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  Search Engines

Google   The most powerful search engine in the world.
Alta Vista   Another very powerful search engine.
Alta Vista UK   UK version of above.
Searchy UK   UK search engine.
Dogpile   This one searches the best search engines.
Yahoo UK   Less results than Alta Vista, but more categorised.
Ask Jeeves   Your friendly butler will kindly search the other search engines for you.
Ask Jeeves UK   UK version of above.
Excite   Another UK search engine.
Lycos   Yet another UK search engine.   This search engine searches scientific journals and websites
  Museums & Artist's Sites
Google Art Project   Huge selection from the finest galleries. Very high resolution.
Artcyclopedia   Find Art & Museums anywhere in the world.   Another large source of museums an galleries around the world.
Olga's Gallery   Large source of paintings listed by Artist.
Tate Gallery   The Tate Gallery, London.
National Gallery   The National Gallery, London.
Nat. Portrait Gallery   The National Portrait Gallery, London.
Rijks Museum   Rijks Museum, Amsterdam, Holland.
Louvre   The Louvre, Paris, France.
UK Museums   Find any Museum in the UK.
Art Links   A vast source of links Art & History around the World
Dali Estate   Salvador Dali museums in Spain.
World of Escher   Official Escher Website.
Escher at   Another good source of Escher's art.
Atkinson Grimshaw   Complete works of John Atkinson Grimshaw.
Van Gogh   The Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, Holland.   Info, Photos, Drawings & 3D models of ancient & modern buildings around the world.
Sky News   Excellent site from UK's premiere 24 hour News Channel
Sky News Live   Listen to Sky News Live
BBC News   More worldwide & UK news with searchable database.
CBS News   American News channel with links & features.
The Times   UK's longest running Newspaper - Search Archives back to 1785
New York Times   Search the New York Times from 1851 to Present
The Telegraph   UK Newspaper with better search facilities than Times - Archives back to 1 Jan 1994
The Guardian   UK Newspaper now has archives back to 1900
London Gazette   Historical Newspaper - See what was happening in 1674, 1675, 1676, 1678 & 1692
Daily Mirror   UK Newspaper - Search their entire photo archives then order a copy.
The Sun   Jasper Carrot's favourite newspaper.
News of the World   Sunday UK newspaper.
The News   Portsmouth's local paper - For those who've left the area, "Hi Ali"
Announcements   Family Notices from above local paper.
Daily Echo   Local paper for Fareham and Gosport
Financial Times   See if you need to cash in your shares.   Reuters International News network.
Viz Magazine   The comic magazine for older children.
Fortean Times   The wierd and wonderful world of Charles Fort   The truth about the Iraq War - according to Comical Ali
TV Guide UK   See what's on TV now - last 7 days - or next 7 days - Save your favourite channels.
BBC Online   Lose yourself in the BBC's maze of corridors
BBC i Player   Catch up or download the last 7 days TV & Radio
BBC Video Search   Search for BBC videos
BBC South Today   BBC TV for Southern England. See Latest Program
Meridian TV   Watch latest & archived Meridian News programs from Southern England
Meridian TV   Meridian TV's Website (South UK)
ITV   ITV Website (UK)
ITV Live   Watch Live TV from ITV 1,2,3 & 4 or View the Best of ITV from the Past.
Channel 4 TV   Channel 4 Website (UK) - Including 100 Greatest Charts
Sky News   Watch all the latest and archived newsclips
TV Listings   Current TV Listings (UK)
You Tube   Watch 1000's of online Videos, or Upload your own.
You Tube Recorder   Record videos from You Tube & other websites.
CeeFax   Search the BBC's CeeFax (Teletext) service online - or just type page number   Music & Info from all the latest UK TV adverts
TV Ad Music   Music & Info from all the latest UK TV adverts
UK TV Adverts   Discover the Music, Voice or Person behind most UK TV ads since 1996
TV Cream   A TV nostalgia site with details of most TV programs back to the 60's & beyond
Sterling Times   Post your TV or Radio nostalgia questions or solve someone elses
TV & Radio Bits   Past BBC Schedules, Programme details & much more
Deadwood   Award winning TV drama series, plus info & links to real Deadwood characters.
The Prisoner   Official site for the cult 60's TV program   Danger Man - Prisoner and all things McGoohan
Millionaire   Who Wants To Be A Millionaire - Play on-line and win real money
Monty Python   Official Monty Python site
NASA TV   Watch live and archived video from Space Station and Shuttle etc.
Parliament TV   Live and Archive Broadcasts from UK Parliament
The Sky at Night   Patrick Moore's long running program for Sky Watchers.
X-Files   The Official X-Files Website
N.A.S.A.   Stacks of info and images from America's Space Agency
J.P.L.   Huge source of photos and data from Jet Propulsion Laboratory
E.S.A.   More photos and data from the European Space Agency
The Solar System   Excellent site about our Solar System - Facts - Maps - Photos - 3D - Quizzes
Solar Views   Views of the Solar System - A vivid multimedia adventure by Calvin J. Hamilton
M.S.S.S.   Malin Space Science Systems - detailed images from robotic spacecraft instruments
SOHO   The SOLAR and HELIOSPHERIC OBSERVATORY - Hi-Res images of the Sun.
The Sky at Night   Upcoming events in the night skies.
Tracker   Live tracking of the Space Station and other details.
Lift off   See where the Shuttle, Space Station, Mir or other Satelites are at the moment.
NASA TV   NASA TV and Multimedia downloads etc.
NASA Webcams   Various NASA Webcams - including Live Shuttle launches etc.
Shuttle Cam   Live video from the Shuttle & Space Station.
Celestrak   Satelite tracking info & Software - Load a variety of  Element sets   100 Brightest  
TerraServer   Street level aerial views of most of the world. (Even Area 51)   Another good source for aerial views around the world.
Hants Astro   Hampshire Astronomical Group - based at Clanfield.
Astrophotography   Amazing Astrophotography from Professor Greg Parker.
MARS stuff
The Planet Mars   Excellent site about Mars and other planets
Solar Views   Superb site about Mars with links to other planets
Mars   Massive source of facts, images, maps & links
Mars   Click on this globe of Mars for detailed close ups - also links to other maps
Face on Mars   Lots of very Hi-Res images & the latest news from
Face on Mars   Cydonian Imperative - Latest links and articles about the Face on Mars by Mac Tonnies
CMEX   Centre for Mars Exploration
Rovers (NASA)   Latest images and details from Mars Rovers (NASA website)
Rovers (JPL)   Latest images and details from Mars Rovers (JPL website)
Beagle   Latest details from Europe's Beagle mission
UFO sites
Seti at Home   Search for UFO's on your own computer.
UFO Folklore   Award winning site - Massive source of up to date UFO info with searchable database
Ultimate UFO   Another good UFO website - Thousands of pictures.
Bufora   The British UFO Authority.
Mufon   The Mutual UFO Network.
Texas UFO   Paranormal Investigations of Texas - UFOs, Ghosts, Orbs, EVPs and more.
Orb Forum   For more on Orbs visit Rob's Orb Forum - To be Orb not to be ??? Hmmm !
Art Bell   UFO site from respected US UFOlogy Radio Show - Listen to a live show.
Black Vault   Thousands of official UFO documents
Google Earth   Fly around the world, over detailed 3D satellite images - See Forum
Google Maps   Detailed maps combined with satellite images.
Google-TomTom   Convert Google Map routes to Tom Tom itinerary files - Very Handy
FlightRadar24   View live aircraft positions and flight plans around the world.
WikiMapia   Add or Find Photos, Links or Details to satellite images.
Local Live   Microsoft Maps & Aerial views - Higher Resolution & more coverage than Google.
Multi Map   Type in a Post Code or Town and see where it is - or find any place in the World.
World Sites Atlas   Clear maps of each Country showing major cities.   Simple clear maps with facts and more from - annoying pop-up ads
Gheos Maps   Educational site with Detailed layered maps
Mapquest   Locate world locations via Latitude & Longitude. From
Mapserver   Interactive map of the world - shows lat & long as mouse moves. From
Map Plotter   Generate a map and plot a route by typing coordinates.
TerraServer   Street level aerial views of most of the world. (Even Area 51)
Digital Globe   View & Order detailed satelite images around the globe.   Another good source for aerial views around the world.
Travel Journals   Worldwide locations, Co-ordinates, Maps, Facts & more
UK Weather   Met Office - UK Weather Maps (Old Website)
UK Weather   Met Office - UK Weather Maps (New Website)
Geo-Web(UK)   Independent Organisation for Weather Satellite and Earth Observation Enthusiasts.
World Weather   Lance-Modis - near realtime weather images.
Falling Rain   Worldwide Maps, Co-ordinates, Info, Statistics & Links (ex
UK   Detailed Street Maps of England
OS Maps   Ordnance Survey  Maps of England - For use on your Website.
AA Routes   AA Route planner for the UK and Europe
Green Flag   Green Flag Route planner for the UK and Europe
Route Net   Route planner for Holland - UK Language
Magic Map   Detailed multilayered and interactive map of Great Britain.
Get Mapping   Aerial photography of UK from 4,000 ft
Old Maps   Great website with 1,000's of old maps worldwide. FREE to view.   Pre 1900 Ordnance Survey Maps of England. (Subscription Required).   Old Maps & Panoramas of London in High Resolution.
London Panorama   320 Giga Pixel Panorama of London - Taken from GPO Tower in 2012   Huge collection of very hi-res OLD MAPS - All countries but especially USA.
GenMaps   Very old Maps of England
Easy Tide   Tide predictions for Portsmouth & other ports - Printable charts (Portsmouth) GMT - BST
UK Floods   Live interactive map showing floods across the UK - courtesy of the Enviroment Agency (and Ali)
TopoZone   View Maps  photos and digital images of USA - Log In
National Map   Interactive Map of World or USA from USGS
DD Viewer   Interactive viewer of USA States, Counties and Statistics from 1990 US census.   Maps of all US States with detailed information for each state.
FriendsReunited   Search thousands of UK schools to see what your old school mates are doing
PC Tech Guide   All you ever wanted to know about your computer.
Britannica Online   Online edition of the Britannica Encyclopaedia.
Britannica 1911   Fully browsable edition of the 1911 Britannica Encyclopaedia.   Free Encyclopaedia - An ongoing project that you can add articles to.   Extensive online dictionary - with Wild Card data entry, Translator and more.   Online dictionary, thesaurus, language translator and more.
X-Word Solver   One Across - for all crossword cheats - uses clues, anagrams, wildcards and more.
Google Translation   Translate text or websites between most languages
Free Translation   InterTran - Translate between 1,482 language pairs (28 languages)
Free Translation - Multiple language translators
Free Translation   Babel Fish translator from AltaVista - includes; Russian - Chinese - Japanese
Free Translation   Language translator for Spanish - French - German - Italian - Portuguese - Norwegian
Internet Archive   Huge catalogue of archived Web sites and other media types.
Pathe News Archive   Download previews of entire UK Pathe News archives.
Gutenberg project   Vast library of classic books to download in text format.   A good source for secondhand, rare, and out-of-print books.
UK Online Libraries   Search your local library for books & reference material.
Jack the Ripper   Extremely well built Website containing a vast amount of information about The Ripper.
Lady Lucan   Lady Lucan puts the records straight about her murderous husband.
Lord Lucan   Details and links surrounding the mystery of Lord Lucan.
Charlie Bronson   The life and art (behind bars)of mad, bad Charlie Bronson - UK hard man.
Jamba Quiz   Win some real money with on-line Quiz Games.
Samorost   A very weird animated adventure game.
National Rail   Train Time-Table for all of UK
BT Phone Directory   It's good to talk - especially if you have shares in BT - Find your friends & relatives.
EU Phone Directory   European Phone Directoy from
Please Press   Bypass those annoying Business Phone Call Centre Button Menus etc.
All-Movie Guide   Massive movies database with reviews from Barry Norman
  3D Stuff
Sketchup   Free 3D Modeller Program. Easily build models for Google Earth
3D Warehouse   Home for 3D Models & Buildings created with Sketchup for Google Earth 3D   Stacks of links & sources for building or viewing 3D items
VRML repository   A good source for VRML items
3D Workshop   3D Help & Tutorials
3D Cafe   Loads of FREE objects, textures, backgrounds & much more
Imagine resources   Links & info for users of the Imagine 3D program
Blender   A powerfull 3D rendering program completely FREE
Digimask   Register now to get a FREE 3D model of your head (as seen on Tomorrow's World)
3dScreensaver   A collection of superb 3D Screensavers
Virtual Worlds
Schiphol   Fly or drive around this excellent 3D version of Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam.
ISS   View or Download ISS the International Space Station
Mir   Watch the last hours of the Mir Space Station   Climb Ben Nevis, Scaffel Pike or Snowdon from your armchair Download Page
Top 50 Freebies   Top 50 FREE Downloads - Highly recommended list, with reviews by George Dillon
Dave Central   Masses of software for you to download.
Tucows   Another good source for software downloads - This site has ratings for each item.
CD Rom drivers   Large amount of CD drivers - also has links for all other PC drivers.
Font Island   1000's of FREE fonts - Sorted in categories
Freeware Fonts   A list of FREE FONT Web Sites
DrWeb CureIt   Very effective AntiVirus program - Finds what the others miss. Download latest update.
Webroot   Very fast and efficient PC Protection.
Norton   Popular antivirus software from Symantec.
BitDefender   Full Virus protection from BitDefender or FREE Online Scan.
Dr Hardware 2000   Discover everything about your PC with this powerfull FREE System checker
Currency Converter   Download this excellent FREE Currency Converter
World Time Server   Synchonize your computer to an Atomic Clock
  Web Stuff
PC Pitsop   Give your PC a FREE Online System Check and Tune-Up
Web Articles   Lots of very useful Advise on many subjects, including fighting SPAM George Dillon
Internet Archive   Huge catalogue of archived Web sites and other media types.   Domain hosting service - as used by
Virgin Media   UK Broadband, Cable TV & Phone service.   Excellent FREE Web Host Service.   FREE Webspace if you buy your Domain Name here (UK).   The largest guide to FREE Web Hosting.
Web Review   ITV's Web Review program - weekly review of Websites
Click-Online   BBC's Techie program - reviews of Websites and Latest Technology
Web building guide   Stacks of info & tips on building your Web site from   Lots of handy Java scripts for your web pages
MS Knowledge   A wealth of info & help on all Microsoft products
HTML Guide   Sizzling Jalfrezi HTML - Excellent guide to HTML with examples
HTML Guide   Beginners Guide to HTML - Excellent guide from   NCSA
HTML guide   All you ever wanted to know about HTML from
RGB Converter   Convert RGB colours to Hexadecimal RGB - Thanks Tom
Backgrounds   Lots of FREE backgrounds for your Web pages from
Wacky pages   Add some wacky transitions to your web pages
Net Magazine   Lots of info & advice plus Web Builder  to help you build your Web site   Home of UK Domain registration - Check for available domains
  Web Cams

EarthCam   Thousands of WebCams from around the world.
UK River Webcams   Witness flooding rivers LIVE all around the UK
BBC Cams   BBC Webcams around England
Bournemouth   View of Bournemouth beach and pier.
Lyme Regis   The Cobb at Lyme Regis
Lyme Regis   Looking East along the coast from Lyme Regis
Poole   Live views of Poole Harbour
Weymouth & Portland   The sea at Weymouth.
Calshot & Solent   Views across the Solent, from Calshot on the Southampton waters.
Hayling Island   Surfcam - West beach from the Inn on the Beach
Motorway Webcams   Stills from Hampshire Motorway Webcams updated every few minutes - Plus links to other counties.
Petersfield   Live Controllable Webcam of Petersfield Square
Petersfield   Other Webcams around Petersfield, including Live Bird Box (feathered variety).
Portsmouth   Live Controllable Webcam of Southsea Seafront
Portsmouth Harbour   Spinnaker Tower - Portsmouth, UK
Southampton   Various views of Southampton - UK
Abbey Road   The famous crossing at Abbey Road studios - Live stream with archives.
Big Ben   Big Ben - London
Parliament TV   Live and Archive Broadcasts from UK Parliament
Trafalgar Square   Live stream of Trafalgar Square
Ben Nevis   Highest point in the UK - Scotland
West Sussex
Bognor Regis   Great live streaming view of Bognor beach.
Brighton   Brighton beach from the surf shop.
York   Hi-def view across the river Ousse.
Sydney   Hi-def live stream of Sydney harbour.
Niagara Falls   Niagara Falls - Live HD stream from Earthcam.
Niagara Falls   Niagara Falls - Live stream from Hilton Fallsview Hotel.
AuroraMax   View of the Northern Lights from Yellowknife, Canada
Holland HD Cams   Over 100 Live HD Webcams around Holland.
Amstel Canal   HD stream of the Amstel canal from Hotel Nes, Amsterdam.
Amstelside   HD stream of Amstelside, Amsterdam.
Dam Square   Lovely clear HD stream from Dam Square, Amsterdam.
Koningsplein   HD stream of Koningsplein, Amsterdam.
Overtoom   Overtoom - Amsterdam.
Smits Koffiehuis   Nice HD streams of Amsterdam canals & bridges.
New York   Times Square - Several live HD streaming cameras.
New York   Live stream of New York harbour.
South Carolina   Links to Webcams around South Carolina.
NASA TV   NASA TV and Multimedia downloads etc.
NASA Webcams   Various NASA Webcams - including Live Shuttle launches etc.