville) c.1811 - Catherington, Hampshire
Colwell, Louisa Ellen b.1859 - Kingston, Portsea (Sep qtr)
Colwell, Louisa Mary c.1845 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Louise Septuna (Fanie?) b.1877 - Brighton, Sussex
Colwell, Lucy b.1844 - Hornchurch, Essex
Colwell, Lucy b.1816 - Warnford, Hampshire
Colwell, Lydia b.1856 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Lydia b.1858 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Mabel b.1898 - Gosport, Hampshire
Colwell, Mabel b.1896 -
Colwell, Mabel Susan b.1891 - Bowden, South Australia
Colwell, Madeline b.1883 - Brighton, Sussex
Colwell, Maria b.1853 -
Colwell, Maria c.1835 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Maria c.1830 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Maria c.1791 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Maria b.1813 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Maria b.1783 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Maria c.1789 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Marjorie Winifred - Living
Colwell, Mary b.1879 - Lambeth, Surrey
Colwell, Mary b.1852 -
Colwell, Mary c.1786 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Mary - Living
Colwell, Mary b.1890 - Creswick, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, Mary b.1908 -
Colwell, Mary b.1801 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Mary b.1882 - Southwick
Colwell, Mary (See Notes) b.1877 - Brighton, Sussex
Colwell, Mary Ann b.1857 - Droxford, Hampshire
Colwell, Mary Ann b.1849 - Southwark, Surrey
Colwell, Mary Ann c.1840 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Mary Ann b.1845 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Mary Ann c.1819 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Mary Ann b.1827 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Mary Ann b.1791 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Mary Ann c.1854 - Southwick, Hampshire
Colwell, Mary Ann b.1840 - Southwick, Hampshire
Colwell, Mary Ann (Colvell) c.1824 - Catherington, Hampshire
Colwell, Mary Ellen -
Colwell, Mary Emma b.1890 - Creswick, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, Mary Matilda b.1860 - Southwick, Hampshire
Colwell, Matilda b.1856 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Matilda b.1857 - Southwick.
Colwell, Matilda Annie b.1888 - Southwick.
Colwell, Maud b.1897 -
Colwell, Maureen - Living
Colwell, Mavis Doreen b.1903 - Creswick, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, May b.1904 -
Colwell, Myra Emile b.1907 - Creswick, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, Myra Frances b.1899 - Brompton Pk, South Australia
Colwell, Naomi Jane - Living
Colwell, Nellie b.1904 -
Colwell, Nellie b.1896 - Wimbledon, Surrey
Colwell, Nellie b.1894 -
Colwell, Nellie b.1884 - Camberwell, London
Colwell, Nellie Blanche b.1882 - Vauxhall, London
Colwell, Norah Grace -
Colwell, Norah Jessie b.1898 - Southwick, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Colwell, Norma Beryl - Living
Colwell, Olga Flower - Living
Colwell, Olive b.1890 - Denmead, Hampshire
Colwell, Olive - Living
Colwell, Pamela Jane - Living
Colwell, Pauline - Living
Colwell, Percy b.1891 - Lambeth, London
Colwell, Percy b.1872 - Southwark, Surrey
Colwell, Percy b.1893 - Hendon, Middlesex (Mar qtr)
Colwell, Peter - Living
Colwell, Peter Lashley - Living
Colwell, Philip c.1876 - Southwick, Hampshire
Colwell, Philip c.1851 - Southwick, Hampshire
Colwell, Philip Charles - Living
Colwell, Phylis Joyce - Living
Colwell, Ralph b.1910 - Costerfield, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, Raymond - Living
Colwell, Rebecca b.1880 - Redhill, Surrey
Colwell, Richard b.1833 - Liss, Hampshire
Colwell, Richard b.1808 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Richard -
Colwell, Richard - Living
Colwell, Richard c.1809 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Richard b.1896 - Hove, Sussex
Colwell, Richard c.1787 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Richard c.1826 - Southwick, Hampshire
Colwell, Richard James - Living
Colwell, Robert b.1893 - Wimbledon, Surrey
Colwell, Robert Charles - Living
Colwell, Robert Harold b.1890 -
Colwell, Roger - Living
Colwell, Roger Brian - Living
Colwell, Ronald John - Living
Colwell, Rosa (Rosina) b.1875 - Petersfield, Hampshire
Colwell, Rose b.1880 - Fernhurst, Sussex
Colwell, Rose b.1859 - Weston, Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Rosina Kate b.1872 - Purbrook, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Colwell, Ruth Elizabeth - Living
Colwell, Sally - Living
Colwell, Samuel b.1879 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Sarah b.1828 - Hampshire
Colwell, Sarah b.1826 - Newington, Surrey
Colwell, Sarah b.1872 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Sarah c.1820 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Sarah b.1829 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Sarah c.1789 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Sarah b.1831 - Southwick, Hampshire
Colwell, Sarah b.1855 - Southwick.
Colwell, Sarah Ann b.1844 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Sarah Jane - Living
Colwell, Selina Ann b.1866 - Southwick.
Colwell, Sheila - Living
Colwell, Sheila Josephine - Living
Colwell, Susan - Living
Colwell, Sydney Charles b.1879 - Lambeth, London
Colwell, Sydney Raymond b.1933 -
Colwell, Thomas - Living
Colwell, Thomas b.1869 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Thomas c.1849 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Thomas c.1818 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Thomas c.1827 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Thomas b.1915 -
Colwell, Thomas b.1853 - Brighton, Sussex (GRO district, Sep qtr)
Colwell, Thomas b.1875 - Kilburn, Middlesex
Colwell, Thomas b.1824 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Thomas b.1854 - Portsea, Hampshire
Colwell, Thomas c.1811 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Thomas b.1739 - Shalden, Hampshire
Colwell, Thomas b.1842 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Thomas c.1775 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, Thomas m.1739 - Shalden, Hampshire
Colwell, Thomas b.1818 - Southwick
Colwell, Thomas Albert b.1876 - Purbrook
Colwell, Thomas Alfred c.1888 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, Thomas Henry b.1880 - Kilburn, Middlesex
Colwell, Thomas James b.1879 - Brighton, Sussex
Colwell, Ulric Garfield (Eureka?) b.1913 - Costerfield, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, Ursula - Living
Colwell, Vera b.1896 - Creswick, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, Vera -
Colwell, Vernon Bruce -
Colwell, Viola Poppy b.1915 - Costerfield, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, Walter Edward b.1897 - Pagham, Sussex (Jun qtr)
Colwell, Wilfred Parkyn b.1893 - Footscray, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, William b.1868 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, William b.1844 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, William b.1890 - Wimbledon, Surrey
Colwell, William b.1866 - Farlington, Hampshire
Colwell, William c.1860 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, William b.1861 - Weston, Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, William c.1838 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, William b.1843 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, William b.1871 - Walthamstow, Essex
Colwell, William c.1834 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, William c.1835 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, William b.1861 - Brighton, Sussex
Colwell, William b.1894 - Southwick, Hampshire
Colwell, William c.1807 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Colwell, William b.1893 - Hove, Sussex
Colwell, William b.1870 - Southsea, Hampshire
Colwell, William b.1862 - Purbrook.
Colwell, William c.1873 - Southwick, Hampshire
Colwell, William c.1835 - Southwick, Hampshire
Colwell, William c.1831 - Southwick, Hampshire
Colwell, William (Colvil) c.1811 - Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, William (See Notes) -
Colwell, William Arthur b.1864 -
Colwell, William Charles b.1889 - Creswick, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, William Henry b.1863 - Southwick, Hampshire
Colwell, William James b.1876 - Sheet, Hampshire
Colwell, William James b.1856 - Weston, Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, William James b.1872 - Buriton.
Colwell, William James Parkyn b.1856 - Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Colwell, William John b.1879 - Weston, Buriton, Hampshire
Colwell, William John c.1851 - St. Mary's, Portsea, Hampshire
Colwell, Winifred Adeline b.1892 - Pagham, Sussex (Dec qtr)
Colwell, Winifred May b.1900 - district of Eastry, Kent (Jun qtr)


Comber, Harold - Living


Combes, Albert E. b.1880 - Portsea, Hants
Combes, Amelia b.1867 - Portsea, Hants
Combes, Christopher Evelyn - Living
Combes, Edith A. b.1869 - Portsea, Hants
Combes, Emma J. b.1866 - Portsea, Hants
Combes, Felix George b.1901 - district of Portsmouth, Hampshire (Sep qtr)
Combes, Felix George b.1872 - Portsea, Hants
Combes, Florence L. b.1879 - Portsea, Hants
Combes, Ida Ruby - Living
Combes, Violet May "Jane" b.1911 - Alverstoke, Hampshire
Combes, Walter R. b.1876 - Portsea, Hants
Combes, William b.1843 - Fareham, Hampshire
Combes, William H. b.1871 - Portsea, Hants


Comyn, Elizabeth b.1248 - of Buchan, Aberdeenshire, Scotland


Coney, Dorothy Mary b.1898 - Freemantle, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Coney, Edward George b.1891 - Freemantle, Hampshire (Sep qtr)
Coney, Edward George b.1868 - St. Denys, Southampton, Hampshire
Coney, Lily Elizabeth -
Coney, Rosa Ellen b.1896 - Freemantle, Hampshire (Sep qtr)
Coney, Violet Olive F. b.1894 - Freemantle, Hampshire (Jun qtr)


Conn, Stanley - Living


Conner, Eleanor b.1757 -


Connolly, Mary Millward - Living


Constable, Anne -
Constable, John - Living
Constable, Roger - Living


Conyers, Johanne -
Conyers, William - Living


Cooch, Claude B. - Living


Cook, Christopher - Living
Cook, David - Living
Cook, Eliza b.1841 - Stalbridge, Dorset
Cook, Elizabeth m.1841 - Stalbridge, Dorset
Cook, Ethel Mary Hague b.1864 -
Cook, Fanny Elizabeth b.1837 - Plymouth, Devon
Cook, George b.1805 - Portsea, Hampshire
Cook, Joanna Rose - Living
Cook, Joseph -
Cook, Sarah Elizabeth b.1865 - Irchester, Northamptonshire (Mar qtr)
Cook, Sonya - Living
Cook, Susannah c.1828 - St Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire
Cook, Thomas b.1800 - Shaftesbury, Dorset
Cook, Thomas Hague c.1831 - Dewsbury, Yorkshire
Cook, William b.1836 - Stalbridge, Dorset


Cookes, Ellen Maria Henrietta b.1862 - district of Upton, Worcestershire (Dec qtr)
Cookes, John Russell -


Coombe, Alice Emily b.1860 - Chelsea, London (Dec qtr)
Coombe, Charles b.1854 - Chelsea, London
Coombe, Che? b.1857 - Chelsea, London
Coombe, Emma Isabella b.1852 - Chelsea, London (Jun qtr)
Coombe, Helen Louisa b.1853 - Chelsea, London
Coombe, Jesse b.1859 - Chelsea, London
Coombe, Jesse b.1817 - London
Coombe, John E. b.1865 - Chelsea, London
Coombe, Thomas b.1859 - Chelsea, London
Coombe, William b.1850 - Chelsea, London


Coombes, Frederick James b.1869 - Winterbourne, Gloucestershire
Coombes, Susannah m.1802 - Iwerne Courtney, Dorset


Coombs, Charles c.1837 - Blandford Forum, Dorset
Coombs, Elizabeth c.1746 - Wimborne Dorset
Coombs, Emily Jane b.1859 - Blandford, Dorset
Coombs, George b.1783 - Dorset
Coombs, George c.1759 - Witchampton, Dorset
Coombs, James c.1830 - Bitton, Gloucestershire
Coombs, John c.1839 - Blandford Forum, Dorset
Coombs, John c.1722 - Wimborne Dorset
Coombs, Joshua b.1656 - Dorset
Coombs, Maria c.1826 - Blandford Forum, Dorset
Coombs, Mary c.1761 - Witchampton, Dorset
Coombs, Moses c.1766 - Witchampton, Dorset
Coombs, Rachel c.1822 - Blandford Forum, Dorset
Coombs, Robert b.1702 - Stoke Abbot, Dorset
Coombs, Samuel c.1832 - Blandford Forum, Dorset
Coombs, Sarah c.1824 - Blandford Forum, Dorset
Coombs, Sarah c.1727 - Wimborne Dorset
Coombs, Thomas c.1732 - Wimborne Minster, Dorset
Coombs, Thomas c.1763 - Witchampton, Dorset
Coombs, William c.1834 - Blandford Forum, Dorset
Coombs, William b.1706 - Stoke Abbot, Dorset
Coombs, William b.1680 - Haselbury Bryan, Dorset
Coombs, William c.1748 - Wimborne Dorset


Cooper, David Richard - Living
Cooper, John - Living
Cooper, Joshua - Living
Cooper, Mark Andrew - Living
Cooper, Richard Walter - Living
Cooper, Robert Lawson - Living
Cooper, Steven - Living
Cooper, Tyrel - Living
Cooper, Wade - Living
Cooper, Zachary - Living


Coote, Charles Purdon m.1846 - Geashill, King's Co., Ireland


Copestake, Ann m.1784 - Saint Bartholomew the Great, London, Middlesex


Copley, Mary b.1833 - Glasshoughton, Yorkshire


Coppings, Eliza b.1835 - Woolwich, Kent
Coppings, Eliza b.1809 - St. James, London, Middlesex


Corbin, Elizabeth m.1817 - Hampreston, Dorset
Corbin, Mary b.1910 -


Corbyn, Cissy b.1867 -
Corbyn, Edith b.1867 -
Corbyn, Mr -


Cornish, Winifred - Living


Corothers, Janet m.1859 -


Corrigan, Patricia Anne - Living


Corringham, Ada Maria b.1843 -
Corringham, John Henry -


Couchman, Richard Walter b.1915 - district of Croydon, Surrey


Coulon, Donald J - Living
Coulon, Joanne - Living
Coulon, Lynda - Living


Counsell, Aria Mary - Living
Counsell, Bryan - Living
Counsell, Darren - Living


Counter, Ada Florence b.1887 - Boscombe, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Counter, Cyril William b.1894 - Boscombe, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Counter, Elsie Augusta b.1878 - Blandford, Dorset
Counter, Ethel May b.1896 - Boscombe, Hampshire (Sep qtr)
Counter, Fanny c.1861 - Blandford Forum, Dorset
Counter, Frederick Charles b.1891 - Boscombe, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Counter, Gertrude b.1890 - Bournemouth, Hampshire
Counter, Harold Victor b.1891 - Bournemouth, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Counter, Harry b.1879 - Dalston, Hackney, London
Counter, Harry b.1857 - Blandford Forum, Dorset
Counter, Henry c.1828 - Blandford Forum, Dorset
Counter, John c.1863 - Blandford Forum, Dorset
Counter, Lillian Blanche b.1889 - Boscombe, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Counter, Raymond V b.1920 - district of Christchurch, Hampshire
Counter, Thomas b.1786 - Blandford, Dorset
Counter, Thomas b.1858 - Blandford Forum, Dorset
Counter, William c.1860 - Blandford Forum, Dorset


Couper, male - Living
Couper, male - Living
Couper, Sydney Herbert b.1910 - Homerton, London


Cowan, Aileen Gladys - Living
Cowan, Amanda Jane - Living
Cowan, Anita Charmaigne - Living
Cowan, Eric Vincent - Living
Cowan, Hazel Daphne - Living
Cowan, Kingsley Walter b.1943 - Geraldton, Western Australia
Cowan, Malcolm Edward - Living
Cowan, Pauline Margaret - Living
Cowan, Walter William b.1901 - Australia


Cowell, Henry b.1870 - Fratton, Portsmouth, Hampshire
Cowell, Henry m.1862 - Portsmouth, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Cowell, Joy Elizabeth - Living
Cowell, Lilly b.1868 - Flossanna, Malta


Cowl, Cheryl - Living
Cowl, Debra - Living
Cowl, Lynette - Living
Cowl, Ronald - Living
Cowl, Ronald Henry - Living


Cowley, Alfred b.1876 - Bournemouth, Hampshire
Cowley, Anne m.1852 - Rushall, Staffordshire
Cowley, Bertie b.1887 - Bournemouth, Hampshire
Cowley, Charley b.1889 - Bournemouth, Hampshire
Cowley, Ethel May b.1905 -
Cowley, Fanny b.1872 - Bournemouth, Hampshire
Cowley, Louisa b.1878 - Bournemouth, Hampshire
Cowley, Owen b.1897 - Bournemouth, Hampshire
Cowley, Paul -
Cowley, Pauline b.1915 - Chichester, Sussex, UK
Cowley, Percy Albert b.1882 - Bournemouth, Hampshire
Cowley, Rachael b.1913 - Quill Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada
Cowley, Reginald b.1893 - Bournemouth, Hampshire
Cowley, Robert b.1880 - Bournemouth, Hampshire
Cowley, Robert b.1850 - Cheltenham, Gloucester
Cowley, Sydney b.1874 - Bournemouth, Hampshire
Cowley, William -


Cox, Annie b.1871 - West Ashton, Wiltshire
Cox, David William Gilbert - Living
Cox, Edith b.1802 - Portland, Dorset
Cox, Edmund Winterbotham - Living
Cox, Eleanor Winterbotham - Living
Cox, Hannah b.1802 - Dorset
Cox, Henry b.1834 - West Ashton, Wiltshire
Cox, James b.1827 - Wool, Dorset
Cox, John - Living
Cox, Julie - Living
Cox, Matilda c.1856 - Wool, Dorset
Cox, Ronald Charles William - Living
Cox, Stephen Winterbotham - Living
Cox, Teresa Cathleen - Living


Coxon, Tracey - Living


Crabb, Josephine - Living


Cradock, Sylvia Gladys b.1908 - district of Southampton, Hampshire


Craig, female -
Craig, male -
Craig, male -
Craig, Robert Stewart m.1899 -


Craill, Caroline Louise b.1873 - Porangahau, Southern Hawkes Bay, New Zealand
Craill, Robert b.1832 - Glencoe, Argyllshire, Scotland


Crane, Vicki - Living


Craven, Abraham -
Craven, Mary Ann b.1823 - Calverley, Yorkshire


Cray, Elizabeth m.1760 - St Michaels, Bristol, Gloucester
Cray, John d.1760 - Bristol, Gloucester


Cream, Darren John - Living
Cream, Paul William - Living
Cream, Scott Andrew - Living
Cream, William John - Living


Creed, Eliza b.1857 - Lydd, Kent


Creighton, Leonard F. - Living
Creighton, Mary - Living


Crelier, Michel Philippe Henri - Living


Cresswell, 5 children - Living
Cresswell, Allan - Living
Cresswell, Charles Henry m.1877 - West Ham (GRO district, Mar qtr)
Cresswell, Ethel Gladys - Living
Cresswell, Florence Eliza b.1883 - Stratford, Essex
Cresswell, male (Crosswell) - Living


Criddle, Suzanne - Living


Critchley, Elizabeth b.1811 - Ireland


Crockford, Alice E. b.1869 - Eton Wick, Buckinghamshire
Crockford, Charlotte c.1866 - Eton, Buckinghamshire
Crockford, Edward c.1867 - Eton, Buckinghamshire
Crockford, Eliza c.1864 - Eton, Buckinghamshire
Crockford, Philip b.1824 - Hurst, Berkshire


Croft, Edward C. - Living


Croisdale-Appleby, Mycroft Charles St. John - Living


Crooke, Cyril Ednott - Living
Crooke, June b.1921 -


Cropper, Joanne Louise - Living


Crosley, Jonathan -
Crosley, Lydia b.1819 -


Cross, 10 other children -
Cross, Charles m.1779 -
Cross, Elizabeth c.1787 - Southwick, Hampshire
Cross, Elizabeth Rosina b.1884 -
Cross, Jame b.1821 -
Cross, James John b.1856 -
Cross, Jane b.1819 - Southwick, Hampshire
Cross, Mary b.1824 - Southwick, Hampshire
Cross, Thomas c.1790 - Southwick, Hampshire
Cross, William c.1783 - Southwick, Hampshire


Crossfield, Hannah b.1840 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Crossfield, John b.1790 - Harewood, Yorkshire
Crossfield, Lydia b.1819 -
Crossfield, Samuel b.1836 - Calverley, Yorkshire


Crosswell, 2 children - Living
Crosswell, Alfred c.1841 - Durley, Hampshire
Crosswell, Alfred Ernest b.1876 - Durley, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Crosswell, Alfred Samuel George b.1897 - Durley, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Crosswell, Alice c.1859 - Swanmore, Hampshire
Crosswell, Bertha Hetty b.1858 - Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
Crosswell, Brian - Living
Crosswell, Caroline Anne B. - Living
Crosswell, Charles c.1851 - Swanmore, Hampshire
Crosswell, Charlotte Louise B. - Living
Crosswell, child - Living
Crosswell, Elizabeth Ann c.1839 - Durley, Hampshire
Crosswell, Elsie b.1874 - Durley, Hampshire
Crosswell, Emily c.1864 - Swanmore, Hampshire
Crosswell, Ernest Frank b.1900 - Durley, Hampshire
Crosswell, Eva M. b.1879 - Durley, Hampshire
Crosswell, Evangeline Windebank b.1860 - Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
Crosswell, Florence b.1861 - Durley, Hampshire
Crosswell, Frances Ellen c.1847 - Swanmore, Hampshire
Crosswell, Frank b.1867 - Durley, Hampshire
Crosswell, Freddie - Living
Crosswell, Frederic Ernest b.1855 - Bishops Waltham, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Crosswell, Frederick b.1864 - Durley, Hampshire
Crosswell, Frederick c.1858 - Swanmore, Hampshire
Crosswell, Frederick Thomas c.1828 - Bishopstoke, Hampshire
Crosswell, George c.1836 - Droxford, Hampshire
Crosswell, George William b.1861 - Swanmore, Hampshire
Crosswell, Gerald V. - Living
Crosswell, Gertrude b.1870 - Durley, Hampshire
Crosswell, Harry Reginald -
Crosswell, Henry c.1845 - Droxford, Hampshire
Crosswell, Hilda - Living
Crosswell, Hugh b.1864 - Durley, Hampshire
Crosswell, Isabella c.1841 - Droxford, Hampshire
Crosswell, John A. Benham - Living
Crosswell, Joseph b.1877 - Durley, Hampshire
Crosswell, Katherine Anne Benham - Living
Crosswell, Kathleen Nora M. b.1898 - Durley, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Crosswell, Leslie - Living
Crosswell, Leslie Thomas Benham b.1908 - district of Droxford, Hampshire
Crosswell, Lilly b.1868 - Battersea, London
Crosswell, Lottie Mary b.1880 - Folkestone, Kent
Crosswell, Lucy b.1868 - Durley, Hampshire
Crosswell, Lucy c.1843 - Durley, Hampshire
Crosswell, Mary c.1789 - Cheriton, Hampshire
Crosswell, Minnie Thirza b.1863 - Bishops Waltham, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Crosswell, Norah Jane b.1879 - Durley, Hampshire
Crosswell, Olive d.2003 -
Crosswell, Patrick John Benham - Living
Crosswell, Robert c.1843 - Droxford, Hampshire
Crosswell, Robert c.1838 - Droxford, Hampshire
Crosswell, Robert c.1834 - Durley, Hampshire
Crosswell, Robert b.1806 - Upham, Hampshire
Crosswell, Robert b.1753 -
Crosswell, Roy C.S. - Living
Crosswell, Samuel c.1837 - Durley, Hampshire
Crosswell, Samuel c.1791 - Cheriton, Hampshire
Crosswell, Samuel (Cresswell) b.1853 - Swanmore, Hampshire
Crosswell, Sarah Jane c.1845 - Durley, Hampshire
Crosswell, Solomon b.1832 - Durley, Hampshire
Crosswell, Wallace Edward (Cresswell) b.1894 - Swanmore, Hampshire (Sep qtr)
Crosswell, William c.1835 - Droxford, Hampshire
Crosswell, William b.1810 - Upham, Hampshire
Crosswell, William c.1786 - Cheriton, Hampshire
Crosswell, William Robert c.1830 - Durley, Hampshire


Crouch, Martha m.1818 - Saint James, Poole, Dorset


Crowe, Annabel Mary - Living


Crumpler, John -
Crumpler, Mary c.1796 - Turners Puddle, Dorset


Cubitt, Agnes Vera m.1904 - district of West Ham (Dec qtr)


Cuff, Abel Frederick c.1859 - Turnworth, Dorset
Cuff, Alice Rose b.1885 - Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset (Jun qtr)
Cuff, Arthur b.1867 - Whatcombe, Dorset
Cuff, Arthur George b.1896 - Southsea, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Cuff, Charles b.1825 - Hilton, Dorset
Cuff, Charles c.1825 - Shapwick, Dorset
Cuff, Drusilla Morris Stephens b.1869 - Whitchurch, Dorset
Cuff, Edith Louisa b.1893 - Southsea, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Cuff, Edward S. b.1867 - Winterborne Whitchurch, Dorset
Cuff, Elizabeth c.1849 - Turnworth, Dorset
Cuff, Ellen Elizabeth b.1883 - Sturminster Newton, Dorset
Cuff, Ethel b.1890 - Southsea, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Cuff, Harriet c.1797 - Shapwick, Dorset
Cuff, Henry Harris c.1852 - Winterborne Whitchurch, Dorset
Cuff, Herman b.1877 - Winterborne Whitchurch, Dorset
Cuff, James -
Cuff, Joseph c.1849 - Winterborne Whitchurch, Dorset
Cuff, Joseph Legg b.1827 - Whitcombe, Dorset
Cuff, Lora May b.1891 - Melcombe Bingham, Dorset
Cuff, Mabel K.L. b.1888 - Hilton, Dorset
Cuff, Mary Jane c.1855 - Winterborne Whitchurch, Dorset
Cuff, Sarah Jane b.1881 - Piddletrenthide, Dorset


Cull, Frank - Living
Cull, Graham Peter - Living
Cull, Ryan - Living


Cullen, Margaret J. b.1881 -


Cullingford, Charles b.1831 - Durwich, Suffolk
Cullingford, Frederick C. b.1858 - Westleton, Suffolk
Cullingford, Leonard William P. b.1886 - London (Mar qtr)
Cullingford, Philip b.1859 - Westleton, Suffolk (Sep qtr)


Cullum, Frances "Frankie" Ellen b.1870 - district of Cambridge (Mar qtr)


Cumes, Constance M. - Living
Cumes, David - Living
Cumes, Frank W. - Living
Cumes, Harold Anthony - Living
Cumes, Harold Thomas b.1885 - Wandsworth, London (Dec qtr)
Cumes, Stanley J.C. - Living
Cumes, Violet K. - Living
Cumes, Winifred Aline - Living


Cumins, Robert Thomas - Living


Cumming, George -
Cumming, Jane b.1816 - Ryde, Isle of Wight


Cunard, Alick May b.1882 - Kensington, Middlesex


Cunningham, Brandon David - Living
Cunningham, David George - Living
Cunningham, Meaghan Elizabeth - Living
Cunningham, Morgan Leigh - Living
Cunningham, Sydney Patricia - Living


Currie, Annie b.1809 - of London, Middlesex


Curtis, Ann b.1832 - Dorset
Curtis, Elizabeth b.1840 - Dorset
Curtis, female - Living
Curtis, Henry b.1837 - Dorset
Curtis, Henry b.1816 - Dorset
Curtis, Percy Frederick b.1895 - Lambeth, London
Curtis, Thomas b.1834 - Dorset
Curtis, Walter -
Curtis, William Emmanuel b.1876 - Cheselbourne, Dorset


Curwen, Henry -
Curwen, Mabel b.1560 - of Workington, Cumberland


Curzon, Mary Ellen b.1866 - Twycross, Liecestershire


Cuthbert, Edith b.1884 -


Cutler, Abraham c.1796 - Horton, Dorset
Cutler, Caroline b.1845 - Dewlish, Dorset
Cutler, Charlotte c.1798 - Horton, Dorset
Cutler, Edward c.1836 - Hinton Martell, Dorset
Cutler, Elizabeth c.1821 - Dewlish, Dorset
Cutler, Elizabeth b.1746 - Dorset
Cutler, Ellen b.1850 - Dewlish, Dorset
Cutler, Hannah c.1788 - Horton, Dorset
Cutler, James c.1803 - Horton, Dorset
Cutler, James c.1815 - Dewlish, Dorset
Cutler, James c.1813 - Hinton Martell, Dorset
Cutler, Jane b.1840 - Wimborne, Dorset
Cutler, Jane b.1847 - Dewlish, Dorset
Cutler, Job c.1791 - Horton, Dorset
Cutler, Job c.1818 - Horton, Dorset
Cutler, Job c.1793 - Horton, Dorset
Cutler, Job b.1849 - Wimborne, Dorset
Cutler, John m.1782 - Horton, Dorset
Cutler, John c.1835 - Hinton Martell, Dorset
Cutler, John c.1818 - Dewlish, Dorset
Cutler, John (See Notes) b.1783 - Dorset
Cutler, Maria c.1825 - Dewlish, Dorset
Cutler, Mary Ann c.1810 - Horton, Dorset
Cutler, Mary Ann b.1837 - Wimborne, Dorset
Cutler, Penina b.1842 - Wimborne, Dorset
Cutler, Sarah b.1844 - Wimborne, Dorset
Cutler, Sarah b.1843 - Dewlish, Dorset
Cutler, Stephen c.1820 - Dewlish, Dorset
Cutler, Thomas c.1784 - Horton, Dorset
Cutler, Thomas c.1812 - Horton, Dorset
Cutler, Thomas b.1853 - Dewlish, Dorset
Cutler, Thomas m.1815 - Dewlish, Dorset
Cutler, William c.1786 - Horton, Dorset
Cutler, William b.1846 - Wimborne, Dorset
Cutler, William c.1814 - Horton, Dorset


Cutter, Emily Maude Lydia b.1887 -


Dacombe, Anne b.1796 - Wimborne, Dorset


D'Aeth, Jacqueline Nina Hughes - Living
D'Aeth, James Narbrough Hughes b.1901 - Wakefield, Yorkshire
D'Aeth, Jennifer Mary Hughes - Living
D'Aeth, Joan Marguerite Hughes - Living
D'Aeth, John Reginald Hughes b.1899 - Benenden, Kent
D'Aeth, Narbrough Hughes b.1821 - Knowlton Court, Kent
D'Aeth, Narbrough Michael Hughes b.1930 - Blackheath, London
D'Aeth, Nicola Mary Hughes - Living
D'Aeth, Patricia Madeline Hughes - Living
D'Aeth, Reginald Hughes b.1865 - Wingham, Kent


Dailey, Christopher Neville - Living
Dailey, Peter Arthur - Living
Dailey, Rowena Jane - Living
Dailey, Sarah Joanne - Living


Dale, Ellen b.1723 - of Sowerby Park, nr Thirsk, Yorkshire


Dalton, Martha b.1831 - Manchester, Lancs. or Hull, Yorks.


Danby, Christopher b.1508 - Farnley, Thorpe Perrow, Yorkshire
Danby, Magdalen b.1543 - Thorpe Place, Farnley, Yorkshire
Danby, Margaret b.1485 - of Farnley, Yorkshire


Dance, Archibald b.1886 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Dance, female b.1916 -


Daney, Mary Ann c.1812 - Holy Trinity, Gosport, Hamphire


Daniels, Elizabeth b.1890 - Southwick, Hampshire
Daniels, Henry b.1892 - Southwick, Hampshire
Daniels, James b.1853 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Daniels, Matilda b.1887 - Southwick, Hampshire


Danks, Mr - Living


Dannel, Rebecca -


Darpentinet, Margaret - Living


Dart, Eileen Flossie b.1914 - Newport, Monmouth, Wales


d'Artois, Blanche b.1248 - of Arras, France


Davenport, Joseph m.1823 -


Davey, Agnes b.1857 - Richmond, New South Wales, Australia


Davids, Alice b.1858 - Banbury, Warwickshire


Davidson, Andrew - Living
Davidson, Elizabeth m.1767 - Saint Nicholas, Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland
Davidson, Elizabeth -
Davidson, Richard - Living
Davidson, Ryan - Living
Davidson, Steven - Living


Davies, Dawn - Living
Davies, Gladys Mabel b.1907 - Cardiff. S. Glamorgan
Davies, Margaret Alice b.1867 - Birkenhead, Cheshire


Davis, Charlotte b.1789 - Gaunt's Common, Chalbury, Dorset
Davis, Elizabeth b.1819 - Verwood, Cranborne, Dorset
Davis, Jane b.1764 - Abbey Milton, Dorset
Davis, Mary Colbeck - Living
Davis, William m.1912 - Esher, G.B.
Davis, Winifred Joan - Living


Dawney, female m.1107 -
Dawney, George - Living
Dawney, Jane -
Dawney, Johanne -
Dawney, John - Living
Dawney, Katherine b.1380 - of Escrick, Yorkshire
Dawney, Thomas -


Dawson, Frances Jane b.1803 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Dawson, John b.1771 - Sturminster Marshall, Dorset
Dawson, male - Living
Dawson, Martha b.1839 - Whitwell, Isle of Wight
Dawson, William b.1824 -


Day, Alfred Edward -
Day, Alice b.1899 - Ventnor, Isle of Wight (Mar qtr)
Day, Alice Matilda c.1869 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
Day, Charles b.1837 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Day, Charles William b.1891 - Ventnor, Isle of Wight (Sep qtr)
Day, Charles William c.1866 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
Day, Christopher G. - Living
Day, Dorothy Margarette -
Day, Edith Beatrice b.1893 - Ventnor, Isle of Wight (Mar qtr)
Day, Edwin b.1840 - Hampshire
Day, Emma Jane b.1881 - Bower Chalke, Wiltshire
Day, Ethel May b.1895 - Ventnor, Isle of Wight (Sep qtr)
Day, Fanny b.1866 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Day, George b.1883 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Day, George Albert b.1900 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Day, Gerald Alan b.1930 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Day, Gerald Andrew - Living
Day, Joseph b.1831 - Hampshire
Day, Joseph b.1806 - Portsmouth or Emsworth, Hampshire
Day, Joseph Henry -
Day, Judith R. - Living
Day, Kate Louisa b.1877 - Portsmouth, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Day, Lily Rosina b.1879 - Portsmouth, Hampshire (Sep qtr)
Day, Mary Ann b.1839 - Hampshire
Day, Mary Ann c.1863 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
Day, Michael J. - Living
Day, Nellie Pet Marion b.1907 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Day, Philip John A b.1897 - Ventnor, Isle of Wight (Sep qtr)
Day, Rosa Georgina b.1860 - Portsmouth, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Day, Rosina b.1844 - Portsmouth, Hampshire (Mar qtr)


Daysh, Beatrice A. b.1898 - Shedfield, Hampshire
Daysh, Charles Ings b.1816 - Wickham, Hampshire
Daysh, David c.1826 - Droxford, Hampshire
Daysh, Ellen c.1828 - Droxford, Hampshire
Daysh, Esther Kate b.1885 - Bishops Waltham, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Daysh, Florence b.1888 - Shedfield, Hampshire
Daysh, Frank b.1862 - Droxford, Hampshire
Daysh, Frank b.1888 - Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
Daysh, Frederick Ings c.1823 - Wickham, Hampshire
Daysh, George Ings c.1810 - Wickham, Hampshire
Daysh, Harriet Ings b.1806 -
Daysh, Henry c.1872 - Shedfield, Hampshire
Daysh, Henry Ings c.1806 - Wickham, Hampshire
Daysh, James c.1813 - Droxford, Hampshire
Daysh, Jane c.1836 - Shedfield, Hampshire
Daysh, John c.1829 - Shedfield, Hampshire
Daysh, John Ings c.1808 - Wickham, Hampshire
Daysh, Kate c.1866 - Shedfield, Hampshire
Daysh, Mary c.1815 - Droxford, Hampshire
Daysh, Mary Ann Ings c.1804 - Wickham, Hampshire
Daysh, Matilda Louisa c.1861 - Shedfield, Hampshire
Daysh, Mildred A. -
Daysh, Richard c.1833 - Wickham, Hampshire
Daysh, Sarah Jane c.1874 - Shedfield, Hampshire
Daysh, Sidney c.1859 - Shedfield, Hampshire
Daysh, Thomas b.1779 - Droxford, Hampshire
Daysh, Thomas c.1868 - Shedfield, Hampshire
Daysh, Thomas c.1820 - Droxford, Hampshire
Daysh, Thomas H. b.1895 - Shedfield, Hampshire
Daysh, Thomas Ings b.1813 - Wickham, Hampshire
Daysh, Walter G. b.1878 - Droxford, Hampshire

de Aldburgh

de Aldburgh, Sybil b.1354 - Castle Harewood, Yorkshire

De Angelis

De Angelis, Lucy Jean Marguerite - Living

de Bohun

de Bohun, Eleanor (Alianore) b.1366 - of Hereford, Herefordshire

De Bunsen

De Bunsen, Henry George b.1818 - Rome, Italy
De Bunsen, Louisa Emily b.1849 - Lilleshall, Shropshire

de Burgh

de Burgh, Elizabeth b.1332 - Castle Carrickfergus, Antrim, Ireland

de Cherleton

de Cherleton, Edward Lord Powis b.1371 - of Wales
de Cherleton, Joyce b.1403 -

de Clare

de Clare, Alienore Countess of Angus b.1290 - Castle Prudhoe, Yorkshire

de Clitheroe

de Clitheroe, Mary -

de Door

de Door, Frederika Katrina - Living

de Etton

de Etton, Elizabeth -

de Forz

de Forz, Aveline (Fortibus) b.1259 - Burstwick, Yorkshire

de Grey

de Grey, Agnes b.1365 - Northumberland

de Holland

de Holland, Eleanor (Alianore) b.1373 - Upholland, Lancashire
de Holland, Thomas b.1314 - Broughton, Buckinghamshire
de Holland, Thomas 2nd Earl of Kent b.1354 - Upholland, Lancashire

De Jesus

De Jesus, Bebas - Living

de Kyme

de Kyme, Lucy Countess of Kyme m.1300 - Castle Prudhoe, Yorkshire

de Mortimer

de Mortimer, Edmund "The Good" 3rd Earl b.1351 - Llangoed, Llyswen, Breconshire, Wales
de Mortimer, Roger b.1374 - Usk, Monmouthshire
de Mortimer, Roger IV "King of Folly" Earl of March b.1287 -

De Putron

De Putron, Mary b.1831 - Guernsey

de Roddam

de Roddam, Joan b.1328 - Roddam, Northumberland

de Ros

de Ros, Eleanor b.1449 - of Ethale, Northcumberland
de Ros, Thomas 10th Baron b.1427 - of Worcestershire

de Tiptoft

de Tiptoft, John b.1400 -

de Umfreville

de Umfreville, Gilbert b.1244 - Castle Prudhoe, Yorkshire
de Umfreville, Maud b.1386 - Castle Harbottle, Yorkshire
de Umfreville, Robert 2nd Earl of Angus b.1277 - Castle Prudhoe, Yorkshire
de Umfreville, Thomas b.1329 - Castle Prudhoe, Yorkshire
de Umfreville, Thomas Lord of Riddlesdale b.1361 - Castle Harbottle, Yorkshire

de Verteuil

de Verteuil, St Yves Daniel b.1875 -


Dean, Eliza Ann b.1819 - Poole, Dorset
Dean, Fanny Young Brooking b.1817 - Poole, Dorset
Dean, John Waldron b.1817 - Poole, Dorset
Dean, Mary Waldron b.1814 - Poole, Dorset
Dean, William -


Dearlove, Louisa m.1806 - Horton With Woodlands, Dorset


Debenham, Albert William d.2005 - Vancouver, British Columbia
Debenham, Alice Muriel b.1885 - Ryde, Isle of Wight (Sep qtr)
Debenham, Amy b.1882 - Willesden, London
Debenham, Arthur b.1845 - Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
Debenham, Arthur Douglas b.1908 -
Debenham, Arthur H. b.1882 - Haverstock Hill, London
Debenham, Arthur Jules b.1871 - Reigate, Surrey
Debenham, Arthur William b.1875 - Ryde, Isle of Wight
Debenham, Charles b.1870 - St Pancras, London (Sep qtr)
Debenham, Charlotte H. b.1862 - St. Pancras, London
Debenham, Christine Jane b.1905 -
Debenham, Claire Georgina - Living
Debenham, Clive Fredrick George - Living
Debenham, Edith Lucy b.1868 - Ryde, Isle of Wight
Debenham, Edwin b.1836 - Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk
Debenham, Edwin Alfred b.1844 - Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
Debenham, Edwin Holford b.1872 - Amwell, Middlesex
Debenham, Elsie b.1884 - Hendon, Middlesex
Debenham, Elsie Linda b.1882 - Hendon
Debenham, Ethel May b.1871 - Ryde, Isle of Wight (Jun qtr)
Debenham, Frederick b.1811 - Middlesex
Debenham, Frederick b.1869 - St Pancras, London
Debenham, Frederick William b.1876 - Weymouth, Dorset
Debenham, George Warder - Living
Debenham, Geraldine Emilie b.1880 - Willesden, London, Middlesex (Mar qtr)
Debenham, Gertrude b.1869 - Ryde, Isle of Wight
Debenham, Hannah b.1809 - St. Giles, Holborn, London
Debenham, Harold Samuel b.1878 - Stoke Newington, Middlesex (Mar qtr)
Debenham, Henry b.1840 - Suffolk
Debenham, Henry Temple b.1883 -
Debenham, Janet Marilyn - Living
Debenham, John m.1772 - St. George's Hanover Square, London
Debenham, John R.N. b.1772 - Bolton Castle, Yorkshire
Debenham, John Samuel b.1870 - St Pancras, London (Sep qtr)
Debenham, John Worley b.1876 - Ryde, Isle of Wight
Debenham, Josephine Marie b.1880 - Bournemouth, Dorset
Debenham, Leonard Coleman b.1879 - Bournemouth, Dorset
Debenham, Lucy b.1801 - Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk
Debenham, Lucy Alice b.1891 - St. Pancras, London (Jun qtr)
Debenham, Lucy Alice (See Notes) b.1869 - Islington, London
Debenham, Lucy Mary b.1842 - Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk
Debenham, Mary b.1799 - Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk
Debenham, Mary b.1774 - Westminster, London
Debenham, Owen Maxwell Garside - Living
Debenham, Philip Eugene b.1877 - Weymouth, Dorset
Debenham, Robert Wayland b.1878 - Ryde, Isle of Wight
Debenham, Rose Mary Garside - Living
Debenham, Ruth Celia b.1886 - Kingston, Surrey (Sep qtr)
Debenham, Samuel b.1796 - Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk
Debenham, Samuel b.1807 - Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk
Debenham, Samuel Fearon b.1775 - Westminster, London
Debenham, Samuel John b.1834 - Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk
Debenham, Son - Living
Debenham, Susan Ann - Living
Debenham, Susannah b.1817 - St. George, Bloomsbury, Middlesex
Debenham, Violet Eva b.1882 - Ryde, Isle of Wight (Mar qtr)
Debenham, Walter Edwin Ashley b.1880 - Ryde, Isle of Wight
Debenham, Walter William J. b.1896 - Gospel Oak, Hampstead, London (Dec qtr)
Debenham, William b.1777 - Westminster, London
Debenham, William b.1804 - Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk
Debenham, William Edwin S. b.1868 - St Pancras, London
Debenham, William Elliot b.1839 - Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk


Delany, Sarah m.1809 - Saint Mary, St Marylebone Road, Saint Marylebone, London


Delicate, Fanny b.1819 - Southwick, Hants


Delouchry, Margaret d.1950 -


Denholm, Ian CBE - Living
Denholm, Katherine Ferguson - Living


Dennis, Hannah c.1820 - Charlton Marshall, Dorset
Dennis, James -


Dennison, John m.1868 - Calverley, Yorkshire


Denshire, George Richards -
Denshire, Isabella Mary c.1825 - Boston, Lincolnshire


Derant, Amelia b.1826 - Southwick, Hampshire


Derham, Benjamin Simon Andrew - Living
Derham, Celia - Living
Derham, Julia - Living
Derham, Lisa - Living
Derham, Philip Andrew Jeremy - Living


Desjardins, Linda Mary - Living


Dewar, Brenda Florence - Living


Dewland, Charles m.1908 - district of Wimborne, Dorset (Mar qtr)
Dewland, Lilian May - Living


Dibben, Douglas A. - Living
Dibben, Sonia - Living


Dickens, Sarah b.1817 - Plymouth, Devon


Dicker, Martha b.1774 - Milton Abbas, Dorset


Dickers, Edith b.1873 - Corfe Mullen, Dorset
Dickers, Emma b.1871 - Corfe Mullen, Dorset
Dickers, Fanny b.1866 - Corfe Mullen, Dorset
Dickers, George b.1869 - Corfe Mullen, Dorset
Dickers, James b.1841 - Basingstoke, Hampshire
Dickers, Mary b.1863 - Corfe Mullen, Dorset


Dickerson, Jeanne Grace Mary - Living


Dickinson, Asenath b.1878 - Hubberts Bridge, Lincolnshire
Dickinson, John Thomas - Living

Dicks (Dix)

Dicks (Dix), James b.1844 - Gosport


Dicks, Fanny (Dix) b.1852 - district of Alverstoke, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Dicks, John -
Dicks, Stephen b.1834 -


Dickson, Benjamin - Living
Dickson, David - Living
Dickson, Samuel d.1958 -


Dietz, Erica - Living
Dietz, Josh - Living
Dietz, Mel - Living


Digby, Emily Frances b.1894 - Paddington, London
Digby, Noel Stephen Fox b.1839 - Bishops Caundle, Shropshire


Dimmick, Ann Osgood c.1838 - Fareham, Hampshire
Dimmick, Emma b.1815 - Botley
Dimmick, Sarah b.1807 - Botley


Dimmock, Harriet b.1813 - Botley, Hampshire
Dimmock, James d.1851 -


Dinner, David -
Dinner, David b.1781 -
Dinner, Thomasine b.1826 -


Ditmas, Julia b.1847 - Beverley, Yorkshire


Divall, Edward m.1837 - Hartfield, Sussex
Divall, Harriet b.1841 - Hartfield, Sussex


Dix, William b.1810 - Titchfield, Hants.


Dixon, Ann Elizabeth c.1840 - Abbey, Saint Albans, Hertfordshire
Dixon, Anthony Michael - Living
Dixon, Heather Joy Elizabeth - Living
Dixon, Henry c.1838 - Saint Peter, Saint Albans, Hertfordshire
Dixon, James b.1838 - St Albans, Hertfordshire
Dixon, Jane b.1842 - Bealieu, Hampshire
Dixon, John m.1833 - Abbey, Saint Albans, Hertfordshire
Dixon, John -
Dixon, Mary b.1848 - St Albans, Hertfordshire
Dixon, Mary Anne b.1889 -
Dixon, Peter William - Living
Dixon, Richard Giles - Living
Dixon, Richard John b.1834 - St Albans, Hertfordshire
Dixon, Stuart - Living
Dixon, William c.1845 - Abbey, Saint Albans, Hertfordshire


Dodds, Alan -
Dodds, Bruce Allan - Living
Dodds, Darryl Craig - Living
Dodds, George - Living
Dodds, Kathy Gayle - Living
Dodds, Patricia - Living
Dodds, Peter - Living
Dodds, Randy Leigh - Living


Doe, Alice b.1866 - Fareham, Hampshire
Doe, Alice b.1888 - Fareham, Hampshire
Doe, Charles b.1889 - Fareham, Hampshire
Doe, Charles George b.1863 - Gosport, Hampshire
Doe, Edith b.1898 - Fareham, Hampshire
Doe, Emily b.1887 - Greenwich, Middlesex
Doe, Frank b.1894 - Fareham, Hampshire
Doe, Frank b.1868 - Fareham, Hampshire
Doe, Fred b.1895 - Fareham, Hampshire
Doe, George b.1828 - Basingstoke, Hampshire
Doe, George b.1890 - Fareham, Hampshire
Doe, Harriet b.1886 - Greenwich, Middlesex
Doe, Harry b.1892 - Fareham, Hampshire
Doe, Harry b.1869 - Fareham, Hampshire
Doe, Jack b.1897 - Fareham, Hampshire
Doe, Nellie -


Dolben, Martha m.1756 -


Dolman, Mary b.1680 - Dorset


Dolton, Reginald C. - Living


Donovan, Ivy - Living


Doolan, Leo Patrick b.1912 - Geraldton, Western Australia
Doolan, Leonie Ellen - Living
Doolan, Patrick -


Dooley, Corwin Vencent -


Dorgan, Rupert Paul - Living


Dorrell, David S.A. - Living


Double, John -
Double, John b.1822 - Ipswich, Suffolk


Doust, Lilian Edith L. b.1898 - Gosport, Hampshire
Doust, William Alexander b.1872 - Portsmouth, Hampshire


Dowker, Jane b.1840 - Stonegrave, Yorkshire


Dowling, Richard (Doling?) m.1853 - Petersfield, Hampshire
Dowling, Thomas (Doling?) - Living


Down, Elizabeth c.1773 - Shapwick, Dorset
Down, Esther m.1865 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Down, Robert - Living
Down, Thomas b.1740 -


Downe, Frances Emily c.1849 - Frampton, Lincolnshire
Downe, George Edward -


Downer, - Living


Doyle, Selina Harriet b.1819 - Tadcaster, Yorkshire
Doyle, Thomas - Living


Dracott, Charles Hammond -
Dracott, Joan Stella Gwendolyn b.1896 -


Drake, Ann b.1851 - Hilton, Dorset
Drake, Henry d.1871 -
Drake, Roland - Living
Drake, Sarah (See Notes) m.1805 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Drake, Sibella Frances b.1856 - St George Hanover Square, London (Jun qtr)


Draper, David m.1826 - Edenbridge,
Draper, Harriett b.1785 -
Draper, James -
Draper, John b.1841 - Trotton, Sussex
Draper, William -


Dreher, Elizabeth -


Drew, Martha b.1809 - Castle Cary, Somerset
Drew, Richard -


Drinkwater, Edwin James b.1886 - Portsmouth, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Drinkwater, Edwin James b.1853 - Bredons Norton, Worcestershire
Drinkwater, Ethel Florence b.1892 - Portsmouth, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Drinkwater, Frederick James b.1887 - Portsmouth, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Drinkwater, Henry Philip b.1898 - Portsmouth, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Drinkwater, Louisa Jane b.1894 - Portsmouth, Hampshire (Sep qtr)
Drinkwater, Mary Cecilia b.1890 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Drinkwater, Olive Elizabeth b.1896 - Portsmouth, Hampshire (Sep qtr)
Drinkwater, William Herbert (Albert) b.1888 - Portsmouth, Hampshire (Sep qtr)


Drury, Arthur C.L. b.1919 - district of Blean, Kent
Drury, David G. - Living
Drury, Peter W. - Living


Dubay, Bryan - Living
Dubay, Daniel Adam - Living


Dugan, Azalia Alberta - Living


Dugdale, Elizabeth b.1873 - East Parley, Hants.
Dugdale, George W. b.1875 - East Parley, Hants.
Dugdale, John b.1844 - East Parley, Hants.
Dugdale, Louisa A. b.1879 - West Parley, Dorset.
Dugdale, Walter J. b.1869 - East Parley, Hants.


Duggan-Jones, Connie - Living


Dumaresq, William Alexander b.1836 - New South Wales, Australia


Duncan, Amanda - Living
Duncan, Mary - Living


Dunne, Elizabeth "Etta" Harriet b.1875 - Allahabad, India
Dunne, female - Living
Dunne, female - Living
Dunne, male - Living
Dunne, male - Living
Dunne, Patrick -
Dunne, Patrick Andrew b.1852 - Newton, Barry, Cardiff
Dunne, Stella Grace d.1975 - LaPorte, Indiana
Dunne, William Charles b.1877 - Calcutta, India


Dunster, James b.1795 -
Dunster, Naomi Jane c.1819 - Veryan, Cornwall


Durrant, Emma b.1870 - Spitalfields, London


Dyman, child - Living
Dyman, Mickey - Living
Dyman, Nathan - Living


Dynan, Christopher Kevin b.1917 -
Dynan, Christopher T. - Living
Dynan, Dennis - Living
Dynan, Geraldine - Living
Dynan, John - Living
Dynan, Malcolm Wield - Living
Dynan, Mary - Living
Dynan, Terrence - Living


Dyson, Edgar b.1868 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Dyson, Edwin b.1838 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Dyson, Lucy Ann b.1843 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Dyson, Muriel b.1897 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Dyson, Philip Edwin b.1893 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire


E, male - Living
E, Shuyi b.1957 -


Eames, Harriett b.1815 - Southwick, Hampshire


Early, Catherine Lyth b.1917 - Witney, Oxfordshire
Early, Edward Cole b.1883 - district of Witney, Oxfordshire (Jun qtr)


East, John -
East, Sarah c.1766 - Deddington, Oxfordshire


Easton, George b.1888 -
Easton, Peggy b.1920 -


Eastwood, Alice b.1831 -
Eastwood, John -


Eaton, Alice m.1784 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Eaton, Dawn - Living


Eborall, Sarah b.1835 - Chelsea, London


Ecroyd, Margaret Joan - Living


Edington, Harriet Maria b.1864 - Skipton, Yorkshire


Edmonds, Andrew Thomas - Living
Edmonds, Beatrice C. - Living
Edmonds, Dawn Annette - Living
Edmonds, George Graham (Chick) b.1919 -
Edmonds, June Frances - Living
Edmonds, Michael John b.1941 -
Edmonds, Robert James - Living


Edney, Emma b.1838 - Southwick, Hampshire


Edroff, Henry John S. m.1888 - Lambeth, London (Dec qtr)


Edwardes, Gerard Noel 2nd Bt Barham b.1759 - of Beauchamp, Leicestershire


Edwards, Louise m.1860 - Tonbridge, Kent
Edwards, Obadiah m.1834 - Hartfield, Sussex
Edwards, Phyllis M. - Living


Egerton, Francis Charles Granville 3rd Earl of Ellesmere b.1847 -
Egerton, Katherine Augusta Victoria b.1877 - Westminster, London


Elcock, Alfred b.1863 - Romsey, Hampshire
Elcock, Angelina b.1869 - Romsey, Hampshire
Elcock, Arthur Albert b.1914 - Romsey, Hampshire (Church Road)
Elcock, Christine Leslie - Living
Elcock, Gladys Louise b.1897 - Romsey, Hampshire
Elcock, Harry b.1860 - Romsey, Hampshire
Elcock, Helen Gertrude (Nell) b.1912 - Romsey, Hampshire (Church Road)
Elcock, Jacob -
Elcock, John b.1821 - Hursley, Hampshire
Elcock, Julia Bonnie - Living
Elcock, Patricia Ethel - Living
Elcock, Robin William - Living
Elcock, William b.1866 - Romsey, Hampshire
Elcock, William Frederick b.1889 - district of Romsey, Hampshire
Elcock, William Harry b.1918 - Romsey, Hampshire (Church Road)


Elesbury, James -


Elkins, Alice b.1861 - Winterbourne Zelstone, Dorset
Elkins, John b.1830 - Winterbourne Zelstone, Dorset


Ellen, Grace b.1795 -


Ellington, Eliza "Emily" c.1824 - Freston, Suffolk
Ellington, Harriet c.1828 - Freston, Suffolk
Ellington, John c.1826 - Freston, Suffolk
Ellington, Rachael b.1838 - Freston, Suffolk
Ellington, Robert b.1831 - Suffolk
Ellington, Robert b.1786 - Suffolk


Ellis, Ann b.1835 - Catherington, Hampshire
Ellis, Ann E. b.1862 - Liverpool, Lancashire
Ellis, Charlotte b.1836 - Catherington, Hampshire
Ellis, Francis Jervoise Ellis-Jervoise b.1809 - Shalstone, Buckinghamshire
Ellis, George b.1859 - Liverpool, Lancashire
Ellis, Hannah b.1804 - Gildersome, Yorkshire
Ellis, Henry b.1843 - Catherington, Hampshire
Ellis, James -
Ellis, Jane b.1839 - Catherington, Hampshire
Ellis, Jane b.1823 - Deighton, Huddersfield.
Ellis, John b.1840 - Catherington, Hampshire
Ellis, Judith b.1790 -
Ellis, male -
Ellis, Mary b.1832 - Catherington, Hampshire
Ellis, Matilda Elizabeth b.1844 - Catherington, Hampshire
Ellis, Mr d.1841 -
Ellis, Mrs d.1841 -
Ellis, Sarah b.1833 - Catherington, Hampshire
Ellis, Victoria -
Ellis, William b.1796 - Catherington, Hampshire


Ellis-Jervoise, Constance Catherine b.1852 - Britford, Salisbury, Wiltshire (Sep qtr)


Ellison, Bartholomew Guy - Living
Ellison, Charles Christopher JP -
Ellison, Grimshaw b.1853 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Ellison, Guy Moreton b.1883 - district of Lincoln, Lincs. (Mar qtr)
Ellison, Mary Elizabeth b.1856 - Burnley, Lancashire
Ellison, William b.1814 - Otley, Yorkshire


Elmer, Ann c.1816 - Stoke by Nayland, Suffolk
Elmer, James -


Elms, Sarah b.1840 - Shepton Mallet, Somerset


Elsbury, Abraham b.1822 - Sidmonton, Hampshire
Elsbury, Charles Frederick b.1910 - Hackney, London
Elsbury, Charles Henry b.1880 - Haggerston, Middlesex
Elsbury, Frederick James c.1854 - Saint Giles, Reading, Berkshire
Elsbury, Frederick William b.1878 - Haggerston, Middlesex (Dec qtr)
Elsbury, Gabriel b.1823 - Sydmonton, Hampshire
Elsbury, Gordon - Living
Elsbury, Lilian Ada b.1914 - Newton-in-Mottram, Hyde, Cheshire
Elsbury, Maurice Ernest b.1883 - Walthamstow, Essex
Elsbury, Pauline M. - Living


Em, Anne b.1744 - Buriton
Em, Elizabeth b.1743 - Buriton
Em, John b.1746 - Buriton
Em, John -
Em, Mary b.1748 -
Em, Thomas b.1747 - Buriton


Embry, Jennifer - Living


Emery, Ada -
Emery, Alice Ada b.1870 - Leighton Buzzard, Bedford
Emery, Annie b.1871 - Leighton Buzzard, Bedford
Emery, Elizabeth Flemons b.1856 - Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire
Emery, Emmeline Fripp b.1884 -
Emery, Florence May b.1873 - Leighton Buzzard, Bedford
Emery, Frederick b.1854 - Leighton Buzzard, Bedford
Emery, Frederick b.1829 -
Emery, Frederick O. b.1873 - Toddington, Bedford
Emery, Frederick William b.1892 - Australia
Emery, Jennie b.1865 - Leighton Buzzard, Bedford
Emery, John d.1914 -
Emery, John b.1855 - Leighton Buzzard, Bedford
Emery, Marlene Jane - Living
Emery, Mary Louise c.1858 - Leighton Buzzard, Bedford
Emery, Rachel Ann b.1861 - Stanbridge, Bedford
Emery, Rose May b.1893 - Sutton-at-Hone, Kent (Mar qtr)
Emery, Sarah -
Emery, Sarah Jane b.1863 - Leighton Buzzard, Bedford
Emery, William Charles b.1859 - Leighton Buzzard, Bedford


Emm, Bett b.1780 - Buriton
Emm, Charles b.1849 - Buriton.
Emm, Charles b.1831 - Buriton.
Emm, Emery b.1810 - Buriton
Emm, Fanny b.1854 - Buriton.
Emm, Fanny b.1788 - Buriton
Emm, Frances Charlotte b.1851 - Buriton.
Emm, Harriet b.1866 - Buriton, Hampshire
Emm, Henry b.1840 - Buriton, Hampshire
Emm, Henry b.1816 - Buriton
Emm, Henry b.1813 - Buriton
Emm, Henry b.1790 - Buriton
Emm, James b.1842 - Buriton
Emm, James b.1826 - Buriton.
Emm, Jane b.1851 - Buriton.
Emm, John b.1813 - Buriton
Emm, John b.1808 - Buriton
Emm, John b.1795 - Buriton
Emm, Kate b.1855 - Buriton.
Emm, Margaret b.1753 - Buriton
Emm, Mariann b.1818 - Buriton
Emm, Mary Ann b.1847 - Buriton.
Emm, Mary Ann b.1840 - Buriton.
Emm, Robert b.1828 - Buriton.
Emm, Rosa b.1862 - Buriton.
Emm, Sally b.1782 - Buriton
Emm, Sarah b.1751 - Buriton
Emm, Sarah Elizabeth b.1858 - Buriton.
Emm, Thomas b.1821 - Buriton.
Emm, Thomas b.1806 - Buriton, Hampshire
Emm, Thomas b.1783 - Buriton
Emm, William b.1845 - Buriton.
Emm, William b.1823 - Buriton.


Empson, Amaziah -
Empson, Marianne b.1816 - Spellow Hill, Boroughbridge, Yorkshire


Ems, Betty m.1777 - St. Mary's, Portsea


Engelbrecht, Gideon Josua Rossouw - Living


Escolme, Lisa - Living
Escolme, Ray - Living


Eunson, Lillian Martha -


Evans, Alan - Living
Evans, Albert Edward Redwood b.1903 -
Evans, Anita - Living
Evans, Bronwyn Anne - Living
Evans, Dale Charles d.1985 -
Evans, Dale Emma - Living
Evans, David Thomas Cadwaldr - Living
Evans, Donald David Patrick - Living
Evans, Kerridwen Mary - Living
Evans, Mary J. - Living
Evans, Mollie b.1929 -
Evans, Mr - Living
Evans, Rachel - Living
Evans, Russ NP d.2007 - Australia
Evans, Sandra - Living
Evans, Susan Anne - Living


Everest, Abel c.1880 - Hartfield, Sussex
Everest, Abel b.1840 - Hartfield, Sussex
Everest, Catherine Maude c.1883 - Hartfield, Sussex
Everest, Edward b.1762 -
Everest, Emily b.1843 -
Everest, Harriet Sarah c.1835 - Hartfield, Sussex.
Everest, Helen c.1865 - Hartfield, Sussex
Everest, James c.1868 - Hartfield, Sussex
Everest, James b.1831 - Hartfield, Sussex.
Everest, James b.1800 - Hartfield, Sussex.
Everest, James m.1830 - Brasted, Kent
Everest, John b.1729 -
Everest, John c.1872 - Hartfield, Sussex
Everest, Lydia b.1838 - Hartfield, Sussex.
Everest, Marrianne c.1864 - Hartfield, Sussex
Everest, Sarah Anne c.1875 - Hartfield, Sussex
Everest, Thomas b.1833 - Hartfield, Sussex.
Everest, William b.1687 -
Everest, William b.1828 - Hartfield, Sussex.


Exley, Bertha b.1874 - Saltaire, Yorkshire
Exley, Elizabeth b.1856 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Exley, Elizabeth b.1799 - Buxstone Baptist, Rawdon, Yorkshire
Exley, Elizabeth c.1828 - Buxstone Baptist, Rawdon, Yorkshire
Exley, Frederick b.1862 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Exley, John b.1790 - Buxstone Baptist, Rawdon, Yorkshire
Exley, John Copley b.1865 - Calverley, Yorkshire (Dec qtr)
Exley, Joseph b.1864 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Exley, Joseph b.1797 - Buxstone Baptist, Rawdon, Yorkshire
Exley, Mary b.1795 - Buxstone Baptist, Rawdon, Yorkshire
Exley, Phebe Hannah b.1855 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Exley, Phoebe b.1837 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Exley, Samuel b.1805 - Buxstone Baptist, Rawdon, Yorkshire
Exley, Samuel c.1835 - Buxstone Baptist, Rawdon, Yorkshire
Exley, Sarah b.1791 - Buxstone Baptist, Rawdon, Yorkshire
Exley, Sarah Ann b.1860 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Exley, Sibyl b.1802 - Buxstone Baptist, Rawdon, Yorkshire
Exley, Susanna c.1834 - Buxstone Baptist, Rawdon, Yorkshire
Exley, William -
Exley, William Grimshaw c.1832 - Buxstone Baptist, Rawdon, Yorkshire


Eyre, Luke m.1752 - Peak Forest, Derbyshire


Eyres, Bonnie - Living
Eyres, David c.1841 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Eyres, George b.1815 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Eyres, Jacob c.1846 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Eyres, Jemima c.1843 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Eyres, Ruth b.1852 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Eyres, William -


Fagg, Alexander Thomas Smith b.1848 - Capel-le-Ferne, Kent (Dec qtr)
Fagg, Annie b.1870 - Capel, Kent
Fagg, Annie Elizabeth -
Fagg, Archer "Arthur" Llewellyn John William b.1907 - Holborn, London
Fagg, Archer Llewellyn De Heritz b.1880 - St Ishmaels, Carmarthen, Wales
Fagg, Charlotte b.1871 - Capel, Kent
Fagg, Edith Victoria C. De Heritz b.1886 - Holloway, London (Mar qtr)
Fagg, Ethel Alexandra E. De Heritz b.1891 - City Road, London (Jun qtr)
Fagg, John William b.1846 - Capel-le-Ferne, Kent (Sep qtr)
Fagg, Kathleen (nee Hebdidge) b.1875 - Melcombe Regis, Dorset
Fagg, Melodia Elizabeth De Heritz b.1878 - Tenby, Pembroke, Wales
Fagg, Patrick John (nee Hebdidge) b.1876 - Torquay, Devon
Fagg, Thomas -
Fagg, Thomas b.1794 - Lyminge, Kent
Fagg, Thomas William b.1847 - Capel-le-Ferne, Kent (Sep qtr)
Fagg, Verena Maude J. De Heritz b.1889 - City Road, London (Sep qtr)


Fairall, Sarah b.1816 - Caterham, Surrey


Fairbank, Martha c.1762 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Fairbank, Mary c.1764 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Fairbank, Rebecca b.1778 -
Fairbank, Thomas -


Fairfax, Ann b.1587 - of Street Houses, Yorkshire
Fairfax, Clarissa b.1325 - Walton, Yorkshire
Fairfax, Dorothy b.1585 - of Street Houses, Yorkshire
Fairfax, Gabriel -
Fairfax, Gabriel b.1532 -
Fairfax, Guy b.1434 - Carthorpe, Yorkshire
Fairfax, Henry b.1529 - of Street Houses ?
Fairfax, Isabella b.1637 - Steeton, Yorkshire
Fairfax, Mary -
Fairfax, Phillip c.1586 - Steeton, Yorkshire
Fairfax, Richard b.1418 - of Walto Gilling
Fairfax, Thomas -
Fairfax, William b.1459 - Steeton, Yorkshire
Fairfax, William b.1504 - Steeton, Yorkshire
Fairfax, William b.1556 - Steeton, Yorkshire
Fairfax, William b.1609 -


Fall, Andrew - Living
Fall, Angela - Living
Fall, Fanny c.1836 - Great Canford, Dorset
Fall, James b.1813 - Canford, Dorset
Fall, Michael - Living
Fall, William b.1841 - Corfe Mullen, Dorset


Fanshawe, Mary Ann b.1864 - Eckington, Derbyshire


Farmer, Alison Mary - Living


Fathers, Sue - Living


Fazackerley, Gary Thomas - Living
Fazackerley, John Victor - Living
Fazackerley, Mark Antony - Living
Fazackerley, Nicholas John - Living
Fazackerley, Stephen Michael Kenneth - Living


Fearnsides, Mary b.1772 - Kirkgate, Leeds, Yorkshire


Fearon, Elizabeth m.1800 - St George the Martyr, Southwark, Surrey
Fearon, Lydia m.1772 - St. George's Hanover Square, London


Featherston, Alice Margaret m.1871 - Wellington, New Zealand


Fellows, miss - Living


Feltham, Christian b.1745 -
Feltham, Martin James - Living


Fenn, Christopher John - Living
Fenn, John - Living
Fenn, Laura - Living
Fenn, Mark Alexander - Living


Fernley, James b.1796 - (Not Lancashire), of Platt Hall, nr Manchester, Lancashire
Fernley, James Holy c.1827 - Cathedral, Manchester, Lancashire
Fernley, Joseph Holdsworth c.1829 - Cathedral, Manchester, Lancashire


Fetherstonhaugh, Eileen Jane Veronica - Living
Fetherstonhaugh, Emily Cecilia m.1899 -
Fetherstonhaugh, Henry b.1826 -
Fetherstonhaugh, Henry Hewson b.1874 -
Fetherstonhaugh, Hubert Arthur John - Living
Fetherstonhaugh, Jessie Frances Shelagh - Living
Fetherstonhaugh, John Rupert - Living
Fetherstonhaugh, Laura Hardy d.1937 -
Fetherstonhaugh, Paul Henry - Living
Fetherstonhaugh, Rupert John b.1875 -
Fetherstonhaugh, William b.1783 - Carrick, Co. Westmeath, Ireland


Fiander, Annie b.1876 - Sheffield, Yorkshire
Fiander, Ellen b.1866 - Barnsley, Dorset
Fiander, George b.1852 - Tarrant Keynston, Dorset
Fiander, Hannah c.1849 - Tarrant Keynston, Dorset
Fiander, Jesse b.1872 - Wimborne, Dorset
Fiander, Margaret c.1844 - Tarrant Keynston, Dorset
Fiander, Mary Ann c.1876 - Milton Abbas, Dorset
Fiander, Mary Melina b.1878 - Sheffield, Yorkshire
Fiander, Stephen b.1850 - Milton Abbas, Dorset
Fiander, Thomas b.1841 - Tarrant Keynston, Dorset
Fiander, William m.1840 - district of Blandford, Dorset (Sep qtr)


Fidler, Christine Violet - Living
Fidler, Douglas - Living
Fidler, Greg - Living
Fidler, Herbert - Living
Fidler, Trevor - Living


Field, Joan - Living
Field, John m.1782 - Guiseley, Yorkshire


Fielder, Eliza b.1823 - Fareham, Hampshire


Fieldhouse, Eileen b.1902 - Nuneaton, Warwickshire
Fieldhouse, Hannah (See Notes) -
Fieldhouse, Harry b.1865 - Bowling, Bradford, Yorkshire


Fiford, Moses c.1803 - Horton, Dorset
Fiford, Richard -


Fink, Elizabeth Margaret - Living


Finneran, Arthur Christopher - Living
Finneran, Bradley - Living
Finneran, Craig Anthony - Living
Finneran, Owanna Fransesca - Living


Finnie, Moira Livingstone - Living
Finnie, William - Living


Fiorenza, Lena - Living


Firth, Hannah m.1743 - Yorkshire


Fisher, Winifred Annie b.1891 - Toronto, Canada


Fitzalan, Alice b.1350 - Arundel, Sussex
Fitzalan, Richard "Copped Hat" 10th Earl b.1313 - of Arundel, Sussex


Fitzhenry, Alice b.1206 - of Naburn, Yorkshire
Fitzhenry, Thomas -


Fitzwilliams, Eleanor m.1440 - Castle Harewood, Yorkshire


Flack, Edith Anne b.1889 - Sunderland, Durham


Flemons, Mary b.1828 - Eaton Bray, Leighton Buzzard, Buckingham


Fletcher, Alan Stanley - Living
Fletcher, Ann b.1850 - Derbyshire
Fletcher, Anne - Living
Fletcher, Caleb b.1859 - South Australia
Fletcher, Carl Joshua - Living
Fletcher, Catherine - Living
Fletcher, Claire - Living
Fletcher, Elizabeth b.1810 - Idle, Yorkshire
Fletcher, Ellen b.1855 - South Australia
Fletcher, Emily Janet Dawn - Living
Fletcher, Frank Keith b.1904 -
Fletcher, George b.1823 - Nottingham, UK
Fletcher, George Wesley b.1902 -
Fletcher, Georgia - Living
Fletcher, Hannah b.1800 - Yeadon, Yorkshire
Fletcher, Hilary Gay - Living
Fletcher, Jane Carlene - Living
Fletcher, Jeff - Living
Fletcher, John (or Charles John) b.1864 - South Australia
Fletcher, Joshua b.1862 - of Western Australia
Fletcher, Judith b.1965 -
Fletcher, Julie - Living
Fletcher, Leslie Carl b.1907 - Mount Helena, Australia
Fletcher, Marion Leslie - Living
Fletcher, Mark - Living
Fletcher, Mary b.1848 - Derbyshire
Fletcher, Megan - Living
Fletcher, Melvyn "Splints" Charles Stuart - Living
Fletcher, Merle Elizabeth - Living
Fletcher, miss - Living
Fletcher, Neil - Living
Fletcher, Noelle Joy b.1936 -
Fletcher, Olga - Living
Fletcher, Ronald - Living
Fletcher, Rose Elizabeth - Living
Fletcher, Stanley b.1900 -
Fletcher, Stanley Murray - Living
Fletcher, Stuart James - Living
Fletcher, Tracey - Living
Fletcher, William b.1853 - South Australia


Flockhart, Claire Lorraine - Living


Flux, Catherine M. -


Foot, Beda Forbes b.1902 - district of West Ham, Essex


Foote, William Stovel b.1818 -


Ford, Caroline c.1831 - Alverstoke, Hampshire
Ford, Charlotte Eliza c.1818 - Alverstoke, Hampshire
Ford, David c.1814 - Alverstoke, Hampshire
Ford, David b.1787 - Alverstoke, Hampshire
Ford, Elizabeth c.1828 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
Ford, Ellen c.1820 - Alverstoke, Hampshire
Ford, George c.1826 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
Ford, Mary Ann c.1815 - Alverstoke, Hampshire
Ford, Samuel c.1834 - Alverstoke, Hampshire
Ford, Sarah c.1823 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
Ford, Sarah m.1803 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Ford, Stephen - Living


Forder, John Thomas m.1889 - district of Christchurch, Hampshire (Sep qtr)
Forder, Mabel b.1889 - Bournemouth


Formby, Christopher Hope b.1861 - Sampford, Essex (Mar qtr)
Formby, Myles Lonsdall DL, JP -


Forrest, Henry b.1840 - Poole, Dorset
Forrest, James b.1809 - Hinton Parva, Dorset
Forrest, John b.1844 - Witchampton, Dorset
Forrest, Mary b.1801 - Rawdon, Yorkshire


Forte, Graham - Living


Foster, Aaron b.1764 -
Foster, Aaron c.1725 - Long Sutton, Somerset
Foster, Alice M. b.1867 - Isle of Wight
Foster, Andrew b.1767 -
Foster, Ann -
Foster, Antony - Living
Foster, Edward b.1757 -
Foster, Ellen F. b.1870 - Southsea, Hampshire
Foster, Ernest Roy - Living
Foster, Esther -
Foster, Frances b.1761 - Wells, Somerset
Foster, Frances St. Barbe b.1828 - Dowsby, Lincolnshire
Foster, Francis Drake b.1794 -
Foster, George Jones b.1852 -
Foster, Henry Joseph b.1845 - Hardingstone, Northamptonshire
Foster, Jane - Living
Foster, Kate Lyth b.1879 - district of Sheffield, Yorkshire (Dec qtr)
Foster, Kingsman c.1783 - Ryhall, Rutland
Foster, Lucy - Living
Foster, Lucy Jane b.1862 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Foster, male - Living
Foster, Margaret Ann b.1769 -
Foster, Margaret Lyth b.1889 - district of Liverpool, Lancashire (Dec qtr)
Foster, Mary c.1821 - Kingsclere, Hampshire
Foster, Moses c.1690 - Aller, Somerset
Foster, Owen Lyth b.1881 - district of Altrincham, Cheshire (Dec qtr)
Foster, Percival b.1816 - Stourbridge, Worcester
Foster, Robert b.1766 -
Foster, Robert m.1878 - district of Alverstoke, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Foster, Stephen b.1777 - Kingsclere, Hampshire
Foster, Thomas b.1760 -
Foster, William -
Foster, William m.1610 - Aller, Somerset
Foster, William c.1614 - Aller, Somerset
Foster, William c.1646 - Aller, Somerset
Foster, William b.1839 - Tilehurst, Berkshire
Foster, William Alfred c.1864 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire


Fowler, George Henry m.1903 - Islington, London (Dec qtr)
Fowler, Lorna Gladys - Living


Fox, Georgina Emily b.1878 - Northumberland


Foxley, Ada b.1860 - Islington, London
Foxley, Charles b.1835 - Islington, London
Foxley, Lizzie b.1863 - Islington, London


Foxwell, Henry Thomas (Jim) b.1890 - Highbridge, Somerset.


Foyle, Abraham c.1817 - Witchampton, Dorset.
Foyle, Abraham c.1821 - Witchampton, Dorset.
Foyle, Abraham c.1815 - Witchampton, Dorset.
Foyle, Abraham c.1744 - Witchampton, Dorset.
Foyle, Alfred b.1830 - Somerset
Foyle, Alfred b.1849 - Henstridge, Somerset
Foyle, Ann (nee Fiford) b.1845 - Verwood, Cranborne, Dorset (Mar qtr)
Foyle, Ann (See Notes) b.1797 - Witchampton, Dorset
Foyle, Ann F. b.1840 - Somerset
Foyle, Annie b.1864 - Henstridge, Somerset
Foyle, Annie Eliza c.1860 - Witchampton, Dorset
Foyle, Archibald b.1888 - Sherborne, Dorset
Foyle, Beatrice Louisa b.1876 - Sherborne, Dorset
Foyle, Betty c.1749 - Witchampton, Dorset.
Foyle, Charles c.1784 - Critchell Moore, Dorset
Foyle, Charles George c.1834 - Cranborne, Dorset
Foyle, Cyril b.1896 - Sherborne, Dorset
Foyle, Edmund b.1851 - Henstridge, Somerset
Foyle, Eliza b.1843 - Somerset
Foyle, Eliza b.1867 - Henstridge, Somerset
Foyle, Elizabeth c.1780 - Witchampton, Dorset.
Foyle, Emma b.1838 - Somerset
Foyle, Frances c.1806 - Witchampton, Dorset.
Foyle, Frances c.1784 - Witchampton, Dorset.
Foyle, Frank c.1852 - Horton, Dorset
Foyle, Frederick b.1859 - Henstridge, Somerset
Foyle, George b.1854 - Henstridge, Somerset
Foyle, George b.1806 - Cranborne, Dorset
Foyle, Hannah c.1794 - Moor Critchell, Dorset
Foyle, Henry c.1857 - Horton, Dorset
Foyle, Ida b.1892 - Sherborne, Dorset
Foyle, Isaac c.1818 - Witchampton, Dorset.
Foyle, Isaac c.1739 - Witchampton, Dorset
Foyle, Isabella (See Notes) b.1796 - Dorset
Foyle, James b.1813 - Dorset
Foyle, James c.1793 - Critchell Moore, Dorset
Foyle, James c.1770 - Witchampton, Dorset
Foyle, James c.1797 - Witchampton, Dorset.
Foyle, Joe b.1846 - Somerset
Foyle, John c.1746 - Witchampton, Dorset.
Foyle, John b.1720 -
Foyle, John c.1777 - Witchampton, Dorset.
Foyle, John Robert b.1857 - Henstridge, Somerset
Foyle, Joseph c.1775 - Witchampton, Dorset.
Foyle, Josiah b.1819 - Shaftesbury, Dorset
Foyle, Leah c.1805 - Witchampton, Dorset.
Foyle, Maria b.1822 - Witchampton, Dorset.
Foyle, Martha b.1827 - Dorset
Foyle, Mary b.1862 - Henstridge, Somerset
Foyle, Mary c.1807 - Witchampton, Dorset.
Foyle, Mary c.1801 - Witchampton, Dorset.
Foyle, Mary c.1803 - Witchampton, Dorset.
Foyle, Mary Ann c.1823 - Witchampton, Dorset.
Foyle, Mary Ann c.1803 - Witchampton, Dorset.
Foyle, Matilda c.1811 - Witchampton, Dorset.
Foyle, Phyllis c.1782 - Witchampton, Dorset.
Foyle, Ralph George b.1878 - Sherborne, Dorset
Foyle, Reginald b.1883 - Sherborne, Dorset
Foyle, Robert c.1855 - Witchampton, Dorset
Foyle, Ronald b.1886 - Sherborne, Dorset
Foyle, Sarah b.1848 - Somerset
Foyle, Sarah b.1851 - Verwood, Dorset
Foyle, Sarah c.1798 - Witchampton, Dorset.
Foyle, Sarah c.1772 - Witchampton, Dorset.
Foyle, Sarah Ann c.1837 - Cranborne, Dorset
Foyle, Tom c.1859 - Horton, Dorset
Foyle, William b.1851 - Bristol, Gloucestershire
Foyle, William b.1786 - Shaftesbury, Dorset
Foyle, William b.1847 - Temple Coombe, Somerset
Foyle, William b.1822 - Shaftesbury, Dorset
Foyle, William b.1733 -
Foyle, William c.1754 - Witchampton, Dorset
Foyle, William Isaac c.1857 - Witchampton, Dorset
Foyle, William John c.1855 - Cranborne, Dorset


Francis, Alan - Living
Francis, Alfred - Living
Francis, Colin - Living
Francis, John -
Francis, Karen - Living
Francis, Kenneth - Living
Francis, Mary b.1864 - Brighton, Sussex
Francis, Paul - Living
Francis, Steven - Living
Francis, Terry - Living
Francis, Thomas Frank b.1871 - Brighton, Sussex
Francis, Vernon "Snowy" m.1945 - district of Gosport, Hants. (Mar qtr)
Francis, William b.1841 -


Franco, Jennifer - Living
Franco, Lorianne - Living
Franco, Philip - Living


Frank, Frances Anne b.1874 -
Frank, John d.1895 -


Frankland, James b.1665 - Yeadon, Guiseley (later of Kirby, Moorside), Yorkshire


Franklin, David Ormond - Living
Franklin, Maureen Hazel - Living
Franklin, Ormond - Living


Fraser, Bryant - Living
Fraser, Claudia - Living
Fraser, Jane b.1849 - Poor House Lane, Alverstoke, Hants.
Fraser, Martha b.1847 - Portsea, Hants.
Fraser, Robert b.1810 - Scotland
Fraser, Tom - Living


Freame, John b.1665 - of Bush Hill, Edmonton, London
Freame, Priscilla b.1702 - of London, Middlesex
Freame, Sarah b.1708 - Lombard Street, City of London


Freebody, Audrey J. - Living


Freeborn, Ann m.1815 - Witchampton, Dorset.
Freeborn, Phillis c.1795 - Wimborne Minster, Dorset
Freeborn, Thomas -


Freeman, Hilda Gladys b.1891 - Gloucester, Gloucestershire.
Freeman, Mary Jane -


Freep, Fanny c.1788 - Witchampton, Dorset


Freer, Lilian A. (See Notes) - Living


Freese, Audrey Marion b.1896 - Canterbury, Kent (Dec qtr)
Freese, Evelyn b.1893 - Yokohama, Japan
Freese, Frederick Edmeston b.1863 - Milton by Gravesend, Kent


Freeston, Alfred b.1888 - Havant, Hampshire
Freeston, Alfred Charles b.1860 - Salisbury, Wiltshire
Freeston, Annie Catherine b.1890 - Havant, Hampshire
Freeston, William b.1886 - Havant, Hampshire


French, Mary Anne b.1819 - Wimborne, Dorset
French, Robert - Living
French, Sarah b.1810 - Gillingham, Kent


Frenton, Jane m.1761 - Alverstoke, Hampshire


Fricker, Diana b.1833 - South Tidworth, Hampshire


Friel, Sylvia - Living


Frip, Prudence c.1785 - Witchampton, Dorset


Fripp, Abraham b.1809 - Dudmoor, Hants.
Fripp, Abraham b.1846 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Abraham Foyle b.1808 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Ada May b.1903 - Narra Tarra, Western Australia
Fripp, Ada Methven b.1911 -
Fripp, Adam - Living
Fripp, Adeline b.1892 - Wimborne, Dorset
Fripp, Adrian R. - Living
Fripp, Agnes Ellen b.1890 - Christchurch, Hampshire
Fripp, Agnes Rose b.1889 - Hilton, Dorset (Sep qtr)
Fripp, Aine c.1845 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Alan D. - Living
Fripp, Alan Wesley Giles b.1914 - Western Australia
Fripp, Albert b.1879 - Heatherlands, Dorset
Fripp, Albert - Living
Fripp, Albert b.1870 - Witchampton.
Fripp, Albert E. b.1877 - Pimlico, London, Middlesex
Fripp, Albert Ernest b.1879 - Australia
Fripp, Albert Mark - Living
Fripp, Albert Mark b.1880 - Portsmouth, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Fripp, Albert S. - Living
Fripp, Aleck John b.1905 - district of Bromley, Kent (Mar qtr)
Fripp, Alfred David b.1909 - district of Wimborne, Dorset
Fripp, Alfred E. b.1923 - Bristol, Gloucestershire (Jun qtr)
Fripp, Alfred George - Living
Fripp, Alfred Henry b.1869 - Australia
Fripp, Alfred Henry b.1839 - Hinton, Hampshire
Fripp, Alfred James b.1823 - Bath, Somerset
Fripp, Alfred Mark b.1905 - Geraldton, Western Australia
Fripp, Alfred Tom b.1877 - Moor Crichell, Dorset
Fripp, Alice b.1888 - Birmingham, Warwickshire
Fripp, Alice c.1780 - Tollard Royal, Dorset
Fripp, Alice E. b.1880 - Fratton, Portsmouth, Hampshire
Fripp, Alice Edith b.1884 - Willesden, Middlesex
Fripp, Alice Kate b.1887 - Witchampton, Dorset (Dec qtr)
Fripp, Alice L. b.1899 - Bristol, Gloucestershire
Fripp, Allison - Living
Fripp, Alwyn Frederick Charles - Living
Fripp, Amanda Louise - Living
Fripp, Amelia b.1848 - Witchampton, Dorset.
Fripp, Amy b.1877 - Lyndhurst, Hampshire
Fripp, Amy b.1859 - Broughton, Hampshire
Fripp, Amy Eva L. b.1876 - district of Southampton, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Fripp, Andrew b.1833 - Hampshire
Fripp, Andrew d.2000 -
Fripp, Andrew Percy b.1870 - Camberwell, London
Fripp, Ann c.1808 - Milton, Hampshire
Fripp, Ann b.1841 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Fripp, Ann c.1820 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, Ann - Living
Fripp, Ann b.1815 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Ann Coral - Living
Fripp, Ann E. - Living
Fripp, Ann Estelle - Living
Fripp, Anna Jane c.1847 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Anna Jane c.1859 - Toller Porcorum, Dorset
Fripp, Anne Clara b.1880 - Kensington, Middlesex
Fripp, Annie b.1888 - Christchurch, Hampshire
Fripp, Annie b.1882 - Lyndhurst, Hampshire
Fripp, Annie b.1882 - Moor Crichell, Dorset
Fripp, Annie Louisa b.1898 - Milton Abbas, Dorset (Sep qtr)
Fripp, Annie Maria b.1870 - Kidderminster, Worcester (Sep qtr)
Fripp, Anthony - Living
Fripp, Anthony Charles - Living
Fripp, Anthony Stephen - Living
Fripp, Archibald c.1863 - Lyndhurst, Hampshire
Fripp, Archibald V. - Living
Fripp, Arthur b.1861 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Fripp, Arthur b.1883 - Moor Crichell, Dorset
Fripp, Arthur C. b.1886 - Holdenhurst.
Fripp, Arthur Charles b.1870 - Witchampton
Fripp, Arthur Edward c.1876 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, Arthur George b.1886 - Chiseldon, Wiltshire (Mar qtr)
Fripp, Arthur Henry b.1910 - Gosport, Hampshire
Fripp, Augusta Lucy b.1874 - Lyndhurst, Hampshire (Sep qtr)
Fripp, Augustine Thomas b.1858 - Spetisbury, Dorset (Sep qtr)
Fripp, Austin Alexander - Living
Fripp, Austin Henry b.1887 - Manswood, Moor Critchell, Dorset.
Fripp, Beatrice b.1886 - Hilton, Dorset (Dec qtr)
Fripp, Beatrice Trude b.1882 - Willesden, London (Dec qtr)
Fripp, Benjamin - Living
Fripp, Benjamin (Flip) b.1843 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Fripp, Benjamin (Flipp) c.1813 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Fripp, Berenice Anita b.1945 - Southampton, Hampshire
Fripp, Bertram b.1896 - Hilton, Dorset (Sep qtr)
Fripp, Bessie b.1868 - Milton Abbas, Dorset
Fripp, Bessie b.1879 -
Fripp, Bessie b.1890 - Hampreston.
Fripp, Bessie b.1879 - Moor Critchell
Fripp, Betsey b.1667 - Kinson, Dorset
Fripp, Betsy c.1833 - Hinton, Hampshire
Fripp, Betty c.1745 - Chettle, Dorset
Fripp, Betty c.1763 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Betty c.1802 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Bradley Michael - Living
Fripp, Brandon - Living
Fripp, Brian L. - Living
Fripp, Brice b.1835 - Ringwood, Hampshire
Fripp, Bridget Maud b.1866 - Harcourt, Victoria, Australia
Fripp, Caroline b.1865 - Canford, Dorset
Fripp, Catherine b.1843 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, Cathrine - Living
Fripp, Cecilia E.M. - Living
Fripp, Charles c.1811 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, Charles c.1839 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, Charles b.1868 - Lyndhurst, Hampshire
Fripp, Charles b.1868 - Lyndhurst, Hampshire
Fripp, Charles b.1879 - Moor Crichell, Dorset
Fripp, Charles c.1837 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Charles c.1833 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Charles c.1829 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Charles c.1803 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Charles b.1850 - Witchampton, Dorset.
Fripp, Charles (Flipp) c.1819 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Fripp, Charles Baker c.1868 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, Charles E. - Living
Fripp, Charles Edward b.1887 - Swindon, Wiltshire
Fripp, Charles Edwin b.1873 - Kidderminster, Worcester (Sep qtr)
Fripp, Charles Percival b.1889 - Malvern, Australia
Fripp, Charles Robert J. b.1875 - East Harptree, Somerset (Mar qtr)
Fripp, Charles Tilley b.1851 - Hinton, Hampshire
Fripp, Charmaine -
Fripp, Christopher James - Living
Fripp, Christopher M. - Living
Fripp, Christopher Wayne - Living
Fripp, Clara b.1862 - district of Romsey, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Fripp, Clara c.1855 - Romsey, Hampshire
Fripp, Colin Dale - Living
Fripp, Colin Ernest - Living
Fripp, Cornelius b.1870 - Wimborne, Dorset
Fripp, Cornelius c.1824 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Cornelius c.1820 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Cornelius c.1773 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Craig David - Living
Fripp, Cyril Peter (Burgess) b.1926 - Hackney, London
Fripp, Daisy b.1898 - Kingston, Surrey
Fripp, Daisy b.1874 - Freemantle, Hants.
Fripp, Daisy Gail Edna b.1912 - Western Australia
Fripp, Daisy May -
Fripp, Daniel - Living
Fripp, David b.1819 - Witchampton
Fripp, David D. - Living
Fripp, Dawn b.1838 -
Fripp, Dean Austin - Living
Fripp, Debra Leanne - Living
Fripp, Delis Maud b.1918 - Geraldton, Western Australia
Fripp, Demiah c.1833 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, Denis A. - Living
Fripp, Denise - Living
Fripp, Dora May b.1901 - Geraldton, Western Australia
Fripp, Doris Ada - Living
Fripp, Dorothea Marie b.1885 - Australia
Fripp, Dorothy b.1893 - Kingston, Surrey
Fripp, Dorothy Edna b.1896 - Leigh Common, Colehill, Dorset
Fripp, Edgar b.1836 - Lambeth, London
Fripp, Edgar G. - Living
Fripp, Edgar George R. -
Fripp, Edith Elizabeth b.1874 - Moor Crichell, Dorset
Fripp, Edith Laura b.1860 - district of Romsey, Hampshire (Sep qtr)
Fripp, Edith Mary b.1879 - Dongarra, Western Australia
Fripp, Edith Thelma b.1916 - Australia
Fripp, Edith Valerie (Peggy) - Living
Fripp, Edward -
Fripp, Edward b.1869 - Kinson, Dorset
Fripp, Edward b.1845 - Hinton, Hampshire
Fripp, Edward b.1883 - Sturminster
Fripp, Edward b.1874 - Long Critchell, Dorset
Fripp, Edward c.1814 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Edward c.1770 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Edward Frank b.1871 - Australia
Fripp, Edward John b.1878 - Kensington, Middlesex
Fripp, Edward Thomas b.1835 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Fripp, Edwin b.1846 - Romsey, Hampshire
Fripp, Edwin Charles b.1899 - Southampton, Hampshire (Sep qtr)
Fripp, Edwin Cornelius b.1865 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Edwin George or Charles b.1872 - district of South Stoneham, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Fripp, Edwin Hezekiah b.1876 - East Harptree, Somerset (Mar qtr)
Fripp, Eileen b.1904 -
Fripp, Eleanor c.1815 - Milton, Hampshire
Fripp, Eleanor c.1833 - Lyndhurst, Hampshire
Fripp, Eleanor (Flip) c.1787 - Christchurch, Hampshire
Fripp, Eleanor Emma b.1843 - Lambeth, London
Fripp, Eli Alfred b.1837 - Hinton, Hampshire
Fripp, Eliza b.1838 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Fripp, Eliza Emily b.1869 - Perth, Western Australia.
Fripp, Eliza Jane b.1872 - Milton Abbas, Dorset
Fripp, Elizabeth c.1822 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, Elizabeth b.1875 - Kale, Isle of Wight
Fripp, Elizabeth c.1831 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, Elizabeth c.1792 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, Elizabeth c.1746 - Chettle, Dorset
Fripp, Elizabeth c.1784 - Christchurch, Hampshire
Fripp, Elizabeth b.1827 - Christchurch, Hampshire
Fripp, Elizabeth b.1861 - Portland, Dorset
Fripp, Elizabeth b.1840 - Witchampton
Fripp, Elizabeth Agatha b.1881 - Irwin, Western Australia
Fripp, Elizabeth Jane b.1843 - Witchampton, Dorset.
Fripp, Elizabeth Katherine c.1873 - Parkstone, Dorset
Fripp, Ellen b.1882 - Hilton, Dorset (Mar qtr)
Fripp, Ellen c.1849 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, Ellen b.1855 - Islington, London, Middlesex
Fripp, Ellen b.1858 - Romsey, Hampshire
Fripp, Ellen c.1851 - Romsey, Hampshire
Fripp, Ellen c.1830 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Ellen Elizabeth b.1878 - Portsmouth, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Fripp, Ellen Mary b.1874 - Spetisbury, Dorset (Dec qtr)
Fripp, Ellen Mary b.1881 - Hilton, Dorset (Mar qtr)
Fripp, Ellen Rose b.1888 - Kingston, Surrey (Sep qtr)
Fripp, Elsie Lydia - Living
Fripp, Elsie May b.1899 - Minterne Magna, Dorset (Dec qtr)
Fripp, Elsie Violet b.1904 - Southampton, Hampshire
Fripp, Emily b.1869 - Shepton Mallet, Somerset
Fripp, Emily b.1846 - Lymington, Hampshire
Fripp, Emily b.1837 - Hampshire
Fripp, Emily b.1856 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, Emily b.1843 - Hinton, Hampshire
Fripp, Emily b.1838 - Rushton, Dorset.
Fripp, Emily Caroline b.1872 - Hilton, Dorset (Jun qtr)
Fripp, Emily E. - Living
Fripp, Emily E.N. b.1826 - Bristol, Gloucestershire (Dec qtr)
Fripp, Emily Eliza b.1876 - Bournemouth, Hampshire
Fripp, Emily Mary b.1872 - Moor Crichell, Dorset
Fripp, Emily Ruth b.1864 - Carlsruhe, Kyneton, Victoria, Australia
Fripp, Emma b.1832 - Witchampton
Fripp, Emma c.1823 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Emma Louisa b.1892 - Shepton Mallet, Somerset
Fripp, Emmaline b.1839 - Lambeth, London
Fripp, Eric Charles MBE, RN b.1909 - Malta
Fripp, Ernest b.1897 -
Fripp, Ernest Arnold b.1909 - Geraldton, Western Australia
Fripp, Ernest Charles b.1908 - district of Bromley, Kent (Dec qtr)
Fripp, Ernest Henry b.1884 - Hilton, Dorset (Sep qtr)
Fripp, Ernest John b.1908 - district of Poole, Dorset (Sep qtr)
Fripp, Ernest John b.1884 - Fratton, Portsmouth, Hampshire
Fripp, Ernest Kail b.1877 - Dongarra, Western Australia
Fripp, Ethel b.1893 - Hilton, Dorset (Jun qtr)
Fripp, Ethel Gertrude - Living
Fripp, Ethel Kate b.1894 - Milton Abbas, Dorset (Mar qtr)
Fripp, Ethel Kate b.1889 - Christchurch, Hampshire
Fripp, Ethel May b.1898 - Bristol, Gloucestershire
Fripp, Eva Flora b.1874 - East Harptree, Somerset (Mar qtr)
Fripp, Eva Sybil b.1877 - East Harptree, Somerset (Jun qtr)
Fripp, Evelyn b.1902 -
Fripp, Fanny b.1863 - Canford, Dorset
Fripp, Fanny c.1820 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Fanny b.1835 - Moor Critchell, Dorset.
Fripp, Fanny (Ella) Elizabeth b.1881 - Bournemouth, Hampshire
Fripp, Fanny Elizabeth b.1879 - Hilton, Dorset (Mar qtr)
Fripp, Fanny Emma (See Notes) b.1866 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Fanny Sarah b.1893 - Milton Abbas, Dorset (Jun qtr)
Fripp, Fanny Sarah c.1841 - Melcombe Regis, Dorset
Fripp, female -
Fripp, female d.2004 - of Cape Town, South Africa
Fripp, Florence (See Notes) - Living
Fripp, Florence Eva b.1892 - of Birmingham, Warwickshire
Fripp, Florence Mary b.1906 - Poole, Dorset
Fripp, Florence Ruth b.1879 - Willesden, Middlesex (Mar qtr)
Fripp, Flower Dale b.1812 - Walkford, Milton, Hampshire
Fripp, Frances c.1758 - Melcombe Horsey, Dorset
Fripp, Frances c.1812 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Frances c.1812 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Francis c.1739 - Chettle, Dorset
Fripp, Francis b.1793 - Sopley, Hampshire
Fripp, Francis b.1775 - Farnham, Dorset
Fripp, Frank b.1831 - Hampshire
Fripp, Frank b.1847 - Hinton, Hampshire
Fripp, Frank "Cliff" Clifton - Living
Fripp, Frank Alfred b.1863 - district of Romsey, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Fripp, Frank Claud b.1921 - Camberwell, London
Fripp, Frank Shambler b.1881 - Salisbury, Wiltshire (Mar qtr)
Fripp, Frank William b.1910 - district of Southampton, Hampshire
Fripp, Frederic b.1827 - Hampshire
Fripp, Frederick b.1870 - Sussex
Fripp, Frederick c.1844 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, Frederick b.1910 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Frederick "Charlie" Charles - Living
Fripp, Frederick A. - Living
Fripp, Frederick Charles b.1874 - Hilton, Dorset (Mar qtr)
Fripp, Frederick Charles b.1909 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Fripp, Frederick Charles b.1876 - Australia
Fripp, Frederick Crawford - Living
Fripp, Frederick Crawford b.1925 -
Fripp, Frederick Crawford b.1890 - Hackney, London
Fripp, Frederick James b.1885 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, Frederick Jesse b.1884 - Christchurch, Hampshire
Fripp, Frederick W. b.1880 - Battersea, London, Middlesex
Fripp, Geoffrey Keith - Living
Fripp, George c.1818 - Milton, Hampshire
Fripp, George b.1883 - Wroughton, Wiltshire
Fripp, George c.1760 - Melcombe Horsey, Dorset
Fripp, George b.1874 - Bournemouth, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Fripp, George c.1845 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, George b.1852 - Hinton Martell, Dorset
Fripp, George b.1867 - London, Middlesex
Fripp, George b.1844 - Romsey, Hampshire
Fripp, George b.1847 - Saddlers Mill, Romsey, Hampshire
Fripp, George c.1841 - Lyndhurst, Hampshire
Fripp, George b.1884 - Sturminster
Fripp, George b.1870 -
Fripp, George b.1840 - Witchampton
Fripp, George b.1863 - Portland, Dorset
Fripp, George c.1835 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, George c.1804 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, George Ambro b.1889 - East Harptree, Somerset (Sep qtr)
Fripp, George Fitzharris b.1904 - district of Poole, Dorset (Jun qtr)
Fripp, George Frederick b.1907 - Nabawa, Australia
Fripp, George Frederick b.1844 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, George Grey (Flipp) c.1847 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Fripp, George James b.1892 - district of Christchurch, Hampshire (Sep qtr)
Fripp, George Leonard b.1884 - East Harptree, Somerset (Mar qtr)
Fripp, George M. b.1874 - New Brunswick, USA
Fripp, George Otho b.1872 - East Harptree, Somerset (Mar qtr)
Fripp, George William b.1884 - Hackney, London
Fripp, Georgina b.1865 - Witchampton
Fripp, Gerald R. - Living
Fripp, Gertrude F. b.1876 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Fripp, Glenda - Living
Fripp, Gloria Margaret - Living
Fripp, Godfrey William Jesse b.1908 - Gozo, Malta
Fripp, Gordon (Jack) b.1920 - Australia
Fripp, Gordon Frederick (Mick) - Living
Fripp, Guy Arthur - Living
Fripp, Gwendoline May (Dolly) - Living
Fripp, Hannah b.1802 - Milton, Hampshire
Fripp, Hannah c.1831 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, Hannah b.1883 - Hilton, Dorset (Sep qtr)
Fripp, Hannah c.1802 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, Hannah c.1831 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, Hannah c.1813 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Hannah b.1815 - Christchurch, Hants.
Fripp, Hannah (See Notes) c.1710 - Mere, Wiltshire
Fripp, Harriet b.1854 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Fripp, Harriet b.1849 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Fripp, Harriet b.1835 - Hampshire
Fripp, Harriet b.1860 - Manfrith, Dorset
Fripp, Harriet c.1853 - Romsey, Hampshire
Fripp, Harriet Mary b.1875 - Wimborne, Dorset
Fripp, Harriett b.1844 - Witchampton
Fripp, Harriott b.1840 - Lymington, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Fripp, Harry c.1706 - Mere, Wiltshire
Fripp, Harry Alward c.1860 - Lyndhurst, Hampshire
Fripp, Harry James b.1876 - Portsmouth, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Fripp, Harry James b.1859 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Fripp, Harvey Clifton - Living
Fripp, Helen Marie - Living
Fripp, Henrietta Catherine b.1864 - Cooks River, Sydney, Australia
Fripp, Henrietta May b.1887 - Prahran, Melbourne, Australia
Fripp, Henry b.1839 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Fripp, Henry -
Fripp, Henry b.1670 -
Fripp, Henry b.1819 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Henry c.1758 - Melcombe Horsey, Dorset
Fripp, Henry c.1752 - Christchurch, Hampshire
Fripp, Henry c.1835 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Henry "Harry" b.1852 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Henry Frank b.1890 - Witchampton, Dorset (Mar qtr)
Fripp, Henry Kail b.1863 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Herbert Jesse b.1911 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Fripp, Hezekiah c.1852 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, Hilary - Living
Fripp, Hilda Sybil b.1899 - Goldcliff, Monmouthshire, Wales
Fripp, Hilda W. b.1889 - Moor Crichell, Dorset
Fripp, Ian - Living
Fripp, Ian Leslie - Living
Fripp, Ida Eva b.1897 - Raglan, Monmouthshire, Wales (Jun qtr)
Fripp, Isaac c.1817 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, Isaac c.1812 - Christchurch, Hampshire
Fripp, Isaac b.1886 - Cheshunt, Hertfordshire
Fripp, Isaac b.1857 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Isaac b.1831 - Witchampton
Fripp, Isabella Mary b.1880 - East Harptree, Somerset (Jun qtr)
Fripp, Ivy Edith b.1911 - district of Southampton, Hampshire
Fripp, Ivy Emma -
Fripp, Jabez b.1843 - Lymington, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Fripp, Jack Crawford b.1914 - Dover, Kent
Fripp, James c.1852 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, James b.1867 - Lyndhurst, Hampshire
Fripp, James c.1837 - Lyndhurst, Hampshire
Fripp, James b.1853 - Hinton Martell, Dorset
Fripp, James b.1887 - Rowlands Fields, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire
Fripp, James "Alfred" Henry b.1895 - district of Bedminster, Gloucestershire (Dec qtr)
Fripp, James (Flipe) c.1787 - Hordle, Hampshire
Fripp, James Abraham G. b.1910 - district of Wimbourne, Dorset
Fripp, James Douglas - Living
Fripp, James Henry b.1930 - Bristol, Gloucestershire
Fripp, James Stickland (Flipp) c.1798 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Fripp, Jane m.1701 - Mere, Wiltshire
Fripp, Jane c.1814 - Milton, Hampshire
Fripp, Jane b.1880 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, Jane c.1843 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, Jane c.1746 - Chettle, Dorset
Fripp, Jane b.1819 - Christchurch, Hampshire
Fripp, Jane c.1804 - Sopley, Hants.
Fripp, Jane b.1831 - Witchampton
Fripp, Jane c.1775 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Jane b.1838 - Witchampton
Fripp, Jane Margaret c.1836 - Hinton, Hampshire
Fripp, Janet b.1864 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Fripp, Janice S. - Living
Fripp, Jason Gregory - Living
Fripp, Jason Robert - Living
Fripp, Jeanette - Living
Fripp, Jeffrey W. - Living
Fripp, Jennie Foster b.1890 - Birmingham, Warwickshire
Fripp, Jeremiah c.1783 - Tollard Royal, Dorset
Fripp, Jeremiah (Jemima?) Murton c.1836 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Jesse c.1851 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, Jesse c.1873 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, Jessie b.1883 - Witchampton.
Fripp, Joan E. b.1916 - Malta
Fripp, Joan Mary b.1923 -
Fripp, John c.1693 - Mere, Wiltshire
Fripp, John c.1805 - Milton, Hampshire
Fripp, John c.1844 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, John b.1850 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, John c.1758 - Melcombe Horsey, Dorset
Fripp, John c.1754 - Melcombe Horsey, Dorset
Fripp, John b.1879 - Wroughton, Wiltshire
Fripp, John c.1722 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, John c.1836 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, John c.1795 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, John b.1776 - Hordle, Hampshire
Fripp, John c.1753 - Chettle, Dorset
Fripp, John b.1821 - Christchurch, Hampshire
Fripp, John c.1746 - Milton, Hampshire
Fripp, John b.1721 - Milton, Hampshire
Fripp, John c.1810 - Sopley, Hampshire
Fripp, John c.1818 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, John c.1838 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, John b.1845 - Witchampton
Fripp, John (Fleap) c.1775 - Hordle, Hampshire
Fripp, John (Phrip) m.1720 - Christchurch, Hampshire
Fripp, John Bradley - Living
Fripp, John Critchley b.1872 - district of Lymington, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Fripp, John Darrell - Living
Fripp, John Hooper c.1871 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, John Loader b.1847 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Fripp, John Masterman b.1848 - Lymington, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Fripp, John T. b.1912 - Narrabri, NSW, Australia
Fripp, John Thomas (Flip) c.1831 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Fripp, John Trude b.1887 - Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire (Mar qtr)
Fripp, John Trude b.1853 - Islington, London
Fripp, John W. - Living
Fripp, John William Ward - Living
Fripp, Jonathan - Living
Fripp, Jonathan Charles - Living
Fripp, Joseph c.1810 - Sopley, Hampshire
Fripp, Joyce E.J. - Living
Fripp, Kate b.1892 - Kingston, Surrey
Fripp, Kate b.1853 - Romsey, Hampshire
Fripp, Kate b.1849 - Romsey, Hampshire
Fripp, Kate Ellery b.1894 - Bristol, Gloucestershire
Fripp, Keith David - Living
Fripp, Keith William - Living
Fripp, Kenneth J. - Living
Fripp, Kenneth James Arthur b.1916 -
Fripp, Kerrinapuch b.1844 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Fripp, Kevin - Living
Fripp, Keziah b.1842 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Fripp, Keziah (Flipp) c.1817 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Fripp, Laura b.1854 - Stockbridge or Broughton, Hampshire
Fripp, Laura Alice b.1890 - Cirencester, Gloucestershire (Sep qtr)
Fripp, Lawrence b.1907 - Malvern, Australia
Fripp, Lawrence A. b.1918 -
Fripp, Lena b.1896 - Kingston, Surrey
Fripp, Lesley Gay - Living
Fripp, Lesley Mary - Living
Fripp, Lewis Percival b.1875 - Witchampton.
Fripp, Lillie Emery b.1877 - Willesden, Middlesex (Sep qtr)
Fripp, Lily -
Fripp, Lily Dorothy - Living
Fripp, Linda K. - Living
Fripp, Lionel b.1872 - Church Street Wimborne
Fripp, Louisa b.1842 - Fordingbridge, Hampshire
Fripp, Louisa Emily b.1877 - Springbourne, Hampshire
Fripp, Lucy b.1868 - Romsey, Hants.
Fripp, Mabel b.1885 - Moor Crichell, Dorset (Sep qtr)
Fripp, Mabel E. -
Fripp, Mabel Florence b.1877 - East Harptree, Somerset (Sep qtr)
Fripp, Malcolm J. - Living
Fripp, Marc William - Living
Fripp, Margaret Ann b.1943 -
Fripp, Marianne b.1811 -
Fripp, Marion Grace - Living
Fripp, Mark b.1845 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Fripp, Mark b.1881 - Moor Critchell
Fripp, Mark Robert Kail b.1829 - Witchampton
Fripp, Martha c.1798 - Sopley, Hants.
Fripp, Martha b.1850 - Hinton Martell, Dorset
Fripp, Martha b.1846 - Witchampton
Fripp, Martha b.1817 - Witchampton
Fripp, Martha Ann c.1865 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, Martha Jane b.1864 - Carlsruhe, Kyneton, Victoria, Australia
Fripp, Martha M. b.1888 - Merritown.
Fripp, Martha Sophia b.1859 - West Australia
Fripp, Martin c.1827 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Martin John - Living
Fripp, Mary b.1847 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Fripp, Mary c.1707 - Mere, Wiltshire
Fripp, Mary c.1700 - Mere, Wiltshire
Fripp, Mary c.1803 - Milton, Hampshire
Fripp, Mary c.1760 - Melcombe Horsey, Dorset
Fripp, Mary b.1830 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Fripp, Mary c.1824 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, Mary c.1752 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, Mary b.1871 - Wroxall, Isle of Wight
Fripp, Mary c.1797 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, Mary c.1833 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, Mary c.1724 - Milton, Hampshire
Fripp, Mary c.1756 - Chettle, Dorset
Fripp, Mary Ann b.1834 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Fripp, Mary Ann b.1865 - Shepton Mallet, Somerset
Fripp, Mary Ann c.1831 - Hinton, Hampshire
Fripp, Mary Ann b.1875 - Hilton, Dorset (Dec qtr)
Fripp, Mary Ann c.1845 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Mary Ann b.1841 - Witchampton, Dorset.
Fripp, Mary Ann (Flipp) c.1806 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Fripp, Mary Elizabeth b.1856 - Lower Gussage, Dorset
Fripp, Mary Elizabeth c.1816 - Christchurch, Hampshire
Fripp, Mary Grace b.1871 - Lyndhurst, Hampshire
Fripp, Mary J. b.1857 - Corfe Mullen, Dorset
Fripp, Mary Louise b.1872 - Moor Crichell, Dorset
Fripp, Mary Margaret b.1834 - Southampton, Hampshire
Fripp, Matilda b.1875 - Kale, Isle of Wight
Fripp, Matilda c.1843 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, Maureen E. - Living
Fripp, Michael E. - Living
Fripp, Miriam b.1841 - Hordle, Hampshire
Fripp, Mitchell - Living
Fripp, Moses c.1807 - Milton, Hampshire
Fripp, Moses (Flep) c.1782 - Hordle, Hampshire
Fripp, Nancy b.1891 -
Fripp, Nathan John - Living
Fripp, Nellie b.1880 - Willesden, Middlesex (Dec qtr)
Fripp, Nellie F. b.1877 - New Brunswick, USA
Fripp, Neva Amy b.1872 - Kidderminster, Worcester (Mar qtr)
Fripp, Nicholas - Living
Fripp, Nola Rose - Living
Fripp, Norman Edward James b.1899 - Australia
Fripp, Norman H. - Living
Fripp, Olive Ada b.1890 - Malvern, Australia
Fripp, Olive V. - Living
Fripp, Patricia -
Fripp, Patricia - Living
Fripp, Patricia - Living
Fripp, Patricia J - Living
Fripp, Pauline - Living
Fripp, Percy Charles b.1907 - district of Southampton, Hampshire
Fripp, Percy Lawrence -
Fripp, Peter Dean - Living
Fripp, Peter E. - Living
Fripp, Peter John - Living
Fripp, Phyllis Pearl b.1921 - Alverstoke, Hampshire
Fripp, Prudence b.1822 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Prudence Jane b.1837 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Fripp, Ralph Aine b.1889 - London
Fripp, Ralph or Peter d.2004 - Salt Lake City, USA
Fripp, Ralph T. - Living
Fripp, Raymond b.1894 - Wimborne, Dorset
Fripp, Reginald Arthur b.1916 - Reading, Berkshire
Fripp, Reginald Ashley - Living
Fripp, Reginald E. - Living
Fripp, Reginald Walter b.1942 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Fripp, Richard c.1695 - Mere, Wiltshire
Fripp, Richard b.1866 - Lyndhurst, Hampshire
Fripp, Rita -
Fripp, Rita - Living
Fripp, Robert b.1849 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Fripp, Robert b.1871 - Shepton Mallet, Somerset
Fripp, Robert - Living
Fripp, Robert b.1872 - Godshill, Chale, Isle of Wight
Fripp, Robert b.1762 - Melcombe Horsey, Dorset
Fripp, Robert b.1841 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, Robert b.1806 - Milton Abbas, Dorset
Fripp, Robert - Living
Fripp, Robert c.1821 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Robert c.1828 - Lyndhurst, Hampshire
Fripp, Robert c.1794 - Christchurch, Hants.
Fripp, Robert b.1758 -
Fripp, Robert b.1712 - of Chettle, Dorset
Fripp, Robert c.1740 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Robert m.1740 - Ringwood, Hampshire
Fripp, Robert c.1767 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Robert - Living
Fripp, Robert (Flipp) c.1814 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Fripp, Robert (Flipp) b.1764 -
Fripp, Robert Andrew Ward b.1944 - Poole, Dorset
Fripp, Robert Charles John b.1909 - Southsea, Hampshire
Fripp, Robert G. -
Fripp, Robert Henry b.1873 - Dongarra, Western Australia
Fripp, Robert Henry b.1879 - district of Southampton, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Fripp, Robert John - Living
Fripp, Robert Stephen Parker - Living
Fripp, Robin Gay - Living
Fripp, Rodney Colin - Living
Fripp, Roger Jon - Living
Fripp, Rosa Jane b.1873 - Weymouth, Dorset (Mar qtr)
Fripp, Rosanna b.1857 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Fripp, Rose b.1873 - Kale, Isle of Wight
Fripp, Roseline May b.1899 - Wimborne, Dorset
Fripp, Rosemary - Living
Fripp, Rosemary b.1910 - Poole, Dorset
Fripp, Rosie Eileen b.1912 - Alverstoke, Hampshire
Fripp, Ruby Mary - Living
Fripp, Ruth b.1841 - Hinton, Hampshire
Fripp, Ruth b.1851 - Stepney, London
Fripp, Ryan - Living
Fripp, Samantha - Living
Fripp, Samuel b.1851 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Fripp, Samuel c.1754 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, Samuel b.1856 - Islington, Middlesex
Fripp, Samuel (See Notes) m.1717 -
Fripp, Samuel (See Notes) b.1729 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, Samuel John Arthur b.1881 - Brighton, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Fripp, Samuel Keith - Living
Fripp, Samuel Trude b.1891 - Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire
Fripp, Sarah b.1850 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Fripp, Sarah c.1819 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, Sarah c.1839 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, Sarah b.1816 - Christchurch, Hampshire
Fripp, Sarah c.1830 - Lyndhurst, Hampshire
Fripp, Sarah c.1789 - Christchurch, Hampshire
Fripp, Sarah b.1840 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Sarah b.1838 - Witchampton
Fripp, Sarah b.1814 - Christchurch, Hants.
Fripp, Sarah c.1812 - Christchurch, Hampshire
Fripp, Sarah (Flipp) c.1803 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Fripp, Sarah Amelia c.1847 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, Sarah Ann b.1833 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Fripp, Sarah Ann b.1836 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Fripp, Sarah Elizabeth b.1877 - Hilton, Dorset (Jun qtr)
Fripp, Sarah Elizabeth b.1848 - Witchampton
Fripp, Sarah Jane b.1862 - Cooks River, Sydney, Australia
Fripp, Sarah Jane - Living
Fripp, Sarah Jane c.1859 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Selina b.1867 - Witchampton
Fripp, Selina Ann - Living
Fripp, Selina Kate b.1877 - Wroughton, Wiltshire
Fripp, Shaun - Living
Fripp, Sidney -
Fripp, Sidney b.1890 - Wimborne, Dorset
Fripp, Sidney b.1866 - Wimborne, Dorset
Fripp, Sidney b.1895 - Creton, Warwickshire
Fripp, Sidney b.1867 - Stoke Newington, London
Fripp, Sidney b.1885 - Witchampton
Fripp, Simon - Living
Fripp, Simon David b.1968 -
Fripp, Sonia Gay - Living
Fripp, Stanley b.1872 - Lyndhurst, Hampshire
Fripp, Stanley Thomas b.1894 - Australia
Fripp, Stanley William b.1919 - Australia
Fripp, Stephen c.1805 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Stephen Augustus b.1874 - Irwin, Western Australia
Fripp, Stephen P. - Living
Fripp, Steven Clifton - Living
Fripp, Stuart Anthony - Living
Fripp, Susan b.1856 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Fripp, Susan b.1885 - Broad Town, Wantage, Berkshire
Fripp, Susan c.1839 - Lyndhurst, Hampshire
Fripp, Susan C. - Living
Fripp, Susanna c.1796 - Sopley, Hants.
Fripp, Susannah (Flipp) c.1817 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Fripp, Tamar (Flipp) c.1828 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Fripp, Terence Alwyn - Living
Fripp, Terence George - Living
Fripp, Terry Jay - Living
Fripp, Theodore Keith - Living
Fripp, Theodore Robert b.1882 - Australia
Fripp, Thomas c.1698 - Mere, Wiltshire
Fripp, Thomas b.1810 - Milton, Hampshire
Fripp, Thomas b.1841 - Lambeth, London
Fripp, Thomas b.1806 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Thomas c.1742 - Witchampton, Dorset.
Fripp, Thomas c.1806 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, Thomas (Flipe) c.1784 - Hordle, Hampshire
Fripp, Thomas (Flipp) c.1808 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Fripp, Thomas Charles b.1912 - Parkstone, Poole, Dorset
Fripp, Thomas Ernest b.1871 - Irwin, Western Australia
Fripp, Thomas Hardy b.1871 - Kale, Isle of Wight
Fripp, Thomas Joseph b.1894 - of Birmingham, Warwickshire
Fripp, Thomas Percy b.1898 - Aston, Warwickshire (Sep qtr)
Fripp, Thomas Tilley b.1862 - Kyneton, Victoria, Australia
Fripp, Thomas William c.1848 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, Todd - Living
Fripp, Tom c.1866 - Lambeth, London
Fripp, Tony - Living
Fripp, Tony Christopher - Living
Fripp, Valerie -
Fripp, Victor b.1922 - Australia
Fripp, Vincent - Living
Fripp, Violet - Living
Fripp, Violet Mary B. b.1891 - Portbury, Somerset (Dec qtr)
Fripp, Walter Kenneth b.1915 - Portsmouth, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Fripp, Walter Roy - Living
Fripp, Walter Sidney b.1913 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Fripp, Walter Sidney b.1883 - Portsmouth, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Fripp, Warren Ryan - Living
Fripp, Wendy - Living
Fripp, William b.1879 - Sturminster Marshall, Dorset
Fripp, William -
Fripp, William c.1757 - Melcombe Horsey, Dorset
Fripp, William b.1724 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, William c.1755 - Melcombe Horsey, Dorset
Fripp, William c.1799 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, William c.1838 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, William c.1727 - of Milton, Hampshire
Fripp, William c.1777 - Tollard Royal, Dorset
Fripp, William c.1742 - Chettle, Dorset
Fripp, William c.1859 - Tarrant Hinton, Dorchester
Fripp, William c.1815 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, William c.1797 - Witchampton, Dorset
Fripp, William Alfred DFC - Living
Fripp, William B. b.1923 - Bristol, Gloucestershire (Jun qtr)
Fripp, William Benjamin b.1893 - Bristol, Gloucestershire
Fripp, William Benjamin b.1867 - Shepton Mallet, Somerset
Fripp, William Brice b.1885 - Kingston, Surrey (Jun qtr)
Fripp, William Charles c.1863 - Hilton, Dorset
Fripp, William Charles b.1877 - Bournemouth, Hampshire
Fripp, William Edward John - Living
Fripp, William George b.1868 - Kidderminster, Worcester (Dec qtr)
Fripp, William George Giles b.1883 - Western Australia
Fripp, William Henry b.1897 - of Birmingham, Warwickshire
Fripp, William Henry b.1869 - Camberwell, London
Fripp, William Henry b.1865 - Lyndhurst, Hampshire
Fripp, William James c.1865 - St. Mark, Kennington, London
Fripp, William John b.1880 - Moor Critchell
Fripp, William Stanley (Sandy) - Living
Fripp, William Thomas b.1832 - Southampton, Hampshire
Fripp, Winifred b.1896 -
Fripp, Winifred Margaret b.1916 - Geraldton, Western Australia
Fripp, Winifred May b.1889 - district of Hendon, Middlesex (Jun qtr)


Frost, Lyndsay - Living


Fry, Alfred b.1869 - Fareham
Fry, Bertha (Benita) b.1873 - Fareham
Fry, Daniel - Living
Fry, Daniel b.1864 - Fareham
Fry, Daniel b.1841 - Portsmouth
Fry, Daphne May - Living
Fry, Emma b.1867 - Fareham
Fry, Ernest b.1895 - Fareham, Hants.
Fry, Ernest b.1877 - Fareham
Fry, Eve b.1887 -
Fry, Frank b.1866 - Fareham
Fry, Grace b.1883 -
Fry, Henry b.1871 - Fareham
Fry, John - Living
Fry, John - Living
Fry, Kate b.1874 - Fareham
Fry, Margaret - Living
Fry, Margaret (Peggy) b.1924 - New Delhi, India
Fry, Michael - Living
Fry, Michael - Living
Fry, Olive b.1916 -
Fry, Olive b.1886 -
Fry, Percy b.1879 - Fareham
Fry, Peter (Reginald) b.1920 -
Fry, Reginald b.1896 - Fareham, Hants.
Fry, Ruth - Living
Fry, Shirley Howard b.1933 - Woolwich, Kent
Fry, Sydney M b.1881 - Fareham
Fry, Valerie b.1929 -
Fry, William -


Fudge, Bessie b.1879 - Sturminster Newton, Dorset (Jun qtr)
Fudge, Charles b.1881 - Sturminster Newton, Dorset
Fudge, Edward John b.1888 - Sturminster Newton, Dorset
Fudge, Ellen b.1876 - Sturminster Newton, Dorset
Fudge, Emanual b.1812 - Sturminster Newton, Dorset
Fudge, Gauis b.1877 - Sturminster Newton, Dorset (Jun qtr)
Fudge, James -
Fudge, Maria b.1872 - Sturminster Newton, Dorset
Fudge, Maria c.1811 - Fordington, Dorset
Fudge, Reginald Marwood b.1890 - Sturminster Newton, Dorset (Dec qtr)
Fudge, Rose A. b.1874 - Sturminster Newton, Dorset
Fudge, Sarah b.1850 - Sturminster Newton, Dorset
Fudge, William b.1868 - Sturminster Newton, Dorset


Fuge, Mary b.1795 - Lower Gussage, Dorset


Fulker, Sarah b.1850 - Whitley, Berkshire


Fuller, Helen Jane - Living
Fuller, John George - Living
Fuller, Richard Anthony - Living


Furze, Casey - Living
Furze, Marc Steven (Hook) - Living
Furze, Matthew Bryan (Hook) - Living
Furze, Shannon - Living
Furze, Terry - Living


Gabuters, Nerissa - Living


Gale, Dorothy (Aunt Doll) - Living
Gale, Lillie -
Gale, William John m.1904 - district of Christchurch, Hampshire (Dec qtr)


Gallop, Eliza b.1809 - of Spetisbury, Dorset


Galloway, Edwin b.1829 - Eccleshill, Yorkshire
Galloway, Elizabeth b.1825 - Eccleshill, Yorkshire
Galloway, Hannah b.1808 - Green Gates, Calverley, Yorkshire
Galloway, James b.1819 - Green Gates, Eccleshill, Yorkshire
Galloway, John b.1812 - Green Gates, Calverley, Yorkshire
Galloway, John -
Galloway, Joseph c.1821 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Galloway, Joseph b.1786 - Eccleshill, Yorkshire
Galloway, Mary Ann b.1816 - Green Gates, Calverley, Yorkshire
Galloway, Sarah b.1807 - Green Gates, Calverley, Yorkshire
Galloway, Thomas b.1823 - Eccleshill, Yorkshire


Galpin, Dorothy V. (Hurworth) - Living


Galton, George m.1795 - Dewlish, Dorset
Galton, Jane c.1795 - Dewlish, Dorset
Galton, Mary c.1798 - Dewlish, Dorset


Game, John -
Game, Sarah c.1780 - Sturminster Marshall, Dorset


Gamlin, Mary m.1610 - Aller, Somerset


Gammage, Anthony Marshall m.1859 -
Gammage, Derek Marshall -
Gammage, female - Living
Gammage, Ffion Megan - Living
Gammage, Jeremy Aiden Thomas -
Gammage, Jessica May - Living
Gammage, Jill Marion - Living
Gammage, Mark Dixon -
Gammage, Thomas Marshall - Living
Gammage, Thomas Marshall b.1901 - Hastings, East Sussex


Gange, Alan Christopher - Living
Gange, Edward - Living


Gant, Charles b.1855 - Finnis Point, Tarlee, South Australia
Gant, Claudius Roberts b.1820 - East Stonehouse, Devon, UK
Gant, Constance Betty b.1927 - Adelaide, South Australia
Gant, Florrie Jane b.1877 - Finnis Point, South Australia
Gant, John b.1847 - Adelaide, South Australia
Gant, William Robert b.1881 - Georgetown, South Australia


Gard, Phoebe b.1804 -


Gardiner, Sarah Ann m.1877 - West Ham (GRO district, Mar qtr)


Gardner, Conner - Living
Gardner, Daniel -
Gardner, Daniel b.1814 -
Gardner, Mary Ann c.1838 - Buriton, Hampshire
Gardner, Richard b.1865 - Buriton, Hampshire
Gardner, Roy - Living
Gardner, Thomas b.1856 - Buriton, Hampshire
Gardner, William b.1821 - Petersfield, Hampshire


Garfit, Ada b.1873 - Ruloe, Cheshire
Garfit, Anthony Edwin Cheney b.1916 -
Garfit, Arthur b.1847 - Boston, Lincolnshire
Garfit, Arthur c.1820 - Gainsborough, Lincolnshire
Garfit, Arthur c.1824 - Boston, Lincolnshire
Garfit, Bartholomew Claypon JP b.1856 - Boston, Lincolnshire
Garfit, Brian Corringham - Living
Garfit, Caroline H. b.1855 - Richmond, Surrey
Garfit, Catherine Margaret Ann - Living
Garfit, Cecily Mabel b.1890 - Boston, Lincs. (Mar qtr)
Garfit, Charles b.1810 - of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire
Garfit, Charles Corringham b.1870 - Ruloe Northwise, Cheshire
Garfit, Charles Forester -
Garfit, Charles Taylor b.1844 - Mere, Cheshire
Garfit, Charles William Aikman - Living
Garfit, Christobel Maud -
Garfit, Christopher Richard Noel - Living
Garfit, Daphne Ruth b.1941 -
Garfit, Daphne Sybil b.1918 -
Garfit, Edward Christopher Cheney b.1899 -
Garfit, Elizabeth -
Garfit, Elizabeth c.1815 - Gainsborough, Lincolnshire
Garfit, Elizabeth Beatrice b.1864 -
Garfit, Emily Boyd b.1849 - Boston, Lincolnshire
Garfit, Emma Anne - Living
Garfit, Evelyn Constance Boyd b.1886 - Boston, Lincs. (Sep qtr)
Garfit, Frances Jane - Living
Garfit, Frances Mary b.1869 - Boston, Lincolnshire
Garfit, Francis Boyd b.1849 - Boston, Lincolnshire
Garfit, Frederick b.1814 - Gainsborough, Lincolnshire
Garfit, George c.1820 - Gainsborough, Lincolnshire
Garfit, Georgina Mary - Living
Garfit, Guy Kidson - Living
Garfit, Hannah Cheney c.1820 - Boston, Lincolnshire
Garfit, Hariett Elizabeth c.1813 - Boston, Lincolnshire
Garfit, Helen b.1874 - Ruloe, Cheshire
Garfit, Henry c.1810 - Gainsborough, Lincolnshire
Garfit, Henry De Bunsen Cheney b.1887 - Onslow Square, London
Garfit, Jane Harriet b.1841 -
Garfit, Jill Lena - Living
Garfit, Joanna Jane - Living
Garfit, John c.1806 - Gainsborough, Lincolnshire
Garfit, John c.1779 - Boston, Lincolnshire
Garfit, John Henry c.1822 - Boston, Lincolnshire
Garfit, June Patricia - Living
Garfit, Marianne b.1843 -
Garfit, Mark b.1812 - Boston, Lincolnshire
Garfit, Mary Elizabeth b.1893 -
Garfit, Mary Florence b.1853 - Boston, Lincolnshire
Garfit, Mary Louisa b.1845 -
Garfit, Mary Louisa c.1818 - Boston, Lincolnshire
Garfit, Mildred Frances -
Garfit, Phyllis Mary b.1895 - Gunby, Lincolnshire (Sep qtr)
Garfit, Rosemary Jane - Living
Garfit, Sarah Elisabeth Noel - Living
Garfit, Stella Frances b.1890 -
Garfit, Thomas c.1776 - Boston, Lincolnshire
Garfit, Thomas Cheney J.P. b.1848 - Boston, Lincolnshire
Garfit, Thomas Coats c.1808 - Gainsborough, Lincolnshire
Garfit, Thomas Coats c.1807 - Gainsborough, Lincolnshire
Garfit, Thomas M.P. c.1815 - Boston, Lincolnshire
Garfit, Thomas Noel Cheney - Living
Garfit, Thomas Noel Cheney b.1892 - Louth, Lincolnshire
Garfit, Violet Emily b.1894 -
Garfit, William b.1810 - of Boston, Lincolnshire
Garfit, William c.1775 - Boston, Lincolnshire
Garfit, William b.1731 -
Garfit, William b.1693 -
Garfit, William DL, JP, MP b.1840 - Boston, Lincolnshire
Garfit, William Snr b.1666 - of Skirbeck, and Boston, Lincolnshire


Garnett, Ada M. b.1867 - Lindsay, Victoria, Ontario, Canada
Garnett, Amy Grace b.1878 - Fraserville, Peterborough County, Ontario, Canada
Garnett, Barbara Ann - Living
Garnett, Edmund b.1835 - Lot 23, Con 6, Cavan Twp, Durham, Ontario, Canada
Garnett, Edmund b.1866 - Ontario, Canada
Garnett, Edna May b.1883 - Peterborough, Peterborough County, Ontario, Canada
Garnett, Eleanor Lucille b.1926 - Medina, Ohio, USA
Garnett, female b.1868 - Cavan, Durham County, Ontario, Canada
Garnett, George b.1837 - Manvers Township, Durham, Ontario, Canada
Garnett, George Gideon b.1858 -
Garnett, Helen Frances - Living
Garnett, James b.1839 - Cavan, Durham County, Ontario, Canada
Garnett, Jean Elizabeth - Living
Garnett, Joseph b.1856 - Monaghan Township, Ontario, Canada
Garnett, Lily Mary b.1876 - Cavan, Durham County, Ontario, Canada
Garnett, Margaret Ann b.1870 - Cavan, Durham County, Ontario, Canada
Garnett, Merle Jean b.1896 - Lindsay, Ontario, Canada.
Garnett, Rose Gertrude b.1897 - Lindsay, Ontario, Canada.
Garnett, Sydney b.1894 - Lindsay, Ontario, Canada.
Garnett, Tessie Stanton b.1900 - Lindsay, Ontario, Canada.
Garnett, Thomas -
Garnett, Thomas -
Garnett, Thomas James b.1873 - Millbrook, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
Garnett, William b.1828 - Lake District, Cumbria, England
Garnett, William George b.1899 - Lindsay, Ontario, Canada.
Garnett, William James b.1865 - Reaboro, Ontario, Canada.


Garratt, Ada St. John M. b.1869 - Weston Super Mare, Somerset
Garratt, Bertram F. b.1881 - Little Tew, Oxford
Garratt, Charles Foster b.1832 - of Bishop Court, Devon
Garratt, Dorothy A. b.1879 - Little Tew, Oxford
Garratt, Emma Maria b.1836 - of Bishop Court, Devon
Garratt, Frances Wensley b.1842 - of Bishop Court, Devon
Garratt, John m.1830 - of Bishop Court, Devon
Garratt, Lucy F. b.1867 - Little Tew, Oxford
Garratt, Mary E. b.1860 - Little Tew, Oxford
Garratt, Percival M. b.1878 - Little Tew, Oxford


Garrigen, Mr - Living
Garrigen, Tennielle Susanne - Living


Garside, Gus - Living


Gascoigne, Agnes Emily b.1897 - Newcastle, Northumberland
Gascoigne, Christopher -
Gascoigne, Christopher Arthur b.1899 - Newport, Isle of Wight
Gascoigne, Henry Robert B. -
Gascoigne, Isabel b.1594 - Sedburg, Yorkshire
Gascoigne, Isabella b.1407 - Lasingcroft, Yorkshire
Gascoigne, Nicholas -
Gascoigne, William George b.1894 - Newcastle, Northumberland
Gascoigne, William John b.1865 -


Gaskin, Nicholas Leslie - Living
Gaskin, Russell - Living
Gaskin, Thomas Christopher - Living


Gates, Christine J. - Living


Gathorne, Eliza d.1812 -
Gathorne, female -
Gathorne, female -
Gathorne, female -
Gathorne, Henry -
Gathorne, Isabel b.1780 - of Kirby Lonsdale, Westmorland
Gathorne, John b.1726 -
Gathorne, John b.1780 - of Kirby Lonsdale, Westmoreland
Gathorne, Miles m.1725 - Kirby Lonsdale, Westmoreland
Gathorne, Richard -
Gathorne, Richard b.1730 - of Kirby Lonsdale, Westmoreland


Gathorne-Hardy, Antony Gathorne b.1907 -
Gathorne-Hardy, John David 4th Earl of Cranbrook b.1900 - London, Middlesex
Gathorne-Hardy, Jonathan Gathorne - Living
Gathorne-Hardy, Margaret Doris b.1913 - district of Hertford, Hertfordshire
Gathorne-Hardy, Nigel Charles b.1880 - Saint George Hanover Square, London
Gathorne-Hardy, Patrick Guy b.1911 -
Gathorne-Hardy, Ralph Edward -
Gathorne-Hardy, Robert -


Gaukel, Franzisca -


Gauntlet, Elizabeth Victoria b.1839 - Bramshot, Hampshire
Gauntlet, John -


Gay, Jennifer - Living


Gaywood, Caroline b.1836 - Tottenham, Middlesex.
Gaywood, Charles b.1853 - Folkestone, Kent
Gaywood, Eliza c.1819 - Kingsland, Hackney, Middlesex
Gaywood, Emma (See Notes) c.1820 - Cottered, Hertfordshire
Gaywood, Honor c.1818 - Cottered, Hertfordshire
Gaywood, James b.1850 - Folkestone, Kent
Gaywood, James c.1791 - Cottered, Hertfordshire
Gaywood, John b.1826 - West Hackney, Middlesex
Gaywood, Joseph b.1828 - West Hackney, Middlesex
Gaywood, Joshua c.1783 - Cottered, Hertfordshire
Gaywood, Lydia c.1825 - Cottered, Hertfordshire
Gaywood, Mary c.1813 - Standon, Herts.
Gaywood, Mary Ann c.1828 - Cottered, Hertfordshire
Gaywood, Rhoda c.1815 - Cottered, Hertfordshire
Gaywood, Sarah c.1817 - Clapton, Hackney, Middlesex
Gaywood, Sarah c.1823 - Cottered, Hertfordshire
Gaywood, Thomas c.1831 - Cottered, Hertfordshire
Gaywood, Thomas b.1849 - Folkestone, Kent
Gaywood, Thomas b.1823 - Hackney, Middlesex
Gaywood, Thomas c.1789 - Cottered, Hertfordshire
Gaywood, Thomas -
Gaywood, William c.1781 - Cottered, Hertfordshire


Geddis, Maureen June - Living


Genereux, Andre Dona - Living
Genereux, Arthur Joseph b.1918 - Terrebonne, Minnesota, USA
Genereux, Christina Beth - Living
Genereux, Michael Matthew - Living
Genereux, Napoleon Arthur - Living
Genereux, Neree Urselle - Living
Genereux, Patrick Edward - Living
Genereux, Pierre Albert - Living
Genereux, Shanie Mireille - Living


George, Marie b.1931 - Dunedin, New Zealand


Gibbs, Gary - Living
Gibbs, James - Living
Gibbs, Linda - Living
Gibbs, Maria May b.1876 - district of Durham
Gibbs, Paul David - Living
Gibbs, Peter James - Living
Gibbs, William - Living


Gibson, Dennis Robert b.1941 - Botley
Gibson, Frederick G. - Living
Gibson, Mary b.1785 -
Gibson, Michael - Living


Gidley, Edward -
Gidley, Fanny b.1863 - Creswick, Victoria, Australia


Gidlow, Albert - Living
Gidlow, Arthur - Living
Gidlow, Boy - Living
Gidlow, Boy - Living
Gidlow, Charles Edward b.1885 - Bengal, India
Gidlow, Ella - Living
Gidlow, Emily (Cissie) Eliza Joyce - Living
Gidlow, Emma A. b.1879 - Scotland
Gidlow, Ernest b.1887 - Woolwich, Kent (Mar qtr)
Gidlow, John K. b.1883 - India
Gidlow, Joseph Thomas b.1881 - Peshawar, West Bengal, India
Gidlow, Leslie - Living
Gidlow, Lydia - Living
Gidlow, Peggy - Living
Gidlow, Samuel Arthur b.1887 - Woolwich, Kent (Mar qtr)
Gidlow, Samuel Moore b.1855 - Ireland
Gidlow, Septimus Frederick b.1890 - Newcastle on Tyne, Northumberland (Mar qtr)
Gidlow, William George L. b.1879 - Tanfield, Durham (Dec qtr)


Gilbard, John b.1705 -


Gilbert, 1 son -
Gilbert, 2 daughters -
Gilbert, 2 daughters -
Gilbert, Aine b.1850 - Tarrant Monkton
Gilbert, Aine b.1817 - Manswood, Moor Crichell
Gilbert, Alan b.1915 - 11 Arran Avenue, Sale, Cheshire
Gilbert, Alice b.1882 -
Gilbert, Alison Kathryn - Living
Gilbert, Amelia c.1829 - Tarrant Rushton, Dorset
Gilbert, Andrew - Living
Gilbert, Andrew Peter - Living
Gilbert, Ann c.1846 - Moor Crichel, Dorset
Gilbert, Ann c.1854 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Gilbert, Ann b.1825 -
Gilbert, Ann b.1784 - Moor Crichell
Gilbert, Ann b.1772 - Moor Crichell
Gilbert, Ann b.1763 - Moor Crichell
Gilbert, Anthony Paul - Living
Gilbert, Arthur b.1884 -
Gilbert, Arthur b.1866 - Gussage Saint Michael, Dorset
Gilbert, Audrey - Living
Gilbert, Barnabas b.1808 - Rollestone, Wiltshire
Gilbert, Barry Donald - Living
Gilbert, Benjamin b.1849 - Tarrant Gunville, Dorset.
Gilbert, Benjamin c.1817 - Gussage Saint Michael, Dorset
Gilbert, Bennett c.1820 - Moor Crichell, Dorset
Gilbert, Bethia b.1889 - Calderbrook, Summit, Lancashire.
Gilbert, Caroline b.1837 - Moor Crichell
Gilbert, Carolyn - Living
Gilbert, Carys Sophie - Living
Gilbert, Charles c.1822 - Moor Crichel, Dorset
Gilbert, Charles c.1817 - Moor Crichel, Dorset
Gilbert, Charles c.1856 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Gilbert, Charles b.1778 - Berwick St James, Wiltshire
Gilbert, Charles b.1834 - Moor Crichell
Gilbert, Charles Hart b.1822 - Manswood, Moor Crichell
Gilbert, Christine Diane - Living
Gilbert, Cynthia Edith - Living
Gilbert, David b.1889 - Monkton Farleigh, Wiltshire, at 3.6 pm.
Gilbert, David b.1828 - Manswood, Moor Crichell
Gilbert, David b.1825 - Gussage Saint Michael, Dorset
Gilbert, David Mark - Living
Gilbert, Dennis John b.1930 - 2, Rickhayes, Wincanton, Somerset.
Gilbert, Edith b.1873 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Gilbert, Edith b.1882 - Calderbrook
Gilbert, Edith (Ford) b.1803 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Gilbert, Edith (Kitty) Kate b.1884 - Bromley, Kent
Gilbert, Edith Louise b.1858 - Gussage Saint Michael, Dorset
Gilbert, Edmund c.1814 - Moor Crichell, Dorset
Gilbert, Edward c.1782 - Moor Crichell, Dorset
Gilbert, Edward b.1764 - Moor Crichell
Gilbert, Edward c.1735 - Moor Crichell, Dorset
Gilbert, Edward (See Notes) c.1806 - Moor Critchell, Dorset
Gilbert, Edwin b.1854 - Gussage Saint Michael, Dorset
Gilbert, Eli b.1848 - Gussage Saint Michael, Dorset
Gilbert, Eliza c.1805 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Gilbert, Elizabeth c.1843 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Gilbert, Elizabeth b.1803 - Moor Crichell
Gilbert, Elizabeth b.1781 - Moor Crichell
Gilbert, Elizabeth b.1761 - Moor Crichell
Gilbert, Elizabeth b.1758 - Moor Crichell
Gilbert, Elizabeth c.1849 - Moor Crichell, Dorset
Gilbert, Elizabeth Lavinia b.1862 - Gussage Saint Michael, Dorset
Gilbert, Ellen b.1850 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Gilbert, Ellen b.1859 - Gussage Saint Michael, Dorset
Gilbert, Ellen b.1858 - Moor Crichell
Gilbert, Elsie b.1891 - Bromley, Kent
Gilbert, Emily b.1887 - Calderbrook, Summit, Lancashire
Gilbert, Emily b.1839 - Moor Crichell
Gilbert, Emily b.1850 - Gussage Saint Michael, Dorset
Gilbert, Emma c.1828 - Moor Crichell, Dorset
Gilbert, Emma c.1856 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Gilbert, Emma b.1859 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Gilbert, Emma b.1868 - Gussage Saint Michael, Dorset
Gilbert, Enid b.1923 -
Gilbert, Ephraim b.1856 - Gussage St Michael, Dorset
Gilbert, Ernest b.1860 - Gussage Saint Michael, Dorset
Gilbert, Essau b.1851 - Gussage Saint Michael, Dorset
Gilbert, Fanny c.1849 - Long Crichell, Dorset
Gilbert, Fanny b.1852 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Gilbert, Fanny b.1864 - Long Critchell
Gilbert, Flower b.1769 - Moor Crichell
Gilbert, Frank c.1844 - Moor Crichell, Dorset
Gilbert, Frank c.1863 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Gilbert, Frank David - Living
Gilbert, Frankland - Living
Gilbert, Fred c.1867 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Gilbert, Frederick c.1835 - Long Crichell, Dorset
Gilbert, George b.1813 -
Gilbert, George c.1813 - Moor Crichel, Dorset
Gilbert, George b.1871 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Gilbert, George c.1851 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Gilbert, George b.1756 - Berwick St. James, Wilts.
Gilbert, George b.1775 - Berwick St James, Wiltshire
Gilbert, George b.1799 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wilts.
Gilbert, George b.1826 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wilts.
Gilbert, George William b.1893 - Bromley, Kent. (Not confirmed)
Gilbert, George William b.1853 - Winterbourne-Stoke, Wiltshire
Gilbert, Georgina b.1848 - Moor Crichell
Gilbert, Georgina Ann - Living
Gilbert, Hannah c.1855 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Gilbert, Hannah b.1790 - Moor Crichell
Gilbert, Hannah b.1793 - Moor Crichell
Gilbert, Harold b.1897 - Bromley, Kent
Gilbert, Harriet b.1846 - Moor Crichell
Gilbert, Harriett (Annie) Marianne b.1880 - Bromley, Kent
Gilbert, Harry b.1891 - Calderbrook, Summit, Lancashire.
Gilbert, Henry c.1827 - Tarrant Rushton, Dorset
Gilbert, Henry c.1803 - Moor Crichell, Dorset
Gilbert, Henry b.1786 - Moor Crichell
Gilbert, Hester b.1812 -
Gilbert, Hilda Elizabeth b.1916 - 88, Birch Street, Swindon, Wiltshire.
Gilbert, Ian Colin - Living
Gilbert, Isaac c.1851 - Gussage Saint Michael, Dorset
Gilbert, Jack - Living
Gilbert, James c.1822 - Moor Crichell, Dorset
Gilbert, James c.1845 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Gilbert, James c.1825 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Gilbert, James b.1792 - Moor Crichell
Gilbert, James b.1775 - Moor Crichell
Gilbert, Jamie - Living
Gilbert, Jane c.1810 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Gilbert, Jane b.1833 - Moor Crichell
Gilbert, Janet - Living
Gilbert, Jennifer Ann - Living
Gilbert, Jennifer Ann - Living
Gilbert, Jeremy Clive - Living
Gilbert, Jesse b.1851 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Gilbert, Jessica - Living
Gilbert, Joe Ephraim Crowe - Living
Gilbert, John b.1807 -
Gilbert, John b.1805 - Moor Crichel, Dorset
Gilbert, John c.1853 - Moor Crichell, Dorset
Gilbert, John b.1865 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Gilbert, John c.1833 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Gilbert, John m.1711 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Gilbert, John -
Gilbert, John b.1860 - Gussage St. Michael
Gilbert, John b.1847 - Moor Crichell
Gilbert, John c.1789 - Moor Crichell, Dorset
Gilbert, John b.1757 - Moor Crichell
Gilbert, John b.1755 - Moor Crichell
Gilbert, John Alan b.1949 - Sale Maternity Hospital, Sale, Cheshire..
Gilbert, John David - Living
Gilbert, John Edwin b.1893 - 47, Hungerford Road, Lower Weston, Bath, Somerset, at 8.10 pm.
Gilbert, Joseph c.1845 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Gilbert, Joseph b.1848 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Gilbert, Judith - Living
Gilbert, Julian Nigel - Living
Gilbert, Lewis George - Living
Gilbert, Lisa - Living
Gilbert, Louis George b.1895 - Lyncombe, Bath, Somerset, at 2.5 pm.
Gilbert, Louis John b.1919 - 88, Birch Street, Swindon, Wiltshire.
Gilbert, Marion b.1916 -
Gilbert, Mark b.1836 - Manswood, Moor Crichell
Gilbert, Mark Henry b.1869 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Gilbert, Martha c.1875 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Gilbert, Martha c.1843 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Gilbert, Martha c.1847 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Gilbert, Martha b.1831 - Manswood, Moor Crichell
Gilbert, Martha Jane c.1876 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Gilbert, Mary c.1806 - Moor Crichell, Dorset
Gilbert, Mary c.1852 - Moor Crichel, Dorset
Gilbert, Mary b.1778 - Moor Crichell
Gilbert, Mary Ann c.1837 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Gilbert, Mary Ann b.1836 - Moor Crichell
Gilbert, Mary Ann b.1844 - Moor Crichell
Gilbert, Mary Anne b.1797 - Moor Crichell
Gilbert, Miles Anthony - Living
Gilbert, Neville b.1914 - Middleton, Lancashire.
Gilbert, Nicholas - Living
Gilbert, Oscar Edward - Living
Gilbert, Paul Michael - Living
Gilbert, Peter Neville - Living
Gilbert, Peter Richard - Living
Gilbert, Robert Dennis - Living
Gilbert, Ruby Eloise - Living
Gilbert, Sarah c.1812 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Gilbert, Sarah b.1794 - Moor Crichell
Gilbert, Sarah b.1852 - Moor Crichell
Gilbert, Sarah c.1787 - Moor Crichel, Dorset
Gilbert, Sarah Jane c.1861 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Gilbert, Sarah Jane c.1841 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Gilbert, Simon c.1800 - Moor Crichell, Dorset
Gilbert, Son -
Gilbert, Son -
Gilbert, Stephen b.1820 - Moor Crichell
Gilbert, Stephen b.1794 - Moor Crichell
Gilbert, Stephen John - Living
Gilbert, Susan c.1813 - Gussage Saint Michael, Dorset
Gilbert, Susan Ann c.1827 - Long Crichell, Dorset
Gilbert, Susan Elizabeth - Living
Gilbert, Sylvia - Living
Gilbert, Thomas c.1808 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Gilbert, Thomas c.1847 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Gilbert, Thomas b.1733 - Berwick St. James, Wilts.
Gilbert, Thomas b.1792 - Moor Crichell
Gilbert, Thomas b.1767 - Moor Crichell
Gilbert, Thomas Alan - Living
Gilbert, Valerie Joan - Living
Gilbert, Victoria Louise - Living
Gilbert, Walter Edward - Living
Gilbert, Walter Frank b.1899 - Stoke Trister, Somerset, at 6.37 pm.
Gilbert, William c.1816 - Moor Crichell, Dorset
Gilbert, William c.1808 - Moor Crichell, Dorset
Gilbert, William c.1780 - Moor Crichell, Dorset
Gilbert, William c.1831 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire


Giles, Jessie b.1862 - Chelsea, London


Gilette, Ellen m.1858 -


Gilham, Alice b.1869 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Gilham, Ann (Gillum) c.1861 - St. Mary's, Portsmouth, Hampshire
Gilham, Elizabeth c.1875 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Gilham, Ellen Caroline c.1866 - Widley, Hampshire
Gilham, Sarah Emily c.1864 - Widley, Hampshire
Gilham, Thomas b.1868 - Denmead, Hampshire
Gilham, William b.1793 - Lenham, Kent
Gilham, William c.1867 - Widley, Hampshire
Gilham, William Henry c.1833 - Widley, Hampshire


Gilks, Nigel - Living


Gillard, Sarah b.1821 - Nether Compton, Sherborne, Dorset


Gillet, Catherine m.1816 - Hilton, Dorset


Gillingham, Mabel Evelyn E. m.1913 - district of Edmonton, Essex (Dec qtr)


Gillman, Ann c.1838 - Clanfield, Hampshire
Gillman, Henry c.1848 - Clanfield, Hampshire
Gillman, Jane c.1844 - Clanfield, Hampshire
Gillman, Jesse c.1856 - Clanfield, Hampshire
Gillman, Thomas c.1840 - Clanfield, Hampshire
Gillman, Thomas b.1813 -


Gilmer, Edward - Living
Gilmer, Jane Margaret - Living
Gilmer, Robert - Living


Girdlestone, Arthur Bellet b.1867 - Wandsworth, London
Girdlestone, Charles b.1796 - St. Dunstan in the West, London
Girdlestone, Charles Richey b.1864 - district of Stourbridge, Staffordshire
Girdlestone, Gathorne Robert F.R.C.S. b.1881 - Christchurch, Oxford
Girdlestone, Robert Baker b.1836 - Sedgley, Staffordshire


Gitsham, Irene Gladys b.1899 - Riverton, South Australia
Gitsham, Louis Walter b.1873 - Gawler, South Australia


Gladstone, Alice b.1845 - Brighton, Sussex
Gladstone, Ann MacKenzie b.1802 - Fasque, Kincardinshire, Scotland
Gladstone, Anne Elizabeth Honoria b.1841 - Brunswick Square, Brighton, Sussex
Gladstone, Catherine Susan - Living
Gladstone, Clara Frances b.1846 - St George Hanover Square, London
Gladstone, Constance Elizabeth b.1850 - St George Hanover Square, London (Jun qtr)
Gladstone, Edith Helen b.1850 - St George Hanover Square, London (Jun qtr)
Gladstone, Harry William - Living
Gladstone, Helen Jane b.1814 - Liverpool, Lancashire
Gladstone, John - Living
Gladstone, John 1st Bt. b.1764 - North Leith, Midlothian, Scotland
Gladstone, John Berenger - Living
Gladstone, John Evelyn 4th Bt. b.1855 - Laycock, Wiltshire
Gladstone, John Neilson b.1807 - Fasque, Scotland
Gladstone, Katharine b.1840 - Ireland
Gladstone, Lucy Marion b.1853 - St George Hanover Square, London (Dec qtr)
Gladstone, Robert Hamilton - Living
Gladstone, Robertson b.1805 - Liverpool, Lancashire
Gladstone, Thomas 2nd Bt. b.1804 - Liverpool, Lancashire
Gladstone, William Ewart PM b.1809 - Merseyside, Liverpool, Lancashire


Gleeson, Denis b.1860 - of London
Gleeson, Fergus b.1898 -


Gliddon, Augustus Matthew b.1863 - Saint Martin, Guernsey, Channel Islands
Gliddon, Aurelius James Louis b.1857 - Saint Martin, Guernsey, Channel Islands
Gliddon, Claudius De Putron b.1859 - Saint Martin, Guernsey, Channel Islands
Gliddon, Deborah Mary b.1860 - Saint Martin, Guernsey, Channel Islands
Gliddon, Edith Maud b.1866 - Saint Martin, Guernsey, Channel Islands
Gliddon, Herbert Arthur b.1868 - Saint Martin, Guernsey, Channel Islands
Gliddon, James m.1856 -
Gliddon, Matilda Adelina b.1879 - Saint Martin, Guernsey, Channel Islands


Glover, Ann -
Glover, Benjamin b.1839 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Glover, Harriet b.1840 - Fareham, Hampshire
Glover, Thomas m.1827 - Guiseley, Yorkshire


Goater, Lilian - Living


Goddard, Emma b.1870 - Shirley, Southampton, Hampshire
Goddard, Frances Ellen b.1858 - Southampton, Hampshire (Sep qtr)
Goddard, Frederick John b.1868 - Shirley, Southampton, Hampshire
Goddard, George b.1836 - Holton, Somerset
Goddard, George Knightly b.1857 - Southampton, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Goddard, Sarah b.1861 - Millbrook, Hampshire


Godden, Emmeline b.1847 - Christchurch, Hampshire


Godley, Charles b.1851 - Barnard Castle, Durham
Godley, Emily b.1880 - Ontario, Canada
Godley, Gertrude Fanny Louisa - Living
Godley, Jean b.1918 -
Godley, Marion - Living
Godley, Mary Annie b.1877 -
Godley, Spence Hardy b.1876 - Ontario, Canada


Godsall, Jeffery Ian - Living


Godward, Edmund b.1869 - Chelsea, London
Godward, John b.1836 - Bayswater, London, Middlesex


Goldhawk, Frederick William b.1847 - district of Staines, Surrey (Mar qtr)
Goldhawk, Kitty Louisa b.1872 - Chobham, Surrey (Dec qtr)


Golding, Catherine -
Golding, Martha b.1775 - Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk


Goldman, John Joseph McDonald - Living


Gomaz, Yvonne - Living


Goodall, Alice Elizabeth b.1863 -


Goodchild, Mary b.1797 - Shapwick, Dorset


Goodfellow, John -
Goodfellow, John b.1844 - Newington, Surrey


Goodram, Mary b.1791 - of Debenham, Suffolk


Goodson, Charlotte b.1850 - Chelsea, London


Gordon, Louisa Jane -


Goschen, Charlotte Ernestina b.1840 - Eltham, Kent (Mar qtr)


Gosney, Charles Thomas b.1845 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Gosney, George m.1840 - St Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire
Gosney, George Francis b.1841 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Gosney, Henry John b.1851 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Gosney, Maria Ann b.1854 - Portsmouth, Hampshire


Goss, Charlotte Sophie - Living
Goss, James - Living
Goss, John - Living


Gossman, Alexander Donald - Living
Gossman, Susan - Living


Gough, Rebecca - Living
Gough, William C.E. b.1898 - Blandford, Dorset


Gould, Elizabeth -
Gould, Priscilla b.1674 - Enfield, Middlesex
Gould, Thomas d.1730 -
Gould, Thomas -


Gouldsbrough, Ann "Nancy" b.1768 -
Gouldsbrough, John -


Gourlay, W.N.R. - Living


Gover, Ann c.1755 - Milton Abbas, Dorset
Gover, Ann c.1824 - Tarrant Keynston, Dorset
Gover, Annie Elizabeth b.1878 - Bournemouth, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Gover, Bessie b.1866 - Wimborne, Dorset
Gover, David William b.1874 - Bournemouth, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Gover, Derrick Owen b.1924 - district of Christchurch, Hampshire (Sep qtr)
Gover, Edith Mabel b.1884 - Moordown, Bournemouth, Hampshire
Gover, Frederick James b.1886 - Moordown, Bournemouth, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Gover, Gwendoline J. - Living
Gover, Henry "Harry" Elias b.1876 - Bournemouth, Hampshire
Gover, James c.1784 - Tarrant Keynston, Dorset
Gover, Janet - Living
Gover, John b.1880 - Bournemouth, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Gover, John P.C. - Living
Gover, Joseph Green c.1774 - Tarrant Keynston, Dorset
Gover, Linda - Living
Gover, Mary b.1875 - Bournemouth, Hampshire
Gover, Michael D. - Living
Gover, Michael J. - Living
Gover, Olive Ellen L. b.1911 - Christchurch, Hampshire
Gover, Pamela I. - Living
Gover, Patricia - Living
Gover, Phyllis - Living
Gover, Robert c.1821 - Tarrant Keynston, Dorset
Gover, Ronald H. - Living
Gover, Rose b.1882 - Redhill, Bournemouth, Hampshire
Gover, Sidney F.J. - Living
Gover, Violet M. - Living
Gover, William Elias b.1844 - Wimborne, Dorset


Govier, Alice b.1843 - Exeter, Devon (Mar qtr)
Govier, Eliza b.1849 - Exeter, Devon
Govier, John Henry b.1816 - Topsham, Devon
Govier, Mary Ann b.1845 - Exeter, Devon
Govier, Sarah b.1839 - Topsham, Devon


Gower, Ann Rose b.1835 - Lingfield, Surrey


Graeser, Francis - Living
Graeser, Heinz Gunter b.1925 -
Graeser, Karl - Living
Graeser, Lynn - Living
Graeser, Stephen - Living


Graham, Andrew b.1838 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Graham, Anna Bridget b.1847 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Graham, Charles Colwell b.1874 - Portsea, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Graham, Charlotte b.1850 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Graham, Diana Margaret - Living
Graham, Edmund Bruce c.1833 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
Graham, Elizabeth c.1831 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
Graham, Elizabeth c.1816 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Graham, Flora b.1870 - Portsea, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Graham, Harriet Caroline Sophia Jerome b.1861 - Southsea, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Graham, Henry J. b.1875 - St. George Hanover Square, London
Graham, Henry John L. m.1869 - St. George Hanover Square, London (Jun qtr)
Graham, Hermione Emily b.1882 -
Graham, Ivy Annie b.1899 - Portsmouth, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Graham, James b.1791 - Yorkshire
Graham, Judith Barbara - Living
Graham, Martha Lane b.1843 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Graham, Mary Lane c.1834 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
Graham, Peter b.1807 - Birmingham, Warwickshire
Graham, Peter b.1840 - Portsea, Hampshire
Graham, Robert Thomas c.1829 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
Graham, Robert Thomas b.1878 - Portsea, Hampshire
Graham, Rose b.1864 - Portsea, Hampshire
Graham, Squire c.1836 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
Graham, Susan Frances - Living
Graham, Thomas Charles - Living


Grainger, Ann (See Notes) b.1768 -
Grainger, Sarah Ann b.1835 - Calverley, Yorkshire


Grange, Emma b.1839 -


Grant, Alexander -
Grant, Archibald b.1893 - Norwood, London
Grant, Bertram b.1888 - Norwood, London
Grant, Callum James - Living
Grant, Christopher - Living
Grant, Emily - Living
Grant, Evelyn b.1890 - Norwood, London
Grant, Jane b.1844 - Poole, Dorset
Grant, Lewis Leslie - Living
Grant, Lilian "Betty" Agnes b.1898 - Lambeth, London
Grant, Nicholas David - Living
Grant, Robert b.1896 - Norwood, London
Grant, Sydney Arthur b.1903 - Norwood, London (Sep qtr)
Grant, Wayne - Living
Grant, William b.1854 - Norwood, London


Grantham, Amy b.1889 - Croydon, Surrey
Grantham, John Edmund b.1856 - Croydon, Surrey (Dec qtr)
Grantham, Zoe b.1891 - district of Croydon, Surrey (Mar qtr)


Gray, Ann b.1843 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Gray, Anne Elizabeth Margaret - Living
Gray, Edmund - Living
Gray, Edward b.1821 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Gray, Edward -
Gray, Emily b.1862 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Gray, Grace b.1853 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Gray, Janine Heather Elizabeth - Living
Gray, Margaret - Living
Gray, Maria b.1859 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Gray, Mr -
Gray, Nicholas Edmund Russell - Living
Gray, Rhoda b.1856 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Gray, Timothy - Living
Gray, Timothy Edmund Russell - Living
Gray, Wilfred b.1849 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Gray, William m.1701 - Mere, Wiltshire


Greaves, Ann E. b.1851 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Greaves, Eliza b.1836 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Greaves, Elizabeth b.1823 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Greaves, Emma b.1838 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Greaves, Isabella b.1840 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Greaves, John b.1825 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Greaves, Joseph b.1849 - Guiseley, Yorkshire
Greaves, Joseph b.1799 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Greaves, Joshua -
Greaves, Margaret b.1830 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Greaves, Martha Ann b.1832 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Greaves, Mary b.1821 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Greaves, Mary Ann b.1838 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Greaves, Sarah b.1827 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Greaves, William Henry b.1834 - Rawdon, Yorkshire


Green, Charles b.1890 - Cosham, Hampshire
Green, Charles c.1867 - Southwick, Hampshire
Green, Charles b.1835 - Exton, Hampshire
Green, Clive - Living
Green, Cyril David b.1911 -
Green, Elizabeth b.1894 - Cosham, Hampshire
Green, Elizabeth c.1866 - Southwick, Hampshire
Green, Emily b.1891 - Cosham, Hampshire
Green, George b.1889 - Cosham, Hampshire
Green, Graham Gilbert - Living
Green, Helen Elizabeth Rae - Living
Green, Jesse c.1874 - Southwick, Hampshire
Green, Jonathan - Living
Green, Maria b.1814 - Bridport, Dorset
Green, Martin - Living
Green, Mary Eliza b.1872 - Trowbridge, Wiltshire
Green, Maud - Living
Green, Phillip c.1871 - Southwick, Hampshire
Green, Richard -
Green, William George b.1869 - Southwick, Hampshire
Green, William Henry -


Greene, Edith b.1914 - Abertillery, Wales.
Greene, Evelyn - Living
Greene, Joseph Henry b.1889 -
Greene, male b.1914 - Abertillery, Wales.


Greening, Jack b.1872 -


Greenway, Mr -


Greenwood, Mary b.1855 -


Gregg, Patience b.1729 -


Gregory, Alice Rose b.1877 - Upper Parkstone, Dorset
Gregory, Elizabeth b.1846 - Chardstock All Saints, Dorset
Gregory, George -
Gregory, Kezia b.1815 - Berkshire
Gregory, Maria b.1831 - Portsmouth, Hampshire


Grey, Elizabeth b.1800 - of Howick, Northumberland


Griffin, Ann b.1829 - Ryde, Isle of Wight
Griffin, Ann b.1862 - Woodmansterne, Surrey
Griffin, Anne Maria c.1849 - Alverstoke, Hampshire
Griffin, Edwin c.1864 - Woodmansterne, Surrey
Griffin, Elizabeth Ann m.1907 - Southwick, Hampshire
Griffin, Ellen b.1868 - Woodmansterne, Surrey
Griffin, George b.1821 - Coulsdon, Surrey
Griffin, James m.1841 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
Griffin, James b.1866 - Woodmansterne, Surrey
Griffin, James George c.1844 - Alverstoke, Hampshire
Griffin, Martha Octavia b.1870 - Woodmansterne, Surrey
Griffin, Mary b.1843 - Forton, Gosport, Hampshire
Griffin, Maureen J. - Living
Griffin, Thomas m.1762 - Steep, Hants.
Griffin, William b.1863 - Woodmansterne, Surrey


Grigg, Jacob m.1846 - Adelaide, South Australia


Grimm, Katherina -


Grimshaw, Aaron b.1835 - Yeadon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Aaron b.1778 - Rawdon, Guiseley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Aaron b.1859 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Aaron b.1825 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Abraham b.1868 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Abraham b.1731 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Abraham b.1835 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Abraham b.1771 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Abraham b.1845 - Idle, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Abraham b.1842 - Idle, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Abraham b.1818 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Abraham c.1788 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Abraham b.1760 - Buxstone Baptist, Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Abraham b.1797 - Buckstone (Buxstone) Baptist, Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Abraham b.1651 - Rawdon, Guiseley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Abraham c.1603 - Guiseley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Abraham (See Notes) b.1691 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Ada b.1859 - York, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Ada b.1855 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Adelaide b.1863 - Purston Jaglin, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Alan Douglas b.1881 - Armley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Albert b.1859 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Albert b.1858 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Albert Edward b.1867 - Purston Jaglin, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Alfred b.1867 - Rodley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Alfred b.1841 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Alfred b.1853 - Rodley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Alfred H. b.1881 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Alice c.1859 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Alice b.1871 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Alice b.1731 - of Lofthouse, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Alice Edith b.1880 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Allison b.1864 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Amelia b.1870 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Amelia b.1843 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Amos b.1835 - Rodley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Angelina b.1846 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Ann b.1767 - Rawden, Guiseley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Ann b.1840 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Ann b.1868 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Ann b.1836 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Ann b.1836 - Rodley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Ann b.1831 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Ann b.1861 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Ann b.1821 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Ann b.1821 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Ann b.1804 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Ann b.1846 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Ann Elizabeth b.1840 - Woodhall Hills, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Ann Ellen b.1840 - Dewsbury, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Ann Fletcher b.1832 - Idle, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Ann Thompson b.1831 - Liverpool, Lancashire
Grimshaw, Anna b.1801 - Yeadon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Anna b.1837 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Anne c.1830 - Barby, Northamptonshire
Grimshaw, Anne - Living
Grimshaw, Anne b.1809 - Buckstone Baptist, Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Anne (Amy) Elizabeth b.1845 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Annie b.1877 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Annie b.1848 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Annie b.1858 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Annie Elizabeth b.1873 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Annie Louisa b.1878 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire (Sep qtr)
Grimshaw, Annie M. b.1880 - Eccleshill, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Arthur b.1860 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Arthur b.1864 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Arthur Edmund b.1864 - Leeds, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Arthur Exley b.1860 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Arthur Herbert b.1860 - Horsforth, Yorkshire (Dec qtr)
Grimshaw, Barrett b.1863 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Barrie John Spence b.1923 - district of Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Barzillai b.1859 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Basil b.1874 - Liversedge, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Benjamin b.1687 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Benjamin b.1802 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Benjamin b.1803 - Yeadon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Benjamin b.1840 - Idle, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Benjamin b.1830 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Benjamin b.1823 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Benjamin b.1798 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Benjamin b.1751 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Benjamin b.1797 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Bertha Amelia b.1883 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Bertie b.1880 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Betty b.1795 - Yeadon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Betty c.1787 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Betty b.1754 - Ampleforth, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Blanche "Polly" -
Grimshaw, Caleb b.1805 - Hockliffe, Bedfordshire
Grimshaw, Caleb c.1797 - Hockliffe, Bedfordshire
Grimshaw, Caleb b.1762 - Mill House, Bossall, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Caleb b.1688 - Kirkby Moorside, Guiseborough, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Caleb b.1718 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Caleb b.1801 -
Grimshaw, Carlton b.1856 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Charles b.1855 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Charles b.1843 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Charles David b.1863 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Charles H. b.1881 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Charles Thompson b.1830 - Liverpool, Lancashire
Grimshaw, Clara b.1870 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Clara Grace b.1883 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Clara Mary b.1862 - Hunslet, Yorkshire (Mar qtr)
Grimshaw, Clarice b.1894 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire (Sep qtr)
Grimshaw, Clement - Living
Grimshaw, Constance Anna b.1886 - district of Bradford, Yorkshire (Jun qtr)
Grimshaw, Craven b.1853 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Cyril Ernest b.1882 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Daphne b.1890 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Daphne Rose - Living
Grimshaw, Darcy Richard b.1873 - Bramley, Yorkshire (Dec qtr)
Grimshaw, Darius b.1857 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, David b.1837 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, David b.1788 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, David b.1793 - Yeadon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, David c.1813 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, David b.1823 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, David b.1715 - Rawdon, Guiseley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, David b.1843 - Sheffield, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, David b.1811 - Buckstone Baptist, Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Dinah c.1816 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Dinah b.1794 - Idle, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Dinah c.1774 - Idle, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Dora b.1890 - district of Bradford, Yorkshire (Mar qtr)
Grimshaw, Doris M. b.1890 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Dorothy - Living
Grimshaw, Dorothy b.1821 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Dorothy b.1785 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Ebor Water b.1867 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Edith b.1866 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Edmund b.1845 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Edmund b.1832 - Rodley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Edmund b.1834 - Rodley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Edmund c.1822 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Edmund b.1799 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Edna b.1901 - Gomersal, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Edward b.1826 - Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Edward b.1814 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Edward d.1826 - Liverpool, Lancashire
Grimshaw, Edward b.1559 -
Grimshaw, Edward Gray b.1864 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Edwin b.1864 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Elaine Katherine b.1877 - Scarborough, Yorkshire (Jun qtr)
Grimshaw, Eliza b.1839 - Yeadon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Eliza b.1860 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Eliza b.1847 - Idle, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Eliza b.1849 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Eliza Ann b.1822 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Elizabeth c.1828 - Barby, Northamptonshire
Grimshaw, Elizabeth b.1829 - Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Elizabeth b.1869 - Lightcliffe, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Elizabeth c.1806 - Hockliffe, Bedfordshire
Grimshaw, Elizabeth b.1791 - Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire
Grimshaw, Elizabeth b.1833 - Rehoboth Particular Baptist, Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Elizabeth b.1691 - Calverley Carr, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Elizabeth b.1840 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Elizabeth b.1836 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Elizabeth b.1842 - Yeadon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Elizabeth b.1817 - Esholt, Otley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Elizabeth b.1834 - Green Gates, Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Elizabeth b.1831 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Elizabeth c.1800 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Elizabeth b.1837 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Elizabeth b.1831 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Elizabeth b.1790 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Elizabeth b.1776 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Elizabeth b.1818 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Elizabeth b.1825 -
Grimshaw, Elizabeth b.1822 - Lane Particular Baptist, Bramley By Leeds, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Elizabeth b.1796 -
Grimshaw, Elizabeth Jackson c.1819 - All Saints, Northampton, Northamptonshire
Grimshaw, Ellen b.1862 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Ellen b.1832 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Ellen b.1834 - Bramley, Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Ellen b.1841 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Ellen c.1781 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Ellen b.1812 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Ellen E. b.1829 - Yeadon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Elsie Caroline b.1879 - Scarborough, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Emily c.1868 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Emily b.1858 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Emily b.1855 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Emily b.1860 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Emily Dorlinda b.1857 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Emma b.1842 - Liversedge, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Emma b.1874 - Lightcliffe, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Emma b.1872 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Emma b.1848 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Emma b.1851 - Idle, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Emma b.1833 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Emma Mary b.1865 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Enid Frances b.1865 - Leeds, Yorkshire (Dec qtr)
Grimshaw, Ernest b.1870 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Esther b.1728 - Farndale, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Ethel Clara b.1879 - Lightcliffe, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Eva b.1880 - New Wortley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Evelyn (or Mary) b.1897 - Gomersal, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Fanny b.1826 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Fanny b.1858 - Guiseley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Fanny Rebecca b.1842 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Florence (nee Thornton) b.1873 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Florence Hilda b.1870 - Purston Jaglin, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Frank b.1864 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Frank b.1899 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Frank Jackson c.1838 - Dewsbury, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Frank Outhwaite b.1870 - Leeds, Yorkshire (Sep qtr)
Grimshaw, Fred b.1863 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Frederick b.1878 - Lightcliffe, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Frederick b.1839 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Frederick b.1861 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, George b.1851 - York, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, George b.1827 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, George b.1813 - Buckstone Baptist, Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, George b.1792 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, George b.1827 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, George b.1805 -
Grimshaw, George "James" b.1831 - Dewsbury, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, George E. b.1878 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, George Henry b.1859 - Yeadon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Georgiana b.1848 - Guiseley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Gertrude b.1868 - Leeds, Yorkshire (Sep qtr)
Grimshaw, Gertrude Maud b.1873 - Purston Jaglin, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Gordon David b.1887 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Grace b.1837 - Yeadon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Grace b.1845 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Grace b.1825 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Grace A. b.1863 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Hainsworth b.1864 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Hall b.1841 - district of Bradford, Yorkshire (Dec qtr)
Grimshaw, Hannah b.1836 - Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Hannah b.1768 - Rawden, Guiseley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Hannah b.1797 - Yeadon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Hannah b.1852 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Hannah b.1842 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Hannah b.1850 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Hannah c.1818 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Hannah b.1827 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Hannah c.1794 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Hannah c.1768 - Idle, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Hannah b.1786 - Buckstone (Buxstone) Baptist, Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Hannah Mary b.1866 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Hargreaves b.1855 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Harold b.1887 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Harold Atheling b.1880 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Harriett c.1820 - Barby, Northamptonshire
Grimshaw, Harry Clayton b.1880 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Harry Clayton b.1854 - Guiseley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Harry George C. b.1869 - Liverpool, Lancashire
Grimshaw, Harry Hall b.1876 - Lightcliffe, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Hedley Pratt b.1876 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Helena - Living
Grimshaw, Henry b.1853 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Henry b.1848 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Herbert b.1861 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Herbert b.1870 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Herman b.1875 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Hilda Emily b.1876 - Leeds, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Hubert James b.1873 - Leeds, Yorkshire (Dec qtr)
Grimshaw, Hugh b.1870 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Irwin b.1857 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Isaac b.1811 - Buckstone Baptist, Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Isaac c.1792 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Isaac -
Grimshaw, Isaac b.1772 - Mill House, Bossall, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Isabella b.1869 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Isabella b.1875 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Isabella b.1843 - Guiseley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Isabella b.1841 - Cockridge?, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Isabella b.1830 - Buckstone Baptist, Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Isabella b.1866 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Isabella b.1832 - Rodley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Isabella b.1859 - Purston Jaglin, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Israel b.1849 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Jabez c.1833 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, James c.1826 - Barby, Northamptonshire
Grimshaw, James b.1870 - High Town, Liversedge, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, James b.1798 - Daventry, Northamptonshire
Grimshaw, James b.1838 - Idle, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, James c.1806 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, James b.1804 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, James b.1910 -
Grimshaw, James Alfred - Living
Grimshaw, James Alfred b.1878 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, James Batty b.1838 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, James Halliday b.1843 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, James North b.1845 - Guiseley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, James North b.1850 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, James William b.1846 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Jane c.1817 - Barby, Northamptonshire
Grimshaw, Jane b.1803 - Bucktone Baptist, Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Jane b.1837 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Jane b.1823 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Jane b.1725 - Farndale, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Jane Eliza b.1857 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Jane Elizabeth b.1841 - Yeadon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Jarvis b.1853 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Jeremiah m.1801 - Guiseley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Jeremiah b.1820 - Farsley, Yorkshire (14th day of month)
Grimshaw, Jeremiah b.1781 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Jeremiah b.1717 - Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Jeremiah b.1721 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Jeremiah b.1759 - Ampleforth, Mirell Kirk, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Jeremiah c.1653 - Guiseley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Joan - Living
Grimshaw, Job b.1831 - Yeadon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Job b.1824 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Joe Booth b.1865 - Rodley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, John b.1791 - Staverton, Northamptonshire
Grimshaw, John b.1781 - Rawden, Guiseley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, John b.1846 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, John b.1839 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, John b.1832 - Leeds, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, John b.1853 - Idle, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, John b.1845 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, John b.1850 - Idle, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, John b.1812 - Rodley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, John b.1828 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, John b.1815 - of Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, John b.1820 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, John c.1805 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, John b.1832 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, John b.1778 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, John c.1760 - Idle, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, John b.1735 - of Idle, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, John b.1760 - of Calverley & Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, John b.1664 - Guiseley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, John b.1789 - Buckstone (Buxstone) Baptist, Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, John b.1685 - Kirkby Moorside, Guiseborough, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, John b.1756 - Ampleforth, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, John b.1808 - Buckstone (Buxstone) Baptist, Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, John c.1800 - Bossall, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, John c.1827 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, John (See Notes) c.1813 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, John (See Notes) b.1796 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, John (See Notes) b.1723 - Rawdon, Guiseley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, John A. b.1891 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, John Alfred b.1842 - Derby (Jun qtr)
Grimshaw, John Atkinson b.1836 - Leeds, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, John Marshall b.1839 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, John Samuel c.1814 - Kilsby, Northamptonshire
Grimshaw, John Spence Hardy b.1868 - Stroud, Gloucestershire
Grimshaw, John Teheran b.1881 - Lockwood, Huddersfield, Yorks.
Grimshaw, John Thomas b.1873 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, John William b.1849 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, John William b.1844 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Jonas b.1853 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Jonathan b.1839 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Jonathan b.1795 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Jonathan b.1823 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Jonathan b.1790 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Jonathan b.1708 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Jonathan b.1769 - of Horsforth, Guiseley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Jonathan b.1841 -
Grimshaw, Jonathan b.1818 - Buckstone (Buxstone) Baptist, Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Jonathan b.1784 - Buckstone Baptist, Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Jonathan (See Notes) b.1748 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Joseph b.1765 - Rawden, Guiseley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Joseph b.1872 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Joseph b.1687 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Joseph b.1848 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Joseph c.1813 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Joseph b.1826 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Joseph c.1796 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Joseph b.1785 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Joshua b.1889 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Joshua b.1842 - Rodley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Joshua b.1719 - Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Joshua b.1714 - Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Joshua b.1687 - Kirkby Moorside, Guiseborough, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Josiah b.1848 - Leeds, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Josiah c.1658 - Rawdon, Guiseley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Josiah b.1819 - Buckstone (Buxstone) Baptist, Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Judith Mary - Living
Grimshaw, Julie - Living
Grimshaw, Kate b.1856 - York, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Kathleen - Living
Grimshaw, Lancelot George b.1877 - Scarborough, Yorkshire (Jun qtr)
Grimshaw, Leah b.1844 - Rodley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Leonard b.1767 - of Barton, nr Bossall, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Leonard (See Notes) c.1795 - Bossall, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Lilian Josephine Theodosia b.1867 - Leeds, Yorkshire (Jun qtr)
Grimshaw, Linda J. - Living
Grimshaw, Lizzie b.1872 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Lizzie b.1863 - Guiseley, Yorks.
Grimshaw, Lois Ida b.1879 - Calverley, Yorkshire (Mar qtr)
Grimshaw, Louis Hubbarde b.1870 - Leeds, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Louisa b.1848 - Retford, Nottinghamshire
Grimshaw, Louisa b.1857 - Guiseley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Louisa Sarah b.1828 - Northamptonshire
Grimshaw, Lucy b.1892 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire (Sep qtr)
Grimshaw, Lydia Elizabeth b.1879 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Mabel b.1877 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Margaret b.1829 - Rehoboth Particular Baptist, Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Margaret b.1787 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Margaret - Living
Grimshaw, Margaret Elizabeth b.1829 - Esholt, Otley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Maria b.1861 - Purston Jaglin, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Maria b.1829 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Maria b.1809 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Maria b.1860 - Guiseley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Maria Ann b.1839 - Rodley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Marie b.1654 - Guiseley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Marion b.1887 - district of Bradford, Yorkshire (Dec qtr)
Grimshaw, Marjorie L. - Living
Grimshaw, Marshall b.1807 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Martha b.1865 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Martha b.1855 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Martha b.1812 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Martha b.1828 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Martha Ann b.1865 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Martha Ann b.1847 - Rodley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Martha Ellen b.1870 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Mary b.1803 - Yeadon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Mary b.1864 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Mary b.1846 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Mary b.1805 - Buckstone Baptist, Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Mary b.1830 - Rodley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Mary b.1839 - Rodley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Mary c.1814 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Mary b.1824 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Mary b.1839 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Mary b.1832 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Mary c.1811 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Mary b.1855 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Mary b.1837 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Mary b.1830 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Mary b.1788 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Mary c.1785 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Mary b.1786 - Idle, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Mary c.1761 - Idle, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Mary b.1881 -
Grimshaw, Mary b.1712 - Rawdon, Guiseley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Mary b.1797 -
Grimshaw, Mary (Mercy) b.1715 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Mary Ann b.1839 - Cleckheaton, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Mary Ann b.1841 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Mary Ann b.1841 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Mary E. b.1866 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Mary Ellen b.1857 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Mary Ellen c.1832 - Otley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Mary Ellen b.1845 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Mary Isabel b.1872 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Mary Priscilla b.1851 - Leeds, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Mary Selena b.1877 - Lightcliffe, Yorkshire (Mar qtr)
Grimshaw, Maud b.1874 - Thurkburton, Yorks.
Grimshaw, Melville Dudley b.1879 - Armley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Mercy b.1853 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Mercy b.1827 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Mercy Emma b.1852 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Mercy Hannah b.1850 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Morris b.1872 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Moses b.1837 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Moses b.1807 - Buckstone (Buxstone) Baptist, Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Moses Osborn b.1856 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Nellie b.1899 - Rodley, Yorkshire (Sep qtr)
Grimshaw, Nellie b.1891 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Norman b.1882 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Norman -
Grimshaw, Oliver Cromwell b.1834 - Rodley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Percival b.1876 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Peter b.1853 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Peter b.1813 - Hollingshill, Esholt, Otley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Peter b.1763 -
Grimshaw, Peter b.1848 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Peter b.1830 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Peter b.1799 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Peter (See Notes) b.1809 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Phebe b.1797 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Phebe Ann b.1868 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Pheobe b.1834 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Philip Henry b.1874 - Calverley, Yorkshire (Jun qtr)
Grimshaw, Phillp G. - Living
Grimshaw, Phoebe b.1857 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Phoebe b.1847 - Idle, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Phoebe b.1859 - Rodley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Phoebe b.1826 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Phoebe c.1802 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Polly b.1866 - Guiseley, Yorks.
Grimshaw, Rachel b.1865 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Rachel b.1838 - Rodley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Ralph b.1895 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Ralph Spence b.1893 - district of Bramley, Yorkshire (Jun qtr)
Grimshaw, Rebecca b.1661 -
Grimshaw, Reuben b.1849 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Rhoda b.1807 - Yeadon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Rhoda b.1859 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Rhoda c.1858 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Richard b.1796 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Richard Atkinson b.1844 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Richard Atkinson b.1846 - Norwich, Norfolk
Grimshaw, Robert c.1829 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Rose b.1831 - Rehoboth Particular Baptist, Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Rose Monica b.1878 - Leeds, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Ruth b.1840 - Yeadon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Ruth b.1802 - Buckstone (Buxstone) Baptist, Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Ruth b.1799 - Buckstone (Buxstone) Baptist, Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Ruth b.1764 - of Harton, nr Bossall, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Samuel b.1855 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Samuel b.1835 - Yeadon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Samuel c.1816 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Samuel b.1843 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Samuel b.1830 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Samuel b.1817 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Samuel b.1796 - Buckstone (Buxstone) Baptist, Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Samuel c.1608 - Guiseley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Sarah c.1823 - Barby, Northamptonshire
Grimshaw, Sarah b.1877 - Gomersal, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Sarah b.1688 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Sarah b.1839 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Sarah b.1856 - Idle, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Sarah b.1847 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Sarah b.1845 - Idle, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Sarah b.1841 - Rodley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Sarah b.1821 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Sarah c.1792 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Sarah b.1802 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Sarah b.1656 -
Grimshaw, Sarah b.1716 - of Farndale, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Sarah b.1691 -
Grimshaw, Sarah b.1815 - Buckstone (Buxstone) Baptist, Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Sarah Ann b.1836 - Green Gates, Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Sarah Elizabeth b.1868 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Sarah Ellen b.1863 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Sarah Ellen b.1851 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Sarah Grace b.1867 - district of Bradford, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Sarah Margaret b.1842 -
Grimshaw, Seth b.1841 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Seth b.1825 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Seth Lister b.1861 - Rodley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Sidney b.1865 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Sidney Edgar b.1875 - Wakefield, Yorkshire (Dec qtr)
Grimshaw, Simeon b.1856 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Snowden b.1842 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Sophia c.1861 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Stanley -
Grimshaw, Tabitha b.1818 - Rehoboth Particular Baptist, Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Theodore b.1882 - Calverley, Yorkshire (Jun qtr)
Grimshaw, Theodosia c.1814 - Buckstone (Buxstone) Baptist, Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Thomas c.1819 - Barby, Northamptonshire
Grimshaw, Thomas b.1854 - York, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Thomas b.1874 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Thomas b.1870 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Thomas b.1809 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Thomas b.1862 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Thomas b.1805 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Thomas b.1834 - Idle, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Thomas c.1810 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Thomas b.1818 - of Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Thomas c.1799 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Thomas b.1783 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Thomas b.1869 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Thomas Peter b.1841 - Esholt, Otley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Thomas William b.1823 - Northamptonshire
Grimshaw, Titus b.1883 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Titus b.1833 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Titus c.1815 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Titus b.1835 - Buxstone Baptist, Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Tom b.1858 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Tom Forster b.1871 - Kirkburton, Yorkshire (Dec qtr)
Grimshaw, Violet b.1884 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Walter b.1833 - Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Walter b.1855 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Walter Stanley b.1884 - district of Bradford, Yorkshire (Dec qtr)
Grimshaw, Walton b.1870 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Wilfred b.1850 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Wilfred Atkinson b.1871 - Leeds, Yorkshire (Jun qtr)
Grimshaw, William c.1813 - Barby, Northamptonshire
Grimshaw, William b.1800 -
Grimshaw, William c.1794 - Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire
Grimshaw, William b.1825 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, William b.1816 - Buckstone Baptist, Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, William b.1780 -
Grimshaw, William c.1803 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, William b.1848 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, William b.1819 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, William b.1810 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, William b.1783 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, William c.1764 - Idle, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, William b.1844 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, William b.1721 - Rawdon, Guiseley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, William b.1713 - Shipley, Bradford, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, William b.1605 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, William c.1800 - Bossall, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, William (See Notes) -
Grimshaw, William Aaron b.1846 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, William Clayton b.1864 - Leeds, Yorkshire (Sep qtr)
Grimshaw, William Greaves b.1857 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, William Morley b.1876 - Calverley, Yorkshire (Jun qtr)
Grimshaw, William Pullan b.1894 - Holbeck, Leeds, Yorkshire (Mar qtr)
Grimshaw, William Roundhill b.1827 - Yeadon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, William Thomas c.1831 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, William Wilcock b.1822 - of Calverley, Yorkshire
Grimshaw, Wright b.1825 - Farsley, Yorkshire


Grinley, Ann b.1786 - Middlesex


Gritt, Amelia b.1843 - Bagshott, Surrey
Gritt, James b.1813 - Beaulieu, Hampshire


Grobbler, Kathleen E. b.1914 -


Grout, Ann b.1836 - Catherington, Hampshire
Grout, Charles b.1842 - Catherington, Hampshire
Grout, George b.1826 - Catherington, Hampshire
Grout, Thomas b.1787 - Catherington, Hampshire


Grove, Ann b.1814 - Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire
Grove, Betty b.1773 -


Grover, Alice Maud b.1868 - Brighton, Sussex
Grover, Annie Sarah b.1864 - Brighton, Sussex
Grover, Edward -
Grover, Edward Samuel b.1859 - Brighton, Sussex
Grover, Emma Louise b.1873 - Brighton, Sussex
Grover, Frederick William b.1862 - Brighton, Sussex
Grover, Harry Thomas b.1870 - Brighton, Sussex
Grover, Samuel b.1831 - Brighton, Sussex


Grow, Sarah b.1720 -


Grumett, Jack Rupert b.1921 -


Grundy, Audrey - Living


Gunner, Alec H. m.1906 -
Gunner, Frank - Living
Gunner, Grace - Living
Gunner, Morris - Living
Gunner, William - Living


Guthrie, James Alexander b.1893 -


Guttridge, James m.1852 - Southampton, (All Saints)
Guttridge, John - Living


Guy, Alice Elsie b.1884 - Kinson, Dorset
Guy, Amanda Matilda c.1867 - Great Canford, Dorset
Guy, Anna Maria c.1842 - Milton Abbas, Dorset
Guy, Anna Maria b.1849 - Milton Abbas, Dorset
Guy, Arthur George b.1883 - Kinson, Dorset
Guy, Bennet c.1845 - Milton Abbas, Dorset
Guy, Bennet Swyre c.1846 - Milton Abbas, Dorset
Guy, Bertrand Edmund b.1891 - district of Highworth, Dorset (Mar qtr)
Guy, Bertrand Edmund b.1869 - Kinson, Dorset
Guy, Bertrand Edmund C. b.1894 - Gloucester, Gloucestershire
Guy, Bessie b.1880 - Kinson, Dorset
Guy, Edmund c.1841 - Milton Abbas, Dorset
Guy, Elizabeth A. Morey c.1860 - Milton Abbas, Dorset
Guy, George b.1819 - Milton Abbas, Dorset
Guy, Henry William c.1853 - Stower-Provost, Dorset
Guy, James b.1854 - Milton Abbas, Dorset
Guy, Julia c.1857 - Milton Abbas, Dorset
Guy, Katie c.1875 - Great Canford, Dorset
Guy, Lilyah Matilda c.1872 - Great Canford, Dorset
Guy, Mary Matilda b.1874 - Kinson, Dorset
Guy, Matilda Mary b.1889 - Swindon, Wiltshire (Dec qtr)
Guy, Robert Redvers b.1900 - Swindon, Wiltshire
Guy, Thomas George b.1898 - Swindon, Wiltshire
Guy, Tryphena c.1848 - Milton Abbas, Dorset


Gyles, David -
Gyles, Mary Ann b.1827 - Ireland


Habgood, Jane b.1829 - Holdenhurst, Hampshire


Hadden, Alexander b.1763 - Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Hadden, Alexander -
Hadden, Alexander b.1720 - Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Hadden, Alexander b.1815 - Nottingham
Hadden, Constance Lamb b.1855 - Risley, Derbyshire (Sep qtr)
Hadden, Frederick John JP b.1818 - Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Hadden, Harriett Margaret b.1855 - Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
Hadden, Henry b.1856 - Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire (Dec qtr)
Hadden, John c.1765 - St Nicholas, Aberdeen, Scotland
Hadden, Richard b.1859 - Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire (Mar qtr)
Hadden, Rosa Florence b.1858 - Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire (Mar qtr)


Haddy, Richard Samuel m.1831 - St. James, Poole, Dorset


Hadley, Charlotte b.1827 - Leigh Luton, Worcestershire


Hagell, Fanny b.1823 - Canterbury, Kent
Hagell, John -


Hagers, Emma - Living


Hague, Mary b.1803 - of Horsforth, Yorkshire


Haines, Mary Ann b.1859 - Hinton St. George, Somerset


Hainsworth, John -
Hainsworth, Susannah b.1818 - Farsley, Yorkshire


Haley, Richard Lionel - Living


Hall, Elizabeth m.1795 - Bossall, Yorkshire
Hall, Emma Jane b.1841 - Newington, London
Hall, Harriet -
Hall, Jane c.1765 - St Peter, Church Street, Liverpool, Lancashire
Hall, Kaye Francis - Living
Hall, Mary b.1811 - Yorkshire
Hall, Mary - Living
Hall, Samuel b.1795 - of Northampton, Northamptonshire
Hall, Sara b.1811 - Eccleshill, Yorkshire
Hall, Vera - Living


Hallet, Joseph -
Hallet, Merina c.1844 - Thorncombe, Dorset


Hallett, Alfred George b.1874 - Southampton, Hampshire (Sep qtr)
Hallett, Eva Louisa c.1858 - Piddletrenthide, Dorset
Hallett, Frank Henry b.1876 - Southampton, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Hallett, Frederick Robert b.1871 - Frome St Quintin, Dorset
Hallett, John William b.1872 - Southampton, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Hallett, Kate b.1878 - Southampton, Hampshire (Sep qtr)
Hallett, Kitty Lovelace c.1846 - Piddletrenthide, Dorset
Hallett, Robert Loveless c.1823 - Piddletrenthide, Dorset
Hallett, Robert William c.1851 - Piddletrenthide, Dorset
Hallett, William -


Halliday, Ann c.1802 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Halliday, Elizabeth c.1803 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Halliday, James d.1851 -
Halliday, Mercy c.1809 - Horsforth, Yorkshire


Halstead, Margaret Edna - Living
Halstead, Robert Edward - Living
Halstead, William Edward b.1903 -


Halstrom, Rhonda Lee - Living


Hames, Belinda Caroline - Living
Hames, Benjamin Stuart - Living
Hames, Isabelle Louise - Living
Hames, Justine Veronica Ellen - Living
Hames, Paul Clifford - Living
Hames, Stephanie Rosalita - Living


Hamilton, Alice b.1849 - Camberwell, London
Hamilton, Diana Rosamond Maud Fleming - Living
Hamilton, Harry Banksia - Living
Hamilton, Harry Cook b.1882 - Ireland.


Hammond, Maria b.1860 - Stratham, Kent.


Hampton, Alexander - Living
Hampton, Mr - Living
Hampton, Robert - Living


Hanbury, Langton F. b.1877 - Sidcup, Kent
Hanbury, Mabel S.E. b.1871 - Peterboro, Northampton
Hanbury, Mary M. b.1870 - Peterboro, Northampton
Hanbury, Richard Saville b.1831 - Newington, Surrey
Hanbury, Saville W. b.1874 - Peterboro, Northampton
Hanbury, William R. b.1869 - Peterboro, Northampton


Hancock, Elizabeth b.1761 -
Hancock, Gordon Leslie - Living
Hancock, Jamie - Living
Hancock, Jason Gordon - Living
Hancock, Joanne Lesley Agnes - Living
Hancock, Peter Joseph - Living
Hancock, Veanne - Living


Hancox, Esther b.1867 -


Hand, Rachel b.1745 - Hinton Marshall
Hand, Vera - Living


Hann, Child - Living
Hann, Child - Living
Hann, Emma Jane b.1839 -
Hann, Gwendoline Clara b.1894 - Peckham, London
Hann, Harry - Living
Hann, Peter - Living
Hann, William -


Harbut, Sybil Gwendoline b.1896 - district of Southampton, Hampshire


Hardaker, Martha b.1804 - Calverley, Yorkshire


Hardcastle, Deborah m.1774 - Dacre in Netherdale, Yorkshire


Hardiker, Jack - Living
Hardiker, Maisie - Living
Hardiker, Nicholas - Living


Harding, Agnes Annie E. b.1912 -
Harding, Robert -
Harding, Susanna Ann c.1805 - St Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire


Hardman, Annabel Louise - Living
Hardman, Blaise Noel Anthony - Living
Hardman, Caroline Rosanna - Living
Hardman, Elizabeth "Daisy" Clare - Living
Hardman, Hermione Jane - Living
Hardman, James Donald Innes b.1899 - Oldham, Lancashire
Hardman, Thomas Donald B. - Living


Hardy, Adela Gertrude Catherine c.1875 - Froyle, Hampshire
Hardy, Alan Herbert b.1889 - Chilham, Kent
Hardy, Alfred Erskine M.P. b.1845 - St George Honover Square, Middlesex
Hardy, Alfred Spence b.1843 - Columbo, Ceylon
Hardy, Ann Spence c.1837 - Saint Martin Coney Street, York, Yorkshire
Hardy, Annie Spence b.1875 - Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire (Dec qtr)
Hardy, Annis b.1846 - Horsforth, Yorkshire (Dec qtr)
Hardy, Annis Elizabeth c.1806 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Hardy, Annis Fanny b.1868 - Chilham, Kent (Jun qtr)
Hardy, Annis Kathleen c.1884 - Danehill, Sussex
Hardy, Annis Matilda b.1846 - North Bierley, Yorkshire
Hardy, Arabella Venetia Jane - Living
Hardy, Arnold Sherrington - Living
Hardy, Arthur b.1893 -
Hardy, Arthur Bainbridge b.1852 - district of Bradley, Yorkshire
Hardy, Arthur Spence b.1882 - Luton, Bedfordshire (Sep qtr)
Hardy, Audrey Elizabeth Una - Living
Hardy, Bernice Sophia - Living
Hardy, Bertha Marion c.1882 - Chilham, Kent
Hardy, Bertram 3rd Bt. b.1877 - London, Middlesex
Hardy, Bertram Richard b.1865 - Whitwell, Isle of Wight
Hardy, Catherine Isabel b.1841 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Hardy, Cecily Muriel -
Hardy, Charles b.1874 - Chilham Castle, Chilham, Kent (Jun qtr)
Hardy, Charles b.1889 - Sutton, Surrey (Sep qtr)
Hardy, Charles b.1847 - Marishes, Yorkshire
Hardy, Charles c.1813 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Hardy, Charles b.1780 -
Hardy, Charles b.1883 - Chale, Isle of Wight
Hardy, Charles b.1810 - Preston, Lancashire
Hardy, Charles Gathorne b.1841 - St Pancras, Middlesex
Hardy, Charles John S. b.1881 - Great Yarmouth, Norfolk (Jun qtr)
Hardy, Charles Stewart b.1842 - North Bierley, Yorkshire
Hardy, Charlotte c.1819 - Saint Peter, Leeds, Yorkshire
Hardy, Christiana c.1821 - Saint John, Preston, Lancashire
Hardy, Christopher John - Living
Hardy, Claire - Living
Hardy, Deborah Isabel b.1885 - Clapton, London (Sep qtr)
Hardy, Dorothy Milner b.1889 - Chelsea, London
Hardy, Dorothy Sarah b.1896 - Chale, Isle of Wight
Hardy, Edith Annis -
Hardy, Edith Cordeaux b.1886 - Clapton, London (Dec qtr)
Hardy, Edith Elizabeth b.1847 - St George Honover Square, Middlesex (Mar qtr)
Hardy, Edmond b.1845 - Puddletown, Dorset
Hardy, Edmund b.1869 - Chale, Isle of Wight
Hardy, Edmund c.1809 - Piddletown, Dorset
Hardy, Edward b.1887 - Chilham, Kent (Sep qtr)
Hardy, Edwin Spence b.1842 - Negombo, Ceylon
Hardy, Edwin Thomas Spence b.1882 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Hardy, Eliza b.1809 -
Hardy, Eliza b.1808 - Preston, Lancashire
Hardy, Elizabeth c.1771 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Hardy, Elizabeth c.1743 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Hardy, Elizabeth Sarah Jane c.1847 - Piddletown, Dorset
Hardy, Elizabeth Tonkin c.1836 - Piddletown, Dorset
Hardy, Emily c.1811 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Hardy, Emily Adeline b.1844 - North Bierley, Yorkshire
Hardy, Emily Ann b.1838 - Colpetty, Colombo, Ceylon
Hardy, Emily Blanche b.1848 - St George Honover Square, Middlesex (Dec qtr)
Hardy, Emma Maria c.1860 - Saint Andrew, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland
Hardy, Eric John b.1884 - St George Hanover Square, London (Dec qtr)
Hardy, female - Living
Hardy, Florence b.1850 - Low Moor, North Bierley, Yorkshire
Hardy, Frederick Charles b.1888 - Chale, Isle of Wight
Hardy, Gathorne 1st Earl of Cranbrook b.1814 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Hardy, Gathorne 3rd Earl of Cranbrook b.1870 - Frittenden, Kent
Hardy, George b.1876 - Chale, Isle of Wight
Hardy, Georgina Ada K. b.1893 - Chale, Isle of Wight
Hardy, Georgina Charlotte - Living
Hardy, Georgina Frances c.1828 - Warmfield, Yorkshire
Hardy, Gerald Holbech b.1852 - Oldbury Hall, Warwickshire (Sep qtr)
Hardy, Gertrude A.S. - Living
Hardy, Gliddon b.1891 - Dulwich, London (Mar qtr)
Hardy, Guy - Living
Hardy, Guy Charles b.1873 - Alton, Hampshire
Hardy, Harold Gathorne b.1850 - St George Honover Square, Middlesex (Jun qtr)
Hardy, Harriet b.1816 - Yorkshire
Hardy, Harry Frost b.1881 - district of Prestwich, Lancashire (Mar qtr)
Hardy, Henrietta c.1825 - Warmfield, Yorkshire
Hardy, Henrietta Alicia Diana - Living
Hardy, Henry c.1806 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Hardy, Henry Charles b.1863 - Godshill, Isle of Wight
Hardy, Henry George b.1886 - Chale, Isle of Wight
Hardy, Henry John b.1851 - Oldbury Hall, Warwickshire (Mar qtr)
Hardy, Henry Stewart b.1880 - Chilham, Kent (Jun qtr)
Hardy, Herbert Carey b.1848 - North Bierley, Yorkshire
Hardy, Herbert Edward b.1880 - Danehurst, Sussex
Hardy, Herbert Ronald b.1900 - Danehurst, Uckfield, Sussex
Hardy, Hugh Bertram b.1907 - district of Burton, Staffordshire
Hardy, Hugh Spence - Living
Hardy, Isabella c.1807 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Hardy, Jacquetta Anne - Living
Hardy, James b.1849 - Horsforth, Yorkshire (Mar qtr)
Hardy, James c.1713 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Hardy, James b.1854 - Piddletown, Dorset
Hardy, James b.1781 -
Hardy, James c.1753 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Hardy, Jane c.1817 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Hardy, Jane b.1702 -
Hardy, Jane c.1834 - Piddletown, Dorset
Hardy, Jane Ethel b.1872 - Frittenden, Kent
Hardy, Jane Isabel b.1843 - St Pancras, Middlesex
Hardy, Joanne Michelle - Living
Hardy, John b.1877 - Chilham, Kent (Sep qtr)
Hardy, John c.1835 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Hardy, John b.1818 - Armley, Yorkshire
Hardy, John c.1783 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Hardy, John b.1706 -
Hardy, John b.1670 -
Hardy, John b.1745 -
Hardy, John b.1778 - Yorkshire
Hardy, John 1st Bt. b.1809 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Hardy, John Edmund b.1854 - district of Bradley, Yorkshire
Hardy, John Francis b.1874 - Frittenden, Kent
Hardy, John Gregory - Living
Hardy, John Henry b.1878 - Chale, Isle of Wight
Hardy, John MP b.1773 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Hardy, John Riggs c.1856 - Piddletown, Dorset
Hardy, John Spence b.1847 - district of York, Yorkshire (Dec qtr)
Hardy, John Spence b.1814 - Preston, Lancashire
Hardy, John Stewart 2nd Earl of Cranbrook b.1839 - St. Marylebone, London
Hardy, Joseph -
Hardy, Joseph c.1788 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Hardy, Joseph George c.1860 - Woodsford, Dorset
Hardy, Kate Sarah b.1872 - Diss, Norfolk (Mar qtr)
Hardy, Kenneth Ross - Living
Hardy, Laurence b.1854 - Haverhill, Warwickshire
Hardy, Laurence C. - Living
Hardy, Leonard Henry b.1882 - St George Hanover Square, London
Hardy, Leslie Anne Bossin - Living
Hardy, Lewis Reed c.1841 - Piddletown, Dorset
Hardy, Lisa Marie - Living
Hardy, Louisa Carey b.1889 - Danehill, Sussex (Mar qtr)
Hardy, Louisa Margaret b.1839 - Colombo, Ceylon
Hardy, Mabel -
Hardy, Mabel Ceylonia b.1875 - Chilham, Kent
Hardy, Mabel Florence c.1869 - Chilham, Kent
Hardy, Margaret c.1833 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Hardy, Margaret b.1845 - Lincoln, Lincolnshire
Hardy, Margaret b.1806 - Preston, Lancashire
Hardy, Margaret Evelyn c.1858 - Benenden, Kent
Hardy, Margaret Louisa b.1879 - Danehill, Sussex (Mar qtr)
Hardy, Maria c.1791 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Hardy, Marion b.1858 - North Bierley, Yorkshire
Hardy, Marion Ethel b.1877 - Brighton, Sussex (Jun qtr)
Hardy, Martha Mary c.1838 - Piddletown, Dorset
Hardy, Mary c.1780 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Hardy, Mary c.1774 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Hardy, Mary c.1760 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Hardy, Mary c.1703 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Hardy, Mary b.1874 - Chale, Isle of Wight
Hardy, Mary Ann c.1808 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Hardy, Mary Ann c.1821 - Saint Peter, Leeds, Yorkshire
Hardy, Mary Ann b.1811 - Preston, Lancashire
Hardy, Mary Annie b.1846 - York, Yorkshire
Hardy, Mary Katherine b.1852 - St. George Hanover Square, London (Dec qtr)
Hardy, Mary Kimber b.1877 - Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire (Dec qtr)
Hardy, Matilda Anne c.1825 - Warmfield, Yorkshire
Hardy, Maurice -
Hardy, Mavis Dorothy - Living
Hardy, Mildred Mary b.1895 - Chale, Isle of Wight
Hardy, Miles b.1884 - Chilham, Kent (Dec qtr)
Hardy, Mitchell James - Living
Hardy, Muriel Irene b.1917 - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Hardy, Nathan c.1803 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Hardy, Nathaniel c.1778 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Hardy, Norah Cassandra b.1887 - Danehill, Sussex (Jun qtr)
Hardy, Octavia b.1816 - Preston, Lancashire
Hardy, Pamela Martha c.1851 - Piddletown, Dorset
Hardy, Phillip David - Living
Hardy, Ralph Cecil North b.1876 - Frittenden, Kent
Hardy, Reginald 2nd Bt. b.1848 - Oldbury Hall, Warwickshire
Hardy, Richard c.1839 - Piddletown, Dorset
Hardy, Richard Charles Chandos 5th Bt. - Living
Hardy, Richard Edmund b.1890 - Chale, Isle of Wight
Hardy, Richard Riggs b.1898 - Saltash, Cornwall
Hardy, Richard Riggs b.1867 - Newchurch, Isle of Wight
Hardy, Richard Spence - Living
Hardy, Robert b.1870 - Chale, Isle of Wight
Hardy, Robert Bradford - Living
Hardy, Robert Henry b.1851 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Hardy, Robert Spence b.1880 -
Hardy, Robert Spence b.1803 - Preston, Lancashire
Hardy, Ronald Montagu b.1882 - Danehurst, Uckfield, Sussex
Hardy, Rose c.1711 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Hardy, Rose (See Notes) c.1825 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Hardy, Rosemary Diana - Living
Hardy, Rosina J. b.1890 - Chale, Isle of Wight
Hardy, Rupert John 4th Bt. b.1902 - St George Hanover Square, London
Hardy, Samson c.1786 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Hardy, Sarah c.1772 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Hardy, Sarah c.1818 - Saint John, Preston, Lancashire
Hardy, Sarah Kimber b.1888 - Sutton, Surrey (Jun qtr)
Hardy, Sarah Kimber c.1839 - Saint Martin Coney Street, York, Yorkshire
Hardy, Selina Marguerite b.1869 - St. George Hanover Square, London
Hardy, Shirley Elizabeth - Living
Hardy, Susanna b.1849 - Puddletown, Dorset
Hardy, Thomas b.1683 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Hardy, Thomas b.1873 - Chale, Isle of Wight
Hardy, Thomas c.1812 - Piddletown, Dorset
Hardy, Thomas b.1783 -
Hardy, Thomas Henry c.1835 - Piddletown, Dorset
Hardy, Thomas Kimber b.1884 - Luton, Bedfordshire (Mar qtr)
Hardy, Thomas Scott - Living
Hardy, Una b.1887 - Eastbourne, Sussex (Dec qtr)
Hardy, Victor - Living
Hardy, Violet Annis b.1871 - Chilham Castle, Chilham, Kent
Hardy, William c.1806 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Hardy, William c.1776 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Hardy, William b.1704 -
Hardy, William -
Hardy, William c.1748 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Hardy, William c.1715 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Hardy, William b.1785 -
Hardy, William "Bud" Stanley - Living
Hardy, William Kimber b.1840 - Huntington, Yorkshire (Dec qtr)
Hardy, William Spanton b.1873 - Stoke Ferry, Norfolk (Dec qtr)


Harfield, James c.1809 - Southwick, Hampshire
Harfield, James m.1814 -
Harfield, John c.1807 - Southwick, Hampshire
Harfield, Mary Ann c.1804 - Southwick, Hampshire


Hargreaves, Alice b.1836 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Hargreaves, Ann Elizabeth b.1868 - district of Bordesley, Warwickshire (Dec qtr)
Hargreaves, Edith Amelia m.1889 - district of Bradford, Yorks. (Sep qtr)
Hargreaves, Elizabeth b.1823 -
Hargreaves, George b.1828 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Hargreaves, Grace b.1798 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Hargreaves, Harriet (Hargrave) b.1824 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Hargreaves, John Richard b.1866 - Southampton, Hampshire
Hargreaves, John Richard b.1848 - Dublin, Ireland
Hargreaves, Jonas b.1842 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Hargreaves, Jonas - Living
Hargreaves, Joseph b.1845 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Hargreaves, Joseph b.1803 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Hargreaves, Joshua b.1830 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Hargreaves, Lititia b.1841 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Hargreaves, Mary b.1838 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Hargreaves, Mary Lyth b.1865 - district of Uxbridge, London
Hargreaves, Ruth b.1833 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Hargreaves, Sarah b.1831 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Hargreaves, Thomas -


Harris, Alfred b.1870 - Stonehouse, Devon
Harris, Alfred Edwin - Living
Harris, Alice Mary c.1857 - Alverstoke, Hampshire
Harris, Arthur McLintock b.1899 - Brixton, London (Dec qtr)
Harris, Augustus Vernon b.1881 - Bournemouth, Dorset
Harris, Basil Edwin - Living
Harris, Charles c.1815 - Chalbury, Dorset
Harris, Charles c.1798 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Harris, child - Living
Harris, Eleanor b.1778 - Nether Cerne, Dorset
Harris, Eliza b.1833 - Dorset
Harris, Eliza Ann b.1830 - Winterborne Kingston, Dorset
Harris, Elizabeth b.1842 - Weymouth, Dorset
Harris, Elizabeth c.1802 - Chalbury, Dorset
Harris, Ellen Charlotte c.1852 - Alverstoke, Hampshire
Harris, Emily Amelia c.1848 - Saint Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire
Harris, Ernest b.1875 - Plymouth, Devon
Harris, Fernley Burner b.1882 - Plymouth, Devon
Harris, Frederick William b.1895 - Plymouth, Devon
Harris, George b.1840 - Hinton Martell, Dorset
Harris, George c.1764 - Tarrant Monkton, Dorset
Harris, George b.1840 - Hinton Martell
Harris, George Alfred b.1892 - Plymouth, Devon
Harris, George Edward c.1850 - Alverstoke, Hants.
Harris, Glen Bayford - Living
Harris, Harry c.1767 - Tarrant Monkton, Dorset
Harris, Henry c.1797 - Tarrant Hinton, Dorset
Harris, Henry -
Harris, Henry Arthur Patrick c.1859 - Alverstoke, Hampshire
Harris, Henry John b.1889 - Plymouth, Devon
Harris, James c.1771 - Tarrant Monkton, Dorset
Harris, James Daniel b.1863 - Briantspuddle, Dorset
Harris, Jane b.1835 - Chalbury or Holt or Wimborne
Harris, John b.1821 - Dover, Kent
Harris, John b.1772 -
Harris, John c.1820 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Harris, John c.1759 - Tarrant Monkton, Dorset
Harris, John -
Harris, John Charles c.1846 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Harris, John Herbert b.1896 - Brixton, London (Dec qtr)
Harris, John Stephen b.1913 - Erskineville, New South Wales, Australia
Harris, Joseph c.1813 - Chalbury, Dorset
Harris, Julie Anne - Living
Harris, Kerly c.1777 - Tarrant Monkton, Dorset
Harris, Kristopher - Living
Harris, Leonard b.1885 - Plymouth, Devon
Harris, Lucy c.1794 - Tarrant Hinton, Dorset
Harris, Lucy c.1762 - Tarrant Monkton, Dorset
Harris, Mabel Blanche b.1877 - Plymouth, Devon
Harris, Margaret Emily - Living
Harris, Martha c.1817 - Chalbury, Dorset
Harris, Percy Edward - Living
Harris, Robert b.1847 - Chalbury, Dorset
Harris, Robert (See Notes) c.1774 - Tarrant Monkton, Dorset
Harris, Robin Marylyn - Living
Harris, Sarah c.1819 - Old Basing, Hampshire
Harris, Sarah Ann b.1837 - Hinton Martell, Dorset
Harris, Sarah Ann c.1861 - Alverstoke, Hampshire
Harris, Sarah Ann b.1837 - Hinton Martell
Harris, Steffan - Living
Harris, Susanna c.1823 - Chalbury, Dorset
Harris, Thomas c.1820 - Chalbury, Dorset
Harris, William c.1799 - Tarrant Hinton, Dorset
Harris, William c.1760 - Tarrant Monkton, Dorset
Harris, William c.1811 - Chalbury, Dorset
Harris, William Edwin c.1854 - Alverstoke, Hampshire


Harrison, Charles T. b.1879 - Kennington, London, Middlesex
Harrison, Clarence Parker c.1870 - Saint Mark, Kennington, London
Harrison, Derek - Living
Harrison, Emily Elizabeth m.1903 - district of Wimborne, Dorset (Jun qtr)
Harrison, Eva Blanche b.1855 - Holbrook Park, Sussex
Harrison, Frances Mary c.1865 - Saint Mark, Kennington, London
Harrison, George H. b.1864 - Lambeth, Surrey
Harrison, Henry Dalbiac b.1820 - Holbrook Park, Sussex
Harrison, Jo - Living
Harrison, Katrina (nee Hibdige) - Living
Harrison, Leonard c.1873 - Saint Mark, Kennington, London
Harrison, Leonard Edward - Living
Harrison, Mr - Living
Harrison, Mrs - Living
Harrison, Sarah - Living
Harrison, Tessa - Living
Harrison, Violet c.1868 - Saint Mark, Kennington, London
Harrison, William b.1862 - Lambeth, Surrey
Harrison, William b.1836 - Lambeth, London
Harrison, Winnifred Charlotte c.1874 - Saint Mark, Kennington, London


Harsma, Elizabeth - Living


Hart, Albert b.1887 - Sturminster Marshall, Dorset
Hart, Amelia b.1824 - Tarrant Gunville, Dorset.
Hart, Andrea - Living
Hart, Bernard Rosslyn b.1919 - district of Royston, Cambridgeshire (Sep qtr)
Hart, Charles b.1860 - Lytchett Matravers, Dorset
Hart, Elsie -
Hart, Emma b.1890 - Sturminster Marshall, Dorset
Hart, Gemma - Living
Hart, Gordon Harold - Living
Hart, Grace b.1888 - Barrington, Cambridgeshire (Dec qtr)
Hart, Harold Baxter b.1887 - Barrington, Cambridgeshire (Sep qtr)
Hart, Harry Rosslyn b.1897 - Shepreth, Cambridgeshire (Jun qtr)
Hart, Henry Preston b.1865 - Barrington, Cambridgeshire (Jun qtr)
Hart, Ian - Living
Hart, Jack - Living
Hart, James m.1835 - Witchampton, Dorset
Hart, Kenneth - Living
Hart, Lilian b.1899 - Shepreth, Cambridgeshire
Hart, Margery Olive b.1917 - district of Royston, Cambridgeshire (Jun qtr)
Hart, Oswald b.1890 - Barrington, Cambridgeshire (Sep qtr)
Hart, Sheila M. - Living
Hart, Thomas - Living
Hart, William b.1889 - Sturminster Marshall, Dorset


Harter, James Francis DSO, MC, DL m.1917 -


Hartley, Hannah b.1786 -
Hartley, James -
Hartley, Martha Ann b.1837 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Hartley, Mary Ann m.1844 - district of York, Yorkshire (Mar qtr)


Harvey, Frances Anne m.1798 - West Riding, Yorkshire
Harvey, Jane b.1795 -
Harvey, John b.1743 -
Harvey, Margaret Jane b.1829 -


Haskins, Sidney - Living


Hassard, Richard Samuel (Hassard-Short) b.1754 - Edlington, East Keal, Lincolnshire


Hasty, Caroline - Living
Hasty, female - Living
Hasty, Harry - Living


Haswell, Emma Mary Ann b.1855 - Drake's Alley, Poole, Dorset


Hatch, Ann b.1853 -
Hatch, Charlotte b.1849 - Catherington.
Hatch, Eliza b.1840 - Catherington. (Eastlandgate.)?
Hatch, Elizabeth b.1851 - Catherington.
Hatch, George b.1842 - Catherington.
Hatch, Henry b.1837 - Catherington.
Hatch, James b.1843 - Catherington.
Hatch, Jane b.1835 - Catherington.
Hatch, John b.1839 - Catherington.
Hatch, John b.1806 - Catherington
Hatch, Martha b.1836 - Catherington.
Hatch, Sarah Ann b.1845 - Catherington.
Hatch, Stephen b.1833 - Catherington
Hatch, Theresa b.1855 -
Hatch, William b.1847 - Catherington.


Hathaway, William m.1834 - Shapwick, Dorset


Hawes, Julia Catherine Mary - Living


Hawke, Alice Cassandra b.1875 - Wighill, Yorkshire
Hawke, Ashleigh Lauren - Living
Hawke, Bladen Edward b.1865 - Willingham, Lincolnshire
Hawke, Cassandia Julia b.1762 -
Hawke, Catharine Isabel b.1877 - Wighill, Yorkshire
Hawke, Edward b.1682 - of Lincoln's Inn
Hawke, Edward b.1859 - Willingham, Lincolnshire
Hawke, Edward 1st Baron of Towton b.1705 - London, Middlesex
Hawke, Edward Harvey 3rd Baron b.1774 -
Hawke, Edward Henry Julius 6th Baron b.1815 - Brussells, Belgium
Hawke, Edward Julian b.1873 - Willingham By Stow, Lincolnshire
Hawke, Edward William Harvey 4th Baron b.1799 -
Hawke, Eleanor Jane Emily b.1872 - Willingham By Stow, Lincolnshire
Hawke, Gavin Bruce - Living
Hawke, Harold Brooke b.1867 - Willingham, Lincolnshire
Hawke, John m.1746 - Peak Forest, Derbyshire
Hawke, Kylie Leanne - Living
Hawke, Larena Louise - Living
Hawke, Martin Bladen 2nd Baron b.1744 - Lymington, Hampshire
Hawke, Martin Bladen 7th Baron b.1860 - Willingham Rectory, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire
Hawke, Martin Bladen Edward b.1777 - Lymington, Hampshire
Hawke, Mary Catharine b.1869 - Willingham By Stow, Lincolnshire
Hawke, Narelle Gae - Living
Hawke, Nathan Mitchell - Living
Hawke, Stanhope b.1863 - Willingham, Lincolnshire
Hawke, Stanhope Harvey 5th Baron b.1804 -
Hawke, William George - Living


Hawken, Bert - Living


Hawker, Francis Feodor Wynne b.1857 - Plymouth, Devon (Jun qtr)
Hawker, Gwendoline b.1890 - Plymouth, Devon
Hawker, Joan b.1899 - Bickleigh Entire, Devon


Hawkins, Mary Ann b.1810 - Scholbourne, Wiltshire


Hawkswell, Margaret b.1752 -


Hawley, Daniel (Holy) c.1718 - of Sheffield, Yorkshire
Hawley, Daniel (Holy) c.1689 - Sheffield, Yorkshire
Hawley, George (Holy) c.1715 - of Sheffield, Yorkshire (See Notes)
Hawley, Sarah (Holy) c.1716 - of Sheffield, Yorkshire


Hayashi, Iris - Living


Hayes, Margaret - Living


Haynes, Julia -
Haynes, Samantha - Living


Hayward, Cyril - Living
Hayward, Maureen - Living
Hayward, Owen Archibald b.1883 - Portsea, Hampshire


Hazell, Phoebe b.1829 - Carshalton, Surrey


Head, Ellen E. b.1875 - Bayswater, London
Head, Henry b.1849 - Newtown, Dorset
Head, Mary b.1810 - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


Heald, Elizabeth b.1803 - of Stockport, Cheshire
Heald, George -
Heald, James b.1758 -


Healey, Abbey - Living
Healey, Alice - Living
Healey, Hazel - Living
Healey, Ian - Living
Healey, Thomas - Living


Heard, Lydia Alice b.1859 - Tamerton Foliot, Devon


Heasman, Hester m.1826 - Hartfield, Sussex


Heath, Dorothy E. b.1917 - Botley
Heath, Leslie - Living
Heath, Marjorie - Living
Heath, Olive - Living
Heath, Pearl - Living
Heath, William - Living
Heath, William Edward b.1890 - Shedfield, Hampshire


Heathcote, Caroline b.1833 - Paddington, London, Middlesex
Heathcote, Henry Spencer b.1798 - of Westerham, Kent
Heathcote, Ida Grosvenor b.1840 - London, Middlesex


Heaton, Douglas m.1899 - St Paul's Church, Withnell, Lancashire


Heavens, Charles William b.1895 - Thame, Oxfordshire (Sep qtr)
Heavens, Harry -
Heavens, Stephen George b.1873 - Wootton, Berkshire


Hebdage, George b.1845 - Longham, Dorset
Hebdage, Harriet b.1819 - Wimborne, Dorset
Hebdage, John c.1789 - Witchampton, Dorset
Hebdage, Louisa b.1834 - Longham, Dorset


Hebdedge, George c.1792 - Witchampton, Dorset


Hebdege, Jane b.1815 - Witchampton, Dorset


Hebdidge, Albert N. -
Hebdidge, Alfred b.1845 - Witchampton
Hebdidge, Alice b.1863 - Chalbury, Dorset
Hebdidge, Alice Elizabeth b.1888 - Donhead St Mary, Wiltshire (Mar qtr)
Hebdidge, Beatrice b.1875 - Pokesdown
Hebdidge, Beatrice Mary b.1895 - Tytherington, Wiltshire (Sep qtr)
Hebdidge, Bertie James - Living
Hebdidge, Bessie Kate -
Hebdidge, Cecil William b.1880 - Pokesdown, Hants.
Hebdidge, Charlie b.1898 - Tytherington, Wiltshire (Sep qtr)
Hebdidge, Charlotte c.1840 - Hampreston, Dorset
Hebdidge, Christopher John b.1941 - district of Salisbury, Wiltshire
Hebdidge, Edith Eliza b.1889 - Donhead St Mary, Wiltshire (Mar qtr)
Hebdidge, Edmund Walter b.1882 - Donhead St Mary, Wiltshire (Mar qtr)
Hebdidge, Eliza(beth) c.1810 - Hinton Martell, Dorset
Hebdidge, Elizabeth b.1858 - Chalbury, Dorset
Hebdidge, Elizabeth b.1864 - Sherborne, Dorset
Hebdidge, Ellen b.1866 - Holdenhurst, Hampshire
Hebdidge, Ellen Jane b.1851 - Tarrant Keynston, Dorset
Hebdidge, Emily b.1856 - Throop, Holdenhurst, Hampshire
Hebdidge, Emily Caroline c.1852 - Tarrant Rushton, Dorset
Hebdidge, Emily Jane c.1843 - Witchampton, Dorset
Hebdidge, Emma b.1837 - Parkstone, Dorset
Hebdidge, Florence b.1899 - Wellow, Somerset (Jun qtr)
Hebdidge, Florence Louie b.1890 - Donhead St Mary, Wiltshire (Sep qtr)
Hebdidge, Francis b.1870 - Pokesdown, Hants.
Hebdidge, Frank b.1856 - Chalbury, Dorset
Hebdidge, Frederick b.1859 - Holdenhurst
Hebdidge, Frederick Nelson -
Hebdidge, George b.1814 - Chalbury, Dorset
Hebdidge, George Stanley b.1898 - Tytherington, Wiltshire (Sep qtr)
Hebdidge, Georgina b.1856 - Witchampton
Hebdidge, Harriett Ann c.1854 - Corfe Mullen, Dorste
Hebdidge, Harry Alfred (Hibditch) c.1862 - Tarrant Keynston, Dorset
Hebdidge, Henry b.1871 - Wimborne, Dorset
Hebdidge, Henry b.1826 - Tarrant Keynston, Dorset
Hebdidge, Henry b.1852 - Longfleet, Dorset
Hebdidge, Henry c.1840 - Witchampton, Dorset
Hebdidge, Henry c.1800 - Witchampton, Dorset
Hebdidge, James b.1898 - Kilmersdon, Somerset
Hebdidge, James c.1826 - Chalbury, Dorset
Hebdidge, James c.1796 - Witchampton, Dorset
Hebdidge, John b.1864 - Throop, Hampshire
Hebdidge, John b.1864 - Sherborne, Dorset
Hebdidge, John c.1831 - Witchampton, Dorset
Hebdidge, John c.1761 - Moor Crichell, Dorset
Hebdidge, Leapold b.1877 - Pokesdown, Hants.
Hebdidge, Louisa (nee Gover) b.1845 - Tarrant Keynston, Dorset
Hebdidge, Margaret Mary b.1880 - Charlton Marshall, Dorset (Dec qtr)
Hebdidge, Mary b.1867 - Sherborne, Dorset
Hebdidge, Nelly b.1892 - Tytherington, Wiltshire (Sep qtr)
Hebdidge, Penina b.1833 - Witchampton, Dorset
Hebdidge, Percy John -
Hebdidge, Rose Ann b.1897 - Tytherington, Wiltshire (Jun qtr)
Hebdidge, Sarah c.1817 - Witchampton, Dorset
Hebdidge, Sarah Ann b.1838 - district of Poole, Dorset (Dec qtr)
Hebdidge, Sarah Elizabeth (Hepditch) c.1857 - Tarrant Keynston, Dorset
Hebdidge, Susan c.1836 - Witchampton, Dorset
Hebdidge, Thomas c.1785 - Witchampton, Dorset
Hebdidge, William b.1860 - Holdenhurst
Hebdidge, William c.1783 - Witchampton, Dorset
Hebdidge, William Henry b.1893 - Tytherington, Wiltshire (Dec qtr)
Hebdidge, William John -


Hebdige, Albert Edward b.1889 - Southampton, Hampshire (Sep qtr)
Hebdige, Alice Amelia b.1862 - district of South Stoneham, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Hebdige, Alice Ellen b.1881 - Southampton, Hampshire
Hebdige, Angelina (Hepditch) c.1834 - Witchampton, Dorset
Hebdige, Ann Eliza b.1861 - Witchampton.
Hebdige, Arthur b.1892 - Totley, Derbyshire (Sep qtr)
Hebdige, Arthur b.1887 - Eckington, Derbyshire
Hebdige, Arthur b.1864 - Drayton, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Hebdige, Arthur H. b.1866 - South Stoneham, Hampshire (Sep qtr)
Hebdige, Arthur Henry b.1887 - St Denys, Southampton, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Hebdige, Bertie b.1890 - Dundry, Somerset (Jun qtr)
Hebdige, Charles b.1857 - Witchampton
Hebdige, Charles b.1857 - Witchampton, Dorset.
Hebdige, Charles Henry b.1896 - Southampton, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Hebdige, Christopher G. - Living
Hebdige, Daisy Beatrice -
Hebdige, Edith May b.1891 - Netherbury, Dorset
Hebdige, Elizabeth - Living
Hebdige, Ellen - Living
Hebdige, Ellen "Nellie" Elizabeth b.1888 - Dundry, Somerset (Mar qtr)
Hebdige, Elsie b.1894 - Hill Farm, Durley.
Hebdige, Emma c.1827 - Gussage All Saints, Dorset
Hebdige, Eric -
Hebdige, Eunice b.1898 - Handworth, Yorkshire
Hebdige, Florence Ada -
Hebdige, Florence Kate b.1898 - Connington, Huntingdonshire (Mar qtr)
Hebdige, Frances Ellen b.1892 - Ellingham, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Hebdige, Francis William b.1882 - St Denys, Southampton, Hampshire (Sep qtr)
Hebdige, Frank William b.1880 - Eckington, Derby.
Hebdige, Fred b.1878 - Sheffield, Yorks.
Hebdige, Frederick b.1899 - Brimington, Derbyshire
Hebdige, Frederick b.1865 - Witchampton, Dorset
Hebdige, Frederick Charles b.1898 - Sway, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Hebdige, Frederick Thomas b.1874 - district of South Stoneham, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Hebdige, George b.1861 - Southampton, Hampshire
Hebdige, George c.1844 - Tarrant Keynston
Hebdige, George b.1851 - Moor Crichell
Hebdige, Harold b.1895 - Whittington Moor, Derbyshire
Hebdige, Harriet (Ebdige) c.1836 - Tarrant Keynston, Dorset
Hebdige, Harry b.1885 - Irchester, Northamptonshire
Hebdige, Harry b.1859 - Witchampton, Dorset (Dec qtr)
Hebdige, Helen (Nell) Gertrude b.1892 - Dunwood Farm, Romsey, Hampshire
Hebdige, Henry c.1823 - Wimborne, Dorset
Hebdige, Henry b.1844 - Wimborne, Dorset
Hebdige, Henry Charles b.1866 - Bishops Waltham
Hebdige, James b.1894 - Connington, Huntingdonshire (Jun qtr)
Hebdige, James b.1836 - Wimborne, Dorset
Hebdige, Jane b.1860 - Botley, Hants.
Hebdige, Janet b.1896 - Dunwood Farm, Romsey, Hampshire
Hebdige, John -
Hebdige, John b.1855 - Witchampton, Dorset.
Hebdige, Leonard b.1896 - Whittington Moor, Derbyshire
Hebdige, Lilian Rose M. b.1911 - Southampton, Hampshire
Hebdige, Louisa c.1831 - Tarrant Keynston
Hebdige, Mabel Daizy b.1896 - Connington, Huntingdonshire (Sep qtr)
Hebdige, Mabel Kate b.1894 - Bentley, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Hebdige, Margaret Grace (See Notes) -
Hebdige, Mark - Living
Hebdige, Mark b.1868 - Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
Hebdige, Martha b.1866 - Southampton, Hampshire
Hebdige, Mary c.1839 - Tarrant Keynston, Dorset
Hebdige, Mary Jane b.1890 - Bishops Waltham, Hants.
Hebdige, Miriam "Millie" Amelia b.1884 - St Denys, Southampton, Hampshire (Sep qtr)
Hebdige, Miriam Elizabeth J. b.1872 - district of South Stoneham, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Hebdige, Penina b.1859 - Durley, Hants.
Hebdige, Richard "Dick" William - Living
Hebdige, Rose b.1863 - Witchampton, Dorset
Hebdige, Rose Edith b.1891 - Southampton, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Hebdige, Sabina c.1828 - Tarrant Keynston, Dorset
Hebdige, Stephen - Living
Hebdige, Stephen b.1862 - Stroud Green, Titchfield.
Hebdige, Stephen Gathorne b.1896 - Bentley, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Hebdige, Stephen J. - Living
Hebdige, Susanna c.1825 - Gussage All Saints, Dorset
Hebdige, Thomas b.1864 - Southampton, Hampshire
Hebdige, Violet Mary -
Hebdige, Walter b.1889 - Eckington, Derbyshire
Hebdige, William - Living
Hebdige, William b.1894 - Eckington, Derbyshire
Hebdige, William b.1876 - Otterbourne, Hants.
Hebdige, William b.1891 - I.o.W. ?
Hebdige, William b.1858 - Botley, Hants.
Hebdige, William c.1829 - Witchampton, Dorset
Hebdige, William Cook b.1886 - Patchway, Gloucestershire (Sep qtr)
Hebdige, William Henry b.1852 - Hinton Martell, Dorset (Dec qtr)
Hebdige, William James b.1860 - Southampton, Hampshire
Hebdige, Winnifred b.1896 - Handworth, Yorkshire


Hebditch, Amey - Living
Hebditch, Anne - Living
Hebditch, Annie Elizabeth b.1890 - New Holkham, Norfolk (Dec qtr)
Hebditch, Annie Elizabeth b.1877 -
Hebditch, Anthony Stephen - Living
Hebditch, Arthur Edward -
Hebditch, Barbara Winifred b.1930 -
Hebditch, Basil Frank b.1925 -
Hebditch, Beatrice May b.1890 - Wimborne
Hebditch, Carol - Living
Hebditch, Carol Diane - Living
Hebditch, Carol M. - Living
Hebditch, Charlie b.1894 - Tarrant Keynston, Dorset
Hebditch, Cyril Fred - Living
Hebditch, Dorothy -
Hebditch, Dorothy b.1899 - Wimborne, Dorset
Hebditch, Douglas William - Living
Hebditch, Edith b.1883 - Tarrant , Dorset
Hebditch, Eileen b.1909 - Wimborne
Hebditch, Emily b.1885 - Tarrant , Dorset
Hebditch, Ernest Sidney b.1881 - Wimborne
Hebditch, Ethel May b.1887 - New Holkham, Norfolk (Mar qtr)
Hebditch, Fanny b.1852 - Chalbury, Dorset
Hebditch, Florence Annie b.1914 -
Hebditch, Frederick John b.1893 -
Hebditch, Harold Wyndham b.1898 - New Holkham, Norfolk (Mar qtr)
Hebditch, Henry b.1884 - Chalbury.
Hebditch, Henry b.1836 - Chalbury
Hebditch, Hilda May - Living
Hebditch, Jane c.1829 - Chalbury, Dorset
Hebditch, Jane Hilda -
Hebditch, John - Living
Hebditch, Joseph -
Hebditch, Joseph Henry b.1859 - Tarrant Keynston, Dorset (Dec qtr)
Hebditch, Lional Richard b.1909 -
Hebditch, Lydia b.1888 - New Holkham, Norfolk (Sep qtr)
Hebditch, Martyn Stirling - Living
Hebditch, Mary b.1816 - Chalbury
Hebditch, Mary b.1860 - Chalbury
Hebditch, Matthew Anthony - Living
Hebditch, Matthew Sean - Living
Hebditch, Maurice b.1897 - Wimborne, Dorset
Hebditch, Maurice b.1886 - Wimbourne
Hebditch, Maurice John b.1907 - Wimbourne
Hebditch, Norman b.1917 -
Hebditch, Olive Grace -
Hebditch, Owen - Living
Hebditch, Patrice - Living
Hebditch, Peggy - Living
Hebditch, Peter Alan Jack - Living
Hebditch, Richard - Living
Hebditch, Roger - Living
Hebditch, Ryan William - Living
Hebditch, Samuel John -
Hebditch, Shirly Ann - Living
Hebditch, Sidney Charles b.1867 - Wimborne, Dorset
Hebditch, Sylvia V - Living
Hebditch, Thomas b.1896 - Wimborne
Hebditch, Violet Jessie b.1896 - New Holkham, Norfolk (Jun qtr)
Hebditch, William b.1895 - New Holkham, Norfolk
Hebditch, William b.1897 - Wimborne, Dorset
Hebditch, Winifred Lily b.1911 -


Hebditch-Osman, Eliza b.1859 - Wimborne


Hechly, Mary b.1782 - Bishops Waltham


Hedderly, Harold John - Living
Hedderly, Pauline Janet - Living
Hedderly, Sheila - Living


Hedditch, Edward c.1811 - West Stower
Hedditch, Eli b.1847 - Gussage All Saints / Witchampton ?
Hedditch, Ellen b.1843 - Hinton Martell
Hedditch, James c.1786 - West Stower
Hedditch, John c.1810 - West Stower
Hedditch, Selina b.1849 - Witchampton


Hedger, Maude m.1912 - Esher, G.B.


Heesom, Edward -
Heesom, Margaret b.1846 -


Heinemann, Ursula -


Heinie, Mamie b.1874 -


Hellofs, Cecil b.1918 -


Helyer, Charles Henry b.1897 - Winton, Hampshire
Helyer, Edith Mabel b.1893 - Winton, Hampshire
Helyer, Edmund James William c.1859 - Hilton, Dorset
Helyer, George b.1831 - Ansty, Dorset
Helyer, George Henry St John b.1862 - Hilton, Dorset (Dec qtr)
Helyer, George Herbert -
Helyer, Gladys I. b.1899 - Winton, Hampshire
Helyer, Martha Hannah b.1867 - Hilton, Dorset
Helyer, Mary Jane c.1865 - Hilton, Dorset
Helyer, Ruby E. b.1895 - Lymington, Hampshire
Helyer, Thomas Jeans c.1864 - Hilton, Dorset
Helyer, Vera b.1892 - Winton, Hampshire
Helyer, William Thomas Jeans -


Hemmings, Melinda b.1883 - Peabody's Blocks, London, UK
Hemmings, Mr -
Hemmings, Rose - Living


Henderson, Edward Thomas R. b.1857 - St. Philips, Gloucester
Henderson, Elizabeth b.1891 - Jarra, County Down, Ireland
Henderson, George Davidson Heggie b.1942 - Dundee, Scotland.
Henderson, Henrietta b.1880 - Mere, Wiltshire
Henderson, James Mitchell - Living
Henderson, Karen - Living


Hendy, Alfred James b.1848 - Chelsea, London
Hendy, Alistair - Living
Hendy, Eoin - Living
Hendy, Ian - Living
Hendy, Martha Ann b.1875 - Chelsea, London


Heneage, Catherine b.1730 - of Stainton, Lincolnshire
Heneage, George -


Henshaw, Doris - Living


Hensler, Mary Agnes b.1846 - Bristol, Gloucestershire


Herbert, Caroline Ann - Living
Herbert, Henry b.1840 - England
Herbert, Jane -
Herbert, John b.1915 -
Herbert, Simon Paul - Living


Herold, Ruth - Living


Herraman, Elsie May b.1887 - St. Leonards, South Australia


Heslerton, Elinor b.1438 -
Heslerton, William -


Hewett, Ann c.1794 - St Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire
Hewett, Catherine Grigg b.1794 - Portsea, Hampshire
Hewett, Eliza b.1798 - Portsea, Hampshire
Hewett, Martha c.1790 - St Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire
Hewett, Mary b.1791 - Portsea, Hampshire
Hewett, Robert m.1782 - St Mary's, Portsea, Hampshire
Hewett, Sally Grigg c.1788 - St Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire


Hewish, Mary Anne b.1806 - Devon


Hewitt, Esther b.1848 - London, Middlesex
Hewitt, James 4th Viscount Lifford b.1811 - Merrion Square, Dublin, Ireland
Hewitt, Mary Anne b.1840 - Astley, Warwickshire


Hewson, Adela Cecilia b.1850 - Nailsea, Somerset
Hewson, Conrad de Huson b.1851 - Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire
Hewson, Dora Emily b.1841 - Brighton, Sussex
Hewson, Frances Augusta b.1848 - Nailsea, Somerset
Hewson, Francis Lionel b.1846 - Nailsea, Somerset
Hewson, Frank b.1809 - Killarney, Kerry, Ireland
Hewson, John Hardy Fitzgerald b.1845 - Southall, Middlesex
Hewson, Laura Winifred b.1854 - Hudscote Park, Devon
Hewson, Lionel Lloyd b.1874 - Cork, Ireland
Hewson, Mary Isabel b.1840 - Worcester, Worcestershire
Hewson, Robert b.1780 - Listowel, Kerry, Ireland
Hewson, Robert Bland b.1843 - Southall, Middlesex


Heyworth, Heyworth Potter Lawrence b.1877 - Risca, Monmouth, Wales
Heyworth, Lawrence b.1822 - West Derby, Lancashire


Hibberd, Griselda (Hibbert) b.1777 - Tollard Royal, Wiltshire or Edmondsham, Dorset


Hibdage, Arthur c.1824 - Witchampton, Dorset
Hibdage, Mary Ann b.1826 - Witchampton, Dorset
Hibdage, Sidney c.1856 - Holt, Dorset


Hibdidge, Charles c.1861 - Gussage St. Michael, Dorset
Hibdidge, Edward b.1851 - Witchampton
Hibdidge, Elizabeth Jane c.1863 - Gussage St. Michael, Dorset
Hibdidge, Henry William c.1866 - Gussage St. Michael, Dorset


Hibdidgh, Sarah c.1787 - Wimborne, Dorset


Hibdige, Albert Edward b.1919 - district of Southampton, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Hibdige, Alex Edwin - Living
Hibdige, Alison Maureen - Living
Hibdige, Amy Lorraine - Living
Hibdige, Ann - Living
Hibdige, Ann Kent c.1814 - Witchampton, Dorset
Hibdige, Betty L. - Living
Hibdige, Brian Maurice - Living
Hibdige, Carol N. A. - Living
Hibdige, Cecil J. b.1916 - district of Southampton, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Hibdige, Charles b.1890 - Bridmore
Hibdige, Charles c.1832 - Gussage All Saints, Dorset
Hibdige, Charles J. b.1869 - Sixpenny Handley, Dorset
Hibdige, Charlotte b.1841 - Chalbury, Dorset
Hibdige, Child A - Living
Hibdige, Child B - Living
Hibdige, Clara b.1849 - Fareham, Hampshire
Hibdige, Cyril George b.1908 - district of Southampton, Hampshire
Hibdige, Danica Jackie - Living
Hibdige, Daniel James - Living
Hibdige, David Kent c.1808 - Witchampton, Dorset
Hibdige, Dawn b.1938 - Gisborne, New Zealand
Hibdige, Derek Frank - Living
Hibdige, Doreen b.1929 - Stratford
Hibdige, Doris -
Hibdige, Dorothy A.(Dolly) - Living
Hibdige, Dorothy Emily b.1906 - Alverstoke, Hampshire
Hibdige, Edith b.1895 - Bridmore
Hibdige, Edwin b.1924 - Stratford Sub Castle
Hibdige, Elizabeth c.1823 - Chalbury, Dorset
Hibdige, Ellen b.1854 - Fareham, Hampshire
Hibdige, Ellen b.1862 - Redbridge, Southampton.
Hibdige, Elsie b.1917 - Whiteparish, Wiltshire
Hibdige, Elsie b.1902 - Bowerchalke, Wilts.
Hibdige, Emily b.1875 - Tarrant Monckton, Dorset
Hibdige, Emily b.1850 - Chalbury
Hibdige, Emily Sarah c.1856 - Gussage St. Michael, Dorset
Hibdige, Emma b.1843 - Fareham
Hibdige, Emma Jane c.1866 - Gussage St. Michael, Dorset
Hibdige, Emma Louise - Living
Hibdige, Emma Victoria - Living
Hibdige, Eric E. - Living
Hibdige, Ernest b.1905 - Bowerchalke
Hibdige, Ernest Frederick b.1894 - Gosport, Hampshire
Hibdige, Ernest W. b.1914 - district of South Stoneham, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Hibdige, Ethel Ida b.1910 - Sixpenny Handley, Dorset.
Hibdige, Evelyn - Living
Hibdige, Fanny b.1864 - Tarrant Keynston, Dorset
Hibdige, Fay Justine - Living
Hibdige, Frances Susan - Living
Hibdige, Frank b.1889 - Wellington, Somerset
Hibdige, Frank b.1892 - Bridmore
Hibdige, Frank b.1890 - Gosport, Hampshire
Hibdige, Frederick b.1888 - Sixpenny Handley, Dorset (Dec qtr)
Hibdige, Frederick c.1834 - Chalbury, Dorset
Hibdige, Gary A. b.1961 - district of Andover, Hampshire
Hibdige, Gary P. - Living
Hibdige, George - Living
Hibdige, George b.1893 - Maidments Mead, Sixpenny Handley, Dorset
Hibdige, George c.1873 - Longfleet, Dorset
Hibdige, George b.1847 - Chalbury, Dorset.
Hibdige, George c.1857 - Gussage St. Michael, Dorset
Hibdige, George (See Notes) b.1880 - Gussage St. Michael, Dorset
Hibdige, George Joseph b.1908 - Gosport, Hampshire
Hibdige, George Owen b.1884 - Gosport, Hampshire
Hibdige, George Patrick - Living
Hibdige, George Small c.1806 - Witchampton, Dorset
Hibdige, George William Owen b.1926 - Portsmouth, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Hibdige, Gertrude Mary b.1896 - Lancing, West Sussex. (Sep qtr)
Hibdige, Gilbert b.1885 - Sixpenny Handley, Dorset.
Hibdige, Gilbert Frank b.1915 - Downton, Wiltshire
Hibdige, Gladys M. - Living
Hibdige, Harry b.1852 - Moor Crichell
Hibdige, Harry (Hibdidge) b.1871 - Tarrant Monckton, Dorset (Sep qtr)
Hibdige, Henry b.1845 - Chalbury, Dorset
Hibdige, Hilary Sylvia - Living
Hibdige, Hilda b.1899 - district of Lancing, West Sussex
Hibdige, Ilene b.1925 - district of Southampton, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Hibdige, Ivy H. - Living
Hibdige, James - Living
Hibdige, James b.1912 - Woodfalls
Hibdige, James b.1860 - Gussage St. Michael, Dorset.
Hibdige, Jane b.1847 - Fareham, Hampshire
Hibdige, Jean b.1944 -
Hibdige, Jennifer - Living
Hibdige, Joan Marcelle - Living
Hibdige, John b.1922 - Stratford Sub Castle, Wiltshire
Hibdige, John b.1871 - Gussage St. Michael, Dorset
Hibdige, John "Jack" Henry b.1893 - Alverstoke, Hants.
Hibdige, John (Hepditch) c.1849 - Tarrant Keynston, Dorset
Hibdige, John E. - Living
Hibdige, John Herbert - Living
Hibdige, John William - Living
Hibdige, Keith Gilbert J. - Living
Hibdige, Leonard J b.1911 - district of South Stoneham, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Hibdige, Leonora Geneveve d.1996 - Winchester, Hampshire
Hibdige, Leslie "Bill" John b.1921 - district of South Stoneham, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Hibdige, Lillian -
Hibdige, Lily Ann b.1912 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Hibdige, Lily Annie b.1909 - district of Southampton, Hampshire
Hibdige, Linda C. - Living
Hibdige, Linda J. - Living
Hibdige, Louisa b.1880 - Gorley, Hampshire
Hibdige, Lynda Mary - Living
Hibdige, Mabel Maureen b.1919 - Stratford
Hibdige, Margery Ellen (See Notes) -
Hibdige, Maria J. - Living
Hibdige, Maria Sarah? c.1831 - Chalbury, Dorset
Hibdige, Mark Alan - Living
Hibdige, Martin C. - Living
Hibdige, Mary b.1826 - Dorset
Hibdige, Mary - Living
Hibdige, Mary c.1821 - Gussage All Saints, Dorset
Hibdige, Mary Gladys b.1895 - Southampton, Hampshire
Hibdige, May F. b.1911 - Portsmouth, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Hibdige, Minnie b.1899 - Southampton, Hampshire
Hibdige, Nicholas Alexander - Living
Hibdige, Norman J. - Living
Hibdige, Owen William b.1913 - Portsea, Hampshire
Hibdige, Patricia Ann - Living
Hibdige, Paul James - Living
Hibdige, Paul M - Living
Hibdige, Paul Rex b.1935 - Southampton, Hampshire
Hibdige, Peter David b.1942 - Cosham, Hampshire
Hibdige, Peter Gordon - Living
Hibdige, Philip J. - Living
Hibdige, Richard John - Living
Hibdige, Robert Geoffrey Charles - Living
Hibdige, Ronald Denis - Living
Hibdige, Ronald Frank b.1922 - Stratford Sub Castle
Hibdige, Rose b.1864 - Gussage All Saints, Dorset
Hibdige, Roy - Living
Hibdige, Sabina (Hepditch) c.1830 - Tarrant Keynston, Dorset
Hibdige, Samuel Gilbert Sidney - Living
Hibdige, Sandra Mary - Living
Hibdige, Sara Louise - Living
Hibdige, Sarah - Living
Hibdige, Sarah Louise - Living
Hibdige, Sheila J. - Living
Hibdige, Stephen c.1780 - Moor Crichell, Dorset
Hibdige, Stephen J. - Living
Hibdige, Susan R. - Living
Hibdige, Tania - Living
Hibdige, Thomas c.1818 - Witchampton, Dorset
Hibdige, Tom b.1883 - Fellgroves?, Dorset
Hibdige, Trevor - Living
Hibdige, unknown (See Notes) -
Hibdige, Valerie Ann - Living
Hibdige, Violet Fanny b.1888 - Gosport, Hampshire
Hibdige, Violet Mary b.1909 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Hibdige, William b.1897 - Sixpenny Handley, Dorset
Hibdige, William b.1831 - Wimborne, Dorset
Hibdige, William b.1836 - Cranbourne, Dorset.
Hibdige, William c.1810 - Witchampton, Dorset
Hibdige, William c.1797 - Witchampton, Dorset
Hibdige, William b.1869 - Gussage St. Michael, Dorset
Hibdige, William b.1886 - Gosport, Hampshire
Hibdige, William Charles b.1896 - Southampton, Hampshire
Hibdige, William Owen b.1852 - Fareham, Hampshire
Hibdige, Winifred J. - Living


Hibditch, Henry c.1819 - Chalbury, Dorset
Hibditch, Isabella c.1759 - Witchampton, Dorset
Hibditch, John b.1733 - of Chalbury, Dorset
Hibditch, Mary Jane b.1863 - Wimborne, Dorset
Hibditch, Sarah c.1822 - Gussage All Saints, Dorset
Hibditch, Tom b.1865 - Chalbury


Hibidage, Jane b.1879 -
Hibidage, John b.1804 - Witchampton, Dorset
Hibidage, Lilly Anne Maria b.1875 - Southampton
Hibidage, Louisa Agnes b.1877 - Poole (Dec qtr)
Hibidage, Lucy Ada b.1873 - Southampton (Dec qtr)


Hickox, Ann b.1782 - Buriton, Hampshire
Hickox, Elizabeth b.1806 - East Meon, Hampshire
Hickox, Henry b.1864 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Hickox, James b.1811 - East Meon, Hampshire
Hickox, James William b.1865 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Hickox, John -


Hicks, Bertha M. - Living
Hicks, Harold - Living
Hicks, Heather - Living


Hickson, Audrey - Living
Hickson, Barry - Living
Hickson, Derek Sidney - Living
Hickson, Peter F. b.1928 - Kensington, London
Hickson, Roger - Living
Hickson, Roy - Living
Hickson, Sidney Ladysmith b.1900 - of Cheshire


Higgins, Brendan - Living
Higgins, Edmund - Living
Higgins, Mary Ann m.1890 - Aston, Warwickshire (Dec qtr)
Higgins, Nicholas - Living
Higgins, Wensley - Living


Hill, Beatrix Ellen b.1893 -
Hill, Charlotte m.1803 - Cranborne, Dorset
Hill, Eileen Beatrix Ellen - Living
Hill, Frederick George b.1876 -
Hill, Gerald - Living
Hill, James m.1866 -
Hill, James Alfred b.1868 -
Hill, William Henry b.1866 -
Hill, Winifred Eliza b.1896 -


Hillier, Amy - Living
Hillier, Beeton - Living
Hillier, Charles - Living
Hillier, Ethel - Living
Hillier, John -
Hillier, Murray - Living
Hillier, Myrtle - Living
Hillier, Wendy - Living


Hills, Absalom b.1809 - Burham, Kent
Hills, Edward c.1848 - Kingsdown, Kent
Hills, Eliza c.1839 - Kingsdown, Kent
Hills, Evelyn V. m.1923 -
Hills, Frank Steven m.1913 - Bromley, Kent
Hills, George c.1835 - Kingsdown, Kent
Hills, Jane c.1837 - Kingsdown, Kent
Hills, John c.1841 - Kingsdown, Kent
Hills, Mark -
Hills, Mark c.1845 - Kingsdown, Kent
Hills, Thomas c.1843 - Kingsdown, Kent


Hillyard, Alfred Leonard b.1891 - Dorking, Surrey
Hillyard, Betty-Joan - Living


Hind, Martin -
Hind, Sarah Susannah c.1802 - Saint Peter, Leeds, Yorkshire


Hindle, Fred -
Hindle, John Alfred b.1872 - Cark, Cartmel, Cumbria (Mar qtr)


Hinds, Phyllis Ethel - Living


Hirst, Ann b.1801 - Yorkshire
Hirst, George m.1850 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Hirst, John - Living


Hiscock, Elizabeth "Betty" b.1716 -


Hoar?, John (see notes) -


Hoare, Francis Tom b.1885 - Wimborne, Dorset (Mar qtr)
Hoare, Frederick James b.1880 - Wimborne, Dorset (Dec qtr)
Hoare, Mary m.1813 - Buriton
Hoare, William Ernest b.1878 - Wimborne, Dorset (Dec qtr)
Hoare, William Thomas b.1857 - Wimborne, Dorset


Hobart, Vere Catherine Louisa m.1832 -


Hobbins, Roy Gilbert - Living


Hobbs, Henry m.1894 - Sixpenny Handley, Dorset.
Hobbs, Mary m.1818 - Holy Trinity, Gosport, Hampshire


Hockey, Hubert Harold b.1901 -
Hockey, Valerie Bessie May b.1928 -


Hodder, Mr -


Hodge, James Theodore - Living
Hodge, Terrianne - Living


Hodgkins, Annette - Living


Hodgson, Anna Maria m.1798 - Cathedral Saint Peter, Sheffield, Yorkshire
Hodgson, Emily Annie m.1901 - Paddington, London (Sep qtr)
Hodgson, Isabel b.1729 -
Hodgson, John Allan - Living
Hodgson, Liana Jill - Living


Holbech, Laura c.1809 - Farnborough, Warwickshire
Holbech, William -


Holden, Kathryn - Living
Holden, Rebecca - Living
Holden, Richard - Living
Holden, Stephen - Living


Holder, Ellen b.1849 - Fernhurst, Sussex
Holder, Stephen -


Holdsworth, Amelia Jane c.1833 - Drayton by Banbury, Oxford
Holdsworth, Ann Hannah b.1810 - of London, Middlesex
Holdsworth, Anne b.1801 - of Wakefield, Yorkshire
Holdsworth, Benjamin Joseph b.1799 -
Holdsworth, David c.1768 - Independent, Northowram, Yorkshire
Holdsworth, Edward Holy b.1859 - Sandal Magna, Yorkshire (Mar qtr)
Holdsworth, Eleanor J. b.1870 - Skirbeck, Lincolnshire
Holdsworth, Elizabeth b.1824 - Wakefield, Yorkshire
Holdsworth, Elizabeth b.1810 - of Wakefield, Yorkshire
Holdsworth, Emily Jane b.1831 - of Wakefield, Yorkshire
Holdsworth, Frederick b.1874 - Skirbeck, Lincolnshire
Holdsworth, Harriet c.1804 - Saint John, Wakefield, Yorkshire
Holdsworth, Harriet Anne b.1835 - Wakefield, Yorkshire
Holdsworth, Henry b.1806 - of Wakefield, Yorkshire
Holdsworth, Joseph b.1759 - Belle Isle, Wakefield, Yorkshire
Holdsworth, Joseph Hulme b.1830 - Wakefield, Yorkshire
Holdsworth, Joseph J.P. b.1789 - of Wakefield, Yorkshire
Holdsworth, Maria Theresa b.1826 - Wakefield, Yorkshire
Holdsworth, Samuel b.1795 - of Wakefield, Yorkshire
Holdsworth, Sarah b.1801 - of Wakefield, Yorkshire
Holdsworth, Sarah b.1799 - Thornton, Bradford, Yorkshire
Holdsworth, Stephen b.1705 - of Wakefield, Yorkshire
Holdsworth, Thomas Holy J.P. b.1826 - Wakefield, Yorkshire
Holdsworth, William b.1800 - Wakefield, Yorkshire
Holdsworth, William Henry b.1839 - Fishtoft, Lincolnshire


Holey, Joseph (Holy) c.1723 - of Sheffield, Yorkshire


Holland, C. - Living
Holland, Ellen - Living
Holland, Jean - Living
Holland, Lynda - Living


Hollingdale, Ellen Louisa (Nelly) m.1902 -


Hollingworth, Mavis - Living


Holloway, William m.1859 - district of Blandford, Dorset (Dec qtr)


Holmes, Ann m.1767 - St. Mary's, Portsea, Hampshire
Holmes, Elizabeth - Living
Holmes, Elizabeth m.1786 - Hambledon, Hampshire


Holmyard, Anne Holmyard b.1851 -
Holmyard, Emilie Colston b.1856 - St Pancras, London, Middlesex
Holmyard, Thomas m.1840 - Old Church, Saint Pancras, London
Holmyard, Thomas James b.1854 -


Holy, Ann b.1796 - Sheffield, Yorkshire
Holy, Anne b.1745 - Sheffield, Yorkshire
Holy, Caroline c.1796 - Cathedral Saint Peter, Sheffield, Yorkshire
Holy, Charlotte Maria b.1837 -
Holy, Daniel c.1794 - Cathedral Saint Peter, Sheffield, Yorkshire
Holy, Daniel c.1727 - of Sheffield, Yorkshire
Holy, Daniel c.1799 - Cathedral Saint Peter, Sheffield, Yorkshire
Holy, Daniel b.1754 - Sheffield, Yorkshire
Holy, Elizabeth b.1791 - of Sheffield, Yorkshire
Holy, Elizabeth (Hawley) c.1725 - of Sheffield, Yorkshire
Holy, Elizabeth Heald b.1841 - district of Ecclesall Bierlow, Yorkshire
Holy, George b.1788 - London, Middlesex
Holy, Henry Copestake c.1789 - Uttoxeter, Stafford
Holy, Jane b.1803 - Sheffield, Yorkshire
Holy, Joseph b.1799 - of Sheffield, Yorkshire
Holy, Lucy Maria b.1843 - district of Ecclesall Bierlow, Yorkshire
Holy, Lydia b.1794 - of Sheffield, Yorkshire
Holy, Lydia b.1757 - Sheffield, Yorkshire
Holy, Lydia (Hawley) c.1729 - of Sheffield, Yorkshire
Holy, Lydia (Hawley) c.1731 - of Sheffield, Yorkshire
Holy, Maria Beard b.1793 - Sheffield, Yorkshire
Holy, Mary b.1755 - Sheffield, Yorkshire
Holy, Mary b.1749 - Sheffield, Yorkshire
Holy, Mary (Hawley) d.1757 -
Holy, Mary Anne b.1788 -
Holy, Nanny (Hawley) c.1735 - of Sheffield, Yorkshire
Holy, Samuel (Hawley) c.1734 - of Sheffield, Yorkshire
Holy, Sarah b.1801 -
Holy, Sarah b.1747 - Sheffield, Yorkshire
Holy, Sarah Wilson c.1791 - Cathedral Saint Peter, Sheffield, Yorkshire
Holy, Thomas b.1719 - of Sheffield, Yorkshire
Holy, Thomas b.1752 - Sheffield, Yorkshire
Holy, Thomas Beard b.1798 - Sheffield, Yorkshire
Holy, William (Hawley) c.1738 - of Sheffield, Yorkshire


Homer, Eliza Emily c.1860 - Sidlesham, Sussex
Homer, Stephen -


Honey, Gary - Living


Honywood, Annabella Christiana b.1785 - of Provender, Kent


Hood, Ann c.1825 - Saint Peter, Leeds, Yorkshire
Hood, Frederick c.1821 - Saint Peter, Leeds, Yorkshire
Hood, Henry Hirst c.1818 - Saint Peter, Leeds, Yorkshire
Hood, John c.1819 - Saint Peter, Leeds, Yorkshire
Hood, Joseph c.1829 - Saint Peter, Leeds, Yorkshire
Hood, Joseph m.1815 - Saint Peter, Leeds, Yorkshire
Hood, Mary Elizabeth c.1823 - Saint Peter, Leeds, Yorkshire
Hood, Sarah Bach c.1827 - Saint Peter, Leeds, Yorkshire


Hook, Dean Luke William - Living
Hook, William John - Living


Hooper, Albie - Living
Hooper, Annie Flower -
Hooper, Douglas - Living
Hooper, Elizabeth c.1816 - Hilton, Dorset
Hooper, Frederick Henry -
Hooper, Gladys Ellen b.1910 - Fratton, Portsmouth, Hampshire
Hooper, Harry - Living
Hooper, Ida - Living
Hooper, James - Living
Hooper, Jean c.1804 - Hilton, Dorset
Hooper, John c.1809 - Hilton, Dorset
Hooper, Laurie - Living
Hooper, Martha c.1799 - Hilton, Dorset
Hooper, Mary b.1876 - Longfleet, Dorset
Hooper, Mary b.1791 - Hilton, Dorset
Hooper, Meliah c.1806 - Hilton, Dorset
Hooper, Mr -
Hooper, Ron - Living
Hooper, Sarah c.1800 - Hilton, Dorset
Hooper, Thomas b.1766 - Dorset


Hopgood, Elizabeth c.1807 - Horton, Dorset
Hopgood, James m.1806 - Horton With Woodlands, Dorset


Hopkins, Florence Alberta b.1877 - Woolston, Hampshire
Hopkins, George b.1842 - Winkton, Hampshire
Hopkins, Hannah b.1720 -


Hopper, Caroline - Living


Horan, Lorna - Living


Horlock, Agnes Rose b.1896 - Upper Parkstone, Dorset (Dec qtr)
Horlock, Albert Willoughby J. -
Horlock, Annie b.1885 - Moordown, Bournemouth, Hampshire
Horlock, Frank Albert b.1882 - Tarrant Crawford, Dorset (Jun qtr)
Horlock, Harriett Ella b.1888 - Wallisdown, Dorset
Horlock, Harry b.1880 - Tarrant Crawford, Dorset
Horlock, Henry b.1870 - Wimborne, Dorset
Horlock, Walter Joseph b.1877 - Spettisbury, Dorset (Sep qtr)
Horlock, William b.1873 - Tarrant Rushton, Dorset
Horlock, William Frederick b.1856 - Spettisbury, Dorset


Horn, George b.1843 - Hampreston, Dorset
Horn, Lilian Olive b.1876 - Parkstone, Dorset
Horn, Margaret Rosina b.1885 - Parkstone, Dorset
Horn, Thomas b.1822 - Mallihide, Ireland


Horner, Alfred b.1860 - Leeds, Yorkshire
Horner, Alfred Telford b.1902 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Horner, James -
Horner, Maria b.1815 - Bishops Waltham, Hampshire


Hornsby, Emma b.1850 - Rotherhithe, Surrey


Hoskings, Alice Charlotte b.1858 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Hoskings, Charlotte Maria b.1862 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Hoskings, Richard m.1816 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
Hoskings, William C. b.1865 - Portsmouth, Hants
Hoskings, William Shepherd c.1824 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire


Hoskins, Benjamin c.1825 - Easton, Portland, Dorset
Hoskins, Charlie - Living
Hoskins, Eliza c.1843 - Portland, Dorset
Hoskins, Henry -
Hoskins, Henry Nicholas Cutler c.1859 - Portland, Dorset
Hoskins, Jane c.1807 - Portland, Dorset
Hoskins, Jane Cutler c.1851 - Easton, Portland, Dorset
Hoskins, John c.1818 - Easton, Portland, Dorset
Hoskins, Martha c.1803 - Portland, Dorset
Hoskins, Mary c.1810 - Portland, Dorset
Hoskins, Mary c.1838 - Portland, Dorset
Hoskins, Nicholas c.1816 - Easton, Portland, Dorset
Hoskins, Nicholas c.1814 - Easton, Portland, Dorset
Hoskins, Nicholas b.1779 - Portland, Dorset
Hoskins, Nicholas c.1837 - Easton, Portland, Dorset
Hoskins, Robert c.1804 - Portland, Dorset
Hoskins, Robert c.1848 - Portland, Dorset
Hoskins, Robert c.1845 - Portland, Dorset
Hoskins, Robert George Cutler c.1866 - Portland, Dorset
Hoskins, Sarah b.1827 - Hursley, Hampshire
Hoskins, Sarah Ann Cutler c.1863 - Portland, Dorset
Hoskins, William c.1835 - Portland, Dorset
Hoskins, William c.1841 - Portland, Dorset
Hoskins, William c.1812 - Portland, Dorset
Hoskins, William Thomas Cutler c.1857 - Portland, Dorset


Hotchin, Emily b.1857 - Geelong, Victoria, Australia


Hough, Debbie - Living
Hough, Hazel - Living
Hough, John (Jack) b.1907 - Salisbury
Hough, Lynn - Living
Hough, Raymond b.1931 -


Houghton, Albert Alfred b.1880 - Balham, Surrey
Houghton, Caroline b.1833 - Durley, Hampshire
Houghton, Charles Henry b.1878 - Clapham, Surrey
Houghton, Edith Caroline b.1882 - Balham, Surrey
Houghton, Emily Louise b.1872 - Clapham, Surrey
Houghton, Frederick Charles b.1844 - Clapham, Surrey
Houghton, Frederick Edward b.1874 - Clapham, Surrey
Houghton, Frederick Henry b.1896 - Balham, Surrey
Houghton, Lena Fanny b.1885 - Balham, Surrey
Houghton, Maud M. b.1879 - Clapham, Surrey
Houghton, Mr - Living
Houghton, Mr - Living
Houghton, Thomas -
Houghton, Violet - Living
Houghton, William George b.1884 - Balham, Surrey


Hounsom, Albert b.1888 - Leigh, Kent.
Hounsom, Albert Edward - Living
Hounsom, Alfred b.1872 - Fulham, Middlesex
Hounsom, Alfred William b.1896 - Mortlake, Surrey (Jun qtr)
Hounsom, Ann - Living
Hounsom, Arthur John b.1883 - Leigh, Kent.
Hounsom, Caroline b.1861 - Fulham, Middlesex
Hounsom, Charles c.1824 - Saint Mary Magdalen, Richmond, Surrey
Hounsom, Charles John b.1886 - Leigh, Kent.
Hounsom, Doris Kathleen - Living
Hounsom, Dorothy Edith b.1898 - Leigh, Kent.
Hounsom, Eleanor Rosina b.1894 - Mortlake, Surrey (Sep qtr)
Hounsom, Emma (Hownsom) b.1828 -
Hounsom, Eric Percival J. b.1920 - district of Edmonton, Hertfordshire
Hounsom, Ethel Lillian b.1891 - Leigh, Kent (Dec qtr)
Hounsom, Frederick John - Living
Hounsom, George John b.1858 - Putney, Surrey (Jun qtr)
Hounsom, George Thomas b.1833 - Kingston, Surrey
Hounsom, George William T. b.1898 - Mortlake, Surrey (Sep qtr)
Hounsom, Harold William b.1884 - Leigh, Kent.
Hounsom, James b.1835 - Surrey
Hounsom, John - Living
Hounsom, John b.1857 - Stamford Hill, London
Hounsom, John c.1825 - Saint Mary Magdalen, Richmond, Surrey
Hounsom, John (Houndsom) b.1801 - Surrey or Sussex
Hounsom, Leonard Ernest G. b.1892 - Leigh, Kent.
Hounsom, Maria (Houndsom) c.1821 - Saint Mary Magdalen, Richmond, Surrey
Hounsom, Mary Ann b.1830 -
Hounsom, Percival George b.1896 - Leigh, Kent
Hounsom, Sarah b.1864 - Stamford Hill, London NW
Hounsom, Thomas b.1884 - Chelsea, London
Hounsom, Thomas b.1867 - Tottenham, Middlesex.
Hounsom, Walter Henry F. - Living
Hounsom, William b.1878 - Chelsea, London
Hounsom, William b.1861 - Hackney, Middlesex
Hounsom, William c.1832 - Saint Mary Magdalen, Richmond, Surrey
Hounsom, William Alfred b.1875 - Battersea, Surrey (Mar qtr)


Housden, Mark - Living


House, Caroline m.1909 - district of Blandford, Dorset
House, Eliza b.1855 -
House, Elizabeth b.1857 - Hilton, Dorset
House, George b.1851 -
House, James b.1848 -
House, John b.1825 - Hilton, Dorset
House, John b.1848 -
House, Mabel m.1912 - Portsmouth, Hampshire (Sep qtr)
House, Maria b.1863 -


Housman, Jane -
Housman, R. - Living


Howard, Lucy m.1815 - East Meon, Hampshire


Howard-Smith, Kathleen Joyce m.1935 -


Howarth, James b.1829 -
Howarth, John -
Howarth, Rosina Alma b.1855 - Alverstoke, Hampshire


Howells, Mabel Howell b.1882 - Hereford, Herefordshire


Howson, Jane b.1757 -


Hoyle, Phyllis Jacqueline - Living


Hubbarde, Ada Gertrude b.1875 - Southampton, Hampshire
Hubbarde, Alfred b.1833 - South Parade Baptist, Leeds, Yorkshire
Hubbarde, Arthur Goulden b.1851 - Southampton, Hampshire
Hubbarde, Charles Albert b.1849 - Southampton, Hampshire
Hubbarde, Edwin b.1853 - Southampton, Hampshire
Hubbarde, FrancesTheodosia c.1835 - South Parade Baptist, Leeds, Yorkshire
Hubbarde, James D. b.1839 - Wakefield, Yorkshire
Hubbarde, James Dibdin b.1802 - Canterbury, Kent
Hubbarde, John Henry b.1847 - Leeds, Yorkshire
Hubbarde, Sarah Elizabeth b.1846 - Hull, Yorkshire
Hubbarde, William b.1841 - Wakefield, Yorkshire


Hudson, Elizabeth b.1815 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Hudson, Esther m.1712 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Hudson, Gillian Ann - Living
Hudson, Nena Gaye - Living
Hudson, Robert -
Hudson, Sarah -
Hudson, Sarah c.1864 - Docking, Norfolk


Hughes, Adrian - Living
Hughes, Charlotte m.1853 - Epsom, Surrey
Hughes, John - Living
Hughes, Nicola - Living
Hughes, Richard - Living
Hughes, Richard Havelock b.1944 - England
Hughes, Valerie b.1938 - England


Hull, Eileen Patricia b.1932 -
Hull, Isabel Julia -


Hulme, Hannah b.1720 - Bradford, Yorkshire


Hulse, Eric - Living
Hulse, Mark - Living


Humby, Christine A. - Living


Hunt, Beatrice b.1896 - Wickham, Hampshire
Hunt, Charles b.1863 - Alresford, Hampshire
Hunt, Edward "Ted" b.1837 - Christchurch, Hampshire
Hunt, Edward James b.1890 - Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
Hunt, Eliza c.1819 - Worth Matravers, Dorset
Hunt, Elizabeth c.1823 - Worth Matravers, Dorset
Hunt, Elizabeth Hannah c.1824 - Iwerne Minster, Dorset
Hunt, Elizabeth Mary Ann b.1843 - Dorset, England
Hunt, Ellen b.1846 - Worth Matravers, Dorset
Hunt, Frederick b.1852 - Northam, Hampshire
Hunt, George b.1855 - Portsea, Hampshire
Hunt, Giles George c.1841 - Worth Matravers, Dorset
Hunt, John -
Hunt, John b.1857 - Portsea, Hampshire
Hunt, Leah c.1849 - Worth Matravers, Dorset
Hunt, Lucille b.1901 -
Hunt, Lucy Shepherd c.1809 - Worth Matravers, Dorset
Hunt, Margaret - Living
Hunt, Martha c.1816 - Worth Matravers, Dorset
Hunt, Martha Maria c.1839 - Worth Matravers, Dorset
Hunt, Mary Ann c.1806 - Worth Matravers, Dorset
Hunt, Mary Stickland c.1854 - Worth Matravers, Dorset
Hunt, Mr. - Living
Hunt, Robert c.1803 - Worth Matravers, Dorset
Hunt, Robert b.1776 - Dorset
Hunt, Sarah b.1852 - Sheerness, Kent
Hunt, Thomas b.1857 - Portsea, Hampshire
Hunt, William c.1802 - Worth Matravers, Dorset
Hunt, William b.1860 - Portsea, Hampshire
Hunt, William b.1813 - Portsea, Hampshire
Hunt, William b.1813 - Worth Matravers, Dorset
Hunt, William Charles b.1892 - Wickham, Hampshire


Hunter, Caroline Jayne - Living


Huntington, Jonathan M. - Living


Husher, Amelia Jane b.1849 - Poole, Dorset
Husher, Harriet "Anne" b.1847 - Poole, Dorset
Husher, Henry b.1821 - Poole, Dorset


Hutchings, Anne - Living


Hutchinson, John Scrope b.1848 - East Stoke, Nottinghamshire (Dec qtr)


Hutson, Mr - Living


Hyde, Albert Edward m.1901 - St. Paul's, Stepney
Hyde, Emily b.1878 -
Hyde, Emma Amelia (See Notes) b.1855 - Poplar, Middlesex
Hyde, Frances M. b.1869 - Stepney, Middlesex
Hyde, John -
Hyde, Sarah Jane -
Hyde, William Christopher c.1826 - Bisley, Goucestershire


Hyland, John Peter b.1840 - Pudsey, Yorkshire
Hyland, Peter -
Hyland, Thomas b.1809 - Pudsey, Yorkshire


Hylton, Philip H. (Hytton) - Living


Ibbotson, Sarah b.1667 - of Dearing, Ripon, Yorkshire


Ibittson, Grace b.1671 - of Dearing, Netherdale, Yorkshire


Iddiols, Alfred b.1863 - London, Middlesex
Iddiols, Amelia b.1830 - Bloomsbury, London
Iddiols, Arthur Thomas b.1859 - St Giles, London, Middlesex
Iddiols, Emma b.1860 - St Giles, London, Middlesex
Iddiols, Esther b.1827 -
Iddiols, Harriet b.1825 -
Iddiols, Jessie b.1871 - London, Middlesex
Iddiols, John b.1818 -
Iddiols, John -
Iddiols, Rosa b.1867 - London, Middlesex
Iddiols, Sarah b.1821 -
Iddiols, Thomas b.1832 -
Iddiols, William b.1823 -


Iles, Ray - Living
Iles, Seanea - Living
Iles, Tayla - Living


Illingworth, Enid - Living
Illingworth, Hannah b.1838 - North Bierley, Yorkshire
Illingworth, Mr m.1840 -
Illingworth, William m.1906 - district of Dewsbury, Yorkshire (Dec qtr)


Ingram, Eliza c.1829 - Winterbourne Tomson, Dorset
Ingram, Reuban m.1829 - Winterbourne Thomson, Dorset
Ingram, Simone - Living


Ings, John (or Daysh) b.1779 - Hampshire
Ings, Sarah (Daysh) c.1836 - Wickham, Hampshire


Inkpen, Ann b.1798 -
Inkpen, Mary b.1813 -
Inkpen, Philadelphia "Phyllis ?" b.1809 - Horsham, Sussex
Inkpen, Richard b.1802 -
Inkpen, William b.1807 -
Inkpen, William m.1795 - Horsham, Sussex


Innes, Alexander m.1767 - Saint Nicholas, Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland
Innes, Anne b.1775 - Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Innes, Violet c.1779 - Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland


Innocent, Charles b.1862 - Bethnal Green, London
Innocent, Dorothy Nina b.1895 - Forest Gate, Essex (Dec qtr)
Innocent, Emma b.1852 - Bethnal Green, London
Innocent, Eva - Living
Innocent, George b.1902 - London, Middlesex
Innocent, George Spencer Culpepper b.1869 - Bethnal Green, London
Innocent, Lena - Living
Innocent, Mr -
Innocent, Nelly - Living
Innocent, Nina -
Innocent, Sandra - Living


Instance, Eileen E.A. - Living


Iredale, Mary b.1834 - Lindley, Huddersfield, Yorkshire


Ireland, Dorothy b.1802 -


Irion, Jeanne "Francoise" Marie Elisabeth b.1826 - Ferny Voltaire, France


Isaacs, Bethia b.1823 - Six Penny Handley, Dorset


Isles, Caroline - Living
Isles, Christopher - Living
Isles, John - Living
Isles, Philip - Living


Isman, Gunilla - Living


Ive, Isad -


Jack, Donald b.1836 - Scotland
Jack, Eva Munro b.1870 -


Jackman, Alice Maria b.1877 - North Tidworth, Wiltshire


Jackson, Braden Mathias - Living
Jackson, Catharine b.1771 - Fairburn, Yorkshire
Jackson, Charles b.1864 - Sutterton, Lincolnshire
Jackson, Edith Caroline m.1936 - Gisborne, New Zealand
Jackson, Eleanor m.1820 -
Jackson, Eliana Colette - Living
Jackson, Frances c.1823 - Saint Mary, Stamford, Lincolnshire
Jackson, Hilda Mary -
Jackson, Isaac c.1838 - Whitby, Yorkshire
Jackson, Isaac Xavier - Living
Jackson, Margaret b.1842 - Eskdaleside, Yorkshire
Jackson, Richard Allen - Living
Jackson, Sarah b.1797 - Stevenage, Herefordshire
Jackson, Thomas b.1805 - Ugthorp, Yorkshire
Jackson, Thomas Hippisley c.1791 - Saint Michael, Stamford, Lincolnshire


Jacobi, Fritz b.1892 - Germany


Jacobs, Calum Paul - Living
Jacobs, Paul Kevin Mbe - Living


Jacques, Andrew Robert - Living
Jacques, David - Living
Jacques, Steven David - Living


James, Amelia - Living
James, Amos c.1785 - Witchampton, Dorset
James, Ann c.1830 - Shapwick, Dorset
James, Ann c.1820 - Shapwick, Dorset
James, Annie Blanche b.1871 - Shapwick, Dorset
James, Arthur b.1877 - Worral Lane, Bradfield, Yorkshire
James, Arthur b.1846 - Shapwick, Dorset
James, Betsy c.1813 - Shapwick, Dorset
James, Blanche -
James, Caroline c.1832 - Shapwick, Dorset
James, Catherine b.1850 -
James, Charles c.1798 - Witchampton, Dorset
James, Charles b.1862 - Shapwick, Dorset.
James, Clara c.1852 - Shapwick, Dorset
James, Cyril - Living
James, Dale Spence Hardy - Living
James, Elizabeth Chaffey b.1825 - Shapwick, Dorset
James, Ellen c.1832 - Shapwick, Dorset
James, Ellen b.1872 - Shapwick, Dorset.
James, Emily Jane c.1832 - Witchampton, Dorset
James, George b.1830 - Shapwick, Dorset
James, George c.1796 - Witchampton, Dorset
James, Georgina c.1854 - Shapwick, Dorset
James, Harriet c.1837 - Witchampton, Dorset
James, Harriet c.1825 - Shapwick, Dorset
James, Harry c.1834 - Shapwick, Dorset
James, Harry c.1858 - Shapwick, Dorset
James, Henrietta Elizabeth Ann c.1825 - Witchampton, Dorset
James, Henry c.1836 - Shapwick, Dorset
James, Israel c.1816 - Shapwick, Dorset
James, James c.1827 - Shapwick, Dorset
James, Jane c.1803 - Witchampton, Dorset
James, Jane c.1849 - Shapwick, Dorset
James, Janet c.1854 - Shapwick, Dorset
James, Jesse c.1828 - Shapwick, Dorset
James, Jesse c.1857 - Shapwick, Dorset
James, Jesse c.1862 - Shapwick, Dorset
James, Joseph c.1801 - Witchampton, Dorset
James, Josiah c.1807 - Witchampton, Dorset
James, Josiah c.1781 - Witchampton, Dorset
James, Juliana b.1845 - Shapwick, Dorset
James, Levi James c.1836 - Witchampton, Dorset
James, Louisa c.1823 - Shapwick, Dorset
James, Mandy - Living
James, Minnie b.1889 - Worral Lane, Bradfield, Yorkshire
James, Nathan -
James, Richard c.1826 - Shapwick, Dorset
James, Robert b.1841 - Shapwick, Dorset
James, Robert b.1803 - Shroton, Dorset
James, Robert Goodchild c.1860 - Shapwick, Dorset
James, Rose b.1872 - Shapwick, Dorset
James, Ruth b.1912 - Stannington, Yorkshire
James, Samuel c.1787 - Witchampton, Dorset
James, Samuel b.1751 -
James, Sarah c.1818 - Shapwick, Dorset
James, Sidney b.1884 - Worral Lane, Bradfield, Yorkshire
James, Sidney b.1867 - Shapwick, Dorset.
James, Sydney -
James, Trevor - Living
James, William b.1850 - Shapwick, Dorset
James, William m.1802 - Iwerne Courtney, Dorset
James, William c.1834 - Shapwick, Dorset
James, William b.1878 - Worral Lane, Bradfield, Yorkshire
James, William b.1786 -
James, William R. - Living
James, Winifred c.1828 - Witchampton, Dorset


Jaspal, Mr - Living


Jayne, Martha Ellen b.1860 - Creswick, Victoria, Australia


Jeanes, Ann c.1810 - Hilton, Dorset
Jeanes, Caroline c.1818 - Stalbridge, Dorset
Jeanes, Charles -
Jeanes, Christopher c.1805 - Caundle Stourton, Dorset
Jeanes, Jacob c.1821 - Stalbridge, Dorset
Jeanes, Jane m.1831 - Hilton, Dorset
Jeanes, Judith c.1820 - Hilton, Dorset
Jeanes, Kezia c.1815 - Stalbridge, Dorset
Jeanes, Levi c.1811 - Stalbridge, Dorset
Jeanes, Mary Ann c.1823 - Hilton, Dorset
Jeanes, Mary Ann c.1818 - Hilton, Dorset
Jeanes, Suzannah c.1800 - Stalbridge, Dorset
Jeanes, Thomas c.1808 - Stalbridge, Dorset
Jeanes, Thomas b.1776 - Dorset
Jeanes, William c.1808 - Hilton, Dorset


Jeans, Agnes Catherine Mary c.1855 - Stalbridge, Dorset
Jeans, Charles c.1815 - Stalbridge, Dorset
Jeans, Elizabeth c.1844 - Stalbridge, Dorset
Jeans, Emily c.1846 - Stalbridge, Dorset
Jeans, Keziah c.1842 - Stalbridge, Dorset


Jenkin, Brett Charles - Living
Jenkin, Jodie Anne - Living
Jenkin, Julie Gay - Living
Jenkin, Trevor Henry - Living


Jenkins, Doris Christine Valentine b.1895 - Victoria, Australia
Jenkins, Eliza A. Jane - Living


Jennings, Debra Jane - Living
Jennings, Jane b.1845 - Portsea, Hants


Jerrold, Christopher Martin - Living


Jocelyn, Frances Victoria b.1814 - Westminster, London, Middlesex


Johnson, Ann Elizabeth c.1836 - St. Mary's, Portsea
Johnson, Caroline Jane c.1839 - St. Mary's, Portsea
Johnson, Ellen Mary c.1849 - St. Mary's, Portsea
Johnson, Emily m.1884 - Record Office, Reigate, Surrey
Johnson, Emma Maria c.1841 - St. Mary's, Portsea
Johnson, George Andrew c.1852 - St. Mary's, Portsea
Johnson, John b.1760 - not in Hampshire
Johnson, John b.1805 - Portsea, Hampshire
Johnson, Mary Ann c.1845 - St. Thomas, Portsea
Johnson, Merrill - Living
Johnson, Rebecca b.1863 - Norton Malton, Yorkshire
Johnson, Richard Thomas c.1843 - St. Mary's, Portsea
Johnson, Samuel b.1835 - Stepney, London
Johnson, Sarah Lucy c.1838 - St. Mary's, Portsea
Johnson, William Henry m.1858 -
Johnson, William Henry c.1847 - St. Mary's, Portsea
Johnson, William Thomas c.1835 - St. Mary's, Portsea


Johnston, Charles John b.1845 - Wellington, New Zealand
Johnston, Doris Cecilia Featherston b.1884 - of Wellington, New Zealand
Johnston, Rae J. - Living


Joiner, Martha b.1860 - Wimborne, Dorset
Joiner, Mary b.1850 - Wimborne, Dorset
Joiner, Mercy b.1857 - Wimborne, Dorset
Joiner, Patti - Living
Joiner, William b.1824 - Wimborne, Dorset


Jolly, Andrew Charles - Living
Jolly, Bruce Eric - Living
Jolly, Jennifer - Living
Jolly, Kim Eric - Living
Jolly, Lynette Ann - Living
Jolly, Marcus Leon - Living
Jolly, Natalie Anne - Living
Jolly, Peter Eric - Living


Jones, Alwyn Russell - Living
Jones, David - Living
Jones, David - Living
Jones, Doris d.1965 -
Jones, Mr (See Notes) -


Joseph, Georgina Margaret - Living
Joseph, Norman Samuel - Living


Joy, Alfred Cyril -
Joy, Arthur William c.1856 - Holdenhurst, Hampshire
Joy, Charles b.1851 - Wimbourne, Dorset
Joy, Charlotte b.1862 - Holdenhurst, Hampshire
Joy, Clifford -
Joy, Constance Elsie -
Joy, Doris Kathleen May -
Joy, Edmund c.1829 - Hinton Martell, Dorset
Joy, Edmund b.1842 - Chalbury, Dorset
Joy, Edwin George b.1875 - Springbourne, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Joy, Elizabeth b.1870 - Bournemouth, Dorset
Joy, Elizabeth c.1823 - Hinton Martell, Dorset
Joy, Elizabeth b.1864 - Bournemouth, Hampshire.
Joy, Ellen E. b.1866 - Bournemouth, Dorset
Joy, Emily Mary b.1849 - Christchurch, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Joy, Emma b.1844 -
Joy, Florence Cecile -
Joy, Frederick b.1874 - Bournemouth, Hampshire
Joy, Frederick James b.1867 - Poole, Dorset
Joy, George b.1847 -
Joy, Harriet Lemmon c.1860 - Holdenhurst, Hampshire
Joy, Harriet Lemmon c.1851 - Holdenhurst, Hampshire
Joy, Henry b.1881 - Bournemouth, Hampshire
Joy, Henry c.1822 - Canford Magna, Dorset
Joy, Henry James b.1866 - Bournemouth, Hampshire.
Joy, Henry Talbot b.1899 - Bournemouth, Hampshire
Joy, Isabella b.1875 - Bournemouth, Hampshire
Joy, James c.1787 - Hinton Martell, Dorset
Joy, Jane c.1853 - Holdenhurst, Hampshire
Joy, Jemima b.1877 - Bournemouth, Hampshire
Joy, Jemima b.1819 - Dorset
Joy, John - Living
Joy, John b.1851 - Holdenhurst, Hampshire
Joy, John b.1856 - Bournemouth, Hampshire.
Joy, John Lemmon c.1856 - Holdenhurst, Hampshire
Joy, John Lemmon c.1846 - Holdenhurst, Hampshire
Joy, John P. b.1860 - Bournemouth, Dorset
Joy, Joseph b.1873 - Bournemouth, Hampshire
Joy, Joseph b.1849 -
Joy, Joseph E. b.1868 - Bournemouth, Dorset
Joy, Lavinia Emily b.1872 - Springbourne, Hampshire
Joy, Louisa b.1871 - Bournemouth, Hampshire
Joy, Louisa Jane c.1860 - Holdenhurst, Hampshire
Joy, male - Living
Joy, Marianne c.1849 - Holdenhurst, Hampshire
Joy, Mary b.1860 - Bournemouth, Hampshire.
Joy, Mary Eliza b.1870 - Poole, Dorset
Joy, Maurice Stephen - Living
Joy, Sarah J. b.1873 - Bournemouth, Dorset
Joy, Selina c.1855 - Hinton Martell, Dorset
Joy, Stephen c.1827 - Hinton Martell, Dorset
Joy, Thomas -
Joy, Tom Percival c.1858 - Holdenhurst, Hampshire
Joy, Walter b.1865 - Kingston, Dorset
Joy, William c.1825 - Hinton Martell, Dorset
Joy, William Alfred b.1857 - Shirley, Southampton, Hampshire
Joy, William H. b.1865 - Bournemouth, Dorset
Joy, Winifred Grace -


Joyce, Mary b.1807 - Winterbourne Houghton, Dorset


Joyner, Ann m.1798 - Woodsford, Dorset


Jung, Robert W. - Living


Jupe, Elizabeth Charlotte c.1837 - Saint Mary, Putney, London
Jupe, Emma Harriet c.1834 - Saint Mary, Putney, London
Jupe, Lydia Ann b.1853 - London
Jupe, Thomas b.1813 - Putney, Surrey
Jupe, unknown -
Jupe, William Digby b.1863 - London (Jun qtr)


Jurd, Matilda c.1833 - Fareham, Hampshire
Jurd, Samuel b.1803 - Hampshire
Jurd, Sarah b.1833 - Hampshire
Jurd, Susan Mary b.1829 - Hampshire
Jurd, William c.1835 - Fareham, Hampshire


Kail, Ann c.1790 - Witchampton, Dorset
Kail, Caroline c.1800 - Witchampton, Dorset
Kail, Charlotte c.1800 - Witchampton, Dorset
Kail, George c.1793 - Witchampton, Dorset
Kail, George b.1775 -
Kail, Hannah c.1788 - Witchampton, Dorset
Kail, Henry c.1797 - Witchampton, Dorset
Kail, Jane c.1814 - Witchampton, Dorset
Kail, Jenny c.1793 - Witchampton, Dorset
Kail, Luanna c.1807 - Witchampton, Dorset
Kail, Maria c.1795 - Witchampton, Dorset
Kail, Martha c.1796 - Witchampton, Dorset
Kail, Mary c.1780 - Witchampton, Dorset
Kail, Mary c.1786 - Witchampton, Dorset
Kail, Sarah c.1817 - Witchampton, Dorset
Kail, Sarah c.1784 - Witchampton, Dorset
Kail, Sarah c.1803 - Witchampton, Dorset
Kail, William b.1765 -


Kavanagh, Patrick -
Kavanagh, Sarah b.1839 - Tyrone, Ireland


Keeffe, Graeme William - Living
Keeffe, Jake Michael - Living
Keeffe, Johl James - Living
Keeffe, Kenneth William - Living
Keeffe, Kylie Lisa - Living
Keeffe, Patrick William - Living


Keel, Agnes Gertrude b.1863 - Romsey


Keen, Carol - Living
Keen, Caroline Martha b.1847 - Amersham, Buckinghamshire
Keen, Charles Henry (Rapkins) b.1863 - Westminster, London
Keen, Charlotte A. b.1894 - Croydon, Surrey
Keen, Cynthia Anne - Living
Keen, Elizabeth Annie b.1881 - Croydon, Surrey
Keen, Elsie May b.1916 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Keen, Frederick John - Living
Keen, Frederick William b.1887 - Croydon, Surrey
Keen, Gillian - Living
Keen, Henry G. - Living
Keen, John Grinley b.1826 - Cripplegate, London
Keen, John James b.1885 - Croydon, Surrey (Sep qtr)
Keen, John James b.1856 - Lambeth, Surrey
Keen, Mary Ann c.1817 - St. Giles, Cripplegate, London
Keen, Pamela - Living
Keen, Richard b.1861 - St Clement, London, Middlesex
Keen, Richard b.1786 - Middlesex
Keen, Richard Joseph c.1819 - St. Giles, Cripplegate, London
Keen, Sarah b.1825 - London
Keen, Thomas b.1814 - Amersham, Buckinghamshire


Keesing, Andrew - Living
Keesing, Edward - Living
Keesing, Paul - Living
Keesing, Ross - Living
Keesing, Sarah - Living


Keighley, Elizabeth c.1828 - Idle, Yorkshire
Keighley, James -
Keighley, Joseph b.1806 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Keighley, Maria b.1812 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Keighley, Mary b.1809 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Keighley, Samuel - Living
Keighley, William -


Kellett, Grace b.1803 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Kellett, Hannah b.1800 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Kellett, John b.1797 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Kellett, John -
Kellett, Joseph c.1794 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Kellett, Maria b.1813 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Kellett, Martha b.1807 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Kellett, William b.1810 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Kellett, William c.1774 - Calverley, Yorkshire


Kellow, Mary m.1807 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire


Kelly, Kathleen - Living


Kemp, Audrey Lovelace b.1888 - Chatham, Kent (Jun qtr)
Kemp, Benjamin b.1831 - Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk
Kemp, Edgar Robert b.1876 - St Denys, Southampton, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Kemp, Ernest Aubrey b.1880 - Chatham, Kent (Mar qtr)


Kempster, Alice c.1810 - Eton, Buckinghamshire
Kempster, Eliza b.1806 - Eton, Buckinghamshire
Kempster, Jonathan c.1814 - Eton, Buckinghamshire
Kempster, Joseph c.1804 - Eton, Buckinghamshire
Kempster, Joseph -


Kendall, Louisa b.1749 -
Kendall, Mary Anne b.1769 - of Hatfield, Yorkshire


Kenderdine, Richard Stanley b.1852 -


Kengar, Ann (Rencap) m.1720 - Christchurch, Hampshire


Kennard, Edward -


Kennedy, Annie - Living


Kenny, Margaret m.1783 - St. George's Hanover Square, London


Kent, Ann b.1780 -


Kerley, Betsy Goodchild c.1824 - Shapwick, Dorset
Kerley, Catherine b.1846 - Shapwick, Dorset
Kerley, Eliza Ann b.1836 - Shapwick, Dorset
Kerley, Harry c.1834 - Shapwick, Dorset
Kerley, Harry m.1835 - Shapwick, Dorset
Kerley, Henry b.1808 - Shapwick, Dorset
Kerley, James c.1800 - Shapwick, Dorset
Kerley, Jeanette b.1840 - Shapwick, Dorset
Kerley, John c.1738 - Pimperne, Dorset
Kerley, Marianne c.1833 - Shapwick, Dorset
Kerley, Penil c.1769 - Pimperne, Dorset
Kerley, Peter b.1843 - Shapwick, Dorset
Kerley, Richard c.1797 - Shapwick, Dorset
Kerley, Robert c.1826 - Shapwick, Dorset
Kerley, Sarah c.1828 - Shapwick, Dorset
Kerley, Silas c.1708 - Pimperne, Dorset
Kerley, Susannah c.1796 - Shapwick, Dorset


Kerr, Cecil Nennella Therese O.B.E. - Living
Kerr, Peter Francis Walter 12th Marquess of Lothian b.1922 -


Kersley, Alfred William b.1851 -
Kersley, Charles -


Kett, Ada b.1887 - Islington, Middlesex
Kett, Albert b.1854 - Nayland, Bures, Suffolk
Kett, Albert Edwin b.1890 - St Mary, Paddington, London
Kett, Albert James b.1874 - London, Middlesex
Kett, Alfred b.1847 - Nayland, Bures, Suffolk
Kett, Ann Eliza b.1846 - Nayland, Bures, Suffolk
Kett, Anthony James - Living
Kett, Bertram Arthur b.1897 - Paddington, London
Kett, Bertram George b.1921 - Kilburn, London
Kett, Edward b.1842 - Nayland, Bures, Suffolk
Kett, Edwin Howard b.1817 - Nayland, Suffolk
Kett, Emma b.1857 - Nayland, Bures, Suffolk
Kett, Ernest Percival b.1908 - Willesden, London
Kett, Ernest W. b.1923 - Kilburn, London
Kett, female - Living
Kett, female - Living
Kett, Isabel May b.1906 - Kilburn, London
Kett, Ivy R. b.1920 - Willesden, London
Kett, Jacqueline Dora - Living
Kett, James b.1849 - Nayland, Bures, Suffolk
Kett, Marguerite L. b.1930 - Willesden, London
Kett, Mary Ann b.1850 - Nayland, Bures, Suffolk
Kett, Nellie b.1889 - Paddington, London
Kett, Phyllis Katherine -
Kett, Richard Charles - Living
Kett, Robert William - Living
Kett, Samuel -
Kett, Samuel b.1840 - Nayland, Bures, Suffolk
Kett, Stephen Walter - Living
Kett, Terence John - Living
Kett, Victoria b.1853 - Nayland, Bures, Suffolk
Kett, Walter b.1927 - Kilburn, London
Kett, Walter b.1876 - Bromley By Bow, Middlesex
Kett, Walter b.1844 - Nayland, Bures, Suffolk
Kett, Walter Henry b.1899 - Hendon, Willesden, London
Kett, William Frederick b.1892 - Paddington, London


Kewel, Philadelphia m.1795 - Horsham, Sussex


Key, Sarah b.1792 - Tottenham, Middlesex


Kidgell, Elizabeth m.1800 - Shapwick, Dorset


Kidson, Herbert d.1946 -
Kidson, Jean Helene - Living


Kift, Sarah Jane -


Kilgallon, Sylvia "Betty" Estelle - Living


Kimber, Bessie Hannah b.1893 -
Kimber, Marlene - Living
Kimber, Mary c.1733 - Moor Crichell, Dorset
Kimber, Sarah b.1809 - York, Yorkshire


Kimmitt, Eliza -


King, Caroline b.1862 - Wallingford, Berkshire
King, Charles m.1901 - district of Southampton, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
King, David - Living
King, Elizabeth b.1867 - Wallingford, Berkshire
King, Elsie Margaret - Living
King, Emily Kirby b.1864 - Wallingford, Berkshire
King, Frederick b.1831 - Sturminster Newton, Dorset
King, Harriet c.1820 - St Mary, Sprowston, Norfolk
King, J. -
King, Mary Ann b.1860 - Wallingford, Berkshire
King, Sarah b.1820 - Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
King, Thomas -
King, Thomas Eric (Harry?) - Living
King, Thomas J. - Living
King, William Henry b.1822 - London, Middlesex


Kingston, Mary Annie b.1856 - Dunstable, Bedford


Kingstone, Kathleen - Living


Kinshott, Sarah b.1823 - Trotton, Sussex
Kinshott, William b.1791 - Iping, Sussex


Kinsman, John George m.1844 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
Kinsman, Mary b.1848 - Southwick, Hampshire
Kinsman, William b.1846 - Southwick, Hampshire


Kirby, Louise M. - Living
Kirby, Mary Ann b.1824 - Benson, Oxford
Kirby, Mr -
Kirby, Thomas b.1820 - Benson, Oxfordshire


Kirkham, Ethel A. b.1889 - Eckington, Derbyshire
Kirkham, Frank b.1887 - Eckington, Derbyshire
Kirkham, Fred b.1890 - Eckington, Derbyshire
Kirkham, Reuben b.1857 - Bakewell, Derbyshire


Kirkness, Clarence (Kirk) - Living
Kirkness, Ellen - Living
Kirkness, Jill - Living
Kirkness, John Garson - Living
Kirkness, Samuel - Living


Kitcher, Charles c.1836 - Fawley, Hampshire
Kitcher, Ellen b.1874 - Beaulieu Rails, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Kitcher, Frank b.1880 - Beaulieu Rails, Hampshire
Kitcher, Robert b.1809 - Fawley, Hampshire
Kitcher, Rose b.1877 - Beaulieu Rails, Hampshire (Jun qtr)


Kitching, David Willis - Living
Kitching, Robert Derek b.1940 -
Kitching, Robert Leslie b.1912 - East Tottenham, Middlesex


Knapp, Louisa Henrietta b.1838 - East Sheen, Essex


Knapton, Meshack b.1834 - Penselwood, Somerset
Knapton, Samuel b.1808 - Penselwood, Somerset


Knatchbull, Edward 9th Bt of Mersham Hatch, Kent b.1781 - Mersham Hatch, Kent
Knatchbull, Mary Dorothea c.1807 - Norton, Kent


Knight, Adela Louisa Cassandra b.1849 - Chawton, Hampshire
Knight, Adela Mary Margaretta c.1852 - Chawton, Hampshire
Knight, Agnes b.1883 - Whippingham, Isle of Wight
Knight, Agnes Alice b.1890 - Whippingham, Isle of Wight
Knight, Agnes Charlotte b.1837 - Godmersham, Kent
Knight, Annabella Christiana c.1831 - Chawton, Hampshire
Knight, Annie Mary b.1886 - Whippingham, Isle of Wight
Knight, Betty m.1771 - Tollard Royal, Dorset
Knight, Catherine b.1828 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Knight, Charles Edward b.1846 - Chawton, Hampshire
Knight, Charles Ernest b.1836 -
Knight, Cindy - Living
Knight, Elizabeth Adela b.1841 - Basingstoke, Hampshire
Knight, Ellen Elsie b.1895 - Newport, Isle of Wight
Knight, Emily (Pidgley) b.1875 - Newport, Isle of Wight
Knight, Ethel Adela c.1856 - Chawton, Hampshire
Knight, Eugene - Living
Knight, George b.1880 - Newport, Isle of Wight
Knight, George b.1853 - Newport, Isle of Wight
Knight, Georgina Elizabeth c.1832 - Chawton, Hampshire
Knight, Helen Adela c.1854 - Chawton, Hampshire
Knight, Henry John b.1848 - Chawton, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Knight, Jesse - Living
Knight, John b.1782 -
Knight, John C. - Living
Knight, Laura b.1858 -
Knight, Levi - Living
Knight, Lilian b.1893 - Newport, Isle of Wight
Knight, Martha c.1830 - Turnworth, Dorset
Knight, Mary b.1770 -
Knight, Montagu George b.1844 - Chawton, Hampshire
Knight, Olive - Living
Knight, Philip Henry b.1835 - Chawton, Hampshire
Knight, Samuel - Living
Knight, Shari - Living
Knight, Tom - Living
Knight, Vicki - Living
Knight, William Brodnax b.1838 -
Knight, William John b.1878 - Newport, Isle of Wight
Knight, William Lewkenor b.1827 -
Knight, William Sargeant b.1816 -
Knight, Winifred Kate b.1902 -
Knight, Wyndham William b.1828 -


Knighton, Mary Frances b.1816 - of Battersea, London

Koehler (adopted)

Koehler (adopted), Damain - Living
Koehler (adopted), Kali - Living


Koehler, Carol - Living
Koehler, Fred - Living
Koehler, Fred Jr. - Living
Koehler, Jacqueline - Living
Koehler, Kristeen - Living
Koehler, Larry - Living
Koehler, Trever - Living


Kolev, Nikolai - Living


Kollmorgan, Charles Edward b.1883 - Oakley, Victoria, Australia
Kollmorgan, Henry Charles Edward -


Konig, Klemens - Living
Konig, Sabine - Living


Kruse, Charles -
Kruse, Maria Henrietta Dorothea b.1858 -


Kuolt, Anna b.1810 - Bubsheim, Germany
Kuolt, Dominik -
Kuolt, Franzisca b.1824 - Bubsheim, Germany
Kuolt, Johannes b.1810 -
Kuolt, Joseph -


Labrizzi, Anthony John - Living
Labrizzi, Frederick John - Living


Lachenal, Alexander b.1862 - Clerkenwell, Middlesex
Lachenal, Alice b.1860 - Clerkenwell, Middlesex
Lachenal, Constance b.1856 - Soho, Middlesex
Lachenal, Francis E. b.1857 - Soho, Middlesex
Lachenal, Jane Elizabeth b.1849 - Westminster, London
Lachenal, Josephine b.1851 - Westminster, London
Lachenal, Louis b.1821 - Geneva, Switzerland
Lachenal, Louis Jules b.1853 - Westminster, London
Lachenal, Marie b.1848 - Westminster, London
Lachenal, Marie Louise b.1858 - Chiswick, Middlesex


Ladds, Harriet Serena - Living
Ladds, Juliet Penelope - Living
Ladds, William Richard Neville - Living


Lake, William Charles b.1817 - London


Lamb, Catherine b.1819 - Braunston, Northampshire
Lamb, Edward b.1728 -
Lamb, Florence b.1823 - Florence, Italy
Lamb, Frances b.1821 - Northampshire
Lamb, Jane Catherine b.1825 - Braunston, Northampshire
Lamb, John c.1763 - Brough Under Stainmore, Westmorland
Lamb, Margaret c.1754 - Brough Under Stainmore, Westmorland
Lamb, Matthew c.1758 - Brough Under Stainmore, Westmorland
Lamb, Michael (See Notes) c.1752 - Brough Under Stainmore, Westmorland
Lamb, Richard Howson c.1788 - Saint Saviour, Southwark, Surrey
Lamb, Sarah b.1820 - Braunston, Northampshire
Lamb, Thomas c.1760 - Brough Under Stainmore, Westmorland
Lamb, William c.1756 - Brough Under Stainmore, Westmorland


Lambert, Albert b.1877 - Portsea, Hampshire
Lambert, Alice b.1882 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Lambert, Amy b.1888 -
Lambert, Elizabeth b.1796 - Tarrant Rawston/Rushton?
Lambert, Ellen b.1874 - Portsea, Hampshire
Lambert, Emma b.1840 - Shearness, Kent
Lambert, Ethel C. b.1885 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Lambert, Frederick b.1879 - Cosham, Hamphsire
Lambert, George b.1845 - Stonehouse, Devon
Lambert, James b.1846 - Chichester, West Sussex
Lambert, James (See Notes) b.1871 -
Lambert, Martha b.1850 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Lambert, William b.1812 - Buckingham


Lambshed, Emma -


Lamly, Michael - Living


Lance, Ebenezer b.1807 - Poole, Dorset
Lance, Elizabeth b.1804 - Poole, Dorset
Lance, Esther b.1812 - Poole, Dorset
Lance, John b.1807 - Poole, Dorset
Lance, Josiah b.1804 - Poole, Dorset
Lance, Martha b.1811 - Poole, Dorset
Lance, Mary Brown b.1800 - Poole, Dorset
Lance, Sarah b.1809 - Poole, Dorset
Lance, Sarah Hammond b.1798 - Poole, Dorset
Lance, Thomas b.1817 - Poole, Dorset
Lance, William b.1814 - Poole, Dorset
Lance, William b.1796 - Poole, Dorset
Lance, William b.1771 -


Lander, Giles m.1773 - Buriton


Lane, Charles b.1849 - Newchurch, Isle of Wight
Lane, Dale Andrew - Living
Lane, Donna Louise - Living
Lane, Eliza c.1843 - Godshill, Isle of Wight
Lane, Elizabeth b.1850 - Newchurch, Isle of Wight
Lane, Gary Paul - Living
Lane, George b.1811 - Swallowcliffe, Wiltshire
Lane, Hannah -
Lane, Henry b.1799 - Arreton, Isle of Wight
Lane, Malcolm John - Living
Lane, Mary Ann b.1835 - Newport, Isle of Wight
Lane, Mary Jane c.1847 - Newchurch, Isle of Wight
Lane, Mr (Lean) -
Lane, William James c.1845 - Godshill, Isle of Wight


Langdale, Catherine -
Langdale, William - Living


Langdown, Alice b.1865 - Bere Regis, Dorset
Langdown, Charles b.1863 - Bere Regis, Dorset
Langdown, Ellen b.1860 - Bere Regis, Dorset
Langdown, George b.1870 - Bere Regis, Dorset
Langdown, George b.1850 - Bere Regis, Dorset
Langdown, John - Living
Langdown, Julia Jane c.1879 - Bere Regis, Dorset
Langdown, Mary Maria c.1857 - Bere Regis, Dorset
Langdown, Richard b.1827 - Bere Regis, Dorset
Langdown, Robert b.1881 - Bere Regis, Dorset
Langdown, Susan b.1867 - Bere Regis, Dorset


Langford, Elizabeth (Llaney?) b.1852 - Rotherhithe, Surrey


Langlois, Merrick - Living
Langlois, Sean - Living


Langton, George - Living


Lansell, Inez Olive - Living


Larcombe, Antony E. - Living
Larcombe, Sian Susan - Living


Lark, Mr - Living


Lashley, Emily b.1870 - Denmead, Hampshire


Last, Ada b.1866 - Hoxton, Middlesex (Sep qtr)
Last, Ada Emily b.1879 - Islington, Middlesex
Last, Albert E. b.1884 - Hoxton, Middlesex
Last, Alice Louisa b.1882 - Hoxton, London
Last, Caroline Emily b.1884 - Islington, London
Last, Charles b.1897 - Walthamstow, Essex
Last, Edward Charles b.1880 - Hoxton, London
Last, Eliza b.1850 - Islington, London
Last, Eliza Emily b.1894 - Walthamstow, Essex
Last, Eliza Jane b.1863 - Hoxton, London (Jun qtr)
Last, Elizabeth b.1892 - Islington, London
Last, Florence Eliza b.1884 - Hoxton, London
Last, Grace E. -
Last, Harriet E. b.1885 - Hoxton, Middlesex
Last, Henry b.1887 - Islington, London
Last, Henry J. b.1881 - Islington, Middlesex
Last, Isaac Henry b.1858 - Hoxton, Middlesex (Dec qtr)
Last, James T. b.1887 - Hoxton, Middlesex
Last, Joseph b.1820 - Debenham, Suffolk
Last, Joseph John b.1886 - Hoxton, London
Last, Joseph John b.1857 - Hoxton, Middlesex
Last, Mabel b.1893 - Walthamstow, Essex
Last, Mary b.1813 - Debenham, Suffolk
Last, Mary Emily b.1860 - Hoxton, Middlesex (Dec qtr)
Last, Maud Rose b.1889 - Islington, London
Last, Robert -
Last, Rose L. b.1889 - Hoxton, Middlesex
Last, Violet E. b.1896 - Walthamstow, Essex
Last, William b.1787 - of Debenham, Suffolk
Last, William b.1816 - Debenham, Suffolk
Last, William James b.1889 - Hoxton, London
Last, William Thomas b.1875 - Islington, Middlesex
Last, William Thomas b.1855 - Hoxton, Middlesex


Latimer, Alice Sarah c.1861 - Great Canford, Dorset
Latimer, Ann c.1855 - Great Canford, Dorset
Latimer, Blanche c.1866 - Hampreston, Dorset
Latimer, Caroline b.1867 - Park Homer, Wimborne, Dorset
Latimer, Emily c.1853 - Great Canford, Dorset
Latimer, Harriet c.1857 - Great Canford, Dorset
Latimer, John b.1824 - Newbury, Berkshire
Latimer, Mary c.1859 - Great Canford, Dorset
Latimer, Rose b.1869 - Park Homer, Dorset, England
Latimer, Susan c.1864 - Hampreston, Dorset


Laugharne, Hazel - Living


Lavers, Grace - Living


Lawes, Charlotte - Living
Lawes, David Stephen - Living
Lawes, Elizabeth c.1802 - Bishopstone by Salisbury, Wiltshire
Lawes, Victoria - Living


Lawrence, Charles b.1855 - Shepton Mallett, Somerset
Lawrence, Edward b.1896 - Esher, Surrey
Lawrence, George c.1812 - Moor Crichel, Dorset
Lawrence, Hannah c.1813 - Moor Crichell, Dorset
Lawrence, John b.1776 - Dorset
Lawrence, Mary c.1825 - Moor Crichel, Dorset
Lawrence, miss - Living
Lawrence, Samuel b.1840 - Latham, Lancashire
Lawrence, Sylvia Monica Elizabeth - Living
Lawrence, William Longman c.1832 - Moor Crichel, Dorset


Lawton, William b.1837 - Newark, Nottingham


Leach, Amanda Marie - Living
Leach, Arthur Mervyn b.1900 - Newton Abbot, Devon, England.
Leach, Beverly Ruth - Living
Leach, Donald Arthur b.1920 - Lindsay, Ontario, Canada.
Leach, Douglas Raymond - Living
Leach, Edith Eleanor - Living
Leach, Garnett Mervyn b.1923 -
Leach, Gregory Douglas Mervyn - Living
Leach, Jean Elizabeth - Living
Leach, Joan Margaret C. - Living
Leach, Mary Jane b.1848 - Hilsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire
Leach, Sandra Elizabeth - Living


Leamon, Wendy Pamela - Living


Leary, Eleanor c.1836 - Studland, Dorset
Leary, Mary c.1838 - Studland, Dorset
Leary, William Neville b.1806 - Ireland


Lee, Catherine - Living
Lee, Elizabeth Ann b.1824 - Mile End, London, Middlesex
Lee, Favell Bourke b.1781 -
Lee, Fiona Jane - Living
Lee, Gerald Dixon b.1877 - district of Kingston, Surrey
Lee, Jack (See Notes) - Living
Lee, Jane Amanda Marguerite - Living
Lee, John - Living
Lee, John Dixon - Living
Lee, Katherine Anne - Living
Lee, Kenneth Peter - Living
Lee, Michael John - Living
Lee, Robert Cooper -
Lee, Ronald - Living


Leembruggen, Errol - Living
Leembruggen, Julie - Living


Leese, Cicely Violet - Living
Leese, Neville DSO, OBE, RASC - Living


Legate, Amy Arloa - Living
Legate, Karen Heather - Living
Legate, Kenneth - Living


Legg, Arthur c.1786 - West Parley, Dorset
Legg, Arthur b.1834 - St. Mary, Southampton, Hampshire
Legg, Arthur -
Legg, Charlotte c.1805 - West Parley, Dorset
Legg, Charlotte b.1843 - Bitterne, Southampton, Hampshire
Legg, Charlotte b.1874 - Wimborne
Legg, Elizabeth c.1789 - West Parley, Dorset
Legg, Ellen Charlotte c.1841 - St. Mary, Southampton, Hampshire
Legg, Emma b.1842 - Bitterne, Southampton, Hampshire
Legg, Emma Harriet c.1844 - St. Mary, Southampton, Hampshire
Legg, Fanny Elizabeth c.1838 - St. Mary, Southampton, Hampshire
Legg, Frederick b.1861 - Bitterne, Hampshire
Legg, George c.1796 - West Parley, Dorset
Legg, George c.1787 - West Parley, Dorset
Legg, George b.1868 - Wimborne, Dorset
Legg, Harriet c.1801 - West Parley, Dorset
Legg, Harriett c.1799 - West Parley, Dorset
Legg, John m.1814 - Hilton, Dorset
Legg, Joseph c.1792 - West Parley, Dorset
Legg, Laura c.1836 - St. Mary, Southampton, Hampshire
Legg, Mary c.1789 - West Parley, Dorset
Legg, Mary Ann b.1830 - Dublin, Ireland
Legg, Mary J. b.1854 - Bitterne, Southampton, Hampshire
Legg, Mr -
Legg, Sarah Julia b.1852 - St. Mary, Southampton, Hampshire
Legg, Thomas Hooper b.1815 - Hilton, Dorset
Legg, William c.1806 - West Parley, Dorset
Legg, William b.1845 - Bitterne, Southampton, Hampshire
Legg, William b.1865 - Wimborne


Legge, Mary m.1779 - Buriton


Leggett, Emma Louisa b.1857 - Emsworth, Hampshire


Leigh, Cassandra b.1739 - Harpsden, Oxfordshire
Leigh, Edward Chandos b.1832 - Stoneleigh Abbey, Warwickshire
Leigh, Violet Agnes Evelyn b.1875 - Marylebone, London


Leigh-Bennett, Henry Wolley b.1880 -
Leigh-Bennett, Julia - Living


Lemmon, Arthur m.1814 - Christchurch, Hampshire
Lemmon, Harriet c.1819 - Christchurch, Hampshire


Lenton, Clara m.1903 - Portsmouth, Hampshire (Dec qtr)


Leonard, Harry Walter b.1883 - Bristol, Gloucester
Leonard, John William Lock - Living
Leonard, Olive - Living
Leonard, Robert Harry Bayford - Living
Leonard, Ronald Walter - Living


Leslie, Colin - Living
Leslie, Eliza Lynette - Living


Leversuch, Priscilla b.1776 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wilts.


Lewis, Gladys Louise b.1890 -
Lewis, John - Living
Lewis, Suzanne - Living


Lidwell, Edith Margaret m.1899 -
Lidwell, George - Living


Lifton, Mark Anthony - Living
Lifton, Mr - Living


Light, Albert Henry b.1871 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Light, Dorothy May - Living
Light, Ivy Annie b.1896 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Light, Jane Elizabeth b.1890 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Light, Leonard m.1868 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Light, Lily Florence b.1894 - Portsea, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Light, Queenie May b.1899 - Portsmouth, Hampshire


Lince, Larry - Living


Lindsay, Margaret Isabella b.1778 - Oatlands, Lanark, Scotland


Liney, Gordon Frank - Living


Lingley, Lucy b.1777 - Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk


Linkletter, Bruce - Living
Linkletter, Christopher - Living


Linnell, Ruth Kate c.1870 - Delamere, Cheshire
Linnell, Thomas Forester b.1840 - Northampton


Linnen, Hannah m.1782 - Horton, Dorset


Lister, Henrietta b.1837 - Rodley, Yorkshire
Lister, John -
Lister, Sarah Ellen b.1854 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Lister, Thomas Thompson c.1828 - Calverley, Yorkshire


Littlefield, Sarah b.1754 -


Liu, Hong - Living
Liu, Puyi - Living


Livingstone, Anne Mavis - Living


Lloyd, Erasmus Reginald William b.1838 - of Pembrokeshire,Wales
Lloyd, Georgina Rosabelle b.1856 - Holtby, Yorkshire
Lloyd, Martha b.1765 -
Lloyd, Mary b.1771 -
Lloyd, Richard - Living
Lloyd, Terence - Living


Loader, Betty Jane - Living
Loader, Brenda - Living
Loader, Caroline Amelia b.1823 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Loader, Henry b.1903 - Wimborne
Loader, Jemima b.1823 - Lytchett Matravers, Dorset
Loader, Shirley Margory - Living
Loader, William m.1810 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
Loader, William John - Living


Lodge, Stephanie - Living


Loftus, Beryl Violet S. b.1901 - diistrict of Bedford, Bedfordshire
Loftus, St. John Douglas Townshend b.1866 - Walcott, Northamptonshire (Jun qtr)


Logan, Paul (nee Barratt) - Living


Logothetis, Chrisofo - Living
Logothetis, Jo - Living


Long, miss - Living


Longley, Elizabeth Mary b.1860 - East Peckham, Kent (Sep qtr)


Longman, Alfred (Albert) George c.1867 - Hilton, Dorset
Longman, Elizabeth Jane c.1871 - Piddlehinton, Dorset
Longman, Jacob c.1843 - Hilton, Dorset
Longman, James -
Longman, Jesse c.1869 - Hilton, Dorset
Longman, Nellie b.1875 - Milborne St Andrew, Dorset
Longman, Sarah Amelia c.1874 - Melcombe Regis, Dorset


Lord, Mary Ann I. b.1869 - Bermondsey, London


Love, Ann - Living
Love, William Griftith - Living


Loveless, Isabella b.1822 - Overmoigne, Dorset


Lovell, Ann c.1793 - Witchampton, Dorset
Lovell, Ann c.1818 - Critchell Moor, Dorset
Lovell, Eliza c.1834 - Moor Critchell, Dorset
Lovell, Elizabeth b.1792 - Witchampton, Dorset
Lovell, Elizabeth b.1827 - Moor Crichell, Dorset
Lovell, George c.1822 - Moor Critchell, Dorset
Lovell, James c.1786 - Witchampton, Dorset
Lovell, John c.1799 - Witchampton, Dorset
Lovell, John m.1785 - Moor Crichel, Dorset
Lovell, John c.1816 - Moor Critchell, Dorset
Lovell, Mary c.1788 - Witchampton, Dorset
Lovell, Mary c.1814 - Critchell Moor, Dorset
Lovell, Mary "Sarah" (see notes) b.1787 - Dorset
Lovell, William b.1830 - Dorset


Lovelock, Annie Stephanie b.1891 -
Lovelock, Charles Henry Richard - Living
Lovelock, Dennis - Living


Loverich, Georgia Maye - Living
Loverich, Joe Michael - Living
Loverich, Tony - Living


Loveridge, Meta b.1899 -


Loving, Kate c.1869 - Ellingham, Hampshire
Loving, Matthew m.1856 - district of Ringwood, Hampshire (Jun qtr)


Lowder, Hilda Madeline - Living


Lowe, Madeline Elizabeth b.1839 - Wakefield, Yorkshire
Lowe, Rhoda (or Long) b.1775 - of Yeadon, Yorkshire
Lowe, Thomas -


Lowrie, Alice Eliza b.1862 - Newington, London
Lowrie, Ann F. b.1857 - Newington, London
Lowrie, Catherine Ellen b.1860 - Newington, London
Lowrie, Henry Hagell b.1855 - Newington, London
Lowrie, James b.1823 - Walworth, Surrey
Lowrie, James Frederick b.1853 -
Lowrie, Mary Ann b.1865 - Newington, London
Lowrie, William John b.1868 - Newington, London


Lowry-Corry, Somerset Richard 4th Earl Belmore b.1835 - Bruton Street, London


Loyer, C. m.1886 - Kyneton, Victoria, Australia


Luck, Elsie E. - Living


Lukins, Catherine Anne - Living


Lumb, Ada b.1898 - Petersham, n.S.W., Australia
Lumb, Alice Mary b.1882 - Norwood, Surrey
Lumb, Arthur b.1892 - Petersham, n.S.W., Australia
Lumb, Daisy A. b.1885 - Norwood, Surrey
Lumb, Edward J. b.1887 - Norwood, Surrey
Lumb, Elizabeth Emma b.1880 - Norwood, Surrey
Lumb, Florence b.1889 - Norwood, Surrey
Lumb, Frank B. b.1896 - Petersham, n.S.W., Australia
Lumb, George b.1884 - Norwood, Surrey
Lumb, George Robert b.1855 - Southwark, Surrey
Lumb, John R. -
Lumb, Living -
Lumb, Louisa b.1891 - Norwood, Surrey
Lumb, Robert -
Lumb, William D. b.1894 - Petersham, n.S.W., Australia


Lumber, miss - Living


Lunn, John -
Lunn, Sarah Ann c.1826 - Horbury, Yorkshire


Lush, Eliza b.1801 - Lyndhurst, Hampshire
Lush, William c.1823 - Lyndhurst, Hampshire


Lyde, Martha Jane Rachel b.1840 - Dorchester, Dorset (Jun qtr)


Lynch, Pamela Carol - Living
Lynch, William Thomas (Linch) b.1888 - Exmouth, Devon


Lyth, Christiana b.1847 - Veira Island, Fiji
Lyth, Elizabeth b.1845 - Veway, Fiji
Lyth, Elsie Marion Middleton b.1875 - Lambeth, London
Lyth, John c.1777 - Stockton-on-the-Forest, Yorkshire
Lyth, John Conway b.1837 - At sea, Voyage to Fiji
Lyth, John Hardy b.1850 - Lakemba, Fiji
Lyth, Leslie Hodgson b.1907 - district of York, Yorkshire
Lyth, Margaret b.1853 - Lakemba, Fiji
Lyth, Martha Octavia b.1851 - Lakemba, Fiji
Lyth, Mary Ann b.1843 - Somosomo, Fiji
Lyth, Richard Burdsall b.1842 - Somosomo, Taveuni, Fiji
Lyth, Richard Burdsall b.1839 - Somosomo, Taveuni, Fiji
Lyth, Richard Burdsall b.1810 - York, Yorkshire
Lyth, Spence Hardy b.1911 - district of York, Yorkshire
Lyth, Spence Hardy b.1874 - Lambeth, London
Lyth, William Butters b.1867 - Lee, Kent


Macdonald, Mr - Living


Mace, Joseph Furniss -
Mace, Mary Ann b.1825 -


Mack, Walter Thomas b.1860 - London, Middlesex


MacKenna, Ava - Living
MacKenna, Charles - Living
MacKenna, Parker - Living


Mackenzie-Smith, Marcus John - Living
Mackenzie-Smith, Nicholas - Living


Mackintosh, Doris - Living
Mackintosh, George Frederick - Living


Mackrell, Agnes b.1892 - Eastleigh, Hampshire
Mackrell, George Harry b.1859 - Winchester, Hampshire
Mackrell, George Henry m.1859 - All Saints, Southampton, Hampshire
Mackrell, Gladys -
Mackrell, Harry b.1887 - Pear Tree Green, Southampton, Hampshire
Mackrell, William b.1889 - Pear Tree Green, Southampton, Hampshire


Maclean, Isabel -


Macleod, Janet -


MacLeod, Joel - Living
MacLeod, Leann - Living
MacLeod, Warren - Living


MaCneely, Isabel Ewing m.1898 -


Madder, Peggy - Living


Magee, Thomas b.1828 - Hammersmith, Middlesex


Mahoney, Catherine m.1774 - St. Botolph, Old Aldgate, London
Mahoney, Mary Emily b.1889 -


Maidment, Charles Henry F. b.1871 - Shillingstone, Dorset
Maidment, Everett Edwin b.1869 - Shillingstone, Dorset
Maidment, George b.1833 - Woodlands, Dorset
Maidment, Henry -
Maidment, Henry b.1849 - Tarrant Rushton, Dorset
Maidment, Mary m.1785 - Moor Crichel, Dorset
Maidment, Matilda b.1849 -
Maidment, Stephen b.1847 - Tarrant Rawston, Dorset


Maisey, Karen Lee - Living
Maisey, Reginald Andrew - Living


Maitland, Charlotte b.1815 - Plymouth, Devon
Maitland, Isabella b.1829 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Maitland, Margaret b.1821 - Plymouth, Devon
Maitland, Mr -


Majenis, Joseph -


Malcolm, Isabella Louisa m.1875 - St. George Hanover Square, London (Sep qtr)


male, Unknown -


Males, George Frederick b.1896 -
Males, Janeen Sandra - Living
Males, John Francis - Living
Males, Jonathan Mark - Living
Males, Lynnette Barbara - Living
Males, Roy Michael - Living
Males, Sarah Caroline - Living
Males, Sophie Alexandra - Living


Malley, Alfred b.1883 - Rotherhithe, London
Malley, Amy b.1896 - London, Middlesex
Malley, Arthur b.1892 - London, Middlesex
Malley, Charlotte Ann b.1852 - Gosport, Hampshire
Malley, Edward b.1889 - Hoxton, Middlesex
Malley, Edwin b.1891 - Tottenham, Middlesex
Malley, Frances c.1863 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
Malley, Frederick "Jim" Owen (Hibdige) b.1904 - Alverstoke, Hampshire
Malley, George b.1865 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Malley, Henry Stephen b.1858 - Gosport, Hampshire
Malley, James b.1850 - Gosport, Hampshire
Malley, John Thomas b.1860 - Landport, Portsmouth, Hampshire
Malley, Joseph b.1868 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Malley, Kathleen b.1895 - London, Middlesex
Malley, Michael b.1856 - Gosport, Hampshire
Malley, Robert c.1870 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
Malley, Thomas b.1886 - Kings Cross, London
Malley, William b.1831 - Portsea, Hampshire
Malley, William Edward b.1882 - London, Middlesex
Malley, William Edward b.1853 - Gosport, Hampshire


Mallock, Naomi Myra - Living


Mann, Hannah b.1799 - Rawdon, Guiseley, Yorkshire
Mann, John - Living
Mann, Selina b.1866 - Birmingham, Warwickshire
Mann, William m.1796 - Calverley, Yorkshire


Manners, Elizabeth b.1461 - Ethale, Northumberland
Manners, Robert b.1447 - Ethale, Northumberland


Mansell, Olive Kathleen b.1912 - district of Hastings, Sussex


Manser, Henry m.1844 - Caterham, Surrey
Manser, Henry Andrew c.1848 - Saint John The Baptist, Croydon, Surrey


Mant, Mary -


Manuel, Arthur -
Manuel, Charles Elisha b.1893 - Brixton, Wiltshire
Manuel, George b.1859 - Morden, Dorset
Manuel, Henry George b.1889 - Fawley, Hampshire
Manuel, Lily Louisa b.1899 - Berwick St. Leonard, Wiltshire
Manuel, Peter - Living
Manuel, Rosie May b.1892 - Weymouth, Dorset
Manuel, Violet Bessie b.1890 - Muston, Dorset
Manuel, William b.1896 - Berwick St. Leonard, Wiltshire


Marais, Helmien - Living
Marais, Marietjie - Living
Marais, Mr - Living


Marano, Ami - Living
Marano, Dani - Living
Marano, Guy - Living
Marano, Joel - Living
Marano, John - Living


Mardall, Mary m.1801 - Hockliffe, Bedfordshire


Mares, Rita - Living


Markenfield, Anne m.1493 -


Marks, George b.1846 - Alderton, Suffolk
Marks, Susan b.1867 - Ipswich, Suffolk (Jun qtr)


Marlow, Marie Dora - Living


Marriott, Joan - Living


Marsh, Andrew b.1819 - Froxfield, Hampshire
Marsh, Ann b.1782 - Poole, Dorset
Marsh, Caroline c.1816 - Froxfield, Hampshire
Marsh, Charlotte b.1809 - Froxfield, Hampshire
Marsh, Edward b.1805 - Froxfield, Hampshire
Marsh, Eliza b.1806 - Froxfield, Hampshire
Marsh, Emma Sophie b.1856 - Plymouth, Devon
Marsh, George b.1820 - Froxfield, Hampshire
Marsh, George c.1813 - Froxfield, Hampshire
Marsh, Harriet b.1814 - Froxfield, Hampshire
Marsh, Henrietta c.1821 - Froxfield, Hampshire
Marsh, Henry c.1838 - Buriton, Hampshire
Marsh, Henry c.1817 - Froxfield, Hampshire
Marsh, John c.1813 - Froxfield, Hampshire
Marsh, John c.1810 - Froxfield, Hampshire
Marsh, John Hunt b.1779 - of Froxfield, Hampshire
Marsh, Louisa b.1807 - Froxfield, Hampshire
Marsh, Martin c.1817 - Froxfield, Hampshire
Marsh, Mary Ann b.1804 - Froxfield, Hampshire
Marsh, Mary Anne c.1836 - Buriton, Hampshire
Marsh, Miriam c.1816 - Froxfield, Hampshire
Marsh, Moses b.1812 - Froxfield, Hampshire
Marsh, Richard c.1833 - Froxfield, Hampshire
Marsh, Ruth c.1821 - Froxfield, Hampshire
Marsh, Thomas c.1823 - Froxfield, Hampshire
Marsh, Warren - Living


Marshall, Alice Edith b.1866 - of Birmingham, Warwickshire
Marshall, Arthur b.1865 - Cranmore, Somerset
Marshall, Charlotte b.1844 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Marshall, Edwin J. b.1863 - Cranmore, Somerset
Marshall, Elizabeth c.1779 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Marshall, Eva b.1867 - Cranmore, Somerset
Marshall, Florence Emmeline b.1873 - Galhampton, Somerset
Marshall, Harry b.1874 - Galhampton, Somerset
Marshall, Herbert b.1870 - North Cadbury, Somerset
Marshall, Jane b.1810 - Adel, Horsforth, Yorkshire
Marshall, Joseph m.1805 - Guiseley, Yorkshire
Marshall, Joseph -
Marshall, Julie Louise - Living
Marshall, Kate b.1875 - Galhampton, Somerset
Marshall, Lionel Trevor St John - Living
Marshall, Lorna Petula - Living
Marshall, Martha m.1767 -
Marshall, Mary A. b.1871 - Galhampton, Somerset
Marshall, Minnie b.1868 - Cranmore, Somerset
Marshall, Sarah -
Marshall, Sarah Jane - Living
Marshall, Theodore b.1880 - Galhampton, Somerset
Marshall, Thomas b.1839 - Galhampton, Somerset
Marshall, William -


Marten, Zelpha b.1787 -


Martin, Agnes Louisa b.1862 - Parkstone, Dorset.
Martin, Anne b.1839 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Martin, Annie -
Martin, Arthur E. b.1887 - Lee, Kent
Martin, Edwin b.1854 - Salisbury, Wiltshire
Martin, Henry Count b.1862 - of The Beehive, Exmouth, Devon
Martin, Hilda G. b.1890 - Lee, Kent
Martin, Jean Francis - Living
Martin, John -
Martin, John Henry George b.1833 - Brockenhurst, Hants.
Martin, Lilly b.1873 - Southampton, Hants.
Martin, Miss - Living
Martin, Mr m.1845 -
Martin, Peter Henry MRCP b.1896 -
Martin, Watson Hibdage b.1858 - district of Chridtchurch, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Martin, Watson John b.1860 - Parkstone, Dorset


Marx, Constance Margaret b.1878 - Alresford, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Marx, Edith Mary b.1881 - Alresford, Hampshire (Sep qtr)
Marx, George Francis m.1877 - St George Hanover Square, London (Sep qtr)
Marx, Mary Louisa b.1821 - Bloomsbury, London, Middlesex


Mash, Emm m.1740 - Ringwood, Hampshire


Mason, Ann m.1738 - Sheriff Hutton, Yorkshire
Mason, Charles William - Living
Mason, Kurt - Living
Mason, Troy - Living


Massey, Emily Louisa m.1882 -


Massouras, Andrew - Living


Massouras-Lee, Christopher Andrew Michael - Living


Masterman, Ann T. b.1800 - Shapwick, Dorset
Masterman, Sarah Ann b.1851 - Sturminster Marshall, Dorset (Jun qtr)


Masters, Ann c.1833 - Long Critchell, Dorset
Masters, Charlotte c.1822 - Long Critchell, Dorset
Masters, Ellen c.1838 - Long Critchell, Dorset
Masters, George c.1793 - Long Critchell, Dorset
Masters, Harriet c.1826 - Long Critchell, Dorset
Masters, Henry c.1824 - Long Critchell, Dorset
Masters, Jane c.1835 - Long Critchell, Dorset
Masters, William -
Masters, William c.1831 - Long Critchell, Dorset


Mathew, Anne m.1792 -


Matthews, Andrew J. - Living
Matthews, Bryan - Living
Matthews, Christopher - Living
Matthews, Elizabeth c.1829 - Wymering, Hampshire
Matthews, George (Beckett) b.1849 - Paulsgrove, Hampshire
Matthews, Richard b.1801 - Fareham, Hampshire
Matthews, Richard m.1779 - Buriton
Matthews, Samuel George b.1859 -
Matthews, Stuart - Living


Mattock, Henry b.1885 - Eastney, Hampshire.


Mattocks, Marion b.1864 - Bakewell, Derbyshire


Maughan, Charles William Natrass -
Maughan, Margaret Elizabeth b.1873 - Brighton, Sussex


Mauleverer, Agnes b.1230 -
Mauleverer, Thomas -


Mawson, Julie - Living


Maxwell, Arthur Patrick - Living
Maxwell, William - Living


May, Peter - Living
May, Sandra Lesley - Living


Maycock, Hilda - Living


Maynard, Harriet b.1801 -


McAllister, Josephine Mary Thomasina - Living
McAllister, Matthew - Living


McCarthy, Minnie - Living


McCay, John - Living
McCay, Yvonne Maud - Living


McCormack, Daniel Joseph - Living
McCormack, Nicolas James - Living
McCormack, Ronald - Living
McCormack, Ronald John - Living


McCracken, Glyn - Living
McCracken, Joseph Owen - Living
McCracken, William Finn - Living


McCubbin, Mavis Jean - Living


McCulloch, Marion - Living


McDonagh, Lyn b.1953 - Manchester, Lancashire


McDonald, Maud Florence b.1894 -
McDonald, Mr. - Living


McGowan, David John - Living
McGowan, Gerald Peter - Living
McGowan, Patricia Anne - Living
McGowan, Phillip Henry - Living
McGowan, Phillip jnr - Living
McGowan, Rhonda Daphne - Living
McGowan, Veronica Lea b.1962 -


McIlroy, Shaun - Living


McIntish, Agnes b.1840 - Glasgow, Scotland


McKellar, Isabella Alice b.1872 - Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia
McKellar, Neil -


McKeown, Jack - Living
McKeown, Jodie - Living
McKeown, Peter - Living


McKillick, Elizabeth d.1881 -


McLean, Christina -
McLean, John -
McLean, Mary Elizabeth b.1865 - Osborne, Victoria, Australia


McMahon, Emma b.1891 - Kinmount, Ontario, Canada


McMinn, Alison Kay - Living


McNab, Alexander R. - Living


McNally, Patrick "Paddy" - Living
McNally, Rollo K. D. - Living


McNamara, John - Living


McNeil, Irene Marguerite - Living


McNicol, Chrysta Monique - Living
McNicol, Davida Ruth - Living
McNicol, Duncan James - Living
McNicol, Harvey - Living
McNicol, John Duncan b.1939 - Flin Flon, Manitoba, Canada
McNicol, Mary-Ann Louise - Living


Mealing, Ethel b.1899 - Richmond, Surrey
Mealing, William b.1895 - London, Middlesex
Mealing, William Robert m.1893 - Isle of Wight (Sep qtr)


Mean, Clara Ellen b.1869 - Hunslet, Yorkshire


Meatcher, Douglas - Living
Meatcher, William Charles b.1908 - Southampton, Hampshire


Medley, Laura b.1886 - Western Australia


Meeks, Clara b.1875 - Leeds, Yorkshire


Melan, Margaret Joan - Living


Melhuish, Lily b.1896 - London


Mellor, Joanna d.1869 -
Mellor, John William M.P. b.1835 - St Pancras, London
Mellor, Sydney Valerian Paget b.1875 - London


Melmoth, Eliza b.1822 - Durweston, Dorset


Melmouth, George -


Menken, Berndhernd -
Menken, Claus b.1845 -
Menken, Margaret Amelia b.1881 - Western Australia
Menken, Maryann Maud b.1893 -


Merlo, Giovanne -
Merlo, Ivy Dominica b.1901 - Glen Wills, Victoria, Australia


Merrett, Ann b.1776 -


Merritt, Graham - Living
Merritt, Ian - Living
Merritt, Nancy - Living
Merritt, Patrick - Living
Merritt, Paul - Living
Merritt, Peter - Living
Merritt, Rebecca - Living
Merritt, Robert - Living
Merritt, Rosanna - Living
Merritt, Venetiab - Living


Meston, Marjorie Janet b.1910 -


Michaux, Bernard John - Living
Michaux, Francis C.J. (Mitchell) - Living
Michaux, John A.C. - Living


Michel, Yvonne - Living


Michell, Thomas b.1811 - St. Ives, Cornwall


Middleton, Bertha b.1867 - Claver, Derbyshire
Middleton, Diana of Barham b.1762 - Barham Court, Kent
Middleton, Isaac b.1836 - Froggat, Derbyshire
Middleton, Jane b.1680 - Dorset, Uk


Midgley, Linda Valerie - Living
Midgley, Norman - Living
Midgley, Peter Norman - Living


Mildwater, Cyril - Living


Miles, Ellen b.1846 - Motcombe, Shaftsbury, Dorset


Milford, Emily Jane c.1837 - Blandford Forum, Dorset
Milford, John m.1821 - Blandford Forum, Dorset


Miliani, Francisco Victinio b.1869 - Creswick, Victoria, Australia


Millard, Emma M. b.1873 -


Miller, Abraham b.1850 - Itchenor, Sussex
Miller, Arthur b.1870 - Langston, Dorset
Miller, Arthur b.1843 - Itchenor, Sussex
Miller, Bob - Living
Miller, Elizabeth A. b.1838 - Itchenor, Sussex
Miller, Ellen S. b.1848 - Itchenor, Sussex
Miller, George b.1836 - Emsworth, Hampshire
Miller, George b.1807 - Hermitage, Sussex
Miller, Gertrude Teresa b.1864 - Foyle, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Miller, Jason Alexander - Living
Miller, Kenneth - Living
Miller, Lianne - Living
Miller, Matilda b.1840 - Itchenor, Sussex
Miller, Olive May b.1894 - Ansty, Hilton, Dorset (Jun qtr)


Mills, Alice Elizabeth b.1875 - Cerne Abbas, Dorset
Mills, Eliza m.1866 - Lyndhurst, Hampshire
Mills, Elizabeth m.1780 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Mills, Eva b.1871 - Gosport, Hampshire
Mills, George Bartlett b.1850 - Martinstown, Dorset
Mills, James A. b.1873 - Gosport, Hampshire
Mills, John b.1824 - Martinstown, Dorset
Mills, John b.1880 - Gosport, Hampshire
Mills, Mabel E. b.1886 - Gosport, Hampshire
Mills, Maria b.1828 - Buckinghamshire
Mills, Mary J. b.1874 - Cerne Abbas, Dorset
Mills, William b.1814 - Hanslope, Buckinghamshire
Mills, William b.1840 - Hanslope, Buckinghamshire


Milne, John - Living


Milne-Pott, Alexander Thomas Gideon - Living
Milne-Pott, Caroline Jane - Living
Milne-Pott, Stanley Ross - Living
Milne-Pott, Stuart James - Living


Milner, Ada b.1872 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire


Minton, Harry Herbert b.1861 - district of Shfnal, Shropshire (Poss. Donington, Sep qtr)


Mischo, Karl "Charles" Otto Emil b.1885 - Rumelange, nr Kayl, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

Misera Astl

Misera Astl, Otto - Living
Misera Astl, Thomas - Living


Mitchell, Colin P. - Living
Mitchell, Eliza E. b.1872 - Tarrant Rushton, Dorset
Mitchell, Ellen Elizabeth b.1874 - Moor Crichel, Dorset
Mitchell, female - Living
Mitchell, George E. b.1863 - Tarrant Rushton, Dorset
Mitchell, John -
Mitchell, Julie K. - Living
Mitchell, Leslie b.1870 - London, UK
Mitchell, Mr - Living
Mitchell, Priscilla b.1838 - Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales
Mitchell, William b.1832 - Tarrant Rushton, Dorset
Mitchell, William F. b.1862 - Tarrant Rushton, Dorset


Mobbs, John m.1864 - Holdenhurst, Hampshire


Mockford, Alice b.1871 - Tonbridge, Kent
Mockford, Annie b.1874 - Tonbridge, Kent
Mockford, Edward c.1860 - Farningham, Kent
Mockford, Edward c.1830 - Rottingdean, Sussex
Mockford, Eliza c.1863 - Farningham, Kent
Mockford, Frank b.1868 - Farningham, Kent
Mockford, Frederick b.1859 - Kingsdown, Kent
Mockford, George c.1832 - Rottingdean, Sussex
Mockford, George Albert c.1865 - Farningham, Kent
Mockford, Harriet Susanna c.1833 - Rottingdean, Sussex
Mockford, Henry c.1828 - Rottingdean, Sussex
Mockford, James c.1835 - Rottingdean, Sussex
Mockford, Jesse c.1839 - Rottingdean, Sussex
Mockford, John b.1792 - Hove, Sussex
Mockford, John Frank c.1862 - Farningham, Kent
Mockford, Kate b.1870 - Tonbridge, Kent
Mockford, Lydia b.1867 - Tonbridge, Kent
Mockford, Mary Anne c.1839 - Rottingdean, Sussex
Mockford, May b.1877 - Tonbridge, Kent
Mockford, Richard c.1828 - Rottingdean, Sussex
Mockford, Thomas Frederick c.1836 - Rottingdean, Sussex


Mollon, Grace (Mullen) b.1838 - Poundstock, Cornwall


Monckton, Annie Sarah b.1865 - Shapwick, Dorset
Monckton, Arthur Henry H. b.1888 - Shapwick, Dorset
Monckton, Edith Gertrude b.1892 - Shapwick, Dorset
Monckton, Eliza Ann b.1853 - Shapwick, Dorset
Monckton, Enos Walter b.1862 - Shapwick, Dorset
Monckton, Henry George c.1868 - Shapwick, Dorset
Monckton, Hilda Mary b.1894 - Shapwick, Dorset
Monckton, Janet b.1860 - Shapwick, Dorset
Monckton, Martin James c.1824 - Shapwick, Dorset
Monckton, Mary Jane c.1849 - Shapwick, Dorset
Monckton, Susan Beatrice b.1890 - Shapwick, Dorset
Monckton, Susie Maud b.1896 - Shapwick, Dorset
Monckton, Walter Frank b.1889 - Shapwick, Dorset
Monckton, William b.1788 - Wimbourne, Dorset


Money, Sarah b.1811 - Catherington, Hampshire


Montacute, William m.1340 -


Montagu, Thomas b.1388 - of Salisbury, Wiltshire


Moody, Anne c.1806 - Horton, Dorset
Moody, Bessie -
Moody, George b.1896 - Southampton, Hampshire
Moody, George b.1867 - Southampton, Hampshire
Moody, Harriett b.1895 - Southampton, Hampshire
Moody, Hazel Doreen - Living
Moody, William b.1780 - Longham, Dorset


Moon, Bertha b.1872 - Town Row, Rotherfield, Sussex
Moon, Charles Edwin Norman b.1861 - Rotherfield, Sussex
Moon, Edwin b.1870 - Rotherfield, Sussex
Moon, James John b.1842 - Rotherfield, Sussex
Moon, James William b.1879 - Tudeley, Kent
Moon, John -
Moon, John -
Moon, John Charles c.1840 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
Moon, Robert Vincent b.1874 - Capel, Kent
Moon, William John b.1877 - Capel, Kent


Mooney, male - Living


Moore, Agnes Mary b.1920 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Moore, Albert Rapley - Living
Moore, Barbara - Living
Moore, Doris - Living
Moore, female - Living
Moore, James - Living
Moore, John - Living
Moore, John - Living
Moore, Joshua - Living
Moore, Judith Arlene - Living
Moore, Keith Scott - Living
Moore, Kerri Anne - Living
Moore, male - Living
Moore, Mary Ann b.1806 - England
Moore, Mary Ann m.1859 - All Saints, Southampton, Hampshire
Moore, Nicolette - Living
Moore, Phillip - Living
Moore, Thomas - Living


Moores, Phoebe Ann b.1852 - Milton Abbas, Dorset


Morant, Gertrude Edith b.1868 -


Moresby, Elinor Agnes b.1302 -


Morey, Thomas Renyard b.1831 - Boldre, Hampshire


Morgan, Arthur m.1841 - Christchurch, Hampshire
Morgan, Bronwyn - Living
Morgan, Henry -
Morgan, Joseph - Living
Morgan, Martha b.1836 - Broughton, Hampshire
Morgan, Sarah m.1833 - Kingsdown, Kent


Morrell, Anne Elizabeth b.1804 - Oxford, Oxfordshire


Morris, Deborah m.1779 - Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight, Hampshire
Morris, Dorothy Marguerite - Living
Morris, Edward CBE -


Morrison, George -
Morrison, Henrietta Jane b.1757 -
Morrison, Mr - Living


Mortimer, Sybil Helena -


Morton, Mary Helen - Living
Morton, Thomas Slayton III - Living
Morton, Thomas Slayton Jr. m.1944 - Des Moines, Iowa


Moseley, Ruby May b.1890 - Greenwich, London


Moss, Mary b.1738 -


Mottram, David Leonard Garfit - Living
Mottram, Joe Neville - Living
Mottram, Leonard Hay - Living
Mottram, Richard Neville Garfit - Living


Moulson, Alice Mary b.1893 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Moulson, Angus b.1850 - Horton, Bradford, Yorkshire (Mar qtr)
Moulson, Archibald b.1866 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Moulson, Beatrice Ireland b.1864 - district of Bradford, Yorkshire (Jun qtr)
Moulson, Dora Annie b.1861 - Horton, Bradford, Yorkshire
Moulson, Doris b.1897 - Horton, Bradford, Yorkshire
Moulson, Edith b.1858 - Horton, Bradford, Yorkshire
Moulson, Elsie c.1890 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Moulson, Evelyn Mary b.1898 - district of Bradford, Yorkshire (Sep qtr)
Moulson, Frederick William b.1899 - district of Bradford, Yorkshire (Sep qtr)
Moulson, George Edward Seward b.1905 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Moulson, Hugh Robert b.1861 - Horton, Bradford, Yorkshire
Moulson, John b.1900 - district of Bradford, Yorkshire (Mar qtr)
Moulson, John b.1859 - Horton, Bradford, Yorkshire
Moulson, John c.1798 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Moulson, Norman -
Moulson, Ronald Archibald b.1903 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Moulson, Rufus b.1852 - Horton, Bradford, Yorkshire
Moulson, Sarah b.1870 - of Bradford, Yorkshire
Moulson, Susan Mary b.1874 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Moulson, William b.1826 - Horton, Yorkshire
Moulson, William Rufus b.1880 - Horton, Bradford, Yorkshire


Moulten, Mary m.1799 - Hambledon, Hampshire


Mountain, Thomas m.1866 - Calverley, Yorkshire


Mowlam, Hilda Grace b.1899 -


Moy, Christiana m.1810 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire


Muir, Louis - Living
Muir, Michael - Living
Muir, Robert - Living


Muirhead, Gabrielle - Living


Mullens, Ann Maria c.1779 - Chettle, Dorset
Mullens, Anne c.1832 - Iwerne Courtnay, Dorset
Mullens, Charles b.1830 - Shroton, Iwerne Courtnay, Dorset
Mullens, Charlotte b.1838 - Iwerne Courtnay, Dorset
Mullens, Edward c.1857 - Iwerne Courtnay, Dorset
Mullens, Edward b.1720 - of Swallowcliffe, Wiltshire
Mullens, Eliza b.1822 - Iwerne Courtnay, Dorset
Mullens, Frances c.1782 - Chettle, Dorset
Mullens, Harriet c.1826 - Petersfield, Hampshire
Mullens, Harriett c.1770 - Chettle, Dorset
Mullens, Helen c.1847 - Iwerne Courtnay, Dorset
Mullens, James c.1844 - Iwerne Courtnay, Dorset
Mullens, John c.1777 - Chettle, Dorset
Mullens, John c.1772 - Chettle, Dorset
Mullens, John b.1743 - of Swallowcliffe, Wiltshire
Mullens, John Thomas c.1835 - Shroton, Iwerne Courtney, Dorset
Mullens, Louisa c.1852 - Iwerne Courtnay, Dorset
Mullens, Maria c.1826 - Iwerne Courtnay, Dorset
Mullens, Martha b.1843 - Iwerne Courtnay, Dorset
Mullens, Mary b.1824 - Iwerne Courtnay, Dorset
Mullens, Mary c.1772 - Chettle, Dorset
Mullens, Moses b.1795 - Sutton Waldron, Dorset
Mullens, Sarah c.1790 - Chettle, Dorset
Mullens, Thomas b.1850 - Iwerne Courtnay, Dorset
Mullens, William b.1818 - Iwerne Courtnay, Dorset
Mullens, William c.1774 - Chettle, Dorset


Mullet, Betty Vera b.1913 -


Mullett, Ada Emily b.1885 - Dewlish, Dorset
Mullett, Bessie Alice b.1886 - district of Dorchester, Dorset (Sep qtr)
Mullett, Bessie Louisa b.1891 - Dewlish, Dorset
Mullett, Christian c.1785 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Mullett, Eleanor c.1802 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Mullett, Elizabeth c.1831 - Mintern Magna, Dorset
Mullett, Elizabeth Sarah b.1882 - Dewlish, Dorset
Mullett, Frederick John b.1894 - Dewlish, Dorset
Mullett, Henry c.1804 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Mullett, Henry b.1755 - of Cheselbourne, Dorset
Mullett, James c.1788 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Mullett, James c.1836 - Mintern Magna, Dorset
Mullett, Jane c.1786 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Mullett, John c.1778 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Mullett, John b.1796 - Dorset
Mullett, John b.1858 - Sydling, Dorset
Mullett, Mabel Frances J. b.1888 - Dewlish, Dorset
Mullett, Maria c.1783 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Mullett, Stephen c.1838 - Mintern Magna, Dorset
Mullett, Thomas c.1780 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Mullett, Thomas c.1834 - Mintern Magna, Dorset


Mulligan, Isabella b.1829 - Cookstown, Co. Tyrone, Ireland
Mulligan, John b.1833 - New York, USA
Mulligan, Mr -
Mulligan, Sarah b.1830 - Ireland


Mullins, Alice Elizabeth b.1871 - Weston, Buriton, Hampshire
Mullins, Ann c.1819 - Petersfield, Hampshire
Mullins, Edith Ellen b.1879 - Weston, Buriton, Hampshire
Mullins, Elizabeth c.1834 - Froxfield, Hampshire
Mullins, George b.1849 - Steep, Hampshire
Mullins, George c.1789 - Froxfield, Hampshire
Mullins, George William b.1874 - Weston, Buriton, Hampshire
Mullins, Harriet b.1843 - of Buriton, Hampshire
Mullins, Jane c.1829 - Petersfield, Hampshire
Mullins, Kate b.1857 - Steep, Hampshire
Mullins, Louisa Kate b.1876 - Weston, Buriton, Hampshire
Mullins, Mabel Florence b.1886 - Buriton, Hampshire
Mullins, Matthew m.1787 - Hawkley, Hampshire
Mullins, Sarah Ann b.1881 - Weston, Buriton, Hampshire
Mullins, William -


Mumme, Alison Beryl - Living


Muncaster, male - Living
Muncaster, male - Living


Munckton, Jane b.1829 - Shapwick, Dorset
Munckton, Mr m.1804 - Botley ???


Munday, Esther b.1805 - Wickham, Hampshire
Munday, Richard b.1767 - Wickham, Hampshire


Murgatroyd, Emma b.1820 - Apperley Bridge, Yorkshire
Murgatroyd, Joseph -


Murphey, Ellen m.1903 - district of Hendon, Middlesex (Sep qtr)


Murphy, 7 children - Living
Murphy, Josephine Patricia - Living
Murphy, Michael Joseph - Living


Murrant, James Fary m.1875 - Buriton.


Murray, Andrew m.1849 - Saint Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Murray, Mina Maria b.1857 - Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Murray, Montelieu - Living


Murrell, Eliza b.1837 - Ipswich, Suffolk


Murton, Jane b.1800 -


Mussell, Angelina b.1869 -


Musumeci, John Joseph Michael - Living
Musumeci, Lucy Anne - Living


Mutch, Ellen m.1861 - Alverstoke.


Nance, Donald Clemow b.1895 - Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
Nance, Francis James b.1857 - district of Falmouth, Cornwall
Nance, Francis Lyth b.1888 - Southport, Lancashire
Nance, Gertrude Hardy b.1898 - Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
Nance, Winifred Margaret b.1886 - Bradford, Yorkshire (Sep qtr)


Napier, Helen Judith - Living


Nash, Ann b.1814 - Harpenden, Hertfordshire
Nash, James -
Nash, Mary b.1819 - Walford, Hertfordshire
Nash, Nora Edith - Living
Nash, Sarah Ann b.1828 -


Neal, Frank - Living
Neal, Hannah b.1804 -
Neal, Patricia - Living


Neale, Charlotte Lucia Eileene m.1902 -
Neale, Rebecca b.1783 -
Neale, William M.D. - Living

nee Horn

nee Horn, Frederick Wallis Piper b.1873 - Parkstone, Dorset (Mar qtr)


Nelder, Harry b.1881 - Portsea, Hampshire
Nelder, James - Living
Nelder, Nellie - Living


Nelson, Alan - Living
Nelson, Charlotte - Living


Nerva, Bernice Emily - Living


Nesbitt, Hannah -


Nevill, Cicely Louisa m.1872 - district of Ticehurst, Kent & Sussex (Jun qtr)


Neville, Elizabeth b.1500 - of Snape, Yorkshire
Neville, Elizabeth b.1870 - Eling, London, Middlesex
Neville, Ellen b.1877 - Portsea, Hampshire
Neville, Henry b.1437 - of Latimer, Buckinghamshire
Neville, Joseph b.1868 - Woolwich, Kent
Neville, Mary Ann b.1867 - Portsea, Hampshire
Neville, Perie b.1873 - Sidcup, Kent
Neville, Ralph b.1859 - Portsea, Hampshire
Neville, Richard 2nd Lord Latimer b.1468 - of Latimer, Buckinghamshire
Neville, Walter b.1833 - Barwick, Somerset
Neville, William b.1875 - Portsea, Hampshire


New, Alice c.1851 - Bishops Waltham, Hants.
New, Anna c.1744 - Pimperne, Dorset
New, Eliza c.1853 - Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
New, George c.1849 - Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
New, Jane c.1802 - Tarrant Rawston, Dorset.
New, Joseph -
New, Mansel A.J. - Living
New, Mary Ann c.1856 - Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
New, Richard d.1748 - Pimperne, Dorset
New, Richard b.1717 - Pimperne, Dorset
New, Robert M. - Living
New, Sarah c.1844 - Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
New, William b.1818 - Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
New, William John c.1846 - Bishops Waltham, Hampshire


Newbolt, Miss -


Newbould, William m.1771 -


Newell, Dawn Vera Rose - Living


Newland, Antonella O.B.E, Marchioness of Lothian b.1922 - Rome, Italy
Newland, Harriett b.1832 - Hambledon, Hampshire


Newman, Charles m.1832 - Buriton, Hampshire
Newman, Levi b.1838 - Wimborne, Dorset


Newmarsh, Adam -
Newmarsh, Rose b.1110 - Taunton, Somerset


Newton, Edward - Living
Newton, Elizabeth -
Newton, Greg Stuart - Living
Newton, James Robert George - Living
Newton, Mark Robert - Living
Newton, Paul Derek - Living
Newton, Robert William Banner - Living
Newton, William David Rupert - Living


Nichol, Emma Mary b.1822 - St. Pancras, London


Nicholls, Alfred Charles b.1887 - Battersea, London
Nicholls, Charles Robert - Living
Nicholls, Charles Thomas -
Nicholls, Clara A. b.1893 - Battersea, London
Nicholls, Florence May b.1895 - Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Nicholls, Lawrence Robert - Living
Nicholls, Mr -
Nicholls, Robert Roy - Living
Nicholls, Sarah A. b.1889 - Battersea, London


Nichols, James -
Nichols, Phoebe c.1835 - Horsforth, Yorkshire


Nicholson, Edith Mary b.1862 -
Nicholson, Evelyn - Living


Nicol, Adrian Timothy - Living
Nicol, Joanna Louise - Living
Nicol, Jonathan Anthony James - Living


Nield, Edward - Living
Nield, George b.1983 -
Nield, Mike - Living


Nisbet, Rachel b.1829 - East Indies


Noble, Sarah b.1783 -
Noble, Violet Jean - Living


Noel, Baptist Wriotheseley (Edwardes) b.1797 - of Barham, Kent
Noel, Charles (Edwardes) 1st Earl of Gainsborough b.1781 - of Barham, Kent
Noel, Emily Elizabeth c.1830 - St Mary Parish, Walthamstow, Essex
Noel, Gertrude Arabella b.1859 - Kensington, London (Sep qtr)
Noel, Henry Lewis b.1824 - of Catmose, Oakham, Rutlandshire


Nooney, Charles Thomas Matthew - Living
Nooney, Gerard Edmund - Living
Nooney, James Edward - Living


Norgate, Ann b.1812 - Liss, Hampshire
Norgate, Ann m.1816 - Froxfield, Hampshire
Norgate, Ellen b.1851 - Newton Valence, Hampshire
Norgate, George b.1848 - Alverstoke, Hampshire
Norgate, Joseph b.1821 - East Meon, Hampshire
Norgate, Lilly b.1864 - Alverstoke, Hampshire


Norman, Conolly b.1814 - of Fahan House, Donegal, Ireland
Norman, Grace "Gerry" ? -
Norman, Mary Krause b.1847 - Coolock, Dublin, Ireland
Norman, Sarah Jane b.1849 - Waldron, Sussex
Norman, William -


Norris, Frank - Living
Norris, Lucy b.1760 -
Norris, Lynne - Living
Norris, Mary Ann b.1809 -
Norris, Thomas -
Norris, William J. b.1806 - of Halifax, Yorkshire


North, Isabella b.1766 -


Northcott, Elizabeth b.1786 -


Nosker, Judy Ann - Living


Notes), Mary (See d.1762 -


Notes, See -
Notes, See -
Notes, See m.1909 - district of Wimborne, Dorset (Jun qtr)
Notes, See -
Notes, See m.1908 - district of Dorchester, Dorset (Sep qtr)


notes, see m.1904 - Portsmouth, Hampshire (Sep qtr)


Notes, See m.1903 - district of Fareham, Hampshire (Dec qtr)


notes, see m.1899 - Southampton (Mar qtr)


Notley, Anna Maria b.1842 - Woodsford, Dorset
Notley, Anne c.1803 - Woodsford, Dorset
Notley, Emily b.1856 - Woodsford, Dorset
Notley, George b.1850 - Woodsford, Dorset
Notley, George m.1798 - Woodsford, Dorset
Notley, George c.1809 - Woodsford, Dorset
Notley, Harriet c.1798 - Woodsford, Dorset
Notley, Harriet b.1845 - Woodsford, Dorset
Notley, Henry c.1806 - Woodsford, Dorset
Notley, John c.1801 - Woodsford, Dorset
Notley, John b.1839 - Woodsford, Dorset
Notley, Mary c.1805 - Woodsford, Dorset
Notley, Mary b.1847 - Woodsford, Dorset
Notley, Selina b.1859 - Woodsford, Dorset
Notley, William b.1837 - Woodsford, Dorset


Nott-Bower, John Reginald Hornby b.1892 -
Nott-Bower, John William - Living
Nott-Bower, Katherine Margot - Living
Nott-Bower, Timothy Elwyn b.1932 - district of Richmond, Surrey


Noyce, Alfred b.1835 - Romsey, Hampshire
Noyce, Edith Anne c.1862 - Broughton, Hampshire
Noyce, Emily Louisa c.1859 - Broughton, Hampshire
Noyce, Ernest William b.1869 - Hatfield, Hertfordshire
Noyce, Ethel c.1874 - Broughton Gifford, Wiltshire
Noyce, Florence Mary c.1867 - Stockbridge, Hampshire
Noyce, Frank b.1866 - Stockbridge, Hampshire (GRO district, including Broughton) Mar qtr
Noyce, Frederick c.1860 - Broughton, Hampshire
Noyce, Herbert Edwin b.1876 - Broughton Gifford, Wiltshire (Jun qtr)
Noyce, Kate b.1863 - Broughton, Hampshire
Noyce, Laura b.1883 - Broughton Gifford, Wiltshire (Sep qtr)
Noyce, Margaret Helen b.1882 - Broughton Gifford, Wiltshire (Mar qtr)
Noyce, Maud Eleanor b.1877 - Broughton Gifford, Wiltshire (Dec qtr)
Noyce, Reginald Alfred c.1872 - Broughton Gifford, Wiltshire
Noyce, Walter Harry b.1873 - Broughton Gifford, Wiltshire (Sep qtr)
Noyce, Wilfred b.1879 - Broughton Gifford, Wiltshire (Dec qtr)


Nuttall, Barbara Jacqualine - Living
Nuttall, Barry John - Living
Nuttall, Eileen - Living
Nuttall, John Robert - Living


Nye, Ellen b.1825 - Lewes, Sussex
Nye, John -


Oakes, Mary Ellen b.1890 - district of Runcorn, Cheshire (Jun qtr)


Oates, Beatrice Harriett c.1872 - Witchampton, Dorset
Oates, Clara Kate (See Notes) b.1874 -
Oates, John b.1839 - Witchampton, Dorset


Oats, Jane b.1813 - Wareham, Dorset


O'Brien, Cheryl Mae - Living
O'Brien, Daniel Michael - Living
O'Brien, Denyce Genet - Living
O'Brien, Elizabeth - Living
O'Brien, Geoffrey Michael - Living
O'Brien, Jannine Winifred - Living
O'Brien, Mary (Kitty) Catherine - Living
O'Brien, Michael - Living
O'Brien, Michael Andrew - Living
O'Brien, Stefanie - Living


Obzanski, Alicon - Living
Obzanski, John - Living
Obzanski, Lauren - Living


O'Conner, Richard Spear m.1866 -


O'Connor, Benjamin - Living
O'Connor, Katie - Living
O'Connor, Mr - Living


Oddy, Jane b.1687 - of Farndale, Yorkshire


Oliver, Edward Charles - Living
Oliver, Jocelyn Margurite - Living
Oliver, Kathleen Dawn - Living
Oliver, Maureen Eunice b.1930 -
Oliver, Thomas Richard - Living


Oliveri, Jaide Morgan - Living
Oliveri, Jason Mark - Living
Oliveri, Mia Louise - Living


Olsen, Sarah Olive - Living


O'Malley, Charles - Living
O'Malley, Edith - Living
O'Malley, Elaine Joy - Living
O'Malley, Jessica - Living
O'Malley, Jo - Living
O'Malley, Joyleen Gaye - Living
O'Malley, Kaye Christine - Living
O'Malley, Kerry Lee - Living
O'Malley, Mark Anthony - Living
O'Malley, Maureen Rose - Living
O'Malley, Michael - Living
O'Malley, Patrick - Living
O'Malley, Raymond Charles - Living
O'Malley, Reginald Arnold - Living
O'Malley, Rosalyn May - Living
O'Malley, Steven - Living
O'Malley, Thomas Charles - Living
O'Malley, Thomas John b.1900 - Western Australia
O'Malley, Thomas Roland - Living
O'Malley, Tracy - Living
O'Malley, Trevor Wayne - Living
O'Malley, Vera - Living
O'Malley, Wendy Janis - Living


O'Neill, Martha -


Orchard, Charles b.1863 - Chale, Isle of Wight
Orchard, Clara b.1869 - Chale, Isle of Wight
Orchard, Frank b.1865 - Chale, Isle of Wight
Orchard, Henry b.1840 - Brading, Isle of Wight
Orchard, Kate b.1877 - Chale, Isle of Wight
Orchard, Rosina Maria b.1871 - Chale, Isle of Wight (Jun qtr)


Orman, Brian - Living
Orman, Charles b.1841 - Verwood, Cranborne, Dorset
Orman, Emily - Living
Orman, Henry Stephen b.1850 - Verwood, Cranborne, Dorset
Orman, James b.1843 - Verwood, Cranborne, Dorset
Orman, Jamur b.1846 - Verwood, Cranborne, Dorset
Orman, Mary Jane b.1848 - Verwood, Cranborne, Dorset
Orman, Mitchell - Living
Orman, Sarah c.1837 - Cranborne, Dorset
Orman, Stephen (Oram) b.1811 - Verwood, Cranborne, Dorset


Orme, Charlotte -
Orme, Elizabeth b.1787 -


Orr, Catherine b.1819 - Belfast, Ireland
Orr, James -
Orr, Jane b.1813 - Belfast, Ireland
Orr, Natalie - Living


Osborne, Charles b.1865 - Lougham, Dorset
Osborne, Ellen Elizabeth b.1894 - Bournemouth, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Osborne, Florence Annie L. b.1890 - Bournemouth, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Osborne, Francis Leonard b.1896 - Bournemouth, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Osborne, Frederick Charles b.1888 - Bournemouth, Hampshire (Mar qtr)


Osgood, Frank Alfred - Living
Osgood, Helen Jane - Living


Osman, Ann b.1838 - Wimborne, Dorset


Osmond, Sarah b.1770 -


O'Sullivan, Karina Judy - Living


Otterson, David William - Living
Otterson, Graeme John - Living
Otterson, James William - Living
Otterson, Matt John - Living
Otterson, Sam Alissa - Living
Otterson, Terry James - Living


Ovens, Henrietta Gertrude b.1871 - Camberwell, London


Over, Daisy E. - Living


Overell, Albert Edward b.1850 - Leamington, Warwick (Mar qtr)
Overell, Arthur Wellesley b.1853 - Leamington, Warwick (Mar qtr)
Overell, Eric Vernon b.1887 - Leamington, Warwickshire
Overell, Fanny Eugenie b.1879 - E. Stonehouse, Devon (Sep qtr)
Overell, George b.1820 - Bethnal Green, London
Overell, John b.1817 - Bethnal Green, London
Overell, John Sidney c.1854 - Leamington, Warwick (All Saints)
Overell, Leslie Dean b.1889 - Leamington, Warwickshire (Jun qtr)
Overell, Louisa b.1828 - Poole, Dorset.
Overell, Lydia Wise b.1814 - Bethnal Green, London
Overell, Lydia Wise b.1854 - Leamington, Warwick
Overell, Marina b.1815 - Bethnal Green, London
Overell, Mary Waldron b.1846 - Leamington, Warwick
Overell, Thomas b.1821 - Whitechapel, Stepney, London
Overell, William b.1780 - London, Middlesex
Overell, William b.1812 - Poole, Dorset.


Owen, Denis F. d.1996 -
Owen, Kate Louisa - Living
Owen, Moya - Living
Owen, Peter Francis - Living
Owen, Sally - Living


Owens, Hilda L. m.1914 - Portsmouth, Hampshire (Dec qtr)


Oxley, Elizabeth m.1786 - Snaith, Yorkshire


Pacy, Christopher - Living
Pacy, Colin - Living
Pacy, Elizabeth - Living


Pagelaan, Alfred Robert -
Pagelaan, Percival Alfred (Percy) b.1896 - Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia


Paget, Caroline b.1837 - Ruddington, Nottinghamshire


Paice, Sarah Jane b.1869 - Wickham, Hampshire


Painter, Charlotte Matilda c.1825 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
Painter, John -


Pajak, Jake - Living


Palm, Lorraine Alexandra - Living
Palm, Theresa Susan b.1957 - South Africa
Palm, Trevor Victor - Living
Palm, Victor Lenard John - Living
Palm, William John b.1959 - South Africa


Palmer, Alice b.1895 - Branksome Park, Poole, Dorset
Palmer, Annie b.1862 - Eton, Buckinghamshire
Palmer, Edith b.1892 - Branksome Park, Poole, Dorset
Palmer, Elizabeth m.1845 - Cheselbourne
Palmer, Emily Winifred b.1915 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Palmer, Emma b.1866 - Eton, Buckinghamshire
Palmer, Frances b.1873 - Eton, Buckinghamshire
Palmer, Francis b.1790 -
Palmer, George b.1859 - Eton, Buckinghamshire
Palmer, Harriet m.1820 -
Palmer, Harry b.1867 - Waterloo, Poole, Dorset
Palmer, Sarah C. b.1899 - Branksome Park, Poole, Dorset
Palmer, Tom b.1854 - Eton, Buckinghamshire
Palmer, William - Living
Palmer, William Samuel (nee Squelch) c.1851 - Eton, Buckinghamshire


Palmes, Agnes b.1493 - of Naburn, Yorkshire
Palmes, Alexander b.1108 - Taunton, Somerset
Palmes, Brian -
Palmes, Brian b.1520 - of Naburn, Yorkshire
Palmes, Brian b.1460 - of Naburn, Yorkshire
Palmes, Brian b.1349 - Naburn, Yorkshire
Palmes, Bryan -
Palmes, Cecil Muriel b.1880 - Naburn, Yorkshire
Palmes, Dorothy b.1890 - Naburn, Yorkshire
Palmes, Elizabeth b.1778 -
Palmes, Elizabeth -
Palmes, female - Living
Palmes, Frances -
Palmes, Frances Mary Theresa b.1880 - Naburn, Yorkshire
Palmes, Francis b.1378 - Naburn, Yorkshire
Palmes, Francis Jerome b.1855 - Naburn, Yorkshire
Palmes, George b.1728 - of Naburn, Yorkshire
Palmes, George -
Palmes, George b.1698 - of Naburn, Yorkshire
Palmes, George b.1666 - of Naburn, Yorkshire
Palmes, George -
Palmes, George b.1582 -
Palmes, George -
Palmes, George Bryan b.1884 - district of Horsham, Sussex
Palmes, George J.P. b.1776 - Naburn, Yorkshire
Palmes, George M.A. b.1851 - Naburn, Yorkshire
Palmes, Guy b.1475 - Rutland
Palmes, Guy St. Maur b.1854 - Hornsea, Yorkshire
Palmes, issue -
Palmes, Jerome b.1132 - Taunton, Somerset
Palmes, John m.1775 - Saint Mary, Kingston Upon Hull, Yorkshire
Palmes, John -
Palmes, John b.1552 - of Naburn, Yorkshire
Palmes, John b.1156 - of Fontleroy
Palmes, John Philip b.1816 - Naburn, Yorkshire
Palmes, John Philip MC b.1888 - Naburn, Yorkshire
Palmes, male -
Palmes, male -
Palmes, male -
Palmes, Manfred b.1076 - Taunton, Somerset
Palmes, Manfred Jerome b.1887 - Naburn, Yorkshire
Palmes, Nicholas b.1485 - of Naburn, Yorkshire
Palmes, Nicholas b.1300 - Naburn, Yorkshire
Palmes, Nicholas b.1252 - Naburn, Yorkshire
Palmes, Nicholas (see notes) b.1204 - of Naburn, Yorkshire
Palmes, Thomas b.1402 - Naburn, Yorkshire
Palmes, William -
Palmes, William m.1652 - of Hirst Courtney, near Selby, Yorkshire
Palmes, William b.1609 - of Naburn, Yorkshire
Palmes, William b.1609 - of Naburn, Yorkshire
Palmes, William b.1325 - Naburn, Yorkshire
Palmes, William b.1276 - Naburn, Yorkshire
Palmes, William b.1228 - of Naburn, Yorkshire
Palmes, William b.1180 - Taunton, Somerset
Palmes, William (See Notes) b.1438 - Naburn, Yorkshire
Palmes, William Lindsay M.A. b.1813 - Naburn, Yorkshire


Pamela, - Living


Pankhurst, Isabella Ainsley c.1881 - Hartfield, Sussex
Pankhurst, Stephen -
Pankhurst, William b.1832 - Withyham, Sussex


Pannell, Alice c.1870 - Buriton, Hampshire
Pannell, Alicia Jane b.1884 - district of Reigate, Surrey (Dec qtr)
Pannell, Eliza c.1834 - Buriton, Hampshire
Pannell, Emma Elizabeth c.1860 - Buriton, Hampshire
Pannell, Frances c.1864 - Buriton, Hampshire
Pannell, George c.1841 - Buriton, Hampshire
Pannell, Harriet c.1836 - Buriton, Hampshire
Pannell, Harriet c.1855 - Buriton, Hampshire
Pannell, James c.1844 - Buriton, Hampshire
Pannell, Joseph c.1831 - Buriton, Hampshire
Pannell, Mary Jane c.1865 - Buriton, Hampshire
Pannell, Rosa c.1862 - Buriton, Hampshire
Pannell, Thomas c.1847 - Buriton, Hampshire
Pannell, William -
Pannell, William Henry c.1857 - Buriton, Hampshire


Parfett, Elizabeth m.1828 - Amport


Parham, Frances b.1788 -


Parker, Colleen - Living
Parker, David - Living
Parker, Edith Winifred m.1938 - Portsmouth, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Parker, Faith b.1809 - Bramley, Yorkshire
Parker, Gordon Clark -
Parker, Janice - Living
Parker, Jean E. - Living
Parker, Kathleen - Living
Parker, Kevin - Living
Parker, Kim - Living
Parker, Louanne Marie - Living
Parker, Patricia - Living
Parker, Phineas -
Parker, Susanna b.1834 - South Monaghan Township, Northumberland, Ontario, Canada
Parker, Thomas b.1747 - of Sheffield, Yorkshire
Parker, William b.1713 - of Sheffield, Yorkshire


Parkin, Alice A. b.1865 - Headingley, Yorkshire
Parkin, James b.1831 - Brigg, Lincolnshire
Parkin, Mary Jane b.1862 - Horsforth, Yorkshire


Parkinson, Charlotte b.1837 - Bloomsbury, London, Middlesex
Parkinson, Helena Adelaide M. b.1898 - district of St. Saviour, London (Jun qtr)
Parkinson, William m.1786 - Calverley, Yorkshire


Parkyn, Ann Marie b.1831 - Bodmin, Cornwall
Parkyn, Caroline b.1820 - Bodmin, Cornwall
Parkyn, Elizabeth b.1822 - Bodmin, Cornwall
Parkyn, Ellen b.1835 - Bodmin, Cornwall
Parkyn, Mary Ann b.1830 - Bodmin, Cornwall
Parkyn, Mary Ann b.1833 - Bodmin, Cornwall
Parkyn, William b.1819 - Bodmin, Cornwall
Parkyn, William b.1795 - Bodmin, Cornwall


Parrett, Ivy B. - Living


Parsons, Elizabeth b.1804 - Witchampton, Dorset
Parsons, George b.1872 - Lytchett, Dorset
Parsons, Paul - Living


Parton, Sarah - Living


Partridge, Rose m.1908 - district of Southampton, Hampshire (Mar qtr)


Parvin, Ann c.1835 - Saint Andrew, Farlington, Hampshire
Parvin, Caroline c.1828 - Saint Andrew, Farlington, Hampshire
Parvin, Edmund c.1821 - Saint Andrew, Farlington, Hampshire
Parvin, Elizabeth c.1839 - Saint Andrew, Farlington, Hampshire
Parvin, Ellen c.1833 - Saint Andrew, Farlington, Hampshire
Parvin, Hannah c.1829 - Widley, Hampshire
Parvin, James c.1832 - Saint Andrew, Farlington, Hampshire
Parvin, Joseph m.1821 -
Parvin, Louisa c.1826 - Saint Andrew, Farlington, Hampshire


Pashen, Ivy - Living


Paterson, Alan Wilson - Living
Paterson, Briony Glenda - Living
Paterson, George d.1957 -
Paterson, Glenda May - Living
Paterson, Iona Rachel - Living
Paterson, Nina Michelle - Living


Pattison, Catherine - Living
Pattison, Joseph b.1884 -


Paul, Ellen b.1882 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Paul, Fanny b.1865 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Paul, Hannah b.1870 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Paul, Harriet b.1863 - Portland, Dorset
Paul, Isaac b.1872 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Paul, John b.1868 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Paul, Kathleen L. b.1880 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Paul, Maud H. b.1878 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Paul, Robert -
Paul, Robert Eli c.1857 - Bridport, Dorset
Paul, Rose c.1870 - Bridport, Dorset
Paul, Sidney b.1875 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Paul, Theophilus "Alfred" c.1832 - Beaminster, Dorset


Pavey, Jean Winifred - Living


Pawsey, Mary Ann b.1811 - Bettywell, Essex


Pay, Ann c.1821 - Harting, Sussex
Pay, George c.1827 - Harting, Sussex
Pay, Harriet c.1819 - Harting, Sussex
Pay, John c.1814 - Harting, Sussex
Pay, Richard c.1810 - Harting, Sussex
Pay, Richard b.1787 - Sussex
Pay, Robert c.1833 - Harting, Sussex
Pay, Sarah c.1816 - Harting, Sussex
Pay, Thomas c.1830 - Harting, Sussex
Pay, William c.1824 - Harting, Sussex


Payne, Charles b.1854 - Piddlehinton, Dorset
Payne, Charles H. b.1870 - Brighton, Sussex
Payne, Charles H. Jr - Living
Payne, Edwin John b.1879 - Morden, Dorset
Payne, Eliza - Living
Payne, Eliza Jane b.1881 - Morden, Dorset
Payne, Elsie - Living
Payne, John -
Payne, Mary Ann b.1850 - Piddletrenthide, Dorset
Payne, Robert -
Payne, Sylvia Emily b.1901 -
Payne, Walter m.1907 - district of Dewsbury, Yorkshire (Dec qtr)


Peachey, Charlotte Ellen b.1866 - St. Deny's, Southampton.


Peacock, Angela - Living
Peacock, Craig - Living
Peacock, Graeme - Living
Peacock, James - Living
Peacock, Kevin - Living
Peacock, Lauren - Living
Peacock, Lindy - Living
Peacock, Loundon? - Living
Peacock, Percy - Living
Peacock, Philip - Living
Peacock, Robert - Living


Pear, Elizabeth b.1799 - St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey


Pearce, Andrew Mark - Living
Pearce, Ann - Living
Pearce, Harriet Rebecca b.1847 - Southampton, Hants
Pearce, Susan - Living


Pears, Maurice Loraine b.1872 - district of Lewisham, London (Dec qtr)


Pearson, Ann b.1843 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Pearson, Charles Blackett - Living
Pearson, Florence Milward - Living
Pearson, Frances b.1851 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Pearson, Grace b.1857 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Pearson, Henry b.1816 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Pearson, John -
Pearson, Martha b.1846 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Pearson, Sabina b.1835 - Farsley, Yorkshire


Peat, Eliza b.1832 - Croydon, Surrey
Peat, Emily c.1827 - Saint Saviour, Southwark, Surrey
Peat, Jane c.1825 - Saint Saviour, Southwark, Surrey
Peat, John m.1816 - Saint Mary, Lewisham, Kent
Peat, John Edward c.1831 - Saint John The Baptist, Croydon, Surrey
Peat, Lavinia Smith (See Notes) c.1845 - Saint John The Baptist, Croydon, Surrey
Peat, Margaret c.1837 - St James', Croydon, Surrey
Peat, Mary Ann c.1822 - Saint Mary, Lambeth, London
Peat, Nancy Ann c.1834 - St James', Croydon, Surrey
Peat, Patience b.1819 - Newington, Surrey
Peat, Richard Roffey c.1818 - Coulsdon, Surrey
Peat, Sarah c.1816 - Coulsdon, Surrey
Peat, Stephen (See Notes) -


Peberdy, Dianne Mary - Living


Pechey, Sarah m.1876 - Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk (Jun qtr)


Peckham, John m.1812 - Witchampton
Peckham, Mary b.1812 - Boldre, Hampshire


Peel, Margaret Brenda - Living

Penman (Tilley)

Penman (Tilley), Paula - Living


Penman, Mr - Living


Pennefather, Edward -
Pennefather, Susan Mary b.1842 - of Rathsalla, Co. Wicklow, Ireland


Penning, Dorothy Hope b.1888 -


Penny, Abigail Ann c.1835 - Bishopstone by Salisbury, Wiltshire
Penny, Ann Abigail c.1830 - Bishopstone by Salisbury, Wiltshire
Penny, Charles J.J. b.1844 - Chettle, Dorset
Penny, David -
Penny, Emily Timley c.1837 - Bishopstone by Salisbury, Wiltshire
Penny, Frances A. b.1840 - Chettle, Dorset
Penny, Mary c.1828 - Bishopstone by Salisbury, Wiltshire
Penny, Mary Grace b.1835 - Torquay, Devon
Penny, Mr. - Living
Penny, Sarah c.1832 - Bishopstone by Salisbury, Wiltshire
Penny, William c.1803 - Bishopstone by Salisbury, Wiltshire


Pepperell, Dora Caroline (nee Woodford) b.1888 - Portsea, Hampshire (Sep qtr)
Pepperell, Edith Alice b.1876 - Portsea. Hants.
Pepperell, Edwin "Edward" (Peppernell) b.1848 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Pepperell, Frederick Charles b.1877 - Portsmouth, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Pepperell, Frederick Charles Holdsworth -
Pepperell, Harry Nelson b.1894 - Portsmouth, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Pepperell, Henry Edward b.1873 - Portsea. Hants.
Pepperell, Hilda Eveline -
Pepperell, Laura b.1883 - London, Middlesex
Pepperell, Mabel Ellen b.1884 - Portsmouth, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Pepperell, Millie b.1890 - Southsea, Hampshire
Pepperell, Sydney Harold b.1894 - Portsmouth, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Pepperell, William Alexander b.1898 - Portsmouth, Hampshire (Sep qtr)
Pepperell, William Edwin b.1875 - Portsea. Hants.


Peppernell, Samuel - Living
Peppernell, Samuel (Pepperell) m.1843 - Saint Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire


Percival, Agnes Mary b.1856 - Northampton, Northamptonshire


Perrott, Elizabeth b.1819 - Breamore, Hampshire
Perrott, Hannah (Parrott) m.1790 - Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire
Perrott, Joseph -


Perry, Ann Marion - Living
Perry, Elizabeth b.1798 - Gussage All Saints, Dorset
Perry, Reginald b.1916 -


Peters, Billy - Living
Peters, Eileen Mary b.1914 -
Peters, Frederick -


Peterson, Heidi Elaine - Living


Petrie, Jane Louise - Living


Petsel, Viola - Living


Pettit, Eliza b.1857 -
Pettit, John -
Pettit, Robert b.1825 -


Petty, Charles -
Petty, Eliza c.1839 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Petty, Mary b.1803 - Farsley, Yorkshire


Pheasant, Edward b.1869 - Brighouse, Yorkshire
Pheasant, George Walter b.1860 - Pontefract, Yorkshire
Pheasant, James b.1854 - York, Yorkshire
Pheasant, Mary b.1857 - High Town, Yorkshire
Pheasant, Thomas b.1859 - Pontefract, Yorkshire
Pheasant, Thomas m.1852 - district of Dewsbury, Yorkshire (Jun qtr)


Phillips, Charles b.1897 - East Boldre, New Forest, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Phillips, Edmund Raglan b.1876 - Manchester, Lancashire (Dec qtr)
Phillips, Frederick -
Phillips, George b.1893 - East Boldre, New Forest, Hampshire (Sep qtr)
Phillips, George b.1864 - Lymington, Hampshire
Phillips, George Inkerman -
Phillips, Georgina Sophia b.1884 - Egham, Surrey
Phillips, Guy Ragland -
Phillips, Henry b.1840 - Boldre, New Forest, Hampshire
Phillips, James Frederick b.1890 - Boldre, New Forest, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Phillips, May b.1895 - East Boldre, New Forest, Hampshire (Sep qtr)
Phillips, Sarah Ann b.1877 - Ireland


Phipps, Katherine Louisa b.1850 -


Pickering, Alice b.1405 - of Ellerton, Yorkshire
Pickering, Gary William - Living
Pickering, John -
Pickering, Mary Ursula Umfreville b.1878 - St. George Hanover Square, London (Sep qtr)
Pickering, Neasha Anne - Living


Pickersgill, John -
Pickersgill, Sarah b.1781 - Rehoboth Particular Baptist, Farsley, Yorkshire


Pickman, Ernest m.1909 - district of Eton, Surrey (Dec qtr)
Pickman, Fanny Phyllis - Living
Pickman, Marjorie L. - Living


Pidgeon, Joseph m.1890 - South Melbourne, Australia


Pidgley, Agnes b.1854 - Newport, Isle of Wight
Pidgley, Alice b.1869 - Newport, Isle of Wight
Pidgley, Amelia b.1877 - Ringwood, Hampshire
Pidgley, Ann b.1842 -
Pidgley, Ann c.1796 - Rye, Sussex
Pidgley, Betsy c.1831 - Aldingbourne, Sussex
Pidgley, Charity b.1859 - Newport, Isle of Wight
Pidgley, Eleanor b.1831 - Fareham, Hampshire
Pidgley, Elizabeth b.1845 - Lymington, Hampshire
Pidgley, Elizabeth b.1826 - Telworth, Sussex
Pidgley, Elizabeth b.1866 - Newport, Isle of Wight (Jun qtr)
Pidgley, Emily b.1864 - Newport, Isle of Wight
Pidgley, George b.1873 - Wootton, Lymington, Hampshire
Pidgley, Hiram b.1878 -
Pidgley, James b.1890 - Bournemouth, Hampshire
Pidgley, James b.1866 - Binstead, Hampshire
Pidgley, James c.1829 - Fareham, Hampshire
Pidgley, James b.1799 -
Pidgley, James c.1837 - Hailsham, Sussex
Pidgley, Job b.1894 - Ripley, Surrey
Pidgley, John b.1867 - Newport, Isle of Wight
Pidgley, John b.1883 - Guildford, Surrey
Pidgley, John b.1868 - Wootton, Lymington, Hampshire
Pidgley, John b.1840 - Hill Top, Beaulieu, Hampshire
Pidgley, John b.1811 - Bexhill, East Sussex
Pidgley, John b.1788 - Binstead, Hampshire
Pidgley, Louisa b.1870 -
Pidgley, Mark -
Pidgley, Mary b.1849 - Newport, Isle of Wight
Pidgley, Mary c.1864 - Barton, Isle of Wight, Hampshire
Pidgley, Mary Ann b.1817 - Hailsham, East Sussex
Pidgley, Mary Jane b.1886 - Wimborne, Dorset
Pidgley, Olive (Kitcher) b.1870 - Newport, Isle of Wight
Pidgley, Oliver b.1898 - Ripley, Surrey
Pidgley, Patience Leanda -
Pidgley, Richard b.1870 - Wootton, Lymington, Hampshire
Pidgley, Richard c.1809 - Eastbourne, Sussex
Pidgley, Richard b.1779 -
Pidgley, Richard b.1755 -
Pidgley, Robert b.1879 - Wootton, Lymington, Hampshire
Pidgley, Robert c.1803 - Hastings, Sussex (All Saints)
Pidgley, Robert b.1823 - Washington, Sussex
Pidgley, Sarah b.1877 - Wootton, Lymington, Hampshire
Pidgley, Sarah b.1814 - Netley, Hampshire
Pidgley, Sarah Ann b.1852 - Newport, Isle of Wight
Pidgley, Thomas b.1863 - Hill Top, Beaulieu, Hampshire
Pidgley, Walter -
Pidgley, William b.1892 - Winton, Hampshire
Pidgley, William b.1861 - Hill Top, Beaulieu, Hampshire
Pidgley, William b.1834 -
Pidgley, William b.1857 - Newport, Isle of Wight
Pidgley, William b.1821 - Hastings, Sussex


Piedra, Arthur John Frederick b.1850 - district of St. Giles, Middlesex (Mar qtr)
Piedra, Lucas Lopez b.1816 - Spain
Piedra, Rosalia b.1851 - district of St. Giles, Middlesex (registered Mar qtr 1852)


Pike, miss - Living


Pilditch, Harold Edward - Living


Pilkington, Alan Roger Douglas d.1973 -


Pilley, Alfred b.1854 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Pilley, Arthur William b.1865 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Pilley, Elizabeth b.1826 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Pilley, Ellen b.1836 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Pilley, Emily b.1860 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Pilley, Frank b.1860 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Pilley, Henry Grimshaw b.1855 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Pilley, John b.1828 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Pilley, Jonathan b.1830 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Pilley, Joseph Grimshaw b.1825 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Pilley, Mary Grimshaw b.1825 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Pilley, Miriam b.1855 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Pilley, Richard b.1793 - Wenthorpe, Yorkshire
Pilley, Samuel b.1838 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Pilley, Sarah Ann b.1832 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Pilley, Sarah Grimshaw b.1851 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Pilley, Sarah Jane b.1870 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Pilley, Seth b.1858 - Calverley, Yorkshire


Pinder, Evelyn - Living


Pink, Ethel Mary c.1879 - Buriton, Hampshire
Pink, John b.1853 - Petersfield, Hampshire
Pink, William John c.1881 - Buriton, Hampshire


Pipe, Constance Daisy b.1874 - Hampstead, London
Pipe, Walter b.1844 - Theberton, Suffolk


Piper, Alice b.1875 - Camberwell, London
Piper, Ann M. b.1851 - Tooting Graveney, Surrey
Piper, Arthur James b.1852 - Lymington, Hampshire
Piper, Caroline b.1845 - Clapham, Surrey
Piper, Catherine b.1848 - Poole, Dorset
Piper, Edward b.1896 - Chelsea, London
Piper, Edward c.1818 - Wimborne Minster, Dorset
Piper, Edward George b.1872 - Camberwell, London
Piper, Edward George b.1874 - Battersea, London
Piper, Edward George b.1847 - Clapham, Surrey
Piper, Elaine - Living
Piper, Eliza Ann c.1816 - Wimborne Minster, Dorset
Piper, Eliza J. b.1850 - Clapham, Surrey
Piper, Flora Ann b.1847 - Parkstone, Dorset
Piper, Florence Gertrude b.1899 - Camberwell, London
Piper, Frank Wallis (nee Horn) b.1905 - Abbingdon, Oxfordshire
Piper, Frederick b.1884 - Camberwell, London
Piper, Frederick E. b.1856 - Southampton, Hampshire
Piper, Henry b.1882 - Tottenham, London
Piper, Henry James c.1827 - Wimborne Minster, Dorset
Piper, James b.1796 - Milton Abbas, Dorset
Piper, John -
Piper, Martha A. b.1841 - Kinson, Dorset
Piper, Mary m.1811 - Saint Nicholas, Brighton, Sussex
Piper, Mary Ann b.1840 - Kinson, Dorset
Piper, Olive Matilda b.1849 - Lymington, Hampshire
Piper, Rosina Wallis b.1845 - Parkstone, Dorset
Piper, William Frederick c.1823 - Wimborne Minster, Dorset


Pittman, Sarah m.1821 - Blandford Forum, Dorset


Pittock, Reene - Living


Place, Walter L. (See Notes) - Living


Plantagenet, Anne b.1383 - of Pleshey, Essex
Plantagenet, Edmund "Crouchback" b.1245 - London, Middlesex
Plantagenet, Edward "Black Prince" Prince of Wales b.1330 - Woodstock, Oxfordshire
Plantagenet, Eleanor b.1311 - Grismond Castle, Monmouthshire
Plantagenet, Henry b.1281 - of Grismond Castle, Monmouthshire
Plantagenet, Joan Countess of Kent b.1328 - Woodstock, Oxfordshire
Plantagenet, Phillipa b.1355 - Eltham Palace, Kent
Plantagenet, Thomas Prince of England b.1355 - Woodstock Palace, Oxfordshire


Plitt, Kyle Arthur - Living


Plowman, Kate b.1880 - Tidworth, Wiltshire
Plowman, Stephen b.1847 - Holdenhurst, Hampshire


Pluck, Margaret m.1854 -


Plumpton, Frances b.1698 - of Plumpton, Yorkshire
Plumpton, Martha m.1377 -
Plumpton, Robert -
Plumpton, William - Living


Pochin, Sarah b.1797 - of Morcott, Rutland


Pocklington, Rose Emily b.1831 - Overton, Lancashire


Podger, Olive Mary - Living


Polden, Richard -
Polden, Sarah c.1830 - Great Canford, Dorset


Pole, Anne m.1762 - Witchampton, Dorset


Polglase, Mary -


Pollard, Jane -


Pontifex, Edmund -
Pontifex, Edmund Alfred b.1828 - of London


Pontonio, Louis Charles - Living
Pontonio, Reno - Living


Poole, Jack d.1988 -
Poole, Nicola Ann - Living
Poole, Peter A. - Living
Poole, Simon Billing St Clair - Living
Poole, Wallter - Living


Poor, John -
Poor, Sarah Ann c.1820 - Tarrant Hinton, Dorset.


Poore, Eliza c.1832 - Moreton, Dorset


Pope, Richard m.1777 - Witchampton, Dorset


Port, Ann b.1786 - Privett, Hampshire
Port, Edward m.1858 - Buriton, Hampshire
Port, Emily c.1858 - Buriton, Hampshire
Port, Georgina Mary Anne b.1771 - of Ilam, Derbyshire
Port, William - Living


Portal, Adela b.1818 - Freefolk, Hampshire


Porteous, Scott - Living


Porter, Emma c.1800 - Winterbourne Whitechurch, Dorset
Porter, Joseph b.1748 - Abbey Milton, Dorset
Porter, Mabel Alice - Living


Portner, Oliver -


Potter, Anne c.1816 - Horton, Dorset
Potter, Charles c.1824 - Horton, Dorset
Potter, Emanuel -
Potter, John c.1807 - Horton, Dorset
Potter, Richard c.1803 - Horton, Dorset
Potter, Sarah Catherine Newton b.1830 - of Lambeth, London
Potter, Sarah Elizabeth b.1857 - Dorset
Potter, Thomas b.1850 - Longfleet, Dorset
Potter, Thomas -
Potter, William c.1820 - Horton, Dorset


Poulton, Jane - Living


Powell, Alice b.1885 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Powell, Catherine d.1783 -
Powell, Jake - Living
Powell, Lauren - Living
Powell, Mabel - Living
Powell, Mr -
Powell, Stuart - Living


Power, Anthony Stevens b.1841 - Bristol, Gloucestershire
Power, Florence Mary b.1871 - Bristol, Gloucestershire


Powling, Susan b.1801 - Suffolk


Prance, Elizabeth Mary Ann b.1862 - Dunmow, Essex (Jun qtr)


Prater, Christina b.1905 - Ogbourne
Prater, Mabel b.1893 -
Prater, Philippa b.1801 - Mawnan, Cornwall


Pratt, Ann b.1842 - Bramley, Yorkshire
Pratt, Benjamin Halliday b.1830 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Pratt, Charles W. m.1912 - district of Westhampnett, Sussex (Dec qtr)
Pratt, David -
Pratt, Elizabeth c.1794 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Pratt, Elizabeth c.1790 - Catherington, Hampshire
Pratt, Faith b.1849 - Bramley, Yorkshire
Pratt, Fred b.1859 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Pratt, George -
Pratt, Grace Ann c.1845 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Pratt, Hannah b.1830 - Bramley, Yorkshire
Pratt, Henry b.1814 -
Pratt, James b.1829 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Pratt, James m.1784 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Pratt, Jane b.1850 - Bramley, Yorkshire
Pratt, Jane -
Pratt, Jane b.1784 -
Pratt, John b.1836 - Bramley, Yorkshire
Pratt, John K. b.1854 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Pratt, Jonathan b.1845 - Bramley, Yorkshire
Pratt, Joseph b.1830 - Eccleshill, Yorkshire
Pratt, Joseph b.1834 - Bramley, Yorkshire
Pratt, Joseph b.1857 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Pratt, Margaret b.1820 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Pratt, Martha b.1832 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Pratt, Mary b.1857 - Eccleshill, Yorkshire
Pratt, Mary c.1788 - Catherington, Hampshire
Pratt, Samuel m.1828 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Pratt, Sarah b.1847 - Bramley, Yorkshire
Pratt, Sarah Ann b.1855 - Eccleshill, Yorkshire
Pratt, Thomas b.1804 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Pratt, Thomas -
Pratt, William b.1840 - Bramley, Yorkshire
Pratt, William b.1834 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Pratt, William c.1785 - Hambledon, Hampshire


Prendergast, Caroline Jane - Living
Prendergast, Donald - Living
Prendergast, Leslie - Living


Presser, Ernest -
Presser, Margaret Alice b.1909 - Stawell, Victoria, Australia


Pressley, Lynda J. - Living


Preston, Isabel b.1695 -


Pretty, Edward James b.1882 - Fisherton Anger
Pretty, Edward William b.1859 -
Pretty, Emma c.1863 - Downton, Wiltshire
Pretty, Emma b.1885 - Salisbury
Pretty, Frank b.1896 - Southampton
Pretty, Gertrude Rose b.1889 - Salisbury
Pretty, James -
Pretty, Marianne c.1861 - Downton, Wiltshire


price, Elma Rose m.1907 -


Price, Margaret b.1932 - district of Dartford, Kent (Dec qtr)
Price, Reginald F. - Living
Price, Sarah b.1850 - Tring, Herts.
Price, Sheila - Living


Primmer, Adelaide Mary Ann b.1875 - Camberwell, Surrey
Primmer, Sarah Key b.1843 - Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland
Primmer, William c.1820 - Saint Johns, Hackney, Middlesex


Prince, Charlotte b.1850 - Cranborne, Dorset.
Prince, George b.1842 - Gussage
Prince, James b.1848 - Gussage All Saints, Dorset
Prince, James b.1844 - Gussage All Saints
Prince, James b.1818 - Gussage All Saints, Dorset
Prince, James George b.1870 -
Prince, Richard -
Prince, Sarah b.1821 - Gussage All Saints


Prior, Linda Irene - Living


Pritchard, Matilda b.1846 - Clehonger, Herefordshire
Pritchard, Richard -


Privett, Mary Ann c.1823 - Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
Privett, William c.1783 - Bishops Waltham, Hampshire


Prothero, Brandon Scott - Living
Prothero, Charlotte Louise - Living
Prothero, Julie - Living
Prothero, Liam Richard b.1995 -
Prothero, Michael - Living
Prothero, Michelle - Living
Prothero, Paul - Living
Prothero, Ronald - Living
Prothero, Stephanie Jade - Living
Prothero, Tyrone Brett - Living
Prothero, William "Bill" Edward Leonard b.1932 -
Prothero, William Charles E. b.1906 -


Prout, Ellen Anne b.1865 - Bampton, Devon


Prowse, Blanche Julia b.1853 - district of Edmonton, Essex (Mar qtr)


Prowt, Betty m.1777 - Gussage All Saints, Dorset


Prunster, Rhonda Therese - Living


Puddicombe, Colin - Living
Puddicombe, David - Living
Puddicombe, Emma Jane - Living
Puddicombe, Gordon - Living
Puddicombe, Michael - Living
Puddicombe, Philip - Living
Puddicombe, RoseAnne - Living
Puddicombe, Stephen - Living


Pudge, Ellen Eliza b.1882 -


Pullan, Alice Adelaide b.1870 - Yeadon, Yorkshire


Purcell, Arthur H. b.1891 - St. Saviour, London
Purcell, Cecelia Rose May b.1894 - Newington, London
Purcell, Elizabeth b.1841 - Maidstone, Kent
Purcell, Jabez b.1845 - Maidstone, Kent
Purcell, Joseph George b.1870 - Rotherhithe, London
Purcell, Joseph Henry b.1848 - Maidstone, Kent
Purcell, Line b.1849 - Maidstone, Kent
Purcell, Reginald F.F. b.1892 - Newington, London
Purcell, Stanley J. b.1896 - Brockley, London
Purcell, Stella M. -
Purcell, William H. b.1817 - Wickham, Kent


Purdy, Aaron - Living
Purdy, Mr - Living


Purnell, Henry d.1921 -
Purnell, John William b.1897 - of NW London


Puttick, E. E. m.1938 -


Pyman, Belinda Louise - Living
Pyman, Brian Clive - Living
Pyman, David Thomas - Living
Pyman, Michael - Living
Pyman, Timothy James - Living


Quintana, Mr - Living


Radclyffe, Dorothy Maureen - Living


Radford, Kate Louisa b.1865 - Great Bradley, Suffolk


Raistrick, James - Living
Raistrick, John b.1810 - Idle, Yorkshire
Raistrick, John m.1804 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Raistrick, Nanny b.1806 - Idle, Yorkshire
Raistrick, William b.1808 - Idle, Yorkshire


Ramsden, Elizabeth m.1821 -


Randall, Jennifer Ann - Living
Randall, Mary Jane b.1827 - Church Knowle, Wareham, Dorset
Randall, Priscilla b.1797 -


Raner, Dorothy m.1602 - Guiseley, Yorkshire


Rapkins, David b.1869 - Croydon, Surrey
Rapkins, David b.1841 - Alton, Hampshire
Rapkins, Elizabeth b.1874 - Croydon, Surrey
Rapkins, Martha b.1872 - Croydon, Surrey
Rapkins, Mary Ann b.1890 - Croydon, Surrey


Rapley, Albert Ghoul b.1888 - Sunderland, Durham
Rapley, Edith Anne b.1917 - England
Rapley, Ethel May b.1912 - Sunderland, Durham
Rapley, Mary Ghoul b.1905 - Sunderland, Durham


Raw, Sarah Ann (See Notes) b.1832 - Otley, Yorkshire


Rawden, Mary E. (Rawding) m.1912 - district of Lincoln, Lincolnshire (Jun qtr)


Rawlings, Mary Ann -


Rayner, Christopher J. - Living
Rayner, Eric M. - Living
Rayner, Gillian M. - Living
Rayner, Jennifer M. - Living
Rayner, Robert M. - Living
Rayner, Ruth E. - Living
Rayner, Timothy R. - Living


Read, Aidan - Living
Read, Betty c.1758 - Shapwick, Dorset
Read, Bruce Campbell - Living
Read, Carolyn Joy - Living
Read, Catriona - Living
Read, David b.1843 - Greengates, Bradford, Yorkshire
Read, David m.1836 - Guiseley, Yorkshire
Read, Ellen m.1874 - Forest Row, Sussex
Read, Ian - Living
Read, James - Living
Read, Jane b.1815 -
Read, John b.1786 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Read, John b.1685 - Dorset, Uk
Read, Luke Campbell - Living
Read, Mary b.1711 - Dorset, Uk
Read, Mitchell - Living
Read, Neil Campbell - Living
Read, Thomas m.1753 - Shapwick, Dorset
Read, Thomas b.1648 - Dorset, Uk


Rebbeck, Mary c.1719 - Fisherton de la Mere,Wiltshire


Redfearn, James Michael - Living


Reed, Anne m.1778 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Reed, Elizabeth m.1816 - Iwerne Courtnay, Dorset
Reed, Ellen b.1876 - Steep, Hampshire
Reed, Frances b.1880 - Hawkley, Hampshire
Reed, John b.1871 - Steep, Hampshire
Reed, Maria b.1868 - Steep, Hampshire
Reed, Sarah b.1874 - Steep, Hampshire
Reed, Thomas b.1845 - Steep, Hampshire
Reed, William b.1866 - Steep, Hampshire


Reeves, Agnes c.1868 - Swanmore by Droxford, Hampshire
Reeves, Anne - Living
Reeves, Ethel b.1866 - Droxford, Hampshire
Reeves, Henry b.1829 - Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
Reeves, Leonard A. - Living
Reeves, Mary c.1686 -
Reeves, Robin - Living
Reeves, Robin - Living
Reeves, Susan - Living
Reeves, Thomas m.1680 - Urchfont, Wiltshire


Reinke, Ida -


Reitzenstein, Auguste -
Reitzenstein, Clara b.1811 - Leipzig?, Germany


Rendall, Frances b.1843 - East Chinnock, Somerset


Rendell, Alice May b.1901 -
Rendell, Charles Ernest A. b.1879 - Symondsbury, Dorset
Rendell, Elizabeth b.1865 - South Perrott, Dorset
Rendell, Emily b.1862 - South Perrott, Dorset
Rendell, Florance b.1877 - Chiedock, Dorset
Rendell, Frances Ellen b.1866 - Litton Cheney, Dorset (Dec qtr)
Rendell, Frederick Joseph b.1872 - Litton Cheney, Dorset
Rendell, George b.1870 - Litton Cheney, Dorset
Rendell, George b.1839 - Chedington, Dorset
Rendell, William b.1872 - Litton Cheney, Dorset


Renwick, Brandon Thomas - Living
Renwick, Mikaela Marie - Living
Renwick, Winton Thomas - Living


Reveley, Gordon Melville - Living


Reynolds, Albert (Alfred?) c.1865 - Widley, Hampshire
Reynolds, Herbert b.1878 - Widley, Hampshire
Reynolds, James George c.1867 - Widley, Hampshire
Reynolds, Jane b.1858 - Stockport, South Australia
Reynolds, Kate b.1864 - Potwell, Wymering, Hampshire
Reynolds, Louisa Ann c.1873 - Widley, Hampshire
Reynolds, Walter b.1871 - Widley, Hampshire
Reynolds, William c.1862 - Widley, Hampshire
Reynolds, William b.1841 - Romsey, Hampshire


Rhodes, Elizabeth b.1838 - Idle, Yorkshire
Rhodes, Esther ? b.1823 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Rhodes, Joseph b.1813 - Idle, Yorkshire
Rhodes, Mary Ann b.1844 - Idle, Yorkshire
Rhodes, Richard b.1849 - Idle, Yorkshire
Rhodes, William b.1853 - Idle, Yorkshire
Rhodes, William b.1846 - Idle, Yorkshire


Rice, Ada b.1879 - London, Middlesex
Rice, Bessie b.1880 - London, Middlesex
Rice, Emily b.1875 - London, Middlesex
Rice, Florence b.1877 - London, Middlesex
Rice, John b.1841 - Exeter, Devon (Dec qtr)
Rice, Walter b.1868 - Exeter, Devon
Rice, William b.1866 - Exeter, Devon


Rich, Mary Anne b.1795 - Scotland


Richards, Agnes Martina b.1855 - Northwood, Isle of Wight
Richards, Beatrice Mary b.1869 - West Cowes, Isle of Wight
Richards, Blanche Lydia Alice b.1886 - West Cowes, Isle of Wight
Richards, Charles John b.1879 - West Cowes, Isle of Wight
Richards, Elizabeth Ann b.1866 - West Cowes, Isle of Wight
Richards, Ethel May b.1884 - West Cowes, Isle of Wight
Richards, Florence Emily Agnes b.1873 - West Cowes, Isle of Wight
Richards, Frances b.1877 - West Cowes, Isle of Wight
Richards, George William b.1844 - Northwood, Isle of Wight (Dec qtr)
Richards, Henry Wilfred b.1850 - Northwood, Isle of Wight
Richards, Ida Winnie b.1887 - West Cowes, Isle of Wight
Richards, James Bernard b.1845 - Northwood, Isle of Wight
Richards, John Joseph b.1849 - Northwood, Isle of Wight
Richards, Lavinia Rose Alice b.1891 - West Cowes, Isle of Wight
Richards, Mabel b.1877 - West Cowes, Isle of Wight
Richards, Mary J. (Elizabeth) b.1842 - Northwood, Isle of Wight
Richards, Minnie Louisa b.1876 - West Cowes, Isle of Wight
Richards, Mr - Living
Richards, Sarah Ann b.1858 - Cowes, Isle of Wight
Richards, Sarah Lucy b.1853 - Northwood, Isle of Wight
Richards, Theresa b.1877 - West Cowes, Isle of Wight
Richards, William b.1816 - Totnes, Devon
Richards, William Bernard Henry b.1871 - Northwood, Isle of Wight
Richards, William Henry b.1865 - West Cowes, Isle of Wight


Richardson, Alice b.1865 - Iford, Sussex
Richardson, Anne c.1850 - Ilford, Sussex
Richardson, Catherine Jane c.1860 - Ilford, Sussex
Richardson, Charles William b.1863 - Ilford, Sussex
Richardson, Charlotte Amelia c.1855 - Ilford, Sussex
Richardson, Christine - Living
Richardson, David c.1856 - Ilford, Sussex
Richardson, David b.1816 - Ilford, Sussex
Richardson, Edward b.1826 - Washingley, Huntingdonshire
Richardson, Elizabeth Ellen c.1846 - Ilford, Sussex
Richardson, Emily Ruth b.1868 - Ilford, Sussex
Richardson, Fanny Eliza c.1846 - Ilford, Sussex
Richardson, Frederick John b.1853 - Ilford, Sussex
Richardson, James b.1786 - Ilford, Sussex
Richardson, Louisa Margaret c.1848 - Ilford, Sussex
Richardson, Mary Newton b.1854 - Ramsey, Huntingdonshire
Richardson, Samuel Newton b.1857 - Ramsey, Huntingdonshire
Richardson, Sarah Newton b.1858 - Ramsey, Huntingdonshire
Richardson, Zelpha c.1858 - Ilford, Sussex


Richey, Maude Janet b.1841 -


Richmond, Mary Ann b.1882 -


Rickard, Amy Anna b.1879 - Wimborne, Dorset (Mar qtr)
Rickard, child b.1913 - Sherborne, Dorset
Rickard, Edwin Joseph b.1874 - Wimborne, Dorset (Dec qtr)
Rickard, Elsie Emily b.1896 - St Pancras, London (Jun qtr)
Rickard, Frank Leslie -
Rickard, Frederick b.1845 - Dorchester, Dorset
Rickard, Frederick Victor b.1895 - St Pancras, London (Mar qtr)
Rickard, Helen Grace b.1884 - Sherborne, Dorset (Dec qtr)
Rickard, Martha Drew b.1871 - Wimborne, Dorset (Dec qtr)
Rickard, Mary Ann b.1854 - Dublin, Ireland
Rickard, Reginald Francis b.1887 - Sherborne, Dorset (Dec qtr)
Rickard, Reginald William F. b.1892 - St Pancras, London (Mar qtr)
Rickard, Richard Alexander b.1897 - St Pancras, London (Sep qtr)
Rickard, Sheila b.1922 - district of Sherborne, Dorset (Jun qtr)
Rickard, Susan M. b.1869 - Southampton, Hampshire
Rickard, William Frederick b.1867 - Southampton, Hampshire (Jun qtr)


Ricketts, Ada b.1864 - Shoreham, Sussex
Ricketts, Amelia c.1831 - Portsmouth, Hants. (St. Thomas)
Ricketts, Charles b.1848 - Horton
Ricketts, Dorcas b.1862 - Winterborne Stickland, Dorset (Jun qtr)
Ricketts, Edward A. b.1854 - Ireland
Ricketts, Edwin (Edward) James b.1848 - Portsea, Hampshire
Ricketts, Eliza b.1834 - Portsea.
Ricketts, Ellen b.1850 - Horton
Ricketts, Emma c.1828 - Portsmouth, Hants. (St. Thomas)
Ricketts, Frederick b.1845 - Horton
Ricketts, George W. b.1860 - Shoreham, Sussex
Ricketts, Gertrude Amelia b.1857 - Shoreham, Sussex
Ricketts, James b.1827 - Winterborne Stickland, Dorset
Ricketts, John b.1797 - Gloucester or Ireland
Ricketts, John James b.1842 - Portsea.
Ricketts, John Robert b.1838 - Southsea, Hampshire
Ricketts, Julia E. b.1848 - Ireland
Ricketts, Sarah Ann c.1824 - Chatham, Kent
Ricketts, Thomas b.1811 - Horton
Ricketts, William b.1816 - Fowey, Cornwall


Ridgeway, Eleanor Georgiana b.1867 - St. George Hanover Square, London (Dec qtr)
Ridgeway, Georgiana Barbara b.1871 - St. George Hanover Square, London (Mar qtr)
Ridgeway, Joseph b.1821 - Wallsuches, Bolton-le-Moors, Lancashire
Ridgeway, Thomas Francis Hastings b.1844 - St. George Hanover Square, London (Sep qtr)


Ridgway, Cicely Marguerite Willhelmina b.1848 - Shipbourne, Kent (Sep qtr)


Ridley, Mary m.1834 -


Rigby, Katherine Fanny b.1845 - Liverpool, Lancashire


Riggs, Alice Sarah c.1871 - Hilton, Dorset
Riggs, Ann c.1848 - Hilton, Dorset
Riggs, Beatrice A. b.1885 - Langton Long, Dorset
Riggs, Charles c.1824 - Hilton, Dorset
Riggs, Charles Frederick T. b.1876 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Riggs, David b.1850 - Puddletown, Dorset
Riggs, Dorothy Eva E. -
Riggs, Edith b.1882 - Langton Long, Dorset
Riggs, Edward C. b.1897 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Riggs, Eli J or F b.1887 - Whitechurch, Dorset (Dec qtr)
Riggs, Elizabeth b.1818 - Cheselbourne
Riggs, Elizabeth Mary b.1880 - Langton Long, Dorset
Riggs, Elizabeth Tompkins b.1814 - Newlyn West, Penzance, Cornwall
Riggs, Flossie Eva b.1890 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Riggs, Frederick b.1846 - Aller, Hilton, Dorset
Riggs, Frederick George b.1899 - Branksome, Dorset (Jun qtr)
Riggs, Gertrude E. b.1893 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Riggs, Ivy W. b.1899 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Riggs, James b.1793 - Hilton, Dorset
Riggs, James Albert c.1868 - Hilton, Dorset
Riggs, Jane c.1785 - Dewlish, Dorset
Riggs, John -
Riggs, Mary Ann b.1886 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Riggs, miss - Living
Riggs, Reginald -
Riggs, Robert b.1888 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Riggs, Thomas -
Riggs, Thomas b.1826 - Cheselbourne
Riggs, Walter H. b.1895 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Riggs, William b.1878 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Riggs, William b.1850 - Ansty, Hilton, Dorset


Riley, 3 children - Living
Riley, John Francis - Living
Riley, Joseph -
Riley, Martha Susanna b.1822 -


Ripley, May m.1911 - district of Havant, Hampshire (Mar qtr)


Ripp, Edith Jane b.1857 - Stepney, London
Ripp, William b.1832 - Child Okeford, Dorset


Robb, Alex J. b.1860 - Rondebosch, South Africa
Robb, Gwendoline Constance b.1890 - Rondebosch, South Africa


Robbens, Florence b.1898 - Bermondsey, London


Roberts, Agnes Harriet b.1880 - Paddock Wood, Kent
Roberts, Alfred b.1874 - West Ham, London.
Roberts, Amelia b.1850 - Chelsea, Middlesex
Roberts, Ann b.1830 -
Roberts, Ann or Polly -
Roberts, Charles c.1822 - Ringwood, Hampshire
Roberts, Charles George b.1886 - Woodsford, Dorset
Roberts, Charles James b.1849 - Burgate, Hants.
Roberts, Charles William Stephen b.1882 - Tonbridge, Kent
Roberts, Cicely Ann b.1855 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Roberts, Edith Jane c.1869 - Affpuddle, Dorset
Roberts, Edith Maria b.1872 - Plaistow, Essex.
Roberts, Eleanor "Ellen" c.1824 - Ringwood, Hampshire
Roberts, Elizabeth Fanny b.1855 - West Harnham, Wiltshire
Roberts, Emanuel Stephen c.1859 - Affpuddle, Dorset
Roberts, Emily Beatrice b.1884 - Woodsford, Dorset
Roberts, Emily Elizabeth b.1867 - St Marylebone, London
Roberts, Fanny c.1826 - Ringwood, Hampshire
Roberts, Florence Emma (Floss) b.1879 - Paddock Wood, Kent
Roberts, Frederick James b.1899 - Barry, Cardif, Wales
Roberts, Frederick William b.1864 -
Roberts, George b.1847 - Burgate, Hants
Roberts, Gregory Alan - Living
Roberts, Herbert William b.1890 - Cadoxton, Glamorgan, Wales
Roberts, Hilda Grace b.1904 - Tonbridge, Kent
Roberts, Ivy b.1901 - Tonbridge, Kent
Roberts, Jessie Caroline Lavinia b.1893 - Tonbridge, Kent
Roberts, Josiah -
Roberts, Maria b.1853 - Old Harnham, Wiltshire
Roberts, Maria Ritta c.1857 - Piddletrenthide, Dorset
Roberts, Mary b.1846 - Fareham, Hampshire
Roberts, Mary J. b.1875 - Donhead St Andrew, Dorset
Roberts, Percy George b.1884 - Tonbridge, Kent
Roberts, Samuel b.1786 - Hampshire
Roberts, Sidney b.1861 - Bryanspuddle, Dorset
Roberts, Sidney John b.1889 - Cadoxton, Glamorgan, Wales
Roberts, Susan Ann b.1879 - Kingston, Victoria, Australia
Roberts, Thomas H. b.1895 - Barry, Glamorgan, Wales
Roberts, William c.1818 - Ringwood, Hampshire


Robertson, Anne MacKenzie b.1772 - Liverpool, Lancashire
Robertson, Cora d.1999 -
Robertson, Sylvia Marion Daisy Estelle b.1886 -


Robertson-Aikman, Hugh Harry DL JP b.1866 - of The Manor, Dunton Bassett, Leics.
Robertson-Aikman, Myrtle Joan b.1909 - district of Lutterworth, Leicester (Sep qtr)


Robeson, Aaron Lindsay - Living
Robeson, Drew Ashley - Living
Robeson, Kara Gabrielle - Living
Robeson, Lindsay Arthur - Living
Robeson, Shane Timothy - Living


Robins, John - Living


Robinson, Alice Louisa c.1864 - Farlington, Hampshire (St Andrew)
Robinson, Charles b.1872 - Farlington or Havant, Hampshire
Robinson, Eleanor b.1803 - Idle, Yorkshire
Robinson, Elizabeth b.1862 - Farlington, Hampshire
Robinson, Emily Mary b.1865 - Farlington, Hampshire
Robinson, Ethel Victoria - Living
Robinson, Frank b.1871 -
Robinson, George b.1844 - Croydon, Surrey
Robinson, George c.1869 - Farlington, Hampshire (St Andrew)
Robinson, James -
Robinson, Joseph -
Robinson, Laura Ann c.1868 - Farlington, Hampshire (St Andrew)
Robinson, Martha Ann m.1867 - district of Bradford, Yorkshire (Jun qtr)
Robinson, Robert b.1782 -
Robinson, Sarah m.1827 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Robinson, William b.1826 -
Robinson, William Henry c.1867 - Farlington, Hampshire (St Andrew)


Rodgers, James m.1882 -


Roffey, Patience b.1796 - Coulsdon, Surrey
Roffey, Richard -


Rogers, Barbara Mavis - Living
Rogers, Barry - Living
Rogers, Elizabeth b.1855 - Southampton, Hampshire
Rogers, Simeon b.1860 - Pudsey, Yorkshire
Rogers, Violetta b.1884 - Greengates, Yorkshire


Rolles, Mary Ann (See Notes) b.1796 - Dorset


Rollinson, Barbara Joy - Living


Rolls, John b.1815 - Milton Abbas, Dorset
Rolls, Louisa b.1848 - Milton Abbas, Dorset


Ronan, Jessica Paige Keeffe - Living
Ronan, Shane Lee - Living


Ronayne, Sarah b.1865 - Country Cork, Ireland


Ronson, John - Living


Rooke, George b.1836 -
Rooke, Michael -
Rooke, Susannah Georgina c.1859 - Christchurch, Hampshire


Rose, Alfred Charles b.1873 - Sturminster Marshall, Dorset
Rose, Audrey Adelaide - Living
Rose, Bessie Annie b.1899 - Milton Abbas, Dorset
Rose, Eliza b.1821 - Alverstoke, Hampshire
Rose, James -
Rose, James b.1809 - Millbrook, Hampshire


Roseman, John - Living


Ross, Alec - Living
Ross, Alfred James - Living
Ross, Clara m.1911 - Southwick, Hampshire
Ross, Martha b.1795 -


Roud, Ethel May - Living
Roud, Thomas - Living


Roundhill, Nanny c.1803 - Guiseley, Yorkshire
Roundhill, Samuel -


Rourke, Maryanne b.1828 - Dublin, Ireland


Rout, Greg - Living
Rout, Robert - Living
Rout, Sonja - Living


Roux, Francois - Living
Roux, Paul - Living
Roux, Theunis - Living


Rowe, 10 other children -
Rowe, Amber Leslie - Living
Rowe, Amy Christina - Living
Rowe, Beverly Joyce - Living
Rowe, Brent James - Living
Rowe, Clive John - Living
Rowe, Demi Maisey - Living
Rowe, Douglas Nicholas - Living
Rowe, Edward - Living
Rowe, Edward Heesom b.1874 -
Rowe, Elaine June b.1936 - Geraldton, Western Australia
Rowe, Enid Ruth - Living
Rowe, Gregory John - Living
Rowe, Hannah b.1816 - Taunton, Somerset
Rowe, Hazel Gertrude - Living
Rowe, Herbert Walter - Living
Rowe, Hugh b.1760 -
Rowe, Hugh b.1796 -
Rowe, Isaac Stephen - Living
Rowe, Ivy Margaret - Living
Rowe, Jessie Patrick - Living
Rowe, John Heesom - Living
Rowe, Joseph b.1834 -
Rowe, Joseph James - Living
Rowe, Julie Ann - Living
Rowe, Keith Reginald - Living
Rowe, Leslie William - Living
Rowe, Lizzie Lugstin - Living
Rowe, Lyn Adel - Living
Rowe, Mark Andrew - Living
Rowe, Mitchell Andrew - Living
Rowe, Myrtle Adelaide - Living
Rowe, Peter Leslie b.1958 -
Rowe, Stephen James - Living
Rowe, Tara - Living
Rowe, William Shenton b.1914 - Geraldton, Western Australia


Rowsell, Rianna Lea - Living
Rowsell, Shevaun Helen - Living
Rowsell, Wesley - Living


Royer, Violet Morris b.1900 -


Rozos, Panagiotis - Living
Rozos, Zoë - Living
Rozos, Zora - Living


Rubie, Harriet Susan b.1813 - Brighton, West Sussex
Rubie, John m.1811 - Saint Nicholas, Brighton, Sussex


Rumary, Charlotte b.1839 - Worth, Sussex
Rumary, Elizabeth c.1848 - West Hoathly, Sussex
Rumary, George John -
Rumary, George John b.1836 - Rotherford, Sussex
Rumary, George John b.1812 - Heathfield (Hartfield?), Sussex
Rumary, Henry c.1854 - West Hoathly, Sussex
Rumary, Richard c.1841 - Worth, Sussex
Rumary, Robert c.1845 - West Hoathly, Sussex


Rushton, Christiana b.1793 - Bradford Quaker Meeting, Bradford, Yorkshire
Rushton, James m.1793 - Bradford Quaker Meeting, Bradford, Yorkshire
Rushton, Rachel b.1796 - Rawden, Guiseley, Yorkshire


Russell, Andrew b.1848 - Corscombe, Dorset
Russell, Ann b.1840 - of Cavan, Durham County, Ontario, Canada
Russell, April Margaret - Living
Russell, Arthur Bernard (Bardy) b.1883 -
Russell, Barbara Winifred - Living
Russell, Beatrice b.1254 -
Russell, Bertha Emma b.1895 - St Giles (district), London
Russell, Brian Francis Bedford b.1912 - Malvern, Victoria, Australia
Russell, Edwin Alban John b.1872 - Hampstead, London (Mar qtr)
Russell, Edwin Wensley b.1830 - Westminster, London
Russell, Eila Mary - Living
Russell, Elizabeth Wensley b.1908 - London, Uk
Russell, Emma b.1833 - Westminster, London
Russell, Frances Lydia b.1869 - Coker, Somerset
Russell, Garrett John Bedford - Living
Russell, George b.1875 - East Coker, Somerset
Russell, Henry (Harry) Allan Wensley b.1878 - Sandown, Isle of Wight (Sep qtr)
Russell, Honor Kate b.1877 - East Coker, Somerset
Russell, James b.1871 - East Coker, Somerset
Russell, James m.1747 - Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Russell, James b.1753 - Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Russell, James b.1789 - St. Pancras, London
Russell, Jeanette Winifred - Living
Russell, Jennifer Wanda - Living
Russell, Joseph -
Russell, Laurence James E. b.1870 - Hampstead, London (Dec qtr)
Russell, Leslie "Peter" Gathorne Bedford b.1914 - Malvern, Victoria, Australia
Russell, Leslie Frederick b.1881 - Sandhurst, Victoria, Australia
Russell, Lynette - Living
Russell, Margaret Erina - Living
Russell, Margaret Pottar Guthrie b.1878 - Kirkwall, Scotland
Russell, Michael Kenric Bedford - Living
Russell, Phyllis - Living
Russell, Prudence Bedford - Living
Russell, Roslyn Murray - Living
Russell, Stephen John b.1874 - Marylebone, London
Russell, William Alban (See Notes) b.1828 - of Soho, London
Russell, William Francis W. b.1867 - Hampstead, London (Dec qtr)


Rutter, Mr -


Ryther, Isabella b.1436 - Ryther, Yorkshire
Ryther, William b.1350 - Castle Ryther, Yorkshire
Ryther, William b.1379 - Castle Harewood, Yorkshire
Ryther, William b.1405 - Castle Harewood, Yorkshire


Sadler, Eleanor m.1904 - St. Luke, Old Street, Middlesex


Safe, Desmond b.1918 -
Safe, Gillian Christine - Living


Sagar, Nancy b.1801 -

Saint Maur

Saint Maur, Ann m.1155 -
Saint Maur, John - Living


Salmon, Christopher b.1845 - Lawshall, Suffolk
Salmon, James Christopher b.1881 - Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk
Salmon, Violet E. - Living


Saltmarsh, William b.1794 - Woodstock, Oxford
Saltmarsh, William Edward b.1836 -


Samways, William - Living


Sandall, Elizabeth m.1721 -


Sandbach, Margaret Harriett b.1846 - Tarvin, Cheshire


Sandells, Derek Gordon - Living
Sandells, Emma Jade - Living
Sandells, Grace Helen - Living
Sandells, Kevin - Living
Sandells, Kevin b.1960 - South Perth, Western Australia
Sandells, Noeline - Living


Sandiford, Elizabeth b.1870 - East Chinnock, Somerset
Sandiford, Henry b.1868 - East Chinnock, Somerset
Sandiford, Henry b.1842 - East Chinnock, Somerset
Sandiford, John b.1867 - East Chinnock, Somerset
Sandiford, Sarah Jane b.1865 - East Chinnock, Somerset (Jun qtr)


Sandy, Flora b.1836 - Edmonsham, Dorset.


Sanitpan, Priah - Living


Sansom, Edith c.1847 - Easton, Portland, Dorset
Sansom, Fanny Ellen Louisa c.1872 - Winterbourne Stickland, Dorset
Sansom, George -
Sansom, Gladys - Living
Sansom, Henry c.1845 - Easton, Portland, Dorset
Sansom, Jack - Living
Sansom, Jane c.1842 - Easton, Portland, Dorset
Sansom, Jane c.1815 - Piddletrenthide, Dorset
Sansom, Jeremiah c.1834 - Easton, Portland, Dorset
Sansom, John - Living
Sansom, Joseph Hoskins c.1832 - Easton, Portland, Dorset
Sansom, Martha Hoskins c.1841 - Easton, Portland, Dorset
Sansom, Mary Jane c.1836 - Easton, Portland, Dorset
Sansom, Sarah Ann c.1838 - Easton, Portland, Dorset
Sansom, Susanna c.1837 - Easton, Portland, Dorset
Sansom, Thomas c.1807 - Portland, Dorset
Sansom, Thomas m.1871 - Puddletown, Parish Register.
Sansom, Thomas Henry c.1839 - Easton, Portland, Dorset
Sansom, William -
Sansom, William c.1831 - Easton, Portland, Dorset
Sansom, William - Living


Sargeant, Ann b.1801 - Witchampton, Dorset
Sargeant, Jane c.1860 - Iwerne Minster, Dorset


Sargent, George b.1852 - Iwerne Minster, Dorset
Sargent, Harriett Jane c.1856 - Iwerne Minster, Dorset
Sargent, Henry b.1849 - Iwerne Minster, Dorset
Sargent, Jemima Elizabeth c.1858 - Tollard Royal, Wiltshire
Sargent, William b.1823 - Woodcutts, Wiltshire


Saunders, Arthur George m.1906 - district of Lambeth, London (Jun qtr)
Saunders, Constance Edith b.1904 - Kingston, Surrey
Saunders, Godfrey -
Saunders, Kellie Lee - Living
Saunders, Lisa - Living
Saunders, Margaret -
Saunders, Russell John - Living
Saunders, Winifred Florence b.1906 -


Savage, Georgina b.1890 - Battersea, London
Savage, John Edward -
Savage, John Edward b.1857 - Westminster, London
Savage, Julia b.1887 - Battersea, London
Savage, Nellie b.1899 - Battersea, London


Savile, Anne Sarah Elizabeth - Living
Savile, John Raphael Wentworth 7th Earl of Mexborough b.1906 -


Saw, Mr - Living


Scorey, Peter b.1785 - Fawley Common, Hampshire
Scorey, Sarah Ann c.1824 - Lymington, Hampshire


Scorfield, Elizabeth - Living


Scott, Carol - Living
Scott, Dora Caroline b.1842 - London
Scott, Eliza c.1832 - Gussage St Andrews, Dorset
Scott, John b.1830 - London, Middlesex
Scott, John b.1796 - Cranbourne, Dorset
Scott, June - Living
Scott, Margaret Elizabeth m.1875 -
Scott, Patience -


Scotton, Mary -


Scourfield, Nygel - Living


Scovell, Margaret A. - Living


Scriven, Alyson - Living
Scriven, Charlotte b.1801 - Ilton, Somerset
Scriven, James - Living
Scriven, Kenneth - Living


Searle, Archie - Living
Searle, Elsie V. - Living
Searle, Lillian - Living
Searle, Mr - Living


Sebbes, Mr - Living


Serpell, Reginald - Living


Seward, Elizabeth b.1874 - Lower Holker, Lancashire (Jun qtr)
Seward, Harriet b.1870 - Lower Holker, Bradford, Yorkshire
Seward, Mary Ann b.1824 - Durweston, Dorset
Seward, William b.1838 - Wittington, Lancashire


Seymour, Jane Elizabeth c.1860 - Buriton, Hampshire
Seymour, Richard Hill c.1861 - Buriton, Hampshire
Seymour, Richard Hill m.1858 - Portsea, Hampshire (Dec qtr)


Shackleton, Albert b.1880 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Shackleton, Karen Louise - Living
Shackleton, Philip John "Shack" b.1942 - Ilkley, Yorkshire
Shackleton, Thomas Hardy b.1912 - Horton, Bradford, Yorkshire


Shambler, Augustus b.1846 - Boldre, Hampshire
Shambler, George b.1815 - Christchurch, Hampshire
Shambler, Julia c.1850 - Bransgore, Hampshire
Shambler, Mary b.1841 - Pilly, Lymington, Hampshire


Shank, Lenora Dariene - Living


Sharpe, Jacqueline R. - Living


Sharples, Ruth - Living


Sharrock, Anthony - Living
Sharrock, Caitlin Amy - Living


Shave, Mary Ann m.1871 - Lymington, Hampshire


Shaw, Adam Domonic - Living
Shaw, Annette Marie - Living
Shaw, Barbara Joyce b.1947 - Geraldton, Western Australia
Shaw, Dorothy Lynette - Living
Shaw, Harold Robert -
Shaw, Harold Robert b.1911 - Australia
Shaw, John -
Shaw, Lewis b.1848 - York, Yorkshire
Shaw, Lucy Sarah b.1913 - Geraldton, Western Australia
Shaw, Maria b.1845 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Shaw, Merelyn May - Living
Shaw, Nicolette Adel - Living
Shaw, Peter - Living
Shaw, Robert George - Living
Shaw, Robert Paul - Living
Shaw, Valerie Jean - Living
Shaw, William b.1823 - York, Yorkshire


Shears, Ann c.1832 - Southwick, Hampshire
Shears, Caroline b.1836 - Southwick, Hampshire
Shears, George (Shiers) c.1829 - Southwick, Hampshire
Shears, James c.1844 - Widley, Hampshire
Shears, Jane c.1842 - Widley, Hampshire
Shears, Louisa c.1839 - Wymering, Hampshire
Shears, Stephen c.1834 - Southwick, Hampshire
Shears, William (Shiers) c.1827 - Southwick, Hampshire


Sheen, Albert Richard b.1874 - New Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire
Sheen, Edith May b.1902 -


Sheers, William b.1781 - Hampshire


Sheffield, Elwyn - Living
Sheffield, Frances m.1607 - Bolton Percy, Yorkshire
Sheffield, Lynn Sharon - Living
Sheffield, Ronald - Living


Shepherd, Frances m.1816 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
Shepherd, Hannah -
Shepherd, Margaret b.1776 - Dorset


Shepherdson, William b.1710 - of Farndale, Yorkshire


Shergold, Jane m.1680 - Urchfont, Wiltshire


Sherlock, Fanny b.1887 - district of Tunbridge, Kent (Dec qtr)
Sherlock, Mary Anne b.1823 - South Newton, Wilts.
Sherlock, Thomas -


Sherrington, Ellen Louise b.1879 - Selsey, Sussex
Sherrington, Joseph b.1858 - Selsey, Sussex


Sherry, Bertram James b.1887 - Sydling St Nicholas, Dorset (Mar qtr)
Sherry, Ernest Joseph b.1892 - Sydling St Nicholas, Dorset (Sep qtr)
Sherry, Gladys Louise b.1895 - Sydling St Nicholas, Dorset (Dec qtr)
Sherry, Joseph b.1851 - Buckland Newton, Dorset
Sherry, Leslie Robert b.1891 - Sydling St Nicholas, Dorset (Sep qtr)
Sherry, Percival Hallett b.1885 - Sydling St Nicholas, Dorset (Dec qtr)
Sherry, Tom Henry b.1889 - Sydling St Nicholas, Dorset (Mar qtr)


Shervington, Arthur Peter m.1903 - district of Hendon, Middlesex (Sep qtr)
Shervington, Caroline Faith - Living
Shervington, Diana Clare - Living
Shervington, Evelyn Arthur - Living
Shervington, Jake Henry - Living
Shervington, Piers Edward - Living
Shervington, Rupert Patrick b.1916 - district of Hendon, Middlesex
Shervington, Ruth Diana - Living


Sheske, Amy - Living
Sheske, Chad - Living
Sheske, Doug - Living


Shewman, Fanny Reddom -


Shipton, Charles b.1850 - Broadwinsor, Dorset
Shipton, Hannah b.1837 - Broadwinsor, Dorset
Shipton, James b.1803 - Sherborne, Dorset
Shipton, Jane b.1841 - Broadwinsor, Dorset
Shipton, Rose Emma b.1857 - Broadwinsor, Dorset
Shipton, Sarah b.1831 - Broadwinsor, Dorset


Shires, Albert - Living
Shires, Betty - Living
Shires, John m.1856 - district of Bradford, Yorkshire
Shires, Robert Gathorne b.1872 - Horsforth, Yorkshire (Jun qtr)


Shoebridge, Anna b.1767 -
Shoebridge, Bertha b.1886 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, Charlotte b.1871 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, Edward Kennard b.1850 -
Shoebridge, Elizabeth b.1877 -
Shoebridge, Florence b.1882 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, Harriet b.1876 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, Harriet b.1844 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, Harriet b.1816 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, Helen b.1875 -
Shoebridge, Hester b.1876 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, Hester b.1841 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, James b.1832 -
Shoebridge, Jane b.1829 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, Jane b.1812 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, Jasper b.1834 -
Shoebridge, Jesse b.1827 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, Jesse b.1776 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, John b.1773 -
Shoebridge, John b.1877 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, John b.1835 -
Shoebridge, John b.1803 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, John (Shewbridge) b.1738 - Rotherfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, Joseph b.1874 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, Joseph b.1838 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, Laura b.1880 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, Letty b.1771 -
Shoebridge, Mary b.1805 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, Mary ??? b.1767 -
Shoebridge, Mary Ann b.1819 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, Ned b.1886 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, Philadelphia b.1764 -
Shoebridge, Philadelphia b.1808 - Hartfield, Sussex.
Shoebridge, Samuel ??? b.1770 -
Shoebridge, Sarah b.1806 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, William b.1864 - Bishop Stortford, Hertford


Shoesmith, Hannah c.1816 - Halifax, Yorkshire
Shoesmith, John m.1814 - Halifax, Yorkshire
Shoesmith, Sarah c.1818 - Halifax, Yorkshire


Short, Brenda b.1941 -
Short, Jane Hassard b.1814 -
Short, Mary b.1930 - Abbingdon, Oxon
Short, Sarah b.1795 - Gussage All Saints, Dorset


Shrubs, Martha b.1760 -


Shulkins, Vera b.1908 - Portsmouth, Hampshire


Sibley, Georgiana b.1849 - Sturminster Marshall, Dorset
Sibley, Richard -


Sidaway, Emily - Living
Sidaway, Mr - Living
Sidaway, Victoria - Living


Siderfin, Hannah Elizabeth b.1857 - Stamford, Lincolnshire


Sidford, Steven William d.1946 -


Sillern, Miss - Living


Silver, Anne b.1714 - of South Warnborough, Hampshire
Silver, John -


Silvester, Alfred b.1867 - Brighton, Sussex
Silvester, Arthur b.1858 - Brighton, Sussex
Silvester, Ernest b.1876 - Brighton, Sussex
Silvester, Flora b.1874 - Brighton, Sussex
Silvester, Frederick b.1865 - Brighton, Sussex
Silvester, Harry b.1869 - Brighton, Sussex
Silvester, John -
Silvester, John b.1854 - Brighton, Sussex
Silvester, John Milbourn Bloom b.1824 - Southampton, Hampshire
Silvester, Julia b.1863 - Brighton, Sussex
Silvester, Milbourn (Sylvester) b.1871 - Brighton (Gro district)
Silvester, William b.1861 - Brighton, Sussex


Simmons, James b.1881 - Maidstone, Kent.
Simmons, John Fletcher -
Simmons, Mabel b.1893 - Maidstone, Kent.
Simmons, Robert b.1849 - Gillingham, Kent
Simmons, Sarah b.1880 - Maidstone, Kent.


Simons, Emma b.1848 -
Simons, Sarah m.1782 - St Mary's, Portsea, Hampshire


Simpkin, Amanda - Living
Simpkin, Jessica - Living
Simpkin, Natalie - Living
Simpkin, Ronald - Living


Simpson, Alice Maud b.1869 - Brompton, London
Simpson, Anne Maria -
Simpson, Charles b.1853 -
Simpson, David Mills - Living
Simpson, Matthew - Living
Simpson, Vanessa - Living


Sims, Ann b.1751 - Moor Crichell, Dorset
Sims, Charles E.G. - Living
Sims, Marilyn - Living


Simson, Alford b.1857 - Brampton Square, London
Simson, Rupert b.1887 - Brampton Square, London


Sinclair-Loutit, Kenneth William Cripps M.B.E. - Living
Sinclair-Loutit, Nicolette - Living


Sixer, Emma b.1851 - Stratford, Essex


Skegg, Kate b.1883 -


Skerne, Billie - Living


Slade, Ann m.1752 - Wells Cathedral, Wells, Somerset


Slement, Amelia Mary - Living
Slement, Ellen (See Notes) - Living
Slement, James A. - Living
Slement, William m.1902 - Freemantle church, Southampton, Hampshire


Sly, Hazel - Living


Small, Harriet "Mary" b.1814 - Wickham, Hampshire
Small, Mary m.1784 - Shapwick, Dorset
Small, Sarah m.1843 - Saint Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire


Smart, Alan James - Living
Smart, Ann c.1787 - Gussage All Saints, Dorset
Smart, Anne c.1815 - Gussage All Saints, Dorset
Smart, Diana c.1822 - Gussage All Saints, Dorset
Smart, Erith c.1836 - Gussage All Saints, Dorset
Smart, Jane c.1825 - Gussage All Saints, Dorset
Smart, John c.1798 - Gussage All Saints, Dorset
Smart, John Thomas c.1778 - Gussage All Saints, Dorset
Smart, John Thomas m.1777 - Gussage All Saints, Dorset
Smart, Mary c.1817 - Gussage All Saints, Dorset
Smart, Reuben c.1828 - Gussage All Saints, Dorset
Smart, Robert b.1790 - Gussage All Saints, Dorset
Smart, Susan b.1819 - Gussage All Saints, Dorset
Smart, William Prowt c.1780 - Gussage All Saints, Dorset


Smedley, James Robert - Living
Smedley, Robert - Living


Smethurst, Richard -
Smethurst, Richard b.1824 - of Ellerbeck, Lancashire


Smigelski, Ashley - Living
Smigelski, Jennifer - Living
Smigelski, Lisa - Living
Smigelski, Tom - Living

Smith or Stier

Smith or Stier, Sidney - Living
Smith or Stier, Sylvia - Living


Smith, Abel Gould c.1822 - St Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire
Smith, Abel Gould c.1823 - St Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire
Smith, Abel Gould c.1797 - St Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire
Smith, Albert b.1889 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Smith, Alexander c.1814 - Saint Martin In The Fields, Westminster, London
Smith, Alexander b.1786 - Devon
Smith, Alexander James John c.1832 - Saint Martin In The Fields, Westminster, London
Smith, Alice Edith c.1837 - Saint Martin In The Fields, Westminster, London
Smith, Alice M. b.1890 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Smith, Ann Rachael c.1827 - St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey
Smith, Arthur m.1942 - district of Bournemouth, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Smith, Arthur Henry Whitehorn c.1850 - Saint John, Portsea, Hampshire
Smith, Benjamin b.1879 - Southsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire
Smith, Betsy b.1842 - St. Martin, Westminster, London
Smith, Charles b.1877 - Southsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire
Smith, Charles Pear b.1837 - St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey
Smith, Clara Jessie c.1835 - Saint Martin In The Fields, Westminster, London
Smith, Craig - Living
Smith, Edward b.1843 - St. Martin, Westminster, London
Smith, Edward b.1879 - Buriton, Hampshire
Smith, Edward b.1847 - St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey
Smith, Eliza Ann c.1830 - St Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire
Smith, Eliza Parker b.1866 - Bermondsey, London
Smith, Elizabeth b.1850 - Whippingham, Isle of Wight
Smith, Elizabeth c.1815 - Saint Martin In The Fields, Westminster, London
Smith, Elizabeth b.1818 - Rawden, Yorkshire
Smith, Elizabeth c.1791 - St Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire
Smith, Elizabeth b.1785 - Ropley, Hampshire
Smith, Elizabeth Mary c.1831 - St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey
Smith, Ellen b.1862 - Newport, Isle of Wight (Sep qtr)
Smith, Elsie "Freda" - Living
Smith, Emily Sarah b.1840 - St. Martin, Westminster, London
Smith, Frank b.1869 - Winchester, Hampshire
Smith, Frederick b.1844 - St. Martin, Westminster, London
Smith, Frederick b.1887 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Smith, George -
Smith, George b.1848 - Berks. ???
Smith, George b.1884 - Northampton
Smith, George Horace b.1874 - Bristol, Somerset
Smith, Georgina b.1853 - Newport, Isle of Wight (Mar qtr)
Smith, Georgina b.1885 -
Smith, Hannah b.1836 - Mapledurham, Oxford
Smith, Harriet b.1846 - St. Martin, Westminster, London
Smith, Harriet Walker c.1823 - Saint Martin In The Fields, Westminster, London
Smith, Harriett b.1877 -
Smith, Harry c.1849 - St Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire
Smith, Harry b.1873 - Southsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire
Smith, Henry b.1857 - Newport, Isle of Wight (Sep qtr)
Smith, Henry Jennings c.1830 - St Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire
Smith, Herbert b.1867 - Stepney, London, Middlesex
Smith, Hilda Violet b.1904 -
Smith, Jane (See Notes) b.1842 - Oxford
Smith, Jane Adelaide c.1830 - Saint Martin In The Fields, Westminster, London
Smith, Jeremiah c.1790 - St Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire
Smith, Jeremiah b.1762 - of Portsmouth
Smith, Jeremiah c.1821 - St Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire
Smith, Jeremiah c.1825 - St Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire
Smith, Jeremiah Gould c.1800 - St Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire
Smith, Jessie b.1866 - London
Smith, John b.1828 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Smith, John c.1795 - St Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire
Smith, John b.1821 - England
Smith, John - Living
Smith, John "Joseph" Robert c.1827 - St Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire
Smith, Joseph b.1803 - Mapledurham, Oxford
Smith, Kate Elizabeth c.1851 - St Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire
Smith, Leonard Thomas b.1882 - South Africa ?
Smith, Lisa - Living
Smith, Louisa Amelia Jane - Living
Smith, Lucy b.1811 - Portsea, Hants.
Smith, Lydia b.1860 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Smith, Margaret Ann b.1837 - Westleton, Suffolk
Smith, Maria b.1838 - St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey
Smith, Martha b.1860 - Selsey, Sussex
Smith, Mary b.1838 - St. Martin, Westminster, London
Smith, Mary b.1769 - Cheriton, Hampshire
Smith, Mary Ann b.1840 - Beech Hill, Reading, Berkshire
Smith, Mary Daisy b.1880 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Smith, Mary Jane b.1802 - Portsea, Hampshire
Smith, Mary Susanna c.1825 - St Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire
Smith, Melinda Rose - Living
Smith, Michael b.1796 - Bermondsey, Surrey
Smith, miss - Living
Smith, Peter b.1857 - Froxfield, Hampshire
Smith, Rachael Ann c.1825 - St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey
Smith, Robert b.1863 - Newport, Isle of Wight
Smith, Samuel Charles c.1833 - St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey
Smith, Sarah Sophia (See Notes) c.1821 - St Mary's, Portsea, Hampshire
Smith, Sophia b.1859 - Newport, Isle of Wight (Sep qtr)
Smith, Thomas b.1840 - St. Martin, Westminster, London
Smith, Thomas b.1810 - St. Martin, Westminster, London
Smith, Thomas -
Smith, Thomas b.1841 - St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey
Smith, Vanessa - Living
Smith, William b.1851 - Stepney, London, Middlesex
Smith, William d.1895 -
Smith, William -
Smith, William George b.1875 - Southsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire
Smith, William John c.1794 - St Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire
Smith, William Loader c.1847 - Saint Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire
Smith, William Michael b.1823 -


Smithies, Alan Frederick - Living
Smithies, David Arthur - Living
Smithies, Frederick Arthur - Living
Smithies, Malcolm Robert - Living
Smithies, Richard Andrew - Living


Smye, Olive Mary b.1894 - 49, Finchley Road, Walworth, London.


Smyth, Arthur Nugent b.1864 - Low Moor, North Bierley, Yorkshire
Smyth, Eileen Nugent b.1896 - Newton Kyme, Yorkshire (Mar qtr)
Smyth, Enid Evelyn Nugent b.1899 - Wetherby, Yorkshire (Sep qtr)
Smyth, Gertrude Catherine Nugent b.1870 - Low Moor, North Bierley, Yorkshire
Smyth, William Nugent b.1832 -
Smyth, William St. John -


Smythe, David Philip - Living
Smythe, Nicola Barabra - Living


Sneep, Johanna Geertruda Gerritje - Living


Snelgar, Alfred Edwin b.1847 - Poole, Dorset (Sep qtr)
Snelgar, Elizabeth Isabel b.1838 - Poole, Dorset (Jun qtr)
Snelgar, Ellen Homer b.1836 - Poole, Dorset
Snelgar, John m.1829 - Saint James, Poole, Dorset
Snelgar, John Edwin b.1840 - Poole, Dorset (Sep qtr)
Snelgar, John James b.1849 - Poole, Dorset (Jun qtr)
Snelgar, Joseph Gillingham b.1842 - Poole, Dorset (Jun qtr)
Snelgar, Mary Adelaide b.1829 - Poole, Dorset
Snelgar, Sarah Lance b.1834 -
Snelgar, William Lance b.1832 - Poole, Dorset


Snell, Edmund b.1825 - Liskeard, Cornwall
Snell, Edmund b.1791 - Cornwall
Snell, Ellen Hawkins b.1836 - Liskeard, Cornwall
Snell, Frances Ann b.1826 - Liskeard, Cornwall
Snell, Jane Ann b.1833 - Liskeard, Cornwall
Snell, Mary b.1830 - Cornwall


Snook, Elizabeth Louisa c.1877 - Southampton, Hampshire
Snook, Julia Margaret c.1875 - Southampton, Hampshire
Snook, Mary c.1873 - Southampton, Hampshire
Snook, miss - Living
Snook, Richard b.1879 - Southampton, Hampshire
Snook, Richard b.1851 - West End, Southampton, Hampshire
Snook, William b.1880 - Southampton, Hampshire


Snow, Sarah b.1840 -


Snowdon, Debra Leigh - Living


Sophia, Jesefa Madelaine - Living


Sorenson, Danielle - Living


Soriano, Bernadette Claudio - Living


Sothill, Christina b.1467 - of Stockfaston, Leicestershire


Southwell, Amanda b.1843 - St Pancras, London
Southwell, Constance Beatrice - Living
Southwell, Mary (See Notes) b.1844 - Southampton, Hampshire
Southwell, William b.1801 - Wednesfield, Staffordshire


Sowter, Charles (Souter) b.1829 - Poling, Sussex
Sowter, Emma Jane (Amy) c.1869 - Poling, Sussex
Sowter, Ruth c.1872 - Poling, Sussex


Spanton, Hannah Kate b.1852 - Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk (Mar qtr)
Spanton, Sarah Rebecca b.1850 - Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk (Sep qtr)
Spanton, William m.1821 - St James, Bury Saint Edmunds, Suffolk
Spanton, William b.1822 - Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
Spanton, William Silas b.1845 - Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk (Jun qtr)


Sparks, Aaron John - Living
Sparks, Colleen Ann - Living
Sparks, Gary John - Living
Sparks, Kane George - Living


Sparrow, Basil DL, JP - Living
Sparrow, John Berridge b.1829 - Gosfield, Essex
Sparrow, Mabel Eleanor b.1862 - Great Cornard, Suffolk
Sparrow, Richard CMG, DSO, JP m.1918 -


Spearing, Elizabeth b.1850 - Romsey, Hants.
Spearing, Frank George b.1871 - Britford, Wiltshire
Spearing, George -
Spearing, George b.1853 - Romsey, Hampshire
Spearing, Henry b.1845 - Wimbourne, Dorset
Spearing, James b.1815 - Dorset (see notes)


Spears, Elizabeth - Living
Spears, female - Living
Spears, female - Living
Spears, female - Living
Spears, Harold - Living
Spears, Harold Mondorf b.1899 - Halifax, Nova Scotia
Spears, James Morton b.1857 - Milton, Queens, Nova Scotia, Canada
Spears, male - Living
Spears, male - Living
Spears, Shirley Marie - Living


Speed, James b.1770 - Leeds, Yorkshire
Speed, Joseph c.1802 - St Peter, Leeds, Yorkshire
Speed, Mary c.1828 - St Peter, Leeds, Yorkshire
Speed, Mary c.1826 - Westgate Baptist, Bradford, Yorkshire
Speed, Robert b.1709 - Leeds, Yorkshire
Speed, William b.1737 - Leeds, Yorkshire
Speed, William c.1804 - St Peter, Leeds, Yorkshire


Speedy, Sarah Ann b.1882 - Western Australia
Speedy, Thomas -


Spence, Abraham b.1786 -
Spence, Ann c.1778 - Saint Michael Spurriergate, York, Yorkshire
Spence, Elizabeth c.1741 - Stillington, Yorkshire
Spence, Elizabeth Ann b.1864 - Leeds, Yorkshire
Spence, Grace b.1749 -
Spence, Hannah b.1777 -
Spence, John b.1746 -
Spence, John b.1775 -
Spence, John c.1739 - Stillington, Yorkshire
Spence, Joseph b.1740 - Yorkshire
Spence, Joseph b.1715 - Menwith Hill, Hampsthwaite, Yorks
Spence, Mary b.1754 -
Spence, Mary b.1744 -
Spence, Rachel b.1790 -
Spence, Rachel b.1761 - Darley, Yorkshire
Spence, Robert b.1784 - Hartwith cum Winsley, Kirby Malzard, Yorkshire
Spence, Robert b.1742 - Darley, Hampsthwaite, Yorkshire
Spence, Robert c.1748 - Stillington, Yorkshire
Spence, Sarah b.1792 -
Spence, Sarah b.1755 -
Spence, Thomas b.1788 -
Spence, Thomas b.1785 -
Spence, Thomas c.1745 - Stillington, Yorkshire
Spence, William c.1743 - Stillington, Yorkshire
Spence, William m.1738 - Sheriff Hutton, Yorkshire


Spencer, Emma b.1857 - Thorner, Yorkshire
Spencer, George Henry b.1867 - Sheffield, Yorkshire
Spencer, Jane m.1812 - Witchampton, Dorset.


Spicer, Gerald Sydney b.1874 - St. George Hanover Square, London (Jun qtr)
Spicer, Jane b.1787 - Moretown, Dorset
Spicer, Margaret K. - Living
Spicer, Mary b.1798 - of Wakefield, Yorkshire
Spicer, Mary Adela b.1907 - district of Guildford, Surrey
Spicer, Richard b.1828 - Sandhurst, Berkshire
Spicer, Richard Herbert - Living
Spicer, William -


Spratt, Fanny b.1839 - Portsea, Hampshire


Springer, Heather - Living


Spurr, Mary b.1795 - Bierley, Bradford, Yorkshire


Squelch, Ann (See Notes) b.1835 - Eton, Buckinghamshire


Squire, Mary Lane b.1807 - Portsea, Hampshire


Squires, Henry -

St. Barbe

St. Barbe, Mary b.1787 -


Stables, Mary -


Stacey, Brian Geoffrey - Living
Stacey, Elizabeth Ann - Living
Stacey, Geoffrey "Don" Herbert George b.1908 - Gillingham, Kent
Stacey, Lisa Patricia - Living
Stacey, Maria Juliet - Living
Stacey, Mr - Living
Stacey, Neil - Living


Stafford, Agnes b.1881 - Guiseley, Yorkshire
Stafford, Ann b.1471 - of Grafton, Worcestershire
Stafford, Edmond b.1377 - Staffordshire
Stafford, Hardy b.1886 - Guiseley, Yorkshire (Mar qtr)
Stafford, Thomas b.1847 - Bredbury, Cheshire
Stafford, Thomas b.1368 - Staffordshire


Stallibrass, Marjorie - Living


Stanbridge, Patricia Elizabeth - Living


Standish, Gail Margaret - Living
Standish, Thomas James - Living
Standish, Timothy John - Living


Stanley, Frederick Arthur 16th Earl of Derby - Living
Stanley, Isobel m.1898 -


Stapely, Elizabeth b.1844 - Waterloo, Hampshire
Stapely, George b.1798 - Headley, Hampshire


Stapleton, Brian -
Stapleton, Jane b.1570 - of Wighill, Yorkshire
Stapleton, Mary b.1623 - of Hirst Courtney, near Selby, Yorkshire
Stapleton, Robert -


Stares, William James m.1854 - district of Droxford, Hampshire (Sep qtr)


Steedon, Dorothy -


Steele, Alfred b.1860 - Bishopstoke, Hampshire
Steele, Alfred Edward C. b.1889 - Havant, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Steele, Edward Ernest - Living
Steele, Eleanor b.1895 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Steele, Eliza Caroline b.1882 - Chalton, Havant, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Steele, Emily Louisa b.1884 - Havant, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Steele, Ernest Wilfred b.1891 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Steele, Ethel May b.1886 - Havant, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Steele, Helen Mary - Living
Steele, William b.1893 - Portsmouth, Hampshire


Steenson, Samuel -
Steenson, William John b.1884 - Glaslough, Donagh, Monaghan, Ireland.


Steggal, Martha b.1811 - Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk.


Stenning, William m.1903 - district of Petersfield (Jun qtr)


Stepeney, Petrina Louise - Living


Stephens, Gladys Isobella b.1865 - St Pancras, Middlesex
Stephens, Mr - Living
Stephens, Peter - Living
Stephens, Trevor - Living
Stephens, William Henry m.1819 - Saint Matthew, Bethnal Green, London


Stephenson, Charles b.1827 - Brompton, London
Stephenson, Margaret Gladys - Living


Stevens, Anne m.1840 - Old Church, Saint Pancras, London
Stevens, Eda Mary b.1872 - Petersfield, Hampshire
Stevens, George b.1824 - Ebbesbourne, Wiltshire
Stevens, Kelly Jane - Living
Stevens, miss - Living
Stevens, Obedience b.1775 - Cranbrook, Kent
Stevens, Paul Frederick - Living
Stevens, Sheila Ann - Living
Stevens, Zoe Katrina - Living


Stewart, David - Living
Stewart, Jane d.1862 - district of Hastings, Sussex
Stewart, Josephine Louise - Living
Stewart, Margaret Jean b.1918 - London, Ontario, Canada


Stickland, Caroline c.1832 - Steeple, Dorset
Stickland, Daniel c.1827 - Steeple, Dorset
Stickland, Eliza Kezia c.1820 - Steeple, Dorset
Stickland, Elizabeth c.1815 - Steeple, Dorset
Stickland, George b.1756 - of Corfe, Dorset
Stickland, Henry c.1792 - Steeple, Dorset
Stickland, Jane b.1774 - Morden, Dorset
Stickland, John c.1817 - Steeple, Dorset
Stickland, Kezia c.1835 - Steeple, Dorset
Stickland, Leah c.1829 - Steeple, Dorset
Stickland, Mary b.1740 -
Stickland, Sarah c.1817 - Hilton, Dorset
Stickland, Susanna b.1776 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Stickland, William c.1825 - Steeple, Dorset
Stickland, William m.1816 - Hilton, Dorset


Stickling, Flower b.1722 -


Stier, Anne Sophia b.1856 - Mere, Wiltshire
Stier, Antonius Von Padua c.1819 - Wuerttemberg, Germany
Stier, Ethel Elizabeth (Smith) b.1887 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Stier, Ferdinand b.1840 - Wuerttemberg, Germany
Stier, Ferdinand -
Stier, Frederick b.1852 - Bath, Somerset
Stier, Frederick (Smith) b.1893 - Portsmouth, Hants.
Stier, Frederick Xaver b.1850 - Mere, Wiltshire
Stier, Frederika b.1860 - Mere, Wiltshire
Stier, Freidrich c.1825 - Wuerttemberg, Germany
Stier, Harold (Smith) b.1894 - Portsmouth, Hants.
Stier, Harry Broadbent (Smith) b.1892 - Fulham, London (Mar qtr)
Stier, Ivy Vera J (See Notes) b.1888 - Portsea, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Stier, Johann Baptista c.1811 - Wuerttemberg, Germany
Stier, Joseph b.1857 - Bath, Somerset
Stier, Kummeranna c.1809 - Wuerttemberg, Germany
Stier, Lilian (Smith) b.1897 - Clapham, London
Stier, Maria c.1816 - Wuerttemberg, Germany
Stier, Maria c.1813 - Wuerttemberg, Germany
Stier, Maria Ursula b.1853 - Mere, Wiltshire (Sep qtr)
Stier, May Marguerite (Smith) b.1885 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Stier, Michael b.1806 - Wuerttemberg, Germany
Stier, Michael c.1821 - Wuerttemberg, Germany
Stier, Ursula M. b.1850 - Bath, Somerset
Stier, Xaver b.1808 -
Stier, Xaverius -


Stiggant, Ann c.1798 - Boarhunt, Hampshire
Stiggant, John -


Stiller, Eliza Ann b.1842 - Hartfield, Sussex
Stiller, George - Living
Stiller, John -
Stiller, William m.1845 - Hartfield, Sussex


Stillwell, John b.1847 - Brighton, Sussex


Stocks, Albert c.1851 - Rye, Sussex
Stocks, Henry c.1846 - Rye, Sussex
Stocks, Henry b.1805 - Marylebone, London, Middlesex
Stocks, Mary (See Notes) -
Stocks, Mr -
Stocks, Sarah b.1801 - St Martin, London, Middlesex
Stocks, Spencer c.1848 - Rye, Sussex
Stocks, Walter c.1855 - Rye, Sussex


Stockton, Mary b.1660 - Farndale, Yorkshire


Stokes, Edna K. - Living
Stokes, Emma Louisa b.1866 - Burton on Trent, Staffordshire
Stokes, Leslie H. - Living
Stokes, Margaret D.A. - Living


Stone, Lilian May b.1898 -
Stone, Lilian Olive b.1901 - district of Plymouth, Devon (Jun qtr)
Stone, William Charles b.1846 - Whiteparish, Wiltshire


Storey, Adrian John - Living
Storey, Alan Thomas - Living
Storey, George - Living
Storey, John George - Living
Storey, Maeve Veronica - Living
Storey, Petra Michelle - Living


Stotheart, William m.1809 -


Stott, Elizabeth b.1819 - Dewsbury, Yorkshire


Stourton, Ann m.1179 -
Stourton, John - Living


Straker, Catherine Hasbroeque b.1895 -


Strange, Charlotte m.1840 - district of Blandford, Dorset (Sep qtr)
Strange, Elizabeth c.1799 - Moor Crichel, Dorset
Strange, Ernest W. m.1913 - district of Christchurch, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Strange, Hannah b.1794 - Moor Crichell
Strange, Robert G.W. - Living
Strange, William -


Street, Evelyn Mary - Living
Street, Norma - Living


Streeter, Alexander Charles b.1906 - Brighton, Sussex
Streeter, Alwin John b.1904 -
Streeter, Charles Henry b.1852 - London
Streeter, Charlie Rice b.1872 - Brighton, Sussex
Streeter, Clara Lucy b.1875 - Brighton, Sussex
Streeter, Ellen Louise b.1910 - Brighton, Sussex
Streeter, Mary Margaret-Ann - Living
Streeter, Roland Joseph b.1913 - Brighton, Sussex
Streeter, Stanley Gregory b.1912 - Brighton, Sussex


Stringfellow, William b.1863 - Mawdesley, Lancashire


Stroud, Elizabeth c.1832 - Fordington, Dorset
Stroud, Joseph b.1806 - Fordington, Dorset
Stroud, Sarah m.1814 - Christchurch, Hampshire


Stuart, Amelia May - Living


Stubbings, Henry A. b.1875 - Bethnal Green, Middlesex
Stubbings, Henry John b.1852 - Shoreditch, London
Stubbings, Robert C. b.1880 - Shoreditch, London
Stubbings, Violet Emily b.1877 - Shoreditch, London


Stubbington, Sarah b.1751 -


Sturgess, Ellen c.1835 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Sturgess, Emily c.1846 - Saint Andrew, Farlington, Hampshire
Sturgess, Francis c.1844 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Sturgess, George c.1832 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Sturgess, Joshua c.1842 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Sturgess, Martha c.1833 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Sturgess, Mary c.1837 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Sturgess, Philip m.1831 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Sturgess, Rhoda c.1839 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Sturgess, Thomas c.1848 - Saint Andrew, Farlington, Hampshire


Sturney, Charles -
Sturney, Mary Ellen b.1833 - Hinton Martell, Dorset


Such, E. - Living
Such, Janice - Living


Sudbury, John b.1820 - of Cambridge