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Jan Hammer - Escape From Television (1987)
Cover Front Album
Artist Jan Hammer
Length 47:08
Format CD
Genre Rock
Label MCA
Cat. Number DMCF 3407
Collection Status In Collection
Track List
01 Crockett's Theme From the show "Hit List" (1984) 03:32
02 Theresa 03:07
03 Colombia From the show "Prodigal Son" 02:40
04 Rum Cay From the show "One Way Ticket" 03:03
05 The Trial And The Search From the shows "The Score" and "Tale Of The Goat" 04:55
06 Tubbs And Valerie From the show "Rites Of Passage" 03:33
07 Forever Tonight This song is not from the Miami VIce series 04:00
08 Last Flight From the show "Last Flight" 03:31
09 Rico's Blues From the shows "Great McCarthy" and "Better Living Through Chemistry" 02:54
10 Before The Storm This song is not from the Miami Vice series 04:32
11 Night Talk From the shows "Made For Each Other" and "Trust Fund Pirate" 02:45
12 Miami Vice Theme 02:29
13 Forever Tonight (Extended CD Mix) Remix by Francois Kevorkian 06:07
Personal Details
Rating 7
Spars DDD
Rare No
Sound Stereo
bar code 0 7674 22103 2 8