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   Many myths have been written about this colourful character, often referred to as Johannes Fripp.    Legends say he was a privateer who was granted a strip of land on St. Helena Island, by King Charles II, for his help in defeating the Spanish.
   However, no mention of this grant, or the name Johannes, has ever been found on existing records.
   John Fripp arrived in South Carolina 1670-90, and purchased land on Edisto Island in 1696.   By 1701, he was High Sheriff of Colleton County.   His cotton plantations prospered and the Fripp family became one of the wealthiest and most influential in the area.
   His true English ancestry has yet to be established, but in 1836 his Gt Gt Grandson, William "Good Billy" Fripp, visited England and met Edward Bowles Fripp, whose cousin, William Fripp Jr., was then Mayor of Bristol. This prominent family included the artists, George & Alfred Fripp, and Alfred's son, Sir Alfred Downing Fripp, the King's Surgeon.

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Marshall Shore   Marshall has carried out exhaustive research on John Fripp and offers his dissertation here.
News Report   Marshall also sent this News clip relating to Fripp research; published 2nd March 1982.
Fripp / Tison   A Genealogy of the Tison, Fripp, Sinkler & McKenzie families by James Sinkler Tison, II

      Individuals whose connections are not proven, or conflict with other trees. CAN YOU HELP?
Edward Barnwell c.1757   Confusion with his 2nd wife named Mary HUTSON or WIGG Details
Alice Brown b.1882   Daughter of John Brown, but uncertain which of his wives is her mother. Details
Dr John Fripp Brown   Probably great grandson of John Fripp III, but need proof. Details
Frances Chaplin   Wife of John McKee Fripp, but also shown as Eliza. Details
Eliza Fripp   Married William West in 1712, but who was she? Details
Elizabeth Hann Fripp   Conflicts with Date of Birth Oct 1785 or Aug/Sep 1795? Details
Mary Fripp?   Married David McKee about 1751, but was her surname FRIPP? Details
Paul Archibald Fripp   An alternative lineage than is compiled on this website Details
Thomas J. E. Fripp   Possibly confused with James Thomas Eddings Fripp Details
William Fripp   Born before 1690 - Was he a brother of John Fripp Sr.? Details
William Chaplin Fripp   Probable father of Paul Archibald Fripp, but Birth & Death records required Details
Captain John Graham   Said to be founder of Grahamville, Jasper Co., SC. Details
Rev. William E. Graham   Looking for Birth & Two Marriages. Details
Sarah Jordan   Married Rev. William J.E. Fripp, but there is some confusion over her parents. Details

      A list of all the Scrapbooks (Photo Albums), and Feature Pages in this Tree
Gov. John Frippo Brown   1843 - 1919  Scrapbook   Chief of the Seminole Indian Nation
Ida Caroline Carpenter   1851 - 1920  Scrapbook   Mother of Rebecca Margaret Linley
Julia Madeleine Dunbar   1876 - 1964  Scrapbook   Granddaughter of Juliana Matilda Fripp
William Parker Etchison   18xx - 19xx  Scrapbook   Husband of Julia Madeleine Dunbar
William Prioleau Etchison   1904 - 1992  Scrapbook   Great Grandson of Juliana Matilda Fripp
Edgar Allen Fripp, Jr.   1888 - 1963  Scrapbook  
Edgar Allen Jordan Fripp   1862 - 1928  Scrapbook  
Grace Linley Fripp   1898 - 19xx  Scrapbook   Wife of David Lockerbie
Juliana Matilda Fripp   1825 - 1909  Scrapbook   Daughter of William "Good Billy" Fripp
William Edward Fripp   1896 - 1965  Scrapbook   First President of Colleton County Historical Society
William "Good Billy" Fripp   1788 - 1861  Scrapbook   Travelled to England in 1836, and met Edward B. Fripp
E. Jordan   Sailmaker of Charleston - Can you identify the people or location?
Sarah Ann Jordan   1836 - 1916  Scrapbook   With Grandsons; Willie & Allen Fripp
Dr. Albert Morrall   1829 - 1917  Scrapbook   Son of Phoebe Jenkins Fripp & George Washington Morrall
Elizabeth Lynch Prioleau   1849 - 1913  Scrapbook   Daughter of Juliana Matilda Fripp
Angelica Singleton   1816 - 1877  Scrapbook   Daughter-in-Law of President Van Buren
Martin A. Van Buren    1782 - 1862  Scrapbook   Eighth President of the United States of America

  Other Photos
      Miscellaneous photos associated with this tree
Tidalholm   Edgar Fripp House - This house was used in the films "The Big Chill" & "The Great Santini"
Tidewater   Home of William "Good Billy" Fripp with notes on his family
St. Helena Church   William "Good Billy" Fripp donated much of his wealth to this Episcopal church
Historic Homes   Other Historic Homes of Beaufort - many belonging to individuals in this tree
Chapel of Ease   Photos of the Chapel of Ease ruins, on St. Helena's Island - by Vicki Shaffer
E. Jordan   Sailmaker of Charleston - Can you identify the people or location?
Fripp Island   Aerial view of Fripp Island

  Maps Index
South Carolina   Shows location of Fripp Island & Beaufort
Plantations   Map of St. Helena Island showing owners of Plantations
UK locations   Locations of early Fripp settlers in England   Zoom in on this overview of Fripp Island & Beaufort

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