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A Timeline for the Fripp family
of South Carolina

This table lists some of the key points in the early history
of South Carolina and the Fripp family

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Due to confusion between John Fripp Sr and his father, I have only added the Sr suffix if it is known or exists on the document.

1492 Christopher Colombus discovers the Americas, but does not set foot on mainland until 1498.
1566 Spanish settlement established at Santa Elena
1587 First English colony established at Roanoke, Virginia (now North Carolina), but all 100 vanished by 1590.
1620 Dec 16 The Pilgrim Fathers, dock at Plymouth Harbor after 4 months at sea in the Mayflower.
1629 Oct 30 Charles I grants a patent to Sir Robert Heath, for the Carolinas, but no further colonies were established.
1662 The illusive "John Fripp land grant", awarded by King Charles II. - Fact or Family Legend?
1663 Mar 24 Charles II grants the Carolinas to eight "Lords Proprietors", as a reward for their support in his efforts to regain the throne of England.
1663 Sep 3 Capt. William Hilton enters Port Royal Harbour, to explore lands granted to the eight Lords Proprietors.
1666 Jun 16 First expedition to survey coastlands South of Charles Town took place, commanded by Lt. Col. Robert Sandford.
1666 Jul 12 Robert Sandford's expedition returns to Charles Town.
1669 Aug Three ships leave England, commanded by Captain Joseph West, with first settlers for Carolina.
1670 Mar First permanent English settlement established at Albemarle Point (Charles Town).
1673/81 Estimated birth of John Fripp Sr. - Son of John, Johannes or William Fripp (The Immigrant)
1685 First settlement formed at Spanish Point (Beaufort). Named "Stuart Town", but destroyed by the Spanish in 1686.
1695 Feb 5 First mention of "ffrips Island" - "This day came Richard Bennett of ffrip's Island ..."
1696 John Fripp purchased a plantation on Edisto Island in Colleton County.
1698 John Bayley, of Ireland, given most of Hilton Head Island as a barony.
1698 May 12 John Fripp recorded his stock marks for cattle & hogs on Edisto Island.
1699 Mar 22 John Fripp awarded the right to the administration of Richard Frampton's estate and the guardianship of his minor children.
1701 John Fripp is high sheriff of Colleton County. Ref: Sea Island Diary, A History of St. Helena Island by: Edith M. Dabbs, 1983, The Reprint Company, Publishers, Spartanburg, SC.
1702 Jan 21 Farmer Fripp mentioned in Journals of the Commons.
1706 Feb 10 John Fripp, Wm. Whippey & John Jenkins executed bond to Gov. Johnson for proper administration of estate of Thos. Cuby by Margarett Ladson, widow & relic.
1709 Newspaper reports of a dispute involving William Fripp, a tavern proprietor of Charleston.
1710-1712 William Fripp named on Judgement Rolls.
1711 Beaufort, South Carolina was founded.
1712 Apr 8 Eliza Fripp married William West.
1714 Jun 12 An act was passed by the Assembly authorizing the laying out of a road from John Fripp's place in Edisto to Wilton.
1718 Nov 22 Edward "Blackbeard" Teach the pirate, caught & beheaded at Ocracoke Inlet, North Carolina.
1721 Mar 15 John Fripp III born. Son of John Fripp Jr & Sarah.
1724 John Fripp bought 480 acres land on St Helena (North East) from John Cowan, granted to Cowan on 6 Mar 1706.
1730 Aug 3 John Fripp III baptized by Jones.
1733 May 17 John Fripp registers 4 tracts of land, totalling 1450 acres. - but which John?
1736 May 17 John Fripp witness to Deeds for land given by John Stuart to his son-in-law, James Meget.
1739 Dec 2 John Fripp Jr died or buried on St Helena Island, leaving no will.
1740-1747 Chapel of Ease built on St. Helena Island.
1742 May 1 John Fripp Snr makes his will. (Recorded 14 Aug 1744 in Will Book Vol. 5, p. 180)
1742 May 29 John Fripp Snr buried on St. Helena, estimated age 61, but probably was at least 69.
1743 Aug 12 Will of John Fripp Snr is proved.
1747 Apr 19 John Fripp III married Elizabeth Hand (Hann), spinster born 22 Nov 1725, (daughter of John Hand and Martha)
1756 Jan 9 Sarah, widow of John Fripp Snr, buried on St Helena.
1775 Start of American Revolutionary War. (War of Independence)
1776 Mar 30 John Fripp III elected Justice of the Peace by the General Assembly. (Journal of the General Assembly of S. C., March 26, 1776 - April 11, 1776, p. 17)
1781 Jul 22 John Fripp III makes his will. Proved on 8 Sep 1781.
1783 End of American Revolutionary War. (War of Independence)
1786/88 Zion Chapel of Ease on Hilton Head, built under the direction of Isaac Fripp and Captain John Stoney.
1836 William "Good Billy" Fripp sails to Bristol, England and meets Edward Bowles Fripp.
1855 Brick Baptist Church built on St. Helena Island.
12 Apr 1861 Civil War commences at Fort Sumter, Charleston.
9 Apr 1865 General Robert E. Lee surrenders to General Ulysses S. Grant.
14 Apr 1865 Abraham Lincoln assassinated in Ford's theatre by John Wilkes Booth.
May 1865 End of Civil War, as last Confederates surrender.
1875 Ed St. James Fripp, cotton broker of Charleston, compiles earliest known Fripp family chart.

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