The Fripp & Pocock families
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 The affluent Fripp family of Bristol held many professions including Merchants, Judges, Architects, Artists, Authors and Surgeons. Sir Alfred Downing Fripp was the personal surgeon to King Edward VII and King George V.
   Sir Alfred's Grandfather, Rev. Samuel Charles Fripp, married the daughter of marine artist Capt. Nicholas Pocock. Captains were frequent in the Pocock line, one was even mentioned in Swift's Gulliver's Travels.  Nicholas' other descendants included Artists, Authors and Dramatists and Dame Lena Ashwell O.B.E., an actress who was honoured for entertaining the troops during the 1st World War. She later became Lady Simson when she married the Royal obstetrician, Sir Henry Simson, who assisted the births of Queen Elizabeth II and the late Princess Margaret.
   The aim of this tree is to find a link between the Fripps of Witchampton, Bristol and South Carolina. In 1836 William Fripp, Gt Gt Grandson of the progenitor of South Carolina Fripps, visited a cousin in Bristol who was said to be Mayor at the time. A letter states that this was Edward B. Fripp but this is incorrect as it was Edward's cousin William Fripp Jr who was Mayor of Bristol in 1836. There are many other conflicting reports but the truth is out there, somewhere.

  Maps Index
UK locations   Locations of early Fripp settlers in England
Avon   Map of former County of Avon - Courtesy of  Bristol &Avon Family History Society
Bristol area   Zoomable map of Bristol and surrounding area from   Zoom in to South West England
Standbrook Guides   Downloadable streetmaps of Bristol & other areas
Old Bristol Maps   Website featuring lots of Old Maps of Bristol & Gloucestershire   Old Maps of England

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Samuel Fripp Snr and Jnr   Info on two Fripps in Bristol c.1766 - from Val Peacock

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Joseph John Carbis 1881 - 19xx - Father-in-law of Lt. Eric Innes Pocock.
Alfred Downing Fripp 1822 - 1895 - Artist
Sir Alfred Downing Fripp 1865 - 1930 - Royal Surgeon to King Edward VII and King George V
Charles Edwin Fripp 1854 - 1906 - Artist
Edward Wm. Bernard Fripp 1916 - 1941 - 2nd Lt. in South African Air Force - K.I.A.
George Arthur Fripp 1813 - 1896 - Artist
Henry Edward Fripp 1851 - 19xx - Pioneering photographer in South Africa
Dr. Henry Edward Fripp 1816 - 1880 - Son of Rev. Samuel Charles Fripp.
Margaret Honor Fripp 1910 - 1976 - Daughter of Leopold Henry Fripp
Leopold Henry Fripp 1874 - 1972 - First practicing surveyor of Kruger National Park, South Africa
Madeline Catherine Fripp 1877 - 1959 - Daughter of Dr. Henry Edward Fripp
Paul Fripp 1890 - 1945 - Artist and Photographer
Paul Henry Fripp 1913 - 2001 - Son of Leopold Henry Fripp
Thomas William Fripp 1864 - 1931 - Artist
William Fripp Jr. c.1785 - 1871 - Mayor of Bristol 1819-1820 & 1836
Lady Margaret Scott Haywood 1880 - 1965 - Wife of Sir Alfred Downing Fripp
Violet A.A. Kaschula 1906 - 2001 - Wife of Paul Henry Fripp
Susan Beatrice Lock 1880 - 1913 - Artist & 1st Wife of Leopold Henry Fripp
Vivian E. Martin Smith 1919 - 2006 - Wife of Robert Elwes & Rex Fripp
Maj. Bethune M. Patton 1876 - 1939 - Known as Peter Patton, he introduced Ice Hockey to Great Britain.
Annie Jane Pelmear 1884 - 19xx - Mother-in-law of Lt. Eric Innes Pocock.
Edith Shepard Platts c.1872 - 1949 - Wife of Col. Herbert Innes Pocock.
Edward Innes Pocock 1855 - 1905 - Pioneer in Mashonaland and Captain of R.A.S.C. Scottish Rugby.
Col. Herbert Innes Pocock 1861 - 1947 - Dr. with British army in India. Gt. grandson of Capt. Nicholas Pocock.
Sir Isaac Pocock 1751 - 1810 - Mariner & High Sheriff of Northampton
Isaac Pocock b.1782, Bristol - Artist, Dramatist & J.P.
Lena Ashwell O.B.E. b.1869, River Tyne - (Lady Simson) - Actress & Troops concert organiser
Nicholas Pocock 1740 - 1821 - Marine Artist & Captain of H.M. packet "Lloyd"
Reginald Innes Pocock 1863 - 1947 - British zoologist and author. Gt. grandson of Capt. Nicholas Pocock.
Roger Pocock b.1865, Tenby, Wales - (Henry Roger Ashwell Pocock) Author & Pioneer
William Innes Pocock b.1783, Bristol - Author, Artist & Lieutenant in Royal Navy
Sir Henry Simson b.1872, Scotland - Royal Obstetrician, attended birth of Princess Margaret
Alfred Percy Sinnett 1840 - 1921 - Author - Connected to De Vesian family.
Ivy Marion Staples-Cooke 18xx - 1971 - 2nd Wife of Leopold Henry Fripp
Hew David Steuart-Powell C.1851 - 19xx - Pianist & friend of Sir Edward Elgar. Nephew of Mrs. Daniel Fripp.
Alfred Lord Tennyson 1809 - 1892 - Victorian poet laureate. See notes for links etc.
John Walter c.1739 - 1812 - Founder of "The Times" newspaper

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Richard Mark Holden   Son of Zoe Frances Fripp - A Brief Personal Resume.

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      Miscellaneous photos associated with this tree
Fripp's soap advert   Photo of a mirror advertising "Fripp's" Otto
Alfred Downing Fripp   2 paintings by Alfred, at the  Tate Gallery, London
Charles Edwin Fripp   Artist (1854 - 1906) - "Battle of Isandhlwana" Painting & article
Charles Edwin Fripp   Artist (1854 - 1906) - "Cowboy" - published in The Graphic (London), 31 August 1889
Charles Edwin Fripp   Artist (1854 - 1906) - "Indian" - published in The Graphic (London), 31 August 1889
George Arthur Fripp   Painting of Clifton Gorge, Bristol, at the  Tate Gallery, London
George Arthur Fripp   Castle on a rocky promontory, Lago Maggiore - Oil on panel
Isaac Pocock   Sketch of Anglesea, by Isaac Pocock, at the  Tate Gallery, London
Nicholas Pocock   A collection of 21 watercolours, by Nicholas, at the  Tate Gallery, London
Nicholas Pocock   Postcard featuring a painting of River Thames looking towards Syon House in Isleworth, Middlesex

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Fripp Museum   The Museum of Modern Oddities - Formed in 1953 by Constantin Fripp
Sir Alfred Downing Fripp   Royal Surgeon (1865 - 1930) - 17 Telegrams sent from Royal Yacht in August 1898
Sir Alfred Downing Fripp   Royal Surgeon (1865 - 1930) - Presentation of a Well in honour of John Trude Fripp
Sir Alfred Downing Fripp   The Mill House Hotel - Once the home of Sir Alfred Fripp
Charles Edwin Fripp   Artist (1854 - ) - "Battle of Isandhlwana" Painting & article
Thomas William Fripp   Artist (1864 - 1931) - Short biography & small painting
Thomas William Fripp   Artist (1864 - 1931) - Short biography
Thomas William Fripp   Artist (1864 - 1931) - 8 Watercolours (low quality)
Pocock forum   Add your query to the Pocock forum at
Lena Ashwell Pocock   Article on Lena Ashwell Pocock O.B.E. - with pictures
Lena Ashwell Pocock   A 478 page thesis by Margaret Leask, B.A.(Hons) (long download) or 18 page version
Lena Ashwell Pocock   More on Lena Ashwell Pocock O.B.E.
Roger Pocock   Detailed history of Roger Pocock and Legion of Frontiersmen - with photos
Roger Pocock   Article on Roger Pocock and Legion of Frontiersmen
Sir Henry Simson   Article referring to Sir Henry's consultation at the birth of Queen Elizabeth II
Sir Henry Simson   Article referring to Sir Henry's consultation at the birth of Princess Margaret
Chitterne   History of Chitterne - Hosted by Sue Robinson
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Genuki - Berkshire   Berkshire Links & Info from   Very large list of Links relating to Bristol
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Gloucester Archives   Gloucestershire Record Office   Bristol & Avon Family History Society
Passenger List   Passenger list from Bristol to America; from American Plantations & Colonies   National Maritime Museum at Greenwich, London
Old Bristol Maps   Website featuring lots of Old Maps of Bristol & Gloucestershire   Somerset Record Office - with searchable archives

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George Pocock   Conflicting information on his parents - See notes

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