Lyn is an Australian descendant of the Fripp family from Witchampton, Dorset, UK

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Lyn's Family
The Rowe / Fripp Family
Lyn Williamson (nee Rowe)

William Shenton Rowe
William Shenton was born at home in Shenton Street, Geraldton on the 12th of March 1914, son of Edward Heesom and Elizabeth Rosina (nee Cross). Bill as he was known was the seventh child of thirteen children, six brothers and six sisters.

From the age of eight Bill helped his father on weekends as a blacksmith, he also sold newspapers and watermelons from a horse and cart, and helped his father sell fish from the cart. Each morning before school, and again after school, Bill and his brothers would have to round up the cows from the scrub and help with the milking.

Bill attended the Geraldton State School in Fitzgerald Street, Geraldton and at the age of thirteen he left school and started work as a painter for twelve months and then a mechanic for a further twelve months. At the age of fifteen he commenced work at the Super Works.

On the 14th of April, at the age of twenty, Bill married Delis Maud Fripp. First born was Leslie William on the 17th August 1934. Then on the 10th June 1936 Elaine June was born. At the age of approximately six months it was discovered Elaine had water on the brain and there was no cure. Bill and Delis where devastated by this. Then 22nd of March 1939 some happiness again, Clive John was born. On the 7th February 1940, a very sad day, Elaine past away in the Victoria District Hospital, Geraldton and was buried the same day. Beverley Joyce was born on the 17th September 1941.

During World War II he was a member of the Army Home Guard and was based in Broome for several years leaving Delis and three children home in Geraldton. After returning home Bill again worked for the Super Works, this time as an electrician's assistant. In this time of their life the family all went to tennis on a Sunday, they also played badminton. Bill and Delis where great friends with Jack and Odette Ward, Delis always referred to Odette as Wardie. The two families went on many picnics and shooting trips in the Wards old vehicle, five kids and four adults, but that was nothing like Bill taking himself, Delis and the three kids to town on GN22, his 250 BSA motor bike, being spoken to a few times by the local policeman.

In 1950 Bill and Delis purchased a block of land on Chapman Road in Bluff Point. The block was a few acres and cost one hundred pound, they subdivided and donated Rundle Park, at St George's beach, to the council in trade for a truck load of gravel. Bill and Delis kept almost half an acre and sold the rest for one hundred pound, they then built their new home.

On 24th March 1952 a third baby girl, Lyn Adel, was born.

In 1955 Delis was left about seven hundred pound from her father, from this she and Bill purchased the family car, a black 1948 Holden, GN984.

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Once Bill retired he really enjoyed time at the Wonthella Bowling Club having a roll up and playing in the Championship 4's and a few games of billiards and a couple of beers.

Bill was a handy man around the house he would have a go at fixing anything. Delis was the gardener and it was a picture of colour, Gerbras, Petunias, and 110 Rose bushes. The very large Frangipani was always a talking point in the town. Delis also manicured the beautiful lawns. It was Bills job to maintain the three lawn mowers and pity help him if they where not cutting just right. Delis didn't get cross very often but if a lawn mower didn't cut well and left marks on her lawn it would really set her going. One mower for inside the fence, one for out side the fence and the third for the back paddock.

While living in the family home the council changed the name of the road twice, first address was 209 Chapman Road, second 209 North West Coastal Highway, and finally 323 Chapman Road all three being the same house. Bill and Delis lived in this little home for fifty years before moving to Nazareth House Nursing Home on the 12th December 2000.

Bill and Delis had twelve grandchildren Peter, Julie, Stephen, Gregory, Mark, Brent, Terry, David, Graeme, Gavin, Paula and Jason. The grandchildren gave them twelve great grandchildren, Tara, Amber, Jessie, Nicholas, Thomas, Demi, Isaac, Mitchell, Sam, Matt, Jamie and Jacob.

Bill and Delis had been married two weeks short of sixty eight years when Delis past away on 31st March 2002. Sixteen weeks later on 28th July 2002 Bill past away peacefully to be reunited with Delis.

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