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The Fripp and Pocock families of Bristol, UK

Name Index

(Creole lady)

(Creole lady), female -

(dark skinned Indian)

(dark skinned Indian), female -

(Hindustani boy

(Hindustani boy, male -

, Alice -
, Ann b.1802 - Gwinear, Cornwall
, Ann -
, Anna -
, Anne Olivier - Living
, Annie Jane -
, Blanch W b.1855 - Wales
, Bruce -
, Bryan Littlecott - Living
, Catharine b.1748 - of Collipriest, Tiverton, Devon
, Catherine -
, Cheryle - Living
, child - Living
, Clare d.1827 - aged 26
, Clarissa b.1820 - Birmingham, Warwickshire
, daughter - Living
, Dauran - Living
, Eileen - Living
, Elenor -
, Eliza Mary b.1815 - Crowcombe, Somerset
, Elizabeth -
, Elizabeth -
, Elizabeth b.1820 - All Saints, Lewes, Sussex
, Elizabeth -
, Elizabeth b.1700 - of Bristol, Gloucestershire
, Elizabeth -
, Elizabeth -
, Elizabeth m.1680 - Norton St. Philip, Somerset.
, Evelyn St. Croix Rose d.1964 -
, Faith m.1616 -
, female - Living
, female - Living
, female - Living
, female - Living
, female - Living
, female - Living
, female - Living
, female - Living
, female - Living
, female - Living
, female - Living
, female - Living
, female - Living
, female - Living
, female - Living
, female - Living
, female - Living
, female - Living
, female - Living
, female - Living
, female - Living
, Gerda - Living
, Gwendalen G. b.1881 - East London, South Africa
, Hannah b.1810 - Howden, Yorkshire
, Hannah b.1791 - NOT in Monmouthshire
, Helene "Bubbles" - Living
, Ilene - Living
, infant b.1948 -
, Jane -
, Jane b.1794 - Gwennap, Cornwall
, Jean - Living
, Johanna b.1821 - Gwennap, Cornwall
, June - Living
, June Margaret - Living
, Kim - Living
, Lesley -
, Lucy b.1828 - Finsbury, Middlesex
, Lydia - Living
, male - Living
, male - Living
, male - Living
, male - Living
, male - Living
, male - Living
, male - Living
, male - Living
, male - Living
, male - Living
, male - Living
, male - Living
, male - Living
, male - Living
, male - Living
, male - Living
, male - Living
, male - Living
, male - Living
, male - Living
, male - Living
, Margaret -
, Margaret b.1851 - Chelsea, Middlesex
, Mary -
, Mary b.1710 - of Westbury, Wiltshire
, Mary b.1791 - Gloucester, Gloucestershire
, Mary -
, Mary Ann -
, Mary Jane -
, May -
, Nacla - Living
, Nukhad - Living
, Pamela - Living
, Poh Lan - Living
, Rose - Living
, Sampoh -
, Sarah -
, Sarah -
, Sharon - Living
, Sheila - Living
, son - Living
, Susanna -
, Susanna -
, Syblle b.1846 - N.F. Sand, Newfoundland
, Tamara Lee - Living
, Tarruya -
, Unknown - Living


Abercrombie, Joan Eileen - Living
Abercrombie, Keith - Living


Aberkirder, David Earl of Ross -
Aberkirder, Jonet b.1350 -


Abernethy, Beatrix -
Abernethy, Elizabeth b.1560 - of Saltoun
Abernethy, Janet - Living


Abraham, Bridget Bowles b.1790 - of Bathwick, Somerset
Abraham, Margaret Edith b.1869 -
Abraham, William m.1796 -


Adams, Arthur E. b.1853 - Exmouth, Devon
Adams, Ellen Elizabeth m.1889 - Margate, Kent
Adams, George b.1819 - Steeple Ashton, Wiltshire
Adams, Henry Cranstoun b.1825 - Ashprington, Devon
Adams, Herbert C. b.1851 - Exmouth, Devon
Adams, Jessie M. b.1857 - Exmouth, Devon


Adeane, Charles Robert Whorwood JP b.1863 -
Adeane, Jane d.1826 -


Agar, Mary Jane Diana b.1822 - of Ditchley House, Oxfordshire
Agar, Welbore Ellis 2nd Earl of Normanton b.1778 -


Ake, Bill m.1860 - Mariposa, California
Ake, Laura Raines b.1863 -


Alderton, Ethel Frances b.1875 - Bristol, Gloucester


al-Devi, Ali Jabir Bey -


Allies, Anne Dalton b.1821 - Avon, Bristol, Gloucester
Allies, Edwin b.1783 -
Allies, Eliza Marie b.1807 - of Bury
Allies, George Hillhouse c.1819 - Southampton, Hampshire (All Saints)
Allies, James -
Allies, Jane c.1827 - Westbury-on-Trym, Gloucester
Allies, Mary c.1824 - Westbury-on-Trym, Gloucester
Allies, Mary Anne b.1805 - of Bury?
Allies, Mary F. b.1854 - London, Middlesex
Allies, Mary H.A. b.1852 - Warwick
Allies, Thomas b.1785 - of Midsomer Norton, Somerset
Allies, Thomas William b.1813 - Midsomer Norton, Somerset
Allies, William b.1782 -


Alpin, Adrienne - Living


Alston, Mary b.1761 -


Amherst, Florence Mary Tyssen - Living


Anatol, Ernest - Living
Anatol, Kristie Michelle - Living
Anatol, Mark Richard - Living
Anatol, Ryan Philip - Living


Androutzos, Marco - Living
Androutzos, Nicolas Icilio m.1892 - Corfu, Greece


Angelina, Maria b.1848 - Vizianagunn, India


Arculus, Helen Elizabeth - Living
Arculus, Leonard - Living
Arculus, Margaret Joan - Living
Arculus, Richard John - Living


Armstrong, Matthew b.1904 -


Arrol, Robina b.1800 -


Arthur, Harriet m.1856 - Kentish Town
Arthur, Ian - Living
Arthur, Owain Colin Nelson - Living
Arthur, Rebecca Horatia Jean - Living


Ashcroft, Edith "Peggy" Margaret Emily b.1907 - Croydon, London


Ashwell, Ann c.1793 - Newchurch, Hampshire
Ashwell, Charles d.1797 -
Ashwell, Frances b.1795 -
Ashwell, Mary b.1797 -


Aspinall, Lillian Frieda - Living


Asquith, Anthony "Puffin" b.1902 -
Asquith, April Mary - Living
Asquith, Arthur "Oc" Melland b.1883 - of Morley, Yorkshire
Asquith, child b.1906 -
Asquith, child -
Asquith, child b.1895 -
Asquith, Clare Perpetua Frances - Living
Asquith, Conrad Robin - Living
Asquith, Cyril "Cys" b.1890 - Lancashire
Asquith, Daisy - Living
Asquith, Dominic Anthony Gerard - Living
Asquith, Elizabeth Charlotte Lucy b.1897 -
Asquith, Frances Rose - Living
Asquith, Frances Sophia - Living
Asquith, Gabriela Elizabeth Louise - Living
Asquith, Helen "Violet" Violet b.1887 - Lancashire
Asquith, Helen Frances - Living
Asquith, Herbert "Beb" b.1881 - Hampstead, London, Middlesex
Asquith, Herbert Henry MP b.1852 - Croft House, Morley, Lancashire
Asquith, Ivon Shaun - Living
Asquith, Jane - Living
Asquith, Jean Constance - Living
Asquith, John b.1911 -
Asquith, Joseph Dixon b.1825 - Morley, Yorkshire
Asquith, Julian Edward George - Living
Asquith, Katharine Rose Celestine - Living
Asquith, Lily - Living
Asquith, Luke - Living
Asquith, Magdalen Katharine - Living
Asquith, Mark Julian - Living
Asquith, Mary Annuziata - Living
Asquith, Michael Henry - Living
Asquith, Paul - Living
Asquith, Perdita Rose Mary - Living
Asquith, Raymond b.1878 - Hampstead, London, Middlesex
Asquith, Raymond Benedict Bartholomew Michael - Living
Asquith, Rosalind Lucy - Living
Asquith, Simon Anthony Roland - Living
Asquith, Thomas - Living


Astor, Ava Alice Muriel b.1902 -
Astor, John Jacob IV b.1864 - Rhinebeck, New York, USA
Astor, John Jacob V b.1912 - New York, USA
Astor, William -
Astor, William Vincent b.1892 -


Atherton, David John - Living
Atherton, Samuel John - Living


Atkinson, Charlotte b.1846 - Hull, Yorkshire
Atkinson, Joseph b.1798 - Manchester, Lancs
Atkinson, Joseph Beavington b.1822 - Manchester, Lancs.
Atkinson, Robert b.1817 - Hull, Yorkshire


Atwood, Theodosia m.1781 - Kingswinford, Stafford


Aveling, Andrew - Living
Aveling, Anthony John - Living
Aveling, Arthur Theodore - Living
Aveling, Boyd Anthony - Living
Aveling, Brooke - Living
Aveling, George Andre - Living
Aveling, Jayson Roy - Living
Aveling, Johan Gustaaf b.1916 - Klaten, Indonesia
Aveling, Justin - Living
Aveling, Lauren Margaret - Living
Aveling, Luke - Living
Aveling, Marisa Jayne - Living
Aveling, Melanie - Living
Aveling, Michael Peter - Living
Aveling, Riann - Living
Aveling, Roy Gustaaf George - Living


Ayla, Safiya - Living


Babbitt, Nora Theresa - Living


Bacon, Elizabeth Jane b.1842 - St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Bacon, Emily - Living
Bacon, Permelia b.1811 - Missouri
Bacon, William b.1806 - Christian County, Kentucky


Baddeley, Hermione b.1906 - Broseley, Shropshire


Badham, Arabella Charlotte b.1804 - Bistol, Gloucester
Badham, Arthur Billings c.1810 - Bristol, Gloucester - St. Michael's
Badham, Emily Maria c.1808 - Bristol, Gloucester - St. Michael's
Badham, Frederick James b.1806 -
Badham, James Billings b.1788 - Monmouth, Monmouthshire
Badham, Walter Lewton b.1807 - Bristol, Gloucester.


Bahadur, Abdul Qasim Alam d.1809 -


Bailey, Augusta Mary Chilton b.1901 -
Bailey, John Milner Bt. 2nd m.1932 -
Bailey, Natalie Rosina b.1899 - Natal, South Africa


Baines, Car b.1884 -
Baines, John M.A. m.1850 -
Baines, John Ward M.A. b.1851 -
Baines, Phyllis b.1886 -


Baird, David George - Living
Baird, Gilbert - Living
Baird, Wynne Agnes - Living


Baker, Isabel "Noeline" MBE b.1878 - Opawa, Christchurch, New Zealand
Baker, John Holland b.1841 - Chilcomb, Hampshire
Baker, male b.1877 - New Zealand
Baker, Thomas Fielding c.1802 - Rollesby, Norfolk


Baldwin, Bridget b.1705 - London
Baldwin, Samuel -


Bale, Emma -


Balfour, Arthur James b.1848 - Whittingehame, Haddingtonshire


Ball, Ada b.1863 - Bristol, Gloucester


Ballard, Constance Elizabeth b.1880 -


Balls, Clara b.1838 - London, Middlesex
Balls, Thomas -


Balman, Elizabeth b.1836 - Bishops Nympton, Devon


Balsam, Jane b.1702 - England


Bamford, Peter - Living


Barber, Elizabeth b.1653 - of Tollard Royal, Wiltshire
Barber, Robert b.1610 - of Ashmore & Tollard Royal, Wiltshire


Barclay, Christian -
Barclay, Jean -
Barclay, Walter - Living


Baring, John Francis Harcourt - Living
Baring, Patricia - Living


Barker, Frances b.1798 - Gosport, Hants. or Bristol, Gloucester


Barkstead, John b.1599 -
Barkstead, Michael (Baxstead) m.1598 - St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London


Barlow, Catherine b.1734 -


Barnard, Doris Mary - Living


Barnes, Hugh Shakespeare b.1853 - Shahjehunpore, West Bengal, India
Barnes, James Ralph -
Barnes, James Strachey -
Barnes, Mary b.1889 -


Barnwell, Edward -
Barnwell, Henry -
Barnwell, Jennie -
Barnwell, Susan -


Barrett, Mary b.1789 - Wells, Somerset


Barry-Black, Reginald - Living


Barstow, Phyllida - Living


Bart, Julia L. -


Bartholomew, Frances -


Barton, James J. - Living
Barton, Nicholas Jake Gompo - Living


Bascombe, Ann Brown b.1778 - Dorchester, Dorset
Bascombe, John m.1777 - Bridport, Dorset


Batten, George Mackwell -
Batten, Katherine Jane b.1834 - Calcutta, West Bengal, India


Battye, Diana - Living


Bawtree, Hugh Francis -


Bayliss, Reginald W. -


Beatty, Sarah Anne - Living


Beavington, Sarah b.1762 - Beckenham, Kent


Beck, Harold - Living
Beck, James Montgomery b.1892 -
Beck, Ronald - Living
Beck, Thomas - Living


Beckett, Beatrice Helen - Living


Beddall, Kathlyn - Living


Begum, Durdanah - Living


Bell, Andrew Wilson b.1835 - Perth, Lanark, Ontario, Canada
Bell, Arthur Clive b.1881 -
Bell, Clementina Sophia b.1867 - of South Lanark, Ontario, Canada
Bell, George -
Bell, Isabella - Living
Bell, Jane Isabella b.1869 - of Lanark, Ontario, Canada
Bell, John m.1831 - Perth, Lanark, Ontario, Canada
Bell, Margaret Hope b.1863 - of Lanark, Ontario, Canada
Bell, Patty Barnfield - Living
Bell, Phyllis - Living
Bell, Quentin b.1910 -
Bell, W.N. -
Bell, William - Living
Bell, William - Living


Bellamy, Frank d.1918 -
Bellamy, Mary Dorothy - Living


Bengough, George m.1791 - See Notes


Bennett, Ethelred Catherine b.1798 - of Pythouse, Wiltshire
Bennett, Susan - Living


Berenson, Bernhard b.1865 -


Bertie, Gwendeline Theresa Mary b.1885 -


Bertrand, Guy b.1881 - Paris, France


Best, Enid Maud - Living


Betham, Elizabeth b.1753 - England


Bethel, William -
Bethel, William Adrian Vincent b.1890 -


Bethune, Clarisse Audrey Patton b.1881 -
Bethune, Henry b.1702 - of Clatto, Fifeshire, Scotland
Bethune, Mary b.1728 - of Clatto, Fifeshire, Scotland


Betton, Ada Steuart b.1866 - Ingatestone, Essex (Sep qtr)
Betton, Charles -
Betton, Charles Steuart b.1869 - Spring Bank, Stonehouse, Stroud, Gloucestershire
Betton, Emily Steuart b.1860 - Portishead, Somerset (Dec qtr)
Betton, Joseph b.1810 - Cambridge, Cambridgeshire


Bevington, Annette - Living
Bevington, Annette Mary b.1870 - Sydenham
Bevington, Araminta Jane - Living
Bevington, Charlotte Louise - Living
Bevington, Claire Mary - Living
Bevington, Dora Winifred b.1875 - Beckenham
Bevington, Elizabeth - Living
Bevington, Evelyn Mona b.1876 - Beckenham
Bevington, Frances Ruth (Puff) b.1878 - Beckenham
Bevington, Grace Carina b.1888 - Castle Headingham
Bevington, Guy Currey b.1918 -
Bevington, Henry Vincent (Harry) b.1885 - Livermead House
Bevington, Jacenta Jade - Living
Bevington, John (Jack) Currey b.1872 - Sydenham
Bevington, John (Rex) b.1911 -
Bevington, John Raoul - Living
Bevington, Leonard Faquhar b.1885 - Livermead House
Bevington, Lettice Joan b.1892 - Castle Headingham
Bevington, Millicent Roma b.1880 -
Bevington, Pamela b.1918 - Hamstead
Bevington, Robin Michael - Living
Bevington, Roger Timothy - Living
Bevington, Rupert Guy b.1887 -
Bevington, Theresa Christine - Living
Bevington, Timothy b.1844 -
Bevington, Timothy Arthur Dent b.1881 - Hoddesdon
Bevington, Timothy Burton b.1913 - Bushey Port Enfield
Bevington, Timothy Roger - Living
Bevington, Yvonne - Living


Bibesco, Antoine b.1878 - Paris, France
Bibesco, Priscilla b.1920 -


Bibi, Dhoolaury -


Bidder, Georgina m.1897 - district of Croydon, Surrey (Dec qtr)


Biddulph, Adelaide Mary - Living


Birch, Annie Maria b.1861 - Middleham, Yorkshire
Birch, Anthony - Living
Birch, Charles Edward b.1807 -
Birch, Christopher Henry - Living
Birch, Elizabeth Mary b.1852 - Cookham, Berks.
Birch, Frances Louisa b.1851 - Maidenhead, Berks.
Birch, Frances Margaret Eliza -
Birch, James Alexander Gordon b.1862 - Middleham, Yorkshire
Birch, James Alexander M.A. b.1819 - Battle, Sussex
Birch, Katherine Anne d.1820 -
Birch, Maria Rosario d.1849 -
Birch, Rosamund Helen - Living
Birch, Sylvester Douglas -
Birch, Thomas b.1766 -
Birch, Thomas Frederick b.1805 -


Bird, Jessie b.1842 - Marylebone, Middlesex


Birrell, Anthony H.G. b.1892 - Chelsea, London
Birrell, Augustine b.1850 - Wavetree, Lancashire


Birt, Francis Bradley b.1874 -


Bishop, Dorothy - Living
Bishop, Elizabeth Ann - Living


Black, Maria m.1797 - St Mary In The Marsh, Norwich, Norfolk


Blackmore, Susan Jane - Living


Blagg, Edward H. - Living
Blagg, Francis Edward b.1866 - Cheadle, Staffordshire (Mar qtr)
Blagg, Raymond Courtenay b.1900 - Southsea, Hampshire
Blagg, Reginald "Rex" R. - Living


Blanckley, Catherine A. "Toriana" b.1835 - Plymouth, Devon
Blanckley, Edward R.N. -


Blandy, Elizabeth Martha b.1827 - Madeira, Brazil


Bligh, Francis b.1721 - St. Tudy, Cornwall
Bligh, Mary b.1790 -
Bligh, Reginald b.1754 - Bodmin, Cornwall
Bligh, Richard c.1687 - St. Tudy, Cornwall
Bligh, Richard c.1717 - St. Tudy, Cornwall
Bligh, William b.1754 - Plymouth, Devon


Blunt, Mary Fanny b.1791 - of Crabbett, Sussex


Bolger, Kathleen Margaret - Living


Bolling, Josephine P. "Jennie" b.1857 -


Bolton, Thomas b.1753 - Coddenham, Suffolk
Bolton, Thomas 2nd Earl Nelson b.1786 - St Michael Pleas, Norwich, Norfolk


Bonham, John b.1705 -


Bonham-Carter, Edward - Living
Bonham-Carter, Helen Laura Cressida b.1917 -
Bonham-Carter, Helena - Living
Bonham-Carter, Henry b.1827 - Westminster, London
Bonham-Carter, John MP b.1788 - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Bonham-Carter, Laura Miranda - Living
Bonham-Carter, Mark Raymond b.1922 -
Bonham-Carter, Maurice "Bongie" b.1880 - Paddington
Bonham-Carter, Raymond Henry b.1929 -
Bonham-Carter, Thomas - Living


Bonner, Ed - Living
Bonner, Edward Patrick - Living
Bonner, Eileen Patricia b.1920 -
Bonner, Judi - Living
Bonner, Mr - Living
Bonner, Mr - Living
Bonner, Rodney "Paddy" Thomas - Living
Bonner, Thomas - Living


Booker, Christopher John Penrice - Living


Booth, Mrs -


Borden-Turner, Catherine Comfort d.1999 -


Borwick, Judith - Living


Bouchier, Helen Mary -


Bourdin, Louise -


Bourne, Helen - Living


Boutaza, Boudjemaa d.1964 -


Bowles, "Charles" William Henry b.1857 - Warmley, Gloucestershire (Dec qtr)
Bowles, Alcyone Augusta Agnes b.1898 - Malvern, Worcestershire (Mar qtr)
Bowles, Anne -
Bowles, Anne m.1781 - St Michaels, Bristol, Gloucestershire
Bowles, Bridget c.1787 - St Michaels, Bristol, Gloucester
Bowles, Bridget c.1758 - Saint Andrew, Holborn, London
Bowles, Caroline Anne b.1786 - Buckland Manor, Lymington, Hampshire
Bowles, Caroline Anne c.1831 - Fawley, Southampton, Hampshire
Bowles, Charles d.1727 -
Bowles, Charles b.1639 -
Bowles, Charles b.1662 - of Southwark & of Wolverley, Worcestershire
Bowles, Charles m.1782 - Boldre By Lymington, Hampshire
Bowles, Charles c.1757 - Saint Andrew, Holborn, London
Bowles, Charles (Bolles) b.1612 - of Rochester & Rome House, Chatham, Kent
Bowles, Charles James Stillingfleet b.1821 - Bathford, Somerset
Bowles, Dorothy c.1756 - Saint Andrew, Holborn, London
Bowles, Edward b.1705 - of Holborn & Enfield
Bowles, Edward b.1760 -
Bowles, Edward b.1735 - of Shirehampton,Westbury, Gloucestershire
Bowles, Edward Stillingfleet c.1853 - Cold Higham, Northamptonshire
Bowles, Frances Middleton b.1789 - Bristol, Goucestershire
Bowles, George b.1737 -
Bowles, George Downing b.1860 - Bilton, Yorkshire
Bowles, George Downing b.1826 - Fawley, Southampton, Hampshire
Bowles, George Downing b.1789 - Alveston, Gloucestershire
Bowles, George Edwin - Living
Bowles, Gwendoline - Living
Bowles, John b.1640 - of Eltham, London
Bowles, Lionel Oliver b.1865 - Great Malvern, Worcestershire
Bowles, Lydia Downing c.1771 - St Michaels, Bristol, Gloucester
Bowles, Margaret b.1650 - Rochester, Kent
Bowles, Phineas c.1647 - Rochester, Kent
Bowles, Sarah -
Bowles, Sholto Stillingfleet b.1854 - Warmley, Gloucestershire
Bowles, William b.1637 -


Boyle, Audrey Georgiana Florence b.1855 - Tillington, Sussex
Boyle, Charles John b.1806 -


Boyton, Helen b.1815 - Clifton, Gloucester


Braden, Timothy William - Living


Braham, Charles Bampfylde b.1823 -
Braham, Constance m.1880 -


Braidwood, Gladys Thomson b.1908 -


Brasier, Frances Eling b.1816 - Queens Square, London


Breese, Anne m.1907 - London
Breese, William Lawrence - Living


Brent, Mary m.1749 - Bodmin, Cornwall


Bridge, Emily Marianna b.1837 - Brancepeth, Durham (Sep qtr)
Bridge, George b.1820 -
Bridge, George Augustus b.1845 - Brompton, Kent
Bridge, Georgiana b.1848 - Dublin, Ireland
Bridge, Helen b.1850 - Limerick, Ireland
Bridge, Henry Darley b.1847 - Anglesea
Bridge, Rosa b.1838 - Meerut, West Bengal, India
Bridge, Walter b.1843 - Windsor, Berkshire


Bridgen, miss - Living


Bridges, Matthew b.1801 - of Chester Hill House, Gloucestershire


Brodrick, Winifred Kathleen - Living


Brookrick, Edward b.1867 - of Torre Abbey, Devon


Broughton, Henry John Delves 11th Bt. b.1883 -
Broughton, Rosamond - Living


Brown, Ann m.1777 - Bridport, Dorset
Brown, James Alvin b.1905 - Port Stanley, Elgin, Ontario, Canada
Brown, James Henry b.1869 - Malahide Twp., Elgin, Ontario, Canada


Bryan, Alicia Ruding b.1870 - Glaston, Leicestershire
Bryan, John Henry b.1840 - Liddington, Rutland


Buckle, Frances Annette - Living
Buckle, Richard Henry - Living


Bulkeley, Denys Paul - Living
Bulkeley, Dorothy Joan b.1915 -
Bulkeley, Henry John -
Bulkeley, Joanna Louise - Living
Bulkeley, John Pierson b.1879 -
Bulkeley, Michael John b.1922 -
Bulkeley, Richard Milman - Living
Bulkeley, Rosemary b.1916 - Bridlington, Yorkshire
Bulkeley, Thomas William - Living


Bull, Betty c.1688 - Wellow, Somerset
Bull, Daniel b.1727 -
Bull, Dorothy c.1698 - Wellow, Somerset
Bull, George b.1725 - of Calne, Wiltshire
Bull, John b.1693 - of Wellow, Somerset
Bull, William -


Buller, Arthur JP -
Buller, Charles MP b.1806 - Calcutta, India
Buller, Charles MP m.1805 -


Bundock, Nellie "Helen" Beatrice b.1908 - district of Hackney, London


Burchall, Daniel c.1707 - Calne, Wiltshire
Burchall, Elizabeth b.1698 -
Burchall, John -


Burgos, Guy - Living


Burgoyne, Verona b.1896 -


Burnett, Eleanor Margaret m.1900 - Potters Bar, Hertfordshire


Burrard, Anne m.1782 - Boldre By Lymington, Hampshire
Burrard, George b.1718 - of St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands
Burrard, Harry 1st Baronet of Lymington b.1755 - Vinchelez De Haut, Jersey, Channel Islands


Burrows, Harriet -


Burton, Bill - Living
Burton, Billy Ray - Living
Burton, Hilda May b.1881 - Hackney, London.
Burton, Nell - Living
Burton, Timothy "Tim" William - Living


Bury, Martha m.1770 - Plymouth, Devon


Bushby, Elizabeth Smith b.1853 - Ringmer, Sussex


Bussy, Albert Simon A. m.1903 - Paddington, London (Jun qtr)
Bussy, Jane Simone - Living


Butterfield, Jane Ellen b.1825 - Park, Banffshire, Scotland


Cadigan, Henriette Alice - Living


Cadogan, Alexandra Mary b.1900 -


Caldwell, Caldwell Barnett b.1899 - Mansfield, Nottinghamshire (Sep qtr)
Caldwell, Diana -
Caldwell, female - Living
Caldwell, John b.1854 - Atherton, Lancashire
Caldwell, John Dixon "Dickon" b.1894 - Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
Caldwell, male - Living
Caldwell, male - Living
Caldwell, Seymore - Living


Calthrop, Frederick Cecil b.1858 - Liverpool, Lancashire
Calthrop, Isabel Barbara Everard b.1887 - Liverpool, Lancashire


Calveley, Marianne b.1793 - Chester, Cheshire


Cameron, Allan MacIldny 12th Chief of Clan Cameron d.1472 -
Cameron, Allan MacOchtery 9th Chief of Clan Cameron - Living
Cameron, Allan of Lochiel, 16th Chief of Clan Cameron b.1568 -
Cameron, Donald m.1520 -
Cameron, Donald "Dhu" 11th Chief of Clan Cameron d.1426 -
Cameron, Donald of Lochiel, 15th Chief of Clan Cameron d.1565 -
Cameron, Donald Taillear Dirbd na Tuaighe - Living
Cameron, Ewen "Beag" of Lochiel 14th Chief of Clan Cameron d.1553 -
Cameron, Ewen MacAllan 10th Chief of Clan Cameron - Living
Cameron, Ewen of Lochiel, 13th Chief of Clan Cameron d.1547 - Elgin, Morayshire, Scotland
Cameron, John -
Cameron, John Ochtery 8th Chief of Clan Cameron - Living
Cameron, miss - Living
Cameron, miss - Living
Cameron, Thomas -


Campbell, Archibald Thane of Cawdor d.1551 -
Campbell, Emma -
Campbell, Ida Mae b.1871 - Visalia, Tulare, California
Campbell, James Huston b.1831 - Huntsville, Alabama, USA
Campbell, Jeannie -
Campbell, John m.1575 -
Campbell, Julia Ann b.1880 - Tulare, California
Campbell, Leora b.1880 -
Campbell, Lulu Florence b.1882 - Visalia, Tulare, California
Campbell, Madeline Caroline Frances Eden b.1837 - Dublin, Ireland
Campbell, Mary Singleton b.1853 - England

Capps Capper or Chapman

Capps Capper or Chapman, Elizabeth b.1741 -


Carbis, Catherine b.1854 - Gwennap, Cornwall
Carbis, Charlotte b.1861 - Gwennap, Cornwall
Carbis, Charlotte Mildred b.1884 - Gwennap, Cornwall (Sep qtr)
Carbis, Dorothy - India
Carbis, Eliza b.1862 - Gwennap, Cornwall
Carbis, Emma b.1867 - Gwennap, Cornwall
Carbis, Irene Mary - Living
Carbis, Jane b.1850 - Gwennap, Cornwall
Carbis, John b.1858 - Gwennap, Cornwall
Carbis, Joseph b.1859 - Gwennap, Cornwall
Carbis, Joseph John b.1881 - district of Redruth, Cornwall (Jun qtr)
Carbis, Josephine - Living
Carbis, Margaret Louisa T. b.1870 - Gwennap, Cornwall (Mar qtr)
Carbis, Mary b.1855 - Gwennap, Cornwall
Carbis, Nicholas J. b.1866 - Gwennap, Cornwall
Carbis, Phyllis - Living
Carbis, Richard b.1849 - Gwennap, Cornwall
Carbis, Silvanus James b.1859 - Gwennap, Cornwall (Dec qtr)
Carbis, Thomas b.1852 - Gwennap, Cornwall
Carbis, Thomas b.1826 - Gwennap, Cornwall
Carbis, William b.1856 - Gwennap, Cornwall


Carey, Denis De Mussenden b.1916 -
Carey, Denise Jane - Living
Carey, Martha -
Carey, Martin - Living


Carne, Charles Innes Pocock b.1857 -
Carne, Edward Clifton b.1853 -
Carne, Edward Clifton b.1822 - Falmouth, Cornwall
Carne, Edward Clifton b.1794 - Falmouth, Cornwall
Carne, Elizabeth b.1787 -
Carne, Ellen McClymont b.1859 - Falmouth, Cornwall
Carne, Jesse b.1855 - Cornwall
Carne, John b.1827 - Falmouth, Cornwall
Carne, John m.1782 - Saint Edmunds, Exeter, Devon
Carne, John McClymont b.1855 - Cornwall
Carne, Mary Innes b.1825 - Falmouth, Cornwall
Carne, William Innes b.1861 - Falmouth, Cornwall
Carne, William Innes Pocock b.1823 - Falmouth, Cornwall


Carpenter, Elizabeth Pomeroy b.1764 - Mt. Tavy, Devon
Carpenter, John b.1730 - Mt. Tavy, Devon


Carrington, Catherine b.1730 -


Carter, Eliza b.1839 - Newton, Manchester, Lancashire
Carter, John b.1672 -
Carter, John II b.1715 -
Carter, John III b.1741 -


Cartwright, Harriet b.1783 - of Ixworth Abbey, Suffolk


Cary, Adelaide Camilla Elizabeth b.1874 - of Torre Abbey, Devon
Cary, Arminell b.1879 - York Town, Surrey
Cary, Bertha Matilda b.1870 - Torre Abbey, Devon
Cary, Edith b.1869 - Torre Abbey, Devon
Cary, Henry George b.1800 - Torre Abbey, Devon
Cary, Henry James Lucius b.1872 - Torre Abbey, Devon
Cary, Lucius Falkland Brancaleone b.1839 - Torre Abbey, Devon


Catley, Martha b.1744 -


Cavendish, Andrew Robert Buxton 11th Duke of Devonshire - Living
Cavendish, Arabella b.1673 - Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Northumberland
Cavendish, Emma - Living


Caverhill, Benedicta - Living
Caverhill, Thomas - Living


Cederstrom, Rolf Baron m.1923 -


Chambers, Catherine b.1732 -
Chambers, Nathaniel -


Chan, Alan - Living
Chan, Freddy - Living


Chapman, Dinah King b.1795 - Bridgwater, Somerset
Chapman, William -


Charlewood, Harriett m.1807 -


Charlton, Alicia c.1806 - Shawbury, Shropshire


Charteris, Anne Geraldine Mary b.1913 -
Charteris, Cynthia Mary Evelyn b.1887 -
Charteris, Frances Laura - Living
Charteris, Frances Laura b.1915 - London, England
Charteris, Guy Lawrence b.1886 -
Charteris, Harriet -
Charteris, Hugo Francis Guy - Living
Charteris, Hugo Richard b.1857 - Edinburgh, Scotland
Charteris, Mary Rose b.1919 -


Chatfield, Alfred Ernest b.1879 - Ringmer, Sussex
Chatfield, Charles Montague b.1878 - Ringmer, Sussex
Chatfield, Edward c.1814 - All Saints, Lewes, Sussex
Chatfield, Edward George b.1877 - Ringmer, Sussex
Chatfield, Leslie b.1880 - Ringmer, Sussex
Chatfield, Thomas -
Chatfield, Thomas c.1845 - All Saints, Lewes, Sussex


Chaytor, Adelene Sophia b.1840 - Spennithorne, York
Chaytor, Arabella b.1849 - Spennithorne, York
Chaytor, Christopher William Carter b.1814 - Spennithorne, Yorkshire
Chaytor, Clervaux Alexander b.1881 - Leyburn (Gro District), Yorkshire
Chaytor, Clervaux Darley b.1844 - Spennithorne, York
Chaytor, Emily b.1854 - Spennithorne, York
Chaytor, Francis Clervaux b.1888 -
Chaytor, Henry b.1847 - Spennithorne, York
Chaytor, Hugh Clervaux b.1883 -
Chaytor, Mary A. b.1846 - Spennithorne, York
Chaytor, Matilda b.1842 - Spennithorne, York
Chaytor, Muriel Constance -
Chaytor, Violet Mary b.1880 - Spennithorne, York


Chicheley, Amelia Frances -


Chignell, Mary Anne -
Chignell, Thomas - Living


Child, Smith Hill b.1880 -


Cholmondeley, Thomas Pitt Hamilton 4th Bt. Delamere b.1900 -


Christian, Charles b.1729 -
Christian, Fletcher b.1764 - Moorland Close, Cumbria
Christian, John b.1688 - Unerigg, Cumberland
Christian, Mary b.1722 -


Christie, Alexander Tollitt -
Christie, Annie Tollitt b.1866 - Everton, Lancashire


Chudleigh, Annie Jane Maud b.1875 -
Chudleigh, Edwin Andrew -


Churchill, Anne b.1682 - Marlborough, Wiltshire
Churchill, Anne Clarissa Spencer - Living
Churchill, Arabella Spencer - Living
Churchill, Augustus Robert b.1858 - Westminister, London
Churchill, Charles Ashley Spencer b.1856 - Westminister, London
Churchill, Cornelia Henrietta Spencer b.1847 - Blenheim Palace,
Churchill, Diana b.1909 - England
Churchill, Frances Louisa Spencer b.1870 - Simla, India
Churchill, Frederick John Winston Spencer b.1846 - Westminister, London
Churchill, George Charles Spencer 8th Duke of Marlborough b.1844 - Westminister, London
Churchill, Georgiana Elizabeth Spencer b.1860 - Westminister, London
Churchill, Henry Winston Spencer b.1913 -
Churchill, John George b.1909 -
Churchill, John Strange Spencer D.S.O. b.1880 - Phoenix Park, Dublin, Ireland
Churchill, Lilian Maud Spencer b.1873 - London
Churchill, Marigold Frances b.1918 -
Churchill, Mary - Living
Churchill, Nora Spencer b.1875 - Blenheim Palace,
Churchill, Octavia Louisa Fanny Spencer b.1853 - Westminister, London
Churchill, Randolph Frederick Edward Spencer b.1911 - England
Churchill, Randolph Henry Spencer MP b.1849 - Westminister, London
Churchill, Randolph Leonard - Living
Churchill, Rosamond Jane Frances b.1850 - Westminister, London
Churchill, Sarah Cornelia - Living
Churchill, Sarah Isabella Augusta Spencer b.1865 - Westminister, London, England
Churchill, Sarah Milicent Hermione b.1914 -
Churchill, Serena Barbara - Living
Churchill, Winston Leonard Spencer MP b.1874 - Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire
Churchill, Winston MP - Living
Churchill, Zoe - Living


Chynoweth, Mary Jane b.1859 - Gwennap, Cornwall
Chynoweth, Rebecca b.1866 - Gwennap, Cornwall
Chynoweth, William b.1833 - Gwennap, Cornwall


Clark, Athena d.2006 - Oxfordshire
Clark, Edwin Bidder b.1899 - district of Leeds, Yorkshire (Mar qtr)
Clark, Edwin Charles m.1865 - Leeds, Yorkshire (Jun qtr)
Clark, Edwin Kitson b.1866 - Grantchester, Cambridge
Clark, Elizabeth Perkins m.1847 - Trowbridge, Wiltshire
Clark, George Sidney Roberts Kitson -


Clarke, Elizabeth Augusta c.1826 - Cold Higham, Northamptonshire
Clarke, Margaret -
Clarke, William henry -


Cleaveland, Child 1 -
Cleaveland, Child 2 -
Cleaveland, Frederick Darby R.A. m.1844 - Caversham, Nr Reading, Berks


Clifford, Charles b.1818 - Bishops Stortford, Herefordshire
Clifford, Charles H. b.1849 - Exeter, Devon
Clifford, Edward T. b.1850 - Exeter, Devon


Clindening, William Talbot b.1825 - Dublin, Ireland


Clinton-Baddeley, William Herman -


Clough, b.1668 -
Clough, Arabella b.1694 - Lichfield Cathedral, Staffordshire
Clough, Elizabeth m.1809 - Acomb, Yorkshire


Cock, Jane c.1688 - St. Brewer, Cornwall


Cockburn, Alexander Claude - Living
Cockburn, Christian -
Cockburn, John Phillip - Living


Coke, Anne Veronica - Living
Coke, Thomas William Edward 5th Earl of Leicester - Living


Colborn, Gertrude Mary b.1877 - Cannington Manor, Saskatchewan, Canada
Colborn, Walter b.1874 - Cranborne, Dorset, Uk


Cole, Ann "Agnes" (Coll) b.1615 - of Woodbridge, Suffolk
Cole, Susanna -


Cole?, Miss -


Coleman, Deirdre Josephine - Living
Coleman, Geoffrey Neville Stephen - Living
Coleman, Lisa Michelle - Living
Coleman, Mark Geoffrey Stephen - Living
Coleman, Natasha Geraldine - Living
Coleman, Nicola Anne - Living


Coleridge, Samuel Taylor b.1772 - Ottery St. Mary, Devon


Coles, Jane m.1847 - Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire


Collins, Charlotte "Lottie" Louisa b.1865 - St. George East, London (Sep qtr)
Collins, Charlotte Ann b.1835 - Gwennap, Cornwall
Collins, Charlotte Josephine (Cooney) b.1887 - London
Collins, Eliza b.1870 - Stepney, London, Middlesex
Collins, Mary A. b.1872 - London, Middlesex
Collins, Mary Rose b.1841 - Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Collins, William Alfred b.1842 - Stepney, Middlesex
Collins, William Fellowes b.1865 -


Collman, Lydia E. - Living


Colquhoun, Iain 7th Bt. -


Colvile, Charles Robert b.1825 - Lullington, Derbyshire
Colvile, Gilbert de Previle b.1887 -
Colvile, Henry Edward KCMG b.1852 - of Lullington Hall, Derbyshire


Coney, Thomas c.1759 - St. Peter, Cornhill, London, Middlsex
Coney, Thomas Boucher b.1800 - Batcombe or Goathurst, Somerset


Conington, Fanny b.1858 - Hagworthingham, Lincoln


Conolly, Ellen -


Considine, John William - Living


Cook, Justin Fowler - Living
Cook, Lillian Doris Opal - Living
Cook, Pauline Bowman - Living
Cook, Robert Dashwood - Living


Cookson, Mary - Living


Cooney, Cleopatra "Helena" b.1890 - Islington, London (Dec qtr)
Cooney, Stephen Patrick b.1847 -


Cooper, John m.1670 - Hinton Charterhouse, Somerset
Cooper, Stanley - Living


Cope, Frances b.1759 -


Copeman, Elizabeth Helen - Living
Copeman, William Sydney Charles CBE, TD, FRCP - Living


Copner, Florence Katherine b.1865 - Devizes, Wiltshire


Copper-Willis, 4 children - Living
Copper-Willis, Euan -


Corbett, Agnes m.1863 - St Mary's, Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand
Corbett, William - Living


Cormack, John McRae - Living
Cormack, Teresa Mary - Living


Costelloe, Benjamin Francis Conn m.1885 -
Costelloe, Katharine Elizabeth Conn b.1889 - London
Costelloe, Rachel "Ray" Pearsall Conn b.1887 - St Geo. Square, London


Cottle, Elspeth - Living


Cotton, Katherine b.1623 -
Cotton, Louise E. - Living
Cotton, Mr m.1623 -


Cousins, Alicia Elizabeth b.1846 - Bristol, Gloucester
Cousins, Kate Ruding b.1850 - Bristol, Gloucester
Cousins, William m.1836 - Hackney, London


Covell, Anne b.1754 - of England


Cox, Anne b.1788 -
Cox, Dorothy -
Cox, Isaac -


Coyte, Mary b.1717 -


Crawford, Anna -


Crewe, Annabel Sophia - Living
Crewe, Emma - Living
Crewe, James Colin - Living
Crewe, Peregrine John - Living


Crewe-Milnes, Annabel Hungerford b.1881 -
Crewe-Milnes, Mary Hungerford - Living
Crewe-Milnes, Robert Offley Ashburton Marquess of Crewe - Living


Cripps, Joanna Harriet - Living
Cripps, Oliver Guy - Living
Cripps, Richard - Living
Cripps, Thomas Peter - Living


Croft, Anna Joyce Helen b.1895 -
Croft, Dorothy Glendower b.1893 -
Croft, Elinor b.1904 -
Croft, Herbert Archer 10th Bt of Croft Castle b.1868 - of Croft Castle, Hereford
Croft, James Herbert b.1907 -
Croft, Nancy Barbara Kathleen b.1898 -


Crosbee, James Benjamin Evelyn b.1897 - Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
Crosbee, W.A. -


Cross, Henry b.1841 - Prescot, Lancashire


Crouch, Mary (or Meriwether) b.1623 - of Chitterne, Wiltshire


Cruikshank, Elizabeth - Living


Cryer, Charles b.1887 - Wick, Gloucestershire (Jun qtr)
Cryer, Daisy b.1890 - Wick, Gloucestershire
Cryer, Henry Tobias b.1886 - Wick, Gloucestershire (Mar qtr)
Cryer, May b.1888 - Wick, Gloucestershire (Dec qtr)
Cryer, Nelson Stanley b.1894 - Wick, Gloucestershire (Mar qtr)
Cryer, Richard - Living
Cryer, William Evan b.1863 - Wick, Gloucestershire
Cryer, William Reginald b.1892 - Wick, Gloucestershire (Mar qtr)


Cullen, Anna b.1799 -


Culme-Semour, Angela Mary - Living


Cumming, Mary -
Cumming, Thomas m.1508 -


Cunningham, Elizabeth - Living
Cunningham, Janet -


Currey, Ada b.1852 -
Currey, Agnes P. b.1880 - Honiton, Lincolnshire
Currey, Anna Louisa b.1825 - Tooting, Surrey
Currey, Annette b.1850 - Beckenham Kent
Currey, Annette A. b.1876 - Honiton, Lincolnshire
Currey, Benjamin b.1786 - Dartford, Kent
Currey, Bernard b.1862 -
Currey, Charles b.1797 - London
Currey, Charles -
Currey, Charles Herbert b.1849 - St. Martins, Westminster, London
Currey, Edith J b.1881 - Lewisham Kent
Currey, Edmund Charles b.1823 - London, Middlesex
Currey, Edmund S. -
Currey, Florence b.1854 - Black Heath, Kent
Currey, Florence M. b.1879 - Honiton, Lincolnshire
Currey, Frances E. b.1880 - Weybridge, Surrey
Currey, Frances Helen b.1846 - Westminster (Gro district)
Currey, Francis Alfred b.1851 -
Currey, Frederick b.1819 - Norwood, Surrey
Currey, George E. b.1864 - South Malling, Sussex
Currey, George G. -
Currey, Henrietta - Living
Currey, Henrietta -
Currey, Henry b.1821 - Norwood, Surrey
Currey, Henry G. b.1858 - Lee, Kent
Currey, John b.1736 - Eastham, Cheshire
Currey, John Arthur c.1816 - Saint Saviour, Southwark, London
Currey, Laura Blanche b.1854 -
Currey, Lydia c.1826 - Saint John, Eltham, Kent
Currey, Mary Wilhelmina c.1817 - Saint Saviour, Southwark, London
Currey, Menella b.1851 - Black Heath, Kent
Currey, Olive b.1880 - Lewisham Kent
Currey, Percival b.1851 - Lewisham Kent
Currey, Phillip b.1852 - Lewisham, Kent
Currey, Richard J.D. b.1873 - Honiton, Lincolnshire
Currey, Samuel - Living
Currey, Sarah E. b.1828 - London, Middlesex
Currey, Sarah Maria c.1814 - Saint Saviour, Southwark, London
Currey, Sarah Maria c.1814 - Saint Saviour, Southwark, London
Currey, Walter Francis b.1861 - Black Heath, Kent
Currey, William - Living
Currey, William -
Currey, William b.1820 - Norwood, Surrey
Currey, William Ashwell b.1845 - Westminster (Gro district)
Currey, William Frederick c.1818 - Saint Saviour, Southwark, London


Curry, Fiann James - Living
Curry, Ian Desmond - Living
Curry, Padriac Desmond - Living
Curry, Thomas David - Living


Curzon-Howe, Richard George Penn 4th Earl Howe b.1861 -


Cuthbert, Dorothy b.1750 -


Dalbiac, Charles -
Dalbiac, Susanna Stephenia b.1814 - Hemingford,Yorks


Dales, Elizabeth Marya - Living
Dales, James - Living


Dalton, Agnes E. b.1872 - Stewkley, Buckingham
Dalton, Anne b.1783 -
Dalton, Benjamin Nicholls b.1848 -
Dalton, Cornelia C. b.1876 - Stewkley, Buckingham
Dalton, Cornelius Neale b.1842 - Walthamstow, Essex
Dalton, Dorothea M. b.1880 - Mellis, Suffolk
Dalton, Edith M. b.1874 - Stewkley, Buckingham
Dalton, Elizabeth Eliza Maria b.1845 -
Dalton, Frances M. b.1881 - Hampstead, Middlesex
Dalton, Gertrude E.M. b.1871 - Plinshatch, Sussex
Dalton, Hannah Neale b.1847 - Reigate, Surrey
Dalton, James b.1713 - of Wales
Dalton, James Neale b.1851 -
Dalton, John b.1675 - Pembrey, Carmarthen, Wales
Dalton, John b.1780 - Stanmore, London
Dalton, John Neale b.1808 - Stanmore, London. or Cambridge
Dalton, John Neale b.1839 - Margate, Kent
Dalton, Llewelyn C. b.1880 - Mellis, Suffolk
Dalton, Margaret E. b.1875 - Hampstead, Middlesex
Dalton, Mary b.1843 -
Dalton, Mary b.1782 -
Dalton, Mary E. b.1876 - Hampstead, Middlesex
Dalton, Maud H.N. b.1878 - Stewkley, Buckingham
Dalton, Susanna Isabella -
Dalton, William Edward b.1755 - of Wales
Dalton, William Edward b.1841 - Walthamstow, Essex


Daly, Alice Rosa m.1878 -
Daly, Anna Lillian - Living
Daly, Clive - Living
Daly, Tina May - Living
Daly, Yvonne Dorothy - Living


Danielson, Luce - Living


Darby, Editha Minnie b.1873 -


Darley, Arabella Sophia c.1816 - Bossal, Yorkshire
Darley, Helen c.1814 - Bossall, Yorkshire
Darley, Henry Wilks b.1777 - Aldby Park, Bossall, Yorkshire


Darlot, Margaret Rosa b.1808 - London, Middlesex


Dashwood, Anne m.1764 -
Dashwood, Caroline Matilda c.1789 - St Mary, St. Marylebone, London
Dashwood, James m.1786 - Saint Mary, Saint Marylebone, London
Dashwood, Jane Sarah b.1780 -


Davey, Mildred m.1911 -


Davis, Milton - Living
Davis, Ruth Ann - Living


Davison, Sidney Dorothea m.1831 -


Davisson, Sarah m.1667 - Norton St. Philip, Somerset


Dawnay, Edward William - Living


Dawson, Charlotte Helen - Living
Dawson, H. -
Dawson, Henrietta Elizabeth - Living
Dawson, Henry Nainby b.1894 -
Dawson, Oliver Nainby - Living
Dawson, William Nainby - Living

de Aberchirder

de Aberchirder, Janet m.1400 -

de Barclay

de Barclay, Christian -

De Costa

De Costa, Cornelius - Living
De Costa, Sheila - Living

de Innes

de Innes, Alexander b.1195 - of Innes, Moray
de Innes, Alexander d.1393 -
de Innes, George -
de Innes, Margaret -
de Innes, Margaret -
de Innes, Robert b.1320 -
de Innes, Walter b.1156 - of Innes, Moray
de Innes, Walter b.1345 -
de Innes, William b.1220 - of Innes, Moray
de Innes, William b.1245 -

de Lazales

de Lazales, Margarita - Living

de Montmoilin

de Montmoilin, Mr - Living

de Montmollin

de Montmollin, Julie - Living
de Montmollin, Marianne -

de Moravia

de Moravia, Janet -
de Moravia, Janet m.1480 -

de Paravicini

de Paravicini, Chandos - Living
de Paravicini, Christa - Living

de Préville

de Préville, Pierre -
de Préville, Zélie Isabelle Richaud b.1861 -

De Rozario

De Rozario, Mabel - Living

de Soyres

de Soyres, Catherine Marianne b.1842 - Clifton, Bristol, Gloucester (Pembroke Road)
de Soyres, Francis c.1805 - St Michaels, Bristol, Gloucester
de Soyres, Francis -
de Soyres, Francis Johnstone c.1839 - Clifton, Bristol, Gloucester
de Soyres, Isabella c.1802 - St Michaels, Bristol, Gloucester
de Soyres, John c.1806 - St Michaels, Bristol, Gloucester
de Soyres, Julie b.1795 - Bristol, Gloucestershire
de Soyres, Julie Montmollin c.1844 - Clifton, Bristol, Gloucester
de Soyres, Leopold c.1796 - St Michaels, Bristol, Gloucester
de Soyres, Leopold Quintin c.1841 - Clifton, Bristol, Gloucester
de Soyres, Louis c.1796 - St Michaels, Bristol, Gloucester
de Soyres, Louis John c.1846 - Clifton, Bristol, Gloucester
de Soyres, Louisa c.1802 - St Michaels, Bristol, Gloucester
de Soyres, Madeleine c.1803 - St Michaels, Bristol, Gloucester
de Soyres, Marianne c.1798 - St Michaels, Bristol, Gloucester
de Soyres, Sophia c.1797 - St Michaels, Bristol, Gloucester

De Vesian

De Vesian, Dorothy Ellis b.1889 -
De Vesian, Eleanor b.1893 - Nutfield, Surrey
De Vesian, Norman Ellis b.1894 - Hendon, Middlesex
De Vesian, Olive Elaine b.1899 - Hendon, Middlesex
De Vesian, Sylvia b.1895 - Hendon, Middlesex


Deacon, Gladys Mary b.1881 - Paris, France


Deake, Christopher b.1727 - Aberthan, Wales


Dean, Antony Simon - Living
Dean, Nicola Christine - Living


Dennis, Louisa Sarah b.1821 -


d'Erlanger, Mary - Living


Dewar, Alexander - Living


Dewe, Catherine Mary b.1848 - Rockland Saint Mary, Norfolk (Dec qtr)
Dewe, Frances Maria b.1841 - Rockland Saint Mary, Norfolk (Dec qtr)
Dewe, Francis Joseph b.1847 - Rockland Saint Mary, Norfolk (Mar qtr)
Dewe, George Downing b.1840 - Bacadale, Norfolk (Sep qtr)
Dewe, John -
Dewe, Joseph b.1797 - Calke, Derbyshire
Dewe, Sarah Elizabeth c.1844 - Rockland Saint Mary, Norfolk


Dickinson, Roosilia Elizabeth -


Dickson, Elizabeth c.1675 - Saint Paul Covent Garden, Westminster, London
Dickson, Joan c.1673 - Saint Paul Covent Garden, Westminster, London
Dickson, Richard c.1676 - Saint Paul Covent Garden, Westminster, London
Dickson, Richard m.1672 - Saint James, Clerkenwell, London


Digby, Pamela Beryl b.1920 -


Dixon, Anne b.1730 -
Dixon, Edith Martha b.1867 - Newton, Manchester, Lancashire
Dixon, Elijah Marsh b.1842 - Newton, Manchester, Lancashire
Dixon, Isabella b.1863 - Rock, Northumberland


Docksey, Merrial b.1761 - of Snetstone, Derbyshire
Docksey, Thomas b.1706 -


Dodd, Alice Dora b.1885 - Wallingford, Oxfordshire


Dodson, Mr m.1815 -


Dodwell, Robert b.1756 - of St Gregory by St Paul, London


Donner, Joseph William - Living


Donnithorne, Isaac m.1799 -


Dorrius, Andre - Living
Dorrius, Andre Winston - Living
Dorrius, Glen - Living
Dorrius, Mr - Living


Douglas, Archibald - Living
Douglas, daughter m.1436 -
Douglas, James - Living
Douglas, Karl Ludwig - Living
Douglas, Rosita - Living


Downing, Abigail c.1592 - St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London
Downing, Abraham c.1617 - St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London
Downing, Ann c.1580 - St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London
Downing, Anne c.1619 - St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London
Downing, Bartholomew c.1579 - St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London
Downing, Bridget b.1725 - London
Downing, Catherine Mary c.1798 - Saint Andrew, Holborn, London
Downing, Dickson b.1701 - London
Downing, Dorothy c.1581 - St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London
Downing, Elinor c.1583 - St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London
Downing, Elizabeth c.1627 - St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London
Downing, Faith c.1633 - St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London
Downing, Frances Elizabeth -
Downing, Francis c.1622 - St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London
Downing, Francis c.1588 - St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London
Downing, George c.1763 - Saint Andrew, Holborn, London
Downing, George b.1728 - London
Downing, John c.1628 - St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London
Downing, John c.1624 - St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London
Downing, John c.1620 - St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London
Downing, John c.1576 - St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London
Downing, John b.1556 -
Downing, Joyce c.1595 - St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London
Downing, Joyce m.1623 -
Downing, Katherine c.1590 - St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London
Downing, Magdalen c.1589 - St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London
Downing, Margaret c.1585 - St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London
Downing, Maria b.1776 - Ovington, Essex
Downing, Mary c.1584 - St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London
Downing, Matthew c.1577 - St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London
Downing, Mr -
Downing, Richard c.1630 - St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London
Downing, Richard c.1616 - St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London
Downing, Richard c.1578 - St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London
Downing, Richard c.1586 - St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London
Downing, Richard m.1698 -
Downing, Sarah c.1629 - St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London
Downing, Sarah c.1587 - St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London
Downing, William c.1630 - St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London
Downing, William c.1582 - St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London


Draper, Ann m.1724 - Old Church, Saint Pancras, London


Driffield, Alice Louisa b.1857 - Knowsley, Lancashire
Driffield, Annie Rachel b.1855 - Prescot, Lancashire
Driffield, Charles Edward b.1823 - Prescot, Lancashire
Driffield, Charles George Thomas b.1771 -
Driffield, Charles George Townshend b.1860 - Knowsley, Lancashire (Dec qtr)
Driffield, David V. - Living
Driffield, Dorothy B. b.1911 - district of Ormskirk, Lancashire (Sep qtr)
Driffield, Edward Bowles b.1880 - Tranmere, Cheshire
Driffield, Edward R.C. - Living
Driffield, Edward Townshend b.1851 - Prescot, Lancashire
Driffield, Edward Wollaston Septimus b.1827 - Prescot, Lancashire
Driffield, Elizabeth E. b.1913 - district of Ormskirk, Lancashire (Dec qtr)
Driffield, Emily Mary b.1856 - Knowsley, Lancashire
Driffield, Ethel Gurdon b.1882 -
Driffield, Evelyn Kemball b.1884 -
Driffield, Frederick Daniel b.1774 - Feering, Essex
Driffield, Frederick Simeon Carus b.1825 - Prescot, Lancashire
Driffield, Frederick Vero b.1868 - Prescot, Lancashire
Driffield, George Townshend c.1817 - St. Mary the Virgin, Prescot, Lancashire
Driffield, Herbert George b.1882 - district of Brixworth, Northants. (Jun qtr)
Driffield, Joseph b.1713 -
Driffield, Lancelot Wren -
Driffield, Lancelott Gurdon b.1865 - Prescot, Lancashire
Driffield, Letitia b.1821 - Prescot, Lancashire
Driffield, Letitia Kemball b.1863 - Prescot, Lancashire
Driffield, Louisa Philippa b.1830 - Prescot, Lancashire
Driffield, Margaret Letitia b.1850 - Prescot, Lancashire
Driffield, Margaret Letitia b.1853 - Prescot, Lancashire
Driffield, Marian Ethel b.1878 - Farnworth, Lancashire
Driffield, Mary Rebow Jane b.1826 - Prescot, Lancashire
Driffield, Mary Sophia b.1779 - Feering, Essex
Driffield, Muriel Townshend b.1878 - Tranmere, Cheshire
Driffield, Rose Margaret b.1854 - Knowsley, Prescot, Lancashire
Driffield, Sherbourne Willis c.1834 - St. Mary the Virgin, Prescot, Lancashire
Driffield, Vero Charles b.1848 - Prescot, Lancashire
Driffield, Vero Gurdon b.1820 - Prescot, Lancashire
Driffield, Vero Gurdon c.1819 - St. Mary the Virgin, Prescot, Lancashire
Driffield, Walter Wren b.1773 - Feering, Essex
Driffield, Walter Wren b.1859 - Knowsley, Lancashire
Driffield, Walter Wren b.1742 - East Bergholt, Suffolk
Driffield, Walter Wren b.1818 - Prescot, Lancashire


Drummond, Margaret Cicely b.1880 -


Duckworth, George -
Duckworth, Gerald b.1870 -
Duckworth, Herbert b.1833 - Orchard Leigh, Somerset
Duckworth, Stella b.1870 -
Duckworth, William b.1795 - Pendlebury, Lancashire


Duff, Victoria Maud Veronica - Living


Duguid, Dyana Pamela - Living


Dunbar, 7 other sons -
Dunbar, 8 daughters -
Dunbar, Alexander -
Dunbar, Alexander m.1451 -
Dunbar, Alexander -
Dunbar, Alexander - Living
Dunbar, Alexander m.1564 -
Dunbar, Alexander m.1480 -
Dunbar, Alexander - Living
Dunbar, Archibald d.1563 -
Dunbar, Archibald -
Dunbar, Archibald b.1583 -
Dunbar, Beatrix m.1560 -
Dunbar, Christian m.1493 -
Dunbar, David -
Dunbar, David b.1581 - of Baldoon
Dunbar, Elizabeth - Living
Dunbar, Euphemia - Living
Dunbar, Gavin d.1618 -
Dunbar, Gavin Archbishop of Glasgow - Living
Dunbar, Gavin Bishop of Aberdeen d.1531 -
Dunbar, James - Living
Dunbar, James - Living
Dunbar, James -
Dunbar, James 2nd of Cunnock & Mochrum d.1504 -
Dunbar, James 4th Earl of Moray d.1429 - Frendraught (Murdered)
Dunbar, John -
Dunbar, John m.1549 -
Dunbar, John d.1503 - killed
Dunbar, male - Living
Dunbar, male - Living
Dunbar, Margaret - Living
Dunbar, Margaret -
Dunbar, Mark - Living
Dunbar, Ninian - Living
Dunbar, Patrick - Living
Dunbar, several generations - Living
Dunbar, Son B -


Duncan, Henry b.1762 -
Duncan, Mary Anna b.1798 - Stoke Gabriel, Devon


Dunn, Isobel (Fatima Khanum) b.1874 -
Dunn, X Bey -


Durant, Celeste b.1914 -
Durant, Hugh m.1913 -


Durie, Nn -


Durrell, Magdaleine "Madeline" d.1800 -


Dyke, Mary b.1730 - of Taunton, Somerset


Easthope, Harold b.1952 -
Easthope, Harold "John" Stanley Lorraine b.1915 -
Easthope, male - Living
Easthope, male - Living
Easthope, Thomas b.1952 -


Eaton, Mary Ann b.1841 - England. (of Carleton, Ottawa, Canada)
Eaton, Thomas -


Eden, Nicholas - Living
Eden, Robert Anthony Earl of Avon b.1897 - Windlestone, co. Durham
Eden, Simon Gascoyn b.1924 -


Edenson, Patience b.1844 - Shuston, Derbyshire


Edgar, Mr - Living


Elliott, George - Living
Elliott, Mary m.1768 -


Ellis, Edward b.1830 - Croydon, Surrey
Ellis, Edward William b.1861 - Epsom, Surrey (Mar qtr)
Ellis, Ethel Ellen b.1856 - St Pancras, London (Jun qtr)
Ellis, Grace b.1720 - Wales
Ellis, Henry b.1859 - St Pancras, London
Ellis, John Stuart (De Vesian) b.1865 - Brook Street West, London (Sep qtr)
Ellis, Roger Henry - Living
Ellis, Roland (De Vesian) b.1863 - Epsom, Surrey (Sep qtr)


Elphinstone, Elizabeth b.1565 -


Elting, Caroll - Living
Elting, Howard b.1869 - New York, USA


Elton, Charles Isaac J.P. b.1841 - Southampton, Hampshire
Elton, Eliza Charlotte c.1822 - Redland Chapel, Westbury On Trym, Gloucester
Elton, John b.1784 - Bristol, Gloucestershire


Elwes, Christopher - Living
Elwes, Mr - Living
Elwes, Nigel - Living
Elwes, Serena - Living


Ennis, Stephanie - Living


Ephraims, Consuela Eleanor b.1895 - Singapore


Estlin, Anne Maria b.1788 - Bristol, Gloucestershire
Estlin, Caroline Susanna b.1788 - Bristol, Gloucestershire
Estlin, Edward Rochemont b.1801 - Bristol, Gloucestershire
Estlin, Eleanor Latitia b.1797 - Bristol, Gloucestershire
Estlin, John Bishop b.1785 - Bristol, Gloucestershire
Estlin, John Prior b.1747 -
Estlin, Mary Anne b.1820 -


Evans, Anne b.1752 -
Evans, Elizabeth b.1767 - Bristol, Gloucestershire.
Evans, Herbert b.1750 - of Swansea & Eaglesbush, Glamorganshire, Wales
Evans, John -
Evans, William b.1722 - of Eaglesbush, Neath, Glamorganshire, Wales


Eve, David Malcolm Trustram 2nd Baron Silsoe - Living
Eve, Simon Rupert Trustram - Living


Ewing, James Alexander Orr m.1898 -


Eyre, Frances Elizabeth b.1800 - Landford, Wiltshire


Falconer, Jean -


Fane, Constance Edwina Adeline m.1885 -
Fane, Ethelred Constantia - Living


Farquhar, Gladys Mary b.1885 - London, Middlesex


Felio, Donald Earl m.1963 -
Felio, Karen Laing - Living


Fellowes, Coulson b.1883 -
Fellowes, Hermione Frances Caroline b.1886 -
Fellowes, Sybil Inna Mildred b.1888 -
Fellowes, William Henry 2nd Baron de Ramsey b.1848 -


Few-Brown, Rebecca Mary - Living


Finch, Living - Living


Finch-Hatton, Muriel Evelyn Vernon -


Fisher, Katherine m.1931 -


FitzGerald, Ella Geraldine b.1869 - Bruton, Somerset (Mar qtr)
FitzGerald, James Preston b.1824 - St. Michael, Somerset
FitzGerald, John d.1818 -
FitzGerald, Marian Agnes b.1870 - Bruton, Somerset (Jun qtr)
FitzGerald, Mary Frances b.1780 -


Flandrensis, Berowald b.1086 - of Flanders, Belgium
Flandrensis, John b.1106 - of Innes, Moray


Fleming, Casper b.1952 -
Fleming, Ian Lancaster b.1908 - London, Middlesex
Fleming, Katherine "Kate" - Living
Fleming, Peter OBE b.1907 -
Fleming, Valentine MP b.1882 -


Fletcher, Anne b.1728 - of Bentham Hill, Kent


Florence, Alix Sargant -


Forbes, Alexander d.1562 -
Forbes, Alexander 7th m.1584 -
Forbes, Duncan d.1704 -
Forbes, Elizabeth m.1541 -
Forbes, Isobel m.1578 -
Forbes, Jean b.1680 -
Forbes, John d.1625 -
Forbes, John m.1523 -


Force, Madeleine Talmage b.1893 - of New York, USA
Force, William H. -


Fordati, Francis Mary b.1875 - Paddington, London
Fordati, George Quayle m.1868 - Chertsey (Gro district)
Fordati, Margaret H. b.1874 - Paddington, London


Forster, Emily Rachel - Living


Fortescue, Edward Bowles b.1816 - Stoke by Nayland, Suffolk
Fortescue, Frances Catherine b.1808 - Stoke by Nayland, Suffolk
Fortescue, Francis b.1806 -
Fortescue, Francis (Fortesque) b.1752 - of Cookhill, Worcestershire
Fortescue, George Downing c.1813 - Stoke by Nayland, Suffolk
Fortescue, Maria Margaretta b.1811 - Stoke by Nayland, Suffolk


Foster, Eva Grace - Living
Foster, Lynette - Living


Fowler, Alice -
Fowler, Anne Elizabeth b.1854 -
Fowler, Audrey Sylvia - Living
Fowler, Catherine Anne b.1849 - Cookham, Berks.
Fowler, Charles Augustus b.1816 -
Fowler, Charles Wilson b.1859 - Cookham, Berks.
Fowler, Charlie Merrick T. b.1900 - Middleham, Yorkshire (Dec qtr)
Fowler, Cranborne Strode b.1822 -
Fowler, Ernest -
Fowler, Frank b.1855 -
Fowler, George Campbell R.N. b.1817 -
Fowler, George Merrick b.1852 -
Fowler, Gordon Cranbourne b.1848 - Woolwich, Kent
Fowler, Gordon Dashwood b.1898 -
Fowler, Gordon Franklin b.1928 - Colombo, Ceylon
Fowler, Harry Cranbourne b.1902 - Ceylon
Fowler, James Merrick b.1819 -
Fowler, Jean S. - Living
Fowler, Lily -
Fowler, Living - Living
Fowler, Living - Living
Fowler, Mary Caroline b.1850 - Cookham, Berks.
Fowler, Maud -
Fowler, Michael Seymour b.1858 - Cookham, Berks.
Fowler, Phyllis Victoria Levine b.1897 - Yorkshire, England
Fowler, Richard Henry Dashwood b.1935 -
Fowler, Robert B.A. m.1777 - Peterborough Cathedral, Peterborough, Northampton
Fowler, Robert Dashwood R.N. b.1815 -
Fowler, Robert Merrick b.1778 - Horncastle, Lincolnshire
Fowler, Sarah Levine b.1815 - Marylebone, London
Fowler, William James b.1847 - Woolwich
Fowler, William Merrick -


Fox-Pitt-Rivers, George Henry Lane b.1890 -
Fox-Pitt-Rivers, Julian Alfred Lane - Living


Frances, Mary -


Franklin, Sarah b.1787 -


Fraser, Andrew Roy Matthew - Living
Fraser, Annabel Terese - Living
Fraser, Daisy Rosamond - Living
Fraser, Emily Catherine b.1877 -
Fraser, Euphemia (Agnes) b.1380 - Lovat
Fraser, Fiona Mary - Living
Fraser, Hugh 1st Earl of Lovat -
Fraser, Hugh 3rd Lord Lovat b.1494 -
Fraser, Hugh Alastair Joseph - Living
Fraser, Hugh Charles Patrick Joseph - Living
Fraser, Jack - Living
Fraser, Kim Maurice - Living
Fraser, Laura Alfreda - Living
Fraser, Magdalen Mary Charlotte b.1913 -
Fraser, Mary Diana Rose b.1926 -
Fraser, Simon 13th Bart. Lovat b.1828 - of Beaufort Castle, Beauly, Inverness, Scotland
Fraser, Simon 16th Baron Lovat - Living
Fraser, Simon Augustine Master of Lovat b.1939 -
Fraser, Simon Christopher Joseph 15th Bart. Lovat b.1911 -
Fraser, Simon Joseph 14th Bart. Lovat b.1871 - of Beaufort Castle, Beauly, Inverness, Scotland
Fraser, Simon Master of Lovat d.1544 - Killed at Loch Lochy
Fraser, Veronica Nell - Living
Fraser, Violet - Living


Freeman, Alistair Daryl - Living
Freeman, Caillin Dominic - Living
Freeman, Danni-Lee Paige - Living
Freeman, Deborah Rae - Living
Freeman, Jamie Alexander - Living
Freeman, Keith Gordon b.1939 - d.2014
Freeman, Melanie Lyn - Living
Freeman, Tegan-Maree Christine - Living


Freeman-Mitford, Deborah - Living


Fricker, Edith b.1774 - Bristol, Gloucestershire
Fricker, Sarah b.1770 - Bristol, Gloucestershire
Fricker, Stephen b.1738 -


Fripp, Ada b.1859 - Ottawa, Canada
Fripp, Ada Mary Elton b.1864 - Portishead, Somerset.
Fripp, Adelaide Anne b.1830 - Westbury-on-trym, Gloucester.
Fripp, Agnes Downing b.1840 - Bristol, Gloucester.
Fripp, Albinia Mary b.1839 - Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol, Gloucester (Jun qtr)
Fripp, Alfred Downing b.1822 - Bristol, Gloucester.
Fripp, Alfred Downing b.1865 - Blandford, Dorset.
Fripp, Alfred Elton - Living
Fripp, Alfred Ernest b.1866 - Ottawa, Canada
Fripp, Alfred Henry d.1985 -
Fripp, Alfred Linley - Living
Fripp, Alfred Thomas (BM FRCS) b.1899 - Marylebone, London
Fripp, Alfreda Jane Sidney b.1895 -
Fripp, Alice b.1888 - British Cloumbia
Fripp, Alice b.1852 - Saint Pancras, Middlesex
Fripp, Alice (Fripe) c.1626 - Bruton, Somerset
Fripp, Ann c.1687 - Norton St. Philip, Somerset.
Fripp, Ann Charlotte Stillingfleet c.1818 - Bristol, Gloucester. - St. Michael's
Fripp, Anne d.1757 - Salisbury, Wiltshire
Fripp, Anne c.1681 - Norton St. Philip, Somerset.
Fripp, Anne c.1692 - Norton St. Philip, Somerset.
Fripp, Anne c.1720 - Norton St. Philip, Somerset.
Fripp, Anne b.1773 - Avon, Gloucester.
Fripp, Annie Dalton b.1850 - St. Giles, London
Fripp, Annie Eliza Spencer b.1854 - Kingston Deverill, Wiltshire.
Fripp, Archibald James Pocock b.1818 -
Fripp, Arthur Godfrey - Living
Fripp, Arthur Pocock b.1856 - Hampstead, London
Fripp, Augusta Mary b.1872 - Bristol, Gloucester
Fripp, Barbara Innes -
Fripp, Benjamin c.1684 - Norton St Phillip, Somerset
Fripp, Benjamin b.1657 - Chitterne, Wiltshire
Fripp, Bertram Edward b.1885 - Capetown, South Africa
Fripp, Betty c.1719 - Norton St. Philip, Somerset.
Fripp, Betty Agnes b.1904 - Marylebone, London
Fripp, Bridget Bowles b.1788 - Bristol, Gloucestershire
Fripp, Carol - Living
Fripp, Caroline Russell c.1824 - Westbury-on-trym, Gloucester.
Fripp, Catherine Bowles b.1808 - Bristol, Gloucester
Fripp, Charles b.1866 - Ontario, Canada
Fripp, Charles Arthur Innes b.1889 - Plymouth, Devon (Sep qtr)
Fripp, Charles Bowles b.1805 - Bristol, Gloucester
Fripp, Charles Edward Bowles b.1866 - Portishead, Somerset.
Fripp, Charles Edwin b.1854 - Camden Town, London
Fripp, Charles Percival b.1895 - Delph, Yorkshire
Fripp, Charles Spencer b.1822 - Bristol, Gloucester.
Fripp, Christopher A. - Living
Fripp, Clara Ricketts b.1840 - Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol, Gloucester
Fripp, Clement Archibald c.1836 - Bristol, Avon. - St. James
Fripp, Clifford Russell b.1899 - British Cloumbia
Fripp, Colin Henry E. b.1922 - district of Southampton, Hampshire (Sep qtr)
Fripp, Constance b.1870 - Ontario, Canada
Fripp, Constance Lydia b.1837 - Bristol, Avon.
Fripp, Daniel b.1791 - Bristol, Gloucester
Fripp, Daniel Silbert Edgar - Living
Fripp, Daniel Steuart b.1874 - Bristol, Gloucester
Fripp, Daughter 1 - Living
Fripp, Daughter 2 - Living
Fripp, David Charles - Living
Fripp, David Reuss - Living
Fripp, Decima b.1696 -
Fripp, Diana Elizabeth - Living
Fripp, Dorothea "Bunty" b.1921 -
Fripp, Dorothea "Dorothy or Do" b.1890 - British Cloumbia
Fripp, Dorothea Ann b.1784 - Bristol, Gloucestershire
Fripp, Dorothy b.1895 - Singapore
Fripp, Dorothy c.1683 - Norton St. Philip, Somerset.
Fripp, Dorothy b.1699 -
Fripp, Dorothy b.1660 - Chitterne, Wiltshire
Fripp, Dorothy Anne - Living
Fripp, Dorothy Innes b.1889 - Richmond, Surrey
Fripp, Dorothy Innes b.1878 - Bristol, Gloucester.
Fripp, Dorothy Margaret (Dolly) b.1894 - Uppermill, Saddleworth, Yorks.
Fripp, Edgar Innes b.1861 - Maidenhead Thicket, Berks. (or Stoney Gate, Leicester)
Fripp, Edgar Walter -
Fripp, Edith "Molly" Mary b.1899 - Belfast, Ireland
Fripp, Edith (Jeannie) Jane Spencer b.1864 - Swanage, Dorset.
Fripp, Edith Eleanor b.1863 - Ottawa, Canada
Fripp, Edith Innes c.1851 - St Andrews, Clifton, Gloucestershire
Fripp, Edward c.1673 - Norton St. Philip, Somerset.
Fripp, Edward b.1648 - Chitterne, Wiltshire
Fripp, Edward (Flipp) c.1710 - Temple, Bristol, Gloucestershire
Fripp, Edward (Flipp) b.1700 - of Bristol, Gloucestershire
Fripp, Edward (Phrip) c.1681 - Norton St. Philip, Somerset
Fripp, Edward (See Notes) b.1614 - of Chitterne, Wiltshire
Fripp, Edward Bowles b.1820 - Bristol, Gloucester.
Fripp, Edward Bowles b.1787 - Bristol, Gloucestershire
Fripp, Edward Fitz-Gerald b.1896 - Walton in Gordano, Somerset
Fripp, Edward Sidney b.1861 - Ottawa, Canada
Fripp, Edward William Bernard b.1916 -
Fripp, Eileen Hungerford b.1885 - of Bristol
Fripp, Eleanor Joy - Living
Fripp, Elinor c.1676 - St Edmunds, Salisbury, Wiltshire
Fripp, Elinor c.1674 - St Edmunds, Salisbury, Wiltshire
Fripp, Elizabeth b.1728 - Westbury, Wiltshire
Fripp, Elizabeth c.1726 - Westbury, Wiltshire
Fripp, Elizabeth b.1836 - Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol, Gloucester
Fripp, Elizabeth b.1689 - Norton St. Philip, Somerset.
Fripp, Elizabeth b.1659 - Chitterne, Wiltshire
Fripp, Elizabeth (See Notes) b.1759 - Bristol, Gloucestershire
Fripp, Ella Downing b.1854 - Bristol, Gloucestershire
Fripp, Elspeth Steuart - Living
Fripp, Emily Steuart b.1834 - Bristol, Gloucester (St Augustine)
Fripp, Ernest Theophilus b.1830 - Westbury-on-trym, Gloucestershire
Fripp, Ethel b.1910 - Cannington Manor, Saskatchewan, Canada
Fripp, Ethel Innes b.1876 - Clifton, Gloucester.
Fripp, Ethelwynne Powell b.1877 - Bristol, Gloucester
Fripp, Fanny c.1835 - Wesbury-on-Trym, Bristol, Gloucester
Fripp, Fanny b.1816 - Bristol, Gloucester
Fripp, female b.1832 -
Fripp, female - Living
Fripp, Florence - Living
Fripp, Florence Consuela Constance b.1914 - Surabuya, Indonesia
Fripp, Frances Dorothea b.1863 - Marylebone, Middlesex
Fripp, Frances Downing c.1815 - Bristol, Avon.
Fripp, Frances Elizabeth b.1791 - Bristol, Gloucester
Fripp, Francis - Living
Fripp, Francis Daniel Steuart b.1898 - Dartford (Gro district)
Fripp, Francis Edward Bowles b.1875 - Clifton, Bristol, Gloucester
Fripp, Francis Swertner b.1803 - Bristol, Gloucester
Fripp, Frederick b.1867 - Ontario, Canada
Fripp, Gemma Rachel Steuart - Living
Fripp, Geoffrey Innes -
Fripp, George Arthur d.1946 - Tjimahi, Java (P.o.W.)
Fripp, George Arthur b.1813 - Bristol, Gloucester.
Fripp, George Arthur Vincent - Living
Fripp, George Christie b.1891 - Fylde, Lancs. (GRO district)
Fripp, George Downing b.1807 - Bristol, Gloucester
Fripp, George MacKay b.1891 - British Cloumbia
Fripp, George Pollock b.1848 - St Pancras, Marylebone, London
Fripp, George Tyrell b.1915 - Surabuya, Indonesia
Fripp, George Utting b.1884 - Beaufort West, Cape, South Africa
Fripp, Gerrard Hungerford Steuart b.1899 - district of Dartford, Kent (Dec qtr)
Fripp, Harold Edward Innes b.1873 - Clifton, Gloucester.
Fripp, Helen b.1829 - Bristol, Gloucester (St Augustine)
Fripp, Henry Charles Innes b.1867 - Clifton, Gloucester.
Fripp, Henry Edward b.1851 - London, Middlesex
Fripp, Henry Edward MD b.1816 - Ovington, Hampshire
Fripp, Henry Renwick b.1902 -
Fripp, Herbert George Russell c.1830 - St. James, Bristol, Avon
Fripp, Herbert Innes b.1858 - Bristol, Gloucester
Fripp, Humphrey William -
Fripp, James b.1758 - St Philips Plain, Bristol
Fripp, James b.1801 - Bristol, Gloucester
Fripp, James c.1716 - Norton St. Philip, Somerset.
Fripp, James b.1764 - Bristol, Gloucester.
Fripp, Jane c.1668 - St Edmunds, Salisbury, Wiltshire
Fripp, Jillian M. - Living
Fripp, Joanna Leigh - Living
Fripp, Jocelyne Mary -
Fripp, Johanna c.1688 - Norton St. Philip, Somerset.
Fripp, John b.1710 - of Westbury, Wiltshire
Fripp, John c.1713 - Temple, Bristol, Gloucestershire
Fripp, John (Fripe) c.1623 - Bruton, Somerset
Fripp, Julia Middleton c.1826 - Westbury-on-trym, Gloucester.
Fripp, Katharine Spencer c.1835 - Bristol, Avon. - St. James
Fripp, Leopold Henry b.1874 - Clifton, Bristol, Gloucester
Fripp, Leslie Percival Thomas -
Fripp, Lucy b.1822 - Bristol, Gloucester (St Augustine)
Fripp, Lydia b.1828 - Ireland
Fripp, Lydia Elizabeth b.1802 - St James, Bristol, Gloucester
Fripp, Madeline Catherine b.1877 - Clifton, Bristol, Gloucester
Fripp, male - Living
Fripp, Margaret "Bunty" Cecely b.1908 - Marylebone, London, Middlesex
Fripp, Margaret Anne Pauline - Living
Fripp, Margaret Emma Bowles b.1847 - Bristol, Gloucester.
Fripp, Margaret Honor b.1909 - Pietersburg, South Africa - d.1976
Fripp, Maria Downing c.1817 - St Michaels, Bristol, Gloucester
Fripp, Marian Ethel b.1848 - Bristol, Gloucester.
Fripp, Marian Sidney b.1862 - Swanage, Dorset.
Fripp, Marion May - Living
Fripp, Marjorie Gwendolen b.1920 - Chelsea, London
Fripp, Marjory Innes b.1888 - Richmond, Surrey
Fripp, Mary b.1792 - Kings Down, Bristol
Fripp, Mary c.1671 - Norton St. Philip, Somerset.
Fripp, Mary b.1682 - Norton St. Philip, Somerset.
Fripp, Mary c.1725 - Norton St. Philip, Somerset.
Fripp, Mary c.1723 - Norton St. Philip, Somerset.
Fripp, Mary b.1752 - Avon, Gloucester.
Fripp, Mary (See Notes) b.1654 - Chitterne, Wiltshire
Fripp, Mary Ann b.1790 - Bristol, Gloucestershire
Fripp, Mary Anne b.1814 - Bristol, Gloucester.
Fripp, Mary Gallagher - Living
Fripp, Mary Isabella b.1847 - Newington, London
Fripp, Mary Lilian (May) b.1892 - Uppermill, Saddleworth, Yorks.
Fripp, Mary Steuart b.1884 - of Bristol
Fripp, Mary Steuart b.1824 - Bristol, Gloucester (St Augustine)
Fripp, May Innes b.1869 - Clifton, Gloucester.
Fripp, Meagan Louise - Living
Fripp, Muriel Hungerford b.1881 - Bristol, Gloucester
Fripp, Nicholas Jeremy Steuart b.1948 - district of Salisbury, Wiltshire
Fripp, Patricia - Living
Fripp, Paul b.1890 - Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
Fripp, Paul Henry b.1913 - Louis Trichardt, South Africa
Fripp, Percival Kossuth b.1849 - St. Pancras, London
Fripp, Percy Charles Innes b.1847 - Westbury-on-Trym, Gloucester. (The Hermitage)
Fripp, Peter (Edward?) b.1911 -
Fripp, Priscilla - Living
Fripp, Reginald "Rex" Charles b.1915 - Marylebone, London, Middlesex
Fripp, Reginald "Rex" Edward b.1876 - Hampstead, London.
Fripp, Richard b.1669 - Salisbury, Wiltshire
Fripp, Richard c.1685 - Norton St. Philip, Somerset.
Fripp, Richard (Flipp) c.1710 - Temple, Bristol, Gloucestershire
Fripp, Richard (See Notes) b.1648 - Chitterne, Wiltshire
Fripp, Robert b.1889 - Vancouver, British Columbia
Fripp, Robert MacKay b.1857 - St. Pancras, London, Middlesex
Fripp, Rodney Edward Pocock - Living
Fripp, Roger (Fripe) c.1629 - Bruton, Somerset
Fripp, Rose Regina b.1922 - Surabuya, Indonesia
Fripp, Rosemary -
Fripp, Ruth Mairo - Living
Fripp, Samuel c.1686 - Norton St Phillips, Somerset
Fripp, Samuel c.1723 - Norton St. Philip, Somerset.
Fripp, Samuel b.1755 - Avon, Gloucester.
Fripp, Samuel c.1654 - Chitterne, Wiltshire
Fripp, Samuel Charles b.1812 - Rainham, Kent
Fripp, Samuel Charles b.1785 - Westbury-on-trym, Gloucester.
Fripp, Samuel Charles Fitz-Gerald - Living
Fripp, Samuel William b.1874 - Hampstead, London.
Fripp, Sarah c.1668 - Norton St. Philip, Somerset.
Fripp, Sarah b.1696 - Norton St. Philip, Somerset.
Fripp, Sarah c.1730 - Norton St. Philip, Somerset.
Fripp, Sarah b.1789 - Kings Down, Bristol
Fripp, Sarah b.1753 - Avon, Gloucester.
Fripp, Sarah Steuart b.1820 - Bristol, Gloucester (St Augustine)
Fripp, Sidney Bowles b.1823 - Bristol, Gloucester (or London)
Fripp, Stephen Innes -
Fripp, Steuart b.1875 - Bristol, Gloucester (Mar qtr)
Fripp, Steuart b.1836 - Chepstow, Monmouth
Fripp, Susannah b.1696 - Norton St. Philip, Somerset.
Fripp, Susannah b.1768 - Bristol, Gloucestershire
Fripp, Theodosia b.1827 - Bristol, Gloucester (St Augustine)
Fripp, Thomas c.1691 - Norton St. Philip, Somerset.
Fripp, Thomas (Fripe) c.1632 - Bruton, Somerset
Fripp, Thomas Morley b.1895 - Belfast, Ireland
Fripp, Thomas William b.1864 - St. John's Wood, London, Middlesex
Fripp, Timothy Francis Selby - Living
Fripp, Timothy Powell b.1883 - of Bristol
Fripp, Venetia Sybil b.1911 - London, Middlesex
Fripp, William c.1740 - Westbury, Wiltshire
Fripp, William b.1832 - St Augustine, Bristol, Gloucester
Fripp, William b.1761 - St Philips Plain, Bristol, Gloucestershire
Fripp, William b.1650 - Chitterne, Wiltshire
Fripp, William (Fripe) c.1621 - Bruton, Somerset
Fripp, William (Fripe) b.1603 -
Fripp, William Danger b.1879 - Bristol, Gloucester
Fripp, William Jr b.1785 - Bristol, Somerset
Fripp, William Russel b.1820 - Bristol, Gloucester.
Fripp, William Silbert - Living
Fripp, Winifred Beatrice (Freda) b.1901 - Promenade, Southport, Lancashire
Fripp, Zoë Frances - Living


Fry, Jane b.1805 - St. Ann's, Soho, London
Fry, Mr -
Fry, Sarah b.1803 - St. Ann's, Soho, London


Fuller, Gillian - Living


Fytche, Elizabeth b.1781 -


Gale, Mary -


Galpin, Eliza b.1806 -


Gammel, Mr - Living


Gardener, Heather - Living


Garric, David b.1660 - Castres, Near Albi, France


Garrick, David b.1717 - Hereford, Herfordshire
Garrick, George b.1723 - Lichfield Cathedral, Staffordshire
Garrick, Jane b.1718 - England
Garrick, Magdalene b.1715 - Lichfield Cathedral, Staffordshire
Garrick, Merriel b.1724 - Lichfield Cathedral, Staffordshire
Garrick, Peter b.1710 - Lichfield Cathedral, Staffordshire
Garrick, Peter b.1685 -
Garrick, William b.1720 - Lichfield Cathedral, Staffordshire


Gathorne-Hardy, Antony - Living
Gathorne-Hardy, Jonathan - Living


Gay, Emily b.1867 - Kingswood, Gloucestershire


Gelber, Nathan - Living


Geoffrey, Francoise - Living


George, Christopher b.1787 - of Abbotts Leigh, Somerset


Gibb, Jane Anderson b.1833 - of Lanark, Ontario, Canada
Gibb, William J. - Living


Gibson, Ann E. m.1893 -
Gibson, George -
Gibson, Wood b.1798 - of Manchester, Lancashire


Gilbert, Gladys Irene b.1910 - West Ham, London


Gilkes, George b.1870 - Hornton, Banbury, Oxford
Gilkes, Sarah b.1846 - Hornton, Oxford


Gjerde, child - Living
Gjerde, child - Living
Gjerde, child - Living
Gjerde, Steve - Living


Glyn, Delia Mary b.1872 - Marylebone, London, Middlesex (Dec qtr)


Goelet, Mary b.1878 - New York, USA
Goelet, Ogden -


Goodhart, George - Living
Goodhart, Philip b.1921 -


Gordon, -
Gordon, Agnes -
Gordon, Catherine -
Gordon, Catherine m.1537 -
Gordon, Christine -
Gordon, daughter - Living
Gordon, Elizabeth m.1535 -
Gordon, Janet - Living
Gordon, Janet m.1465 -
Gordon, Jean -
Gordon, John 4th of Gight - Living
Gordon, Maria Rosario b.1779 -
Gordon, Robert - Living
Gordon, William - Living


Gordon-Duff, Helen Elizabeth b.1866 - Park, Banffshire, Scotland
Gordon-Duff, Lachlan Duff b.1817 - Park, Banffshire, Scotland
Gordon-Duff, Thomas Duff b.1848 -


Gordon-Dunn, Serena - Living


Gordon-Lennox, Esmé Charles b.1875 -
Gordon-Lennox, Reginald Arthur Charles - Living


Gossip, Leah Fortrie b.1805 -


Gough, John - Living


Gould, Cecil -


Grace, Henrietta m.1840 - Lambeth, London (Sep qtr)


Graff, Mary -


Graham, Douglas Malise - Living
Graham, Elizabeth d.1576 -
Graham, Euan Douglas - Living
Graham, Frances Jane b.1857 - Scotland
Graham, Mr -
Graham, Mrs. Margery (Marjorie) Hilton b.1806 - Elsted, Sussex or Llanelly, Wales
Graham, Robert - Living


Grant, 6 other daughters -
Grant, Agnes -
Grant, Agnes m.1520 -
Grant, Anne m.1512 -
Grant, Anne Drummonda b.1711 -
Grant, Archibald -
Grant, Barbara -
Grant, Duncan m.1568 -
Grant, Duncan -
Grant, Elizabeth -
Grant, Helen d.1694 -
Grant, Isobel -
Grant, James 3rd of Freuchie b.1485 - of Freuchie
Grant, Jane Maria b.1840 - At Sea off Cape of Good Hope
Grant, Janet -
Grant, John d.1553 -
Grant, John "the Gentle" 4th of Freuchie b.1507 - of Freuchie
Grant, John 2nd of Freuchie b.1462 - of Freuchie
Grant, John Mor m.1544 -
Grant, John Peter -
Grant, Margaret -
Grant, Margaret m.1508 -
Grant, Patrick d.1617 -
Grant, William -


Grant-Suttie, George 5th Bart. -
Grant-Suttie, James 6th Bart. b.1830 -


Greaves, Ellen Mabel "May" -


Grenfell, Cecil Alfred b.1864 - London


Gresley, Robert 11th Baronet b.1866 - Westminster, London


Greville, Charlotte Anne - Living
Greville, David Robin Francis Guy 8th Earl of Warwick b.1934 -


Grey, Edward b.1852 - London, Middlesex


Griffith-Boscawen, Vera Edyth m.1913 -


Griffiths, Alun - Living
Griffiths, Edla - Living


Grimond, Grizelda - Living
Grimond, John - Living
Grimond, Joseph (Jo) MP b.1913 -
Grimond, Magnus - Living


Grose, Virginia - Living


Grosvenor, Jane Meriel - Living
Grosvenor, Robert George 5th Duke of Westminster - Living


Guest, Corisande Evelyn Vere b.1870 -
Guest, Elaine Augusta b.1871 -
Guest, Frances Charlotte b.1869 -
Guest, Frederick Edward Mp b.1875 -
Guest, Henry (Christian) Charles Mp b.1874 -
Guest, Ivor Bertie 1st Baron of Wimborne b.1835 - Dowlais
Guest, Ivor Churchill b.1873 -
Guest, John Spencer Churchill - Living
Guest, Lionel George William b.1880 -
Guest, Oscar Montague Mp b.1888 -
Guest, Rosamond Cornelia Gwladys b.1877 -


Gully, Mary Honorah Rhoda m.1894 -


Gurdon, Letitia Phillippa m.1776 - Hadleigh, Suffolk


Guy, John m.1796 - Saint Paul, Covent Garden, Westminster, London


H., Matilda b.1841 - London, Middlesex


Haas-Heye, Ottara - Living


Hadley, Hugh Christopher m.1903 - district of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire (Sep qtr)

Haidar Bey Targan

Haidar Bey Targan, Faisal b.1905 - Of Turkey


Haidar, Ali Pasha b.1866 - Kaniyah, Turkey?
Haidar, Muhammad Abdul-Majid Bey Effendi b.1889 - Constantinople, Turkey
Haidar, Muhammad Amin Bey -


Haigh, Mary Freya - Living


Haliburton, John - Living


Hall, Clarissa m.1849 - Palmyra, Wayne Co., Ny
Hall, Elizabeth b.1783 - of Holly Bush, Derbyshire


Halpern, male - Living


Hamilton, Albertha Frances Anne b.1847 - London, England
Hamilton, Archibald (or Douglas) c.1673 - Hamilton Palace, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Hamilton, Jane b.1699 - Strabane, Tyrone, Ireland
Hamilton, William - Living
Hamilton, William Douglas b.1730 - The Admiralty, Westminster, London, Middlesex


Hammond, Jane Elizabeth b.1851 - Sopley, Hampshire
Hammond, John Parish -


Hankiens, Frank - Living


Hankin, Charlotte Lindsay c.1834 - Saint Mary, Bedford, Bedfordshire
Hankin, Ralph Barchard -


Hanson, Elizabeth Caroline m.1869 - London


Harding, Benjamin b.1717 - of Blue Hole, Jamaica
Harding, Richard Newman b.1756 - of Nelmes, Essex


Hare, Bridget Downing Bowles b.1822 - Gloucestershire
Hare, Charles m.1808 - Chickerell, Dorchester, Dorset
Hare, Charles Bowles b.1841 - Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire (Sep qtr)
Hare, Charles Bowles b.1810 -
Hare, Charles Edward b.1849 - Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire (Dec qtr)
Hare, John b.1700 - of Taunton, Somerset
Hare, John -
Hare, John c.1755 - Taunton, Somerset
Hare, John Bowles b.1816 - Gloucestershire
Hare, John Strachey b.1845 - Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire (Jun qtr)
Hare, Kathleen b.1877 -
Hare, Matilda b.1824 - Gloucestershire
Hare, Sholto Bowles b.1851 - Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire (Sep qtr)
Hare, Sholto Vere b.1820 - Gloucestershire
Hare, Vere c.1725 - St. Mary Magdalene, Taunton, Somerset


Harley, Abigail b.1685 -


Harmsworth, Esmond Cecil 2nd Viscount Rothermere b.1898 -
Harmsworth, Harold Sidney b.1868 -


Harper, Beryl Christine - Living


Harris, Arthur Mohun Walpole b.1869 -
Harris, Christopher Arthur (Mohun-Harris) b.1801 - Hayne, Devon
Harris, Elizabeth m.1799 -
Harris, Gertrude M. b.1870 - Llandefalle, Brecknock, Wales
Harris, Henry Walpole Frederick c.1835 - Bushey, Herts.
Harris, Louisa M. b.1878 - Llandefalle, Brecknock, Wales
Harris, Marion R. b.1874 - Llandefalle, Brecknock, Wales
Harris, Olwen Mary - Living
Harris, Walter John b.1871 -


Hart, Angela Margaret b.1948 -
Hart, Nicholas Michael Francis - Living
Hart, Thomas Alban b.1907 - district of Kingston, Surrey


Hart-Davis, Adam - Living
Hart-Davis, Alice - Living
Hart-Davis, Bridget Min - Living
Hart-Davis, Damon - Living
Hart-Davis, Guy - Living
Hart-Davis, Jason - Living
Hart-Davis, Peter Duff - Living
Hart-Davis, Rupert b.1907 -


Harvey, Mabel Seddon b.1892 -
Harvey, Reuben W. -


Hauslye, John (Handley?) m.1632 -


Hawdon, Cyril Goodricke b.1846 - Walkerfield, Durham
Hawdon, Cyril Strachey b.1885 - Westerfield, Ashburton, New Zealand
Hawdon, Daisy Carlotta b.1881 - Westerfield, Ashburton, New Zealand
Hawdon, Joseph -
Hawdon, Violet Hermione b.1883 - Westerfield, Ashburton, New Zealand


Hawkins, Elizabeth m.1785 -


Hay, George Henry 7th Earl of Kinnoul b.1689 -
Hay, Margaret m.1637 -
Hay, Mary m.1758 - Saint James, Westminster, London


Haywood, Charles Burt b.1874 - Brixton, Surrey
Haywood, Margaret Scott b.1880 - of London
Haywood, Susan - Living
Haywood, Thomas - Living
Haywood, Thomas Burt b.1826 -


Hepburn, Elizabeth m.1544 -


Herbert, Diana b.1790 -
Herbert, Mary b.1739 - of Nevis, West Indies


Hervey-Bathurst, Alice Constance m.1884 - Alderbury, Wiltshire


Heyes, James b.1822 - Prescot, Lancashire
Heyes, Letitia Anne b.1846 - Prescot, Lancashire
Heyes, Margaret b.1797 - Knowsley, Lancashire


Heyward, William m.1859 - (GRO district of Newton Abbot, Devon) Dec qtr


Hichens, Andrew Kinsman b.1855 - Compton, Guildford, Surrey


Hill, Christopher David Fear - Living
Hill, Christopher Paul Rodney - Living
Hill, Gratrix b.1750 - of Fieldtown, Westmeath, Ireland
Hill, Helen b.1780 - of Fieldtown, Westmeath, Ireland
Hill, Jenny Victoria Ann - Living
Hill, Piers - Living


Hillhouse, Caroline -


Hilton-Barber, Mr - Living


Hime, Henry -
Hime, Louisa b.1790 - of Liverpool


Hine, Caroline Matilda c.1855 - Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire
Hine, Charles Frederick c.1826 - Moreton In Marsh, Gloucestershire
Hine, Ellen Esther (nee Slade) b.1854 - Emscote, Warwickshire
Hine, Emma b.1848 - Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire
Hine, John -
Hine, John Henry c.1857 - Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire


Hodges, Amelia c.1776 - Trelech, Monmouthshire
Hodges, Harold Leonard - Living
Hodges, James b.1750 - of Trelech, Monmouthshire
Hodges, Joseph -
Hodges, Joseph m.1687 - Norton St. Philip, Somerset.


Hodgson, Simon - Living


Holden, Andrew Paul - Living
Holden, Francis "Frank" Edward - Living
Holden, Francis Leonard b.1916 - Middelburg, Transvaal, South Africa
Holden, Jeremy Thomas - Living
Holden, John Robin - Living
Holden, Mark Wesley Francis - Living
Holden, Paul Edward - Living
Holden, Richard Mark - Living


Holland, Rachel Mary - Living


Holmes, Lauren - Living
Holmes, Mark Bevington - Living
Holmes, Michael - Living


Holt, Alice -


Hooper, John -
Hooper, Mary b.1757 - of Bristol, Gloucestershire
Hooper, Roger m.1710 - Tellisford, Somerset
Hooper, Thomas -
Hooper, William d.1807 - of Bristol, Gloucestershire


Hopcraft, Heather Mairo - Living


Hopkins, John -


Hornby, Susan Mary - Living


Horner, John Francis Fortescue b.1842 - Mells, Somerset
Horner, Katharine Frances b.1885 - London


Howe, Bridget Elizabeth Frabce - Living
Howe, George Richard Ian - Living
Howe, Grace Georgina Carey - Living


Howell, James - Living
Howell, Norman - Living
Howell, Wlifred Phillip M. b.1872 - of Torre Abbey, Devon


Howlett, Paul Andrew - Living
Howlett, Tori Savannah - Living


Hozier, Clementine Ogilvy b.1885 - Westminster, London


Huddleston, Willoughby -


Hughes, Edith b.1866 - of Richmond, Surrey


Hultin, male - Living
Hultin, Olav b.1910 -


Hume, 12 daughters -
Hume, female -
Hume, female -
Hume, female -
Hume, James c.1708 - Milton Abbot, Devon
Hume, James b.1743 - of Bideford, Devon
Hume, James Deacon b.1774 - Newington, Surrey
Hume, John c.1704 -
Hume, Mary b.1786 -
Hume, William b.1651 - Crake, Durham


Hunt, Dorothy m.1718 - London


Hunter, Hugh b.1887 - Bristol, Gloucestershire
Hunter, Reginald T. b.1890 - Bristol, Gloucestershire
Hunter, William Samuel b.1859 - Tredegar, Monmouthshire


Hurley, Magdalin b.1695 - of North Petherton, Somerset


Hutchinson, Annabella m.1882 - Kensington, London
Hutchinson, Barbara Judith - Living
Hutchinson, Charles -
Hutchinson, female - Living
Hutchinson, Jeremy Nicholas St. John - Living
Hutchinson, Nicholas - Living
Hutchinson, St. John b.1884 -


Hylton, - Living


Imeretinsky, Michael - Living
Imeretinsky, Tamara - Living


Innes, 4 daughters -
Innes, 5 daughters -
Innes, Adam Innes - Living
Innes, Agnes - Living
Innes, Alexander - Living
Innes, Alexander -
Innes, Alexander b.1540 - of Pladdis
Innes, Alexander -
Innes, Alexander d.1576 -
Innes, Alexander b.1553 -
Innes, Alexander b.1465 -
Innes, Alexander b.1506 -
Innes, Alexander b.1508 - of Blackhills
Innes, Alexander d.1634 -
Innes, Alexander 1st of Coxton b.1532 - of Coxton
Innes, Alexander 3rd of Cromey m.1560 -
Innes, Anne - Living
Innes, Anne b.1702 -
Innes, Archibald -
Innes, Barbara -
Innes, Berowaldus Rufus b.1409 - of Hattoun
Innes, Daughter 2 -
Innes, Daughter 3 -
Innes, daughters -
Innes, Duncan b.1697 -
Innes, Elizabeth -
Innes, Elizabeth -
Innes, Elizabeth -
Innes, Elizabeth m.1481 -
Innes, Elizabeth (Isabel) -
Innes, Ellen -
Innes, Elspeth d.1605 - dsp
Innes, Gabriel Ashburn - Living
Innes, Gareth - Living
Innes, George -
Innes, Giles -
Innes, Goerge b.1671 -
Innes, Griselda M. (nee Pocock) - Living
Innes, Hannah d.1792 -
Innes, Henry -
Innes, Henry 4th Bart. b.1670 -
Innes, Henry 5th Bart. 28th Laird of Innes b.1711 -
Innes, Hugh -
Innes, Imogen - Living
Innes, Iona -
Innes, Isobel -
Innes, Isobel -
Innes, Isobel -
Innes, Isobel b.1440 -
Innes, James - Living
Innes, James - Living
Innes, James d.1556 -
Innes, James -
Innes, James b.1508 - of Cromey
Innes, James -
Innes, James -
Innes, James -
Innes, James "with the beard" b.1442 -
Innes, James 3rd Bart. b.1653 -
Innes, James yr of Coxton m.1611 -
Innes, Jane -
Innes, Janet -
Innes, Jean -
Innes, Jean m.1652 -
Innes, Jean -
Innes, Jill - Living
Innes, John - Living
Innes, John -
Innes, John -
Innes, John -
Innes, John d.1777 -
Innes, John m.1545 -
Innes, John -
Innes, John -
Innes, John d.1587 - possibly murdered
Innes, John - Living
Innes, John d.1576 -
Innes, John d.1645 -
Innes, John d.1715 -
Innes, John d.1677 -
Innes, John 2nd of Coxton b.1565 - of Coxton
Innes, John Bishop of Caithness b.1409 -
Innes, John Bishop of Moray b.1371 -
Innes, John Canon of Elgin -
Innes, Jonathan (nee Bamford) - Living
Innes, Katherine -
Innes, Lucretia -
Innes, Margaret b.1542 -
Innes, Margaret m.1721 -
Innes, Margaret -
Innes, Margaret m.1543 -
Innes, Margaret b.1444 - of Innes, Moray
Innes, Margaret -
Innes, Marie -
Innes, Marjorie -
Innes, Marjorie d.1702 -
Innes, Mary d.1721 -
Innes, Mary b.1715 - Bristol, Gloucester
Innes, Michael - Living
Innes, Michael (nee Pocock) - Living
Innes, Patrick d.1547 -
Innes, Patrick (nee Bamford) b.1965 - Salisbury, Rhodesia
Innes, Robert - Living
Innes, Robert - Living
Innes, Robert - Living
Innes, Robert b.1565 - of Balvinie
Innes, Robert -
Innes, Robert d.1721 -
Innes, Robert -
Innes, Robert d.1547 -
Innes, Robert b.1564 -
Innes, Robert -
Innes, Robert b.1465 - of Rothmakenzie & Cromey
Innes, Robert -
Innes, Robert b.1409 - of Innes, Moray
Innes, Robert -
Innes, Robert "the good" b.1372 -
Innes, Robert 1st Baronet b.1584 -
Innes, Robert 2nd Bart. d.1692 -
Innes, Robert 2nd of Innermarkie b.1490 - of Innermarkie
Innes, Robert 2nd of Thursater - Living
Innes, Robert 3rd of Innermarkie b.1532 - of Innermarkie
Innes, Shayne - Living
Innes, Thomas -
Innes, Thomas -
Innes, Thomas 2nd of Edingight d.1625 -
Innes, Thomas 3rd of Edingight d.1618 -
Innes, Walter b.1371 -
Innes, Walter -
Innes, Walter - Living
Innes, Walter d.1649 -
Innes, Walter -
Innes, Walter -
Innes, Walter b.1509 - of Troux and Auchintoull
Innes, Walter 1st of Innermarkie b.1462 - of Innermarkie
Innes, Walter of that Ilk m.1408 -
Innes, William d.1635 -
Innes, William -
Innes, William -
Innes, William -
Innes, William b.1520 - of Frosterseat
Innes, William -
Innes, William d.1716 - Bristol, Gloucester
Innes, William Andrew - Living


Innes-Ker, Alistair James b.1908 - London
Innes-Ker, Alistair Robert b.1880 - Floors Castle, Kelso, Roxburgh, Scotland
Innes-Ker, Bertram Harry b.1870 - London
Innes-Ker, Charles James b.1867 -
Innes-Ker, Charles John b.1842 - Floors Castle, Kelso, Roxburgh, Scotland
Innes-Ker, Charles Robert George Marquess of Bowmont & Cessford - Living
Innes-Ker, Charlotte Isabella b.1841 -
Innes-Ker, David b.1910 -
Innes-Ker, Edward Arthur Gerald - Living
Innes-Ker, Eliza Henrietta - Living
Innes-Ker, Eloise - Living
Innes-Ker, Evelyn Anne b.1882 - Floors Castle, Kelso, Roxburgh, Scotland
Innes-Ker, George Alastair - Living
Innes-Ker, George Victor Robert John 9th Duke of Roxburgh b.1913 - London
Innes-Ker, Guy David 10th Duke of Roxburgh - Living
Innes-Ker, Henry John 8th Duke of Roxburghe b.1876 - Dunbar, Haddington, Scotland
Innes-Ker, Isabel b.1879 -
Innes-Ker, Isabella May - Living
Innes-Ker, James Henry Robert 6th Duke of Roxburghe b.1816 - Floors Castle, Kelso, Roxburgh, Scotland
Innes-Ker, James Henry Robert 7th Duke of Roxburghe b.1839 - Floors Castle, Roxburgh, Scotland
Innes-Ker, James Norcliffe 5th Duke of Roxburghe b.1736 - Innes House
Innes-Ker, Margaret Frances Susan b.1875 - England
Innes-Ker, Mary Anne - Living
Innes-Ker, Robert - Living
Innes-Ker, Robert Edward b.1885 -
Innes-Ker, Rosanagh Viola Alexandra - Living
Innes-Ker, Susan Harriet b.1837 -
Innes-Ker, Victoria Alexandrina b.1877 - London


Ireland-Jones, Christopher Hope BSc - Living
Ireland-Jones, Geoffrey Philip BSc - Living
Ireland-Jones, Jeremy Innes b.1959 - Salisbury, Rhodesia
Ireland-Jones, Nicholas John - Living


Irvine, Alexander b.1515 - of Lonmay of Drum
Irvine, Alexander 8th of Drum m.1552 -
Irvine, Gilbert -
Irvine, Ian - Living
Irvine, James d.1596 -
Irvine, Janet -
Irvine, John -
Irvine, Margaret m.1555 -
Irvine, Robert -
Irvine, William -


Irving, Elizabeth -


Isaacs, Annette Maria b.1842 - Stogumber, Somerset
Isaacs, George b.1806 - Jamaica


Ivie, Alice c.1658 - Saint Edmunds, Salisbury, Wiltshire
Ivie, Elizabeth c.1678 - Saint Edmunds, Salisbury, Wiltshire
Ivie, George c.1662 - Saint Edmunds, Salisbury, Wiltshire
Ivie, James b.1679 - Westbury, Wiltshire
Ivie, James c.1674 - Saint Edmunds, Salisbury, Wiltshire
Ivie, James b.1646 - of New Sarum, Wiltshire
Ivie, Jane m.1667 - St Edmunds, Salisbury, Wiltshire
Ivie, John c.1660 - Saint Edmunds, Salisbury, Wiltshire
Ivie, John -
Ivie, John -
Ivie, Mary c.1657 - Saint Edmunds, Salisbury, Wiltshire
Ivie, Mary c.1652 - Saint Edmunds, Salisbury, Wiltshire
Ivie, Thomas c.1656 - Saint Edmunds, Salisbury, Wiltshire
Ivie, Thomas c.1654 - Saint Edmunds, Salisbury, Wiltshire


Jack, Leigh Sparke b.1784 - London, Middlesex
Jack, Maria Louisa b.1818 - Taunton, Somerset


Jackson, Arabella b.1794 - of Donhead Saint Mary, Wiltshire
Jackson, Francis George b.1814 - Eling, Hampshire
Jackson, Georgiana Frances c.1846 - Billesley, Warwickshire
Jackson, Henrietta Jane c.1849 - Billesley, Warwickshire
Jackson, John b.1804 - Hackney, Middlesex
Jackson, Julia Prinsep b.1846 - Bengal, India
Jackson, Katherine Maria c.1850 - Billesley, Warwickshire
Jackson, Mary Cordelia c.1845 - Billesley, Warwickshire


Jacobus, Hestor m.1754 - London, Middlesex


James, Esther Sarah b.1785 -


Jansen, Anna Gunvor Maria - Living


Jeane, Elizabeth b.1768 - Bridgewater,


Jeffrey, Mary Elizabeth b.1835 - Swaffham, Norfolk


Jerome, Jeanette b.1854 - Brooklyn, Kings Co., New York, USA
Jerome, Leonard Walter m.1849 - Palmyra, Wayne Co., Ny


Jewson, Mr d.1858 -


Jocelyn, Julian Mary b.1886 - district of Runcorn, Cheshire


Johannin, Yvonne Henriette - Living


Johnson, Celia DBE b.1908 - Richmond, Surrey
Johnson, Philip b.1873 - London
Johnson, Susan - Living
Johnson, William b.1828 - Barton, Sussex
Johnson, William Horatio b.1860 - Lambeth, Surrey


Johnston, Quentin -
Johnston, William m.1821 - Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland


Johnstone, Isabella b.1803 - Scotland


Jones, Amy m.1710 - Norton St Phillips, Somerset
Jones, Ellen -
Jones, Vivien Lawrence - Living


Jopling, Lindsay -


Joye, Peter -


Kampfner, Peter - Living


Kaschula, Violet Antoinette Alice b.1906 - Queenstown, South Africa


Kaye, Jessie Maria Lister b.1851 - Huntington, Yorks


Keefer, George b.1773 - Sussex, New Jersey
Keefer, Samuel b.1811 - Thorold, Canada
Keefer, Thomas Coltrain b.1821 - Thorold, Canada


Keene, Sarah m.1672 - Saint James, Clerkenwell, London


Kelsall, Anne Heap b.1835 - Manchester, England
Kelsall, Jane b.1738 - Greenwich, Kent


Kemball, Elizabeth Letitia c.1778 - Stoke By Nayland, Suffolk
Kemball, Letitia b.1791 - Bildeston, Suffolk
Kemball, Phillippa c.1779 - Stoke By Nayland, Suffolk
Kemball, Sarah Phillippa c.1781 - Bildeston, Suffolk
Kemball, Vero m.1776 - Hadleigh, Suffolk


Kempson, Rachel b.1910 - Dartmouth, Devon


Kenn, Living - Living
Kenn, Living - Living
Kenn, Living - Living
Kenn, Living - Living


Kennedy, Derrick - Living
Kennedy, George Ronald Derrick b.1927 -
Kennedy, Living - Living
Kennedy, Living - Living
Kennedy, Living - Living
Kennedy, Myra Perry b.1881 - Pennsylvania, USA


Ker, Henry m.1637 -
Ker, Margaret b.1649 -


Kettlewell, Mr. - Living


Khan, Baqar Ali Akil ud-Daula - Living
Khan, Dustee Ali - Living
Khan, female d.1800 -
Khan, Mehdi Yar -
Khan, Mehmud Ali - Living


Khanum, Davhida Zat-I-Gul Effendi -
Khanum, Farida - Living
Khanum, Musbah b.1908 - Constantinople, Turkey
Khanum, Nimatu'llah -
Khanum, Sabiba m.1884 - Constantinople, Turkey
Khanum, Sufeyma - Living


Kimberley, Emma Catharine b.1828 -
Kimberley, William -


Kimpton, Kathleen Jennie b.1906 - Hackney, London, Middlesex


King, Agnes Edith c.1831 - North Petherton, Somerset
King, Clarissa m.1810 -
King, Mary Ann b.1777 -
King, Richard -
King, William Pitman b.1794 - North Petherton, Somerset


Kinnard, Margaret m.1586 -


Kirby, Hamilton b.1734 - of Island of Antigua
Kirby, Sarah b.1760 - of Island of Antigua


Kirkland, Gerald Baeyertz b.1896 - district of Hastings, East Sussex (Sep qtr)


Kirkpatrick, Barbara Isabella c.1788 - Fort William, Calcutta, West Bengal, India
Kirkpatrick, Catherine "Kitty" Aurora b.1802 - Hyderabad, Golanda, India
Kirkpatrick, Catherine Eliza Clementina b.1823 -
Kirkpatrick, Cecilia b.1780 - India
Kirkpatrick, Christine Aurora b.1825 -
Kirkpatrick, Eleanor c.1820 - Keston, Kent
Kirkpatrick, Eliza -
Kirkpatrick, Emily Nissa b.1824 -
Kirkpatrick, George c.1810 - Saint Mary Magdalen, Richmond, Surrey
Kirkpatrick, George b.1763 - Madras, India (possibly 15 Jul)
Kirkpatrick, Georgina Helen - Living
Kirkpatrick, James c.1808 - Saint Mary Magdalen, Richmond, Surrey
Kirkpatrick, James b.1729 - Charleston, South Carolina, USA
Kirkpatrick, James Achilles b.1764 - Madras, India
Kirkpatrick, James MD b.1701 -
Kirkpatrick, John c.1814 - Isleworth, London
Kirkpatrick, Julia Woodburn b.1790 -
Kirkpatrick, Katharine c.1816 - Isleworth, London
Kirkpatrick, Maria Clementina c.1786 - Fort William, Calcutta, West Bengal, India
Kirkpatrick, Robert b.1777 - India
Kirkpatrick, William b.1753 - Ireland
Kirkpatrick, William George b.1801 - Hyderabad, Golanda, India


Kistruck, Joan Marven - Living


Kitson, James b.1807 - Leeds, Yorkshire
Kitson, Mary Anne c.1837 - Saint Peter, Leeds, Yorkshire


Knottesford, Francis Fortescue (nee Fortescue) b.1773 - Edmonton, Sussex


Knowles, Peter - Living


Komisarjevsky, Theodor - Living


Lake, Elizabeth b.1804 - of Trelech, Monmouthshire


Lamont, John -
Lamont, Mary Anne b.1845 - Westminster, Middlesex


Lampman, Catherine -


Lancaster, Catherine - Living


Landen, Frances b.1745 - of London, Middlesex


Landon, Elizabeth Balman - Living
Landon, Ernest Edward Balman b.1867 - Pernambuco, Brazil
Landon, Ernest Whittington b.1839 - Batchcott, Shropshire
Landon, Kathleen Innes Whittington - Living


Law, Edmund b.1703 -
Law, George Henry d.1845 -
Law, George Vanbrugh b.1832 - Chester, Cheshire
Law, Joanna m.1807 - Willingham, Cambridgeshire
Law, Robert Vanbrugh b.1799 -


Layton, Laura b.1860 - Pennsylvania


Leahy, Toni Christine - Living


Leahy-Fripp, Deaghlan Daniel - Living
Leahy-Fripp, Morgan William - Living


Lear, Elizabeth m.1692 - Peter Tavy, Devon


Learmonth, Mary Frances m.1894 - Australia


Leckonby, Mary -


Leonard, Ann Carol - Living
Leonard, Jane Elizabeth - Living
Leonard, Richard John - Living


Leslie, Euphemia Countess of Ross -
Leslie, Janet m.1577 -
Leslie, Janet m.1557 -
Leslie, Margaret -
Leslie, Marjorie m.1545 -
Leslie, William - Living


Lester, Mary -


Lewis, George Vincent -
Lewis, Joan Mary b.1923 - district of Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales


Licos, Emily Fawaz - Living
Licos, George - Living


Lindsay, Charlotte -


Lister, Barbara b.1880 - Aldershot, Hampshire
Lister, Charles Alfred b.1887 -
Lister, Diana b.1893 - Ascot, Oxfordshire
Lister, Laura b.1892 - of Gisburn Park, Gisburn, Yorkshire
Lister, Thomas b.1878 - 29 Park Street, London, Middlesex
Lister, Thomas b.1854 - Hotel de France, Fontainebleau, Seine-et-Marne, France


Livanos, Athina Mary d.1974 - Paris, France


Liveing, Anna Maria c.1830 - Nayland, Suffolk
Liveing, Charlotte c.1838 - Nayland, Suffolk
Liveing, Edward M.D., F.RX.P c.1832 - Nayland, Suffolk
Liveing, Edward MD b.1786 -
Liveing, Ellen c.1842 - Nayland, Suffolk
Liveing, female - Living
Liveing, female - Living
Liveing, Frances c.1824 - Nayland, Suffolk
Liveing, George Downing b.1827 - Stoke By Nayland, Suffolk
Liveing, Henry George Downing - Living
Liveing, male - Living
Liveing, male - Living
Liveing, Mary Kate c.1822 - Nayland, Suffolk
Liveing, Robert c.1834 - Nayland, Suffolk
Liveing, Robert - Living
Liveing, Sarah Anne c.1826 - Nayland, Suffolk


Livingstone, Marion m.1558 -


Llorente, Soledad Isidora - Living


Lock, 11 other children -
Lock, Ann b.1805 - Dorset
Lock, Arthur Cuthbert b.1887 - London, Middlesex
Lock, Arthur Henry b.1845 - Dorchester, Dorset
Lock, Benjamin Fossett b.1847 - Dorchester, Dorset
Lock, Caroline Alexandra Joan - Living
Lock, Charles Edward - Living
Lock, Charlotte Maria c.1848 - St. Peter's, Dorchester, Dorset
Lock, Doris Muriel B. b.1900 - Kingsland, Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Lock, Edward b.1847 -
Lock, Edward Harold b.1877 - Blandford, Dorset
Lock, Edward Michelmore - Living
Lock, Elizabeth b.1819 - Dorchester, Dorset
Lock, Frances b.1815 - Dorchester, Dorset
Lock, Frances Emma c.1845 - Blandford, Dorset
Lock, Francis b.1817 - Dorchester, Dorset
Lock, Frederick Herbert b.1898 - Kingsland, Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Lock, George m.1764 - St. Peter's, Dorchester, Dorset
Lock, George b.1802 - Dorchester, Dorset
Lock, George Herbert b.1850 - Dorchester, Dorset
Lock, George Robert b.1876 - Blandford, Dorset
Lock, Henry b.1813 - Dorchester, Dorset
Lock, Jane May b.1853 - Dorchester, Dorset
Lock, Jessie Susan b.1849 - Dorchester, Dorset
Lock, John Bascombe b.1807 - Dorchester, Dorset
Lock, Joseph b.1811 - Dorchester, Dorset
Lock, Kate b.1852 - Dorchester, Dorset
Lock, Lilian Margaret Boyton b.1896 - Kingsland, Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Lock, Margaret Kate b.1878 - Dorchester, Dorset
Lock, Mary b.1800 - Dorchester, Dorset
Lock, Mary Charlotte b.1850 - Dorchester, Dorset
Lock, Paul Fossett b.1882 - London, Middlesex
Lock, Penelope Ann - Living
Lock, Robert b.1822 - Dorchester, Dorset
Lock, Rosemary Ann - Living
Lock, Sarah Margarite - Living
Lock, Sidney Wills c.1847 - Fordington, Dorset
Lock, Susan Beatrice b.1880 - Hampstead, Middlesex - d.2013
Lock, Sybil Mary Dorothy b.1889 - London, Middlesex
Lock, Thomas b.1810 - Dorchester, Dorset
Lock, Walter b.1846 - Dorchester, Dorset
Lock, Walter William b.1884 - London, Middlesex
Lock, William b.1803 - Dorchester, Dorset
Lock, William b.1780 - Dorchester, Dorset
Lock, William James - Living
Lock, William Robert - Living
Lock, William Turnor OBE - Living


Locker, Eleanor Bertha Mary b.1855 - Marylebone, Middlesex,


Locker-Lampson, Frederick b.1821 -


Lockwood, Chinty Helene Charlotte - Living


Lomax, Mr - Living


Long, Anne b.1685 -
Long, Antoinette Sara Frances Sibell - Living
Long, Richard b.1655 -
Long, Walter Francis David b.1911 -


Longaker, Bruce - Living
Longaker, Doris - Living
Longaker, Edgar Layton b.1882 - Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania
Longaker, Isaac Dallas (nee Longenecker) b.1855 -
Longaker, Lillie May (Longacre) b.1879 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Longaker, Mary Margaret - Living


Louis, John Bart. m.1807 - Saint Mary-St Marylebone Road, Saint Marylebone, London
Louis, Thomas Bart. b.1759 -


Lowndes, Margaret Bolinda - Living


Lubbock, Geoffrey m.1907 -


Luke, Irene b.1840 - London, Middlesex
Luke, James FRS -


Lumley, Sibell Mary b.1855 -


Luscombe, Mary b.1777 - Devon


Lushington, Marie Isobel b.1899 - Ceylon (Sri Lankar)


Lyon, Albina Clara b.1864 - Clifton, Bristol, Gloucester
Lyon, Amy "Emma" b.1763 - of Ness, Cheshire
Lyon, David b.1837 - Bristol, Gloucester
Lyon, Gilbert b.1862 - Clifton, Bristol, Gloucester
Lyon, Gilbert b.1833 - Bristol, Gloucester
Lyon, Gilbert MD b.1803 - Jamaica
Lyon, Gilberta M.F. b.1864 - Clifton, Bristol, Gloucester
Lyon, Grace MacDonald b.1893 - Paddington, London (Jun qtr)
Lyon, Henry David John b.1872 - Blagdon, Somerset
Lyon, James M.A. b.1824 - Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Lyon, Marion Jean b.1827 - Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Lyon, Marion Louisa b.1870 - Blagdon, Somerset
Lyon, Mary b.1796 - Jamaica
Lyon, Mary b.1826 - Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Lyon, Mary Albinia b.1895 - Cloford, Somerset (Dec qtr)
Lyon, Mr -
Lyon, William Fripp b.1861 - Wherwell, Hampshire


Lyttelton, Alfred Christopher b.1886 -
Lyttelton, Alfred QC b.1857 -
Lyttelton, Frances Henrietta b.1885 -
Lyttelton, Viola Maud - Living


Macdonald, daughter - Living


MacDonald, Mary Thomson -


Macdonnel, Mariot - Living


MacDonough, Michael Terence - Living
MacDonough, Theresa Maria m.1815 - Mylor, Falmouth, Cornwall


MacDougall, N.N. - Living


MacEth, X b.1150 -


Mackay, Aeneas Simon Master of Reay - Living
Mackay, Donald 6th d.1550 -
Mackay, Edward Andrew - Living
Mackay, Hugh William 14th Baron Reay - Living
Mackay, Iye Du 7th of Strathnaver d.1572 -
Mackay, Laura - Living


Mackenzie, Colin Cam 11th of Kintail b.1556 - of Kintail
Mackenzie, Dugal -
Mackenzie, John 9th of Kintail d.1561 -
Mackenzie, Kenneth na Cuire 10th of Kintail d.1561 -


MacKenzie, Margaret b.1556 -


Mackenzie, Murdoch b.1539 -
Mackenzie, Roderick -


Mackintosh, Ferquhard 9th Chief of that Ilk -
Mackintosh, Margaret m.1568 -
Mackintosh, Marjorie - Living
Mackintosh, miss -


Maclean, daughter - Living


MacMartin, miss - Living


Macpherson, Emily C. m.1887 -


Mahoney, Charles d.1968 -
Mahoney, Elizabeth J. - Living


Mair, Mary Charlotte b.1792 -


Maitland, Janetta Henrietta H. m.1885 - Marylebone, London


Manners, Betty Constance b.1889 -
Manners, John Henry Montagu 9th Duke Rutland b.1886 -
Manners, John Thomas b.1852 -


Mantle, Mr m.1643 -


March, Patricia Ethel Louise m.1954 -


Marjoribanks, Edward 2nd Baron Tweedmouth b.1849 - London


Marmoy, Frank - Living


Marriott, Betty -
Marriott, David - Living
Marriott, Elizabeth - Living
Marriott, Gillian - Living
Marriott, Keith - Living
Marriott, Roiseen - Living
Marriott, Sheelagh - Living
Marriott, William - Living
Marriott, William Edmund m.1894 - Kensington, London (Dec qtr)


Marshbank, Mr - Living


Martin, Mary Ann b.1782 - Dartford, Kent


Martin-Smith, Vivienne m.1953 - Westminster, London (Mar qtr)


Martyn, Samuel m.1858 - St. Pancras, London. - Old Church.


Massey, Audrey m.1905 - Holy Trinity, Eltham, Kent


Masters, George Edward Francis m.1859 - St Andrews, Clifton, Gloucester


Matcham, George b.1755 - Slaugham, Sussex
Matcham, Harriet b.1799 - Bath, Somerset


Mathews, Lizzie Phinney m.1889 - Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania


Mathias, Catherine m.1832 - Saint Mary The Virgin, Dover, Kent


Mauatua, Maimiti "Isabel" b.1750 - Tahiti


May, Mary Elizabeth b.1835 - Greenwich, Kent
May, Susanna Ware b.1811 - Bridgewater, Dorset
May, William -


Mayer, Ruby Julia -
Mayer, Teresa Georgina - Living


Maynard, Emma -


Maze, Jeanne - Living


McCauseland, Muriel -


McClymont, Ellen b.1832 -


McConnel, Frederick Bradshaw - Living
McConnel, Margaret Elizabeth b.1918 -


McLeod, Ian "Haggis" C. (nee Hodges) - Living
McLeod, Jessica Jules C. - Living


McMinn, Jane b.1831 - of Newry, Ireland


McNaney, Paul Stephen - Living


McRae, Hector - Living
McRae, Ivan Leslie Bell b.1887 -
McRae, Margaret Hope b.1892 -
McRae, Mr - Living
McRae, Peter m.1884 -


Meek, Harold N. - Living


Meldrum, George m.1481 -
Meldrum, Miss m.1508 -
Meldrum, William - Living


Melland, Frederick b.1835 - Rusholme, Manchester
Melland, Helen Kelsall b.1854 - Deeplish Hill, Castleton, Lancashire


Merrick, Levine m.1777 - Peterborough Cathedral, Peterborough, Northampton


Metcalfe, Eleanor m.1806 - Saint Mary-St Marylebone Road, Saint Marylebone, London


Middleton, Bartholomew b.1763 - of Bampton, Oxfordshire
Middleton, Jane c.1756 - Bampton, Oxfordshire
Middleton, Thomas -


Miles, Eleanor c.1826 - Saint Mary Magdalene, Lincoln, Lincoln
Miles, Marguerite Agaranthe b.1836 -
Miles, Maria Catherine b.1825 - London, Middlesex
Miles, William -


Miller, Elizabeth - Living
Miller, Kenney - Living
Miller, Living - Living
Miller, Living - Living
Miller, Living - Living
Miller, Living - Living
Miller, Living - Living
Miller, Mr -


Millet, Margaret b.1822 - Prescot, Lancashire
Millet, Peter m.1821 - Huyton, Lancashire


Milman, Joanna Woolstone - Living
Milman, Octavius Rodney Everard DSO - Living


Minet, Charles William b.1804 -
Minet, Georgina Emma b.1845 - Dresden, Germany


Mokes, Annie - Living


Moline, Emily b.1827 - Godalming, Surrey
Moline, Robert -


Monkton, Charlotte m.1818 - St Mary Magdalen, Taunton, Somerset
Monkton, M. - Living


Monro, Milicent b.1780 - of Torre Abbey, Devon


Moore, Agnes M. b.1831 -
Moore, Agnes Phillipa b.1879 - Honington Linconshire
Moore, Anne Charlotte b.1840 - London
Moore, Anne Charlotte - Living
Moore, Annette A. b.1876 - Honington Linconshire
Moore, Arthur William Dodwell b.1868 - 54 Ennismore Gardens, London
Moore, Audrey Mary b.1906 - 1 Parkside Eltham, Kent
Moore, Caroline b.1837 -
Moore, Charles Henry Dodwell Rev b.1872 - Honington Linconshire
Moore, Daisy Mary J.M. b.1891 - Greenwich, London
Moore, Edmund Phillip Dodwell - Living
Moore, Edmund Schneider Dodwell b.1874 - Honington Linconshire
Moore, Elizabeth b.1761 - London
Moore, Elizabeth Thomasine b.1832 -
Moore, Emma Mary b.1869 - Honington Linconshire
Moore, Florence M b.1878 - Honington Linconshire
Moore, Fredrick George Dodwell b.1870 - Honington Linconshire
Moore, George Osborne b.1844 - St Gregory by St Paul, London
Moore, Henry Dodwell b.1838 - City of London
Moore, James Phillip b.1842 - Brighton?
Moore, Joan Augusta Munro b.1909 - 1 Parkside, Eltham Kent
Moore, John m.1721 -
Moore, Margaret Georgianna b.1888 - Greenwich, London
Moore, Mary Ann b.1834 -
Moore, Mary Rosa b.1829 - St. Gregory by St. Paul's, London
Moore, Norah - Living
Moore, Philip b.1730 - London? (Windmill Street)
Moore, Phillip Charles b.1805 - London
Moore, Richard James Dodwell b.1880 - Honington Linconshire
Moore, Rosina Elizabeth b.1873 - Honington Linconshire
Moore, Sarha Caroline - Living
Moore, Violet Menella b.1889 - Greenwich, London
Moore, William b.1763 - London, Middlesex
Moore, William Edmonds Dodwell - Living
Moore, William Price b.1835 - Doctors Commons, City of London
Moore, Zacyntha b.1825 - Florence, Italy


Moreland, Patrick - Living


Morley, Edith Caroline b.1864 - Hampstead, Middlesex
Morley, Henry b.1822 -
Morley, Henry F. b.1856 - St. Pancras, Middlesex
Morley, Margaret b.1858 - Hampstead, Middlesex
Morley, Robert b.1857 - St. Pancras, Middlesex


Morris, Cynthia G. - Living
Morris, John Robert - Living
Morris, M.P. - Living
Morris, Rosalie Marion - Living


Morton, Patrica - Living


Moseley, Sarah m.1786 - Saint Mary, Saint Marylebone, London


Mountjoy, Mary m.1657 - Abbey or St Peter & St Paul, Bath, Somerset
Mountjoy, William - Living


Mowat, Elaine - Living


Mowe, Elsie - Living
Mowe, Harry m.1903 -
Mowe, Ivy b.1943 -
Mowe, Lettitia - Living
Mowe, Shirley - Living
Mowe, Stella Sylvia b.1904 -
Mowe, Thomas Phillip b.1910 -

Muhi ud-din Bey Targan

Muhi ud-din Bey Targan, Muhammad b.1892 - Constantinople, Turkey


Muir, Charles Robert d.1972 -


Munro, Andrew -
Munro, Catharine c.1744 - Fort St George, Madras, Tamil Nadu, India
Munro, Sarah m.1880 - Barnstable (GRO district, Sep qtr)


Mure, Janet - Living


Muriel, Charles Evans J.P. b.1834 - Ely, Cambridgeshire
Muriel, Gertrude Maude b.1864 - Norwich, Norfolk


Murray-Jones, Pauline R. - Living


Muscari, Guiseppina - Living


Myers, John Powell Matthew c.1801 - Cheltenham , Gloucestershire
Myers, Joseph Hart c.1758 - New York, USA
Myers, Naphtali Hart b.1730 -
Myers, Rebecca Hart -
Myers, Simeon Hart b.1764 -


Naish, Ann m.1790 - St Michaels, Bristol, Gloucester


Nash, Eliza -


Nast, Leslie - Living


Neale, Hannah b.1783 - of Stanmore, London
Neale, James -


Nelson, Catherine b.1768 - Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk
Nelson, Edith b.1850 - Trafalgar House, Salisbury, Wiltshire
Nelson, Edith Mary b.1873 - Barton, Yorkshire (Mar qtr)
Nelson, Edmund b.1722 - Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Nelson, Horatia (Thompson) b.1801 - Merton Place Farm, Norfolk
Nelson, Horatio b.1758 - Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk
Nelson, Horatio "Bolton" 3rd earl Nelson b.1823 - Bricknorth House, Wiltshire
Nelson, John Horatio b.1825 -
Nelson, Richard -
Nelson, Susanna b.1755 - of Burnham Thorp, Norfolk


Nelson-Ward, Elizabeth Horatia Anne b.1857 -
Nelson-Ward, Harold Philip b.1919 -
Nelson-Ward, Horatio (Horace) b.1822 - Burnham Market, Norfolk
Nelson-Ward, Hugh Herbert b.1863 -
Nelson-Ward, Marmaduke Philip Wortly b.1892 -
Nelson-Ward, Philip b.1866 -
Nelson-Ward, Philippa b.1893 -
Nelson-Ward, Rosemary - Living


Newby, Judith c.1735 - Kildwick, Yorkshire


Newman, Eliza Hall b.1820 - Nelmes, Essex
Newman, Sarah b.1721 - of West Ham Abbey, Essex
Newman, Thomas Harding b.1811 - Nelmes, Essex
Newman, Thomas Harding b.1779 - Nelmes, Essex


Newton, Ann m.1828 - Saint Peter, Leeds, Yorkshire


Nichol, Christina b.1866 - Jesmond, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Nichol, John W. -


Nichols, Elizabeth Wilson m.1888 -


Nisbet, Josiah b.1757 - of Nevis, West Indies


Nonis, Irene Adeline - Living


Norman, Grace Alice m.1896 - Kensington, London (Dec qtr)
Norman, Honour m.1761 - Tiverton, Devon
Norman, Sibella Charlotte b.1837 -


notes, see -
notes, see -


Notes, See m.1844 - district of St. Thomas, Devon (Sep qtr)


O'Donoghue, John Christopher Richard - Living
O'Donoghue, Rupert John Gordon - Living


Ogilvy, Alexander m.1557 -
Ogilvy, Alexander m.1535 -
Ogilvy, Elizabeth -
Ogilvy, Elizabeth m.1526 -
Ogilvy, James d.1505 -
Ogilvy, James b.1437 - of Deskford
Ogilvy, James m.1558 -
Ogilvy, John -
Ogilvy, Margaret d.1564 -
Ogilvy, Margaret b.1470 - of Deskford
Ogilvy, Marion -


Ogle, P. - Living


Ogstoun, Margaret m.1473 -


O'Hagan, Helen Frances Alice - Living
O'Hagan, Thomas 1st Bart. b.1812 -


Olbery, Charles - Living
Olbery, John Clive - Living
Olbery, Karen - Living
Olbery, Keith - Living


O'Neill, Arthur Edward Bruce b.1876 -
O'Neill, Shane Edward Robert 3rd Bart. O'Neill b.1907 -


Ong, Frank - Living
Ong, Kelvin - Living
Ong, Pamela d.1959 -


Ord, Isabella m.1861 -


Orde-Powlett, Amias Christopher Thomas b.1862 -


Orth, Mr -


Osborn, June - Living


Osborne, Constance b.1864 - Blythe, Nottinghamshire
Osborne, June b.1922 -
Osborne, Rex Hamilton D.S.O., M.C. - Living


Outhwaite, Emma -


Padev, Mikhail - Living


Page, John (Arthur) - Living


Paget, Jane b.1774 - of Kensington, London
Paget, Pamela Winifred b.1903 -
Paget, Richard Arthur Surtees 2nd Bart. -


Paine, Dawn - Living
Paine, Mary m.1765 - St. Cuthbert, Wells, Somerset


Palairet, Anne Mary Celestine - Living


Palin, Emma b.1826 - Tarvin, Cheshire
Palin, Francis b.1827 - Kingsland, Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Palin, Frederick Gurdon b.1870 - Hoole Park, Chester, Cheshire
Palin, George Francis b.1863 - Hoole Park, Chester, Cheshire
Palin, John b.1791 - Llay Hall, Gresford, Denbighshire
Palin, Mary Constance de Courcy b.1894 -
Palin, Philippa Margaret - Living
Palin, Townshend Driffield b.1865 - Hoole Park, Chester, Cheshire
Palin, Vero Calveley b.1869 - Hoole Park, Chester, Cheshire


Palmer, Anthony Frederick 4th Bart. - Living
Palmer, Mark 5th Bart. - Living
Palmer, Mary Sophia - Living
Palmer, Patrick b.1760 - of Glanmore, Longford, Ireland
Palmer, Rose Regina b.1864 - of Singapore
Palmer, Roundell Cecil 3rd Earl of Selbourne b.1887 -
Palmer, William b.1793 - of Streamstown, Westmeath, Ireland


Papadakos, Anastasia - Living
Papadakos, Dimitrios - Living


Parker, Ann c.1686 - Bath Abbey, Somerset
Parker, Edward c.1683 - Bath Abbey, Somerset
Parker, Elizabeth b.1688 - Bath, Somerset.
Parker, Henry c.1682 - Bath Abbey, Somerset
Parker, Henry c.1655 - Bath Abbey, Somerset
Parker, James c.1727 - North Petherton, Somerset
Parker, Jane c.1721 - North Petherton, Somerset
Parker, John c.1723 - North Petherton, Somerset
Parker, John c.1719 - North Petherton, Somerset
Parker, Mary c.1717 - North Petherton, Somerset
Parker, Mary c.1687 - Bath Abbey, Somerset
Parker, Sarah c.1691 - Bath Abbey, Somerset
Parker, William c.1693 - Bath Abbey, Somerset
Parker, William c.1689 - Bath Abbey, Somerset


Parkinson, John b.1810 - Kinnersley Castle, Frocester Court, Herefordshire


Parr, David Charlton - Living
Parr, Elinor Jessie -
Parr, Henry Charlton TD - Living
Parr, Joseph Charlton b.1837 - Grappenhall, Cheshire
Parr, Katherine Agnes b.1878 - Grappenhall, Cheshire
Parr, Margaret Alicia -
Parr, Roger Charlton b.1874 - London, Middlesex
Parr, Thomas b.1794 -


Parry, Anna Maria -
Parry, Emily MacDonald b.1864 - Bath, Somerset
Parry, Grace MacDonald b.1868 - Lydbury North, Shropshire
Parry, Mary MacDonald b.1862 - Bath, Somerset
Parry, Sidney Carew MacDonald b.1867 - Hereford, Herefordshire
Parry, Thomas Buttler -
Parry, Thomas MacDonald b.1866 - Hereford, Herefordshire
Parry, Thomas MacDonald b.1839 - Killean, Argyll, Scotland


Parsons, Virginia Penelope - Living


Pattle, Maria b.1818 - At Sea


Patton, Andrew b.1698 - of Springfield, Donegal, Ireland
Patton, Aubrey Bethune b.1864 - Bishops Hull House, Taunton, Somerset
Patton, Aubrey Lisle b.1841 - Bishops Hull, Somerset
Patton, Bethune "Peter" Minet b.1876 - Kensington, London
Patton, Charlotte b.1800 -
Patton, Clara Agnes b.1826 - Bishops Hull, Somerset
Patton, Clara Fripp Bethune A. b.1863 - Staplegrove, Somerset
Patton, Elizabeth b.1788 -
Patton, Emma b.1796 -
Patton, Emma Matilda b.1824 - Bishops Hull, Somerset
Patton, Ernest Richard Winsloe b.1866 - Trull, Taunton, Somerset
Patton, Frances b.1799 -
Patton, Harold Bethune b.1893 - Hawthorn, Bourke, Victoria, Australia
Patton, Henry b.1780 -
Patton, Henry b.1724 - of Clatto, Fifeshire, Scotland
Patton, Henry Bethune b.1862 - district of Taunton, Somerset (Dec qtr)
Patton, Henry Bethune b.1835 - Bishops Hull, Somerset
Patton, Herbert Bethune b.1860 - Bishop's Hull, Taunton, Somerset
Patton, Herbert Winsloe b.1823 - of Clayton Priory, Somerset
Patton, Isabel b.1830 - Bishops Hull, Somerset
Patton, James b.1793 -
Patton, James b.1791 -
Patton, James Susanna b.1753 - on the sea packet "Susannah"
Patton, Jennifer Mary - Living
Patton, John b.1793 -
Patton, Judith Ann - Living
Patton, Lionel Thomas b.1839 - Bishops Hull, Somerset
Patton, Lucy b.1788 -
Patton, Mary b.1790 -
Patton, Matilda Winsloe b.1828 - France
Patton, Merrial b.1794 -
Patton, Peter b.1783 -
Patton, Richard b.1795 -
Patton, Sophia b.1786 -
Patton, Susan b.1790 -
Patton, Thomas b.1792 - North Tawton, Devon
Patton, Thomas Lionel b.1862 - Trull, Taunton, Somerset
Patton, Walter Douglas Phillips b.1820 - of Clayton Priory, Somerset


Patton-Bethune, Charlie Lionel M.C. b.1882 -
Patton-Bethune, Michael Lisle RAFVR b.1919 -


Patty, Ada Elizabeth b.1852 - London, Middlesex
Patty, W.J. -


Pawsey, Pricilla Rose (Cilla) - Living


Pawson, Maria m.1785 - Calcutta, India


Payne, Charles m.1802 -
Payne, Richard Fripp Bethune Selwyn b.1885 - Rangoon, Burma
Payne, Richard Lloyd C.B. D.S.O. b.1854 -


Pearce, Richard m.1729 - Saint Andrew, Plymouth, Devon


Peard, Catharine (Catrine) c.1788 - Stoke Gabriel, Devon
Peard, Charlotte c.1790 - Stoke Gabriel, Devon
Peard, Edward c.1787 - Stoke Gabriel, Devon
Peard, Henry c.1783 - Stoke Gabriel, Devon
Peard, John c.1786 - Stoke Gabriel, Devon
Peard, Matilda c.1793 - Saint Mary Magdalen, Richmond, Surrey
Peard, Oliver m.1761 - Tiverton, Devon
Peard, Oliver c.1762 - Tiverton, Devon
Peard, Thomas c.1785 - Stoke Gabriel, Devon


Pearson, Caroline m.1850 - Walcot, Bath, Somerset
Pearson, Elizabeth Anne b.1804 - Bloomsbury, London, Middlesex
Pearson, Richard -
Pearson, Richard M.D. b.1763 - of Bloomsbury, London, Middlesex


Peele, Alice Gertrude b.1873 -


Pelham, Elizabeth b.1681 - of Laughton, Sussex


Pelly, Katherine - Living


Pelmear, Annie Jane b.1884 - Tocopilla, Chile
Pelmear, Charles b.1846 - Gwennap, Cornwall
Pelmear, Charles b.1818 - Gwennap, Cornwall
Pelmear, Frederick Redvers - Living
Pelmear, George Henry b.1888 - Gwennap, Cornwall
Pelmear, George William b.1854 - Gwennap, Cornwall
Pelmear, Harold b.1898 - Gwennap, Cornwall
Pelmear, Harriet b.1860 - Gwennap, Cornwall
Pelmear, James b.1849 - Gwennap, Cornwall
Pelmear, Leonard Chynoweth b.1896 - Gwennap, Cornwall (Dec qtr)
Pelmear, Nicholas b.1855 - Gwennap, Cornwall
Pelmear, Nicholas J. b.1877 - Gwennap, Cornwall
Pelmear, Peter L. - Living
Pelmear, Richard b.1844 - Gwennap, Cornwall
Pelmear, Richard Halse b.1891 - Gwennap, Cornwall
Pelmear, William Charles b.1887 - Chile, South America


Pendry, Hannah Rebecca - Living
Pendry, Robert Dunston - Living
Pendry, Ruth Emily - Living


Penny, Dorothy b.1888 - Marlborough, Wiltshire
Penny, Edward b.1886 - Penston, Derbyshire
Penny, Edward b.1855 - Blandford, Dorset
Penny, James b.1887 - Marlborough, Wiltshire


Percival, Mary b.1825 - Camberwell, London
Percival, Thomas William -


Perkins, Ann b.1754 - of Trelech, Monmouthshire


Pestridge, Sarah b.1825 - Knowle, Warwickshire


Philips, Hester Emily b.1805 - Manchester, Lancashire


Phillipps, Bertha Elizabeth b.1839 - Exmouth, Devon
Phillipps, boy b.1841 -
Phillipps, Christian c.1731 - Lanteglos by Camelford, Cornwall
Phillipps, Edward - Living
Phillipps, Edward Strachey b.1867 - London, Canada
Phillipps, Emily Georgiana (See Notes) b.1835 - Woodbury, Devon
Phillipps, girl b.1841 -
Phillipps, girl b.1841 -
Phillipps, James Winsloe b.1802 - Collipriest, Tiverton, Devon
Phillipps, John - Living
Phillipps, John -
Phillipps, John James Winsloe b.1833 - Exmouth, Devon
Phillipps, Julia b.1888 -
Phillipps, Mary Augusta b.1830 -
Phillipps, Paul Winsloe b.1871 - Torquay, Devon
Phillipps, Ralph Kirkpatrick Winsloe b.1866 - Montreal, Canada


Phillips, Elizabeth b.1726 - of Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales


Phipps, Arthur Constantine b.1809 - Westbury, Wiltshire
Phipps, Fanny Augusta b.1841 - Shepton Mallet, Somerset (Jun qtr)
Phipps, Thomas Henry -
Phipps, Walter Tudway b.1845 - Shepton Mallet, Somerset (Sep qtr)


Pierson, Lucy Margaret -


Pike, Ann b.1716 -
Pike, Susanna b.1719 -
Pike, William b.1697 -


Pitman, Mary -


Plant, Alice b.1835 - Lancashire
Plant, Anne b.1837 - Lancashire
Plant, Mary b.1829 - Prescot, Lancashire
Plant, Thomas Leigh b.1795 -


Platts, Edith Shepard b.1872 - East Indies


Playfair, Archibald Lewis b.1838 -
Playfair, Arthur Wyndham Spedding b.1869 - India


Plowden, Henrietta Isabella Phillipa Chicheley -


Plummer, Jai Edward - Living
Plummer, Neil - Living


Pocock, Agatha Janet Innes - Living
Pocock, Alfred Innes b.1864 - Wonston Manor, Hampshire
Pocock, Andrew Innes - Living
Pocock, Anna Maria b.1816 - Penryn, Cornwall
Pocock, Anne b.1822 - Bristol, Gloucester
Pocock, Anne b.1813 - St. James, Westminster, London
Pocock, Arthur Innes b.1890 - Killarney, Florida, USA
Pocock, Bruce -
Pocock, Caroline Innes b.1862 -
Pocock, Catherine Elizabeth b.1825 - Bristol, Gloucester
Pocock, Cecilia Georgina Innes b.1908 -
Pocock, Celia Mary Erica Innes - Living
Pocock, Charles "Ken" Wesley Kennedy b.1904 - Pennsylvania, USA
Pocock, Charles Agnew -
Pocock, Charles Ashwell Botelar b.1829 - St. Giles, London
Pocock, Charles Innes -
Pocock, Charles Innes b.1806 - Bristol, Gloucester
Pocock, Charlotte Anne b.1812 - Falmouth, Cornwall
Pocock, Claude Innes b.1887 -
Pocock, Colin Eric Innes - Living
Pocock, Constantine Innes -
Pocock, Dale Innes - Living
Pocock, Derek Innes - Living
Pocock, Digby Carbis Innes - Living
Pocock, Doris Charlotte b.1900 - Pennsylvania, USA
Pocock, Dorothy Innes b.1890 - Wood Lane
Pocock, Edith Innes b.1861 - Clifton, Bristol
Pocock, Edward Innes b.1855 - Clifton, Bristol
Pocock, Edward Innes b.1825 - St. Giles, London
Pocock, Elizabeth (Betsy) b.1790 - Lincoln's Field Inn, Berkshire
Pocock, Elizabeth Frances b.1824 - Maidenhead, Berks.
Pocock, Ellen McClymont Innes b.1891 -
Pocock, Eric Innes - Living
Pocock, Ethel Georgiana b.1867 - Ludlow, Shropshire
Pocock, Evelyn Innes b.1866 - Clifton, Bristol
Pocock, Frances Mary b.1821 - St. George's, Bloomsbury, London
Pocock, Francis Agnew b.1858 - Weybridge, Surrey
Pocock, Geoffrey Edmund Innes b.1896 - Paddington, London (Sep qtr)
Pocock, George b.1789 - Lincoln's Inn Fields, Middlesex
Pocock, George Hume Innes b.1824 - Bloomsbury, England
Pocock, George Innes b.1863 - Redland, Bristol
Pocock, Georgia Louise - Living
Pocock, Georgiana Innes b.1822 - St. Giles, London
Pocock, Gerald b.1861 -
Pocock, Geraldine Innes b.1862 -
Pocock, Gertrude Elizabeth b.1865 -
Pocock, Gertrude Ellen Innes b.1893 - Killarney, Florida, USA
Pocock, Gertrude Innes b.1892 -
Pocock, Gilbert Innes M.A. b.1864 - Clifton, Bristol
Pocock, Henry Roger Ashwell b.1865 -
Pocock, Herbert b.1856 -
Pocock, Herbert Bowden Innes b.1883 - Gosport, Hampshire
Pocock, Herbert Innes C.M.G. b.1861 - Clifton, Bristol
Pocock, Herbert Llewelyn Innes B.A. b.1888 - district of Bedford, Bedfordshire
Pocock, Herbert Llewelyn M.A. b.1859 - Angle, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Pocock, Hilda Frances b.1871 - Shields, Durham
Pocock, Hilton b.1896 - Pennsylvania, USA
Pocock, Horatio Nelson b.1801 - Bristol, Gloucester
Pocock, Hubert Innes (Innes) - Living
Pocock, Ian Christopher Innes - Living
Pocock, Ian Innes d.1999 -
Pocock, Irene Innes -
Pocock, Isaac b.1781 - Bristol, Gloucestershire.
Pocock, Isaac b.1751 - Bristol, Gloucester
Pocock, Isaac b.1782 - Bristol, Gloucester
Pocock, Isaac b.1792 - Bristol, Gloucester
Pocock, Isaac John Innes b.1819 - Cookham, Berks.
Pocock, Jessie Innes b.1889 - district of Bedford, Bedfordshire
Pocock, Joan Mary Innes - Living
Pocock, John Carne b.1815 - Falmouth, Cornwall
Pocock, John Innes b.1818 - of Penryn, Cornwall
Pocock, John Innes b.1785 - Lincoln's Field Inn, England
Pocock, John Innes b.1743 - St. George's, Westminster, London
Pocock, John Innes R.N. b.1854 -
Pocock, John Span b.1799 - Bristol, Gloucester
Pocock, Kathleen Innes -
Pocock, Laura Adele - Living
Pocock, Lena Margaret Ashwell O.B.E. b.1869 - On the ship "Wellesley" in the River Tyne
Pocock, Louisa b.1815 - St. James, Westminster, London
Pocock, Marie Natalie Patricia Innes b.1890 - Kensington, London
Pocock, Marjorie Innes -
Pocock, Mark Innes - Living
Pocock, Marla Innes - Living
Pocock, Mary b.1740 - Bristol, Gloucester
Pocock, Mary Anne b.1787 - Bristol, Gloucester.
Pocock, Mary Emily Innes b.1857 - Clifton, Bristol
Pocock, Mary Innes b.1857 -
Pocock, Mary Innes b.1788 -
Pocock, Mary Innes b.1823 - Bristol, Gloucester
Pocock, Mary Innes b.1794 - Bristol, Gloucester
Pocock, Mary Innes BSc - Living
Pocock, Michael William Innes - Living
Pocock, Nicholas b.1790 - Bristol, Gloucester
Pocock, Nicholas b.1709 - Bristol, Gloucester.
Pocock, Nicholas b.1784 - Bristol, Gloucester.
Pocock, Nicholas b.1740 - Bristol, Gloucestershire.
Pocock, Nicholas Alexander - Living
Pocock, Nicholas Edgar Innes b.1899 - Bedford
Pocock, Nicholas Eric Innes - Living
Pocock, Nicholas Estlin Innes b.1908 - district of Farnham, Hampshire
Pocock, Nicholas Guy Innes - Living
Pocock, Nicholas M.A. b.1814 - Falmouth, Cornwall
Pocock, Peter b.1792 - Bristol, Glos. or Mylor, Cornwall
Pocock, Peter Ian Innes - Living
Pocock, Phillip Innes d.1993 -
Pocock, Reginald Howard Innes b.1892 - Kensington, London (Mar qtr)
Pocock, Reginald Innes F.R.S. b.1863 - Clifton, Bristol
Pocock, Richard James - Living
Pocock, Roger Stephen Innes (nee Barber) - Living
Pocock, Rosalie Ellis b.1860 - Motueka, New Zealand
Pocock, Sarah Jane b.1936 -
Pocock, Talbot Innes - Living
Pocock, Tara Anne - Living
Pocock, Theodore Innes M.A. b.1869 - Clifton, Bristol
Pocock, Thomas Gudgeon b.1803 - Bristol, Gloucester
Pocock, Torey Innes - Living
Pocock, Tyler Innes - Living
Pocock, Violet -
Pocock, Walter Innes M.A. b.1859 - Clifton, Bristol
Pocock, Wilfred Innes b.1896 - Long Ashton, Bristol
Pocock, William Carne b.1817 - Falmouth, Cornwall
Pocock, William Innes b.1860 - Clevedon, Somerset
Pocock, William Innes b.1749 -
Pocock, William Innes b.1796 - Bristol, Gloucester
Pocock, William Innes b.1783 - Bristol, Gloucester
Pocock, William Innes b.1754 - Bristol
Pocock, William Innes Moreton b.1834 - Bristol, Gloucester or Paris
Pocock, Wolf Innes b.1901 - Kensington, London (Mar qtr)


Pollen, Clare - Living


Pollock, Adrian Donald Wilde KCMG b.1867 -
Pollock, Anne Stephanie b.1896 -
Pollock, Isabella -


Porter, Alfred Charles Masterton - Living
Porter, Violet -


Pott, Anna b.1791 - of Bentham Hill, Kent
Pott, John b.1724 - of Bentham Hill, Kent
Pott, Robert b.1755 - of Bentham Hill, Kent


Pottow, John b.1827 - Bristol, Gloucester
Pottow, Winifred Mary b.1875 - Bristol, Gloucester


Pouncy, Mary m.1764 - St. Peter's, Dorchester, Dorset


Powell, Alexander b.1782 - Salisbury, Wiltshire
Powell, Alexander Pitts Elliott b.1809 - Baverstock, Wiltshire
Powell, Anne Maria b.1808 -
Powell, Elizabeth b.1771 - of West Wittering, West Sussex
Powell, Elizabeth - Living
Powell, Hew Steuart b.1811 - Henbury, Gloucestershire
Powell, Jane Steuart c.1798 - St Augustine-The-Less, Bristol, Gloucester
Powell, Joanna b.1812 - Salisbury, Wiltshire
Powell, Mary (Maria) b.1690 - of Host House, Langharne, Wales
Powell, Mary Steuart c.1801 - St Augustine-The-Less, Bristol, Gloucester
Powell, Sarah Steuart b.1801 - Bristol, Gloucester (St Augustine)
Powell, Timothy m.1795 - Westbury-On-Trym, Gloucester


Pretious, Ivy Gladys b.1880 - Forest Hill, Camberwell
Pretious, William John b.1849 -


Price, b.1699 -
Price, Augusta Rosina b.1843 - East Hill, Wandsworth, Surrey
Price, Charles b.1776 - of Farsborough, Berkshire
Price, Lillian Warren m.1888 - New York, USA
Price, Mary b.1725 - of Norwich, Norfolk
Price, Mary Ann b.1775 - St. Sepulchre, City of London
Price, Sir Charles b.1748 - Sydenham, Kent


Prichard, 4 additional children -
Prichard, Albert Herman b.1831 - Bristol, Gloucester
Prichard, Augustin b.1818 -
Prichard, Constantine Estlin b.1820 - Bristol, Gloucester
Prichard, Edith b.1829 - Bristol, Gloucester
Prichard, Illtiodus Thomas b.1825 - Bristol, Gloucester
Prichard, James Cowles M.D. b.1786 - Ross, Herefordshire
Prichard, Mary -
Prichard, Theodore Joseph b.1821 - Bristol, Gloucester
Prichard, Thomas -


Primrose, Constance Evelyn b.1846 -
Primrose, Margaret Etrenne Hannah - Living


Pringle, Frances Elizabeth - Living
Pringle, Harriet Mary - Living
Pringle, Katherine Margaret(Kate) - Living
Pringle, Michael - Living


Prinsep, Charles Robert b.1790 -
Prinsep, Mary Emily b.1853 - Compton, Guildford, Surrey

Propper de Callejon

Propper de Callejon, Don Eduardo - Living
Propper de Callejon, Elena - Living


Pulsford, Frances Gould b.1783 - Bradninch, Devon


Purcell, Andalusia (FitzGerald) c.1813 - Bredfield, Suffolk
Purcell, Edward Marlborough (FitzGerald) b.1809 - Bredfield, Suffolk
Purcell, Isabella (FitzGerald) b.1810 - Bredfield, Suffolk
Purcell, Jane Theresa (FitzGerald) b.1806 - Bredfield, Suffolk
Purcell, John (FitzGerald) b.1803 - Bredfield, Suffolk
Purcell, John (FitzGerald) M.P. b.1775 -
Purcell, John M.D. -
Purcell, Mary Eleanor (FitzGerald) b.1805 - Bredfield, Suffolk
Purcell, Mary Frances (FitzGerald) b.1802 -
Purcell, Peter -
Purcell, Peter Slingsby (FitzGerald) b.1807 - Bredfield, Suffolk


Puttock, Mary -


Quick, Catherine b.1826 - Gwennap, Cornwall


Rainey, Sean - Living
Rainey, Shelagh Anne - Living


Raleigh, Ada Margaret m.1893 - district of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire


Rawlins, Emma M. b.1847 - Waltair In The Madras Presidency
Rawlins, Henry D. b.1852 - Dowlais Louran In The Madras Presidency, India
Rawlins, Henry William -
Rawlins, Henry Williams b.1820 - Staplegrove, Somerset


Read, Mary m.1838 - Saint Giles, Cripplegate, London
Read, Reginald -
Read, Septimus m.1812 -


Redgrave, Michael Scudamore b.1908 - Bristol, Gloucester
Redgrave, Vanessa CBE - Living


Redmayne, Annie Geraldine b.1865 -
Redmayne, John Marriner -


Reedie, Marion b.1801 - Scotland


Reid, Janet -


Rendel, Andrew -
Rendel, Elizabeth -
Rendel, Frances Elinor -
Rendel, James Meadows m.1882 - Wandsworth, London (Dec qtr)
Rendel, Richard Meadows -
Rendel, William Vincent -


Renwick, Arthur H. b.1862 - Chelsea, Middlesex
Renwick, Florence M. b.1865 - Chelsea, Middlesex
Renwick, George E. b.1856 - Chelsea, Middlesex
Renwick, George Robert b.1830 - Windsor, Berkshire
Renwick, Lois Gertrude b.1869 - Chelsea, Middlesex
Renwick, Mary B. b.1863 - Chelsea, Middlesex


Reuss, Charles Edward b.1868 - Suningdale, Surrey
Reuss, Evora Minna b.1899 - Catsfield, Sussex (Dec qtr)


Richardson, Joely Kim - Living
Richardson, Natasha - Living
Richardson, Tony b.1928 -


Ridley, Adam Nicholas - Living
Ridley, Grace b.1889 -
Ridley, Jasper Alexander Maurice KRRC - Living


Ridout, Sarah m.1821 - Saint Marys, Handsworth, Stafford


Ridsdale, Gladys Murial m.1904 - St. Judes, Kensington


Ritter, Helga Birgitta Ebba Elisabeth - Living


Roberts, John R.L. - Living


Robertson, Jane m.1701 - Menheniot, Cornwall
Robertson, Janet Whitworth b.1878 -
Robertson, Matthew d.1902 -


Robins, Sylvia Mary - Living


Robinson, Frances - Living


Roe, Eliza b.1831 -
Roe, Eliza Bannister b.1835 - Blandford, Dorset
Roe, John Bannister b.1803 - Blandford, Dorset
Roe, Mary b.1829 -


Rokeby, Elizabeth m.1731 - Saint Benet Pauls Wharf, London


Rollo, Jean - Living


Roose-Francis, Leslie - Living
Roose-Francis, Mary Claire - Living


Ross, Jean -


Rossell, Carolyn Mary -


Rothschild, Emma Georgina von - Living
Rothschild, female - Living
Rothschild, female - Living
Rothschild, James Amschel Meyer von - Living
Rothschild, Miranda von - Living
Rothschild, Nathaniel Charles b.1877 -
Rothschild, Nathaniel Charles Jacob von - Living
Rothschild, Nathaniel Mayer Victor 3rd Baron - Living
Rothschild, Sarah von - Living
Rothschild, Victoria Katherine von - Living


Rouch, Anna Caroline b.1817 - Bristol, Gloucester
Rouch, Isaac Edward -
Rouch, Jane Allice c.1825 - St Pauls, Bristol, Gloucestershire
Rouch, Phebe Ann c.1829 - St Pauls, Bristol, Gloucestershire


Rous, W. Keith - Living


Rowles, Martha m.1764 - St James, Bristol, Gloucester


Rowley, George -
Rowley, Louisa Sophia Isabella b.1857 - Bombay, East Indies


Rubanis, Theodorus - Living


Ruding, Maria -


Rugge, Mary m.1773 - Saint James, Westminster, London


Rugge-Price, Emily Harriet b.1818 - Black Friars, Middlesex


Rumbold, Horace Anthony Claude 10th Bart. - Living
Rumbold, Horace George Montagu 9th Bart - Living


Russell, Caroline b.1743 - of Bloomsbury, London, Middlesex
Russell, Edwin Fairman b.1914 - Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA
Russell, Ellen m.1850 -
Russell, George b.1830 - London
Russell, J. - Living
Russell, Katherine Sarah Georgina b.1826 - Tamworth, Warwickshire
Russell, Sarah b.1724 - of Sherborne, Dorset
Russell, William -

Salah ud-din

Salah ud-din, Muhammad Effendi of Turkey -


Salt, Elizabeth b.1767 - of Birmingham, Warwickshire
Salt, Thomas b.1732 - of Birmingham, Warwickshire


Samways, Callum James - Living
Samways, Jonathan Frederick - Living
Samways, Justin Michael - Living


Sanders, Emma Sophia b.1818 - Bristol, Gloucester
Sanders, Thomas Richard -


Sandilands, Daughter - Living


Sandys, Edwin Duncan - Living


Sarpel, Mr - Living


Sarvan, Ilhan - Living


Sayer, Mary Anne -


Schutz, Harriet b.1760 - of Gillingham Hall, Norfolk


Scott, Ernest Stowell - Living
Scott, female - Living
Scott, John -
Scott, male - Living
Scott, male - Living
Scott, Margaret Louisa b.1842 - Westminster, London, Middlesex
Scott, Margaret Rachel - Living
Scott, Matthew Raymond - Living
Scott, Mr - Living
Scott, Sheilagh - Living


Seddon, Bertha M. "Maggie" -


Selby, Norah Frances - Living


Sellwood, Emily Sarah b.1813 - Horncastle, Lincolnshire
Sellwood, Henry b.1780 - Horncastle, Lincolnshire
Sellwood, Louisa b.1816 - Horncastle, Lincolnshire


Selwyn, Albina b.1781 -


Selwyn-Payne, John b.1822 -
Selwyn-Payne, John Handcock -


Senhouse, Bridget b.1696 - Deerham, Cumberland


Senior, Mary Charlotte Mair b.1825 - Kensington, London
Senior, Nassau William b.1790 - of Hyde Park Gate


Seton, George - Living
Seton, James - Living
Seton, William - Living


Severs, Margaret Winifred -


Seymer, Anne m.1650 -
Seymer, Robert d.1650 -


Seymour, Mary Alice m.1854 - Westcott, Surrey


Share, Mary Lilian m.1893 -


Sheddon, Emily Monro b.1804 - Torre Abbey, Devon
Sheddon, Robert b.1778 - of Torre Abbey, Devon


Shushtari, Abdul Lateef - Living
Shushtari, Ali - Living
Shushtari, female - Living
Shushtari, Muhamed - Living
Shushtari, Nureddin d.1744 -
Shushtari, Reza d.1780 -
Shushtari, Taleb - Living
Shushtari, Zein ul-Abidin d.1799 -


Sietz, Emma N. b.1886 -


Simpson, Charles J. b.1820 - Runcorn, Cheshire
Simpson, Henrietta Mary Amy b.1866 - Kensington, London (Jun qtr)


Simson, Evelyn A. b.1877 - Allahabad, East Indies
Simson, Henry John Forbes b.1872 - Bareilly, West Bengal, India
Simson, Isabella A. b.1875 - Allahabad, East Indies
Simson, James R. b.1880 - Edinburgh, Scotland
Simson, male (Robert?) b.1870 - Forgandenny, Perth, Scotland
Simson, Mary Harriet b.1871 - Edinburgh, Scotland
Simson, May C. b.1879 - Edinburgh, Scotland
Simson, Robert b.1828 - Chapel of Garioch, Aberdeen, Scotland


Sinclair, Agnes m.1581 -
Sinclair, Alexander - Living
Sinclair, Barbara m.1567 -
Sinclair, Daughter - Living
Sinclair, Elizabeth (Margaret) m.1579 -
Sinclair, George d.1616 -
Sinclair, George 4th Earl of Caithness d.1582 -
Sinclair, Helen - Living
Sinclair, John 3rd Earl of Caithness d.1529 - Battle of Summerdale, Orkney
Sinclair, John Master of Caithness d.1578 -
Sinclair, Margaret b.1570 -
Sinclair, Son 2 - Living
Sinclair, William - Living
Sinclair, William - Living
Sinclair, William - Living
Sinclair, William -


Sinnett, Alfred Percy b.1840 - St. Pancras, London, Middlesex
Sinnett, Edward William Percy d.1844 - district of Brentford, Essex (Jun qtr)
Sinnett, Ellen Jane b.1835 - Hamburg, Germany
Sinnett, Frederick b.1830 - Hamburg, Germany
Sinnett, Julia b.1826 - Hamburg, Germany
Sinnett, Percy Edward b.1878 - Allahabad, India
Sinnett, Sophia b.1828 - Hamburg, Germany


Skelton, Joan - Living


Skrine, John b.1618 - of Warley, Somerset
Skrine, John b.1658 - of Warley, Somerset
Skrine, Richard c.1691 - Saint Paul Covent Garden, Westminster, London
Skrine, Sarah Maria b.1692 - of Warley Manor, Somerset


Slade, Esther b.1833 - Llanover, Wales
Slade, John b.1791 - NOT in Monmouthshire


Smedley, Edward M.A. b.1788 -


Smith, Dorothy c.1609 - St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London
Smith, Dorothy Vernon Horace m.1911 - Groombridge, East Sussex
Smith, Edward Sydney b.1839 - Dorchester, Dorset
Smith, Elizabeth Lesley Eve - Living
Smith, Ellen E. b.1870 - Dorchester, Dorset
Smith, Eustace S. b.1876 - Marylebone, Middlesex
Smith, Florence Cecilia Boyton c.1867 - Holy Trinity, Dorchester, Dorset
Smith, Frances Alice c.1880 - Melcombe Regis, Dorset
Smith, Francis c.1607 - St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London
Smith, Frederick Walter Boyton c.1875 - Melcombe Regis, Dorset
Smith, Frederick William b.1811 - Deal, Kent
Smith, Frederick William Boyton c.1837 - St. Peter's, Dorchester, Dorset
Smith, Grenville Boyton S. b.1874 - Marylebone, Middlesex
Smith, Herbert - Living
Smith, Jane c.1605 - St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London
Smith, Joanna Maria b.1791 -
Smith, John c.1617 - St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London
Smith, John c.1612 - St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London
Smith, John c.1608 - St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London
Smith, Katherine c.1604 - St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London
Smith, Leonard S. b.1871 - Marylebone, Middlesex
Smith, Linda S. b.1872 - Marylebone, Middlesex
Smith, Margaret Ada Boyton c.1869 - Holy Trinity, Dorchester, Dorset
Smith, Martin Ingle b.1850 -
Smith, Mary Whithall b.1864 - Frankford, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Smith, Reginald C.S. b.1879 - Marylebone, Middlesex
Smith, Sarah c.1603 - St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London
Smith, Sybill c.1615 - St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London
Smith, Thomas Graham b.1851 - Berkford Pelford
Smith, Walter c.1840 - St. Peter's, Dorchester, Dorset
Smith, William b.1756 -
Smith, William (Smyth) b.1583 - of London


Smyth, Catharine b.1780 - of Callow Hill, Fermanagh, Ireland


Smythe, Eleanor m.1782 - Gimingham, Norfolk


So, Teresa - Living


Soames, Arthur Nicholas Winston - Living
Soames, Christopher (Arthur) - Living
Soames, Emma Mary - Living


Somerset, Adelaide Millicent Blanche Gwendoline b.1888 - London
Somerset, Anna Millicent Horatia Fitzroy - Living
Somerset, Lily Horatia Ethel Georgina b.1888 -
Somerset, Raglan Horatio Edwyn Henry b.1885 - Raglan
Somerset, Raglan Turbeville Henry m.1884 - District of Clutton, Somerset (Dec qtr)


Soulby, Geogina Nellie -


Southey, Robert b.1774 - Bristol, Gloucestershire


Sparanero, Carlo Gabriel (Nero) - Living


Sparg, Kyle Jordan - Living
Sparg, Ryon Mitchell - Living
Sparg, Terence Bertrum Joseph - Living


Spartanero, Franco (Nero) - Living


Spearing, Jane m.1788 - Saint Peter the Great, Subdeanery of Chichester, Sussex

Spencer Churchill

Spencer Churchill, Anne Emily b.1854 - Westminster, London


Spencer, Charles 3rd Duke of Marlborough b.1706 - Althorpe, Northamptonshire
Spencer, Charles 3rd Earl of Sunderland b.1675 - Althorpe, Northamptonshire
Spencer, George 4th Duke of Marlborough b.1739 - of Althorpe, Northamptonshire


Spencer-Churchill, Alexander David - Living
Spencer-Churchill, Alexandra Elizabeth Mary - Living
Spencer-Churchill, Caroline b.1923 -
Spencer-Churchill, Charles b.1794 - of Wormleighton, Warwickshire
Spencer-Churchill, Charles George William Colin - Living
Spencer-Churchill, Charles James Marquis of Blandford - Living
Spencer-Churchill, Charles Richard John 9th Duke of Marlborough b.1871 - Simla, India
Spencer-Churchill, Dominic Albert Charles - Living
Spencer-Churchill, Edward Albert Charles - Living
Spencer-Churchill, George b.1793 - Bill Hill, Wokingham, Berkshire
Spencer-Churchill, George 5th Duke of Marlborough b.1766 - of Wormleighton, Warwickshire
Spencer-Churchill, George Earl of Sunderland - Living
Spencer-Churchill, Henriette Mary - Living
Spencer-Churchill, Ivor Charles - Living
Spencer-Churchill, Ivor Charles b.1898 - London
Spencer-Churchill, John Albert Edward William 10th Duke of Marlborough b.1897 - London, England
Spencer-Churchill, John David Ivor Earl of Sunderland b.1952 - London, England
Spencer-Churchill, John George Vanderbilt 11th Duke - Living
Spencer-Churchill, John Robert - Living
Spencer-Churchill, John Winston 7th Duke of Marlborough b.1822 - Garboldisham, Norfolk
Spencer-Churchill, Richard b.1973 -
Spencer-Churchill, Robert William Charles - Living
Spencer-Churchill, Rosemary Mildred - Living
Spencer-Churchill, Rupert John H.M. - Living
Spencer-Churchill, Sarah Consuelo b.1921 - London, England
Spencer-Churchill, Susan b.1831 -


Spooner, Frances Ann b.1818 - Elmdon, Warwickshire


Sproston, Patricia - Living


Stacey, Emma b.1874 - Port Stanley, Elgin, Ontario, Canada


Stancomb, Edith Vere Hare b.1854 - Trowbridge, Wiltshire
Stancomb, William b.1811 - of Blounts Court, Potterne, Wiltshire


Stapledon, Sita d.1982 -


Staples-Cooke, Ivy Marion m.1914 -


Starten, Charles b.1763 -


Stephen, Adeline Virginia b.1882 - Hyde Park Gate, London, Middlesex
Stephen, Adrian b.1884 -
Stephen, James Provost of Elgin -
Stephen, Julian Thoby b.1880 - Kensington, London
Stephen, Laura M. b.1871 - Brompton, Middlesex
Stephen, Leslie b.1832 - Kensington, London
Stephen, Vanessa b.1879 - Kensington, London


Stephens, Caroline b.1874 - Gwennap, Cornwall
Stephens, Charlotte Anne Collins b.1859 - Gwennap, Cornwall (Dec qtr)
Stephens, Elizabeth b.1853 - Gwennap, Cornwall
Stephens, George Collins b.1864 - Gwennap, Cornwall
Stephens, John b.1857 - Gwennap, Cornwall
Stephens, John -
Stephens, Maria Ruding b.1813 - Hackney, London
Stephens, Mary Jane b.1871 - Gwennap, Cornwall
Stephens, Robert -
Stephens, Robert b.1871 - Gwennap, Cornwall
Stephens, Tobias c.1797 - Gwinear, Cornwall
Stephens, Tobias b.1831 - Gwennap, Cornwall


Stephenson, Isabella Bertram b.1875 - Bristol, Gloucester


Sterling, Frederick b.1879 - London, Middlesex
Sterling, Hugh b.1842 - Aberdeen, Scotland
Sterling, Kenneth b.1881 - London, Middlesex


Steuart, Mary m.1795 - Westbury-On-Trym, Gloucester


Steuart-Powell, Hew David b.1851 - Blandford Forum, Dorset


Stevens, Ellen -
Stevens, Laura -
Stevens, Mary -
Stevens, Mr -
Stevens, Sarah Margaret b.1830 - Holyhead, Anglesey, Wales


Stevenson, Elizabeth b.1736 -


Stewart, Elizabeth -
Stewart, Elspeth (Atholl) m.1530 -
Stewart, George b.1772 - of Kensington, London
Stewart, Grizel m.1611 -
Stewart, Jane b.1798 - of Westminster, London, Middlesex
Stewart, Janet - Living
Stewart, Jean -
Stewart, John 7th Earl of Galloway b.1735 -
Stewart, Margaret b.1509 - of Atholl
Stewart, miss -
Stewart, Susan b.1767 - of Wormleighton, Warwickshire
Stewart, William Henry - Living


Stillingfleet, Anne b.1787 - Cathedral Precinct, Worcestershire
Stillingfleet, James -


Stone, Amy Inglis (Standing) b.1849 - Punjab Lahore, East Indies


Strachan, daughter - Living


Strachey, Alexander c.1845 - Bristol, Gloucester
Strachey, Alexandra Isabel b.1865 - Shepton Mallet, Somerset
Strachey, Anne Maria Georgiana b.1831 -
Strachey, Antonia Philippa Mary - Living
Strachey, Arthur b.1859 - Calcutta, West Bengal, India
Strachey, Arthur Alexander b.1869 - Shepton Mallet, Somerset
Strachey, Augusta b.1837 -
Strachey, Charles b.1863 - Calcutta, West Bengal, India
Strachey, Charles Towneley 4th Bart. O'Hagan - Living
Strachey, Charlotte -
Strachey, Charlotte Margaret d.1801 -
Strachey, Charlotte Margaret b.1839 - Oakhill, Somerset
Strachey, Christopher b.1916 -
Strachey, Claude Mainwaring b.1861 -
Strachey, Constance Margaret b.1862 - Brussels, Belgium
Strachey, Dorothea b.1865 -
Strachey, Edward -
Strachey, Edward b.1812 -
Strachey, Edward b.1774 -
Strachey, Edward 1st Baronet b.1858 -
Strachey, Elinor b.1860 - India
Strachey, Evelyn John St. Loe b.1901 - Guildford, Surrey
Strachey, female - Living
Strachey, Frances -
Strachey, Frances Constance Maddalena m.1911 -
Strachey, George m.1857 -
Strachey, George -
Strachey, Giles Lytton b.1880 - Clapham Common South Side, London
Strachey, Harold b.1864 -
Strachey, Harriet Octavia b.1840 -
Strachey, Helen b.1833 -
Strachey, Helen -
Strachey, Helen -
Strachey, Henry b.1844 -
Strachey, Henry c.1863 - Bristol, Gloucester
Strachey, Henry -
Strachey, Henry b.1772 - London, Middlesex
Strachey, Henry b.1736 - Edinburgh, Scotland
Strachey, Henry Cyril Gray b.1873 - Ashwick, Somerset
Strachey, Isabel c.1845 - Bristol, Gloucester
Strachey, James "Jembeau" Beaumont b.1887 - Paddington, London (Dec qtr)
Strachey, Jane b.1870 - India
Strachey, Jane b.1820 - Stowey, Somerset
Strachey, Joan Pernel b.1876 - Clapham Common South Side, London
Strachey, Joanna b.1832 -
Strachey, John -
Strachey, John b.1823 - London, Middlesex
Strachey, John Francis -
Strachey, John Phillip b.1868 - Shepton Mallet, Somerset
Strachey, John Ralph Severs - Living
Strachey, John St. Loe b.1860 - Clifton, Bristol, Gloucester
Strachey, Julia -
Strachey, Julia Frances - Living
Strachey, Katherine b.1842 -
Strachey, Lucy b.1782 -
Strachey, Marion Lindsay b.1871 - Ashwick, Somerset
Strachey, Marjorie Colvile b.1882 -
Strachey, Mary Amabel N. b.1894 - Albury, Guildford, Surrey
Strachey, Mary Augusta b.1838 -
Strachey, Mary Charlotte Georgina b.1858 - Ashwick, Somerset
Strachey, Mary Lawrence b.1868 - Southgate, Hertford
Strachey, Mildred b.1872 - Ashwick, Somerset
Strachey, Nina - Living
Strachey, Nina b.1866 - Calcutta, West Bengal, India
Strachey, Oliver b.1874 - Clapham Common South Side, London
Strachey, Olivia b.1866 - Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Strachey, Pheobe b.1821 -
Strachey, Philippa "Pippa" b.1872 - Knightsbridge, Middlesex
Strachey, Ralph b.1868 - India
Strachey, Reginald Clive b.1866 - Shepton Mallet, Somerset
Strachey, Richard b.1817 - Sutton Court, Somerset
Strachey, Richard b.1781 -
Strachey, Richard Charles b.1835 - Ashwick, Somerset
Strachey, Richard John b.1861 -
Strachey, Richard Philip Farquhar - Living
Strachey, Richard Sholto b.1859 -
Strachey, Theodore Edward b.1860 - Ashwick, Somerset
Strachey, Ursula Margaret - Living
Strachey, Violet Helen b.1875 - London, Middlesex
Strachey, William -
Strachey, Winifred b.1864 - Calcutta, West Bengal, India


Strover, Emily Augusta b.1843 - Balham, Surrey


Suckling, Catherine b.1725 - Barsham, Suffolk
Suckling, Maurice -


Sultana, Rukiya b.1885 - Ciragan Palace, Ortakoy


Sumner, Amy b.1864 - of Liverpool, Lancashire


Suter, Richard b.1797 - Greenwich, Kent


Sutherland, Alexander d.1570 -
Sutherland, Alexander 1st Lord Duffus m.1652 -
Sutherland, Elizabeth -
Sutherland, Isabel b.1434 - of Duffus
Sutherland, William d.1530 - Murdered by Clan Gunn at Thurso
Sutherland, William d.1543 -
Sutherland, William 9th of Duffus m.1579 -


Swan, Barbara Lombard - Living
Swan, Edmund Lombard -
Swan, Penelope Muriel - Living
Swan, William Travers RAMC b.1861 - Aldworth, Abbeyleix, Queens Co., Ireland


Swift, Susanna b.1857 - London, Middlesex


Symes, Emma Bowles b.1806 - Bristol, Gloucestershire
Symes, Richard m.1781 - St Michaels, Bristol, Gloucestershire


Symonds, John Addington b.1840 - Bristol, Gloucester
Symonds, John Addington b.1807 -
Symonds, Mary Isabella b.1837 -


Tate, James William b.1875 - Wolverhampton, Staffordshire


Taylor, Donald R. - Living
Taylor, Katherine b.1855 - Weybridge, Surrey
Taylor, Wendy - Living


Tennant, Alexander David Gabriel - Living
Tennant, Amy Jasmine Elizabeth - Living
Tennant, Andrew Duff - Living
Tennant, Aubone Christopher - Living
Tennant, Bella - Living
Tennant, Catherine Elizabeth - Living
Tennant, Charles b.1851 -
Tennant, Charles b.1856 - Traquair, Peebleshire, Scotland
Tennant, Charles Edward Pevensey b.1957 -
Tennant, Charles MP, 1st Bt. b.1823 - Ochiltree, Ayrshire, Scotland
Tennant, Charlotte (Charty) Monkton b.1858 - Traquair, Peebles-Shire, Scotland
Tennant, Christopher Cary - Living
Tennant, Christopher Grey 2nd Lord Glenconner b.1899 -
Tennant, Clarissa Madeline Georgiana b.1896 -
Tennant, Cody Charles Edward - Living
Tennant, Colin 3rd Lord Glenconner - Living
Tennant, David Edward Wyndham - Living
Tennant, David Francis b.1902 -
Tennant, Edward Priaulx b.1859 - Traquair, Peebleshire, Scotland
Tennant, Edward Tobias - Living
Tennant, Edward Wyndham b.1897 -
Tennant, Emma (Margot) Alice Margaret b.1864 - The Glen, Peeblesshire, Scotland
Tennant, Emma Christine - Living
Tennant, Euan Lovell - Living
Tennant, Flora May Pamela - Living
Tennant, Frances Lucy b.1887 - Innes House, Moray, Scotland
Tennant, Francis John b.1861 - of Innes, Morayshire, Scotland
Tennant, Georgina Sky - Living
Tennant, Geraldine (Dinah) Bryde b.1889 -
Tennant, Harold John b.1865 - Great Maytham, Rolvendon, Kent
Tennant, Henry Lovell b.1960 -
Tennant, Hester b.1916 -
Tennant, Hugh Rinnes Duff - Living
Tennant, Iain Mark - Living
Tennant, Isabel - Living
Tennant, Ivan - Living
Tennant, James Herbert b.1929 -
Tennant, Janet b.1850 - of Taunton, Somerset
Tennant, John b.1796 - of St Rollox, Glasgow, Scotland
Tennant, John Aubrey b.1853 - of Taunton, Somerset
Tennant, John Edward b.1890 -
Tennant, Katherine Lucy b.1860 - The Glen, Timesbritten
Tennant, Kathleen m.1916 -
Tennant, Laura Duff - Living
Tennant, Laura Hermione - Living
Tennant, Margaret -
Tennant, Mark Edward - Living
Tennant, Nancy -
Tennant, Octavia Laura Mary b.1862 - The Glen, Peeblesshire, Scotland
Tennant, Pauline Emma b.1855 - Duddingston, Scotland
Tennant, Pauline Laetitia - Living
Tennant, Sabrina (Josie) Violet - Living
Tennant, Stella - Living
Tennant, Stephen James Napier b.1906 -
Tennant, Tobias William - Living
Tennant, Victoria Robina Duff - Living


Tennyson, Alfred c.1809 - Somersby, Lincolnshire
Tennyson, Alfred Aubrey b.1891 - Freshwater, Isle of Wight
Tennyson, Alfred Browning Stanley b.1878 - Marylebone, Middlesex
Tennyson, Arthur b.1814 - Somersby, Lincolnshire
Tennyson, Cecilia b.1817 - Somersby, Lincolnshire
Tennyson, Charles (Turner) b.1808 - Somersby, Lincolnshire
Tennyson, Charles Bruce Locker b.1879 - Marylebone, Middlesex,
Tennyson, Charles Julian b.1912 -
Tennyson, Edward b.1813 - Somersby, Lincolnshire
Tennyson, Emelia b.1811 - Somersby, Lincolnshire
Tennyson, Frederick b.1807 - Louth, Lincolnshire
Tennyson, Frederick Penrose b.1913 -
Tennyson, George b.1806 -
Tennyson, George Clayton b.1778 -
Tennyson, Hallam b.1910 -
Tennyson, Hallam 2nd Bart. b.1852 - Twickenham, Middlesex
Tennyson, Harold Christopher b.1919 -
Tennyson, Harold Courtenay b.1896 -
Tennyson, Horatio b.1819 - Somersby, Lincolnshire
Tennyson, James Alfred - Living
Tennyson, Lionel b.1854 - Freshwater, Isle of Wight
Tennyson, Lionel b.1925 -
Tennyson, Lionel Hallam 3rd Bart. b.1889 - London, Middlesex
Tennyson, male b.1851 - Twickenham, Middlesex
Tennyson, Mark Aubrey - Living
Tennyson, Mary b.1810 - Somersby, Lincolnshire
Tennyson, Matilda b.1816 -
Tennyson, Michael Sellwood b.1883 - Regents Park, London
Tennyson, Septimus b.1815 - Somersby, Lincolnshire


Thackeray, Harriet Marian m.1867 -


Thompson, Deborah Lee - Living
Thompson, female - Living
Thompson, M - Living
Thompson, male - Living
Thompson, William "Bill" d.1982 -


Thomson, miss -


Thornton, Alan - Living


Thorogood, Brian - Living
Thorogood, Hannah Kate - Living
Thorogood, Lisa Helen - Living


Thorowgood, Ruth Elizabeth - Living


Thorpe, Arthur -


Tichborne, Judith b.1685 - Tichborne, Hampshire


Tomlinson, Jessie - Living


Topham, Anne b.1816 - Middleham, Yorkshire
Topham, John b.1813 - Middleham, Yorkshire
Topham, Judith b.1816 - Middleham, Yorkshire
Topham, Lupton b.1778 - Yorkshire
Topham, Martha Elizabeth b.1821 - Middleham, Yorkshire
Topham, William b.1735 - Kildwick, Yorkshire


Towneley-O'Hagan, Frances - Living
Towneley-O'Hagan, Jane - Living
Towneley-O'Hagan, Maurice Herbert 3rd Bart. b.1882 -
Towneley-O'Hagan, Richard - Living
Towneley-O'Hagan, Thomas Anthony Edward b.1917 -


Townend, Alfred Bernard Stairs m.1912 -
Townend, Annette Magda - Living
Townend, Cecil Joyce - Living
Townend, Gavin Bernard - Living
Townend, Herbert Patrick Victor m.1913 -
Townend, Richard Frank b.1917 - India
Townend, Rosemary Joan - Living
Townend, Ruth Margaret - Living


Townley, Alice Mary m.1871 -


Townshend, Charles 2nd Viscount Townshend of Raynham b.1675 - Raynham, Norfolk
Townshend, Edward b.1719 - Raynham, Norfolk
Townshend, Elizabeth c.1750 - Pulham St. Mary, Norfolk


Toynbee, Celia Jane - Living
Toynbee, Clare Anne - Living
Toynbee, Frances Veronica - Living
Toynbee, Lawrence Leif - Living
Toynbee, Rachel Mary - Living
Toynbee, Rosalind Catherine - Living
Toynbee, Sarah Alice - Living


Trehearne, Frances b.1752 -


Trevor, Elizabeth b.1715 - of Bromham, Wiltshire


Tribe, Charles William Edward - Living
Tribe, Emma Louise Harriet - Living
Tribe, Mary Anna Kathleen Horatia - Living
Tribe, Raglan Horatio Andrew Harold - Living
Tribe, Toby John Raglan - Living
Tribe, William John Francis b.1924 - Worthing
Tribe, William John Raglan Horatio - Living
Tribe, William Nicholas Horatio - Living


Troscianko, Emily Tamarisk - Living
Troscianko, Jolyon Tomasz - Living
Troscianko, Tomasz - Living


Tudor, Elizabeth b.1763 -


Tudway, Charles Clement b.1846 - The Cedars, Wells, Somerset
Tudway, Frances Henrietta b.1811 - Wells, Somerset
Tudway, Gladys Clare Alice b.1887 - Marylebone, London (Sep qtr)
Tudway, Jane Gould b.1807 - Wells, Somerset
Tudway, John Paine b.1775 - of Wells, Somerset
Tudway, Madeline Constance b.1873 - The Cedars, Wells, Somerset
Tudway, Robert m.1765 - St. Cuthbert, Wells, Somerset
Tudway, Robert Charles MP b.1808 - Wells, Somerset


Turner, Alex - Living
Turner, Catherine m.1822 - Isleworth, London
Turner, Ogden - Living


Turner-Latham, Edwina Rosemary - Living


Turnor, Dorothy Edith b.1889 -
Turnor, Harry M. -


unknown, - Living


un-Nissa, Khair b.1786 - India
un-Nissa, Nazir -
un-Nissa, Sharaf -
un-Nissa, Zeb - Living


U'ren, Susan - Living
U'ren, William - Living


Urquhart, Janet - Living
Urquhart, John - Living


Utting, Charles b.1818 - Kings Lynn, Norfolk
Utting, Edith Agnes b.1859 - London, Middlesex

Van den Berg

Van den Berg, Jose -
Van den Berg, Lottie Lucia (Collins) b.1885 - Whitechapel, London (Jun qtr)


Vanderbilt, Consuelo b.1870 - New York, USA


Vane-Stewart, Frances Anne Emily Duchess of Marlborough b.1822 - Westminister, London


Veigel, Eva Maria b.1723 - Vienna, Italy


Verrall, Charles b.1778 -
Verrall, Charles b.1823 -


Vester, Nicholas G.S. - Living


Vickers, Jane Aickman b.1820 - Kings Lynn, Norfolk


Villiers, Barbara -
Villiers, Charles - Living
Villiers, Charles Hyde d.1947 -
Villiers, Ernest Ahmerst -


Voles, Lucinda m.1761 - St James, Bristol, Gloucester

von Samek

von Samek, Victor Oliver - Living


Walker, James m.1880 -
Walker, Mary b.1862 - Melbourne, Australia
Walker, Mildred Mabel b.1861 - Chester, Cheshire
Walker, Robert -


Wall, Abiathar Brown b.1813 -
Wall, Cecil Elaine Bligh - Living
Wall, Charles Percival Bligh OBE b.1871 -
Wall, Cicely b.1883 -
Wall, female - Living
Wall, female - Living
Wall, Jane -
Wall, male - Living
Wall, Mildred Irene Bligh b.1879 - London, Middlesex
Wall, Reginald Bligh b.1839 - Hastings, Sussex
Wall, Reginald Cecil Bligh b.1869 - Bayswater, London
Wall, William -
Wall, Winifred Bligh b.1876 - London, Middlesex


Wallace, 5 children - Living
Wallace, Joyce Marion - Living
Wallace, Lindsay - Living


Walpole, Dorothy b.1686 - of Houghton, Norfolk


Walsh, Alfred b.1854 - Bishops Hull, Taunton, Somerset
Walsh, Aubrey Edwin B. b.1869 - Penzance, Cornwall
Walsh, Mr - Living
Walsh, Theobald b.1790 - Swords, Dublin, Ireland
Walsh, Theobald JP b.1830 - Bramdean, Hampshire
Walsh, Theobald L. b.1860 - Taunton, Somerset


Walter, Anna b.1770 -
Walter, Catherine b.1774 - Battersea, London, Middlesex
Walter, Frances b.1762 -
Walter, John b.1776 - Battersea, London
Walter, John b.1739 - of London, Middlesex
Walter, Mary b.1760 -
Walter, Richard (or John?) b.1700 - of Warwickshire
Walter, William b.1763 -


Walters, - Living
Walters, Isabella -


Ward, Ada B. b.1872 - Deccan, India
Ward, Agnes b.1871 - Pinner, Middlesex
Ward, Alice Lilian b.1874 - Pinner, Middlesex
Ward, Caroline b.1836 - Tenterden, Kent
Ward, Caroline G. b.1865 - Deccan, India
Ward, Edmund b.1832 - Tenterden, Kent
Ward, Eleanor Philippa c.1824 - Stanhoe, Norfolk
Ward, Ellen b.1865 - Deccan, India
Ward, Ethel Mary b.1867 - Deccan, India
Ward, Eveline H. b.1870 - Deccan, India
Ward, Florence b.1867 - Pinner, Middlesex
Ward, Horatia Nelson b.1833 - Tenterden, Kent
Ward, Horatio Nelson b.1858 - District of Clutton, Somerset (Sep qtr)
Ward, Jessie b.1868 - Pinner, Middlesex
Ward, John James Stephen b.1827 - Bircham Newton, Norfolk
Ward, Kathleen b.1869 - Pinner, Middlesex
Ward, Marmaduke m.1782 - Gimingham, Norfolk
Ward, Marmaduke Philip Blandy b.1860 - District of Clutton, Somerset (Jun qtr)
Ward, Marmaduke Philip Smythe b.1825 - Bircham Newton, Norfolk
Ward, Mary b.1869 - Pinner, Middlesex
Ward, Mary Frances b.1807 - Camberwell, London
Ward, Maurice Suckling b.1873 - Pinner, Middlesex
Ward, Nelson b.1828 - Bircham Newton, Norfolk
Ward, Philip b.1834 - Tenterden, Kent
Ward, Philip b.1795 - Trunch, Norfolk
Ward, Rose b.1867 - Pinner, Middlesex
Ward, Rupert William b.1869 -
Ward, Seth Stephen b.1766 - St George The Martyr, London
Ward, William George b.1830 - Bircham Newton, Norfolk
Ward, William Humble Eric MP b.1894 -


Warder, Emma b.1884 - Aston, Warwickshire
Warder, Henry b.1881 - Duddeston & Nech., Aston, Warwickshire
Warder, John Elliot Winsloe b.1877 - Aston, Warwickshire
Warder, John Elliot Winsloe b.1850 - Ideford, Devon
Warder, John Elliot Winsloe b.1825 - Swindon, Gloucester
Warder, Joseph b.1803 - Alderton, Gloucester
Warder, Joseph Winsloe b.1856 -
Warder, Sarah Ann b.1881 - Duddeston & Nech., Aston, Warwickshire
Warder, Thomas Winsloe b.1879 - Aston, Warwickshire
Warder, William b.1882 - Aston, Warwickshire


Ware, Winifred Ruth m.1964 -


Waring, Sarah b.1801 - Beckenham, Kent
Waring, Thomas b.1755 - Manchester, Lancs


Warmington, John Currey - Living
Warmington, Lydie - Living


Warneford, Annie b.1872 - Brighton, Sussex


Warner, Jocelyn -


Waterhouse, Charles Huguenot - Living


Watkins, Louisa Eleanora b.1800 - Penwyre, Brecknock, Wales


Watson, Elizabeth Bridget b.1820 -
Watson, Henry b.1821 - of Burnhead, Roxburghshire, Scotland
Watson, William b.1787 - of Burnhead, Roxburghshire, Scotland
Watson, William Scott b.1819 - Burnhead, Dumfries, Scotland


Wayte, Alice b.1843 - Clifton, Bristol, Gloucester (Mar qtr)
Wayte, Alline "Alan" (See Notes) m.1794 - Calne, Wiltshire
Wayte, Alline J. b.1824 - Gloucestershire
Wayte, Charles M. b.1822 - Gloucestershire
Wayte, Francis b.1802 - Calne, Wiltshire
Wayte, Samuel Simon b.1796 - of Bristol, Gloucestershire
Wayte, Samuel William b.1819 - of Bristol, Gloucestershire


Webb, Ann b.1866 - Shrivenham, Berkshire, Uk
Webb, Margaret b.1833 - Brecknock, Brecon, Wales


Webster, Amy b.1898 - Carharrack, Redruth, Cornwall
Webster, Frederick m.1890 - district of Redruth, Cornwall (Mar qtr)


Weld-Blundell, Alice Mary b.1846 - of Ince Blundell, Lancashire


Welsh, Judith -


Wertheimstein, Rozsika von b.1870 -


West, Desaguliers m.1841 - Keston, Kent


Whalley, Robert Seymour m.1884 - district of Shepton Mallet, Somerset


Wheeler, Richard -


Whish, Frances Catherine b.1845 - East Peckham, Kent
Whish, John Charles m.1842 - Saint Marylebone, London (Jun qtr)


Whitchurch, Sarah m.1810 - St Michaels, Bristol, Gloucester


White, Arthur Gilbert Col -
White, boy b.1887 -
White, Charles Clement Stuart b.1897 - India
White, Elizabeth Sylvia -
White, Emily Rosina -
White, Ernest Victor b.1866 -
White, Henrietta b.1833 - London, Middlesex
White, John Harry b.1861 -
White, Leonard b.1890 - Middlesex, London
White, Louisa Ann b.1820 -
White, Reginald b.1895 - Marylebone, London (Sep qtr)
White, Samuel Arthur b.1860 -
White, William b.1797 -
White, William Hale b.1831 - Bedford, Bedfordshire. (5 High Street)
White, William Hale MD b.1857 - London, Middlesex


Whitehouse, Edward -
Whitehouse, Frances Elizabeth b.1773 -


Widon, Anne b.1736 -


wife, 1st - Living
wife, 2nd -


Wilcox, Elizabeth Ann b.1857 - Birmingham, Warwickshire (St Martin)


Wilde, Mary d.1807 - St Gregory by St Paul, London


Willans, Emily b.1828 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire


Williams, Blanche Mary m.1866 - London
Williams, Edith d.1897 - London, 51 Welbeck Street
Williams, Elizabeth - Living
Williams, Emily m.1890 - district of Redruth, Cornwall (Mar qtr)
Williams, Harry -
Williams, James Bromage c.1833 - St Marys, Brecknock, Brecon, Wales
Williams, June - Living
Williams, Maggie Maclure b.1862 - Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire (Sep qtr)
Williams, Maud Mary b.1861 - Bristol, Gloucestershire
Williams, Thomas -
Williams, Thomas Peers - Living
Williams, Thomas Webb b.1859 - Bristol, Gloucestershire


Williams-Ellis, Bertram Clough b.1883 - Gayton, Northamptonshire
Williams-Ellis, Charlotte - Living
Williams-Ellis, Christopher Moelwyn Strachey b.1923 -
Williams-Ellis, John Clough -
Williams-Ellis, Susan b.1820 -


Willimott, William -


Willing, Ava Lowle b.1868 - Philadelphia, USA
Willing, Edward Shippen -


Willis, J.H. - Living


Willoughby, Mairi Myrtle -


Wills, Arthur N. b.1868 - Hornsey, Middlesex
Wills, Charles Percy b.1870 - Hornsey, Middlesex
Wills, Christopher - Living
Wills, Emily S. b.1858 - Australia
Wills, Felix Percival b.1894 -
Wills, Geoffrey Peter d.1987 -
Wills, George b.1825 - Bridford, Devon
Wills, George Tarlton b.1861 - Hornsey, Middlesex
Wills, Henry c.1828 - Bridford, Devon
Wills, Herbert Winkler b.1863 -
Wills, John c.1821 - Bridford, Devon
Wills, John H. b.1862 - Hornsey, Middlesex
Wills, Justin - Living
Wills, Kathleen Theodora b.1896 - district of Swansea, Wales
Wills, Lucy - Living
Wills, Lucy N. b.1856 - Australia
Wills, male - Living
Wills, Mary Anne b.1811 - Salisbury, Wiltshire
Wills, Matthew - Living
Wills, Oliver d.1918 -
Wills, Paul Fripp - Living
Wills, Peggy - Living
Wills, Percy Lionel Bethune b.1903 -
Wills, Peter - Living
Wills, Philip Aubrey C.B.E. b.1907 -
Wills, Richard c.1828 - Bridford, Devon
Wills, Richard Lloyd Joseph C.B.E., M.C. b.1914 - London
Wills, Susan c.1831 - Bridford, Devon
Wills, Thomas c.1818 - Bridford, Devon
Wills, Thomas -
Wills, William -
Wills, William m.1821 - Saint Marys, Handsworth, Stafford
Wills, William Ridout c.1827 - New Meeting House Moor Street-Unitarian, Birmingham, Warwick


Wilmot, Charlotte m.1782 - Saint Edmunds, Exeter, Devon
Wilmot, Henry - Living


Wilson, Anne b.1792 -
Wilson, Bernard b.1908 - Aston, Warwickshire
Wilson, Catherine R. - Living
Wilson, female - Living
Wilson, Florence Ethel b.1903 - Birmingham, Warwickshire
Wilson, Francis b.1902 - of Birmingham, Warwickshire
Wilson, George Edward b.1853 - Birmingham, Warwickshire (St Martin)
Wilson, Gordon Chesney b.1865 -
Wilson, Guy Greville m.1904 -
Wilson, Herbert b.1906 - Aston, Warwickshire
Wilson, James Leonard m.1863 - Teignmouth, Devon.
Wilson, Joan Wolbeoffe - Living
Wilson, John Thomas b.1911 - Balsau Heath, Warwickshire
Wilson, Jonathan Frank b.1879 - Birmingham, Warwickshire (St Martin)
Wilson, Margaret m.1831 - Perth, Lanark, Ontario, Canada
Wilson, Marion b.1922 - London, Middlesex, Ontario, Canada
Wilson, Mary Reda -
Wilson, Matthew Richard Henry b.1876 -
Wilson, Mr m.1623 -
Wilson, Nellie b.1915 - London, Middlesex, Ontario, Canada
Wilson, Samuel -
Wilson, Thomas -
Wilson, Walter - Living


Winn, Anne - Living


Winsloe, Alfred Douglas b.1810 -
Winsloe, Alfred Leigh c.1852 - Pitminster, Somerset (St, Mary & St. Andrew)
Winsloe, Amelia b.1797 - of Trelech, Monmouthshire
Winsloe, Ann b.1802 - Middlesex
Winsloe, Catharine b.1808 - Bristol, Gloucester
Winsloe, Catharine c.1764 - Stoke Damerel, Devon
Winsloe, Cecil b.1857 - Taunton, Somerset
Winsloe, Elizabeth Patience c.1792 - Tiverton, Devon
Winsloe, Emma b.1821 - Clifton, Bristol, Gloucester
Winsloe, George b.1804 - Stoke, Guilford, Surrey
Winsloe, John Elliot c.1771 - Holy Trinity, Exeter, Devon
Winsloe, John Hodges b.1799 -
Winsloe, Louis b.1860 -
Winsloe, Mary Ann c.1826 - Saint Sidwell, Exeter, Devon
Winsloe, Mary Ann c.1775 - Tiverton, Devon
Winsloe, Matilda c.1825 - Saint Sidwell, Exeter, Devon
Winsloe, Matilda b.1798 - Twickenham, Middlesex
Winsloe, Richard b.1821 - Cambridge
Winsloe, Richard b.1796 - of Mount Nebo, Taunton, Somerset
Winsloe, Richard c.1770 - Holy Trinity, Exeter, Devon
Winsloe, Richard Herbert Somers c.1850 - Pitminster, Somerset (St, Mary & St. Andrew)
Winsloe, Thomas b.1744 - of Collipriest, Tiverton, Devon
Winsloe, Thomas (Phillipps) m.1790 - Launceston, Cornwall
Winsloe, Thomas John c.1798 - Tiverton, Devon


Winterbotham, Ursula b.1870 - Bridgwater, Somerset
Winterbotham, Washington Lafayette b.1838 - Cheltenham, Gloucestershire


Winterscale, John Francis m.1862 -


Winwood, Catherine c.1782 - Bristol, Gloucester
Winwood, Edward c.1787 - St Michaels, Bristol, Gloucester
Winwood, Henry Quintyne c.1785 - St Michaels, Bristol, Gloucester
Winwood, John c.1783 - St Michaels, Bristol, Gloucester
Winwood, Theodasia c.1788 - St Michaels, Bristol, Gloucester
Winwood, Thomas c.1784 - St Michaels, Bristol, Gloucester
Winwood, Thomas m.1781 - Kingswinford, Stafford


Woodhead, Aubrey -
Woodhead, Eleanor Marie b.1888 -


Woodhouse, Julie - Living


Woodward, Mary b.1725 - of Eton College


Woolf, Leonard Sydney b.1880 -


Woolward, Frances Herbert b.1761 - West Indies
Woolward, William b.1735 - of Nevis, West Indies


Worder, Amanda m.1858 -


Wray, Mary m.1769 - St. James, Westminster, London


Wright, Margaret Stella b.1899 -


Wrigley, Edwin G. -
Wrigley, Jessie Mary b.1860 -


Wyatville, Ann Sisum b.1806 - Barbados, West Indies


Wyndham, Edward Scawen 5th Bart. Leconfield b.1883 -
Wyndham, Elizabeth Jane - Living
Wyndham, George b.1863 -
Wyndham, George 1st Bart. Leconsfield b.1787 - St. Marylebone, London
Wyndham, Henry 2nd Bart. Leconsfield b.1830 -
Wyndham, Henry Mark - Living
Wyndham, Henry Scawen b.1915 -
Wyndham, John Edward Reginald 6th Bart. Leconsfield b.1920 -
Wyndham, Madeline Pamela Constance b.1869 -
Wyndham, Mark Hugh - Living
Wyndham, Mary Constance b.1862 - St George Hanover Square, London
Wyndham, Melissa Anne - Living
Wyndham, Pamela Adelaide Genevieve b.1871 - London, Middlesex
Wyndham, Percy Lyulph b.1887 -
Wyndham, Percy Scawen MP, JP b.1835 - Leconfield, Yorkshire
Wyndham, Ursula Constance b.1913 -


Wynn-Williams, David - Living
Wynn-Williams, Virginia Mary - Living


X, Alice Meredith - Living


x, Annie S. b.1844 - Amersham, Buckingham


X, Caroline b.1831 - London, Middlesex
X, Mary -


x, Maxine - Living
x, miss - Living
x, miss - Living
x, Miss b.1704 - of Warwickshire


X, Miss - Living
X, Miss - Living
X, Miss - Living
X, Mr - Living


x, Penelope Mary Ann b.1843 - Clifton, Gloucestershire


y, miss - Living


Yorke, Elizabeth Mary - Living
Yorke, Henry Vincent - Living
Yorke, Sebastian - Living


Yu, Lloyd - Living


z, miss - Living

Surname List