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Steve Winwood - Refugees Of The Heart (1990)
Cover Front Album
Artist Steve Winwood
Length 47:51
Format CD
Genre Rock
Label Virgin
Index 1
Collection Status In Collection
Track List
01 You'll Keep On Searching You'll Keep On Searching You've been searching high and low, still so far to go You've been searching everywhere, I know you care Walking down the endless street, what will you meet? Who knows, who knows? You'll keep on searching till the very end For one true lover and for one true friend You'll get your answer on the whispering wind When you find it, just don't let go Laughed with saints and cried with clowns, lived that up and down Walked out in the pouring rain to stop your pain Cried out on a mountain high, why life goes by? Why love can die, oh why? 06:21
02 Every Day (Oh Lord) Every Day (Oh Lord) I can feel the music deep down inside of me When I see the new day rising, h it sets me free Like a melody coming, what will it be? I love life again though I don't know how this day will finally end Each day is music - reach till I find the song Every day I keep on singing Every day, every day, every day, oh lord Every day, every day, every day, oh lord And my soul is still strong, every day I sing my song What a world of trouble we are all asked to bear But we have to keep on living, find our strength somewhere And I choose to keep on hoping, faith is still there There are mysteries unbound, there is truth we've lost and found The song lines are there, they will bring us back around Deep in the heart they play, every day Love life again, though you don't know how this day will finally end Each day is music - reach till you find the song Every day just keep on singing Reaching for the stars, for the song of us all Looking through the lonely night for a faith that will not fall for morning Glad I'm here when morning comes, here when morning comes One more day to keep on singing 05:51
03 One And Only Man One And Only Man Every time I see you, girl, it makes me feel so sad Knowing you've been seeing some other guy that treats you bad Did you know I'm burning deep inside for you? Just give me the chance now and we can see it through If you'll be my woman, I'll be your one and only man Gonna take you with me far away from hearts of stone We'll live in the country and raise some children of our own I will be your lover, I will be your friend I'll give you my loving, on that you can depend If you'll be my woman, I'll be your one and only man And there'll be no more crying, I'll make your dreams come true You know I'll never turn my back on you Take you to the city, girl, we're gonna buy some clothes Dress you up so pretty and then we'll take in all the shows Find a place that's jumping, where the music's tight And we'll keep on dancing 'til the morning light If you'll be my woman, I'll be your one and only man, oh yeah If you'll be my woman, I'll be your man Know I'm gonna give you everything I can If you'll be my woman, I'll be your man, There'll be no more running, gonna make a stand 05:02
04 I Will Be Here I Will Be Here Cry, you would cry in my arms Far, far from the world and its harms That kind of love begun is never done I'll be here at close of day When you bring your heart home to stay I will be here when you call I will be here standing tall I will be here, you won't fall Don't you know that love will save us after all? Come - when cold winter blows Come - when sweet summer glows And all your wandering years will disappear There are places inside the heart We'll touch like we've done from the start Almighty time rolls on, let's not spend it all alone We are here, then we're gone 05:59
05 Another Deal Goes Down Another Deal Goes Down Midnight comes and the devil's loose What you want? He's got everything there What you've got he'll take And leave you in the cold One more soul drowns, another deal goes down The night is full of danger, another deal goes down On the street, the refugees From a war that was lost in the heart No one wants to see them And the fire is burning slow Tell me what you're searching for, will you, sister? Emptiness inside, you will never fill it up with another thrill Money's spent, all the words are said Nothing helps, streets are falling apart Through the night they're burning and the devil's on a roll 04:58
06 Running On Running On All over the night, the beat goes on Can you hear it? Can you feel? Through the years music keeps running The beat keeps running on, on and on And I'll always be feeling it, and I won't slow down Just as long as those wheels go round I'll be riding that fast train to Memphis On that sweet R & B Till that green grass way down home grows up over me Somewhere in this world a child is born He can her, he can feel it Just like me, he'll keep it running He'll keep it running on, on and on 04:20
07 Come Out And Dance Come Out And Dance Come out and dance with me, darling, on that funky side of town Come out and rock with me, baby, shake it up and dance it down When you hear that good band play, it'll make you want to fool around You can't sit down I've got some moves for you, baby, that I learned from way back when I've got a feel for you, baby, you'll believe in love again When I knock on you door, you'll let me in In love again We go round and round, don't know where we're bound Long as there's a beat I'll hang around, for one more round Now baby, don't read the papers, 'cause they always make you sad And honey, don't watch the TV 'cause the news is always bad Come and dance with me tonight and you know your heart will be so glad So very glad Baby, don't you know the reason grandma smiles at grandpa so? Grandpa can still keep it moving like he did so long ago Grandma says, "Hold me tight and don't let go" Like years ago Baby this is true romance, take it while you see a chance If we got everyone dancing, wouldn't be no time for war If they got into the feeling, they'd find out what life is for Every day you'd hear them say, "This has got to be what life is for" And dance some more 05:35
08 In The Light Of Day In The Light Of Day Had a dream last night, the angels had come riding In the light of day where there was no more hiding All so fine, I still see them shine I saw angels play right in the light of day And I watched them fly across a fiery sky And I heard their cry as they passed me by I could feel the light inside me, I could feel it everywhere Life was clear and fair Woke up in the dark and tried to keep believing In the light I saw, in time of constant grieving Vision fair, please don't disappear And please hear my prayer there in the light of day When I look within I see them shine again As the darkness ends and the light begins I can feel the light inside me, I can feel it everywhere They are all still there On the street tonight the innocent are dying And the world's not right, so many millions crying Evil lives and hate never gives, hell is never far And is this all we are? Oh, Lord, hear us cry, up in the fiery sky That our souls may fly to you when we die Help us feel the light inside us, help us feel it everywhere Oh, Lord, be there 09:45
Personal Details
Price £13.25
Store Holland
Rating 8
Spars DDD
Rare No
Sound Stereo
11/06/90 EMD/VIRGIN

Jim Capaldi
Michael Rhodes
Russ Kunkel
Randall Bramblett
Mike Lawler
Bashiri Johnson
Larry Byrom
Jim Horn
Ed Bayers
Engineer Tom Lord Alge
Producer Steve Winwood