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Donald Fagen - Kamakiriad (1993)
Cover Front Album
Artist Donald Fagen
Length 50:26
Format CD
Genre Rock
Label Reprise
Collection Status In Collection
Track List
01 Trans-island skyway I was born yesterday When they brought my Kamakiri When they handed me the keys It's a steam-power 10 The frame is out of Glasgow The tech is Balinese It's not a freeway bullet Or a bug with monster wheels It's a total biosphere The farm in the back Is hydroponic Good, fresh things Every day of the year Good, fresh things Every day of the year With all screens and functions In sync lock with Tripstar This cool rolling bubble Is all set to samba This route could be trouble (This route could be trouble) Chorus: Steamin' up That Trans-Island Skyway Tryin' to make that final deadline And if the lanes are clear We're gonna drive a little harder We'll be deep in the Zone by cryin' time Say, there's a wreck On the side of the road Lots of blood and broken glass The kid who was driving I know from somewhere Some kids just drive too fast Wait just a minute There's a beautiful survivor With dancer's legs and laughing eyes C'mon snakehips, it's all over now Strap in tight cause it's a long sweet ride Relax - put some sounds on I'll brew up some decaf C'mon kick off those heels ma'am Now breathe in and sigh out Let's get with the program (Let's talk about the good times) Chorus We reach the sprangle Just at dawn These little streets I used to know Is that my father Mowin' the lawn (C'mon daddy get in let's go) C'mon daddy get in let's go C'mon daddy get in let's go C'mon daddy get in let's go C'mon daddy get in let's go C'mon daddy get in let's go C'mon daddy get in let's go We pull into Five Zoos Past motels and drive-thrus That noon sun is blinding The tidepools are boiling Below plates areg grinding (Let's talk about the good times) 06:30
02 Countermoon On a night like this You look up at your lover It's like you're in some old cartoon Then you detect The scent of faded roses Up in the sky T here's that cruel countermoon Could that be murder you see in her eyes You try a long and desperate kiss You can't escape it That beam is sure to find you Chorus: On a night like this The story is told How the women get restless And the men grow cold Gotham shudders There's a ch ill in the air There's a countermoon Lovers all beware Hand in hand\ nYou walk along the river You stop to clutch and caress A countermoonbe am Comes sweeping off the water She says "You're not my Jackie. My Jac kie was the best." Spitewaves are threatening The seaside hotels It's nasty weather for July Last night you loved her Tonight you wonder why\ n Chorus At every pay phone There's somebody cryin' All the streets are slick with tears When you see that blue ray There's a heartquake o n the way Chorus 05:05
03 Springtime Here at Laughing Pines Where the party never ends There's a spicy new attraction On the Funway You can scan yourself For traces of old hearta ches The details of desire Shimmering - shimmering Yowie! - It's Con nie Lee At the wheel of her Shark-de-Ville We're cruisin' at about a th ousand miles an hour But the car is standin' still So good to hear that crazy laugh To hear her whisper hold me tight To learn to love all ove r again On that wet April night Chorus: Swing out To Lake Nostalgia Route 5 to Laughing Pines Get off at Funway West Drive into Springtim e Drive into Springtime Easter Break - '66 A shack on Cape Sincere Mad Mona bakin' gospel candy It was a radical year We get a little sill y And fall into microspace It's even better this time around With Colt rane on the K.L.H. Chorus It's you and me honey, in a crowded booth At the Smokehouse in the Sand I'm dragging out some bad out gag When you touch my hand At 4 a.m. we go out of this place You look 05:06
04 Snowbound At Nervous Time We roll downtown We've got scenes to crash We're gonna trick and trash We're gonna find some fun We hit the street With vis ors down With our thermasuits Sealed up tight We can beat the freeze And get saved tonight Let's stop off at the Metroplex That little dance r's got some style Yes she's the one I'll be waiting for\ At the stage door Chorus: Snowbound Let's stay in today Wake me up When the wo lves come out to play Heat up These white nights We're gonna turn this town Into a city of lights We take the tube To Club Hi Ho It's abo ut deadspace It's a marketplace And a party house too Something new F rom Charlie Tokyo It's a kind of pyramid With a human heart Beating in an ion grid A critic grabs us And says without a smile The work seduc es us with light Eviva laughs and we step out Into the blue-white night Chorus We sail our icecats on the frozen river Some loser fires o ff a flare, amen For seven seconds it's like Christmas day A 07:08
05 Tomorrow's girls Our town is just like any other Good citizens at work and play Normal folks doin' business in the normal way This morning was like any other Mommies kissing daddies goodbye Then the milkman screamed And pointed up at the sky Chorus: From Sheilus to the reefs of Kizmar From Stargate and the Outer Worlds They're speeding towards our sun They're on a party run Here come Tomorrow's Girls Tomorrow's Girls You see them on the grass at lunch hour Soaking up the vertical rays In their summer dresses A little smile can really make your day Their kisses feel like real kisses And when they cry they cry real tears But what's left in your arms When the static clears Chorus: They're landing on the Jersey beaches Their engines make the white sand swirl The heat is so intense Earth men have no defense Against Tomorrow's Girls In the cool of the evening In the last light of the triple sun I wait by the go-tree When the day's busy work is done Soon the warm night breezes Start rolling in off the sea Yes, at lantern time That's when you come to me Come to me Our home is just like any other We're grillin' burgers on the back lawn Some time goes by We fall asleep with the tv on I dream about a laughing angel Then the laugh becomes a furious whine Look out fellas It's shredding time Chorus: They're mixing with the population A virus wearing pumps and pearls Lord help the lonely guys Hooked by those hungry eyes Here come Tomorrow's Girls Tomorrow's Girls Chorus: From Sheilus to the reefs of Kizmar From Stargate and the Outer Worlds They're speeding towards our sun They're on a party run Here come Tomorrow's Girls Tomorrow's Girls 06:17
06 Florida room Start on Key Plantain Walk a tropical mile You'll see a house In the Spanish style There's a room in back With a view of the sea Where she s its and dreams Does she dream of me When summer's gone I get ready To make that Carribee run I've got to have Some time in the sun Chor us: When the cold wind comes I go where the dahlias bloom I keep drift ing back To your Florida room She's dressed too warm For this latit ude We go out to lunch With some Jamaican dude Then the sunshower bre aks We come in out of the rain But in her Florida room There's a hurri cane While the city freezes over We'll be strollin' down the shore C an she bring me back To life once more Chorus: When the cold wind co mes I go where the dahlias bloom I keep drifting back To your Florida room When summer's gone I get ready To make that Carribee run I've got to have Some time in the sun\ Chorus: When the cold wind comes\ nI go where the dahlias bloom I keep drifting back To your F 06:02
07 On the dunes Drive along the sea Far from the city's twitch and smoke To a misty beach That's where my life became a joke On the dunes On the dunes (Be came a joke on the dunes) Where rents are high And seabirds cry On the dunes As you spoke you must have known It was a kind of homicide I stood and watched my happiness Drift outwards with the tide On the du nes On the dunes (Homicide on the dunes) It wasn't fair It's brutal t here On the dunes Pretty boats Sweeping along the shore In the falt ering light Pretty women With their lovers by their side It's like an awful dream I have most every night In the summer all the swells Joi n in the search for sun and sand For me it's just a joyless place Where this loneliness began On the dunes On the dunes (Loneliness on the dunes) I'm pretty tough But the wind is rough On the dunes 08:07
08 Teahouse on the tracks Out on the fringe Where the shallows meet the scratchlands Out where hope and the highway ends You can park or cruise Both ways you lose This is Flytown now my friend You take a walk on Bleak Street Tonight cou ld be the night you crash Then you turn and stop Start to fingerpop Yo u think you hear a wailin' combo You climb a flight of twisted stairs S ome cat says buddy Chorus: If you've got eyes To rhythmatize Bring your flat hat and your ax 'Cause tonight at ten We'll be workin' again\ nAt the Teahouse on the Tracks The Siegel Bros. were slammin' out a ba ion So slick it should have been a crime Irene and Flocko and little Am y Khan Lead off the big front line The crowd was bouncin' in sync with the pulse You get a case of party feet\ (Then the room turns bright A nd fills up with light) And then from somewhere deep inside you Some fr ozen stuff begins to crack Better hurry Chorus: Take the T-Line to B leak and Divine Just above the Good Time Flats It's your las 06:11
Personal Details
Price £11.99
Store HMV
Rating 9
Spars DDD
Rare No
Sound Stereo
© (p) 1993 Reprise Records

Produced by Walter Becker
Songs by Donald Fagen except Snowbound by Walter Becker and Donald Fagen
and Florida Room, music by Donald Fagen; lyrics by Donald Fagen and Libby
Rhythm and horn arrangements by Donald Fagen

Bass/Solo Guitar: Walter Becker
Guitar: George Wadenius
Hammond B3 Organ: Paul Griffin
Drums: Leroy Clouden (3,5,8), Christopher Parker (1,2,6,7), Dennis McDermott
( 4)
Percussion: Bashiri Johnson, Leroy Clouden
Keyboards and Vocals: Do nald Fagen
Trumpet, Flugelhorn: Randy Brecker
Tenor Sax (solo 6,7): Co rnelius Bumpus
Baritone Sax: Ronnie Cuber
Tenor Sax (solo 2): Illinois Elohainu
Tenor Sax, Flute: Lawrence Feldman
Trombone (solo 8): Birch Johnson
Alto Sax, Flute, Clarinet: Lou Marini
Trombone: Jim Pugh
Bar itone Sax: Roger Rosenberg
Trumpet, Flugelhorn: Alan Rubin
Tenor Sax, Flute: Dave Tofani
Background Vocals: Frank Floyd, Diane Garisto, Amy He lm ("Jackie"), Mindy
Brenda King, Curtis King, Jenni Muldaur, Ang ela Clemmon Patrick, Katherine
Dian Sorel, Fonzie Thornton

De dicated in Memorium to: Dorothy White

KAMAKIRIAD is an album of eight related songs. The literal action takes place a
few years in the future, near the millennium.
In the first song, "Trans-Island Skyway," the narrator tells us he is
about to embark on a journey in his new dream-car, a custom-tooled Kamakiri.
It's built for the new century: steam-driven, with a self-contained vegetable
garden and a radio link with the Tripstar routing satellite.
The next six songs describe his adventures along the way. In the last
song, "Teahouse On The Tracks," the narrrator lands in dismal
Flytown where he must decide whether to bail out or to rally and
continue moving into the unknown.