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Samuel Fripp (1723-1794)
Little Sammy Fripp (1755-1810)

Some information about two Fripps in Bristol, England
Val Peacock

The credible source "Moravians in Bristol" supplied by Val Peacock, September 1997, provides information on both Samuel Fripp senior and "little Sammy Frip(p)" in a period of 13 months in 1766-67 when they were ages 43 and 11 respectively. The information below was extracted from the Diary of the "labourer" responsible for the Single Brethren, Brother Andrew Parminter (1716-1799).

"12 March 1766 - Little Sammy Frip having been under Chastisement for little pilfering Tricks by which he had [hurted] the Brethren's Confidence, upon my speaking to him Yesterday, came to me to Day and begged that I and the Brethren woud forgive him. I had a thorow Conversation with him and the poor Child wept heartily and I simpathized with him. At the Evening Blessing I acquainted the Brn. of it and we all forgave him heartily, and he was afterwards full of Love and Joy." The footnote to Little Sammy Frip reads, "The son of the tallow chandler Samuel Fripp senior, probably the wealthiest and certainly one of the most influential men in the congregation."

A later passage gives rise to questions about Fripp's lifestyle - seen as odd both then and now. "6 June 1766 - Also [discussed] about Sammy Frip's odd way of Life, eating his victuals always in the School by himself but nothing could be done herein for the present, though Expedients were proposed." A footnote says there was a small school for boys on the chapel premises.
And on 28 October 1766 - "I had a pretty Band with Sammy Frip to Day and could feel that our Saviour hath his Eye upon that poor Child."
"23 December 1766 - Sammy Frip hath lately begun to learn on the Harpsicord by his Father's Desire from a worldly Master one Mr. Combe [Cathedral organist], tis surprising what Dangers this exposes him to, I am forced to watch over every Step."
"11 February 1767 - Sammy Frip having a bad sore and swelling in his Passage was obliged to come under the surgeon's Hands and therefore went home to his Father. I have lately been seriously negociating with his Father to let him enter into a more human way of Life and not let him live like a Recluse or a Prisoner and he has at last resolved to alter it with Br. Traneker's joint advice, and this Circumstance of his sickness comes just apropo to introducing it to Br. Sims."
"9 March 1767 - Sammy Frip returned from his Father and cured of that bad ailment. He is to board at our Table the same as the Brn. do. I thanked our Saviour for granting me my desire in this Respect, which was one of the things I wished for when I first came to Bristol but could not effect till now for I lamented to see that poor Child like a Hermit or a Prisoner eating his victuals always by himself alone in the School and there confined all Day. He is now to come from School into our Care the same as the rest of the Boys do."

There were several references to Br. Frip employing others in his tallow chandler business;
11 August 1766, George Briant;
10 March 1767, George Briant "...cutting Matches or Wicks for Br. Frips...";
11 March 1767, "...Br. Webb....having a Promise from Br. Frip of a place in his shop at 6 s a week and his Board...".
A footnote says "Samuel Fripp senior had business connections with the various Quaker members of the Fry family in Bristol."

25 September, 1997.

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