Email from Rob Wicked - Jan 2002     *** Click here to see an old Atari image of Rob in the future ***

In case you miss the guest book  entry ....

Hello again Bean .... Happy New Year to all .


Here's some links I can highly recommend to various music or related sites   <<<<  32 Ivor Cutler rarities , real audio ( no download time ) plus link to more........ .    <<<<< ivor cutler page and links.......  <<<<<< its Larry and he's kinda stressed now Frank .... Pay the Wildman a visit ...'' Fischer sing us a song Fischer'' ......    <<<<<<<< online 'radio' ... this is wierd !!! .check out the play list and click real player on there's a track I recorded among the 1000 or so tracks playlisted ! If John Peel got wierder this is what his show would have sounded like !!  <<<<<<< need to download a cd cover .... lots of 60's and 70's classics and not so classic here.....  <<<<<< ''Charlie ! Charlie !! '' ... yes its the music of Charlie Manson ... all the songs in reall audio .....  <<<< my favourite Hendrix site    <<<< Planet Gong HQ   <<<<<< Gong family of bands site /  <<<< Beefheart Radar Station   <<<<< Home of The Residents   <<<<<< unofficial home of the Residents  <<<<<<< Tim Buckley , comprehensive site + lyrics ~hayward/van/van.html  <<<<<< Van Morrison , comprehensive site + lyrics   <<<< THE Bob Dylan site   <<<< all manner of psychedelic rock things , the bands , the albums, the posters ( excellent section - under art ) and more ...  <<<<< brilliant pic site for 60' 70's underground groups   <<<<<<< same site , home page  <<<<< the only Dali site you're ever likely to need   <<<< psychedelic trancers , often to be heard at Wedgewood Rooms , The Pier and The Fawcett . ( Pics of last Saturdays gig in the pub are on the pub website)


...which is here...   <<<<<< check out the madness !   <<<<<<< last one !!! ... Where I buy most of my new records from these days .... they have a very good 'listen to' facilty on site and its a good shop , in Brighton .


Thats it , as usual its rather late so I'll leave it there , nice to see a few down the pub last week ... you ought to get down here on a friday or sat ........when its really busy and the music is LOUD ! .... (depending on where you are of course) . It has the spirit of ' the old days ' , as you may one day discover .


See you or any one else who sees this ....sometime !


rob ..............

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