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This tree has been compiled with the help of many contributors. Sincere thanks to all, and apologies to those whose information has not yet been added.

I have tried to verify as much information as possible but errors may exist. Individuals with uncertain details have a (see notes) label attached to their name.

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Quintana, Mr - Living


Radclyffe, Dorothy Maureen - Living


Radford, Kate Louisa b.1865 - Great Bradley, Suffolk


Raistrick, James - Living
Raistrick, John b.1810 - Idle, Yorkshire
Raistrick, John m.1804 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Raistrick, Nanny b.1806 - Idle, Yorkshire
Raistrick, William b.1808 - Idle, Yorkshire


Ramsden, Elizabeth m.1821 -


Randall, Jennifer Ann - Living
Randall, Mary Jane b.1827 - Church Knowle, Wareham, Dorset
Randall, Priscilla b.1797 -


Raner, Dorothy m.1602 - Guiseley, Yorkshire


Rapkins, David b.1869 - Croydon, Surrey
Rapkins, David b.1841 - Alton, Hampshire
Rapkins, Elizabeth b.1874 - Croydon, Surrey
Rapkins, Martha b.1872 - Croydon, Surrey
Rapkins, Mary Ann b.1890 - Croydon, Surrey


Rapley, Albert Ghoul b.1888 - Sunderland, Durham
Rapley, Edith Anne b.1917 - England
Rapley, Ethel May b.1912 - Sunderland, Durham
Rapley, Mary Ghoul b.1905 - Sunderland, Durham


Raw, Sarah Ann (See Notes) b.1832 - Otley, Yorkshire


Rawden, Mary E. (Rawding) m.1912 - district of Lincoln, Lincolnshire (Jun qtr)


Rawlings, Mary Ann -


Rayner, Christopher J. - Living
Rayner, Eric M. - Living
Rayner, Gillian M. - Living
Rayner, Jennifer M. - Living
Rayner, Robert M. - Living
Rayner, Ruth E. - Living
Rayner, Timothy R. - Living


Read, Aidan - Living
Read, Betty c.1758 - Shapwick, Dorset
Read, Bruce Campbell - Living
Read, Carolyn Joy - Living
Read, Catriona - Living
Read, David b.1843 - Greengates, Bradford, Yorkshire
Read, David m.1836 - Guiseley, Yorkshire
Read, Ellen m.1874 - Forest Row, Sussex
Read, Ian - Living
Read, James - Living
Read, Jane b.1815 -
Read, John b.1786 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Read, John b.1685 - Dorset, Uk
Read, Luke Campbell - Living
Read, Mary b.1711 - Dorset, Uk
Read, Mitchell - Living
Read, Neil Campbell - Living
Read, Thomas m.1753 - Shapwick, Dorset
Read, Thomas b.1648 - Dorset, Uk


Rebbeck, Mary c.1719 - Fisherton de la Mere,Wiltshire


Redfearn, James Michael - Living


Reed, Anne m.1778 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Reed, Elizabeth m.1816 - Iwerne Courtnay, Dorset
Reed, Ellen b.1876 - Steep, Hampshire
Reed, Frances b.1880 - Hawkley, Hampshire
Reed, John b.1871 - Steep, Hampshire
Reed, Maria b.1868 - Steep, Hampshire
Reed, Sarah b.1874 - Steep, Hampshire
Reed, Thomas b.1845 - Steep, Hampshire
Reed, William b.1866 - Steep, Hampshire


Reeves, Agnes c.1868 - Swanmore by Droxford, Hampshire
Reeves, Anne - Living
Reeves, Ethel b.1866 - Droxford, Hampshire
Reeves, Henry b.1829 - Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
Reeves, Leonard A. - Living
Reeves, Mary c.1686 -
Reeves, Robin - Living
Reeves, Robin - Living
Reeves, Susan - Living
Reeves, Thomas m.1680 - Urchfont, Wiltshire


Reinke, Ida -


Reitzenstein, Auguste -
Reitzenstein, Clara b.1811 - Leipzig?, Germany


Rendall, Frances b.1843 - East Chinnock, Somerset


Rendell, Alice May b.1901 -
Rendell, Charles Ernest A. b.1879 - Symondsbury, Dorset
Rendell, Elizabeth b.1865 - South Perrott, Dorset
Rendell, Emily b.1862 - South Perrott, Dorset
Rendell, Florance b.1877 - Chiedock, Dorset
Rendell, Frances Ellen b.1866 - Litton Cheney, Dorset (Dec qtr)
Rendell, Frederick Joseph b.1872 - Litton Cheney, Dorset
Rendell, George b.1870 - Litton Cheney, Dorset
Rendell, George b.1839 - Chedington, Dorset
Rendell, William b.1872 - Litton Cheney, Dorset


Renwick, Brandon Thomas - Living
Renwick, Mikaela Marie - Living
Renwick, Winton Thomas - Living


Reveley, Gordon Melville - Living


Reynolds, Albert (Alfred?) c.1865 - Widley, Hampshire
Reynolds, Herbert b.1878 - Widley, Hampshire
Reynolds, James George c.1867 - Widley, Hampshire
Reynolds, Jane b.1858 - Stockport, South Australia
Reynolds, Kate b.1864 - Potwell, Wymering, Hampshire
Reynolds, Louisa Ann c.1873 - Widley, Hampshire
Reynolds, Walter b.1871 - Widley, Hampshire
Reynolds, William c.1862 - Widley, Hampshire
Reynolds, William b.1841 - Romsey, Hampshire


Rhodes, Elizabeth b.1838 - Idle, Yorkshire
Rhodes, Esther ? b.1823 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Rhodes, Joseph b.1813 - Idle, Yorkshire
Rhodes, Mary Ann b.1844 - Idle, Yorkshire
Rhodes, Richard b.1849 - Idle, Yorkshire
Rhodes, William b.1853 - Idle, Yorkshire
Rhodes, William b.1846 - Idle, Yorkshire


Rice, Ada b.1879 - London, Middlesex
Rice, Bessie b.1880 - London, Middlesex
Rice, Emily b.1875 - London, Middlesex
Rice, Florence b.1877 - London, Middlesex
Rice, John b.1841 - Exeter, Devon (Dec qtr)
Rice, Walter b.1868 - Exeter, Devon
Rice, William b.1866 - Exeter, Devon


Rich, Mary Anne b.1795 - Scotland


Richards, Agnes Martina b.1855 - Northwood, Isle of Wight
Richards, Beatrice Mary b.1869 - West Cowes, Isle of Wight
Richards, Blanche Lydia Alice b.1886 - West Cowes, Isle of Wight
Richards, Charles John b.1879 - West Cowes, Isle of Wight
Richards, Elizabeth Ann b.1866 - West Cowes, Isle of Wight
Richards, Ethel May b.1884 - West Cowes, Isle of Wight
Richards, Florence Emily Agnes b.1873 - West Cowes, Isle of Wight
Richards, Frances b.1877 - West Cowes, Isle of Wight
Richards, George William b.1844 - Northwood, Isle of Wight (Dec qtr)
Richards, Henry Wilfred b.1850 - Northwood, Isle of Wight
Richards, Ida Winnie b.1887 - West Cowes, Isle of Wight
Richards, James Bernard b.1845 - Northwood, Isle of Wight
Richards, John Joseph b.1849 - Northwood, Isle of Wight
Richards, Lavinia Rose Alice b.1891 - West Cowes, Isle of Wight
Richards, Mabel b.1877 - West Cowes, Isle of Wight
Richards, Mary J. (Elizabeth) b.1842 - Northwood, Isle of Wight
Richards, Minnie Louisa b.1876 - West Cowes, Isle of Wight
Richards, Mr - Living
Richards, Sarah Ann b.1858 - Cowes, Isle of Wight
Richards, Sarah Lucy b.1853 - Northwood, Isle of Wight
Richards, Theresa b.1877 - West Cowes, Isle of Wight
Richards, William b.1816 - Totnes, Devon
Richards, William Bernard Henry b.1871 - Northwood, Isle of Wight
Richards, William Henry b.1865 - West Cowes, Isle of Wight


Richardson, Alice b.1865 - Iford, Sussex
Richardson, Anne c.1850 - Ilford, Sussex
Richardson, Catherine Jane c.1860 - Ilford, Sussex
Richardson, Charles William b.1863 - Ilford, Sussex
Richardson, Charlotte Amelia c.1855 - Ilford, Sussex
Richardson, Christine - Living
Richardson, David c.1856 - Ilford, Sussex
Richardson, David b.1816 - Ilford, Sussex
Richardson, Edward b.1826 - Washingley, Huntingdonshire
Richardson, Elizabeth Ellen c.1846 - Ilford, Sussex
Richardson, Emily Ruth b.1868 - Ilford, Sussex
Richardson, Fanny Eliza c.1846 - Ilford, Sussex
Richardson, Frederick John b.1853 - Ilford, Sussex
Richardson, James b.1786 - Ilford, Sussex
Richardson, Louisa Margaret c.1848 - Ilford, Sussex
Richardson, Mary Newton b.1854 - Ramsey, Huntingdonshire
Richardson, Samuel Newton b.1857 - Ramsey, Huntingdonshire
Richardson, Sarah Newton b.1858 - Ramsey, Huntingdonshire
Richardson, Zelpha c.1858 - Ilford, Sussex


Richey, Maude Janet b.1841 -


Richmond, Mary Ann b.1882 -


Rickard, Amy Anna b.1879 - Wimborne, Dorset (Mar qtr)
Rickard, child b.1913 - Sherborne, Dorset
Rickard, Edwin Joseph b.1874 - Wimborne, Dorset (Dec qtr)
Rickard, Elsie Emily b.1896 - St Pancras, London (Jun qtr)
Rickard, Frank Leslie -
Rickard, Frederick b.1845 - Dorchester, Dorset
Rickard, Frederick Victor b.1895 - St Pancras, London (Mar qtr)
Rickard, Helen Grace b.1884 - Sherborne, Dorset (Dec qtr)
Rickard, Martha Drew b.1871 - Wimborne, Dorset (Dec qtr)
Rickard, Mary Ann b.1854 - Dublin, Ireland
Rickard, Reginald Francis b.1887 - Sherborne, Dorset (Dec qtr)
Rickard, Reginald William F. b.1892 - St Pancras, London (Mar qtr)
Rickard, Richard Alexander b.1897 - St Pancras, London (Sep qtr)
Rickard, Sheila b.1922 - district of Sherborne, Dorset (Jun qtr)
Rickard, Susan M. b.1869 - Southampton, Hampshire
Rickard, William Frederick b.1867 - Southampton, Hampshire (Jun qtr)


Ricketts, Ada b.1864 - Shoreham, Sussex
Ricketts, Amelia c.1831 - Portsmouth, Hants. (St. Thomas)
Ricketts, Charles b.1848 - Horton
Ricketts, Dorcas b.1862 - Winterborne Stickland, Dorset (Jun qtr)
Ricketts, Edward A. b.1854 - Ireland
Ricketts, Edwin (Edward) James b.1848 - Portsea, Hampshire
Ricketts, Eliza b.1834 - Portsea.
Ricketts, Ellen b.1850 - Horton
Ricketts, Emma c.1828 - Portsmouth, Hants. (St. Thomas)
Ricketts, Frederick b.1845 - Horton
Ricketts, George W. b.1860 - Shoreham, Sussex
Ricketts, Gertrude Amelia b.1857 - Shoreham, Sussex
Ricketts, James b.1827 - Winterborne Stickland, Dorset
Ricketts, John b.1797 - Gloucester or Ireland
Ricketts, John James b.1842 - Portsea.
Ricketts, John Robert b.1838 - Southsea, Hampshire
Ricketts, Julia E. b.1848 - Ireland
Ricketts, Sarah Ann c.1824 - Chatham, Kent
Ricketts, Thomas b.1811 - Horton
Ricketts, William b.1816 - Fowey, Cornwall


Ridgeway, Eleanor Georgiana b.1867 - St. George Hanover Square, London (Dec qtr)
Ridgeway, Georgiana Barbara b.1871 - St. George Hanover Square, London (Mar qtr)
Ridgeway, Joseph b.1821 - Wallsuches, Bolton-le-Moors, Lancashire
Ridgeway, Thomas Francis Hastings b.1844 - St. George Hanover Square, London (Sep qtr)


Ridgway, Cicely Marguerite Willhelmina b.1848 - Shipbourne, Kent (Sep qtr)


Ridley, Mary m.1834 -


Rigby, Katherine Fanny b.1845 - Liverpool, Lancashire


Riggs, Alice Sarah c.1871 - Hilton, Dorset
Riggs, Ann c.1848 - Hilton, Dorset
Riggs, Beatrice A. b.1885 - Langton Long, Dorset
Riggs, Charles c.1824 - Hilton, Dorset
Riggs, Charles Frederick T. b.1876 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Riggs, David b.1850 - Puddletown, Dorset
Riggs, Dorothy Eva E. -
Riggs, Edith b.1882 - Langton Long, Dorset
Riggs, Edward C. b.1897 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Riggs, Eli J or F b.1887 - Whitechurch, Dorset (Dec qtr)
Riggs, Elizabeth b.1818 - Cheselbourne
Riggs, Elizabeth Mary b.1880 - Langton Long, Dorset
Riggs, Elizabeth Tompkins b.1814 - Newlyn West, Penzance, Cornwall
Riggs, Flossie Eva b.1890 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Riggs, Frederick b.1846 - Aller, Hilton, Dorset
Riggs, Frederick George b.1899 - Branksome, Dorset (Jun qtr)
Riggs, Gertrude E. b.1893 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Riggs, Ivy W. b.1899 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Riggs, James b.1793 - Hilton, Dorset
Riggs, James Albert c.1868 - Hilton, Dorset
Riggs, Jane c.1785 - Dewlish, Dorset
Riggs, John -
Riggs, Mary Ann b.1886 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Riggs, miss - Living
Riggs, Reginald -
Riggs, Robert b.1888 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Riggs, Thomas -
Riggs, Thomas b.1826 - Cheselbourne
Riggs, Walter H. b.1895 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Riggs, William b.1878 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Riggs, William b.1850 - Ansty, Hilton, Dorset


Riley, 3 children - Living
Riley, John Francis - Living
Riley, Joseph -
Riley, Martha Susanna b.1822 -


Ripley, May m.1911 - district of Havant, Hampshire (Mar qtr)


Ripp, Edith Jane b.1857 - Stepney, London
Ripp, William b.1832 - Child Okeford, Dorset


Robb, Alex J. b.1860 - Rondebosch, South Africa
Robb, Gwendoline Constance b.1890 - Rondebosch, South Africa


Robbens, Florence b.1898 - Bermondsey, London


Roberts, Agnes Harriet b.1880 - Paddock Wood, Kent
Roberts, Alfred b.1874 - West Ham, London.
Roberts, Amelia b.1850 - Chelsea, Middlesex
Roberts, Ann b.1830 -
Roberts, Ann or Polly -
Roberts, Charles c.1822 - Ringwood, Hampshire
Roberts, Charles George b.1886 - Woodsford, Dorset
Roberts, Charles James b.1849 - Burgate, Hants.
Roberts, Charles William Stephen b.1882 - Tonbridge, Kent
Roberts, Cicely Ann b.1855 - Cheselbourne, Dorset
Roberts, Edith Jane c.1869 - Affpuddle, Dorset
Roberts, Edith Maria b.1872 - Plaistow, Essex.
Roberts, Eleanor "Ellen" c.1824 - Ringwood, Hampshire
Roberts, Elizabeth Fanny b.1855 - West Harnham, Wiltshire
Roberts, Emanuel Stephen c.1859 - Affpuddle, Dorset
Roberts, Emily Beatrice b.1884 - Woodsford, Dorset
Roberts, Emily Elizabeth b.1867 - St Marylebone, London
Roberts, Fanny c.1826 - Ringwood, Hampshire
Roberts, Florence Emma (Floss) b.1879 - Paddock Wood, Kent
Roberts, Frederick James b.1899 - Barry, Cardif, Wales
Roberts, Frederick William b.1864 -
Roberts, George b.1847 - Burgate, Hants
Roberts, Gregory Alan - Living
Roberts, Herbert William b.1890 - Cadoxton, Glamorgan, Wales
Roberts, Hilda Grace b.1904 - Tonbridge, Kent
Roberts, Ivy b.1901 - Tonbridge, Kent
Roberts, Jessie Caroline Lavinia b.1893 - Tonbridge, Kent
Roberts, Josiah -
Roberts, Maria b.1853 - Old Harnham, Wiltshire
Roberts, Maria Ritta c.1857 - Piddletrenthide, Dorset
Roberts, Mary b.1846 - Fareham, Hampshire
Roberts, Mary J. b.1875 - Donhead St Andrew, Dorset
Roberts, Percy George b.1884 - Tonbridge, Kent
Roberts, Samuel b.1786 - Hampshire
Roberts, Sidney b.1861 - Bryanspuddle, Dorset
Roberts, Sidney John b.1889 - Cadoxton, Glamorgan, Wales
Roberts, Susan Ann b.1879 - Kingston, Victoria, Australia
Roberts, Thomas H. b.1895 - Barry, Glamorgan, Wales
Roberts, William c.1818 - Ringwood, Hampshire


Robertson, Anne MacKenzie b.1772 - Liverpool, Lancashire
Robertson, Cora d.1999 -
Robertson, Sylvia Marion Daisy Estelle b.1886 -


Robertson-Aikman, Hugh Harry DL JP b.1866 - of The Manor, Dunton Bassett, Leics.
Robertson-Aikman, Myrtle Joan b.1909 - district of Lutterworth, Leicester (Sep qtr)


Robeson, Aaron Lindsay - Living
Robeson, Drew Ashley - Living
Robeson, Kara Gabrielle - Living
Robeson, Lindsay Arthur - Living
Robeson, Shane Timothy - Living


Robins, John - Living


Robinson, Alice Louisa c.1864 - Farlington, Hampshire (St Andrew)
Robinson, Charles b.1872 - Farlington or Havant, Hampshire
Robinson, Eleanor b.1803 - Idle, Yorkshire
Robinson, Elizabeth b.1862 - Farlington, Hampshire
Robinson, Emily Mary b.1865 - Farlington, Hampshire
Robinson, Ethel Victoria - Living
Robinson, Frank b.1871 -
Robinson, George b.1844 - Croydon, Surrey
Robinson, George c.1869 - Farlington, Hampshire (St Andrew)
Robinson, James -
Robinson, Joseph -
Robinson, Laura Ann c.1868 - Farlington, Hampshire (St Andrew)
Robinson, Martha Ann m.1867 - district of Bradford, Yorkshire (Jun qtr)
Robinson, Robert b.1782 -
Robinson, Sarah m.1827 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Robinson, William b.1826 -
Robinson, William Henry c.1867 - Farlington, Hampshire (St Andrew)


Rodgers, James m.1882 -


Roffey, Patience b.1796 - Coulsdon, Surrey
Roffey, Richard -


Rogers, Barbara Mavis - Living
Rogers, Barry - Living
Rogers, Elizabeth b.1855 - Southampton, Hampshire
Rogers, Simeon b.1860 - Pudsey, Yorkshire
Rogers, Violetta b.1884 - Greengates, Yorkshire


Rolles, Mary Ann (See Notes) b.1796 - Dorset


Rollinson, Barbara Joy - Living


Rolls, John b.1815 - Milton Abbas, Dorset
Rolls, Louisa b.1848 - Milton Abbas, Dorset


Ronan, Jessica Paige Keeffe - Living
Ronan, Shane Lee - Living


Ronayne, Sarah b.1865 - Country Cork, Ireland


Ronson, John - Living


Rooke, George b.1836 -
Rooke, Michael -
Rooke, Susannah Georgina c.1859 - Christchurch, Hampshire


Rose, Alfred Charles b.1873 - Sturminster Marshall, Dorset
Rose, Audrey Adelaide - Living
Rose, Bessie Annie b.1899 - Milton Abbas, Dorset
Rose, Eliza b.1821 - Alverstoke, Hampshire
Rose, James -
Rose, James b.1809 - Millbrook, Hampshire


Roseman, John - Living


Ross, Alec - Living
Ross, Alfred James - Living
Ross, Clara m.1911 - Southwick, Hampshire
Ross, Martha b.1795 -


Roud, Ethel May - Living
Roud, Thomas - Living


Roundhill, Nanny c.1803 - Guiseley, Yorkshire
Roundhill, Samuel -


Rourke, Maryanne b.1828 - Dublin, Ireland


Rout, Greg - Living
Rout, Robert - Living
Rout, Sonja - Living


Roux, Francois - Living
Roux, Paul - Living
Roux, Theunis - Living


Rowe, 10 other children -
Rowe, Amber Leslie - Living
Rowe, Amy Christina - Living
Rowe, Beverly Joyce - Living
Rowe, Brent James - Living
Rowe, Clive John - Living
Rowe, Demi Maisey - Living
Rowe, Douglas Nicholas - Living
Rowe, Edward - Living
Rowe, Edward Heesom b.1874 -
Rowe, Elaine June b.1936 - Geraldton, Western Australia
Rowe, Enid Ruth - Living
Rowe, Gregory John - Living
Rowe, Hannah b.1816 - Taunton, Somerset
Rowe, Hazel Gertrude - Living
Rowe, Herbert Walter - Living
Rowe, Hugh b.1760 -
Rowe, Hugh b.1796 -
Rowe, Isaac Stephen - Living
Rowe, Ivy Margaret - Living
Rowe, Jessie Patrick - Living
Rowe, John Heesom - Living
Rowe, Joseph b.1834 -
Rowe, Joseph James - Living
Rowe, Julie Ann - Living
Rowe, Keith Reginald - Living
Rowe, Leslie William - Living
Rowe, Lizzie Lugstin - Living
Rowe, Lyn Adel - Living
Rowe, Mark Andrew - Living
Rowe, Mitchell Andrew - Living
Rowe, Myrtle Adelaide - Living
Rowe, Peter Leslie b.1958 -
Rowe, Stephen James - Living
Rowe, Tara - Living
Rowe, William Shenton b.1914 - Geraldton, Western Australia


Rowsell, Rianna Lea - Living
Rowsell, Shevaun Helen - Living
Rowsell, Wesley - Living


Royer, Violet Morris b.1900 -


Rozos, Panagiotis - Living
Rozos, Zoƫ - Living
Rozos, Zora - Living


Rubie, Harriet Susan b.1813 - Brighton, West Sussex
Rubie, John m.1811 - Saint Nicholas, Brighton, Sussex


Rumary, Charlotte b.1839 - Worth, Sussex
Rumary, Elizabeth c.1848 - West Hoathly, Sussex
Rumary, George John -
Rumary, George John b.1836 - Rotherford, Sussex
Rumary, George John b.1812 - Heathfield (Hartfield?), Sussex
Rumary, Henry c.1854 - West Hoathly, Sussex
Rumary, Richard c.1841 - Worth, Sussex
Rumary, Robert c.1845 - West Hoathly, Sussex


Rushton, Christiana b.1793 - Bradford Quaker Meeting, Bradford, Yorkshire
Rushton, James m.1793 - Bradford Quaker Meeting, Bradford, Yorkshire
Rushton, Rachel b.1796 - Rawden, Guiseley, Yorkshire


Russell, Andrew b.1848 - Corscombe, Dorset
Russell, Ann b.1840 - of Cavan, Durham County, Ontario, Canada
Russell, April Margaret - Living
Russell, Arthur Bernard (Bardy) b.1883 -
Russell, Barbara Winifred - Living
Russell, Beatrice b.1254 -
Russell, Bertha Emma b.1895 - St Giles (district), London
Russell, Brian Francis Bedford b.1912 - Malvern, Victoria, Australia
Russell, Edwin Alban John b.1872 - Hampstead, London (Mar qtr)
Russell, Edwin Wensley b.1830 - Westminster, London
Russell, Eila Mary - Living
Russell, Elizabeth Wensley b.1908 - London, Uk
Russell, Emma b.1833 - Westminster, London
Russell, Frances Lydia b.1869 - Coker, Somerset
Russell, Garrett John Bedford - Living
Russell, George b.1875 - East Coker, Somerset
Russell, Henry (Harry) Allan Wensley b.1878 - Sandown, Isle of Wight (Sep qtr)
Russell, Honor Kate b.1877 - East Coker, Somerset
Russell, James b.1871 - East Coker, Somerset
Russell, James m.1747 - Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Russell, James b.1753 - Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Russell, James b.1789 - St. Pancras, London
Russell, Jeanette Winifred - Living
Russell, Jennifer Wanda - Living
Russell, Joseph -
Russell, Laurence James E. b.1870 - Hampstead, London (Dec qtr)
Russell, Leslie "Peter" Gathorne Bedford b.1914 - Malvern, Victoria, Australia
Russell, Leslie Frederick b.1881 - Sandhurst, Victoria, Australia
Russell, Lynette - Living
Russell, Margaret Erina - Living
Russell, Margaret Pottar Guthrie b.1878 - Kirkwall, Scotland
Russell, Michael Kenric Bedford - Living
Russell, Phyllis - Living
Russell, Prudence Bedford - Living
Russell, Roslyn Murray - Living
Russell, Stephen John b.1874 - Marylebone, London
Russell, William Alban (See Notes) b.1828 - of Soho, London
Russell, William Francis W. b.1867 - Hampstead, London (Dec qtr)


Rutter, Mr -


Ryther, Isabella b.1436 - Ryther, Yorkshire
Ryther, William b.1350 - Castle Ryther, Yorkshire
Ryther, William b.1379 - Castle Harewood, Yorkshire
Ryther, William b.1405 - Castle Harewood, Yorkshire


Sadler, Eleanor m.1904 - St. Luke, Old Street, Middlesex


Safe, Desmond b.1918 -
Safe, Gillian Christine - Living


Sagar, Nancy b.1801 -

Saint Maur

Saint Maur, Ann m.1155 -
Saint Maur, John - Living


Salmon, Christopher b.1845 - Lawshall, Suffolk
Salmon, James Christopher b.1881 - Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk
Salmon, Violet E. - Living


Saltmarsh, William b.1794 - Woodstock, Oxford
Saltmarsh, William Edward b.1836 -


Samways, William - Living


Sandall, Elizabeth m.1721 -


Sandbach, Margaret Harriett b.1846 - Tarvin, Cheshire


Sandells, Derek Gordon - Living
Sandells, Emma Jade - Living
Sandells, Grace Helen - Living
Sandells, Kevin - Living
Sandells, Kevin b.1960 - South Perth, Western Australia
Sandells, Noeline - Living


Sandiford, Elizabeth b.1870 - East Chinnock, Somerset
Sandiford, Henry b.1868 - East Chinnock, Somerset
Sandiford, Henry b.1842 - East Chinnock, Somerset
Sandiford, John b.1867 - East Chinnock, Somerset
Sandiford, Sarah Jane b.1865 - East Chinnock, Somerset (Jun qtr)


Sandy, Flora b.1836 - Edmonsham, Dorset.


Sanitpan, Priah - Living


Sansom, Edith c.1847 - Easton, Portland, Dorset
Sansom, Fanny Ellen Louisa c.1872 - Winterbourne Stickland, Dorset
Sansom, George -
Sansom, Gladys - Living
Sansom, Henry c.1845 - Easton, Portland, Dorset
Sansom, Jack - Living
Sansom, Jane c.1842 - Easton, Portland, Dorset
Sansom, Jane c.1815 - Piddletrenthide, Dorset
Sansom, Jeremiah c.1834 - Easton, Portland, Dorset
Sansom, John - Living
Sansom, Joseph Hoskins c.1832 - Easton, Portland, Dorset
Sansom, Martha Hoskins c.1841 - Easton, Portland, Dorset
Sansom, Mary Jane c.1836 - Easton, Portland, Dorset
Sansom, Sarah Ann c.1838 - Easton, Portland, Dorset
Sansom, Susanna c.1837 - Easton, Portland, Dorset
Sansom, Thomas c.1807 - Portland, Dorset
Sansom, Thomas m.1871 - Puddletown, Parish Register.
Sansom, Thomas Henry c.1839 - Easton, Portland, Dorset
Sansom, William -
Sansom, William c.1831 - Easton, Portland, Dorset
Sansom, William - Living


Sargeant, Ann b.1801 - Witchampton, Dorset
Sargeant, Jane c.1860 - Iwerne Minster, Dorset


Sargent, George b.1852 - Iwerne Minster, Dorset
Sargent, Harriett Jane c.1856 - Iwerne Minster, Dorset
Sargent, Henry b.1849 - Iwerne Minster, Dorset
Sargent, Jemima Elizabeth c.1858 - Tollard Royal, Wiltshire
Sargent, William b.1823 - Woodcutts, Wiltshire


Saunders, Arthur George m.1906 - district of Lambeth, London (Jun qtr)
Saunders, Constance Edith b.1904 - Kingston, Surrey
Saunders, Godfrey -
Saunders, Kellie Lee - Living
Saunders, Lisa - Living
Saunders, Margaret -
Saunders, Russell John - Living
Saunders, Winifred Florence b.1906 -


Savage, Georgina b.1890 - Battersea, London
Savage, John Edward -
Savage, John Edward b.1857 - Westminster, London
Savage, Julia b.1887 - Battersea, London
Savage, Nellie b.1899 - Battersea, London


Savile, Anne Sarah Elizabeth - Living
Savile, John Raphael Wentworth 7th Earl of Mexborough b.1906 -


Saw, Mr - Living


Scorey, Peter b.1785 - Fawley Common, Hampshire
Scorey, Sarah Ann c.1824 - Lymington, Hampshire


Scorfield, Elizabeth - Living


Scott, Carol - Living
Scott, Dora Caroline b.1842 - London
Scott, Eliza c.1832 - Gussage St Andrews, Dorset
Scott, John b.1830 - London, Middlesex
Scott, John b.1796 - Cranbourne, Dorset
Scott, June - Living
Scott, Margaret Elizabeth m.1875 -
Scott, Patience -


Scotton, Mary -


Scourfield, Nygel - Living


Scovell, Margaret A. - Living


Scriven, Alyson - Living
Scriven, Charlotte b.1801 - Ilton, Somerset
Scriven, James - Living
Scriven, Kenneth - Living


Searle, Archie - Living
Searle, Elsie V. - Living
Searle, Lillian - Living
Searle, Mr - Living


Sebbes, Mr - Living


Serpell, Reginald - Living


Seward, Elizabeth b.1874 - Lower Holker, Lancashire (Jun qtr)
Seward, Harriet b.1870 - Lower Holker, Bradford, Yorkshire
Seward, Mary Ann b.1824 - Durweston, Dorset
Seward, William b.1838 - Wittington, Lancashire


Seymour, Jane Elizabeth c.1860 - Buriton, Hampshire
Seymour, Richard Hill c.1861 - Buriton, Hampshire
Seymour, Richard Hill m.1858 - Portsea, Hampshire (Dec qtr)


Shackleton, Albert b.1880 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Shackleton, Karen Louise - Living
Shackleton, Philip John "Shack" b.1942 - Ilkley, Yorkshire
Shackleton, Thomas Hardy b.1912 - Horton, Bradford, Yorkshire


Shambler, Augustus b.1846 - Boldre, Hampshire
Shambler, George b.1815 - Christchurch, Hampshire
Shambler, Julia c.1850 - Bransgore, Hampshire
Shambler, Mary b.1841 - Pilly, Lymington, Hampshire


Shank, Lenora Dariene - Living


Sharpe, Jacqueline R. - Living


Sharples, Ruth - Living


Sharrock, Anthony - Living
Sharrock, Caitlin Amy - Living


Shave, Mary Ann m.1871 - Lymington, Hampshire


Shaw, Adam Domonic - Living
Shaw, Annette Marie - Living
Shaw, Barbara Joyce b.1947 - Geraldton, Western Australia
Shaw, Dorothy Lynette - Living
Shaw, Harold Robert -
Shaw, Harold Robert b.1911 - Australia
Shaw, John -
Shaw, Lewis b.1848 - York, Yorkshire
Shaw, Lucy Sarah b.1913 - Geraldton, Western Australia
Shaw, Maria b.1845 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Shaw, Merelyn May - Living
Shaw, Nicolette Adel - Living
Shaw, Peter - Living
Shaw, Robert George - Living
Shaw, Robert Paul - Living
Shaw, Valerie Jean - Living
Shaw, William b.1823 - York, Yorkshire


Shears, Ann c.1832 - Southwick, Hampshire
Shears, Caroline b.1836 - Southwick, Hampshire
Shears, George (Shiers) c.1829 - Southwick, Hampshire
Shears, James c.1844 - Widley, Hampshire
Shears, Jane c.1842 - Widley, Hampshire
Shears, Louisa c.1839 - Wymering, Hampshire
Shears, Stephen c.1834 - Southwick, Hampshire
Shears, William (Shiers) c.1827 - Southwick, Hampshire


Sheen, Albert Richard b.1874 - New Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire
Sheen, Edith May b.1902 -


Sheers, William b.1781 - Hampshire


Sheffield, Elwyn - Living
Sheffield, Frances m.1607 - Bolton Percy, Yorkshire
Sheffield, Lynn Sharon - Living
Sheffield, Ronald - Living


Shepherd, Frances m.1816 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
Shepherd, Hannah -
Shepherd, Margaret b.1776 - Dorset


Shepherdson, William b.1710 - of Farndale, Yorkshire


Shergold, Jane m.1680 - Urchfont, Wiltshire


Sherlock, Fanny b.1887 - district of Tunbridge, Kent (Dec qtr)
Sherlock, Mary Anne b.1823 - South Newton, Wilts.
Sherlock, Thomas -


Sherrington, Ellen Louise b.1879 - Selsey, Sussex
Sherrington, Joseph b.1858 - Selsey, Sussex


Sherry, Bertram James b.1887 - Sydling St Nicholas, Dorset (Mar qtr)
Sherry, Ernest Joseph b.1892 - Sydling St Nicholas, Dorset (Sep qtr)
Sherry, Gladys Louise b.1895 - Sydling St Nicholas, Dorset (Dec qtr)
Sherry, Joseph b.1851 - Buckland Newton, Dorset
Sherry, Leslie Robert b.1891 - Sydling St Nicholas, Dorset (Sep qtr)
Sherry, Percival Hallett b.1885 - Sydling St Nicholas, Dorset (Dec qtr)
Sherry, Tom Henry b.1889 - Sydling St Nicholas, Dorset (Mar qtr)


Shervington, Arthur Peter m.1903 - district of Hendon, Middlesex (Sep qtr)
Shervington, Caroline Faith - Living
Shervington, Diana Clare - Living
Shervington, Evelyn Arthur - Living
Shervington, Jake Henry - Living
Shervington, Piers Edward - Living
Shervington, Rupert Patrick b.1916 - district of Hendon, Middlesex
Shervington, Ruth Diana - Living


Sheske, Amy - Living
Sheske, Chad - Living
Sheske, Doug - Living


Shewman, Fanny Reddom -


Shipton, Charles b.1850 - Broadwinsor, Dorset
Shipton, Hannah b.1837 - Broadwinsor, Dorset
Shipton, James b.1803 - Sherborne, Dorset
Shipton, Jane b.1841 - Broadwinsor, Dorset
Shipton, Rose Emma b.1857 - Broadwinsor, Dorset
Shipton, Sarah b.1831 - Broadwinsor, Dorset


Shires, Albert - Living
Shires, Betty - Living
Shires, John m.1856 - district of Bradford, Yorkshire
Shires, Robert Gathorne b.1872 - Horsforth, Yorkshire (Jun qtr)


Shoebridge, Anna b.1767 -
Shoebridge, Bertha b.1886 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, Charlotte b.1871 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, Edward Kennard b.1850 -
Shoebridge, Elizabeth b.1877 -
Shoebridge, Florence b.1882 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, Harriet b.1876 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, Harriet b.1844 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, Harriet b.1816 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, Helen b.1875 -
Shoebridge, Hester b.1876 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, Hester b.1841 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, James b.1832 -
Shoebridge, Jane b.1829 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, Jane b.1812 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, Jasper b.1834 -
Shoebridge, Jesse b.1827 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, Jesse b.1776 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, John b.1773 -
Shoebridge, John b.1877 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, John b.1835 -
Shoebridge, John b.1803 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, John (Shewbridge) b.1738 - Rotherfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, Joseph b.1874 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, Joseph b.1838 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, Laura b.1880 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, Letty b.1771 -
Shoebridge, Mary b.1805 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, Mary ??? b.1767 -
Shoebridge, Mary Ann b.1819 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, Ned b.1886 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, Philadelphia b.1764 -
Shoebridge, Philadelphia b.1808 - Hartfield, Sussex.
Shoebridge, Samuel ??? b.1770 -
Shoebridge, Sarah b.1806 - Hartfield, Sussex
Shoebridge, William b.1864 - Bishop Stortford, Hertford


Shoesmith, Hannah c.1816 - Halifax, Yorkshire
Shoesmith, John m.1814 - Halifax, Yorkshire
Shoesmith, Sarah c.1818 - Halifax, Yorkshire


Short, Brenda b.1941 -
Short, Jane Hassard b.1814 -
Short, Mary b.1930 - Abbingdon, Oxon
Short, Sarah b.1795 - Gussage All Saints, Dorset


Shrubs, Martha b.1760 -


Shulkins, Vera b.1908 - Portsmouth, Hampshire


Sibley, Georgiana b.1849 - Sturminster Marshall, Dorset
Sibley, Richard -


Sidaway, Emily - Living
Sidaway, Mr - Living
Sidaway, Victoria - Living


Siderfin, Hannah Elizabeth b.1857 - Stamford, Lincolnshire


Sidford, Steven William d.1946 -


Sillern, Miss - Living


Silver, Anne b.1714 - of South Warnborough, Hampshire
Silver, John -


Silvester, Alfred b.1867 - Brighton, Sussex
Silvester, Arthur b.1858 - Brighton, Sussex
Silvester, Ernest b.1876 - Brighton, Sussex
Silvester, Flora b.1874 - Brighton, Sussex
Silvester, Frederick b.1865 - Brighton, Sussex
Silvester, Harry b.1869 - Brighton, Sussex
Silvester, John -
Silvester, John b.1854 - Brighton, Sussex
Silvester, John Milbourn Bloom b.1824 - Southampton, Hampshire
Silvester, Julia b.1863 - Brighton, Sussex
Silvester, Milbourn (Sylvester) b.1871 - Brighton (Gro district)
Silvester, William b.1861 - Brighton, Sussex


Simmons, James b.1881 - Maidstone, Kent.
Simmons, John Fletcher -
Simmons, Mabel b.1893 - Maidstone, Kent.
Simmons, Robert b.1849 - Gillingham, Kent
Simmons, Sarah b.1880 - Maidstone, Kent.


Simons, Emma b.1848 -
Simons, Sarah m.1782 - St Mary's, Portsea, Hampshire


Simpkin, Amanda - Living
Simpkin, Jessica - Living
Simpkin, Natalie - Living
Simpkin, Ronald - Living


Simpson, Alice Maud b.1869 - Brompton, London
Simpson, Anne Maria -
Simpson, Charles b.1853 -
Simpson, David Mills - Living
Simpson, Matthew - Living
Simpson, Vanessa - Living


Sims, Ann b.1751 - Moor Crichell, Dorset
Sims, Charles E.G. - Living
Sims, Marilyn - Living


Simson, Alford b.1857 - Brampton Square, London
Simson, Rupert b.1887 - Brampton Square, London


Sinclair-Loutit, Kenneth William Cripps M.B.E. - Living
Sinclair-Loutit, Nicolette - Living


Sixer, Emma b.1851 - Stratford, Essex


Skegg, Kate b.1883 -


Skerne, Billie - Living


Slade, Ann m.1752 - Wells Cathedral, Wells, Somerset


Slement, Amelia Mary - Living
Slement, Ellen (See Notes) - Living
Slement, James A. - Living
Slement, William m.1902 - Freemantle church, Southampton, Hampshire


Sly, Hazel - Living


Small, Harriet "Mary" b.1814 - Wickham, Hampshire
Small, Mary m.1784 - Shapwick, Dorset
Small, Sarah m.1843 - Saint Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire


Smart, Alan James - Living
Smart, Ann c.1787 - Gussage All Saints, Dorset
Smart, Anne c.1815 - Gussage All Saints, Dorset
Smart, Diana c.1822 - Gussage All Saints, Dorset
Smart, Erith c.1836 - Gussage All Saints, Dorset
Smart, Jane c.1825 - Gussage All Saints, Dorset
Smart, John c.1798 - Gussage All Saints, Dorset
Smart, John Thomas c.1778 - Gussage All Saints, Dorset
Smart, John Thomas m.1777 - Gussage All Saints, Dorset
Smart, Mary c.1817 - Gussage All Saints, Dorset
Smart, Reuben c.1828 - Gussage All Saints, Dorset
Smart, Robert b.1790 - Gussage All Saints, Dorset
Smart, Susan b.1819 - Gussage All Saints, Dorset
Smart, William Prowt c.1780 - Gussage All Saints, Dorset


Smedley, James Robert - Living
Smedley, Robert - Living


Smethurst, Richard -
Smethurst, Richard b.1824 - of Ellerbeck, Lancashire


Smigelski, Ashley - Living
Smigelski, Jennifer - Living
Smigelski, Lisa - Living
Smigelski, Tom - Living

Smith or Stier

Smith or Stier, Sidney - Living
Smith or Stier, Sylvia - Living


Smith, Abel Gould c.1822 - St Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire
Smith, Abel Gould c.1823 - St Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire
Smith, Abel Gould c.1797 - St Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire
Smith, Albert b.1889 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Smith, Alexander c.1814 - Saint Martin In The Fields, Westminster, London
Smith, Alexander b.1786 - Devon
Smith, Alexander James John c.1832 - Saint Martin In The Fields, Westminster, London
Smith, Alice Edith c.1837 - Saint Martin In The Fields, Westminster, London
Smith, Alice M. b.1890 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Smith, Ann Rachael c.1827 - St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey
Smith, Arthur m.1942 - district of Bournemouth, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Smith, Arthur Henry Whitehorn c.1850 - Saint John, Portsea, Hampshire
Smith, Benjamin b.1879 - Southsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire
Smith, Betsy b.1842 - St. Martin, Westminster, London
Smith, Charles b.1877 - Southsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire
Smith, Charles Pear b.1837 - St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey
Smith, Clara Jessie c.1835 - Saint Martin In The Fields, Westminster, London
Smith, Craig - Living
Smith, Edward b.1843 - St. Martin, Westminster, London
Smith, Edward b.1879 - Buriton, Hampshire
Smith, Edward b.1847 - St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey
Smith, Eliza Ann c.1830 - St Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire
Smith, Eliza Parker b.1866 - Bermondsey, London
Smith, Elizabeth b.1850 - Whippingham, Isle of Wight
Smith, Elizabeth c.1815 - Saint Martin In The Fields, Westminster, London
Smith, Elizabeth b.1818 - Rawden, Yorkshire
Smith, Elizabeth c.1791 - St Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire
Smith, Elizabeth b.1785 - Ropley, Hampshire
Smith, Elizabeth Mary c.1831 - St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey
Smith, Ellen b.1862 - Newport, Isle of Wight (Sep qtr)
Smith, Elsie "Freda" - Living
Smith, Emily Sarah b.1840 - St. Martin, Westminster, London
Smith, Frank b.1869 - Winchester, Hampshire
Smith, Frederick b.1844 - St. Martin, Westminster, London
Smith, Frederick b.1887 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Smith, George -
Smith, George b.1848 - Berks. ???
Smith, George b.1884 - Northampton
Smith, George Horace b.1874 - Bristol, Somerset
Smith, Georgina b.1853 - Newport, Isle of Wight (Mar qtr)
Smith, Georgina b.1885 -
Smith, Hannah b.1836 - Mapledurham, Oxford
Smith, Harriet b.1846 - St. Martin, Westminster, London
Smith, Harriet Walker c.1823 - Saint Martin In The Fields, Westminster, London
Smith, Harriett b.1877 -
Smith, Harry c.1849 - St Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire
Smith, Harry b.1873 - Southsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire
Smith, Henry b.1857 - Newport, Isle of Wight (Sep qtr)
Smith, Henry Jennings c.1830 - St Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire
Smith, Herbert b.1867 - Stepney, London, Middlesex
Smith, Hilda Violet b.1904 -
Smith, Jane (See Notes) b.1842 - Oxford
Smith, Jane Adelaide c.1830 - Saint Martin In The Fields, Westminster, London
Smith, Jeremiah c.1790 - St Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire
Smith, Jeremiah b.1762 - of Portsmouth
Smith, Jeremiah c.1821 - St Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire
Smith, Jeremiah c.1825 - St Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire
Smith, Jeremiah Gould c.1800 - St Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire
Smith, Jessie b.1866 - London
Smith, John b.1828 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Smith, John c.1795 - St Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire
Smith, John b.1821 - England
Smith, John - Living
Smith, John "Joseph" Robert c.1827 - St Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire
Smith, Joseph b.1803 - Mapledurham, Oxford
Smith, Kate Elizabeth c.1851 - St Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire
Smith, Leonard Thomas b.1882 - South Africa ?
Smith, Lisa - Living
Smith, Louisa Amelia Jane - Living
Smith, Lucy b.1811 - Portsea, Hants.
Smith, Lydia b.1860 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Smith, Margaret Ann b.1837 - Westleton, Suffolk
Smith, Maria b.1838 - St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey
Smith, Martha b.1860 - Selsey, Sussex
Smith, Mary b.1838 - St. Martin, Westminster, London
Smith, Mary b.1769 - Cheriton, Hampshire
Smith, Mary Ann b.1840 - Beech Hill, Reading, Berkshire
Smith, Mary Daisy b.1880 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Smith, Mary Jane b.1802 - Portsea, Hampshire
Smith, Mary Susanna c.1825 - St Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire
Smith, Melinda Rose - Living
Smith, Michael b.1796 - Bermondsey, Surrey
Smith, miss - Living
Smith, Peter b.1857 - Froxfield, Hampshire
Smith, Rachael Ann c.1825 - St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey
Smith, Robert b.1863 - Newport, Isle of Wight
Smith, Samuel Charles c.1833 - St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey
Smith, Sarah Sophia (See Notes) c.1821 - St Mary's, Portsea, Hampshire
Smith, Sophia b.1859 - Newport, Isle of Wight (Sep qtr)
Smith, Thomas b.1840 - St. Martin, Westminster, London
Smith, Thomas b.1810 - St. Martin, Westminster, London
Smith, Thomas -
Smith, Thomas b.1841 - St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey
Smith, Vanessa - Living
Smith, William b.1851 - Stepney, London, Middlesex
Smith, William d.1895 -
Smith, William -
Smith, William George b.1875 - Southsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire
Smith, William John c.1794 - St Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire
Smith, William Loader c.1847 - Saint Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire
Smith, William Michael b.1823 -


Smithies, Alan Frederick - Living
Smithies, David Arthur - Living
Smithies, Frederick Arthur - Living
Smithies, Malcolm Robert - Living
Smithies, Richard Andrew - Living


Smye, Olive Mary b.1894 - 49, Finchley Road, Walworth, London.


Smyth, Arthur Nugent b.1864 - Low Moor, North Bierley, Yorkshire
Smyth, Eileen Nugent b.1896 - Newton Kyme, Yorkshire (Mar qtr)
Smyth, Enid Evelyn Nugent b.1899 - Wetherby, Yorkshire (Sep qtr)
Smyth, Gertrude Catherine Nugent b.1870 - Low Moor, North Bierley, Yorkshire
Smyth, William Nugent b.1832 -
Smyth, William St. John -


Smythe, David Philip - Living
Smythe, Nicola Barabra - Living


Sneep, Johanna Geertruda Gerritje - Living


Snelgar, Alfred Edwin b.1847 - Poole, Dorset (Sep qtr)
Snelgar, Elizabeth Isabel b.1838 - Poole, Dorset (Jun qtr)
Snelgar, Ellen Homer b.1836 - Poole, Dorset
Snelgar, John m.1829 - Saint James, Poole, Dorset
Snelgar, John Edwin b.1840 - Poole, Dorset (Sep qtr)
Snelgar, John James b.1849 - Poole, Dorset (Jun qtr)
Snelgar, Joseph Gillingham b.1842 - Poole, Dorset (Jun qtr)
Snelgar, Mary Adelaide b.1829 - Poole, Dorset
Snelgar, Sarah Lance b.1834 -
Snelgar, William Lance b.1832 - Poole, Dorset


Snell, Edmund b.1825 - Liskeard, Cornwall
Snell, Edmund b.1791 - Cornwall
Snell, Ellen Hawkins b.1836 - Liskeard, Cornwall
Snell, Frances Ann b.1826 - Liskeard, Cornwall
Snell, Jane Ann b.1833 - Liskeard, Cornwall
Snell, Mary b.1830 - Cornwall


Snook, Elizabeth Louisa c.1877 - Southampton, Hampshire
Snook, Julia Margaret c.1875 - Southampton, Hampshire
Snook, Mary c.1873 - Southampton, Hampshire
Snook, miss - Living
Snook, Richard b.1879 - Southampton, Hampshire
Snook, Richard b.1851 - West End, Southampton, Hampshire
Snook, William b.1880 - Southampton, Hampshire


Snow, Sarah b.1840 -


Snowdon, Debra Leigh - Living


Sophia, Jesefa Madelaine - Living


Sorenson, Danielle - Living


Soriano, Bernadette Claudio - Living


Sothill, Christina b.1467 - of Stockfaston, Leicestershire


Southwell, Amanda b.1843 - St Pancras, London
Southwell, Constance Beatrice - Living
Southwell, Mary (See Notes) b.1844 - Southampton, Hampshire
Southwell, William b.1801 - Wednesfield, Staffordshire


Sowter, Charles (Souter) b.1829 - Poling, Sussex
Sowter, Emma Jane (Amy) c.1869 - Poling, Sussex
Sowter, Ruth c.1872 - Poling, Sussex


Spanton, Hannah Kate b.1852 - Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk (Mar qtr)
Spanton, Sarah Rebecca b.1850 - Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk (Sep qtr)
Spanton, William m.1821 - St James, Bury Saint Edmunds, Suffolk
Spanton, William b.1822 - Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
Spanton, William Silas b.1845 - Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk (Jun qtr)


Sparks, Aaron John - Living
Sparks, Colleen Ann - Living
Sparks, Gary John - Living
Sparks, Kane George - Living


Sparrow, Basil DL, JP - Living
Sparrow, John Berridge b.1829 - Gosfield, Essex
Sparrow, Mabel Eleanor b.1862 - Great Cornard, Suffolk
Sparrow, Richard CMG, DSO, JP m.1918 -


Spearing, Elizabeth b.1850 - Romsey, Hants.
Spearing, Frank George b.1871 - Britford, Wiltshire
Spearing, George -
Spearing, George b.1853 - Romsey, Hampshire
Spearing, Henry b.1845 - Wimbourne, Dorset
Spearing, James b.1815 - Dorset (see notes)


Spears, Elizabeth - Living
Spears, female - Living
Spears, female - Living
Spears, female - Living
Spears, Harold - Living
Spears, Harold Mondorf b.1899 - Halifax, Nova Scotia
Spears, James Morton b.1857 - Milton, Queens, Nova Scotia, Canada
Spears, male - Living
Spears, male - Living
Spears, Shirley Marie - Living


Speed, James b.1770 - Leeds, Yorkshire
Speed, Joseph c.1802 - St Peter, Leeds, Yorkshire
Speed, Mary c.1828 - St Peter, Leeds, Yorkshire
Speed, Mary c.1826 - Westgate Baptist, Bradford, Yorkshire
Speed, Robert b.1709 - Leeds, Yorkshire
Speed, William b.1737 - Leeds, Yorkshire
Speed, William c.1804 - St Peter, Leeds, Yorkshire


Speedy, Sarah Ann b.1882 - Western Australia
Speedy, Thomas -


Spence, Abraham b.1786 -
Spence, Ann c.1778 - Saint Michael Spurriergate, York, Yorkshire
Spence, Elizabeth c.1741 - Stillington, Yorkshire
Spence, Elizabeth Ann b.1864 - Leeds, Yorkshire
Spence, Grace b.1749 -
Spence, Hannah b.1777 -
Spence, John b.1746 -
Spence, John b.1775 -
Spence, John c.1739 - Stillington, Yorkshire
Spence, Joseph b.1740 - Yorkshire
Spence, Joseph b.1715 - Menwith Hill, Hampsthwaite, Yorks
Spence, Mary b.1754 -
Spence, Mary b.1744 -
Spence, Rachel b.1790 -
Spence, Rachel b.1761 - Darley, Yorkshire
Spence, Robert b.1784 - Hartwith cum Winsley, Kirby Malzard, Yorkshire
Spence, Robert b.1742 - Darley, Hampsthwaite, Yorkshire
Spence, Robert c.1748 - Stillington, Yorkshire
Spence, Sarah b.1792 -
Spence, Sarah b.1755 -
Spence, Thomas b.1788 -
Spence, Thomas b.1785 -
Spence, Thomas c.1745 - Stillington, Yorkshire
Spence, William c.1743 - Stillington, Yorkshire
Spence, William m.1738 - Sheriff Hutton, Yorkshire


Spencer, Emma b.1857 - Thorner, Yorkshire
Spencer, George Henry b.1867 - Sheffield, Yorkshire
Spencer, Jane m.1812 - Witchampton, Dorset.


Spicer, Gerald Sydney b.1874 - St. George Hanover Square, London (Jun qtr)
Spicer, Jane b.1787 - Moretown, Dorset
Spicer, Margaret K. - Living
Spicer, Mary b.1798 - of Wakefield, Yorkshire
Spicer, Mary Adela b.1907 - district of Guildford, Surrey
Spicer, Richard b.1828 - Sandhurst, Berkshire
Spicer, Richard Herbert - Living
Spicer, William -


Spratt, Fanny b.1839 - Portsea, Hampshire


Springer, Heather - Living


Spurr, Mary b.1795 - Bierley, Bradford, Yorkshire


Squelch, Ann (See Notes) b.1835 - Eton, Buckinghamshire


Squire, Mary Lane b.1807 - Portsea, Hampshire


Squires, Henry -

St. Barbe

St. Barbe, Mary b.1787 -


Stables, Mary -


Stacey, Brian Geoffrey - Living
Stacey, Elizabeth Ann - Living
Stacey, Geoffrey "Don" Herbert George b.1908 - Gillingham, Kent
Stacey, Lisa Patricia - Living
Stacey, Maria Juliet - Living
Stacey, Mr - Living
Stacey, Neil - Living


Stafford, Agnes b.1881 - Guiseley, Yorkshire
Stafford, Ann b.1471 - of Grafton, Worcestershire
Stafford, Edmond b.1377 - Staffordshire
Stafford, Hardy b.1886 - Guiseley, Yorkshire (Mar qtr)
Stafford, Thomas b.1847 - Bredbury, Cheshire
Stafford, Thomas b.1368 - Staffordshire


Stallibrass, Marjorie - Living


Stanbridge, Patricia Elizabeth - Living


Standish, Gail Margaret - Living
Standish, Thomas James - Living
Standish, Timothy John - Living


Stanley, Frederick Arthur 16th Earl of Derby - Living
Stanley, Isobel m.1898 -


Stapely, Elizabeth b.1844 - Waterloo, Hampshire
Stapely, George b.1798 - Headley, Hampshire


Stapleton, Brian -
Stapleton, Jane b.1570 - of Wighill, Yorkshire
Stapleton, Mary b.1623 - of Hirst Courtney, near Selby, Yorkshire
Stapleton, Robert -


Stares, William James m.1854 - district of Droxford, Hampshire (Sep qtr)


Steedon, Dorothy -


Steele, Alfred b.1860 - Bishopstoke, Hampshire
Steele, Alfred Edward C. b.1889 - Havant, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Steele, Edward Ernest - Living
Steele, Eleanor b.1895 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Steele, Eliza Caroline b.1882 - Chalton, Havant, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Steele, Emily Louisa b.1884 - Havant, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Steele, Ernest Wilfred b.1891 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Steele, Ethel May b.1886 - Havant, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Steele, Helen Mary - Living
Steele, William b.1893 - Portsmouth, Hampshire


Steenson, Samuel -
Steenson, William John b.1884 - Glaslough, Donagh, Monaghan, Ireland.


Steggal, Martha b.1811 - Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk.


Stenning, William m.1903 - district of Petersfield (Jun qtr)


Stepeney, Petrina Louise - Living


Stephens, Gladys Isobella b.1865 - St Pancras, Middlesex
Stephens, Mr - Living
Stephens, Peter - Living
Stephens, Trevor - Living
Stephens, William Henry m.1819 - Saint Matthew, Bethnal Green, London


Stephenson, Charles b.1827 - Brompton, London
Stephenson, Margaret Gladys - Living


Stevens, Anne m.1840 - Old Church, Saint Pancras, London
Stevens, Eda Mary b.1872 - Petersfield, Hampshire
Stevens, George b.1824 - Ebbesbourne, Wiltshire
Stevens, Kelly Jane - Living
Stevens, miss - Living
Stevens, Obedience b.1775 - Cranbrook, Kent
Stevens, Paul Frederick - Living
Stevens, Sheila Ann - Living
Stevens, Zoe Katrina - Living


Stewart, David - Living
Stewart, Jane d.1862 - district of Hastings, Sussex
Stewart, Josephine Louise - Living
Stewart, Margaret Jean b.1918 - London, Ontario, Canada


Stickland, Caroline c.1832 - Steeple, Dorset
Stickland, Daniel c.1827 - Steeple, Dorset
Stickland, Eliza Kezia c.1820 - Steeple, Dorset
Stickland, Elizabeth c.1815 - Steeple, Dorset
Stickland, George b.1756 - of Corfe, Dorset
Stickland, Henry c.1792 - Steeple, Dorset
Stickland, Jane b.1774 - Morden, Dorset
Stickland, John c.1817 - Steeple, Dorset
Stickland, Kezia c.1835 - Steeple, Dorset
Stickland, Leah c.1829 - Steeple, Dorset
Stickland, Mary b.1740 -
Stickland, Sarah c.1817 - Hilton, Dorset
Stickland, Susanna b.1776 - Spetisbury, Dorset
Stickland, William c.1825 - Steeple, Dorset
Stickland, William m.1816 - Hilton, Dorset


Stickling, Flower b.1722 -


Stier, Anne Sophia b.1856 - Mere, Wiltshire
Stier, Antonius Von Padua c.1819 - Wuerttemberg, Germany
Stier, Ethel Elizabeth (Smith) b.1887 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Stier, Ferdinand b.1840 - Wuerttemberg, Germany
Stier, Ferdinand -
Stier, Frederick b.1852 - Bath, Somerset
Stier, Frederick (Smith) b.1893 - Portsmouth, Hants.
Stier, Frederick Xaver b.1850 - Mere, Wiltshire
Stier, Frederika b.1860 - Mere, Wiltshire
Stier, Freidrich c.1825 - Wuerttemberg, Germany
Stier, Harold (Smith) b.1894 - Portsmouth, Hants.
Stier, Harry Broadbent (Smith) b.1892 - Fulham, London (Mar qtr)
Stier, Ivy Vera J (See Notes) b.1888 - Portsea, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Stier, Johann Baptista c.1811 - Wuerttemberg, Germany
Stier, Joseph b.1857 - Bath, Somerset
Stier, Kummeranna c.1809 - Wuerttemberg, Germany
Stier, Lilian (Smith) b.1897 - Clapham, London
Stier, Maria c.1816 - Wuerttemberg, Germany
Stier, Maria c.1813 - Wuerttemberg, Germany
Stier, Maria Ursula b.1853 - Mere, Wiltshire (Sep qtr)
Stier, May Marguerite (Smith) b.1885 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Stier, Michael b.1806 - Wuerttemberg, Germany
Stier, Michael c.1821 - Wuerttemberg, Germany
Stier, Ursula M. b.1850 - Bath, Somerset
Stier, Xaver b.1808 -
Stier, Xaverius -


Stiggant, Ann c.1798 - Boarhunt, Hampshire
Stiggant, John -


Stiller, Eliza Ann b.1842 - Hartfield, Sussex
Stiller, George - Living
Stiller, John -
Stiller, William m.1845 - Hartfield, Sussex


Stillwell, John b.1847 - Brighton, Sussex


Stocks, Albert c.1851 - Rye, Sussex
Stocks, Henry c.1846 - Rye, Sussex
Stocks, Henry b.1805 - Marylebone, London, Middlesex
Stocks, Mary (See Notes) -
Stocks, Mr -
Stocks, Sarah b.1801 - St Martin, London, Middlesex
Stocks, Spencer c.1848 - Rye, Sussex
Stocks, Walter c.1855 - Rye, Sussex


Stockton, Mary b.1660 - Farndale, Yorkshire


Stokes, Edna K. - Living
Stokes, Emma Louisa b.1866 - Burton on Trent, Staffordshire
Stokes, Leslie H. - Living
Stokes, Margaret D.A. - Living


Stone, Lilian May b.1898 -
Stone, Lilian Olive b.1901 - district of Plymouth, Devon (Jun qtr)
Stone, William Charles b.1846 - Whiteparish, Wiltshire


Storey, Adrian John - Living
Storey, Alan Thomas - Living
Storey, George - Living
Storey, John George - Living
Storey, Maeve Veronica - Living
Storey, Petra Michelle - Living


Stotheart, William m.1809 -


Stott, Elizabeth b.1819 - Dewsbury, Yorkshire


Stourton, Ann m.1179 -
Stourton, John - Living


Straker, Catherine Hasbroeque b.1895 -


Strange, Charlotte m.1840 - district of Blandford, Dorset (Sep qtr)
Strange, Elizabeth c.1799 - Moor Crichel, Dorset
Strange, Ernest W. m.1913 - district of Christchurch, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Strange, Hannah b.1794 - Moor Crichell
Strange, Robert G.W. - Living
Strange, William -


Street, Evelyn Mary - Living
Street, Norma - Living


Streeter, Alexander Charles b.1906 - Brighton, Sussex
Streeter, Alwin John b.1904 -
Streeter, Charles Henry b.1852 - London
Streeter, Charlie Rice b.1872 - Brighton, Sussex
Streeter, Clara Lucy b.1875 - Brighton, Sussex
Streeter, Ellen Louise b.1910 - Brighton, Sussex
Streeter, Mary Margaret-Ann - Living
Streeter, Roland Joseph b.1913 - Brighton, Sussex
Streeter, Stanley Gregory b.1912 - Brighton, Sussex


Stringfellow, William b.1863 - Mawdesley, Lancashire


Stroud, Elizabeth c.1832 - Fordington, Dorset
Stroud, Joseph b.1806 - Fordington, Dorset
Stroud, Sarah m.1814 - Christchurch, Hampshire


Stuart, Amelia May - Living


Stubbings, Henry A. b.1875 - Bethnal Green, Middlesex
Stubbings, Henry John b.1852 - Shoreditch, London
Stubbings, Robert C. b.1880 - Shoreditch, London
Stubbings, Violet Emily b.1877 - Shoreditch, London


Stubbington, Sarah b.1751 -


Sturgess, Ellen c.1835 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Sturgess, Emily c.1846 - Saint Andrew, Farlington, Hampshire
Sturgess, Francis c.1844 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Sturgess, George c.1832 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Sturgess, Joshua c.1842 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Sturgess, Martha c.1833 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Sturgess, Mary c.1837 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Sturgess, Philip m.1831 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Sturgess, Rhoda c.1839 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Sturgess, Thomas c.1848 - Saint Andrew, Farlington, Hampshire


Sturney, Charles -
Sturney, Mary Ellen b.1833 - Hinton Martell, Dorset


Such, E. - Living
Such, Janice - Living


Sudbury, John b.1820 - of Cambridge


Sugdin, Fanny b.1758 - of Bowling, Bradford, Yorkshire


Sullivan, Daphne - Living


Sumers, Lily - Living


Sumner, Eliza b.1850 - Bath, Somerset
Sumner, Eliza b.1863 - St Lukes, Middlesex
Sumner, Elizabeth b.1856 - Islington, Middlesex
Sumner, James b.1862 - St Lukes, Middlesex
Sumner, John b.1860 - St Lukes, Middlesex
Sumner, John b.1829 - Bath, Somerset
Sumner, Mary A. b.1853 - Bath, Somerset
Sumner, William b.1857 - St. Luke's, London, Middlesex


Sunderland, Heather b.1940 - Littleborough, Lancashire


Sutton, Ann -
Sutton, Emily Clara b.1865 - Clerkenwell, London


Sweetapple, Elizabeth b.1763 - Witchampton, Dorset


Sweijd, Gideon Nathan George - Living
Sweijd, Joseph Gabriel - Living
Sweijd, Neville Anthony - Living


Swindells, Edith Amelia May b.1907 - Ludgershall, Tidworth, Wiltshire
Swindells, James Henry b.1873 - Shoreditch, London


Swindin, Ann m.1745 - of Sheffield, Yorkshire
Swindin, Thomas - Living


Sykes, Gertrude "Jean" - Living


Symes, David m.1863 - district of Dorchester, Dorset (Mar qtr)
Symes, Elizabeth b.1811 - Dorset
Symes, Martha A. b.1866 - Weymouth, Dorset
Symes, William Thomas B. b.1867 - Weymouth, Dorset (Dec qtr)


Tabor, Frederick G. b.1858 - Duxford, Cambridgeshire
Tabor, George b.1823 - Hinxton, Cambridgeshire
Tabor, John b.1862 - Hinxton, Cambridgeshire
Tabor, John -
Tabor, Mary A. b.1864 - Hinxton, Cambridgeshire
Tabor, Sarah Ann b.1860 - Hinxton, Nr. Cambridge (Mar qtr)
Tabor, William b.1868 - Hinxton, Cambridgeshire


Tackett, I. - Living


Taft, Emma -


Taker, Susannah b.1852 - Hackney, Middlesex


Talbot, Arthur - Living
Talbot, Charlotte - Living


Tamadge, Sarah m.1884 - Portsea, Hampshire (Jun qtr)


Tandy, Carol Patricia - Living


Tanswell, James c.1889 - St Andrews, Bournemouth, Hampshire


Tantiprasut, Arthur Patrick - Living


Tapper, Dora - Living
Tapper, Ellen b.1861 - Tarrant Monkton, Dorset
Tapper, Henrietta c.1849 - Tarrant Monckton
Tapper, Henry b.1858 - Tarrant Monkton, Dorset
Tapper, Joseph b.1847 - Stourpaine, Dorset
Tapper, Joseph c.1818 - Independent Chapel, Blandford Forum, Dorset


Tarrant, Ernest Alfred J. b.1894 - Basingstoke, Hampshire
Tarrant, Georgina K. b.1879 - Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
Tarrant, Harry b.1855 - Hertford, Hertfordshire
Tarrant, Harry A. b.1877 - Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
Tarrant, Marjorie Joyce b.1919 - Stratford
Tarrant, Muriel b.1922 - Basingstoke


Tassell, Norma Vera - Living


Tayler, Edith Lucy W. b.1851 - Simla, India


Taylor, Ann b.1689 - of London, Middlesex
Taylor, Anne (See Notes) b.1796 - Dorset, or Calne, Wiltshire
Taylor, Caroline Emily b.1877 - Deal, Kent (Jun qtr)
Taylor, Clive - Living
Taylor, Darren - Living
Taylor, Edith M. -
Taylor, Eliza m.1840 - district of Rotherham, Yorks.
Taylor, Elizabeth b.1791 - Hampshire
Taylor, Emily M. b.1894 - Bishopstoke, Hampshire
Taylor, Frances b.1899 - Eastleigh, Hampshire
Taylor, Frederick b.1857 - London, Middlesex
Taylor, Frederick W. b.1892 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Taylor, George - Living
Taylor, George H. b.1897 - Eastleigh, Hampshire
Taylor, Harriet Elizabeth b.1827 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Taylor, Karl - Living
Taylor, Nellie b.1887 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Taylor, Phylis - Living
Taylor, Sarah Lucy b.1890 - Portsmouth, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Taylor, William E. b.1896 - Eastleigh, Hampshire


Teanby, Arthur b.1856 - Alkbrough, Lincolnshire
Teanby, Frank b.1887 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Teanby, George H. b.1885 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Teanby, Jack - Living
Teanby, John - Living
Teanby, Laura b.1880 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Teanby, Michael - Living


Tearall, Nellie b.1882 - district of Guildford, Surrey


Telzer, Melissa Hope - Living


Tennant, Sabrina Viola - Living


Teppett, Susan Janet - Living


Tew, Anthony Martin b.1908 - Moorlands, Wigginton, Haxby, Yorkshire
Tew, Catharine c.1831 - Doncaster, Yorkshire
Tew, Catharine Mary b.1801 - of Crofton Hall, Yorkshire
Tew, Charlotte b.1829 - Wakefield, Yorkshire
Tew, Constance Mary b.1850 - Wakefield, Yorkshire
Tew, Cyril Blackburn b.1837 - of Crofton Hall, Yorkshire
Tew, Edward b.1834 - Doncaster, Yorkshire
Tew, Edward b.1795 - of Crofton Hall, Yorkshire
Tew, Edward Grosvenor b.1873 - district of Pontefract, Yorkshire (of Carlton Grange)
Tew, Ellinor b.1766 - Wakefield, Yorkshire
Tew, Emily b.1861 - district of Pontefract, Yorkshire (of Carlton Grange)
Tew, Emily Jane b.1854 - Wakefield, Yorkshire
Tew, Florence Perfect b.1869 - district of Pontefract, Yorkshire (of Carlton Grange)
Tew, Herbert Sayer b.1835 - Doncaster, Yorkshire
Tew, John Edward b.1905 - Moorlands, Wigginton, Haxby, Yorkshire
Tew, Kathleen - Living
Tew, Mary Catharine b.1867 - district of Pontefract, Yorkshire (of Carlton Grange)
Tew, Percy b.1840 - Wakefield, Yorkshire
Tew, Phyllis - Living
Tew, Thomas m.1763 -
Tew, Thomas William b.1828 - of Crofton Hall, Yorkshire
Tew, Thomas William b.1764 - Wakefield, Yorkshire


Thatcher, Charles b.1819 - Axminster, Devon or Bridport, Dorset
Thatcher, Charles T. b.1849 - St. Helier, Jersey
Thatcher, Doris May -
Thatcher, Elizabeth b.1851 - St. Helier, Jersey
Thatcher, George b.1859 - St. Helier, Jersey
Thatcher, Georgiana b.1883 -
Thatcher, Henry b.1857 - St. Helier, Jersey
Thatcher, James b.1846 - St. Helier, Jersey
Thatcher, John b.1845 - St. Helier, Jersey
Thatcher, John Reginald b.1878 - Yorkshire
Thatcher, Maggie b.1876 - Yeadon, Yorkshire (Dec qtr)
Thatcher, Sarah Ann b.1854 - St. Helier, Jersey
Thatcher, Tom b.1880 - Yeadon, Yorkshire (Dec qtr)


Thirkettle, Bernard - Living


Thomas, Celia Woodrow d.1960 -
Thomas, Dorothy - Living
Thomas, Edward Augustus b.1883 - Creswick, Victoria, Australia
Thomas, Edward John b.1856 - Creswick, Victoria, Australia
Thomas, Elizabeth b.1885 - Wales ?
Thomas, Emma b.1845 - Kilpeck, Herefordshire
Thomas, George A. -
Thomas, George Walter b.1877 - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Thomas, Ifor Sandys m.1923 -
Thomas, Jane Anne Emily c.1847 - Tenby, Pembroke, Wales
Thomas, John Shepherd b.1885 - Creswick, Victoria, Australia
Thomas, John Thomas - Living
Thomas, Joseph -
Thomas, Mr - Living
Thomas, Robert Lloyd -
Thomas, Stanley George b.1887 - Creswick, Victoria, Australia
Thomas, Walter E. "Tiny" - Living
Thomas, Walter Sandys - Living
Thomas, William -


Thompson, Amelia b.1839 - Batheaston, Somerset
Thompson, Anna b.1828 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Thompson, Annie b.1866 - Crosland Moor, Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Thompson, Benjamin David - Living
Thompson, Betty b.1869 - Crosland Moor, Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Thompson, Caroline b.1856 - London, Middlesex
Thompson, Charles b.1831 - Liverpool, Lancashire
Thompson, Dorothy Ursula Ashcroft b.1906 - district of Sevenoaks, Kent
Thompson, Fred b.1880 - Crossland Moor, Yorkshire
Thompson, Harry Grimshaw b.1899 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Thompson, Helen - Living
Thompson, Herbert b.1883 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Thompson, James b.1797 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Thompson, James E. b.1843 - Liverpool, Lancashire
Thompson, John Grimshaw b.1835 - Liverpool, Lancashire
Thompson, John William b.1858 - Crossland Moor, Yorkshire
Thompson, Josias b.1827 - Manchester, Lancashire
Thompson, Lucas Jeremy - Living
Thompson, Mary b.1886 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Thompson, Mary b.1832 - Liverpool, Lancashire
Thompson, Mary d.1861 -
Thompson, Mary Ann b.1853 - Paddock, Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Thompson, Nathan Timothy Philip - Living
Thompson, Neil - Living
Thompson, Sarah b.1800 - of Rawdon, Yorkshire
Thompson, Thomas b.1864 - Crosland Moor, Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Thompson, William b.1792 - Bury, Lancashire
Thompson, William b.1754 - of Rawdon, Yorkshire


Thomson, Douglas Marshall - Living
Thomson, Elizabeth d.1969 - Glasgow, Scotland
Thomson, James Marshall m.1908 - St. George Hanover Square, London, Middlesex


Thorne, Frederick Arthur -
Thorne, Harry m.1889 - Portsea, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Thorne, Harry Albert E. b.1898 - Portsea, Hampshire (Sep qtr)
Thorne, Pamela - Living
Thorne, Percival - Living
Thorne, Thomas b.1873 - Shedfield, Hampshire


Thornton, Fred b.1870 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Thornton, Walter Samuel b.1809 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Thornton, William Robert b.1848 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire


Thorowgood, Ruth Elizabeth m.1931 -


Threadbury?, Mr -
Threadbury?, Mr. -


Thwaits, Isabel b.1495 - Denton Castle, Yorkshire


Thynne, Agatha Lilian b.1879 - St George Hanover Square, London (Jun qtr)


Tice, Thomas Bradford -


Tichbourne, Alice - Living


Tickner, Aimee Louise - Living
Tickner, Alfred Ernest b.1902 - 1 Gomer Gdns, Field lane, Teddington, Middlesex
Tickner, Alice Mary b.1936 - 13 Church Lane. Teddington. Middlesex
Tickner, Amanda - Living
Tickner, Arthur Frank - Living
Tickner, Austin William Charles b.1904 - 1. Gomer Gdns. Teddington
Tickner, Barbra Ann - Living
Tickner, Brenda - Living
Tickner, Clive - Living
Tickner, David - Living
Tickner, Ernest James - Living
Tickner, Ernest James b.1876 - Field Lane. Teddington, Middlesex
Tickner, Evelyn Mary - Living
Tickner, Gavin - Living
Tickner, Glyn William - Living
Tickner, Helen - Living
Tickner, Hollie Louise - Living
Tickner, Janet - Living
Tickner, John - Living
Tickner, Kenneth George - Living
Tickner, Lennard John - Living
Tickner, Lorrane - Living
Tickner, Matthew - Living
Tickner, Michael David - Living
Tickner, Michelle Louise - Living
Tickner, Pamela - Living
Tickner, Paul Michael - Living
Tickner, Raymond Charles - Living
Tickner, Sarah Jane - Living
Tickner, Simon - Living
Tickner, Stephen b.1843 - Cobham
Tickner, Zoe Louise - Living


Tier, Martha -
Tier, Sarah Davey c.1814 - Warblington, Hampshire


Tigwell, Florence b.1886 - Swallowfield, Berkshire


Tilbury, Charlotte Louisa b.1876 - Portsmouth, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Tilbury, James b.1823 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Tilbury, Mary c.1817 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Tilbury, William b.1821 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Tilbury, William m.1811 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Tilbury, William T. b.1856 - Portsmouth, Hampshire


Tilley, Mr - Living
Tilley, Sarah c.1809 - Christchurch, Hampshire (aged 1 month)
Tilley, Thomas -


Tindall, James William G. b.1900 - Portsmouth, Hampshire


Tingley, Jane m.1855 - Horsted Keynes, Sussex


Tiptoft, Phillipa b.1423 - of Great Eversden, Cambridgeshire


Tobin, Margaret - Living


Todd, Annie b.1863 -


Toledo, Felisa - Living


Toller, Elizabeth b.1720 -
Toller, Lorna Joyce - Living


Tomkins, Richard m.1869 - district of Poole, Dorset (Mar qtr)


Toms, Alice Jane b.1868 - Bere Regis, Dorset
Toms, Amelia b.1860 - Bere Regis, Dorset
Toms, Charlotte b.1830 - Dorset
Toms, Christopher -
Toms, Christopher b.1819 - Dorset
Toms, Christopher c.1780 - Bere Regis, Dorset
Toms, Frank b.1828 - Bere Regis, Dorset
Toms, Frederick b.1824 - Dorset
Toms, George Henry b.1857 - Bere Regis, Dorset
Toms, Harvey b.1839 - Dorset
Toms, Henry G. b.1885 - Briantspuddle, Dorset
Toms, Jacob b.1833 - Bere Regis, Dorset
Toms, John b.1853 -
Toms, Lilian b.1882 - Briantspuddle, Dorset
Toms, Louisa b.1866 - Bere Regis, Dorset
Toms, Reginald C. b.1888 - Briantspuddle, Dorset
Toms, Thomas b.1822 - Dorset


Toomer, Alex David - Living
Toomer, David - Living
Toomer, Lorna Joanne - Living
Toomer, Matthew b.1990 -


Tosh, Elspeth M. - Living
Tosh, Mr - Living


Tough, Joyce Elizabeth - Living
Tough, Norman - Living


Tozer, Alexander - Living
Tozer, Jean Doreen - Living
Tozer, John Thomas b.1925 - district of Ipswich, Suffolk
Tozer, John Thomas b.1891 - Camberwell, London
Tozer, Stanley George - Living


Trash, Sarah b.1836 - Cheselbourne, Dorset


Tredgold, Betty m.1824 - Knights Enham


Treloar, Elizabeth Ann -


Trenchard, Blanche A. -
Trenchard, Edward William b.1872 - Winsham, Somerset
Trenchard, Florence m.1891 - district of Chard, Dorset (Dec qtr)


Trescowthick, James m.1852 - Adelaide, South Australia


Tresise, Elizabeth -


Tressidder, Mary b.1855 - North Adelaide, South Australia


Treyde, Ruth - Living


Trigg, Albert b.1894 - Wickham, Hampshire
Trigg, Alice Maud b.1887 - Wickham, Hampshire
Trigg, Arthur E. b.1877 - Meon Stoke, Hampshire
Trigg, Bertha Ellen b.1878 - Meon Stoke, Hampshire
Trigg, Daisy M. b.1880 - Meon Stoke, Hampshire
Trigg, Edward Lewis b.1852 - Owslebury, Hampshire
Trigg, Frank b.1883 -
Trigg, Harold b.1893 - Wickham, Hampshire
Trigg, James -
Trigg, Kate b.1885 - Wickham, Hampshire
Trigg, William Gilbert b.1888 - Wickham, Hampshire


Triggle, Ann b.1775 - Dorset
Triggle, Harriet Louisa c.1849 - Tarrant Hinton, Dorset
Triggle, John b.1819 - Pimperne, Dorset


Trod, Betty m.1778 - Bishops Waltham, Hampshire


Troke, Catherine c.1836 - West Parley, Dorset
Troke, Elizabeth c.1824 - West Parley, Dorset
Troke, George c.1820 - Great Canford, Dorset
Troke, George b.1797 - Dorset
Troke, Jane c.1833 - West Parley, Dorset
Troke, John c.1828 - West Parley, Dorset
Troke, Mary c.1818 - Hampreston, Dorset
Troke, Robert b.1868 - Talbot Village, Dorset
Troke, Robert Charles b.1896 - Winton, Hampshire
Troke, William c.1826 - West Parley, Dorset


Trollope, Rosetta Elinda b.1885 - Avon Plains, Victoria, Australia
Trollope, Thomas -


Trotman, Dora - Living


Trotter, Norman - Living


Trout, Mary Jane b.1862 - Portsmouth, Hampshire


Trowbridge, Rachel c.1799 - Tollard Royall, Wiltshire
Trowbridge, William b.1753 -


Troyte-Bullock, Edward George b.1862 - Frome Whitfield, Dorset
Troyte-Bullock, Mary Winifred b.1902 - Shaftesbury, Dorset


Trude, Elizabeth c.1827 - Poughill, Devon
Trude, Emma b.1830 - Devon
Trude, John c.1821 - Poughill, Devon
Trude, Marianna c.1833 - Poughill, Devon
Trude, Samuel c.1830 - Poughill, Devon
Trude, William m.1820 - Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon
Trude, William c.1824 - Poughill, Devon


Trump, Helen Rosemary b.1945 -
Trump, Mr. - Living


Truslove, 9 children - Living
Truslove, 9 children - Living
Truslove, Alex Roy b.1907 -
Truslove, Arthur George b.1885 -
Truslove, Charles Henry b.1896 -
Truslove, Charles Henry b.1883 -
Truslove, Charlotte Elizabeth b.1881 - Millstream South, Roebourne, Australia
Truslove, child - Living
Truslove, Edith Alberta b.1891 -
Truslove, Elizabeth Florence b.1899 -
Truslove, Ellen Mary Anna Eliza b.1876 -
Truslove, Emily Margaret b.1911 -
Truslove, Ivy -
Truslove, John Albert b.1878 -
Truslove, John Alexander m.1873 - Irwin River, Western Australia
Truslove, Lillian b.1904 -
Truslove, Mark Woodbine b.1889 -
Truslove, Mary b.1887 -
Truslove, Mary Blanche b.1892 -
Truslove, Patricia b.1914 -
Truslove, Stanley Ernest b.1902 -
Truslove, Thomas James -
Truslove, Walter William b.1873 -


Tubbs, Susanna m.1786 - Gussage All Saints, Dorset


Tubby, Christopher Robert - Living
Tubby, Jeffery Dennis - Living
Tubby, Nathan William - Living
Tubby, Simone Kathleen b.1986 -


Tucker, (?)Charles m.1856 - Cheselbourne
Tucker, Charles b.1843 - Hilton, Dorset
Tucker, Edith Flora b.1876 - Park Gate, Haselbury Bryan, Dorset (Sep qtr)
Tucker, Edwin b.1885 - Haselbury Bryan, Dorset
Tucker, Elizabeth Louisa b.1870 - Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset
Tucker, Frederick T. or J. b.1879 - Park Gate, Haselbury Bryan, Dorset
Tucker, Isabella b.1875 - Park Gate, Haselbury Bryan, Dorset
Tucker, Louis b.1893 - Haselbury Bryan, Dorset


Tuczek, Agnes b.1856 - Bloomsbury, London
Tuczek, Anton Neville -
Tuczek, Charlotte b.1862 - Bloomsbury, London
Tuczek, Constance Hope b.1891 - Shepherds Bush, London (Dec qtr)
Tuczek, Jessie Maria b.1863 - Hammersmith, London
Tuczek, Miriam b.1870 - Hammersmith, London
Tuczek, Nikolaus b.1823 - Hungary
Tuczek, Nikolaus Christopher b.1865 - Shepherds Bush, London
Tuczek, Nikolaus Francis b.1893 - Shepherds Bush, London (Sep qtr)
Tuczek, Sandford b.1854 - London, Middlesex
Tuczek, Vera Louise b.1896 - Shepherds Bush, London (Mar qtr)
Tuczek, Wenzel Francis b.1859 - Bloomsbury, London


Tulk, William John (Tuck) b.1797 - Portsmouth, Hampshire


Tunbridge, Charlotte Ann b.1848 - Alkham, Kent


Tunnard, Elizabeth -


Tuppen, Albert b.1865 - Southsea.
Tuppen, Bertie b.1878 - Southsea
Tuppen, Ernest b.1872 - Southsea.
Tuppen, Frank b.1869 - Southsea.
Tuppen, Frederick b.1876 - Southsea
Tuppen, George b.1861 - Southsea, Hants
Tuppen, George b.1840 - Fareham.
Tuppen, Henry b.1867 - Southsea.
Tuppen, Lilly b.1881 - Southsea


Turgiss, Catherine "Kitty" m.1856 - district of Ringwood, Hampshire (Jun qtr)


Turner, Cassandra b.1746 - of Ambrosden, Oxfordshire
Turner, Charles Winton b.1912 -
Turner, Claire Elizabeth Winton - Living
Turner, Edward -
Turner, Living - Living
Turner, Living - Living
Turner, Living - Living
Turner, Mary Ann c.1776 - West Hoathly, Sussex
Turner, Nigel Winton - Living
Turner, Sarah b.1805 - Kingston, Surrey


Turnham, Gladys - Living


Turpin, Cornelia b.1822 - Tarrant Hinton, Dorset


Turton, Isaac -
Turton, Mary Anne b.1809 - Newcastle Under Lyme, Staffordshire


Tvedt, Ida N. b.1889 -


Twigg, Donna M. - Living


Tyer, Elizabeth b.1866 - Gosport, Hampshire
Tyer, William b.1822 - Gosport, Hampshire


Tyson, Anne Elizabeth - Living
Tyson, Catherine Elaine - Living
Tyson, Christopher - Living
Tyson, Frances Eileen - Living
Tyson, Janet Sylvia - Living
Tyson, Louise Jean - Living
Tyson, Roy Leonard b.1922 -
Tyson, Sheila Catherine - Living
Tyson, Victoria Joan - Living


Udall, Alice b.1879 - Bloxworth, Dorset.
Udall, Ernest Edwin b.1881 - Bloxworth, Dorset.
Udall, John m.1876 - Bloxworth, Dorset.
Udall, Kate b.1876 - Morden, Dorset.
Udall, Sydney John b.1878 - Bloxworth, Dorset.


Underhill, Alexander - Living
Underhill, Jill Katherine - Living
Underhill, John - Living
Underhill, Madiline - Living


Underwood, Alice b.1838 - Eton, Buckinghamshire
Underwood, Ann b.1848 - West Cowes, Isle of Wight
Underwood, Eliza b.1836 - Eton, Buckinghamshire
Underwood, Eliza Mary b.1878 - Eton, Buckinghamshire
Underwood, Fanny b.1851 - West Cowes, Isle of Wight
Underwood, John c.1847 - Eton, Buckinghamshire
Underwood, Joseph c.1844 - Eton, Buckinghamshire
Underwood, Mary Anne c.1842 - Eton, Buckinghamshire
Underwood, Thomas b.1804 - Chertsey, Surrey
Underwood, William c.1860 - Eton, Buckinghamshire
Underwood, William c.1830 - Eton, Buckinghamshire
Underwood, William b.1868 - Eton, Buckinghamshire
Underwood, William b.1821 - Northwood, Isle of Wight
Underwood, Zilpah c.1832 - Eton, Buckinghamshire


Undery, Elizabeth Louisa b.1863 - Ipswich, Suffolk
Undery, John b.1831 - Hull, Yorkshire


Uphill, Arthur John - Living
Uphill, George b.1895 - Encombe, Kingston, Corfe Castle, Dorset
Uphill, James b.1855 - Encombe, Kingston, Corfe Castle, Dorset


Upward, Martha b.1812 - Penselwood, Somerset


Urwin, George Edwin - Living


Utton, Brian - Living
Utton, Charlotte - Living
Utton, Robin - Living


Vague, Ann -

van Muysen

van Muysen, Mr - Living

Van Putten

Van Putten, Charlie - Living
Van Putten, Paul Andrew - Living

Van Wilder

Van Wilder, Ernestine Victoria May b.1893 - Paddington, London
Van Wilder, Mathilda b.1866 - Belgium
Van Wilder, Mr d.1901 -


Vaughan, Arthur b.1890 - Brighton, Sussex
Vaughan, Harold b.1894 - Brighton, Sussex
Vaughan, Harriet b.1860 - West Malling, Kent
Vaughan, Henry b.1892 - Llandudno, North Wales
Vaughan, Mabel b.1893 - Brighton, Sussex
Vaughan, Richard b.1888 - Brighton, Sussex
Vaughan, Richard b.1857 - Melbourne, Australia
Vaughan, Sarah Ann b.1862 - London


Vaughan-Lee, Arthur Vaughan Hanning -
Vaughan-Lee, Susan b.1918 -


Vaux, Elizabeth m.1787 - Ackworth, Yorkshire


Veal, Mary (Vaell) m.1774 - Hordle, Hampshire


Vere, Helen b.1278 - Oxford
Vere, Robert -


Vicars, Daniel - Living
Vicars, Daniel - Living
Vicars, Jane Adin - Living
Vicars, Rebecca - Living
Vicars, Ross - Living


Viccars, Carole Linda - Living


Vickers, Agnes m.1900 -


Vidgen, Fred Fripp - Living
Vidgen, Muriel Charlotte Violet Mary - Living


Viles, Alistair James - Living
Viles, David Vivian b.1926 - district of Ware, Herts.


Vince, Mr -


Vincent, Ada Lilian F. b.1895 - Upwey, Dorset
Vincent, Arthur Wilfred c.1868 - Dewlish, Dorset
Vincent, Arthur Wilfred -
Vincent, Bertie Wilfred G. b.1889 - Bincombe, Dorset
Vincent, Caroline b.1862 - Dewlish, Dorset
Vincent, Charles Henry b.1890 - Birmingham, Warwickshire
Vincent, Cyril Cathcart b.1927 - district of Long Ashton, Somerset
Vincent, David - Living
Vincent, Elizabeth Melina c.1860 - Dewlish, Dorset
Vincent, Emily Ann b.1871 - Wyrley, Essington, Staffordshire
Vincent, Emma Jane c.1867 - Dewlish, Dorset
Vincent, Fanny b.1855 - Dewlish, Dorset
Vincent, Frances Jane c.1832 - Dewlish, Dorset
Vincent, Frederick Ernest b.1896 - Ireland
Vincent, George c.1863 - Dewlish, Dorset
Vincent, George b.1798 - Dewlish, Dorset
Vincent, George Bagg c.1824 - Dewlish, Dorset
Vincent, George Henry b.1885 - Birmingham, Warwickshire
Vincent, George Patrick - Living
Vincent, Hannah c.1827 - Dewlish, Dorset
Vincent, Harold b.1895 - Birmingham, Warwickshire
Vincent, Louisa c.1856 - Dewlish, Dorset
Vincent, Maria b.1802 - Chettle, Dorset
Vincent, Mr - Living
Vincent, Sarah m.1795 - Dewlish, Dorset
Vincent, Steven - Living
Vincent, Walter c.1865 - Dewlish, Dorset
Vincent, Walter Henry b.1887 - Birmingham, Warwickshire
Vincent, William b.1892 - Birmingham, Warwickshire
Vincent, William c.1828 - Dewlish, Dorset


Vining, Abner John c.1862 - Motcombe, Dorset
Vining, Albert Henry c.1865 - Motcombe, Dorset
Vining, Arthur b.1894 - Bromley, Kent (Mar qtr)
Vining, Cecil Sidney b.1884 - Battersea, London, Middlesex
Vining, Cecil William Gilbert b.1906 - district of Ampthill, Bedfordshire (Mar qtr)
Vining, Clarice May b.1887 - Battersea, Surrey (Mar qtr)
Vining, Eleanor Louisa b.1889 - Battersea, London (Mar qtr)
Vining, Elizabeth Ann c.1853 - Holy Trinity, Shaftesbury, Dorset
Vining, Frank c.1870 - Motcombe, Dorset
Vining, Frederick John b.1891 - Battersea, London (Jun qtr)
Vining, George Giles b.1849 - Stower Provost, Dorset (Mar qtr)
Vining, Giles b.1826 - Batcombe, Somerset
Vining, Herbert b.1892 - Bromley, Kent (Mar qtr)
Vining, John b.1847 - Church Knowle, Wareham, Dorset
Vining, Mary Jane c.1853 - Holy Trinity, Shaftesbury, Dorset
Vining, Minnie b.1889 - Battersea, Surrey (Mar qtr)
Vining, Samuel c.1859 - Motcombe, Dorset
Vining, Walter Reginald b.1885 - Battersea, Surrey (Dec qtr)
Vining, William Walter b.1856 - Motcombe, Dorset


Visconti, Violanta b.1353 - of Milan, Italy


Vivien, Joyce c.1759 - Cheselbourne, Dorset


Voller, John -
Voller, Sarah b.1820 - Warnford, Hampshire


Voss, Emma Rose Matilda b.1910 -


Voutyraki, Elpiniki - Living


Waddington, Benjamin b.1749 - of Llanover, Monmouthshire
Waddington, Frances b.1791 - Dunston Park, Berkshire


Wade, Elizabeth b.1810 - Otley, Yorkshire


Wadham, Cyril Walter Bryant b.1905 - Dorset
Wadham, George b.1914 - Wimborne
Wadham, Margaret - Living
Wadham, Mary - Living


Wadman, Violet L.E. - Living


Wagg, Alice Amelia b.1852 - Christchurch, Hampshire
Wagg, Charles b.1842 - Christchurch, Hampshire
Wagg, Eleanor b.1837 - Christchurch, Hampshire
Wagg, Elizabeth c.1816 - Sopley, Christchurch, Hampshire
Wagg, Emily Louisa b.1849 - Christchurch, Hampshire
Wagg, Frederick George b.1850 - Christchurch, Hampshire
Wagg, George b.1838 - Christchurch, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Wagg, George b.1854 - Christchurch, Hampshire
Wagg, George c.1814 - Sopley, Christchurch, Hampshire
Wagg, Henry c.1848 - Christchurch, Hampshire
Wagg, Maurice b.1840 - Christchurch, Hampshire (Sep qtr)
Wagg, Maurice c.1819 - Sopley, Christchurch, Hampshire
Wagg, Maurice b.1781 - Hampshire
Wagg, Sarah b.1847 - Christchurch, Hampshire


Wahl, Alan Fripp - Living
Wahl, Carl Gustav Freiderich b.1864 - Barth, Germany
Wahl, Carl Hunt b.1903 -
Wahl, Daphne - Living
Wahl, Eric - Living
Wahl, Ernest Henri - Living
Wahl, Frederick Kail b.1905 -
Wahl, Grace - Living
Wahl, Gustav Edward b.1904 -
Wahl, Kerry - Living
Wahl, Leslie - Living
Wahl, Rodney - Living
Wahl, twin -


Wainwright, Alistair "Scott" - Living
Wainwright, Tristan Alexander - Living


Waite, William Henry b.1858 - Clanville, Hampshire


Wake, Margaret of Liddell b.1309 -


Wakefield, Emma b.1823 - Duxford, Cambridgeshire
Wakefield, Grace Josephine m.1906 - Fulham, London (Sep qtr)
Wakefield, John -


Wakeford, Alice b.1884 - Tonbridge, Kent
Wakeford, Eve b.1879 - Tonbridge Wells, Kent
Wakeford, Flora b.1889 - Tonbridge Wells, Kent (Jun qtr)
Wakeford, Harriett b.1882 - Hildenborough, Kent
Wakeford, James b.1858 - Tonbridge Wells, Kent
Wakeford, Mr -
Wakeford, Rose b.1885 - Tonbridge, Kent
Wakeford, Rose H. - Living


Wakeham, Nellie - Living


Wakely, Paul - Living


Walder, Gladys Emia b.1917 - district of Kingston, Surrey


Waldron, Clive - Living
Waldron, Jane - Living
Waldron, Jonathan - Living
Waldron, Stephen - Living


Walker, Alice b.1891 - Wheathamstead, Hertfordshire
Walker, Ann b.1830 - Idle, Yorkshire
Walker, Benjamin -
Walker, Eileen - Living
Walker, Elizabeth b.1896 - Wheathamstead, Hertfordshire
Walker, Elizabeth b.1826 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Walker, Ellen b.1894 - Wheathamstead, Hertfordshire
Walker, Elsie b.1899 - Wheathamstead, Hertfordshire
Walker, Emma b.1858 - Bramley, Yorkshire
Walker, Francis Henry b.1875 - Springhill, Bracknell, Berks.
Walker, Frank - Living
Walker, Gladys b.1897 - Wheathamstead, Hertfordshire
Walker, Grace b.1775 -
Walker, Hannah b.1752 - Yorkshire
Walker, Hannah b.1821 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Walker, Harriette b.1806 - Lenham, Kent
Walker, James b.1845 - Sand Hutton, Yorkshire
Walker, John b.1836 - Eccleshill, Yorkshire
Walker, John b.1744 - Yorkshire
Walker, John b.1794 - Darley, Yorkshire
Walker, Joseph b.1757 - Yorkshire
Walker, Mary b.1841 - Eccleshill, Yorkshire
Walker, Mary b.1747 - Yorkshire
Walker, Mary b.1833 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Walker, Mary Irene - Living
Walker, Nanny Maria b.1862 - Yeadon, Yorkshire
Walker, Rebecca b.1833 - Idle, Yorkshire
Walker, Richard b.1829 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Walker, Robert b.1717 - Yorkshire
Walker, Robert b.1819 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Walker, Robert Jnr b.1755 - Driglington, Birstall, Yorkshire
Walker, Sarah b.1760 - Driglington, Birstall, Yorkshire
Walker, Sarah Ann b.1836 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Walker, Thomas b.1802 - Yeadon, Yorkshire
Walker, Thomas b.1763 - Yorkshire
Walker, Thompson b.1823 - Rawdon, Yorkshire
Walker, William b.1868 - Fulham, London
Walker, William b.1839 - Tottenham, Middlesex
Walker, William b.1838 - Eccleshill, Yorkshire
Walker, William b.1867 - Pirton, Hertfordshire
Walker, William b.1890 - Wheathamstead, Hertfordshire
Walker, William "Reg" Reginald b.1896 - Greenwich, London
Walker, William Gilbert - Living


Wallis, Ann b.1823 - Broadmayne, Dorset
Wallis, William Gordon b.1896 - Creswick, Victoria, Australia


Walter, Edith b.1736 -


Walters, Alice May b.1875 - Bristol, Gloucester
Walters, Ellen Esther b.1872 - Derby, Derbyshire
Walters, Eva Rose b.1878 - Bristol, Gloucester
Walters, John b.1660 - Thornford, Dorset, Uk
Walters, Nina Margaret b.1870 - Tranmere, Birkenhead, Cheshire
Walters, Samuel F. b.1869 - Liverpool, Lancs.
Walters, Samuel Francis b.1841 - Devonport, Devon
Walters, William b.1708 - Gussage All Saints, Dorset, Uk


Walton, Ann b.1830 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Walton, James Grimshaw b.1850 - Green Gates, Calverley, Yorkshire
Walton, Jane b.1825 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Walton, Samuel -
Walton, Sarah b.1819 - Calverley, Yorkshire
Walton, William b.1829 - Eccleshill, Yorkshire


Ward, Alice Ann b.1884 - Coventry, Warwickshire (Mar qtr)
Ward, Alice Jane m.1901 - Tincleton, Dorset
Ward, Eliza A. b.1863 - Lincoln, Lincolnshire
Ward, John -
Ward, John Pearce c.1849 - Saint Michael, Coventry, Warwick
Ward, Julia b.1864 - Lincoln, Lincolnshire


Warder, Adelaide b.1859 - West Cowes, Isle of Wight
Warder, Agnes Jane b.1874 - West Cowes, Isle of Wight
Warder, Beatrice R. b.1875 - West Cowes, Isle of Wight
Warder, Catherine b.1872 - West Cowes, Isle of Wight
Warder, John W. b.1865 - West Cowes, Isle of Wight
Warder, Mary F. b.1874 - West Cowes, Isle of Wight
Warder, Mr -
Warder, Rebecca b.1863 - West Cowes, Isle of Wight


Ware, Arthur b.1894 - Southwick, Hampshire
Ware, Benjamin Timothy Maylin - Living
Ware, Daisy b.1899 - Southwick, Hampshire
Ware, David d.1881 -
Ware, Eleanor Lara - Living
Ware, Elizabeth Joanna - Living
Ware, Ellen b.1853 - Southwick, Hampshire
Ware, Emily Jane b.1858 - Southwick, Hampshire
Ware, Frederick b.1896 - Southwick, Hampshire
Ware, Ivy b.1893 - Southwick, Hampshire
Ware, James b.1863 - Southwick, Hampshire
Ware, Mary Anne b.1847 - Southwick, Hampshire
Ware, Maylin Jeremy - Living
Ware, William b.1855 - Southwick, Hampshire


Warr, Caroline b.1860 - Rampisham, Dorset
Warr, George c.1834 - Rampisham, Dorset
Warr, Mary Ann b.1861 - Rampisham, Dorset
Warr, Richard m.1827 - Rampisham, Dorset


Warrell, Alice Maud m.1910 - St George & Perry Hill, Lewisham, London
Warrell, Walter Thomas - Living


Warren, Brendon - Living
Warren, Bryony - Living
Warren, David m.1847 - district of Chard, Dorset (Dec qtr)
Warren, Eloise E. b.1879 - Motcombe, Dorset
Warren, Joseph David Stroud c.1848 - St George, Fordington, Dorset
Warren, Josiah b.1822 - Stour Provost, Dorset
Warren, Roger - Living
Warren, Salome b.1810 - Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk


Warrington, Amelia Adelaide b.1837 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Warrington, Caroline c.1836 - All Saints, Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Warrington, Emma b.1835 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Warrington, George b.1800 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Warrington, John Henry b.1840 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Warrington, Mary Ann c.1836 - All Saints, Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Warrington, Mary Jane b.1844 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Warrington, Sarah c.1836 - All Saints, Huddersfield, Yorkshire


Warwick, Colin Spencer - Living
Warwick, Ian - Living
Warwick, Lisa - Living
Warwick, Muriel M. - Living
Warwick, Sally - Living


Wastell, Esther Barclay -


Waterhouse, Joseph -
Waterhouse, Susanna c.1781 - Calverley, Yorkshire


Waters, Elizabeth b.1797 - Damerham, Wiltshire
Waters, Phillis - Living


Waterton, Robert - Living
Waterton, Susan d.1576 -


Waterville, Matilda b.1182 -
Waterville, Richard (See Notes) -


Watkins, Arthur Anderson b.1857 - Fort George, Ontario, Canada
Watkins, Catherine -
Watkins, Edwin Arthur c.1827 - Claines, Worcestershire
Watkins, Emma -
Watkins, Gwendoline Annis b.1892 - Blackheath, London
Watkins, Irene Mary b.1893 - Blackheath, London
Watkins, Joan Isabel b.1896 - Blackheath, London
Watkins, Vivian Anderson b.1888 - Germany


Watson, Sylvia Maud b.1877 - Paddington, London


Watt, Brenton - Living
Watt, Jodie Louise - Living
Watt, John - Living


Watton, Cyril A. - Living
Watton, Donald C.C. - Living
Watton, Gwendoline J. - Living
Watton, Joan P. - Living
Watton, John A. - Living
Watton, Kenneth A. - Living
Watton, Patricia - Living


Watts, Elizabeth m.1753 - Shapwick, Dorset
Watts, Elizabeth m.1767 - Witchampton
Watts, Elizabeth Mary - Living
Watts, John Wilton - Living


Way, Allan - Living
Way, Graham Philip - Living
Way, Maxwell -
Way, Norman - Living
Way, Peter - Living
Way, Richard Edward - Living
Way, Valerie - Living


Wayland, child - Living
Wayland, child - Living
Wayland, David - Living
Wayland, Leslie - Living
Wayland, William - Living


Weare, Beatrice Harriet (See Notes) b.1873 - New Brompton, Kent
Weare, Charles b.1811 - Somerset
Weare, Harriett "Harty" b.1877 - Brompton, Kent (Jun qtr)
Weare, Henry b.1840 - Henstridge, Somerset
Weare, Willie b.1870 - New Brompton, Kent (Dec qtr)


Wearn, Beryl Joyce - Living
Wearn, Susanna m.1835 - Alverstoke, Hampshire


Webb, Emma Jane m.1843 - Alverstoke, Hampshire


Webbelee, Mary c.1832 - Stoke Gifford, Gloucestershire


Webster, Philip b.1895 - Wigan, Lancashire


Wedge, Mary Ann b.1836 - Emsworth, Hampshire


Weeks, John -
Weeks, Robert b.1821 - Poole, Dorset
Weeks, Susan Elizabeth b.1846 - Longfleet, Poole (Jun qtr)
Weeks, Thomas b.1843 - Poole
Weeks, William S. b.1871 - Holdenhurst, Hampshire


Weller, Cary m.1803 - Hartfield, Sussex
Weller, Mr - Living


Wellington, Cecilia "Blanche" Charlotte Mary b.1847 - Portsea, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Wellington, Charles E. b.1852 - Southsea, Hants.
Wellington, Louisa Isabella c.1856 - Saint Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire
Wellington, Margaret Elizabeth c.1846 - Saint Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire
Wellington, Peter m.1841 - Portsea, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Wellington, Philippa b.1850 - Southsea, Hants.


Wellman, Elizabeth b.1786 - of Poundsford Park, Somersetshire


Wells, Charles b.1810 - Fareham, Hampshire
Wells, Creswell b.1851 - Bosham, Sussex
Wells, Creswell Horace Archibald b.1875 - Wandsworth, London (Sep qtr)
Wells, Patricia Margaret - Living
Wells, Violet -


Wensley, Elizabeth c.1767 - All Saints, Bristol, Gloucester
Wensley, Emma b.1798 - Bristol, Gloucestershire
Wensley, Frances Foster c.1796 - St Pauls, Portland Square, Bristol, Gloucester
Wensley, Lawrence b.1726 -
Wensley, Maria c.1798 - St Pauls, Portland Square, Bristol, Gloucester
Wensley, William b.1761 - Bristol, Gloucester


Wesley, Eve Florence Wellesley - Living


West, Anne (See Notes) b.1823 - Bath, Somerset
West, Charles m.1847 - Cheselbourne
West, Gillian Ann - Living
West, Ian - Living
West, Sarah b.1777 - Witchampton, Dorset
West, William - Living


Westfield, Susannah b.1766 - of Portsmouth


Weston, Barbara Ann - Living
Weston, Lilian A. m.1913 - district of Bath, Somerset (Dec qtr)


Westrop, Ann (Wilsthorpe) m.1475 -


Weyer, Katherina m.1906 - Grevenmacher, Luxembourg


Whalley, Eleanor (Ellen) b.1744 - Rawdon, Yorkshire


Wharrie, Susannah m.1775 - Saint Mary, Kingston Upon Hull, Yorkshire
Wharrie, Thomas - Living


Wheater, Elizabeth Frances - Living
Wheater, Paul Richard b.1951 - Rochdale, Lancashire.


Wheeler, Albert Charles b.1873 - Niton, Isle of Wight
Wheeler, Frank b.1836 - Chale, Isle of Wight
Wheeler, Mary Ann b.1805 -
Wheeler, Sarah b.1813 - Portsmouth, Hampshire


Whevell, Maria b.1840 - Cheshire, England


White, Ann b.1808 - Bolton Bridge, Yorkshire
White, Ann c.1789 - North Aston, Oxfordshire
White, Ann Elizabeth c.1852 - Corfe Mullen, Dorset
White, Annie b.1883 - Corfe Mullen, Dorset
White, Arthur b.1890 - Corfe Mullen, Dorset
White, Beatrice b.1884 - Corfe Mullen, Dorset
White, Christopher Allen b.1859 - Corfe Mullen, Dorset (Mar qtr)
White, Edith b.1889 - Corfe Mullen, Dorset
White, Elizabeth m.1776 - Saint Anne Soho, Westminster, London
White, Elizabeth b.1834 - Tarrant Rushton, Dorset
White, Elizabeth b.1810 -
White, Ellen Jane b.1850 - Corfe Mullen, Dorset
White, Emma Mary b.1881 - Corfe Mullen, Dorset
White, Frances Florence -
White, Francis Thirkill JP c.1814 - Grantham, Lincolnshire
White, George b.1827 - Corfe Mullen, Dorset
White, George -
White, George m.1788 - North Aston, Oxfordshire
White, Harriet E. b.1853 - Boston, Lincolnshire
White, Harriett Louisa c.1854 - Corfe Mullen, Dorset
White, John -
White, Kevin - Living
White, Margaret - Living
White, Matthew - Living
White, Ronald - Living
White, Rose b.1887 - Corfe Mullen, Dorset
White, Rose - Living
White, Sarah c.1856 - Corfe Mullen, Dorset
White, Sarah -
White, Sarah Catharine c.1790 - North Aston, Oxfordshire
White, Terrance - Living
White, Trent - Living
White, William b.1887 - Corfe Mullen, Dorset
White, William Henry b.1859 - Weymouth, Dorset


Whitehead, Clara - Living
Whitehead, Edith - Living
Whitehead, Ethel Blanche m.1895 -
Whitehead, George - Living
Whitehead, Gerrard - Living
Whitehead, Henry m.1890 - Wadsley, Yorkshire
Whitehead, John Thomas Fiander b.1894 - Kingston, Surrey
Whitehead, Phyllis - Living


Whitelock, Mary Anne b.1815 - Woodlands, Dorset


Whitely, Ann c.1775 - St. Mary's, Portsea, Hampshire
Whitely, George c.1777 - St. Mary's, Portsea, Hampshire
Whitely, Holy (Hawley) c.1744 - Cathedral Saint Peter, Sheffield, Yorkshire
Whitely, John m.1735 - Sheffield, Yorkshire
Whitely, Martha -
Whitely, Martha c.1779 - St. Mary's, Portsea, Hampshire
Whitely, Martha c.1777 - St. Mary's, Portsea, Hampshire


Whitfield, Arthur Lewis b.1862 - Lewes, Sussex (Sep qtr)
Whitfield, Gerald Herbert Penn b.1896 - Little Easton, Essex (Jun qtr)


Whiting, Derek M. - Living
Whiting, Doreen E. - Living
Whiting, Dorothy Joyce - Living
Whiting, female b.1921 - district of Edmonton, Essex (Dec qtr)
Whiting, Mary Anne b.1815 - West Indies
Whiting, Robert D. - Living
Whiting, William "Samuel" -


Whitley, Adam John Richard - Living
Whitley, Christopher - Living
Whitley, John Richard - Living


Whitlock, William c.1838 - Horton, Dorset


Whittaker, Maria b.1842 - Forlock, Somerset


Whittle, Jean M. - Living


Whitworth, Jemima b.1846 - Boston, Lincolnshire


Wickens, Albert John Lucas - Living
Wickens, Julie Dawn - Living


Wicks, Mary b.1811 - Ayott St Lawrence, Hertfordshire


Wield, Angela - Living
Wield, Carolyn - Living
Wield, Cedric John -
Wield, Charles b.1865 - Soberton, Hampshire
Wield, Charles Henry T. b.1895 - Hornsey, London (Jun qtr)
Wield, child - Living
Wield, David b.1826 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Wield, David V. - Living
Wield, Doreen A. - Living
Wield, Doris M. - Living
Wield, Dorothy b.1892 - Hornsey, London (Sep qtr)
Wield, Edna J. - Living
Wield, Ethel Asenath May -
Wield, Frederick Arthur b.1891 - district of Lincoln, Lincolnshire (Jun qtr)
Wield, Frederick J. - Living
Wield, Grace Emily b.1889 - Stamford, London (Jun qtr)
Wield, Harriet Ann b.1861 - Soberton, Hampshire
Wield, Irene A. - Living
Wield, James b.1884 - district of Lincoln, Lincolnshire (Dec qtr)
Wield, Jim - Living
Wield, John b.1877 - Edlington, Lincolnshire
Wield, John William b.1898 - Hornsey, London (Sep qtr)
Wield, Leslie b.1906 - district of Lincoln, Lincolnshire
Wield, Marjorie M. - Living
Wield, Miriam Ellen b.1909 - district of Fareham, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Wield, Nicholas - Living
Wield, Pansy - Living
Wield, Reginald William b.1894 - Islington, London (Jun qtr)
Wield, Ronald b.1920 - district of Lincoln, Lincolnshire
Wield, Ruth b.1829 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Wield, Sally Anne - Living
Wield, Sandy - Living
Wield, Sarah c.1831 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Wield, Simon - Living
Wield, Thomas c.1794 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Wield, Thomas b.1837 - Hambledon, Hampshire
Wield, Thomas Edward b.1859 - Soberton, Hampshire
Wield, Thomas G. - Living
Wield, Thomas William b.1886 - Lincoln, Lincolnshire (Mar qtr)
Wield, Tony - Living
Wield, Vera - Living
Wield, William b.1869 - Soberton, Hampshire
Wield, Yvonne - Living


wife, 1st - Living
wife, 1st m.1779 -


Wilcock, Dorothy m.1775 - Saint Peter, Leeds, Yorkshire
Wilcock, Margaret "Peggy" b.1759 - Calverley, Yorkshire


Wild, Henry m.1786 - Hambledon, Hampshire


Wilds, Sarah b.1860 - Chalton, Havant, Hampshire


Wilkins, Catherine Sarah -


Wilkinson, Caroline -
Wilkinson, Claire - Living
Wilkinson, Evelyn Duesbury b.1875 - North Deighton, Yorkshire (Sep qtr)
Wilkinson, Jemima b.1829 - Leeds, Yorkshire
Wilkinson, John b.1859 -
Wilkinson, Keith Howard - Living
Wilkinson, Martha b.1793 - Yorkshire
Wilkinson, Rachel - Living
Wilkinson, Richard -
Wilkinson, William Hall b.1821 - Cottingham, Yorkshire


Willcox, Beric - Living
Willcox, female - Living
Willcox, female - Living
Willcox, Joan - Living
Willcox, Kim - Living
Willcox, Lawrence b.1905 - Sheffield, Yorkshire
Willcox, Nicola - Living
Willcox, Toby - Living
Willcox, Toyah Ann - Living


Willemsen, Jos - Living
Willemsen, Leanne Marie - Living
Willemsen, Matthew John - Living
Willemsen, Sarah Jane - Living


Williams, Agnes b.1895 - Moordown, Bournemouth, Hampshire
Williams, Alfred Edward b.1867 - Havant, Hampshire
Williams, Anita Christine - Living
Williams, Annie Caroline b.1869 - Havant, Hampshire
Williams, Arabella Hamlyn b.1785 - of Cloverly Court, Devonshire
Williams, Edward b.1893 - Moordown, Bournemouth, Hampshire
Williams, Elizabeth Ella b.1887 - Winton, Hampshire
Williams, Flora Grace b.1889 - Winton, Hampshire
Williams, George Oscar b.1890 - Moordown, Bournemouth, Hampshire
Williams, Harry Walter c.1870 - Fareham, Hampshire
Williams, John -
Williams, John Alfred c.1832 - Saint Maurice, Winchester, Hampshire
Williams, Jonathan - Living
Williams, Lonnie - Living
Williams, Louisa Charlotte b.1877 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Williams, Mary Allen b.1868 - Lynton, Devon
Williams, Mary Jane b.1873 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Williams, Michael - Living
Williams, Michelle - Living
Williams, Nicola Ann - Living
Williams, Robert Joseph (nee Willie) - Living
Williams, Rose Rebecca b.1880 - Landport, Portsmouth, Hampshire


Williamson, Colin Douglas - Living
Williamson, Gavin Douglas - Living
Williamson, Jacob Douglas - Living
Williamson, Jamie Lyn - Living
Williamson, Jason Dean - Living
Williamson, Paula Christine - Living
Williamson, Xander Dean - Living


Willie, Joseph b.1863 - Brighton, West Sussex
Willie, Joseph -
Willie, Mary Irene - Living
Willie, Pamela Doreen - Living


Willis, John - Living
Willis, Sarah Jane - Living


Willison, Joanne - Living


Willmer, Mary b.1873 - Pulborough, West Sussex


Wilmott, Douglas William G. b.1913 - Wandsworth, London
Wilmott, George m.1911 - district of Christchurch, Hampshire (Mar qtr)


Wilson, Agnes Carus b.1818 - Tunstall, Lancashire
Wilson, Alice b.1867 - Havant, Hampshire
Wilson, Alice b.1841 - Brighton, Sussex
Wilson, Ann Catherine b.1860 - Havant, Hampshire
Wilson, Eva Kathleen M. c.1875 - Fletching, Sussex
Wilson, Georgina b.1818 - of Essex
Wilson, Graham Lionel John b.1864 - Isle of Wight (Jun qtr)
Wilson, Ivy - Living
Wilson, Jack - Living
Wilson, James b.1819 - Alverstoke, Hampshire
Wilson, John -
Wilson, John Wilson b.1839 - Newcastle, Staffordshire
Wilson, Joseph m.1765 - of Sheffield, Yorkshire
Wilson, Mary b.1774 -
Wilson, Mary A. b.1866 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Wilson, Mary Ann Charlotte b.1843 - Forton, Alverstoke, Hampshire
Wilson, Norma Elizabeth - Living
Wilson, Pamela - Living
Wilson, Ronald Percival - Living
Wilson, Rose b.1849 - Ryton, Northumberland
Wilson, Sarah b.1725 -
Wilson, Sarah Maria b.1859 - Havant, Hampshire
Wilson, Spencer Maryon 10th Bart. b.1829 - Charlton, Kent
Wilson, Thomas -
Wilson, Thomas "Henry" Jerome b.1865 - Havant, Hampshire
Wilson, William b.1863 - Havant, Hampshire
Wilson, William b.1834 - Havant, Hampshire
Wilson, William -
Wilson, William Carus -
Wilson, William David Graham c.1842 - Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
Wilson, William Graham -


Wilsthorpe, William - Living


Wiltshire, Ellen m.1893 -
Wiltshire, Jessica - Living
Wiltshire, Rachel - Living
Wiltshire, Richard (Ricky) - Living
Wiltshire, Shelley - Living


Windebank, Diana - Living
Windebank, Geoffrey - Living
Windebank, Harriet "Hetty" c.1804 - Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
Windebank, Marianne - Living
Windebank, Mark Geoffrey - Living
Windebank, Samuel Mark - Living
Windebank, Skye Miranda - Living


Winders, Carson R. b.1915 - Tama County, Iowa, USA
Winders, Diane Elizabeth - Living
Winders, Douglas Carson - Living
Winders, Fern b.1932 - Gilman, Tama County, Iowa, USA
Winders, Kristin Jane - Living
Winders, Lillie Pearl b.1922 - Tama County, Iowa, USA
Winders, Marguerite b.1925 - Tama County, Iowa, USA
Winders, Orville "Pete" Dale b.1920 -
Winders, Orville J. b.1885 -
Winders, Paul Dale - Living
Winders, Shirley O. b.1917 - Tama County, Iowa, USA
Winders, Steven Charles - Living
Winders, Terry Wayne - Living
Winders, Trudie Ilene - Living
Winders, Wendell Norman b.1913 - Tama County, Iowa, USA
Winders, Wendy Rae - Living


Windsor, James c.1823 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Windsor, James m.1807 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Windsor, Martha c.1813 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Windsor, Mary Anne c.1813 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Windsor, Sarah c.1808 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Windsor, William c.1814 - Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire


Wing, Albert b.1853 - Romsey, Hampshire
Wing, Arthur John b.1893 - Boarhunt, Hampshire
Wing, child - Living
Wing, child - Living
Wing, Diana b.1859 - Romsey, Hampshire
Wing, Elizabeth "Bessie" b.1856 - Romsey, Hampshire
Wing, Fanny Christina b.1891 - Boarhunt, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Wing, Gladys May b.1899 - Brighton, Sussex (Sep qtr)
Wing, James b.1850 - Lymington, Hampshire
Wing, John c.1862 - Romsey, Hampshire
Wing, John b.1817 - Breamore, Hampshire
Wing, Kathleen Marguerite b.1903 - Southwick, Hampshire
Wing, Madge Elizabeth - Living
Wing, Nellie May b.1895 - Boarhunt, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Wing, Richard c.1871 - Romsey, Hampshire
Wing, Rose Victoria -
Wing, William b.1867 - Romsey, Hampshire


Wingfield-Digby, Kenelm Simon MP b.1910 - of Sherborne, Dorset
Wingfield-Digby, Lydia Lucy b.1828 -
Wingfield-Digby, Venetia A. - Living


Winkworth, Eliza b.1822 - Bishops Waltham, Hampshire


Winslade, Annie b.1908 -


Winter, Abraham Thomas c.1833 - Portland, Dorset
Winter, Albert E. - Living
Winter, Alfred William c.1835 - Portland, Dorset
Winter, Elizabeth c.1823 - Portland, Dorset
Winter, John b.1826 - Portland, Dorset
Winter, Richard c.1837 - Portland, Dorset
Winter, Sarah c.1829 - Portland, Dorset
Winter, Thomas b.1801 -


Winterbotham, Melanie Margaret - Living


Winters, John -
Winters, Kenneth b.1894 - Nottingham, UK


Wise, Elizabeth May b.1795 -
Wise, Lydia b.1792 - Parkstone, Dorset


Witcomb, Carol Teresa - Living
Witcomb, Kenneth Arthur - Living
Witcomb, Steven Francis - Living


Witcome, Mary Ann b.1863 - Compton Dundon, Somerset


Witham, Anne b.1662 - of Cliffe
Witham, George b.1629 - Cliffe, Yorkshire
Witham, Isabella c.1825 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Witham, Sarah b.1843 - Horsforth, Yorkshire
Witham, Walter -


Withurst, Ellen Sarah -


Witt, Anne Dinah b.1890 - Broadchalke


Womersley, Lydia b.1857 - Saltaire, Yorkshire


Wood, Ali Maya - Living
Wood, Anne Gertrude c.1846 - Alton, Hampshire
Wood, Annie York b.1861 - Scotland
Wood, Annis Elizabeth b.1881 - Thruxton, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Wood, Annis Isabel c.1836 - Alton, Hampshire
Wood, Archibald Henry b.1868 - North Marston, Hertfordshire (Mar qtr)
Wood, Arthur Hardy c.1844 - Alton, Hampshire
Wood, Arthur Henry b.1870 - Reading, Berkshire
Wood, Barry Stephen - Living
Wood, Charles Frederic c.1842 - Alton, Hampshire
Wood, Daniel - Living
Wood, Donald b.1878 - Winchfield, Hampshire (Jun qtr)
Wood, Edith Mary b.1889 - St George Hanover Square, London (Mar qtr)
Wood, Edith Susan Mary b.1864 - Hastings St Leonards, Sussex (Dec qtr)
Wood, Eliza b.1869 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Wood, Elizabeth Hannah m.1844 - Southampton, Hampshire (All Saints)
Wood, Ellen b.1856 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Wood, Ernest Gathorne b.1869 - Holyborne, Hampshire (Dec qtr)
Wood, Evan b.1879 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Wood, Evelyn Emily b.1863 - Hastings St Leonards, Sussex (Dec qtr)
Wood, George b.1825 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Wood, George William b.1873 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Wood, Gertrude Grace -
Wood, Gertrude Helen b.1878 - St George Hanover Square, London (Mar qtr)
Wood, Gertrude Mary c.1875 - Alton, Hampshire
Wood, Hannah b.1763 -
Wood, Harry b.1858 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Wood, James b.1862 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Wood, Jeffrey David - Living
Wood, John b.1792 - Bradford, Yorkshire
Wood, John Gathorne c.1839 - Alton, Hampshire
Wood, John Hardy b.1877 - Winchfield, Hampshire
Wood, Marion Frances -
Wood, Martha b.1850 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Wood, Mary Elizabeth b.1854 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Wood, Mary Matilda c.1837 - Alton, Hampshire
Wood, Mary Millicent b.1880 - Alton, Hampshire (Mar qtr)
Wood, Mr -
Wood, Nancy b.1790 - Farsley, Yorkshire
Wood, Paula Elaine - Living
Wood, Raymond William - Living
Wood, Robert b.1838 - London, Middlesex
Wood, Stephen James - Living
Wood, Tom b.1859 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Wood, Wilfred Edward c.1871 - Alton, Hampshire
Wood, William b.1863 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Wood, William b.1853 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire


Woodcock, Ann c.1816 - Saint Thomas, Haverfordwest, Pembroke, Wales
Woodcock, Elizabeth c.1825 - Saint Mary, Pembroke, Wales
Woodcock, James c.1815 - Saint Thomas, Haverfordwest, Pembroke, Wales
Woodcock, Maria c.1817 - Saint Thomas, Haverfordwest, Pembroke, Wales
Woodcock, Michael b.1788 - Ambleston, Pembroke, Wales
Woodcock, Thomas b.1823 - Pembroke, Wales


Woodeson, Harriett b.1843 - Portsmouth, Hampshire


Woodfin, Juliette Sophia b.1852 - district of Woodbridge, Suffolk


Woodford, Ada Elizabeth b.1869 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Woodford, Caroline Gyles b.1855 - Southsea, Hampshire
Woodford, Edith E. - Living
Woodford, Eliza b.1850 - Tarrant Monkton, Dorset
Woodford, Emily M. b.1861 - Margate, Kent
Woodford, Emma J. b.1854 - Deal, Kent
Woodford, John -
Woodford, John b.1820 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Woodford, John M. b.1852 - Sheerness, Kent
Woodford, Mary A. b.1859 - Margate, Kent
Woodford, Rose Ann b.1865 - Donhead St Mary, Wiltshire


Woodger, Mr (See Notes) -


Woodrow, Mary -


Woods, John Thomas m.1897 - St Paul's Church, Withnell, Lancashire
Woods, Robert m.1884 -


Woodward, Eliza b.1827 -
Woodward, Michael b.1967 -


Woolley, Stella Grace b.1922 - district of Medway, Kent


World, Elizabeth c.1725 - Hilton, Dorset
World, John -


Worley, Alice Jane b.1843 - Highgate, Middlesex
Worley, Edward b.1817 -
Worley, John b.1807 - Highgate, Middlesex
Worley, Rebecca b.1810 -
Worley, William b.1813 -
Worley, William m.1806 -
Worley, William John b.1845 - Highgate, Middlesex


Worne, Sarah -


Worsley, Edward b.1844 - Finchley, London, Middlesex


Wort, Carol Ann - Living


Wotherspoon, Kenneth - Living
Wotherspoon, Lorie - Living
Wotherspoon, Patti - Living
Wotherspoon, Robbie - Living
Wotherspoon, Terry - Living


Wraight, Sarah Ann b.1834 - Ashford, Kent


Wright, Donna - Living
Wright, Edith Helena b.1881 - Stowmarket, Suffolk
Wright, Elizabeth c.1821 - Hampreston, Dorset
Wright, Elizabeth b.1767 - Macclesfield, Cheshire
Wright, Florence Mary b.1869 - Welton Le Marsh, Lincolnshire
Wright, Jane b.1849 - Dundalk, Ireland
Wright, Jane b.1861 - Oulton, Suffolk
Wright, John - Living
Wright, Mary Ann ? - Living
Wright, Mr (See Notes) -
Wright, Sally - Living
Wright, William - Living


Wurtzburg, Julia Rosemary - Living
Wurtzburg, Raymond Charles - Living


Wyndsor, Sarah b.1665 - Dorset, Uk


Wynn, Brian - Living
Wynn, Emily - Living
Wynn, Mark - Living


Wyvill, Christopher b.1562 -
Wyvill, Grace b.1630 - of Burton Constable, Yorkshire
Wyvill, Marmaduke b.1540 -
Wyvill, Marmaduke 2nd Bart. b.1591 - of Burton Constable, Yorkshire


x, Alice -
x, Ann -


X, Ann -
X, Anne -
X, Anne -
X, Christine - Living
X, Collette - Living
X, Debbie - Living
X, Denise - Living
X, Elizabeth b.1795 -
X, Elizabeth b.1804 -
X, Elizabeth b.1839 - Holdenhurst, Hants.
X, Elizabeth -
X, Elizabeth -
X, Elizabeth -
X, Elsie - Living
X, Emily b.1851 - Bloxworth, Dorset
X, Fanny b.1854 - Otterbourne, Hants.
X, George - Living
X, Gina - Living
X, Gladys - Living
X, Harriet b.1812 - Hambledon, Hampshire
X, Jane b.1840 - Norton, Suffolk


x, Jane (Boughtflower) m.1730 -


X, Janet - Living
X, Janet - Living
X, Jennifer - Living


x, Joan -


X, Judith - Living
X, LeeAnne - Living
X, Lilian - Living
X, Lydia -
X, Lynn - Living
X, Marianne - Living
X, Mary -
X, Mary -
X, Mary b.1852 - Sturminster, Dorset.
X, Maude - Living


x, Miss d.1881 -
x, miss - Living


X, Miss d.1881 -
X, Miss - Living
X, Miss - Living
X, Miss - Living
X, Miss -
X, Miss - Living
X, Miss - Living
X, Miss - Living
X, Miss - Living
X, Miss -
X, Miss -
X, Miss - Living
X, Miss -
X, Miss - Living
X, Miss - Living
X, Miss - Living
X, Miss -
X, Miss -
X, Miss -
X, Miss -
X, Miss -
X, Miss - Living
X, Mr - Living
X, Mr - Living
X, Mr d.2001 -
X, Mr d.2001 -
X, Mr - Living
X, Mr -
X, Mr -
X, Mr -
X, Mr - Living
X, Mr. - Living
X, Mrs -
X, Mrs - Living
X, Nancy - Living
X, Rebecca b.1755 -
X, Sarah -
X, Sarah -
X, Sarah E. b.1825 - Bethnal Green, London


x, Sarah Jane (Nicholls) b.1867 - Battersea, London


X, Sarah Phebe b.1831 - Tarrant Monkton
X, Sheila - Living
X, Unmarried - Living
X, Yvonne - Living


x2, Mr - Living


xwh, Miss -


Yates, Barbara - Living


Yeatman, Ann b.1825 -


Yetman, George b.1700 - Mappowder, Dorset, Uk
Yetman, Jenny c.1735 - Mappowder, Dorset


Yewdall, Elizabeth b.1837 - Calverley Mill, Yorkshire
Yewdall, Joseph b.1811 - Eccleshill, Yorkshire
Yewdall, Joseph John b.1845 - Calverley Mill, Yorkshire
Yewdall, Mary b.1841 - Calverley Mill, Yorkshire


Yorke, Bernard Malcolm - Living
Yorke, Claude Malcolm b.1920 - Lewisham, London (Dec qtr)


Young, Elspeth b.1737 - Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland


Younger, Charles b.1878 - Newmarket, Suffolk
Younger, Ellen b.1875 - Newmarket, Suffolk
Younger, Henry b.1818 - Long Melford, Suffolk
Younger, Jane b.1870 - Newmarket, Cambridgeshire
Younger, William b.1866 - Mildenhall, Suffolk


Zani, Roma Kaye - Living


Zeng, Fanxian - Living


Zilwood, Mr m.1905 -

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